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Arnel Pineda

Arnel Pineda (born September 5, 1967) is a Filipino singer-songwriter who has served as the lead singer of the American rock band Journey since 2007. Pineda has had a successful musical career in the Philippines for the last 25 years.

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But Arnel Pineda sounds just like him, so no one going to Journey concerts notices any difference.
you've heard of Arnel pineda Bringing the Magic back for Jouney well I can bring the Magic back to Vanhale…
I added a video to a playlist FAITHFULLY : by Arnel Pineda withe Zoo Band
I added a video to a playlist Arnel Pineda sings "Sana" LIVE on Wish 107.5 Bus
I added a video to a playlist Steve Perry vs Arnel Pineda (Round 1)
Vancouver fans can share this post on fb for a chance to win tickets to album promo tour on Nov 4.
Full version of Arnel Pineda's Wildflower please just like played in the tv series
Arnel Pineda is coming to Vancouver November 4th!
I like Arnel Pineda better than Steve Perry. I said it.
Happy 50th BDay So happy 2 hear u sang at your big celebration.Would ❤️2 see video
For his 50th birthday, did what he does best: sing. via 🎶
For his 50th birthday, Arnel Pineda did what he does best: sing.
After living on the streets of Manila, and abusing drugs and alcohol, Arnel Pineda worked his way to Journey through music
Other members said that Arnel Pineda felt like he was constantly auditioning for the part even though he was a full member
A "quick" set of 15 songs in Chile separated Arnel Pineda from the rest of his career with Journey.
Arnel Pineda received several racist remarks when stepping into Steve Perry's shoes after his passing.
Journey found Arnel Pineda on youtube when searching for lead vocals in 2007. He was from Manilla.
Here I am trying to imitate Arnel Pineda's voice. Man, he's so good and I sound like a drunken mess. 😂
Arnel Pineda debuted as the lead singer of Journey in Feb 2008, replacing vocal Steve Perry.
Happening in a few hours. Arnel Pineda's 50th Birthday / Concert at Okada Manila…
Arnel Pineda has done a tremendous job though. Not just with his voice, but he has the humility for it t…
Taka thanking Arnel Pineda of Journey for inviting him in the Journey concert. . *Arnel Pineda is a Filipino celeb fri…
I wonder what it would be like to have Regine Velasquez as coach alongside Leah Salonga, Sharon Cuneta, and Arnel Pineda.
Her: Do you do karaoke?. Me: I do some Journey songs. But not the Steve Perry versions. Only the Arnel Pineda versions.
Steve Perry and Arnel Pineda backstage, just before was inducted into the April 7, 2017. https:/…
Journey's Jonathan Cain wishes Arnel Pineda could be inducted into Rock Hall with his band mates
Steve Perry didn't perform with Journey tonight, but here's a look at current singer Arnel Pineda at the mic:
And props 2 Arnel Pineda. Ok, he's not Steve Perry. But he's living the dream of all my…
OMG stop...what next? Struggle between Arnel Pineda and Steve Perry?
- So are u gonna stick to Steve Perry era Journey or sneak in some Steve Augerri-Arnel Pineda era stuff?
Arnel Pineda from Journey signing my in St. Louis 🎤🎸
Filipinos are World-class. And you're the perfect example of it Arnel Pineda
Arnel pineda is not the lead singer of Journey 😠 he's just the fake Steve Perry.
I wish I could sing like Steve Perry or arnel pineda
@ arnel pineda. Hey Arnel do you have space available for meet n greets tomorrow? Just curious i don't have tickets to the concert. Thanks
Found Fame Online: Arnel Pineda was an unknown Filipino singer and is now the lead singer of Journey after winning an online…
Another great review-"vocalist Arnel Pineda (THE best singer this band has ever had, btw) ran around like a madman"
Hi Chris! What time weather forecast be on 8/9/16? I'm going now, thanx 2 dear Arnel Pineda/JRNY friend! =)
This is where it all started! . FAITHFULLY : by Arnel Pineda withe Zoo Band via
Arnel Pineda apologizes for doing “Pabebe Wave” on It’s Showtime. Read more at . No malice naman e...
