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Army Wives

Army Wives is an American drama series that follows the lives of four army wives, their families, and an Army husband whose wife is in the Army.

this just popped up on FB. Did you or anyone associated with Army Wives give permission for your i…
Army wives are annoying and love to think they can put you into place lol but I’m not the one
...wives should always be lovers too. Run to his arms the moment he comes home to you. Jack Jones sings "Wives and L…
I was greatly spoiled while mine was in the Army, the post gym had a different vibe than any civilia…
A group of wives helped a grieving mother find peace after her baby's death at Fort Knox:…
I just wanted to rewatch Army Wives but it’s not on Netflix anymore. I’m heart broken 😭
All I want for Christmas is he complete army wives series ❤️
Apologies! Sadly, we no longer have the streaming rights for Army Wives. We do our best to alert user…
Candy Tours UK were pleased to take James and colleagues to a lovely evening carol concert with t…
Yes he was sacked for making up stories to denegrate members of the British army and was hacking phone…
It's 2 am and I called Netflix's customer service because they took Army Wives off and I am LIVID
Worse and worse every day here in southwestern Indiana. Makes me long for the days of taking care of the…
Speak out against veteran spouse, veteran wives employment DISCRIMINATION in America
I’m so sick of the drama these lame *** “Army wives” have. Like y’all are grown *** women thriving on drama like ur in high school.
A few members of our Homewood Hoops family spent the afternoon passing out gifts at the Salvation Army today. I am…
I remember Sterling in Army Wives as I loved that show. Sorry Sterling but I think that Matthew Rhys should win.
Sarah's first job as a camera intern was on my show Army Wives. We got her in the camera union. She was a shining light.
The Answer to is Terry Serpico, and the show was Army Wives. He played Frank Sherwood.
With his music featured in The Lincoln Lawyer as well as TV shows Private Practice, Army Wives and One Tree Hill,...
My little sister is watching Army Wives with me😍😂
I'm just gonna watch army wives again
Lord is testing me today. And he knows how to tailor his tests based on the fact that I'm currently watching Army Wives on Netflix.
I started watching Army Wives with my girlfriend & I'm already obsessed with it.😍😭
So cute to see all the army wives cooking for their husbands and living in their cute little houses living happily ever after 🙂🙃
. Loved you in "Army Wives' and loving you even more in " This is Us" !
If y'all haven't watch army wives on Netflix please do it's so good
Thankful for this break and being able to watch army wives. 🙌🏼
I've just watched episode S02E12 of Army Wives!
My heart goes out to the wives of US army guys. They keeping the devil at bay. Be prowd of you bf / hubby.
stranger things, Army wives, and Salem!
I never saw army wives, was it good?
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I've just watched episode S02E11 of Army Wives!
hang in there us army wives can do it! If you ever need anything let me know❤️
I just want someone to be just as obsessed with Army Wives as I am
Why am I just now watching Army Wives. It's so good.🙂🙂
Harley and I are gonna be mf army wives 😏❤️
First night back, Casey and I got Nations and's a good night. Time to watch some Army wives and shove our faces
I'm hooked on army wives right now 😂
You may know from Lifetime’s Army Wives . This is the 1st of her Video on ADHD about when she discovere…
Army wives is getting me all in my feels right now
Midge is a fab speaker - really looking forward to hearing about her Army Wives on Saturday
Rewatching army wives due to lack of life
i need a new series to watch on netflix just finished watching Army Wives
On Saturday Midge Gillies will discuss her book 'Army Wives with Julia Payne. Intreresting women.
Lindsey got me to watch army wives and it's safe to say... I'm never dating someone in the army😂😅
Watching Army Wives helped me soldier on thru my move. Now I'm about to binge on and more while unpacking - ❤️ him!!
And I fr loved the fact that Daniel would come home from work and watch army wives with me. He's seriously the greatest.
sterling I just wanted to say your a terrific actor I have been a fan of yours since army wives 😊 so happy your on this is us
Ima be able to watch alot of Army Wives episodes today
I thought you were great on Army Wives but holy crap. You are killin it on 👊🏻🙌🏻 😢
Crying like a baby, bc .. Army Wives 😥
¿Someone tell me why I thought it was a good idea to watch army wives?
you are killing it!!! I thought I adored you on Army Wives. And now this?!.
I'm rewatching Army Wives and man I die every time 😭💜
I miss watching Army Wives , I just wanna re watch it all over 😂🙄
I loved you in Army Wives but I Love you more in This is Us! Fantastic show!
