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Arn Anderson

Martin Anthony Lunde (born September 20, 1958) better known by his ring name Arn Anderson, is a former American professional wrestler and author.

Ric Flair Tully Blanchard Barry Windham Bobby Eaton Paul Roma Dusty Rhodes Ricky Steamboat Kevin Sullivan Dustin Rhodes Four Horsemen Shawn Michaels Ole Anderson Rick Rude Brian Pillman Dean Malenko Chris Benoit Daniel Tosh

Madusa punked out Arn Anderson. Now you're just giving Daniel Tosh more ammo.
Given this some thought and I'm going with a 4 team match: Ric Flair, Arn Anderson, Barry Windham (1/3)
...Arn Anderson and Kevin Sullivan win they get 5 minutes with Kimberly Page (currently The Booty Babe). I...what
and like a true radio REBEL he blocked me. When are you having Arn Anderson over to meet your lady?
Arn Anderson was the perfect utility type guy during the Monday Night War.
Tournament match 8 Eddie Guerrero & Arn Anderson vs. Randy Savage and Ric Flair. awesome sauce right now.
Dean Malenko, Eddie Guerreeo, Raven, Arn Anderson. I think I might be misleading with the term mid-carder. I love technical wrestling.
My body feels like I've been takin Arn Anderson spinebusters all day
Gonna Arn Anderson spinebuster Alyssa through a table when I go to Montreal
Bobby Eaton and Arn Anderson = Most underrated Tag Team in history
To be fair, Arn Anderson said the exact the to Randy Orton and it worked out for him.
the franchise could revive itself if the casted the Repo Man, Tatanka, Arn Anderson, and Rick Rudes ghost
Arn Anderson &Tully Blanchard vs Dusty Rhodes & Sting clash of the champions in Miami cant get much better.
Booker T, Arn Anderson, Ric Flair, Steamboat, Jim Duggan, all TV champs just to name a few
love the new wcw pack would love a 2nd wcw pack . Dr death,Arn Anderson Game is shaping up more characters I like to play with now
I love doubt he would pick a part of the body and work on it reminded me a lot of Arn Anderson
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Nick Offerman confirmed to be playing "Arn Anderson" in Jon Hamm film based on "Iceman" Dean Malenko!
Ordering a Christmas ham for in-laws. Demand the most delectable ham in the history of hams, then send it to Arn Anderson.
Why is Arn Anderson not listed on the superstars page as either a WWE, ECW, or WCW alum? Especially since he still works for you...
Walker then holds up 4 fingers, Arn Anderson joins him on-stage, and it's Walker/Anderson 2016! I'm in!
Brock Vereen could have had better form but that spine buster on Jimmy Graham made Arn Anderson proud.
Upon further review, Jimmy Graham just got hit with an old-school Arn Anderson spinebuster.
Those spinebusters tho from Shades of "The Enforcer" Arn Anderson! Love It!!
WWE should do DVD/blu for Rick Rude,Rick Martel,Arn Anderson and for a Valet Yourself of course.
Best match I saw today,,,Arn Anderson Larry Zbysco vs Ricky Steamboat
I'd have delivered DDTs, Arn Anderson style, to protect
lol an Arn Anderson style spinebuster from Nikki. 😏
Lex Luger and Arn Anderson will defeat Terrance Taylor and Tom Zenk
Arn Anderson was my favorite four horseman, him > Flair tbh nh
Watching this Flair Dusty beef thing on the Network and I'm sickened that Arn Anderson isn't keeping kayfabe brother
Watching Superbrawl '91 on Bobby Eaton vs. Arn Anderson. Two of the best that ever was, no doubt
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Can we get an Arn Anderson interview?
Have YOU ever seen Travis Tritt and Arn Anderson in the same place?!
Number 6 - Arn Anderson & Tully Blanchard. As members of Four Horsemen in NWA & Brain Busters in WWF.
Arn Anderson man, underrated speaker and master of the Spinebuster!
How awesome would it be if Arn Anderson and Barry Windham had daughters and they teamed w/ and in the
Stud Stable versus my son Dustin Rhodes and The Nasty Boys. Droppin bows on Arn Anderson
Clash of the champions 1: Arn Anderson & Tully Blanchard Vs. Lex Luger & Barry Windham for the NWA Tag titles
the world needs more Arn Anderson and Barry Windham.
Don't know much about them but love their match w/ Arn Anderson & Barry Windham at Starrcade 90.
World Tag Team Titles on the line here on Clash of the Champions 1 as the Four Horsemen's Arn Anderson and Tully Blanchard defend against future Horseman Barry Windham and former Horseman Lex Luger
kicks off with Legends (Flair, Rhodes, Slaughter, Ron Simmons w/Arn Anderson) v Spirit Squad. How can anything top this?
Mike Weber with an Arn Anderson spinebuster on Kadri.
