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Arnav Singh Raizada

Arnav Singh Raizada is a fictional character and the main protagonist from the daily soap Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon?

Barun Sobti Khushi Kumari Gupta Sanaya Irani

Granted I'm not lucky enough to have Arnav Singh Raizada as a bae. But at least as a bhai man he's so sweet
Ha! Oh one Arnav Singh Raizada did his job there =p I love typing his full name...
No one can create the magic that Arnav Singh Raizada and Khushi Kumari Gupta created. I can never forget them 😊
Gift a world of Arnav Singh Raizada aka ASR, she wud always wonder if its a dream or reality
Arnav Singh Raizada. The man who is a stubborn *** but still my love and hormones won't stop flowing out for him! i…
thank you for wishing me in Arnav Singh Raizada's style!! Oh the memories ❤😂👌🏻 hugs 😘
Just imagin Arnav Singh Raizada cming in Ishqbaaaz . Plzzz just wanted to see that
Only Arnav Singh Raizada can make "aane doh" sound this sexy. *eargasm*. These three kisses still gives feels like the first…
Arnav Singh Raizada. There is no point in keeping your heart strong like iron,. You never know whose heart turns out to b…
Iss Pyar Ko Kya Naam Doon, Arnav Singh Raizada, Barun Sobti were my favorite memories. Waiting for that magic to happen again.
What Dev is going to do tomorrow with the property is SO Arnav Singh Raizada. 😍💪 meets
And. he . is . ARNAV SINGH RAIZADA. "Naam tho Suna hoga". || || || . (Cant forget). cr : Other
its an awesome show - Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon.. Arnav singh raizada is love..
Dear lord can I please meet my Arnav Singh Raizada..I mean this college is known for its business major..soo like..👀😛
I have so much love for Arnav Singh Raizada. There's something so riveting about him. Barun nailed this role 😍👏
Arnav Singh Raizada, is introduced by all thalnks to her for giving us(Arnav)
Arnav singh raizada's aggression and intensity was LOVE. . I so miss him. 😭
Definition of PERFECTION.ARNAV SINGH RAIZADA Fabulously Portrayed by the one & only Barun Sobti! https:…
THANK YOU for giving us the Iconic ARNAV SINGH RAIZADA!.
"ASR Arnav Singh Raizada" the man every gal wants in her life and now it's "ATHARV SUJATA" , imagine a combo of both 🙈❤️
Like I said, I really envy her sex life 😂 What else can you expect when married to a man as sexy as Arnav Singh Raizada?
Shivay Singh Oberoi is a long lost brother of Arnav Singh Raizada. Too much similarities. I really feel gul should try something new.
Barun Sobti aka Arnav Singh Raizada won! Personally for me it was Arhi cause I loved them first for their chemistry
I love Arnav in all his clothes but he looks *** hot in formal wear (suit). The Arnav Singh Raizada 😋😋😋
Why do I feel that Haider Ali Khan is going to make the same impact as Arnav Singh Raizada? 😍❤❤
lmfao yeah! This was the best phase, khushi's 100 ways to irritate arnav Singh raizada 😂😂😂👌
Oh every year dis stylish sadasya makes me nostalgic😍. 4r me itz 1 n only Arnav Singh Raizada .
I'll take Arnav Singh Raizada in casual clothes with messy hair over Arnav Singh Raizada in a suit and tie with gelled back hair any day 😍😋
On a scale of 1 to Arnav Singh Raizada, how done are you? 😂😂😂
I miss everything about arnav singh raizada
How to fangirl over your wife:. A guide by Arnav Singh Raizada. 😌😍💕
And I love how Arnav also calls her "Khushi Kumari Gupta Singh Raizada" this was like his way of accepting her as his wife…
Hello, Arnav Singh Raizada, I am here to kick out Khushi and Lavanya.. Sooo HOT!!
Arnav Singh Raizada is such Brilliant n unique plus never seen before character ! Very different from every character i've seen b4 in Dramas
Actually, I'm still hardcore crushing on Arnav Singh Raizada
. A: This is Arnav Singh Raizada's 1 and only suit 😂
" Love can reduce anyone to anything! " - Arnav Singh Raizada ❤
Swayam to Raj to Shravan to Arnav Singh Raizada to Satya.What more can a fan want?Variety thy name https…
" Arnav Singh Raizada never misses His mark. Money is not my Passion; It's my Profession. " - A S R ❤
hence why i need an Arnav Singh Raizada pls, tenks
that was so cute. Is there anything adorable than a drunk Arnav Singh Raizada?*melts* Had so much fun reading this 😃😊
Khushi Kumari Gupta - Singh Raizada took us by surprise through every turn of her life!
ASR - Arnav Singh Raizada showed us that vulnerability has same meaning as love.
Arnav Singh Raizada, This man has left permanent mark in the life of thousands of people.
of course! Who is Arnav Singh Raizada in front of the great Hari Prakash maynn? ;)
IPK Confession: The thought of seeing Arnav Singh Raizada again gives me butterflies 😌🙌💖
Its still comes as a shock, THE ARNAV SINGH RAIZADA dancing to a typical bollywood number, doing the towel dance just for his BAE😘
"The life of arnav singh raizada bwahah xD
. Sanaya: meet Dr Arnav Singh Raizada, at the moment he's busy checking his own heart beat...😛😂😂.
'Arnav Singh Raizada' and 'Khushi Kumari Gupta' return to the BIG SCREEN starting October...
My barun as arnav singh raizada at airport
Thats why I love and adore ONLY Arnav Singh Raizada & Barun to the Moon and back ! 😍😍😍
Barun you are getting as Arnav singh Raizada I will tell you What the shut up Barun Sobti or pagwas bannki je. You're awsome
Arnav Singh Raizada. I really love this look of Barun.
First you know the wat you are Speaking.!! (=WINK=). I am ARNAV SINGH RAIZADA
With your love, nobody can drag me down❤️
With your love, nobody can drag me down❤️ htt…
IPK Confession: Potential suitors, please be advised. This behavior is not creepy ONLY if you are Arnav Singh Raizada …
1st look of Arnav Singh Raizada as ASR
that look reminds me of Arnav Singh Raizada I must add 😞
Can Barun PLEASE come to the United States? 😢 Also, my heart fluttered seeing Arnav Singh Raizada on television after so long :')
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so excited to see Barun Sobti aur Arnav Singh Raizada ASR in dubia love him😀😆❤
I had made this VM for Barun three whole years ago. Time flies. .