I love Journey & Arnel Pineda but God I can't stand watching Neil Schon
If you think Arnel Pineda is better than Steve Perry you're wrong and we can't be friends.
Six /6 is the number. Gregg Rolie, Robert Fleischman, Steve Perry, Steve Augeri, Arnel Pineda, and Jeff Scott Soto.
My dad referred to Arnel Pineda as "some young dude" which is weird because my dad's only like, eight years older than him
and Arnel Pineda has done a great job as the new lead singer
The first official show with Arnel Pineda here in Viña del Mar Fest was magical!
Narinig ko na naman ang Your Love by: Arnel Pineda thank you M.O.R i love you.
Arnel Pineda @ the Peppermill Reno. Journey 4ap fondation Concert @ the ...
One of the best things in life: being a breath away from Arnel Pineda as he sings one of…
With Filipino-International artist, Arnel Pineda of Journey, before his performance during our Proclamation Rally 󾰀
Arnel Pineda, Brenda Song, and so many others. Asians should not be overlooked in entertainment.
I liked a video Arnel Pineda's First appearance in concert with Journey
I added a video to a playlist "Iisang Bangka/Salamat" by Arnel Pineda, Darren Espanto and The Voice
I liked a video from Arnel Pineda sings Air Supply's 'Lost in Love /All Out of Love'
listening to that song made me remember my friend's mom who's an avid fan of Arnel Pineda. He seriously got rich fans.
[HD] Arnel Pineda & perform an impromptu duet of 'Help' during the Love and Rock N' Roll concert
Arnel Pineda and Rachelle Ann Go perform an impromptu duet of John Farnham's version of "Help" during the Arnel...
Zoology 2007 Album by the Filipino Band Fronted by Arnel Pineda, a Steve
Rachelle Ann Go jams at Arnel Pineda gig via
Arci Munoz and her band Philia live now at the Music Museum as front act for Arnel Pineda!
I would sing them love songs and channel my inner Arnel Pineda if I could
What a great show✨. at Music Museum on Feb.27, 2016. Thank you very much, Mr.Arnel Pineda!.
yea. I went to ptxmnl and arnel pineda last night
Has anyone got more famous autograph on their pants . Arnel Pineda Lead Singer of Journey.This Guy Rocks
Rock-n-roll tribute for glam rock superstar David Bowie with Arnel Pineda, Rico Blanco and Sarah G.! https…
He is, Chris! Buy the Christmas EP now, and wait...
Arnel Pineda: His story with the Supergroup : Journey (2012). Dreams do come true!
With apl de ap.jowapao,pops,arnel pineda and many more.happy new year everyone
Filipino singer Arnel Pineda becomes the new frontman of Journey in doc DON'T Stop Believin', now on Netflix:
Arnel Pineda & sing together in the at the
Watching that Journey doc about Arnel Pineda. Really disappointed that Randy Jackson is not the bassist anymore
Dear, Mr.Arnel Pineda. Happy New Year! Thank you very much for your warm and heartful messages and pics and love♡
Arnel Pineda Net Worth: Arnel Pineda is a popular name in music, particularly in the music business of Philipp...
I bet at least a few people formed Radiohead cover bands with the hope of having the same career path as Arnel Pineda or Tim "Ripper" Owens.
Arnel Pineda's new EP, Sounds Of Christmas, is now available! Order here:
I know Steve Perry will always be the legendary voice with Journey but Arnel Pineda is no joke.
Charice - David Foster as pointed by the audience Spotted Arnel Pineda Concert
Where will the stars celebrate Christmas?: Arnel Pineda says Christmas in the Philippines is the longest celeb... https:…
Arnel Pineda: Love and Rock n Roll. February 27, 2016 • Music Museum • 8pm. Part of the proceeds will go to the...
Wow. Neal Schon, Jonathan Cain and Arnel Pineda doing the National Anthem on MNF. Only caught a little bit of it...