Army wives for sure, I cry almost every episode
ugh such a great actor!! I've been watching him since his Army Wives days... he definitely deserves an Emmy!!
if ur wanting love/comedy Army Wives, thriller/mystery The Following, or Stranger Things. Scandal is really good too. Syfy Eureka
loved you in Army Wives and love you even more in This Is Us!
All the army wives talk about how fake the women who have babies and are skinny a week later are and I'm just waiting for that to be me
OMG. That's right, he was on Army Wives, I completely forgot!
That is awesome! I loved him on Army Wives and now even more so on This Is Us.
I've been a fan of since Army Wives Season 1 but tonight's just elevated him to a whole new level.
I've been watching army wives for 3 hours. I need a life
You wanna know how nuts army wives are here.. they think they need to be saluted bc of their HUSBANDS rank 😑😒😅😅
Wish I could stay in bed all day tomorrow and watch Army Wives instead of working 630 am to 6 pm tomorrow 🙄
I know I'm about 5 years late to the party but I can't take Bart Bass serious in Army Wives.
Rewatching Army Wives was a great choice
I have peanut butter and banana sandwiches and Army Wives. Today's good.
Slowly becoming addicted to army wives SOS
He seriously won't let me watch Army Wives without him 😂
You are awesome. Thank you so much for doing This is Us and Army Wives. Both of which are great shows.
I'm watching Army Wives... I have hit rock bottom.
Nepalese Army Wives Associatioin (NAWA) distributing relief materials to victims of Earthquake.
My dad told me today he doesn't like Breaking Bad. Two of his favorite shows are The Client List and Army Wives. I'm a disappointed son
Tablet insurance available.  Get yours today!
Me after watching 10 continuous hours of Army Wives
On season 6 of army wives... idk what imma do when I finish it 😡
Just want to go home nap, watch army wives & read my book
I am SO addicted to the show Army Wives. It is such a good series!!
The Officers in the Armed Forces can be associated with the terms dynamic, disciplined, prim and proper, smart,...
Oh my gosh. Army Wives effs me all up.
I have an unhealthy obsession with army wives
I'm such a big fan of army wives. Wish you guys would come back not the same without y'all. Y'all where amazing
all I know is I'm not mentally stable enough to watch a show like army wives
Army wives got way too emotional . I just had to stop it.
Eyecon conventions: Let's start an Army Wives Fan Convention! - Sign the Petition! via
Idc what anyone says, Army Wives is one of the greatest shows of all time and it needs to return to television
i have some very exciting news... I am re-watching Army Wives! Get ready for the tears
Forgot how terrible season 7 of Army Wives was. Taking away most of the original cast was stupid. 🙄
I remember I cried when Claudia-Joy from Army wives died😭 I was bawling in my room like I knew her😩😩
{1} I am obsessed with Army Wives and Greys Anatomy 😁😁
geez, I just started watching Army Wives and this boy is beating his mother 😳
Army wives holds a special place in my heart
Army wives has me all in my feelings. Jeremy Died 😭
Gloria and hector will never replace Pamela and chase on Army Wives. Pamela and chase were the best☹
I'm literally on episode 6 season one of army wives and I've already cried like a thousand times 😂😭
I'm only on episode 4 of Army Wives & it's so good 😭😭
Lol I'm watching army wives on Netflix
why Army Wives got me crying like a little baby
I don't think imma fade empire tonight 💯 .. Army wives got me hooked 😂
I told Netflix about your army wives intervention we had this morning!
So, I'll continue binge watching army wives until I fall asleep.
Watching army wives for the first time 😭😭😭 thanks aspen!
I need something to hold my phone in front of me to watch army wives while I eat my ice cream.
It's summer time for me woot woot and I'm gonna watch army wives all night
Emmalin went through so much in Army Wives. Lost Amanda, and then almost lost her Dad, and then her Mom two years later. :/
Ashanti landed her first series in the hit show Army Wives.
I've just watched episode S01E03 of Army Wives!
I watched 13 episodes of army wives last night 🙄🙄 now I'm watching more
Haven't decided if choosing to watch army wives again was a good choice or not
Army wives never fails to make me cry 😒
Need to study... so I'm debating between watching another episode of army wives or taking a nap🙃
The guy on army wives is so fine lord.
THE REAL ARMY WIVES- . has enjoyed working with officials in the City of Tennessee over the last couple...
Binge watching army wives for the rest of the day 🙄
.are there 6 other angry wives before you? Is there an angry wife army? Did your husband ever stop loudly eating eggs?
I'm late 🙋...watching Army wives on Hulu the scenes of events that happens over Iraq...I thank God for keeping my dad when he was there 🙌🙏🙏🙏
HAPPY BDAY ‼️I hope u have an awesome day full of tacos,army wives/military homecoming vids ❤️❤️ love u ht…
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