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Honoring Cpl. Rhett A. Butler of Fort Worth, Texas who was killed 07/20/07 in Khan Bani Sa'd, Iraq.
Today we remember Army CPL Rhett A. Butler, who died July 20, 2007 of wounds sustained when his vehicle struck an...
Australian Army Cpl. Mark Doran caught the A member of the 1st Battalion, Royal Australian...
Non-commiss-, lower rank officers are spearhead of any army. CPLs in particular are near SPOF: diff…
Thank you for your service Army Cpl. Darrion T. Hicks sir. I will not forget what you done for our country.
Thanks for the kind words Linda. May God bless Army Cpl. Benjamin Kopp's family as they try and co…
Honoring Cpl. Darrion T. Hicks of Raleigh, North Carolina who died on 07/19/12 from injuries sustained in Afg…
- Sept 10: Ride to the Flags for Army Cpl. Zac Gore & fly:
U.S. Army Cpl Andres Rosa and his family will receive a mortgage free home from Building Homes for Heroes
Sharon Hardy - sister of Cpl Anne-Marie Ellement - on devastating failings and the need for a change in Army culture
Honor Army Cpl Andy D Anderson who sacrificed his life 10 years ago in Iraq. Please &
Honoring Army Cpl. Andy D. Anderson who selflessly sacrificed his life ten years ago today in Iraq for our great...
Attribution of the strong. Tribute to true Heroes Army CPL. Billy B. Farris, 20, of Bapchule, Arizo
So apparently I have a cousin or something in the army. CPL Crenshaw.
Great to see L/Cpl Jason Lee RSIGNALS (prob the best Corps) fronting a recruitment campaign. Why not join him?
Staff Sergeant was demoted to Cpl by the Swedish Army after he managed to do this w/ a Stridsvagn 122.
TAH: CPL. Arthur Beyer, US Army was awarded the CMH during WWII for an amazing act of bravery.
2x amputee, Army CPL Jesse Murphree gets brand new home mortgage-free 2-503rd INF
Honored to help welcome Army Cpl. Jesse Murphree into his new home today.
We proudly spent Saturday at the in support of Army Cpl. Jesse Murphree.
Sept 14, 2015 Honoring Army Cpl Marcus A Cain who died 9 years ago in Iraq. Honor him so he is not forgotten.
TDiH the dog that would become Rin Tin Tin is found in a German army kennel by Cpl Lee Duncan in 1918
After nearly 64 years, Army Cpl. Avelicio “Abie” Apodaca is coming home. MIA
US Army 28th Infantry Division soldier CPL *** Brookins (22 at the time) plays St. Nicholas for the children of...
My bday present from army is being promoted to CPL, FOR TWO WEEKS before going back to a cadet.
Please join us Saturday, January 10 as we present our first portrait of 2015 to the family of Army CPL Rhett...
Bob's ultimate useless fun fact for tomorrow today --- Way back in 1869, Franklin Pierce, the 14th president of the United States, died in Concord, N.H.and in 1871, Mrs. O'Leary's cow kicked over the lantern in the barn and started a small fire that almost burned down the entire city of Chicago, and the Great Chicago Fire became history.and in 1914, the World War I song, "Keep the Home Fires Burning" was not in reference to the Chicago thingy.and in 1918, in the same war, U.S. Army Cpl. Alvin C. York led an attack that killed 25 German soldiers and captured 132 others in the Argonne Forest in France..Alvin came home to the Valley of the Three Toes of the Lone Wolf, Tennessee, as a hero..(he was actually a conscientious objector through the church)and spent the rest of the war as a recruiter.and in 1944, The Adventures of Ozzie and Harriet, starring the Nelson's debuted on CBS Radio.and in 1956, Don Larson pitched the only perfect game to date in a World Series as the New York Yankees beat the Brooklyn Dod ...
Congratulations to Army Cpl. Zach Bandli of Fort Carson named the Best Soldier in Army Forces Command! .
Today at 1720hrs the remains of Corporal Cletus Lies will return to ND. Please to a moment to remember this soldier. July 3, 2014 Soldier Missing From Korean War Accounted For The Department of Defense POW/Missing Personnel Office (DPMO) announced today that the remains of a U.S. serviceman, missing from the Korean War, have been identified and will be returned to his family for burial with full military honors. Army Cpl. Cletus R. Lies, 26, of Bremen, N.D., will be buried July 3, in New Rockford, N.D. In late 1950, Lies was assigned to the Medical Company, 32nd Infantry Regiment, 31st Regimental Combat Team (RCT), east of the Chosin Reservoir in North Korea. On Nov. 29, 1950, the 31st RCT, known historically as Task Force Faith, began a fighting withdrawal to a more defensible position. Following the battle, Lies was declared killed in action. Between 1991 and 1994, North Korea turned over to the U.S. 208 boxes of human remains believed to contain 350 - 400 U.S. servicemen who fought during the war. Nort ...