Looks like Arnel Pineda gave all his hair dye to Neal Schon.
Nat'l anthem for tonight to be performed by members of Journey (Jonathan Cain, Arnel Pineda & Neal Schon)
Happy everyone! 💕 this quote from arnelpineda from about fame
Viral Video: Arnel Pineda does 'Pabebe Wave' on "It's Showtime". Vice Ganda's Reaction is a Must-see!: Arnel P...
Thank you Arnel Pineda for the pabebe hir .
Really excited about joining for this one. I feel like Arnel Pineda fronting Journey.
Arnel Pineda does pabebe wave on It's Showtime.
Vocalist of caught on video doing the "pabebe wave" on
Billionaires get on their feet for our Pinoy performers - Arnel Pineda, Zsa Zsa…
‘Journey’ lead singer Arnel Pineda caught on video doing the pabebe wave on rival program.
Access more than 7.4 million parts at Parts Direct
Arnel Pineda denies being kicked out of international band Journey
This is going to be an awesome song. Can't wait for Arnel Pineda's new record .♥.
I'd like to hear Arnel Pineda sing it in Spanish.
I am a Big Fan of Arnel Pineda. How can I get his Autographed Pictur or with the Journey Band?
Happy Birthday Arnel Pineda of Journey! - Sept. 5 - Photos from Journey/Steve Miller Band at California Mid State...
Call me Old School...but hearing Arnel Pineda singing Paint My Love bringing my HS life memories back 😊
son Angelo surprised him on for his birthday🎈🎉 such a sweet video💜
What famous people were born in your city? — Lea Salonga, Appl D Ap, Charice Pempengco, Arnel Pineda. that's all I …
couldn't hold back the tears!. Arnel Pineda surprised by his son on 'ASAP'
Arnel Pineda of Journey. Incredible voice range . from their album Eclipse.
Arnel Pineda surprised by his son on 'ASAP' | via ABS-CBN News
“Arnel Pineda surprised by his son on 'ASAP' tall son. 😆
Arnel Pineda surprised by his son on 'ASAP'
Happy BDAY Sir ARNEL PINEDA.. hope to see a collaboration song with Darren Espanto. DARREN Serenades SM SanMateo
Get ready for the triple birthday bash of Arnel Pineda, Inigo Pascual, and Aiza Seguerra!
Happy birthday Arnel Pineda. Hi I am a family friend of T Boyet A. FYI,he has passed away.
Arnel Pineda's son is way taller than him; but he got his father's chinito feature
Arnel Pineda! Wah! This guy. Makes you proud to be Pinoy. Happy JaiLene Day
Omg, eargasm rendition of Paint My Love by Arnel Pineda. Lovette
Is it just me or Arnel Pineda looks like Charice? No offense to both great artist though.
I added a video to a playlist Charity (featuring Arnel Pineda) Typhoon Yolanda/Haiyan
Ano sabi ng Oven toaster kay Arnel Pineda? . (Ano). So now I come, to yooou with Oven arms. ngeeeh
"Your Love" by Arnel Pineda. Official theme song of The Love Affair. .
Arnel Pineda just isn't the same as Steve Perry, you know?
I think that maybe now we're supposed to be asking what Arnel Pineda would do :(
You know you're Filipino when you listen to a Journey song except with Arnel Pineda on lead vocals, which I'm doing right now.
Good Evening Arnel Pineda Happy Sunday to you HI I am a huge fan of you how are you doing I am wondering when do you come back
Just saw Journey in concert. Yup, Arnel Pineda sounds just like Steve Perry. It's a bit spooky actually but pretty cool.
It was great. Arnel Pineda sounds just like Steve Perry.
really underrated band would have to be Journey. I think if Arnel Pineda had been with them since 73' they would have been top
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Anyone who listens to Journey needs treatment. I'd like to super glue Arnel "Steve Perry" Pineda's lips shut.
Arnel Pineda and journey at the Calgary Stampede! Yaho!