Ric Flair, Tully Blanchard, Arn Anderson, Barry Windham. Ohh. Freedoms, I thought you said Horsemen. The first one
First match, Arn Anderson, Michael Hayes and Bobby Eaton vs Tom Zenk, Johnny Gunn and Shane Douglas
You can tell I work my abs out but they're nothing to look at. I have abs like Arn Anderson
loved the dx special could you get Ric Flair and Arn Anderson to do a horsemen one?
Well, like Arn Anderson always said... "Adversity brings a man to himself". Best wishes and good luck to the band.
Random thought/question: is Karl Anderson a part of the Anderson family? Like, the Ole, Arn, CW Andersons?
Cesaro is easily the best balding wrestler since Arn Anderson.
Next is the Steiners vs Beautiful Bobby Eaton and Arn Anderson for the WCW tag titles.
Cesaro is the most skilled pro wrestler alive. Arn Anderson level skills. Best athlete in
if we complain enough on behalf of Bruiser Brody or Arn Anderson the may apologize.
Arn Anderson and I die a little bit more each time someone kicks out of a Spinebuster.
Best spinebuster in the game was by Arn Anderson. Never gets old seeing it.
Good: Jim Neidhart looking like a reject from the Anderson look-alike contest. Arn would go on to take first place in that one.
In that 10 women elimination match a couple months ago, Taylor was the Arn Anderson of the match~!
A mystery man just laid Arn Anderson out with a broom to the back. A. Broom.
Rick Rude won a world title... Arn Anderson is IMO
Kaz and Liger win. Next up, Luger and Arn Anderson vs. Z-Man and Terry Taylor
Just watched Vs Arn Anderson and Paul Roma match at Great match!
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Best Arn Anderson match?: I've seen only a handful of matches that has Double A in them. What match (That's on...
I should grow a beard and walk around like a confused and mildly irritated dad a la Arn Anderson
. The road doesn't rise up for any man you gotta reach up and take it _ arn Anderson
After his incident with Arn was Sid Vicious's finishing move not the short-arm scissors?
Our Sat Night feature has Arn Anderson & Dustin Rhodes getting ready for Bash at the Beach by taking on Bad Attitude
.Old pictures of Arn Anderson are my favourite thing
Arn Anderson brought Ric Flair as his favourite thing for his high school photo
Who gets to be Ric Flair, and who gets to be Arn Anderson?
Up next on is Arn Anderson vs Chris Jericho
Jim Ross really is Bob Stoops' Arn Anderson though, he's on Bob's hip in every shot
Arn Anderson nearly won by using the ropes for leverage, too.
I liked a video Arn Anderson vs. Kenny Kendall
the two great ones and Gretzky, and Arn Anderson.
Started reading Arn Anderson's book this week. Pretty good so far.
Arn Anderson calling Rey Mysterio a baby duck made me laugh so hard.
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UNDERTAKER ATTACKS ARN ANDERSON - WWF RAW 2002 Fernie getting beat up by LFC fans
ever see any OVW stuff? Batista is like Arn Anderson in those. Then WWE cuts move lists down :/
Stardust was hatched from a star and evolved into a dream of the cosmos. Arn anderson is a horseman of the apocalypse
have you seen arn anderson, he is a hot buff muscledad wrestler. He knows nothing of hatching.
Yup. The first PPV Renegade was on, he killed Arn Anderson. The Renegade's only title was this TV Championship.
Yup. Came in and squashed Arn Anderson for the TV Title. Pretty weird in hindsight.
Ric Flair v. arn Anderson is a masterpiece. Anderson's selling off the charts. Shout to on that one!
As soon as I know, you'll know. If I can't, I'll be happy to do an Arn Anderson-esque promo giving up "my spot".
Watching Starrcade '87. Another Skywalkers match?? Ugh. Hopefully the Andersons are on this one. Arn Anderson>>>
"When I first saw [Rey Mysterio] ... I thought 'That cannot be a human being'" - Arn Anderson
I know he was their arn Anderson. I'm loving sandow and stardust right now. Best entertainers rn
why are you so against Arn Anderson
"Arn Anderson, Ric Flair, Elizabeth, Woman; we have enough heels at ringside to start a shoe company." — Steve Mongo McMichael
Minnesotan legend Arn Anderson DOUBLE A out with Pillman to take on Sting 7 Flair it what should be an awesome match
why do you have beef with Arn Anderson?
Catching up on podcasts. Any chance you could get Arn Anderson or maybe Tully Blanchard on there ?
much thanks to Book, Stevie, Kevin Sullivan and Arn Anderson for that stat!
Him beating Arn Anderson almost to death? Why acknowledge Sid who's a horrible wrestler & not Benoit who's a machine?
right? Think Arn Anderson would make TV today?
A true great heel shows his *** and bumps like crazy when it is time for the payoff. Arn Anderson was a great example.