The iconic Arnav Singh Raizada portrayed by the phenomenal 😊
i love u barun. And i love arnav singh raizada character very much
Arnav Singh Raizada is perfection. ♥ That face and charm *.*
Photoset: When Arnav Singh Raizada chose to admire the women in his life over a business call :’‘)
They asked me what does cuteness mean, so i told them about Arnav Singh Raizada
they had 0 chemistry and I wasn't in love with the male lead . Arnav Singh raizada was perf 😍😍😍
The way he looks at her🙈😍. The One and Only Arnav Singh Raizada. 😍
I just wanna to say that I am in love with you and all your little things just I miss you in a T.V really as Arnav Singh Raizada
I am Arab and admires you, especially in a second glance Arnav Singh 😍😍 raizada and you are the best actor Indian Arab 💜
Noo.. I still follow u.. N Arnav Singh Raizada was my First Apparent Crush..😏
Hi I'm Kuchi Komari Gobti. I'm Arnav Singh Raizada. & We're coming to the UK to entertain u on. See u soon
Arnav Singh Raizada..This name is enough to make you stand up 👆
Who would have thought Mr and Mrs Arnav Singh Raizada would play water water in the AR premises 😆:D
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And who would stop me?. ARNAV SINGH RAIZADA. And do you know who I AM?. Khushi Kumari Gupta SINGH RAIZADA. (Mangalsutra pulled). :D. 😘
the iconic ARNAV SINGH RAIZADA..ASR portrayed by
Him screaming KHUSHI what the, him winking, his anger, n the list goes on
I see you're scared of losing competition! You should check your eyesight Mr.Arnav Singh Raizada!
Arnav Singh Raizada👌. Hamara laad governor 😘. Thousand meanings in his one look. ♥♥♥♥♥
Another moment and Arnav Singh Raizada will explode with rage like an awakened volcano...
Again,again & again you see the same scene, again and again you stop breathing. Arnav Singh Raizada. 😙😘😘
Arnav Singh Raizada can never be forgotten.
I think it was another way to Arnav Singh Raizada! khe... khe...
The broken heart as arnav singh raizada
The carring bhai as chotte arnav singh raizada
Our five stars hotel waiter as arnav singh raizada
Saving his love as arnav singh raizada
Breaking all rules as arnav singh raizada
Arnav Singh Raizada demands your attendance at a special birthday dinner.Breathe Indy.Breathe!
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one and only is the best angry young man..who portrayed the iconic ARNAV SINGH RAIZADA
Arnav Singh Raizada's one of many hot looks 😍
Barun Sobti aka Arnav Singh Raizada of IPKKND ? is the Hottest TV Actor on Big Screen …
IS the hottest TV actor on BIG screen +49% votes 👏😍. excerpts mentioned.
who can beat our IBM hottest Tv actor on big screen result
Mar 25 : ibtimes article - Barun Sobti voted the hottest TV actor on big screen .
Barun Sobti is the Hottest TV Actor on the Big Screen:
. you ppl might have seen this, just sharing for my happiness :D
of is the hottest TV actor on Big screen, say fans
Of course, Arnav Singh Raizada is the Iconic. Phenomenal. Played by the one & only 😊
that the best count down you've had! . cant wait to see Arnav Singh Raizada that number 1 spot wink wink! what do we need to do?
. Certain angle he looks like Arnav Singh Raizada
Arnav singh raizada if you love her why you leave her ???
can doubt Arnav Singh Raizada for having done "Kaala Jaadu" on her 😜
unforgettable hero ARNAV SINGH RAIZADA ASR the iconic character tv has ever witnessed
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We honestly need Arnav Singh Raizada in this world T.T
Oh I love this so so so much! A compilation of SHUT UPs by Arnav Singh Raizada!
Arnav Singh Raizada, why can't you be real...
the colour blue always reminds me of barun...and ofcourse the famous dialogue of arnav singh raizada- "what the "&I luv u dammit!
LMFAOO nah he better be Arnav Singh Raizada! HP on the go! Yall can have Harshad and Parth..ASR IS BAE AF!
Arnav Singh Raizada pls come back missing you so much n loving you forever
he was living through the character of ARNAV SINGH RAIZADA
love majestic entry of Arnav Singh Raizada. Barun Sobti rocks so proud of him never a tv actor got entry like this
who will say this was sleeked hair buoy named Arnav Singh Raizada 😂
It's Arnav Singh Raizada not Arnab... But I agree with most of your reasons :D
Did not expect Arnav Singh Raizada to come for her was a shock indeed.
u will love this: learn to kiss in 13 step with Mr arnav singh raizada enjoy ur self.
When i say he is HOT, i only mean ARNAV SINGH RAIZADA my first n last crush ever
I think I'm falling in love with Arnav Singh Raizada from Ipkknd.
No need your help mr Arnav Singh Raizada
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as angry young man Arnav Singh Raizada
"Arnav Singh Raizada 1 out of a million looks 😉
The fact that my mum still calls me Chamkili makes me feel special !! Judge me for all you want , KUSHI KUMARI GUPTA SING…
Im arnav singh raizada i own the world 0_o what i will do know
Lmao someone named Arnav Singh Raizada with a Harshad's pic as DP is messaging me in fb😂😂😂
Absolutely love how Arnav phrased it. "And if she will have me ---I would like to make her Mrs Khushi Singh Raizada." 😚😍
omg it's lovely amazing Arnav Singh Raizada the stylish and dashing hero of the year
i love the names in Gul khans shows though! "Arnav Singh Raizada😍" "Maan Singh Khurana😍" "Sahir Azeen Choudary😍" Like wow so posh lol
If you don't know Who Arnav's Singh Raizada and Asad Ahmed khan are we can't be friends
Arnav Singh Raizada with his bg music on my TV!
~telling someone why we love u. is like explaining what water tastes like~ . ~❤ ~. Arnav Singh Raizada 💕
Today I've heard both the voices that dub Arnav Singh Raizada in Russian TV - none of them do justice to I'm sad =(
I dislike bigamists but for last 3 years I'm in love with both Barun Sobti and Arnav Singh Raizada. And the love still continues...
what do you want know? 😶 Arnav Singh Raizada ( Barun Sobti)? He is indian actor.. (sorry for my english...i live in France)
Arnav Singh Raizada gave Barun Sobti popularity. But Shravan Jaiswal made me fall in love with him! . I can never get over Shravan! Ever.
arnav singh raizada Khushi Kumari Gupta next sunday on my tv screan 3 times per day!!! OMG OMG
I want to confess something. . I used to watch that Arnav Singh Raizada wala drama. . Goodbye, world.
Arnav Singh Raizada can pin me against the wall anytime, any day, anywhere. ❤️ I will literally be his Khushi
Arnav Singh Raizada - best tv serial character! No one could have dont it better than you.
