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Army National Guard

Officially established in 1903 under the Militia Act, Title 10 and Title 32 of the U.S.

Command Sergeant Major Air Force Hurricane Irma Iowa Army National Guard Command Sgt Daryn Colledge

Army National Guard will be facilitating a workout for all of our students during class on Wednesday.
My son's Army National Guard unit just returned and the San Juan mayor refused to allow them to distribute abunda…
Four Nebraska Army National Guard helicopters are on their way to Florida in the aftermath of Hurricane Irma.
William Dunbar, 22, of Berlin, a member of U.S. Army National Guard, jailed for threatening to kill V.P. Mike Pence.
NY Air And NationalGuardNY sending more help to Florida NYGovCuomo
The drive home, I encountered convoys of blood mobiles, army & national guard ft.lee, big black suburbans f…
NY Air And sending more help to Florida
Thanks for your service? Branch, MOS, and where did you serve? I was a 19D in the Army an…
This will be great for the Army National Guard brand!
LATEST: NY Army National Guard deploys 10 Blackhawk helicopters and 55 soldiers to assist in Hurricane Irma response
The Iowa Army National Guard team is made up of soldiers based in Davenport, Waterloo, Iowa City, and Boone.
I was on active duty with the Army National Guard. I was angry no orders came that day. Troops kept c…
Michigan Army National Guard sending 1,000-plus people to help after Irma via
There is an Army National Guard PFC in Florida that needs the mud scraped from his boots. You aren't worthy, you sa…
Members of U.S. Army, National Guard head to Florida to help those affected by Irma
Three Army National Guard crews preparing to leave Rochester to help with Hurricane relief down in Florida in the aftermath o…
New York Army and Air National Guard are sending more help to Florida after Hurricane Irma
Michigan National Guard sends soldiers to help with Irma
NY Air and Army National Guard units headed south to help with response
I approved the deployment of NJ Army National Guard Co. 253 to Florida to provide support in anticipation of Hurricane Irm…
So proud of the SC Army National Guard and Chief Warrant Officer Reed Wakefield. They are protecting our freedoms!…
Ceremony held for 30 members of Army National Guard going to Afghanistan (Kansas Guard to Afghanistan).
You have your own army, governor, the National Guard. Why weren't they mobilized.
Command of the Nevada Army National Guard passed from Brig. Gen. Michael Hanifan to Brig. Gen. Zachary Doser.
The most hooah soldiers are the POGS or national guard, y'all don't struggle like us that's why you love the army so much
S/O to SGT Fidler and the MO Army National Guard for the schedule banners. They are🔥🔥🔥.
MaxPreps West Virginia preseason football Fab 5, presented by the Army National Guard
That’s the kind of the point with police armament. They are not the army nor the natio…
Yeah, as well as the likes of Gangster Disciples--mostly the Army National Guard and Reserves.
Great instincts. They are DEFINITELY not Virginia Army National Guard. We w…
Breaking: Virginia Puts Army National Guard on Standby Why never done for leftist demonstrations??
I can see why the National Guard was called in. Perhaps the US Army should have been called in.
The water protectors at got the national army guard, mase and cold water in the face (to name a few).
Virginia Puts Army National Guard on Standby IS picking who he wants 2 appease! REMOVING HISTORY!
Next time get the real national guard, or the army.
Yankee Division of the Boston National Guard. 3rd Army under Patton.
Do we trust the Army? The National Guard? The police? How many in those organisations quietly support Nazism?
An Army National Guard soldier holds his son after returning home from Kuwait. 😍. Via:
Maybe a silly question, but don't the actual, real-life police/army/national guard get a bi…
. These need to have the National Guard And Marital Law inforced so gets the…
In the sixties you called in the National Guard or the Army (they were called in for Detroit). Police didn’t have that equipment.
.thanked BG Hanifan for his service and the soldiers of he Nevada Army National Guard.
Nevada speaks to the troops during the Nevada Army National Guard's changes of command ceremony.
As the Alt-Right are Trump's army as the National Guard was Nixon's this seems relevant today.
Yup...always relevant with the U.S National Guard-army-police.