I hate to have to toot my own horn, but toot toot.-Arn Anderson
Arn Anderson - eerie promo about Chris Benoit's future (rare) more proof that Kevin Sullivan killed Benoit
"I thought he was a baby duck that fell out of an egg" - Arn Anderson on Rey Mysterio
even as a little kid, I thought Arn Anderson was a horrible person, but I knew I LOVED watching him wrestle.
actually what he said was you remind him of an unathletic, circa 1986, Arn Anderson...
Which is worse: watching a 2 hour Arn Anderson doc where he never breaks kayfabe, or Billy Graham where he never shuts up about Jesus?
Pretty sure is the only person that would ever give Arn Anderson a shout out. That's why he's good people.
Arn Anderson usually looked like he was getting the mail, or walking the dog, or complaining about the electric bill
"Ok, explain again what's *** about wanting to reverse pin Arn Anderson while Bob Backlund has me in a full nelson in a…
Arn Anderson ,, Chris Jericho, Shane Helms and Christian - WWE Universe at the Cheyenne Mountain Complex . . . ~RWM
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Flair: *gets beat up by Arn Anderson and Brian Pillman for a month* SOMEONE HELP ME. Sting: I’ll help but you better not double cross me
Ric Flair, Arn Anderson, Tully Blanchard, and Barry Windham? Cuz the 4 Horsemen be old.
. Trivia ?. Who was not apart of the NWO?. 1. Ted DiBiase. 2. Arn Anderson. 3. Ravishing Rick Rude. 4. Dusty Rhodes
Share your favorite fanfest pics with us? Here's 1 of mine. JJ Dillon, Arn Anderson & Tully Blanchard Hall of Heroes!
Oh wait I just had a way better idea. Ferrell as Flair, John C. Reilly as Arn Anderson, one crazy night for the Horsemen
Ok, so we'll say that Jessamyn Duke was Paul Roma, and Baszler was Ole Anderson, now we need Correia to beat Arn Anderson to get to Rousey.
I might be thankful I didn’t see Kevin Nash mock Arn Anderson about his retirement.
He does show up. I have always been into more technical guys like Dean Malenko, William Regal, Jamie Noble, or Arn Anderson.
Yay for Arn Anderson, boo for him teaming with Paul Roma.
it's been great seeing Mr. Wonderful Paul Orndorff back on WWE... him and Arn Anderson were two of my favorites growing up.
Arn Anderson said Tommy Rich never hit the gym. It really showed.
A GREAT angle with Arn Anderson attacking ERIK WATTS in a car park was totally ruined when ERIK WATTS was interviewed about it
Arn Anderson was a World Tag Team Champion with the Four Horseman but never won the World Championship as a solo wrestler.
Lots of great workers here - Windham, Austin, Arn Anderson, Ricky Steamboat. And good ones in Sting, Rick Rude, Dustin Rhodes
Watching Great American Bash 1988! Sting and Nikita v Tully Blanchard and Arn Anderson for tag titles! These are 4 of my favs!
Watching Barry Windham and Arn Anderson vs. Doom streetfight from Starrcade 1990.
Random Wrestling Memory: When NWA Champion Barry Windham faced Arn Anderson for the NWA Title in 92 or 93, Windham kicks Anderson and turns to the Ref & says, 'It's Legal, It Was Flat', referring that he didn't kick him with the point of his boot. Sometimes it's the smallest of things that can add to a match.
21 YEARS AGO TODAY: WCW @ Little Rock, AR - Barton Coliseum - June 12, 1993 Davey Boy Smith vs. WCW World Champion Big Van Vader; Vader had to be hospitalized after the match as a result of a pinched nerve; he was reportedly immobile for two days Also included NWA World Champion Barry Windham and Arn Anderson
I wonder if that was Arn's attempt at a Halloween costume? I don't imagine Arn Anderson being good at Halloween.
Would love this. The '94 feud with Bunkhouse Buck, Terry Funk and Arn Anderson would make a great chapter in a documentary.
Who would win a match between the original Four Horseman. Ric Flair, Ole and Arn Anderson, and Tully Blanchard with Baby Doll and J.J. Dillon versus DX, Shawn Michaels, Triple H, Road Dawg, Billy Gunn, Xpac and China.
Pensacola: Early Arn Anderson days. Sleeping on the beach, tuna lunches, bikinis, off to a match.
Joey Crawford is refereeing tonight's Finals game. That's like Arn Anderson refereeing a 4 horseman match.
This should be a *** good Match and Arn Anderson vs. and Flyin Bryan. Best 2 out of 3 for the Tag titles.
Check out the Arn Anderson reading glasses
How arn Anderson said he went to a wrestling show and pulled up by a wrestler and started talking and the guy said he train him for 500bucks
The arn Anderson mini documentary is the best of all three
i need a pair of those dad pimp shades Arn Anderson used to wear in promos
probably is the best yeah. Arn Anderson's spinebuster quality too mind.