IPK Confession: After watching Part 2 of Malishka's interview, I realized that Arnav Singh Raizada still makes my hear…
The 😘😘Arnav Singh Raizada 😘😘 HOT n SEXY like no other man on earth
its because d Arnav Singh Raizada is being played by Barun Sobti..every IPKKND lover will remember Arnav for Barun only..😍😊👍
Arnav Singh Raizada. What a character! He will do thousands of wrongs and u will still love him!! You will still feel his pain!! :')
that's because is a one of a kind couple weee 😄😄 "Arnav Singh Raizada" "Khushi Kumari Gupta...Singh Raizada" 😂
*** tumblr is just an epic place! Appreciating Arnav Singh Raizada's hotness in an episode
I swear nobody can tell that Arnav Singh Raizada and are the same man Take a Bow Mr.Sobti Your unbelievably versatile
My brother is lyk arnav singh raizada , he hate girls :-P :-P :-P
Sukhwindar Singh is funny.But i miss my Arnav Singh Raizada.
Dear Arnav Singh Raizada is the past of Barun and Sukhi is the present, as per universal law we should concentrate more on present
I love you khushi.. emotional love confession of the Great Arnav Singh Raizada ;)
ditto. The moment I saw this scene I was like yeah baby Arnav Singh Raizada is back.
Is he a same guy who played arnav singh raizada? Super funny sukhi
the grt Arnav Singh Raizada as the mr. Right
Adeeb was saying ARV, Barun corrected him & let him know the true meaning of ASR, ARNAV SINGH RAIZADA, never get tired of hearing that name
ARNAV SINGH RAIZADA so *** Hawt & dashing mr sobti and beautiful creation
aw!!! So cute😍 . Is there a possibility of having another arnav singh raizada..?
Mr.Arnav Singh Raizada after ages.miss u Barun:(BT now glad u r here to communicate wid us.thnx 4 coming.:)
How does it feels to be still remembered as Arnav Singh Raizada [A.S.R]
how does he feels when he is still remembered by Arnav Singh Raizada aka A.S.R by people??
finally arnav Singh raizada is here wow
I would like to know what Raman Kumar bhalla and Arnav Singh raizada do?And They build up the stories around offices.Sigh:(
He is a very talented actor..Arnav Singh raizada will always be remembered fr
I want to vote . for 40 arnav Singh Raizada
I want to vote . for Barun Sobti as Arnav Singh Raizada
Were you a Is Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon fan? Arnav Singh Raizada was so multifaceted n cool! Miss him n Khushi a lot!! :')
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Is there a difficult person in real life like Arnav Singh Raizada?
I really liked Raman Bhalla as a husband but he hs also turned out to be lyk Arnav Singh Raizada &Ashar Hussain.
STRANGE LOVE continues on Urban Television. The love 'rectangle' of Payal Gupta & Aakash Singh Raizada, Arnav...
I miss Arnav Singh Raizada. All of a sudden. I just do.
Thank you Arnav Singh Raizada for this unhealthy obsession with three piece suits and boys in them.. and boys with stu…
A guy like arnav Singh raizada can make me go crazy! Barun Sobti 😘😘
who is more arrogant??. a. Maan Singh Khurana. b. Arnav Singh Raizada. c. Shlok Agnihotri
Mera naam Arnav Singh Raizada hai don't forget that
Watching the great Arnav Singh raizada in action 😘😘👍love the sexy eyes 😍😍
lol arnav Singh Raizada...Watch it all :P 😂😂😂
I want a person like Arnav singh raizada. 💕
Yap! Khadoos Arnav Singh Raizada who tried as much as he cld but lost his heart to a middle class sanka devi Khushi Kumari Gupta
Photoset: Mein Khabi Shart Nahi Haar Ta - Arnav Singh Raizada *psstt…i don’t think we would let you >:)*
“~ • Singh • Raizada ~ . | | 😍 BBL thisss the hd oh myyy he is...❤️
If only guys like Arnav Singh Raizada exists! 😍😍😍
I love you the way you are , says my dearest Mr Arnav Singh Raizada 😊
he looks at himself in the broken mirror :D. arnav singh raizada *Shakes head at himself*
This was the time I fell for you my Mr.Christen Grey , My Mr Darcy! And My Arnav Singh Raizada! Lethal!💝💖
To the man who made me fall head-over-heels in love with a fictional character Arnav Singh Raizada. Wish you a very
haye Arnav with tikka,carryin Khushii..HIS khushi officially into the when he gusse mein pulls hr earin💔 Pattar Singh raizada -_-
it seem i see arnav singh raizada but in other shape of actor . i like Harshad Chopra very much he is one of...
I miss being the arrogant Arnav Singh Raizada
Here's wishing a very happy b'day to the very sensual & breathtakingly handsome aka Arnav Singh raizada :*
Here's wishing the one person who gave life to the fictional character, Arnav Singh Raizada.
how can any indian tv show lover will forget your character of "Arnav Singh Raizada & magical song "Rabba Ve"
We all still love Arnav Singh Raizada ! N never ever can forget him ! :D
ASR.arnav singh need of any intro to this name
Ur 1st look as Arnav singh raizada made all girls fall head over heels in love with u .
His entry as Arnav Singh Raizada. n bessasst ever on tv.
I am deeply in love with Arnav Singh Raizada ♥ Thank you Barun for potraying this role with so much perfection!
No one no one could have played a better Arnav Singh Raizada than he did and that too with perfection!
Happy Birthday Barun Sobti!!! . Many many happy birthday to this man! . We all felt in love with you as Arnav Singh Raizada
Falling in love all over again with Arnav Singh Raizada 😍😍😍
Sitting in Robarts.There's a guy next to me who looks like Arnav Singh raizada.He just looks like uoft has crapped on him a lot
Arnav Singh Raizada all set to kill with his looks 😍 Yeah, you heard me right. Arnav. Singh. Raizada. 💓
Happy 30th Birthday Mr Arnav Singh Raizada..Stay blessed and remember to keep smiling :)..Lots of love your fan.
Photoset: Arnav Singh Raizada is BACK you hear me he is BACK! and ready to face ANYTHING to go back to HIS...
I liked a video from Arnav Singh Raizada's Life After Marriage
THIS LOOK GOD DAMMIT 😍 Allow me to tell you how truly beautiful you are Arnav. Singh. Raizada.
this could be us, but you're not Arnav Singh Raizada 😏
Arnav Singh Raizada. Gets his wife changed into a saree wich is barely even a saree just cz of a torn baazu ;) . Somethin wantd …
Despite everything... as soon as I see a helicopter... the mind goes straight to Mr Arnav Singh Raizada. http:/…
Link to previous Chapter 49-A:  49: -- PART -B --   - After one hour ...   "What ... you will be coming as well?", asked Vikrant little surprise as he saw NK, Akash ready to go as well with Arnav and Aman. "Yes we are coming with you", said NK looking in the eye of Vikrant. "it's not some party Mr. ... this a serious issue", said Vikrant not liking the fact they will come along. They may get in trouble. "we know that ... its matter of her life ... don't need to tell me how serious is this cause I know pretty well", said NK gritting his teeth and Akash keep his hand on his shoulder to calm him down. "Oh ok fine ... so who else will be going?", said Vikrant sighing as there is no use arguing these men. Well that girl must be pretty important to all these, thought Vikrant. "Just us ..", said Akash as he gesture towards him, NK and Aman. "Fine ...", said Vikrant and turn to Arnav, "Mr. Raizada ... I want you to wear a listening device so that we can record whatever Kushal say". "No ..", said Arnav ... "Kus ...