"Your Love" by Arnel Pineda. finally in full mv. ♥love♥.
LLDA QMS Management Review with VP Arnel D. Abanto and Ms. Avemar Tan-Pineda of Development Academy of the...
FRESH! Arnel Pineda interprets the official theme song of Richard-Dawn-Bea movie! Read:
Arnel Pineda for the official theme song of starring Richard Gomez, Dawn Zulueta, and…
any journey that doesn't involve Steve Perry or Arnel Pineda singing.
Is this what u seek? Arnel Pineda known for airborne performances, vocally & literally. My favorite shot
Thanks for introducing gr3 to The kids loved learning a bit about Arnel Pineda, from Manila!!
I thinkPineda is not only a fabulous singer, he also has a beautiful soul. He loves his family and is an inspiration.
Steve Perry, Deen Castronovo, Arnel Pineda... but Journey fans already know this.
I can't wait to hear it. I've been listening to your Arnel Pineda CD from 1999! Thank you for sharing with us! 😘😙
“You guys are so good. You should join the singing contest by Arnel Pineda at Pls.”
I was going to ask you "Journey with Steve Perry or Arnel Pineda?" But that would just be silly because everyone...
superbowl ht. Journey with arnel pineda and for a 1 night return Steve Perry duet all the classic hits.
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Arnel Pineda is just as good as Steve Perry was, there i said it
chip_shots. ・・・. bamboomuzaklive and Arnel Pineda at the ASAP 20th Anniversary Show.
To Love Somebody - Bunot Duet with Arnel Pineda on ASAP: via
I liked a video FAITHFULLY : by Arnel Pineda withe Zoo Band
"You're Not Alone feat. Arnel Pineda" by Revolution Saints on album "Revolution Saints"
Pls tell me it's not arnel pineda's dog 😭😭
Don't miss the performances of the artists with Darren Espanto and Arnel Pineda tonight, Kapamilya!
Arnel Pineda and Journey - Separate Ways live in Chile: Happiest day in music!! The one and the only
Because he did our first weekend of Lives with Arnel Pineda.
Forever in my heart. Forever we will be. And even when I'm gone. You'll be here in me. Forever . -- — listening to Arnel Pineda
Good Karma for helping Matt with his drums last night. We got to talk to Arnel Pineda, lead singer for…
There are millions of good musicians out there that will never have a chance such as Arnel Pineda of Journey.
No disrespect to Arnel Pineda but my heart belongs to the Journey that has Steve Perry as lead singer. Always...
Dear Arnel Pineda, nothing against you, I'd rather pay 2 see a Journey concert if Steve Perry was back as the lead singer
Why could I have been born Arnel Pineda? He has great hair, a great voice, and his life was changed by a single YouTube video.
Little Giant Ladders
Kay. I'll be seeing Derek Ramsey, Arnel Pineda, Freddie Aguilar (not sure with the spelling), Rayver Cruz, LUV u casts and Bob Ong. Okaay -M
I'll be "that guy" when it comes to Journey and say I like Arnel Pineda's vocals better than Steve Perry's.
So the Journey w/ Steve Perry at Hard Rock rumors turned out to be Journey w/ Arnel Pineda at Hard Rock. I’ve stopped believin’.
Recording a new song with Arnel Pineda.
Not gonna lie, I'm watching this documentary on Journey and Arnel Pineda and it's making me realize how good they...
I just read that Arnel Pineda of Journey first sang at Shakeys Pizza . Wow talk about "journey" thumbs up!
Documentary on Arnel Pineda says he has 2 look away from the traps of success cuz he doesn't want to lose his family over it So nice 2 hear
Neal Schon might be a moron for marrying Michaele Salahi, but he's a genius for signing Arnel Pineda to Journey.
UP NEXT! The music of Joe Cocker with ASAP's finest - Arnel Pineda, Yeng, Charice and Martin Nievera!
Arnel Pineda should be on The Voice. He'll be an awesome coach.