Arn Anderson's appearing a lot on your Fave Five Wrestlers Lists!
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If the main characters of Hyrule Warriors were the Four Horsemen, Impa would be Arn Anderson. THE ENFORCER!
Arn Anderson is making some pretty controversial statements but once again is being eclipsed by Ric Flair.
Promo wise, Luke Harper is the Arn Anderson to Bray Wyatt's Ric Flair. Both strong on their own and compliment each other.
Shawn Michaels (1996) vs. Ric Flair (1988) Dream Match Nassau Coliseum (and yes I am aware that is a pic of Flair from 92. much better photos from WWF then NWA/WCW) This is the 3rd encounter between these two combatants and Ric Flair should thank his lucky stars he walked away with the World Championship their previous two encounters. The first match saw Flair get himself intentionally DQed, while the 2nd match was marred by outside interference when both Arn Anderson and Tully Blanchard interfered, barely saving Flair's title. This is the Great American Bash and these two will be locked inside and 18-foot high steel cage. Shawn Michaels has promised his fans he will walk away from the sport for good if he cannot take the belt off of Flair tonight. In an unprecedented move Ric Flair, the World Champion comes down to the ring first accompanied by Anderson, Blanchard & Barry Windum, but referee Tommy Young will have none of it and immediately sends the 4 Horseman to the back. Michaels comes out as the fan f ...
Mike Tenay mentions CW Anderson isn't related to Ole, Gene, or Arn, but for some reason neglects to mention TNA's own Mr. Anderson
Watching the Hall Of Fame. Arn Anderson in a suit is reminding me of Jay Pritchett.
Foto: pitbulls-and-spinebusters: Someone was nice enough to send me this.Ricky Steamboat,Arn Anderson,Kevin...
Just want to say thanks for the I am hooked on it now! How about trying to get Brett Hart or Arn Anderson on the show?
Wcw wwf wwe sid and arn anderson ruined the hair vs hair match for everyone
in this scene May is Arn Anderson and Gove is Shawn Michaels:
I never knew Arn Anderson was on Bullseye.
Jim Ross is careful to point out that referee Randy Anderson is of "no relation" to Arn Anderson.
What is Arn Anderson doing with a bucket of Kentucky Fried Chicken at the ceremony in
any of Flair/Steamboat '89, by reputation alone WarGames, Sting/Vader program, Liger/Pillman, and Arn Anderson
Spent a couple hours talking to Arn Anderson, Ricky Steamboat and Pat Patterson once in catering for WWE, best time ever!!
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Random dudes between WCW And WWF would pop up in ECW. Arn Anderson, Hawk, Sid, all in ECW
It was awesome meeting Arn Anderson of the Four Horsemen!
was that an Arn Anderson spinebuster I just saw?!?
Because Arn Anderson is one of my top 5 all time favorite wrestlers.
On a non hockey note. As a kid I wanted to win the WCW World Television Championship just because of Arn Anderson
You can't have The Four Horsemen without Arn Anderson, and you can't have The Shield without Seth Rollins. Enough said.
it wad like listening to Ole Anderson and Arn
He had a touch of Arn Anderson from WCW Saturday night wrestling fame.
Belmont Stakes meeting WWE right about now! Is this Arn Anderson on my screen??
Next encyclopedia, Arn Anderson needs his own entry
Kevin Nash mocking arn Anderson will never not be funny.
I've been a for a while. Silent workhorse. English Arn Anderson.
I shoulda TBT when I had to hit the thot with the Arn Anderson spinebuster 💯
Still to come on XI, Paul Orndorff vs. Arn Anderson and JYD vs. Ric Flair! Tune in NOW to …
Arn Anderson, Pat Patterson, Dean Malenko, Billy Kidman and guys who have really put in their time and understand what they're doing.
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19 YEARS AGO TODAY: WCW @ Charlotte, NC - Intersection of Trade and Tryon streets - May 27, 1995 WCW Saturday Night - shown live; featured Eric Bischoff & Dusty Rhodes on commentary; included Tony Schiavone & Bobby Heenan on commentary for the pre-taped portion from Center Stage Theatre; featured a segment highlighting Slamboree 95 and the countdown show held immediately prior to the pay-per-view; included a Great American Bash Control Center where it was announced Randy Savage would face Ric Flair in the main event and Brian Pillman would wrestle Alex Wright; during the segment, Okerlund said a number of teams were vying for a tag team title shot at the show and also discussed the growing issue between Dave Sullivan and the Diamond Doll; featured a Randy Savage vignette in which he promoted the new Slim Jim NASCAR as well as the upcoming 4-man tournament to be held later in the show; included the Arn Anderson vs. Tim Horner and Ric Flair vs. Alex Wright matches taped 5/10/95 and the Randy Savage vs. Stev ...