Link to previous Chapter 47-C: 48:   - Few hours ago.   "stop ... stop here bhaiya ...", said Khushi to the auto driver. After paying the auto Khushi got down and went up the stairs of mandir. She so wanted to spend some time with Arnav today. She wanted to tell him that her family has no objection with their relation. She felt lighted that now she doesn't have to hide her feelings ... her love for Arnav from her family. And for the same reason she don't care now what other people will think about them because her family is now with her. Some where she wanted to thank the person who leaked their picture. At least due to that her family came to know of their relation ...although little in a dramatic way but still a good thing ... she giggle thinking that. She flicked the mandir bell and folded her hands in front of Devi Maiya and prayed for Arnav, Arush, his family and her family. She prayed to be with Arnav soon and forever. When finished, she took the parsad from the pandit and then moves back. She w ...
Link to previous Chapter 47-B: 47:   PART - C   - Evening Time - At LaxmiNagar   Khushi came out of washroom after changing ... Payal wasn't in the room. She went out to see where she is and find her in the kitchen with her mother ... probably preparing things for the dinner. So Khushi quietly went to her parents' room ... she wanted to talk to her father.     Nani had insisted gupta family to stay at their home for dinner but Shashi politely decline saying that they should go back home ... when Mama ji say to wait some more time to see what Media does ... Shashi said that if they don't go back then it will give people a chance to gossip more thinking that the news is true ... it better to handle the situation without getting scared. Nani appreciated his thoughts and bid them goodbaye     Shashi was looking something in the side drawer when he heard a soft knock ... looking up at door he find Khushi nervous. Smiling at her, he gesture with his hand for her to come inside.   Khushi came in the sat ...
Link to previous Chapter 47-A: 47:   PART - B   Aman had talk to employee not to assume anything about the article as it is fake and ASR will clear the matter once he gets back ... he also advise them not to say anything about this article which will reach ASR ear's and might create problem for that person. But still some people didn't stop their gossips. Aman knew its no use as some people just don't listen.   Saurav have called Aman and told him that, it was a woman who called India Times giving them news and then email the picture and also some description what to wrote ... that's all they could find out from inside source. Aman was astonish to know that ... a woman? Why a woman do something like this ... is she some previous girlfriend of ASR looking for revenge, he thought. But this little piece of info help them and Aman asked Saurav to look in the video Photage if any woman is taking ASR's and Khushi photo that time in the hall.   - 2 hours later - Around 12 pm NOON   Arnav and Khushi was sit ...
Link to previous Chapter 44:  45:     "Anjali ji ... you have to talk to Nani about this", said Khushi as she put the shirt on Arush. "kia yaar ... we have to wait for few months more for this", Anjali literally whined like a child. Khushi turn to Anjali who was sitting on the bed and give an amusing smile to her friend, "I guess you are more excited than me about the whole deal", said Khushi as her attention got back to Arush who was kicking her stomach with a huge smile on his face. "you bet ... and gosh you are becoming just like chottey ... deal hain?", said Anjali with a teasing and Khushi blush a bit for using a word "deal" just like Arnav do in his conversations. "Anjali ji I told you the reasons ... right ... please try to understand", said Khushi. "ok I will talk to Nani .. (Anjali stood up and came to the baby changing table where Khushi was changing Arush's clothe) But if Chottey did not confess soon .. then no one can stop me from giving him an earful ... seriously I feel like beating him w ...
Link to previous Chapter 43-B: 43:  PART B   - Evening time @ RM   It was evening now ... the pooja was about to start and still there is no sign of Arnav.  Everyone got seated in the living room ... Khushi was standing in the hallway ... her eyes were going back to the front door every now and then. Khushi was called by Nani to sit down as the Pooja started ... dejectingly Khushi sat down beside Nani. Anjali and Rahul were sitting in the first row ... behind them were Mamiji, Mamaji and Akash ... and behind them were Nani and Khushi ... and behind them were seated their ever loyal servants the three Prakash brothers. This Pooja always contains family members only ... but today Khushi was the only exception. The priest then said some mantras and asks Anjali to put the flower mala on the photo of her parents. At the same time Khushi felt the breeze caressing her face and her heart felt the presence of Arnav ... she quickly look behind over her left shoulder towards the door ... but no one is there ... ...
I am because it's reminding me of Mr Arnav Singh Raizada 😍😍😍
Simply ASR.Mr Arnav Singh Raizada ;) Still looking cute as ever. What you think?
Video: mrinafria: Inception of an EPIC…Entry of The Great Arnav Malik Singh Raizada  Who else had...
Khushi will never know Arnav Singh Raizada had put Two chandi ke chikke in "chamko" for HER❤
Aman is always best active on phone whether wid Arnav singh raizada or Rudra Pratap ranawat.. HAA AMAN
Photoset: Arnav Singh Raizada - Expressions/Reactions from reuniting with his Khushi ♥
Its so diffclt to fool ARNAV SINGH RAIZADA ! :o
When he knows where his heart his there is NOTHING that can stop ARNAV SINGH RAIZADA!!.
Photo: No srsly, just look at how much swagger Arnav Singh Raizada walks with…
, Arnav Singh Raizada and Khushi Kumari Gupta should be blamed for this!
When the great Arnav Singh Raizada saved Khushi Kumari Gupta in the rain
Different shades of Arnav Singh Raizada . Being amused. Charmed. Turned on :p. Smartass. Hes my hotwa man :"D. 😘
Congratulations and Khushi on the birth of their baby boy... Arjun Singh Raizada was born on the 25th May 2014. :)♥:p
This moment . Their moment. The love confession of Arnav Singh Raizada to Khushi Kumari Gupta . ||
According to Barun Sobti's character Arnav Singh Raizada from Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon is the most missed character on TV
Khushi Kumari Gupta n Arnav Singh Raizada's story from nafrat to pyaar ❤️❤️. . This show gave me a life ht…
Coz Arnav Singh Raizada and Khushi Kumari Gupta are 2 people you just cant go without !!.
Umm that's little difficult to find no? No everyone is Arnav Singh Raizada 😭
CHAPTER 52:  -- PART A --   - Next day - Sunday @ Hospital - Around Noon Gupta family had come to meet Arnav ... they were leaving for Mumbai in the evening so they wanted to meet him once before going. Garima and Buaji literally embarrass him by thanking him again and again for what he did for Khushi and wish him healthy recovery as well. They move aside to talk with Nani and Mami ... as Raizada family had also come to the hospital. Shashi was talking to Arnav's Mama, when he saw Arnav got free he went to him and place his hand on his shoulder and said, "We can't even thank you enough for saving our daughter", said Shashi. "Not you too Uncle", said Arnav trying to keep irritation out of his voice. Shashi smile hearing this, Mamaji smiles too as he could understand his irritation, he knew well that Arnav doesn't like all this attention. "I know but still ...", Shashi was saying when Arnav cut him, "You don't have to Uncle ... I wouldn't have forgiven myself if something happened to her", said Arnav. "Bu ...