Wow Arnel Pineda singing The Rolling Stone's Satisfaction safe to say he's got the voice of Jagger
ASAP Official: Int’l Pinoy rockstar Arnel Pineda joins the celebration today!!! by 
Int'l Pinoy rockstar Arnel Pineda joins the celebration today!!!
arnel Pineda that's my uncle did y know
I have to stay away from youtube for awhile. Those Arnel Pineda fans are going to make me loose what's left of my ***
Reliving my youth with new Journey Arnel Pineda /Journey @ Oprah Show "Don't Stop Believen": via
Arnel Pineda Loves to Rock w/ at Vancouver, Canada on July 18th concert details:
Arnel Pineda will be performing at Center for Performing Arts Vancouver Canada tonight at 6pm!see you loves:')
I liked a video Journey Band with Arnel Pineda "Faithfully" @ Oprah Show
PBS feature on Arnel Pineda is really good.
The Arnel Pineda fans on youtube keeps trying to change my mind about his "talent".lol.give it up
I liked a video from Arnel Pineda Journey Concert
The only person who comes closest to Steve Perry when it comes to "Open Arms" is Arnel Pineda, it'll never sound right to me unless its them
Arnel Pineda is awesome & everything but Steve Perry will always have a special place in my heart!
"Save The Children Hong Kong" (11-14-14) A grateful thank you to my friend Ahba Kopp, who was responsible for me being the Auctioneer for this incredible Benefit. An amazing evening. Humbly honored and extremely grateful for this opportunity! It was also incredible to meet Arnel Pineda, auction off an Autographed JOURNEY Guitar and receive a congrats hug from him. Feeling Blessed!
I wish I had the voice of Steve Perry, Arnel Pineda, and Peter Cetera!!
Everybody deserves to be somebody someday.-Arnel Pineda
The Pain in my heart by Arnel Pineda. :)
Watching 'Dont Stop Believin': Arnel Pineda story' on I've seen you with twice! Just adore you ☺️
LOVE the awesome encounter btw Arnel Pineda and Jason Scheff. Poignant reminder to anyone who deems himself irreplaceable.
my first favorite is Arnel Pineda, now they r 2! I see a good man in Matteo, intelligent, respectful etc.
Don't forget to watch on Nov. 21 w/ 5th Gen, Michael Pangilinan, JK Labajo & Arnel Pineda!
Beautiful love song. Sing this today?. LANI MISALUCHA - Maging Sino Ka Man - Feat. Arnel Pineda (Audio Video)
Asian Music Camp, presented by Arnel Pineda & Sanre Entertainment, is the newest and biggest music talent...
The Return Concert 12/06/14 at the Big Dome with Arnel Pineda and G-Force.
don't worry if Plant said no. Time to find the next Arnel Pineda
Congrats for the success. Looks so fun! . ARNEL PINEDA FOUNDATION ZUMBA EVENT(ERWIN)
I honestly think Arnel Pineda is my favourite human being on the planet. Watch Don't Stop Believin': Everyman's Journey.
Wow, I thought this guy sitting behind me in starbucks looked familiar. Its Mr Arnel Pineda from Journey :)
Mr. Jed Madela and Mr. Arnel Pineda are the best!!! 👏🙌👌👊
Journey's front man, Arnel Pineda now on stage!!
This Saturday na!! Lani Misalucha, The Philippine Tour Concert with Jed Madela, Arnel Pineda, and Juan Karlos of...
Michael you should definitely hookup with Arnel Pineda in Manila!
If there's a Giants-Royals World Series, the Royals should have Arnel Pineda do that same scene, move for move, at Kauffman Stadium.
Here's Journey's first recorded US live concert in Las Vegas back in 2008, from their first 3-disc CD/DVD album, "Revelation", with Filipino lead vocalist Arnel Pineda.
Sarah Geronimo sings 'When Love and Hate Collide' with Arnel Pineda: via
Journey Part II: Most know about the Steve Perry voice doppleganger (Arnel Pineda) but pleased to hear that Neil Schon hasn't lost anything.