23 YEARS AGO TODAY: WCW @ Atlanta, GA - Omni - May 26, 1991 (2,500) Included PN News performing a rap for the crowd WCW TV Champion Bobby Eaton pinned Jack Victory Dustin Rhodes pinned Terrance Taylor; after the bout, Mr. Hughes and Taylor assaulted Rhodes and Ricky Morton turned on Rhodes Stan Hansen pinned Tommy Rich Ron Simmons defeated the One Man Gang via disqualification when Kevin Sullivan and Black Blood attacked Simmons Missy Hyatt defeated Paul E. Dangerously in an arm wrestling contest after spraying him in the face with hair spray WCW Tag Team Champions Rick & Scott Steiner defeated the Angel of Death & Dan Spivey when Rick pinned the Angel of Death WCW US Champion Lex Luger defeated Nikita Koloff Sting & El Gigante defeated Barry Windham & Arn Anderson in an elimination match; Gigante and Anderson were both disqualified; Sting pinned Anderson WCW World Champion Ric Flair defeated Brian Pillman in a Best 2 out of 3 falls match, 2-1; fall Pillman pinned Flair with a crossbody off the top; fall ...
*** Steve Austin, Bobby Eaton, Arn Anderson and Rick Rude all missed Starrcade 1992. They could have added so much more to it.
Billy Jack Haynes started wrestling in 1982 at the age of 28. He trained in Stu Hart's "Dungeon" and briefly wrestled in Hart's Stampede Wrestling under his given name, forming a tag team with Bruce Hart. He started wrestling as Billy Jack in the Pacific Northwest territory but had to change his name when Tom Laughlin (who starred in the movie Billy Jack) threatened to sue him. He added his real last name to the gimmick and continued to work as a face. He feuded heavily with Rip Oliver until 1984, when he had a brief run in Championship Wrestling from Florida and then a run in World Class Championship Wrestling in 1985. During that time he face off against the debuting Shawn Michaels. He started splitting his time between Portland Wrestling and CWF and wrestled with partner Wahoo McDaniel in the National Wrestling Alliance's Jim Crockett Promotions where they feuded with Ole and Arn Anderson. He had just begun a feud with The Barbarian over who was the strongest man in the territory when he abruptly left ...
I went to nitro as a little *** kid with my dad and brother and we met and got pics with Billy Kidman and Rey and Arn Anderson lol
I would say the mayor is the arn Anderson of this group
WCCW Parade of Champions II - Irving, TX - Texas Stadium - May 5, 1985 (26,153) Kerry Von Erich (w/ Fritz Von Erich) defeated the One Man Gang (w/ Gary Hart) in a hair vs. hair match Tommy Rogers & Bobby Fulton (w/ Little John) defeated Bobby Eaton & Dennis Condrey (w/ Jim Cornette) in a No DQ 2-ring match at 8:29; Cornette and John sat together at ringside for the match; Eaton & Condrey originally won the match and titles when Condrey pinned Fulton after Cornette hit Fulton with his tennis racquet but the second referee counted Rogers covering Eaton with a roll up seconds later in the opposite ring; after some confusion, it was finally announced there were simultaneous pinfalls and the Fantastics were the winners; due to pre-match stipulations, Rogers & Fulton won the vacant American Tag Team Titles (The Triumph & Tragedy of World Class Championship Wrestling) NWA World Champion Ric Flair fought Kevin Von Erich to a double count-out at 22:00 Kerry, Kevin, & Mike Von Erich, Michael Hayes, Terry Gordy, & B ...
I swear...Batista gave the worst *** spinebuster I think I have ever seen...listen here...go watch some Arn Anderson videos and learn how to do it!!!
Arn Anderson is probably telling Batista don't do a spinebuster again after that weak *** one to Ambrose on the steps
If Arn Anderson were dead, he'd be rolling in his grave lol
compared to ECW wwe is a joke the ole days ppl like piper-flair arn and Ole Anderson -4-Horseman all made wrestling good alot lately
In case you are wondering, is the Enforcer (Arn Anderson) of the Four Horsewomen.
I like Wade Barrett and all. But get rid of the Conan cape and get him an old school Arn Anderson and Tully Blanchard style baseball jacket on him. Just helps to enhance the *** persona if you ask me.
Gene Okerlund trying to get a word with Arn Anderson and getting nowhere
One of the best members of the 4 horseman besides Arn Anderson.
Laptop insurance - because accidents happen!
Arn Anderson makes a run in at Wrestlemania 18 and delivers a spinebuster to The Undertaker during his mach with Ric Flair.
I'm excited to see where this Arn Anderson/Dustin Rhodes team goes!