My dad was in the Marines. My mom was in the Navy. My sis was in Army National Guard. I was in the Army Reserves! . We…
You don't Nuke your own people. You use a standing Army for that. Either National Guard or the Fed or both.
Has the National Guard showed up in Charlottesville yet? Police Army? SWAT? Tear Gas?
Fact for those who didn't know: I'm in the army national guard.
Gladys: "For me, my brother didn't die just so Nazis could take over this country". Mabel: "Where is the national guard? Where is the army?"
hosted deployment ceremony for Army National Guard 186th Engineer Company of Dothan today before the so…
The national guard and army would've been called out. If this was blacks.
An Oklahoma Army National Guard soldier holds his son for the first time since returning home from duty in Kuwait.
Great day with the SD Air and Army National Guard. Great to meet Adjutant General Tim Reisch. Great to talk Leadership with the General.
Guard Firefighters Train for Urban Search, Rescue Missions - Air and Army National Guard firefighters from acro...
Fourteen soldiers from 12 states will compete July 17-20 at Camp Ripley in the Army National Guard's Best Warrior C…
Case in point: Harriet Green serves in the TX Army National Guard and enjoys peers' full…
Airys was a stray dog in Iraq who came upon a group of Army National Guard soldiers and quickly became best...
Kahului, - Army National Guard - 12R Interior Electrician - As an Interior Electrician in the Army N...
Kahului, - Army National Guard - 12K Plumber - As a Plumber in the Army National Guard you will buil...
Heavy equipment, tanks & more! The TN Army National Guard has it all. Watch as they provide vehicle recovery & support.…
Electronic Device Insurance
'Neo-Nazi' in Army National Guard arrested after explosives found at Tampa Palms murder scene vi…
On this day, May 21st, we remember PVT Cody Wayne Young, US Army National Guard. Please help me…
Totally missed this. Steve Stivers was promoted to a brigadier general in the Army National Guard.
A crash course on how to read an Army National Guard retirement points statement.
Rep. Tim Walz was a Command Sergeant Major in the Army National Guard before serving in Congress.
NH Army National Guard welcomes home troops and
Our congratulations go to a Burlington Vermont civilian employee of thelocal Army National Guard base. He recently rece
NH Army National Guard welcomes home troops WATCH at:
There's more mcdonalds employees than the navy army marine and national guard combined. 1.8 million to 1.4 million
I stayed in the National Guard for about 6 years after Regular Army:. Our Artillery Unit practiced Shoot and Run Tac…
who do you want to be held accountable? The Army Corps of Engineers, police, local government, FEMA, national guard?
got GI Bill in Navy&TI lil in Army National Guard. But $5.10 or $5.25 is what I made. *** teaching ast job in
Highlands Fire by lacewingphoto - Black Hawk Helicopter from Kansas Army National Guard perfo…
Don't build a wall, activate the National Guard to roundup illegals and then station the regular Army on the border.
Idaho Army National Guard soldiers participate in the 3 event Physical Fitness test consisting of the Push-Up, Sit-…
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And she does. She served in Iraq and still holds the rank of Major in the Hawaii Army National Guard.
A strong state partnership and future leaders. .
People in national guard for tuition know you gotta pay the army back if you drop out right?. Just a little motivation 🤗
Army National Guard is now hiring 31B Military Police - Police Officer.
Family gathers to send off members of ND Army National Guard
Learn about the MA Army National Guard through our new App.
Four Kansas Army National Guard Black Hawk helicopters continue helping with fire suppression in Reno County, Kansas, on M…
In 1992, there were only 378,000 U.S. Air/Army National Guard. As of 2017, it is 467,000 approximates.
Just like you being duped to believe Fake News. I did serve in the Army. The Army SC National Guard IS A ARMY RESERVE. MOS 11B
Congratulations to my Paige Maze for enlisting in the West Virginia Army National Guard, and for…
The race to the finish line is on, as the nation's top two girl's hoops teams remain perfect!. Top 25:
So there's an army general and a National Guard general.
Are you currently enrolled or looking to enroll in college? With the Iowa Army National Guard
Presenting certificates to 15 Soldiers of Iowa Army National Guard 186th Military Police Company for support at Camp Dodge 16-31 Dec 2016.