Adam Lambert is to Queen as Arnel Pineda is to Journey
If he was a diamond in the rock like arnel pineda, or ripper owens maybe it would be more acceptable
"Los Angeles thinks this song's about them, but it's not. This song is about the city of San Francisco!" -Arnel Pineda on Lights 😭🌉💕
Alto ugh the quality was bad, Arnel Pineda from Journey was amazing. I can die happy now.
Not sure if arnel pineda or darlene's father
I think si Mr. Arnel Pineda yung next na celebrity makasama.. I think so??
Darlene's dad looks like Arnel Pineda. .-.
It would only take ONE flying monkey to carry Arnel Pineda away.
Hmmm...wonder how many crows it would take 2 carry Arnel Pineda off the stage...?
Good Afternoon Arnel pineda hI may I have an Free Autograph photo of you please it would really mean a lot to me oh okay ! :)
You guys are pissing me that's Arnel Pineda!. D:
"Kamuka ni arnel pineda ung daddy ni darlene. :)". you mean he isnt Arnel Pineda?. WUT. i thought it was him all this time!
When my dad talks about Arnel Pineda to other people 👍
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tickets. So then I guess I'd be able to see arnel pineda of JOURNEY being I am Filipino. Anyhow take care & goodnight.
Jon Cain on Arnel Pineda: “I told him: ‘When you go, I do. This is it. When you want to hang up, I’m going (cont) http:…
A very inspring and moving docu-film about Arnel Pineda's life, from Manila to the backstages of Journey's...
Thankyou for the movie earlier about The journey of Arnel Pineda at SM Mall of Asia.
Done watching DONT Stop BelievinG : The Arnel Pineda Story. Now i'm all alone. Where to eat?
Will watch this docu movie about arnel pineda and the journey band
Hi Ms. I joined your Journey docu blogging contest (with this entry: but (cont)
This picture definitely needs an Arnel Pineda
"I was like why me? I'm not even cute. I'm short and I'm so asian" -Arnel Pineda
Such an amazing film by Ramona Diaz ... Story of Arnel Pineda's ...…
Attended Rockwell premiere of Monina Diaz's Arnel Pineda documentary "Everyman's Journey" with the family.
Just watched the documentary about Arnel Pineda. Amazing!
It's 1:20AM and my mom is still up watching Arnel Pineda's documentary on Netflix... WHY
When you want to beat cancer 3 things you need. God, Family and Arnel Pineda singing. Im proof...
Watching Arnel Pineda sing Lights in front of 30,000 people waving their lights is instantly one of the highlights of my life.
Journeys lead singer is Arnel Pineda. Prob should update the video shown...
Here's my review of the Journey concert last night at the packed to the gills with 20,000 folks of all ages White River Amphitheater. The show started off with Tower of Power who thankfully only blew their horns & sang soul music (huh) for a 1/2 hour. The Steve Miller Band then took the stage & played many memorable songs from their long career. Steve talks like Tommy Chong from Cheech & Chong & looks like The Dude from the Big Lebowski. Finally Journey hits the stage & I gotta say that little guy Arnel Pineda' s voice is Steve Perry. With Neil Schon still ripping & snorting on lead guitar their blistering set was a throw back to their glory days. If you love old Journey I'd recommend seeing this show when it hits your area as you won't be disappointed.
Journey - Open Arms: featuring Arnel Pineda featuring Arnel Pineda Lying beside you, here in the dark ..
Let's be honest I would do Arnel Pineda in a heart beat regardless of his age
Is it just me or her dad looks like Arnel Pineda..
Do you know arnel Pineda ? The who guy who wrote dont Stop Believing song
Arnel Pineda has been with Journey for six years now, when will he stop being 'the new lead singer'?
Arnel Pineda On cha.ching. just saw this. :))
Although I would've loved to seen Steve Perry.. Arnel Pineda did a kick *** job.
“because Arnel Pineda is completely incredible.” Yes!
because Arnel Pineda is completely incredible.