Just have her do her four horsewoman of the fingers putting downand add a Arn Anderson throat cutting gesture and shes gold
*** Arn Anderson just said he'd slap his granny in the mouth for 50 cents
I am a huge old school wrestling fan and I just thought I would post here about a memory I had at a wrestling event when I was a child. It is interesting on how I recall watching the event when I was eight years old. My father took me to the old Boston Garden to watch my hero at the time Hulk Hogan wrestle The Big Boss Man. I remember my dad buying me the WWF program at the event and we had cheap seats up in the rafters and it was hard to see, but I could still make out what was going on. I remember the very first match had Greg Valentine wrestling a wrestler at the time I had no idea who it was. They both had a double count out and since it was the era of the jobbers I was shocked to see this guy I was unfamiliar with get counted out with The Hammer. It's funny because until now I just found out the guy was Ron Garvin. I remember seeing Akeem beating the Blue Blazer and I remember seeing Hercules wrestle the Million Dollar Man(or so I thought). My memory is very fuzzy, but I do remember Hercules swinging ...
Why Fan Favorite World Champions Draw More Than Villains. May 4, 2014 By Ryan Porzl   Professional wrestling is like anything in life in that everyone has their opinions. Probably one of the most well-known and popular opinions among wrestlers, fans, and journalist is that heel (villain) world champions draw more money than babyface (fan favorite) world champions. The thought is fans would pay to watch their favorites chase the villains for the World Title across the territory or country then to watch their heroes defend against all comers. I personally disagree with this theory and think the people who believe this couldn't be any more wrong if they wanted to be. This article will not only debunk this theory but prove fan favorite world champions are the better choices.   The first reason is wrestling feuds are like an action movie. The beginning of the feud has the babyface looking good and showcased a bit like the beginning of a movie. The middle part has the heels and villains starting get the advan ...
Shades of Arn Anderson with that tire iron.
Nice of Arn Anderson to loan Bryan his tire iron.
...Batista learned how to work, guys like Arn Anderson, Triple H, Ric Flair & Eddie Guerrero taught him...
That spinebuster was so bad, Arn Anderson should come out and assault Triple H for it.
Bootista got that Arn Anderson hairline, doe.
Is it me, or is trying to look like Arn Anderson?
Did Arn Anderson loan Batista a pair of his old trunks?
Just watched Arn Anderson get disqualified for jumping off the top rope because Bill Watts. Dumbest wrestling "rule" ever?
Watching the clash of the Champions on the network.. Tully Blanchard & Arn Anderson vs. Barry Windham & Lex Luger Frank: I don't remember that blonde guy. Who's that? TV Announcer: Barry Windham!! Frank: Yeah, I don't remember that guy. Who's that? See told you Shawn Blaze Jeff Traxler Richard Alworth Mathew Vonderau Jr.
and it looks like there is somebody directly behind Arn Anderson. it's driving me crazy wanting to know who it is!
Arn Anderson should have been WCW world champion at least once.
Patty Mills has more take down moves than Ole and Arn Anderson. SMH.
into the match now is Arn Anderson.
I'm giving away: WCW ARN ANDERSON CARD. Check it out -
Best Kind, They never Tell I digress, You Verses Me Online Any time BUDDY!!! & Be glad there's no ARN ANDERSON!?
Watching and Flying Brian as the Hollywood Blondes defend tag titles against Arn Anderson and Paul Roma great match
Gods not silent he's ALWAYS speaking to us, but if we arn't paying attention then we won't ever hear.
Nobody ask how you won only if you won - Arn Anderson
I'm not a wrestler but it seems to me if young wrestlers want to learn how to wrestle they should watch Arn Anderson work
i'm aging myself but is that Arn Anderson?
These Wisconsites are dumb. They chanted "Double A" to He had to go on the mic to remind them that's Arn Anderson's nickname.
Remembering describe Arn Anderson as looking like a "specially abled beaver" in that pic of the Horsemen in their sweatshirts.
Got to be on your Arn Anderson for chest day.
OMG you are specially abled beaver Arn Anderson.
Arn Anderson leading Benoit and Malenko to the ring
Bash at the Beach 94 watch that dirty scoundrel Arn Anderson turn on your brother, then do the opposite
Arn Anderson interfered with the spinebuster. His spinebuster was so vicious
Read that as Arn Anderson at first and thought it was a great move
continue to accept your role as heel emeritus.. Promos need work.. Watch Arn Anderson,
My review of the Apr 19, 1993 ECW TV show: "A really fun, innovative show" and it included Arn Anderson & Bobby Eaton's debut.