  PART-20 : : Do I know you ??? [ Khushi countered back ]   Arnav kept looking at her … He has no answer for her question … slowly Arnav nodded head… Arnav : You know me … you know… Come back …    please… I’m so alone at home …    Khushi politely push away Arnav … and stood straightly ..   Khushi [ firmly ] : No.. I don’t.. I’ve just mistaken .. Yes…Home.. I’m going to MY HOME.. And Mr. Raizada it’s too late.. you better go to your home..   Khushi cleared the fact .. Their way aloof .. and his home no longer her address… Khushi got into her car and … Arnav stumbled toward his car and with difficulty he got into car…  Arnav couldn’t drive car for long .. infact he banged it with pavement out of main gate .. Then security guard ran to help him… Called his driver to take him at home…   After one week ….. Today Friday…   Last night Payal and Akash returned back from their honeymoon … They both shorted their holiday for their own siblings …  Payal ...
yes omfg mrs oyshee singh raizada 😍 & yea yo us abnormal ppl dont know what sleep is! Why sleep when u can watch arnav 😩
  Prologue :    Delhi college… Aree hato na… [ move aside]   A girl nope… a tomboy type girl was running forward along with 2 girls.. They are almost look alike… Who are not giving them  side these girls pushed them away and made their path.. even not leaving boys… But none of students are surprised neither they dare to tell them anything.. These regular and normal students are used to bare this kind of treatment for this “Bees Gang” … But they are sure these girls are going to their Leader and their expressions are letting them know something is wrong…. So in reaction of their leader something must going to happen …   Student-1 : Aab kya huya ?? [ Now what’d happened ??]   Student-2: Zarur kuch huya or hone wale hai .. warna yeh Bees-gang why will run to their Queen ??  [ Must be something happened otherwise why this Bees-gang why will run to their Queen ??     Student : Pata nehi aaj kiska samaaat ayewale hai …      [ Don’t know who is going to face *** today ] . ...
  Link for Part 46 - 47   Laxmi Nagar   Khushi served everyone the Lunch at Dinning table. Akash and Payal were sitting together with Aarav beside them and Buaji was at the centre. Arnav was opposite to Akash and he purposely kept the seat beside him vacant so that Khushi can join him. But seemed like Khushi was not thinking in the same lines like him. She was busy serving her Jeejaji Akash and Jiji Payal.   Khushi (Serving the Paratha's): Jeejaji.. Nothing will happen if you eat one more paratha.!! And Jiji what is wrong with you ?Why arent you taking the Puri's? Are you shy to eat before your own husband?   Payal blushed meeting Akash's eyes and continued eating quietly.   Buaji did notice how Arnav was longing for Khushi to sit beside him but she was not even giving him a look.   Buaji: Arre Sankadevi.. Will you only serve your jiji and Jeejaji? Serve Arnav babua too..!! Arnav finally liked getting this attention from them. Arnav (Teasing): Forget it Buaji.. Your Sankadevi is too good in ignori ...
Part 32: headed to Raizada mansion directly. She did not know what she would tell Arnav, how she would ask him about this, nothing… she knew nothing at all… She only had to get answers to her question because she dint want to hang in between stressing herself more and more every time. Ashnil waited for her outside as Khushi rushed inside the mansion. She headed towards the hall when she heard Arnav’s voice. “What the *** sis, why don’t you just leave me alone?” Arnav shouted Khushi stood still for a while, she quickly rushed nearer as she made sure that no one saw her. “Arnav shut up, I said you aren’t getting married to Khushi and that’s it” “It’s my life, I have right to take my own decisions so get this I am getting married to Khushi and that’s my final decision” “Arnav do you have an idea who Khushi is? She is Simran’s sister!” “What? How did you know?” “She had told me she is Shyam’s sister that’s when I knew that she is Simran’s sister, I think she does ...
Oh great, now i cant watch the game bcuz my mom needs to see Arnav Singh Raizada... Gr
Khushi was standing in her balcony, craning her neck, looking down as far as she could, when her friend Neha, returned from her job at the call centre.  Seeing Khushi in a precarious condition, she flung her duplicate key of the apartment on the broken bed and ran towards Khushi , pulling her back from the balcony. Neha shouted alarmingly, "What are you trying to do, Khushi? You might lose your balance and fall down ten stories!" "No, I won't. Anything he can do, I can do better." Khushi  said in a voice full of rage, her eyes flashing dangerously. "Hey cool down, girl! Why are you so mad? Who is he?  And what can he do better? And why is your bed broken?" Neha said in a concerned voice, bombarding her friend with questions.  Khushi  let out a huge sigh. Over a hot cup of tea, she narrated the incidents of the morning to Neha agitatedly. After she had  finished  her tale (and tea!),  she flopped down on the couch muttering Devi Maiyyas name nineteen to a dozen, chewing on her lips and making faces ...
In Lucknow, Arnav Singh Raizada's car stopped in front of a beautifulmansion. He noticed the name plate where is written KHUSHI MANSION'. Heentered into the mansion. A maid came to him. Maid : Sir good morning. Sir will you like to have a coffee? Arnav : No. Is Khushi ready? Maid : Yes Sir. Madam will come here in few minutes. Maid left from there. He saw Mr. Gupta's photo. He driftedinto his past. Mr. Gupta was his business partner. He treated him always likehis son. Today A.R fashion house is No.1 Fashion House and he is No.1 businesstycoon in Asia which is not possible if Mr. Gupta helped him. Mr. Gupta diedbefore 3 days. Arnav remembered what he promised on Mr. Gupta's death bed. Flashback Start  Mr. Gupta :  Arnav I want a promise from you, My Son  Arnav   :  Ok.Uncle I promise you I will do whatever you ask  Mr. Gupta  :  I wantyou promise me you will look after my daughter Khushi. Khushi does not know howcruel the world is. She has none except me. I amvery scared what will happen to her af ...
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'Bas ek cheez ka matlab hai, ki me, hamesha, hamesha tumse..'. That I'll love you Forever and Always. Arnav Singh Raizada!
Its not a trend anymore...its showing the world how much I love Arnav Singh Raizada..How special he is to me...
Aaahaaa ... The entry of the great Arnav Singh Raizada .
Find me an Arnav Singh Raizada and I don't want any thing else in life .
The wink we never expected from Arnav Singh Raizada
What can i say? I love you Arnav Singh Raizada..You are One sexy man with a super smart brain..