Ssg. Joshua Barker has been enlisted in the Minnesota Army National Guard for 18 years and currently works for...
Bill once threatened to call out the National Guard against the US Army to keep Jimmy Carter from sending Cuban refuge…
Command Sgt. Maj. Christopher Kepner, Command Sergeant Major of the Army National Guard, shares an important...'s official my Son joined the Army National Guard. On Feb.27th he goes to Tennessee for his physical. Any thoughts ?
Interested in joining the Army National Guard? Stop by Hubbard Lobby tomorrow between 11:00 AM and 1:00 PM to get m…
Kent Wesselink, commander of the Iowa Army National Guard’s. 34th Army Band, Sidewinders, brought his group to...
We should turn the National Guard into a civilian militia rather than an Army reserve alternative, and have them oversee police operations
Get out the cops, the Army and the National Guard, and throw the *** out.
Heather my point was merely historical. A time when private militias were formed to defend Before the army, National Guard, ROTC
the. Army national guard which is not bound by the posse comitatus.  He has said he will put boots on the ground…Having military
via MaxPreps Top 25 National Girls Basketball Rankings presented by the Army National ...
6th & 8th grade doing teambuilding challenges with the WI Army National Guard.
King (Milwaukee, Wis.) up to in the Xcellent Top 25 National Girls Basketball Rankings via
There's a new No. 1 as the Top 25 sees big shakeup! . X25:
When both your little sisters joining the Army National Guard 😣. Should've did Air Force but it's all good 😂❤
It can only be the Army National Guard...RE Posse Comitatus Act...So it will pit locals against locals...
Laptop insurance - because accidents happen!
Illegal to send Army, National Guard controlled by Gov. Rauner. Who are these feds?
Troy native enlists in the Illinois Army National Guard
I'm scared Trump's going to send the National Guard of the Army to disperse protestors.
Wise Puma s named to be on 12th Annual MaxPreps Tour of Champions Presented by the Army National Guard!
~ He will NOT use 'Federalized National Guard' but instead use selected troops who will fire on Civilians.
US national guard has a different mandate from Army/marines/USAF
What does he mean by "Feds"? Could this mean FBI? That's different from the National Guard or Army.
Worried about paying for college? Let the Oklahoma Army National Guard pay 100% of your tuition!
Posse Comitatus Act does not apply to army/air national guard when 'invited' by home or ADJACENT states governor.
Scott Whitaker (center) of the NH Army National Guard showed his support to his supervisors Phil Waystack (left)...
Pat Wortham, Army National Guard veteran is our first driver. Thank you!
no. See 1968 and subsequent years AFTER national guard AND us army deployed in Chicago after King assassination riots.
Exercise enhances Florida National Guard troops' nuclear response skills by via Stars and Stripes
DEA&FBI not the National Guard or Army lol. But if "sending in feds"to extreme we can just send all illegals there instead..
He'd send in the army but they are busy standing at ovation.
US Army. The governor can call in the National Guard, the President can send in the Army.
No need to drop bombs with an Army of local police, national guard, federal police & agents all heavily armed with…
oh its not? You're saying the VA doesn't hire National Guard or Army Reservist?
Sending in the Army? National Guard...Got to be kidding...
Deputies searching for Humvee stolen from SC Army National Guard armory in Georgetown Co.
Army National Guard helicopter pilots are thanking a Blount County family for keeping their pond full as they...
Reunion: 100 Army National Guard members return home to be with families...
With the Army National Guard backstage in Allentown. GREAT guys.
The Mississippi Army National Guard has generously donated the Armory on Jackson Avenue to GSD to expand services for Grenada's children.
"There were also sniper teams from Australia, the United Kingdom, Denmark, Ireland, Canada and Germany.".
I added a video to a playlist Mile High 101 - 101st Army band with the Colorado National Guard
Proud to work w/ DE Army Nat'l Guard to implement efficiency upgrades at 11 locations throughout the state…
"Army" National Guard...pretending to be Soldiers since 1903.
My old National Guard unit just won the International Sniper Competition -
The Minnesota Army National Guard is all about opportunities, from college education, to career skills, to...