Sitting in school watching simulations of fight Arn Anderson
The Four Horsemen Main article: Four Horsemen In the spring of 1985, the tag team of Ole Anderson and Arn Anderson began aiding Flair (whom they claimed as a "cousin") in attacks against Dusty Rhodes, Magnum T.A., and Sam Houston. A few weeks later, the Andersons interrupted Houston's match against Tully Blanchard, and the three villains combined to rough up the youngster while sending a message to the rest of the NWA. Shortly thereafter, Flair, Blanchard, and the Andersons formalized their alliance, calling themselves the Four Horsemen, with Blanchard's manager J.J. Dillon also coming on board. Upon the group's inception, it was clear that the Horsemen were unlike any villainous alliance that had ever existed. The four rule breakers immediately used their strength in numbers to decimate the NWA's top fan favorites while controlling the majority of the championship titles. Over the years, there would be various incarnations of the group, with Flair and Arn Anderson as the two permanent members, while a nu ...
so if it the Ric Flair of the does that make you the Arn Anderson?
hello. Commented on: Meet WWE Hall of Famer Arn Anderson in Monroe, NJ |
heard you're the spokesperson for the 1st annual Arn Anderson Invitational
and 1st ever Arn Anderson Bear Wrestling Tournament with a
Here come the Tag Champs. Paul Roma and, yes, show some *** respect, "The Enforcer" Arn 'By God' Anderson.
no Hart Foundation on the team countdown!? no Arn Anderson & Tully Blanchard either!? should have been a top 20 countdown.
A Carolina small-press comic guy highly recommends the new book by Is that Arn Anderson on the cover?
If Drew Brees is Ric Flair and Sean Payton is JJ Dillion, who is "The Enforcer" Arn Anderson for this offense? I dont think we have that guy
Sting taps out Arn Anderson with a Scorpion Deathlock at 32 minutes, winning the match.
Time to test this out with Sting and Robocop versus Ric Flair and Arn Anderson.
Again, kind of late, but what about Arn Anderson / Tully Blanchard?
Photo: “I’m STILL surprised that Arn and Ole Anderson aren’t really brothers. They look way too much...
she must have watched too many Sid vs Arn Anderson videos.
I still believe that if Arn Anderson goes into the WWE HOF alone, should be the one to induct him.
Hey Jim...I see everyone making podcast suggestions, might as well throw in my 2¢ Bobby Heenan and Arn Anderson please.
Philly crowd going nuts for Arn Anderson, Bobby Eaton, and Michael Hayes. Who the *** is Johnny Gunn?
Dustin was slated to join Arn Anderson, Ric Flair, and Steve Austin as the reincarnated Four Horsemen. [3/95]
This dude Daniel Tosh is STILL calling out Arn Anderson?! Why?!
Daniel Bryan pinned Arn Anderson with a rollup at 30:44
Somewhere in a parallel universe there's a Ric Flair, Arn Anderson, Paul Roma and Jim Powers supergroup that ruled the cosmos.
27 YEARS AGO TODAY: JCP @ Atlanta, GA - WTBS Studios - April 18, 1987 (matinee) World Championship Wrestling - 4/18/87 - featured an opening clip from the Crockett Cup of Magnum TA's introduction to the crowd, with Magnum then hugging Dusty Rhodes & NWA US Champion Nikita Koloff just prior to their victory in the finals of the tournament; included Tony Schiavone & David Crockett on commentary; featured the announcement that the NWA US Tag Team Championship tournament would kick off the following week; included Schiavone conducting an interview with Tim Horner and Ole Anderson regarding NWA World Champion Ric Flair, Arn Anderson, NWA TV Champion Tully Blanchard, & Lex Luger, with Horner noting he had a baseball bat and was ready and willing to use it if the Horsemen wanted to gang up on him; featured Schiavone conducting an interview with Ivan Koloff & Vladimir Petrov regarding the challenge of Rhodes & Nikita and the impending return of *** Murdoch from suspension, with Ivan then saying he would get the . ...
What about those 5 brothers that used to have epic fights w/RicFlair? &Arn Anderson too..
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Maybe a silly question, but what is Daniel Tosh's fascination with Arn Anderson? LOL
what's your problem with Arn Anderson? Is just him or do you also hate Rick Flair, Ole and Tully Blanchard?
Love it when Daniel Tosh calls out Arn Anderson.
Joe Warren and Arn Anderson on the same card? Monumental day for the UFC.
Yes indeed. Plus Billy Kidman, Arn Anderson, Rotundo. Tons of others. Good to see Finlay is back in charge of the Divas.
I think on the final episode of tosh.0, Daniel should finally fight Arn Anderson.
Photo: wcwworldwide: Arn Anderson: NWA World Television Champion [1986] One of my favorite championships of...
Arn Anderson is now on his 8th beer and is currently actively engaged in a scissor fight with Barry Horrowitz in the parking lot
Bruiser Brody as Swamp Thing, Teddy Long = Pinball, Arn Anderson as Billy Bedlam, and Shelton Benjamin as Baby-O.
maybe? I see Greene teamed up with Mongo to wrestle Flair and Arn Anderson before
1 Arn Anderson with Ole Anderson. 16 Drake Younger. Jim Ross, Jerry Lawler- In the ring is Giant...
Shawn Michaels did the slap noise on Sweet Chin Music to Arn Anderson in the Innovator from the beginning.