After 4 girls went , Arnav thought y i am upset ya ofcoures she is beautiful and cute...  No no no. i am ASR i should not think like that, Aman was keenly absorbing every reaction of ASR.   After the arrengements 3 girls came to the principal room except our khushi , she is setting the stage.  ASR(thought: y she didnot came to call us)    Principal : ASR shall we move  ASR       :ya lets move, aman fllows ASR ASR(Thought: ohh she is here) ASR sees khushi , has she  is standing on stage and teeling to the students to set everything correctly,  Principal : ASR Plz take ur seat ASR   : ya, Aman seats behind ASR Khushi comes with botique and gives to ASR , he takes and he wont give to Aman . Aman is seeing and similing to himself to control it. khushi is doing an anchoring becoz she is an GS of the college so only.   khushi gives the  welcoming  to the Ridhima after that khushi takes and tells about the topic everyone clapps and lightting the lamp over everyone sitting in their places, Khushi: ...
By BarunDiwani The Mehsoos...the pull It was there always, since June 6th 2011, the magnetic pull to each other, the mehsoos of each other. the attraction, the need to stay attached...yes the first collar grab happened on their first meeting, long before the guest house incident. He had closed his eyes unable cope with memories of his surroundings at Sheesh Mahel, and his painful past he refuses to move on from. She had been pushed on to the stage by accident (or was it?). It was then that a strong unknown feeling prompted him to open his eyes, a feeling that causes him to pause and think for a moment, before his eyes went to her. She had also closed her eyes after calling out of her beloved Devi Maiyaa but as she opened, the feeling may have reached her too...perhaps not as strongly as him. After all he would be the first to recognize this incredible feeling that would draw him to her. Devi Maiya had decided it was finally time Khushi Kumaari Gupta met her destiny and Arnav Singh Raizada met the big ...
now for some serious drooling with BarunDiwani Arnav Singh Raizada ka nishana kabhi nahin chukta" "Arnav Singh Raizada's aim never missed" We had hardly recovered from fainting episodes as his long legs stepped down off the chopper to make his entrence...IN SHADES, when he spoke those words. deadle and dangerous that he ever knew. He sure put an arrow through the hearts of women everywhere...ok particularly "phangurls" everywhere with out missing the nishana (aim). He was ruthless, not only to his chachaji but to all of us...and our lives would never be the same again. The sound of helicopters sound much sexier now doesn't it? Sadly this was just the beginning, we died a thousand deaths, each worse than the last at the hands of this shaatir, laad governor every episode. For some of us, he became the epitome of a perfect man. Oh yes the hot looks were to die for alone, but it was the millions of expression to emote his true feelings to us (even before Khushi saw Dancing) that we pulled us deeper and ...
 Mrs. Raizada  It was the usual hustle bustle at the Dubai shopping mall. Sim, Lavanya's friend and ex-employee of AR Designs was walking down the corridor of the 2nd floor when she saw a familiar figure at a distance. "Is it ... ? Oh, it is him! Wow, he is looking charming as ever", she thought and walked towards the man whom she had recognised. "Mr.ASR? Hello Sir, how are you?" ASR turned back suddenly upon hearing the voice. He was about to dial a number when he saw it was Sim. "Oh Sim, right?" asked ASR with a miffed air. "Yes, Sir. How is La? Has she come too?" "No, she is in London. Er, excuse me, I have an important call to make", saying so ASR moved away from there. It had been a long time since Sim left her job after her marriage and moved to New York with her new husband. She hadn't been in touch with anybody at AR. So when she saw ASR at the mall, she was hoping she would meet La as well. She walked into one of the shops in the mall and was checking out the dresses when she heard a fema ...
                                                      THREAD ONE                                               Chapter 1 Khushi woke up to the sound of thunder with a start! She lay on her bed hearing the rain splashing against the glass door leading to the balcony on the 10th floor of her flat in New Delhi. It was dark outside. She glanced at the alarm clock at her bedside table. The arms showed 6.30am. She stretched her arms and yawned.She could afford to sleep for another 15 minutes only. She had to leave the apartment at 7.30am to give tuitions to school students before reaching college by 9am.   This was her last year in college she thought dreamily and she hoped to do well in examinations, get a good job and help her Babuji pay off his debts. She would try to find time today to visit him at their ancestral home where he was staying with his younger brother's family . Sighing, she looked at the watch again before she dozing off. For the second time ...
that moment when u see a gif of Arnav Singh Raizada during and you feel an emptiness inside of you because *sigh* no more
Arnav says she was worried. Khushi says his soo clever. Arnav says shrewd as his Arnav Singh Raizada, his smirk, bg tune Episode 230
I know... but since Arnav singh raizada said it, u cannot say it... copycat!
khuwahish: When, all of a sudden, you see a gif of Arnav Singh Raizada during a heart beating scene and you...
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Well..ok. I agree on this. But I would go for an Arnav Singh Raizada anyday 😉
This line may be my top.favourite as a character's analysis in Typically Arnav Singh Raizada. That's what he is.
"It was not a difficult task for the great Arnav singh Raizada to sleep nude with a girl.." Such bravery.
Arnav says if in 2 hours she don't go home then his name is not Arnav Singh Raizada. She tells him to think of new name Episode 203
Arnav here 'I'm sorry Mrs Khushi Kumari Gupta Singh Raizada' saying she not allowed in..way he says it Episode 203
Khushi wanting to make breakfast.Buaji want answer or else she can leave.Khushi say Arnav Singh Raizada will give answer Episode 203
A big mansion surrounded with beautifull atmosphere frm wer we can see d sunset nd sunrise frm all d corners of d mansion with a big garden nd full royal decoration In d mansion in a big room which no less den a house a round king size bed with soft pillows nd on it laying hr a lady a beautifull princess sleeping with hr hair curls lying on hr face with a cute smile on hr face Jst den a girl of around twenties *** dere  Payal:khushi get up princess Khushi:bhabhi plz 2 mins(she says in a sleepy voice) Payal:khushi its 11 clock *** on get up now Khushi:yes bhabhi dear(she says getting up) Payal:so wat r u going to do today  Khushi:helping u nd watching my fav movie with bhai nd papa  Payal:ohk miss dreamer *** lets go down Khushi:2mins i will be down Payal:k *** soon Nd she leaves frm der Khushi thinks of hr beautifull lyf which is no soon going to become d worst no one could hv thought AR companys of fashion one of d biggest company in d world nd its owner d great Arnav singh Raizada d younger nd bigge ...
Link for Part 52 - 53 (LAST PART) The Sheesh Mahal was once again decorated with variety of colourful lights. Lucknow's best musicians played the authentic wedding music at the entrance of the Sheesh mahal, Subhadra and Devyani were welcoming the guests and waiting for the Doli to come from the wedding hall. Just in few minutes, a Posh Car which was fully decorated with roses entered inside slowly which had the Groom and his Sister Anjali sitting inside followed by a beautifully decorated Doli which carried the Bride  Khushi all the way from the wedding Hall to Sheesh Mahal.  Arnav Singh Raizada had once again tied a knot with Khushi Gupta and this time their sacred bond was blessed not just by the family and relatives but the love that they had developed between them for each other. Memories of the old days when a similar baraat had come to Sheesh Mahal with the Doli which was vaccant flashed in Subhadra's mind. But the inevitible changes that took place later on in their lives made her smile again. Sh ...