Good Evening Arnel Pineda HI its me Hope I am wondering are you doing any meet and greets for Milwaukee Wisconsin at all
Journey's current lead singer, Arnel Pineda, spends at least a third of each song holding out the mike to the crowd...and not singing
Watching the Arnel Pineda documentary on Netflix and now I wanna listen to Journey.
Cartoon Network's Cha-ching singing segment for Typhoon Yolanda victims featuring animated Arnel Pineda is too cute and sweet ❤️❤️
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You will not believe this. We just met Arnel Pineda, lead singer for Journey. . We were walking the streets of...
I liked a video Journey Arnel Pineda rascal Flatts God bless the broken Road
Hope this didn't hurt Arnel Pineda's people.
Arnel Pineda’s incredible story includes watches on and off his wrist.
Arnel Pineda, you make me want to write again.,,,I've missed that feeling!
I'm really into classic rock right now ever since I watched the Journey Arnel Pineda documentary on netflix, you should watch it!
FYI Arnel Pineda has more HRs tonight than Yasiel Puig.
good for u! I just saw journey vip met JC first row centre got Arnel Pineda sweaty towel he threw to me! Lol
You 2 watch-lovers should talk. Have you ever met?
iW Feature: and (as seen in the July 2014 'On Location' iW LA issue).
Journey(Arnel Pineda) - Faithfully via From the 1983 album Frontiers which I still have on vinyl!! :D
watching a rockumentary on Arnel Pineda & Journey. It's good. Not as good as the Eagles one, but very interesting.
I think I'll share this with Arnel Pineda, Steven Tyler, and Hank Williams Jr. so they can overcome their stage...
Going to see Journey for the first time tonight! Can't wait to see Arnel Pineda.
Steve Perry sends wishes to Arnel Pineda; Perry returns to his old band?
Good Afternoon Arnel Pineda hi what is your address for your fanmail may I ask that question please contact me back oh okay !
I'm disappointed that none of you have made any Arnel Pineda jokes regarding how I look with this hair. Where are the Journey fans?
Time for my daily dose of Arnel Pineda.
When Steve Perry resurfaced on stage after 19 years, speculations were rife that he would reunite with Journey. So where would that leave Arnel Pineda?
Arnel Pineda, far left, and Neal Schon, near right, of live last night in Virginia Beach, Va.…
Rumors has it that SP will reunite w/Journey but Steve said. What Steve Perry wishes for Arnel Pineda
Late night bachelor night movie time for this Daddio with Cher and the kids all away...Arnel Pineda and his journey to Journey it is. What a story! Wow!
Arnel Pineda: This has been a recent cover so I bet, alam niyo toh! -✨
My gosh what a concert. Of course Steve Perry is a legend but Arnel Pineda is so good. So much fun with my sister!!! Cassandra Harrison Neely I think my voice is gone!! And good seeing you Chelsea Katz ...
arnel pineda 30minutes to go cant wait for journey! Steve miller playing. Im ready for my glow ligth on.
Former Journey lead singer Steve Perry was recently asked about the offer from current Journey singer Arnel Pineda to step down in order to make way for a Journey reunion.
An excerpt from last night's wedding: Bride: "I'm really enjoying your show." Me: "Thank you very much." Bride: "I googled you, you know..." Me: (Being that I don't make a habit of googling myself, I say with minor concern) "oh?" Bride: "yes, I see you won a big contest in New Jersey." Me: (not sure what contest she's referencing) "oh yes" Bride: "I can see why. You're beautiful and you sing like an angel." Me: (to groom) "if you don't keep her, I will." Bride: "I think the Filipino community loves you as much as they love Arnel Pineda." (Was a Filipino wedding) Me: "oh yes, from Journey." Bride: (After a huge hug) " You know who he is?!? I knew you were meant to play my wedding!!!" Moral of the story. Journey brings the world together.
Home Sweet Home . at last after awesome performances from Sreve Miller and Journey at the Molson Amphitheater... WOOHOO would totally see them again...Arnel Pineda is a great lead singer
Journey to Journey tonight. Arnel Pineda is totally worth the terrifying trip to Va Beach, Va. I hope to see you there :)
ICYMI - we found out what Steve Perry thinks of Arnel Pineda...