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Officially apart of the United States Army and Wisconsin National Guard ❤️🇺🇸
450 Army National Guard soldiers, from Virginia and Maryland, will be deploying to the Middle East.
FORT BELVOIR, Va. — More than 450 Virginia and Maryland Army National Guard Soldiers assigned to the Fort...
The National Guard and the Army are here.
Arnold native Zachary A. Tyler enlists in the Illinois Army National Guard
Army National Guard Career Day is October 27 in the AM. Sign up in the counseling office and get a permission slip to attend.
come visit us at the army national guard hanger at the Johnstown airport today
It's Friday and tonight I have to turn my life over to Mississippi Army National Guard😐
Everyone loves a "Good Deal"!!! Join the Florida Army National Guard and receive a steady pay check, money for...
I considered Army but there's a recruiter from the national guard trying to influence me there
A Tajik national guard soldier committed suicide, amid ill-treatment in the Army, more on this
Members of NY Army National Guard team up w/BOCES to get message out that bullying is repugnant.
We all have that one neighbor who takes the Halloween decorating too far and the National Guard has to come battle the…
Seekers: National Guard is looking for 12T Technical Engineer in KY, USA
Seekers: National Guard is looking for 91E Machinist in NC 27830, USA
Seekers: National Guard is looking for 14S AVENGERS Crewmember in FL, USA
Seekers: National Guard is looking for 25C Radio Operator/Maintainer in IA, USA
Seekers: National Guard is looking for 35F Intelligence Analyst in KY 41005, USA
. engineers recognized before deploying to Kuwait Help us send them off! http…
Only if the UN peacekeepers have the military strength to stand toe to toe against the National Guard, Army, Marines.
! Good luck to all of the Idaho athletic teams this weekend from the Idaho Army National Guard!…
Why did the repeated requests from Ambassador Stevens and his Security Army National Guard detail to stay in Libya…
Thank you to the Illinois Army National Guard for providing this hands on learning experience for our FVCC students.
Shots of operators fast roping by night with the National Guard Helicopter Task Force. htt…
Let's see how ignorant morons do against National Guard, US Army, etc. Their redneck racist *** will be toast. Make our day punks.
The Coweta-McAlester game is the Okla. Army National Guard game of the week.
calling national guard up for federal duty bascially turn the NG into the army. otherwise state has jurisdiction.
Army National Guard information on joining and what to expect. The Army National-Guard is somehow like a part...
Illinois Cousins Face Decades in Prison for Plot to Aid Islamic State: A former Army National Guard soldier and his…
Illinois cousins face decades in prison for plot to aid Islamic State: A former Army National Guard soldier a...
A few more pics from Troopers Assisting Troops! @ Sea Girt US Army National Guard
10th Engineer Battalion works with Tenn. Army National Guard to expand Romanian Air Base
Enlist in the Army National Guard and use the school benefits. Wisconsin offers 100% Tuition Coverage. Ask me how to do it!
.Check out the Army National Guard teaching marksmanship in
New banner we just finished for the Army National Guard 53rd Infantry Brigade Combat Team.…
Army National Guard no show for veteran's funeral: The family of a local veteran wants to know how the Honor Guar...
Take the time to congratulate our northern Alaska Air and Army National Guard members, assigned to the 49th...
May have taken longer than expected, but finally swore in as a PFC in the Army National Guard on…
Check out this Defense Battle Management System Operator at Army National Guard in
So much hatred and racism exist with white male leadership in the Alabama's Army National Guard. Above their power!
Hopefully graduated from college. Still in the Army National Guard, hopefully healthy & alive
Army National Guard is hiring! Rocket System Crewmember in apply now!
We're at the 118th Wing of the Tennessee Air & Army National Guard... ready to announce our picks!
Bergmanis praised National Guard volunteers for trying to achieve a level similar to that of professional soldiers
Army National Guard is hiring a and Chemical Equipment Repairer, apply now!
Collectible Lifelike Baby Dolls, Porcelain Dolls a
Ppl say be army strong na I got my own strong I don't need the army army is for the weak my brother is in national guard's
Hey proto, do you still have your woobie? I only know what that is because my sister is a mp I'm the army national Guard.