FF : THE BRIDE PART 1: [LUCKNOW SEESH MAHAL ] One of the biggest  palace of lucknow was being decorated as  bride . today !!   THE SEESH MAHAL which  is being  dugged  it’s name in the  books of history ...   for  years and  years  this palace is being standing in the middle of the lucknow  city ... showing it’s prides and power  to it’s people ..!! Lucknow  the city of nawabs and heritage people !! the city of prosperous wealth and cultured !!  there are many historys ... about this city !! may be there  is no more nawaabs  or zamindars !! but   there are still some  zamindar’s young generations  are  there who  are  maintining the power and wealth  and the name status !!  Power and wealth   this is  can be  someone’s friend  or can be someone’s enemy !!  power and wealth . it’s says   with power and wealth you can ... solve many  problem of your’s but   every coin have   opposite side this power and wealth can  even made  you  show the way of  ...
Am I watching Arnav Singh Raizada or Shravan? So much resemblance right here!
More than anything, I want Arnav Singh Raizada to feed me kheer.
There is something abt this picture.. . Damnn he looks tooo iresssistable!. ~ Arnav Singh Raizada ~.
I'll do it the Arnav Singh Raizada style :D
Arnav: In your dreams Khushi.. Arnav Singh Raizada will never play with colours.. And definately not with you.!! Gr Mean ASR
"Those who are hardest to love need it the most." . That's our Arnav Singh Raizada!
Breast Cancer Awareness
The Evolution of Arnav Singh Raizada | Happy Birthday Barun Sobti: via AMAZING! love it
Prologue: SEESH MAHAL  1996  A thirteen year old boy was standing infront of the agtes of the mabsion … and looking at the mansion  Boy : ( in tears ) aaj what I have faced …. I promise I wont let the wound hael up so soon .. iska badlka mein lunga .. iw ont live in peace without taking the REVENGE  . I promise  …( he  pulled  his younger sister close to his embrace and then just satre at the mansion for  awhile nad then they left from there) * DELHI 2014  Arnav singh raizada strode inside the office while along his  secertories following him  and giving him details whereas his personal  secertory … aman mathur came infront of him while   he said walking into the office .. Arnav : aman whtas  my schedule today ? Aman : asr I sent your schedule … in ur cabin along with your coffee …. ( aranv give  affirm nod nad walked inside the cabin while every employee stod up greeting him good morning which he ignored nad walk toward his cabin …. * Arnav was in his cabin whereas aman knoc ...
Arnav Singh Raizada...gosh you are just Ugh man Ugh!!!
In case you missed it :) . 1. Thumke. 2. How dare you. 3. Butiful chehra 😍.
Barun Sobti' (born 21 August 1984 in Delhi) is an Indian television and film actor. He is most popularly known for his role as Arnav Singh Raizada in the serial, I...
Last part: : Arnav  parked the  car inside the rm gates and then opened then walked down and went to the otherside … and opened  the car door and then lend nad took musky from her;’s lap and then  extended his  palm  toward her’s and smirk while saying … Arnav : may I ( khsuhi nodded while smiling and accepted his hand and give her palms to her nad walked out of the cra arnav then pulled her close by her waist and kissed her cheeks   amn and  tanvi too *** down of another car wehile clearing their throat then moth of them blush  alittle …  Tanvi : ohho .. you had  baby too .. don’t blush lyk as if you get married yesterday only ….. Aman : yes asr ,.. this blushing doesant suit you a lot .. huh !!  Arnav : shut you guys .. ( while he pulled khsuhi closed toward him by her waist and went to the maindoor and   pressed the  bell and   nisha opened the door with a smile )  Nish : hello bhai hie bhabi ( she said blocking the door )  Toh dilwale dulhaniye le aye … Tanvi ; umm ...
FF : I OWN YOU – A  DESIRE TO MAKE YOU MINE PART 50 [Completed 50 chapters yeah ! thank you thank you tahnk you cant belive thanks for all of ur love …. Thank you thank you thank you .. may god bless you my readers ….  And thank you to bera with my poor writing skills ] Tanvi : guys it’s natural ….  Don’t  panic ..  chotte bache ko hota hai aisa …. Issme itan tension mat lo .. Khushi: apr it’s happen freqwently Tanvi : it’s normal’s syntom of growing up …… don’t bother for  adocrtor for a small reason .. ( arnav   get up while ashi in his arms) Arnav : I think tanvi is right don’t panic .. or chalo ashi thora ghum ate hai bahar se .. * Arnav was pacing  around the garden with ashi in his arms … while making her to  calm  her mood  and feel her better …  and was  pacing around while trying to divert her attention …. Wheras … trying to feed her milk through her feeding bottle ……… as she didn’t have anything sice afternoon due to her pain … Arn ...
“Garima... Garima... Where is Khushi? Didn't she wake up till now?” Devyani Singh Raizada asked her daughter garima.    “No amma... she isn’t awake yet.”    “What? Today is her marriage, and she is still sleeping? Go and wake her up fast. All the beauticians, mehandi girl and all are coming to make her up. She need lot time for getting ready. Go and help her to get ready.”    “Ok amma” saying this Garima went to wake her daughter Khushi. When she is going towards the room Khushi’s nani stopped garima and asked    “Why are you going there? Khushi’s room in this side. That is Arnav’s room.” She paused for few seconds and said again “Wait a minute... don't say that she is sleeping in Arnav’s room.”    Garima and Rathna – Arnav’s mother glanced at each other before answering Devyani    “Yes, sasuma... Khushi is in Arnav’s room. She slept in there itself. She is very adamant” said Rathna addressing her mother in law.    “What? Are you mad? She is gett ...
  Part 2   Khushi’s Parents went to RM to meet Arnav  . At the same time khushi stayed in her room not interested to ruin her mood , she is listening to music . Garima and Shashi entered RM while Aloke welcomed them and called Arnav to meet them. Arnav’s eyes were searching for khushi as he didn’t met her after they grown up. Anjali notice his face she easily guessed the purpose of his search.   Anjlai : aunty .. where is khushi ? is she is at home ? [she asked curiously on behalf of Arnav ]   Shashi : she is at home ...   Arnav [in mind] : *** .. so miss khushi is already staying away from me .. good for you [smirking] but you need some gift after all it’s long time since we had fight ... [his thoughts disturbed by Garima ]   Garima : Arnav you have become tall ...   Aloke : aakhir humara beta hai .. Garimaji ...   Shashi : so Arnav beta are you staying here for ever ..?  [Arnav nodded ]  good , from now Aloke can take some rest ... Aloke you are lucky to have a son ...   Arnav : no u ...