Arn Anderson is the most underrated worker ever. For those of you who got WWE Network, you now have no excuse. You have access to the NWA/WCW library from the mid to late 80s. Every match is a clinic. Singles and tag. Do yourself a favor, check out some of his stuff. You won't regret it and if you still work, you'll probably learn something.
For booking an angle where Erik Watts puts Arn Anderson of action with a STF, "CowBoy" Bill Watts is tool.
Man I looked through the hashtag and there's not Arn Anderson or Doom or Great Muta or Vader or ANYTHING
Twenty five years ago today was the final night of a little 3 day wrestling tour, that changed forever the industry landscape in Winnipeg. Operating under the aegis of the Central Canadian Pro Wrestling promotional permit of Ernie Rheault (who ran maybe one rural card a year), I cobbled together a quick tour from March 3-5th, 1989, to prove a point: that competition to the offerings of Tony Condello was good for the fans, good for the boys, and good for the business. Since May of 1984, with the folding of Walter Shefchyk's New Brand Wrestling, local Manitoba wrestling was a monopoly, and I for one did not like it. Can-Am Wrestling was based on a team vs team premise, with American wrestlers using every dirty trick in the book to try and beat the Canadian squad. How Caveman Broda and his red "Commie" shirt made him American, I don't know. But he, Killer Norm Austin and Eddie Watts kicked the *** out of me on the first card in Berens River and third nights in Bloodvein; with Dave Pinsky (aka Davis at the t ...
The Dangerous Alliance look to regain the tv title dispatching Arn Anderson against Barry Windham 2 out of 3 falls in another great match on free tv, remindi...
I have the kind of build where, if I worked out, I'd be Arn Anderson, but if I get fat I turn into John Goodman.
Edge is an all time great!. RVD. Arn Anderson . Jerry Lynn. Bobby Roode even!
I heard Arn Anderson wants to be on your show!
Just finished watching vs Arn Anderson WCW Superbrawl 94. Matches like this is why I love this business!
Bobby Eaton just won the TV title from Arn Anderson, and the camera MISSED THE PINFALL to look at a halfassed interference on the apron.
Wait'll you get to the Arn Anderson video package!
Arn and Ole Anderson weren't even brothers? I feel cheated now.
So us this the Female Arn ' The Enforcer' Anderson
Tully and Arn Anderson were probably the best pure wrestling tag team I seen as a kid
The best 4 horsemen team was Ric Flair Arn Anderson Barry Windham and Tully disrespect to Chris Benoit or Ollie Anderson
"Arn Anderson and his tag team partner Paul Roma" :(
definitely, cessation is like a new age arn Anderson, big strong tough technically sound guy.
Re-watch Slamboree 1993 title match with Arn Anderson VS. Barry Windham on the Great stuff right there.
I wish Arn Anderson was my real dad
first thing I would to do in is hunt and kill Arn Anderson
In the words of the great Arn Anderson, now that is a pop! movement
Scott Hall vs. Arn Anderson starts off I gotta say that this whole "two rings" concept looks stupid to me.
Just once in my life, I want Arn Anderson to give me a spinebuster. It would be an honour
Watching Arn Anderson, Kevin Sullivan and Chris Benoit in the same ring together is like getting a PhD in Intensity in under 15 minutes.
Most of my wrasslin' knowledge is from the 80s, Ric Flair, Arn Anderson, Dusty Rhoads, those typa cats.
Can I be the J.J. Dillon to your Arn Anderson?
Arn Anderson and Bobby Eaton have invaded the Extreme Arena
It's weird seeing Arn Anderson in the WWF. He was there from late 88 to late 89, winning the tag belts with Tully Blanchard.
When I grow up, I want to be Arn Anderson.
Raw: Arn Anderson addresses The Nexus and Sheamus: via m Arn is still sexy ;)
Classic. Know of any coaches who quote Arn Anderson?
Arn Anderson was great but he needed Ric Flair to guide him. Rondo is just one of the "other Horsemen"
It's a shame Arn Anderson only spent a year in the WWF while actively wrestling. He's been shown off great skills here in 1989.
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bushwackers, money inc, nasty boys, flair and Arn Anderson
that's straight, but not if Arn Anderson brings Armageddon
Arn Anderson vs. Lord Steven Regal? Alright, if you insist, Superbrawl IV, I'll watch.
Arn Anderson is easily one of my favorite wrestlers ever. One of the all time greats!
Fell asleep watching wake to yelling about Arn Anderson
Arn Anderson was a *** of a promo-ist. He was just an amazing wrestler and is an amazing man.
Arn Anderson 4 horsemen promo after the NWO attacked them...son...Arn most under-rated wrestler ever on the mic
Watching Halloween Havoc 1994: oh to have had a 1998 Stone Cold vs Arn Anderson
How obvious was that Arn Anderson heel turn?
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