MD JOB: Gunpowder MD - Geospatial Engineer - Geospatial Engineers in the Army National Gu...
Awesome presentation by the Army's National guard and Max Preps today.
New opening at Army National Guard in - Linguist
...He served 9 years in the Army, 11 in National Guard. He carried the same American Flag on more than 190 missions.His story is incredible.
With a hanger at Lakehurst in the background a New Jersey Army National Guard Blackhawk helicopter sling loads a...
The Louisiana Army National Guard and the New Orleans area recruiters participated in the peace camp and rally...
Thanks you Mr. Troy Willis and the Louisiana Army National Guard For partnering with us this weekend!
I served in the Army National Guard to pay for my nursing school.
We are not the militia. We have Army, Navy, Marines, AirForce & National Guard
Structural Repairer needed in at Army National Guard. Apply now!
Bandperson needed in at Army National Guard. Apply now!
NEWS: Wis. woman becomes first to be promoted to Brigadier General in Wis. Army National Guard.
Army National Guard is looking for a Construction Engineers in apply now!
18 years on the Armed Services Committee & as governor has command over Ohio's Air (was a member 180th FW) & Army National Guard
Congrats to Brother Staff Sergeant Michael Staley, US Army National Guard (KY) on his engagement to Miss Megan Stinson!
Army National Guard is hiring a Powertrain Repairer, apply now!
Former NFL offensive lineman Daryn Colledge enlists in the U.S. Army National Guard.
Military Mom TalkRadio Listen Now: Stories of the Army National Guard during the war on terror
THIS... makes me proud to be America. Standing shoulder-to-shoulder w Army National Guard. Thank you http…
Joining the Army National Guard is quite easily the coolest and smartest decision I've made
Live Now: interview about the Army National Guard during the was on terror TalkRadio
Retired 9-year NFL veteran Daryn Colledge enlists in the Army National Guard
Former Packers lineman will be enlisting in the Army National Guard
A year after ending his nine-year playing career, has enlisted in the Army National Guard.
by frankcrebas Great flying skills by the helicopter pilots of the US Army National Guard in Colorado!
Spoke with rep for FL Army National Guard. Per DOD guidelines: cannot confirm service member's passing until 24…
FHP confirms what I was told a short while ago. Victim is 21 y/o Tyler Mapel. He's in the FL Army National Guard.…
Army National Guard is looking for a Traffic Control Equipment Repairer in apply now!
Army National Guard is hiring a Defense Battle Management System Operator, apply now!
[ Military ] Open Question : Self-harm scars and the Army National Guard?: I have self-harm scars on my left f...
Real fact I was a member of the KY Army National Guard and worked during the Equestrian Games in KY. We carried 9M emptymag
Proud to have run in honor and memory of Sgt. Mike Harvey (Army National Guard) died 4/10/12
Honestly I'm so flipping glad I joined the Ohio Army National Guard
National guard and army reserves ain't vets lol, they still here cuz they ain't ready to fight 🐸☕️😂
No, Army National Guard for now then once I'm finished I'm going to the Air Force active duty
Today is the 43rd anniversary of the first female to enlist in the North Carolina Army National Guard
America's finest pilots - thank you for your service Army National Guard
S/O to my boy for enlisting in Army National Guard 💪🏾
And to help pay for it, the PA Army National Guard pays 100% Tuition to ALL State schools & comm colleges!!
Another successful Master Training with the Alabama Army National Guard! Great job…
The 31 Kansas Army National Guard Soldiers who took part in the Comprehensive Soldier Fitness Program from Jan.
Irving TX - Financial Management Technician - The Army National Guard runs on a budget and the Financial Manag...
My son Graduated Basics.. Army National Guard ! Calvary scout..Beast Mode . So Proud of Him and his accomplishments!
The vet we moved served for three years in the army and six in the National Guard. WHILE homeless, he's been...
Job : Smyrna TN - Truck Driver - Keep the Nation moving forward in the Army National Guard. In the Guard the T...
something is telling me to join the Army National Guard...🤔
Friday, January 29, 2016. in honor and mourning of Army National Guard . Sergeant First Class Matthew McClintock...