Part-2: walks on to the diaz with a relieved look as the function will be ended now and he can start off his work...Khushi is curious to see the man for whom her lecturers were giving so much of a build up.once he has the spot light and she sees him walking to the center of the diaz with a envelope and the trophy in his hand.Khushi froze with a shocked look)   Khushi (thinks to herself)- yeah???. kal tho Salmaan ji ko dek ke inka naam suna bhi nahi.abhi tho muje kaccha chaba jayenge...itna gussa jo the  hum se…. hey gannu mama please bacha lena….(This .. man?... yesterday after seeing Salman I dint even hear his name properly…now he will surely show his frustration on me…he was so angry on me yesterday..oh god please save me.   (Arnav opens the envelope and announces)   Arnav – The best student of the year is Khushi Kumari Gupta.   (He is smiling as a formality… Slowly Khushi starts walking towards Arnav to receive the award…… and Arnav looks at her.)   Arnav (to himself) – Not aga ...
Watch to find out how Arshians react to Mr. Arnav Singh Raizada's actions.
Afterall he is Arnav Singh Raizada...not a easy man to fool!!!
FF :  REVENGE SEASON 2 : PART 3: ( note :  I  mentioned khushi’s brother as shyam gupta earlier but now I  bored with snakewa .. so thought to change the name from noew shyam would  transform as rudra gupta)  Aranv ;a ranv singh raizada make it’s own rule own destiny and wrote his own fate  and from taoday he would wrote this girl destiny …… aman papers ( aman nodded while he took and sighn then extended it to kghushi but she wasn’t signing) sign karo ( he roared while khushi shivered and signed it ..  gulping …. While her pen was shivering  he smirkj and pulled her  by her waist closed to him )   now you are my wife .. congratuilation mrs khushi aranv singh raizada .. .. and  WELCOME TO THE *** !! * After  priest declare them …..husband and wife …. And after  taking the  four rounds he declared the marriage is completed ..  while …. Khushi broke down on her  knees ..and tears started rolling down her cheeks  as she recollect what happened in  just few minuite ago .. ...
Part 14 :   - “Do u like Aditya?” Arnav asked Khushi. “Yeh sawal tum mujhse kyun puch rahe ?” Khushi asked. “Bas yunhi…” replied Arnav. “I like him as a buddy but there was a kind of different behavior I didn’t understood… was he jealous from you?” Khushi asked. “I don’t know and yeah! There are many people who are jealous of me! After all I have a charming personality” said Arnav. “Acha… Well yeah… after all you’re my prince charming…” replied Khushi in back. “Ahaan… Prince Charming…” Arnav held her hand while driving car with other hand with a wink. “Haan… I love you because you’re the one and last person whom I love more than myself and I trust you more than myself… but I just wish… and pray to God that I always love you like this…” said Khushi emotionally. “Khushi I know… Don’t you think that he’s not of our kind?” Arnav said. “Umn… no I don’t think so he’s sweet and good” Khushi said. - “Aditya! We have to invite him ...
Arnav Singh Raizada, stole our heart and took us to the fantasy world of !!.
We saw the naughty side to Arnav Singh Raizada
CHAPTER 40: -- PART - C --- Ahhh hmmm ... She whimper softly as his mouth lefts hers and started to press little warm kisses along her jaw and down to her neck ... as his mouth move down his hand, that was on her stomac,h started to move upwards ... As he places a warm kiss between valley of her chest ... his hand cupped her breast ... she gasped at the touch ... she then realize ... there were no clothes ... Only bare skin of both ... she looked up in his eyes and find intense brown eyes staring down at her with utmost hunger ... She was nervous ... she was afraid ... but he was confident as he parted her legs ... She felt the stinging sensation at the pit of her stomach and a throbbing ache in her core ... Before she could protest or say anything ... she felt something hard spear into her core ... Ahhh ... Khushi wake up with a start ... Her heart pounding hard ... she presses her temple and find it sweaty ... She takes 2, 3 big breathe and try to calm herself down ... It was a dream ... just a dream . ...
Part 4 : 5   Khushi : yes SIR do you need anything?   Arnav looked at her besutiful eyes as he always adressed them whenever they meet. But today everything was a mess. He walked to khushi's cabin after thinking something.   Arnav (moving his eyes here there) : uhh..yeah..!!Come in my cabin.   Saying this he waslked out leaving confused khushi. Khushi thought he had gone mad because if he just want to call her in his cabin then he could have informed her on extension what was the needs to come in her cabin?. Khushi wondered and left the cabin to meet his Boss.     *     Arnav's Cabin     Arnav (to himself) : stupid, *** .!!Why you always forget what have to say when she comes near..!!No i cant do it...No no i am Arnav Singh Raizada and i can do anything...Just ask her to accompany you till lucknow thats it...Take breathe in and out.   A sweet yet familiar voice made him froze. He turned back only to find his khushi is here. He asked her to come in and sat back on his leather bossy chair.He s . ...
Part 23: 24:     It is Morning...     All the students are coming to college one by one or some in groups to attend their classes.     Khushi came to the college directly from her sister’s house and went to canteen to meet her friends. Not seeing any one of them there in canteen, she went to her class thinking everybody went to their classes as she little bit late today.  When she is walking in corridor, she heard some cries from the room beside Library. She went to there to see who the person crying is. Before she enter the room she heard someone saying     “Don’t cry Sheena... everything will be fine. We can talk with ASR”     “Pam... Do you really think ASR will listen to us? No... He won’t... I thought after committing with Sheena he wouldn’t go to any other girl. But, I’m wrong... He is doing same as before.”     “Shut up Sims... He is not doing the same thing. Don’t make Sheena, more confused about her love with Arnav. She is already tensed.”     “I know... i ...
Also the one in which I am Arnav Singh Raizada's secret sister. So many films to make, so short a life
Character Sketch   Arnav singh Raizada : Successful business man , who hates to loose . He is a bachelor but not a virgin . He loves his little sister lavanya   Khushi Gupta : beautiful girl who is daughter of Shashi and Garima . Shashi died 2 yrs before ,he was a business man   Shyam Gupta : Garima is step mom of shyam . Shyam is creepy character ..     Part 1    Arnav singh Raizada is fed up with interview for selecting his new P.A  . Aman (his manager ) came to his cabin with a scared face . Arnav glared at him   Arnav [losing his ties]: what is this Aman ? I am fed up with this .. can’t you find a perfect one? [ getting up from hic chair ] I am going ... you will continue this  other wise get ready to be fired [Arnav went from there ]   Aman : how could I find someone who will handle him ... [Aman went to interview room and found there is only one left , he notices name ] Khushi Gupta ? [ he calls her to come inside , a smart khushi comes to the cabin ] please have a seat   Khushi : good ...
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