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Oh my gosh! I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw you guys on Netflix, watching journeys don't Stop Believing documentary of arnel Pineda . . .naks Sikat na Kayo Pros P. Fernandez Jen Fernandez Jobz PunzalanKirby N' Fen Roxas! Lol!
I just used Shazam to discover Don't Stop Believin' by Journey. - Steve Perry version, before Arnel Pineda.
The picture has Arnel Pineda in it, the current lead singer. The song you posted is with singing lead - THE VOICE!
idk about that dude Arnel Pineda is pretty good. Not no Steve Perry but he is really good!
I'll be talking about this on my radio show in a few minutes.
Sounds a lot like a head coach being courted by a school that doesn't have an opening ... yet
Steve Perry on Arnel Pineda's offer to come back to Journey.
Steve Perry responds to Arnel Pineda's offer to return to Read it here!
Yesterday, Steve recorded a drum track for The Police song "Synchronicity II" with Neal Schon (guitars & bass) and Arnel Pineda (vocals). All three musicians paid respects to the original Police version but interpreted the music with their own unique styles. The song will be included on a compilation album: "Rock Against Trafficking," raising money to combat child slavery. Other artists include Justin Timberlake, Stevie Wonder, Slash, Steven Tyler, Red Hot Chili Peppers, and more.
Yes I am fully aware that Arnel Pineda is not Steve Perry. I still love him.
Time check 12:35am, still awake.. Listening to FM music "faithfully" - Arnel Pineda
(I remembered when me & kuya watched this, we called the protagonist Arnel Pineda bc he looks like Arnel Pineda XD)
An amazing story in the history of Rock n' Roll. Filipino Artist, Arnel Pineda, discovered on YouTube by the guitar god, Neal Schon . ARNEL is the new frontm...
Flash back to high school. Watching the band Journey on PBS with the new lead singer Arnel Pineda. He is an amazing and talented singer. Amazing!!!
Since I woke up I've been listening to Journey songs. I listen to Steve Augeri and Arnel Pineda singing all the old favorites of mine, they sound really good but there's just something about Steve Perry that just hits the spot for me. Steve Perry just has this caress in his voice that the others don't. I wish that things could've been different for Journey that Steve Perry would still be with them today, it would be just so magical to see Journey live with Steve Perry and I want to see them live, but I'm having reservations about it because Steve Perry isn't with them anymore. I don't think I'd enjoy it as much.
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Ah, Journey is on. They're running the Arnel Pineda story on a local program. Poor kid.
why am i seeing arnel pineda on Cartoon Network?
64 and frustrated. With all due respect to the Office of the POTUS, it is now occupied by someone who, in my opinion, is an enemy of the State. To save what little sanity I still have, I am going to stay away from the news channels and stick with NetFlix, expanding my mind with things like Arnel Pineda replacing Steve Perry in the band Journey (Don't Stop Believin': Everyman's Journey), House of Cards, Longmire, and all 96 episodes of My Name is Earl. However, I will continue to take in a little Imus in the Morning on FoxBusiness. Gotta begin the day with some laughter.
Check out Journey with their new lead vocalist, Arnel Pineda, in their first concert in his homeland. Tonight at...
Journey, America's favorite band, comes to public television with the story of how they found lead singer, Arnel Pineda, and their first concert in...
Filipino singer Arnel Pineda ,lead singer for Journey. He's *** good. Chanel 80 time warner.
Im watching Journey 2014: Don't Stop Believing Concert pn PBS n im nor really liking the new lead singer Arnel Pineda...I so want Steve Perry back. Not the same without hearing his voice
yes I did Enjoy it it mad me happy cause I like Journey I met the real Steve Perry and Arnel Pineda there both awesome to !
I don't care how good Arnel Pineda sounds, or how close his voice is to Steve Perry's... Steve Perry IS Journey, and anyone else singing in his place is nothing but a really good cover band!
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