Mr. Schwab proudly served in the Persian Gulf War and six years in the Army National Guard.
Army National Guard is hiring a Systems Repairers, apply now!
Army National Guard soldiers return home from deployment via
Check out this Aircraft Systems Repairers at Army National Guard in
Apply now to work for Army National Guard as Operator in
Director of Army National Guard speaks to soldiers at JBER -
Director of Army National Guard addresses soldiers at JBER Sunday
Your terminology here is incorrect. The Director of the Army National Guard is LTG Timothy Kadavy.
(Stars and Stripes) New director of Army National Guard promoted to major general: Maj. Gen. Richard...
Army National Guard is hiring! Artillery Firefinder Radar Operator in apply now!
MNBG-E welcomed the Command Sergeant Major of the Army National Guard, Command Sgt. Maj. Brunk W. Conley, to Camp...
Tablet insurance available.  Get yours today!
Army National Guard is hiring! Control Equipment Repairer in apply now!
Soldier Proposes At Los Alamos Ice Rink Christmas Eve: Cardiel and his Army National Guard unit are deploying ...
Excited to welcome home our NH Army National Guard soldiers from the 3rd Battalion, 179th Field Artillery Regiment!
Infantryman needed in at Army National Guard. Apply now!
Job : Springfield MO - Medical Equipment Repairer - A host of equipment is used by Army National Guard medical...
Army National Guard is hiring! Firefinder Radar Operator in apply now!
I'll be at the Rams game with the army national guard. Would love to try and meet the best QB in the league.
Oklahoma Army National Guard troops to return from Kuwait
Army Chief of Staff General Mark Milley plans to double the number of annual training days for National Guard units.
Interested in a career with the Florida Army National Guard? Visit our website for open positions! . Visit...
US Army National Guardsman guilty of to support .
Check out this Vehicle Repairer at Army National Guard in
Installer/Maintainer needed in at Army National Guard. Apply now!
Army National Guard is looking for a Operator in apply now!
"FBI - U.S. Army National Guard Soldier Pleads Guilty to Attempting to Provide Material Support to ISIL"
News: U.S. Army National Guard soldier pleads guilty to attempting to provide material support to
Intelligence Analyst: FORT MCCLELLAN, As an Army National Guard Intelligence Analyst, you will p...
Happy Birthday to our oldest service, the Army National Guard! 🇺🇸🎉🎈
Army National Guard is looking for a Crewman in apply now!
Nebraska will be home to one of Army National Guard's new cyber protection teams: Kelly Hughes, chief of the Air…
Army National Guard is hiring a Vehicle Repairer, apply now!
Army National Guard is hiring a Management Coordinator, apply now!
New opening at Army National Guard in - Crewmember - Weapons Systems Technician
New opening at Army National Guard in - Rocket System Repairer
Army National Guard is hiring a Systems Installer/Maintainer, apply now!
Vehicle Mechanic needed in at Army National Guard. Apply now!
Army National Guard is looking for a Launch Rocket System Repairer in apply now!
Army National Guard is hiring! and Chemical Equipment Repairer in apply now!
New opening at Army National Guard in - Combat Electronic Missile System Repairer
21 NOV 2005: SGT Matthew Webber, US Army National Guard (Michigan) was wounded in action by an IED in Iraq
Check out this Launch Rocket System Crewmember at Army National Guard in
New opening at Army National Guard in - Management Training
Traffic Control Operator needed in at Army National Guard. Apply now!
Construction Engineers needed in at Army National Guard. Apply now!
Army National Guard is looking for a Electrician in apply now!
NeuvooMobile: New opening at Army National Guard in - Analyst
Army National Guard is hiring a Electrician, apply now!
Army National Guard is hiring a Linguist, apply now!
Army National Guard is hiring a Artillery Firefinder Radar Operator, apply now!
Crewmember needed in at Army National Guard. Apply now!
New opening at Army National Guard in - Electrician
An emotional return for Army National Guard engineers
An emotional return for Army National Guard engineers:
Check out this Assistant at Army National Guard in
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