DEADLY SILENCE ONLY HURTS YOU. WISE UP.To whom it may concern,, I am in trouble and I am invisible to VA. EX US Army Cpl. Steven L. Jackson , 273rd MP CO DCANG, I have Back pain, Leg pain, and 6 Arizona Judge Orders against me currently .My wife left me because of PTSD Violence in our home and financial issues related to my VA benefits being too small. restraining orders of protection against me personal and all in the last three months since a VA Doctors mistake. What is the reason I have been treated for and diagnosed with several mental issues clearly related to my service and have not been re evaluated by VA for an increase in benefits, I have because of VA lost everything after PHX, VA issued and gave me some new phyc medication I had a reaction too. NO one cares that I may become homeless as a result so I am frustrated after four years of complaining of pain and PTSD about lapses in memory , skills, patient and good judgment caused by 9/11 gullt as a first responder on 9/11 with manic depression fro ...
Korean War MIA Identified The Defense POW/MIA Office announced the identification of remains belonging to Army Cpl. Richard Isbell, 20, of Fishtrap, Ky. He will be buried with full military honors on June 7 in Staffordsville, Ky. In April 1951, Isbell was assigned to Company H, 2nd Battalion, 7th Infantry Division, when attacked by overwhelming Chinese forces near Popsudong, South Korea. Isbell would be declared missing in action on April 25. After the war, returning American POWs reported that Isbell had been captured but died in captivity of dysentery on June 30 in a North Korean POW Camp.   10% Off
Xiomara Mena Anderson greets her son with a kiss to the top of his gravestone. Army Cpl. Andy…
This Gold Star Father is my Brother, and the Proud Gold Star Father of Army Cpl Frank R. Gross. Craig created a song in memory of his beloved son.
irth: Jun. 26, 1983 Burley Cassia County Idaho, USA Death: May 11, 2008 Baghdad, Iraq Army Cpl. Ellis was assigned to the 2nd Brigade Special Troops Battalion, 2nd Brigade Combat Team, 101st Airborne Division (Air Assault), Fort Campbell, Kentucky. She died of wounds sustained when her vehicle encountered an improvised explosive device. Jessica graduated from Lakeview High School in 2002. While in high school, she lettered in track and cross country, was on the school's swim team, and was involved in dance groups. She is remembered as the friendliest kid you would ever want to meet. She then attended Central Oregon Community College in Bend for two years and worked three summers as a U.S. Forest Service firefighter at the Fremont-Winema National Forest. In September 2004, she decided to enter the Army where she became a medic because she cared about people. She would never discuss politics or her views about the war but would always say that she was there for her fellow soldiers. Her awards and decorati . ...
Cpl Larocque has scored 3 goals for the Sledge Hockey team during Go Dominic Go!
Memorial Day and soldiers lost. Family of US Army Cpl. Kareem Khan, a Muslim soldier from Manahawkin killed at age 20 on Aug. 6, 2007, in Baqubah, Iraq will ...
In honour of Army Cpl. Robert T. McDavid, aged 29 years, from Starkville, Mississippi, assigned to the 1st Battalion, 64th Armor Regiment, 2nd Brigade Combat Team, 3rd Infantry Division, Fort Stewart, Georgia. Cpl. McDavid died March 10, 2008 while serving during Operation Iraqi Freedom in Baghdad, of wounds sustained when a suicide bomber detonated an explosive device. The bomber struck as soldiers chatted with shop owners while on patrol in central Baghdad. RIP Cpl. and thank you for your courage, service and sacrifice. You will be remembered sir.
East Brunswick named new road -Koch Lane- to honor sacrifice of fallen hometown hero Army Cpl. Steven R. Koch, killed in Afghanistan.
. There were a lot if IEDs in Sangjn- my Company Sjt Major is the most IED'd man in the Army- the crazy cat!
Cpl Anne-Marie Ellement: Police launch new investigation into rape allegations. She was on the suicide risk register.
Attended the Ceremony today naming Koch Lane for fallen hero US Army Cpl Steven R. Koch, formerly of East Brunswick.
Medal of Honor Recipient Col. Donald Ballard and Army Cpl. Michael Vasquez at tonight's Halo for Freedom Warrior...
Varsity Beat blog: YAIAA all-star basketball games to benefit Army Cpl. Matthew Hanes
Cpl Larocque starts his quest for Gold tomorrow. Will you be watching the sledge hockey competition?
fair point I'm just concerned about adjusting to civvie street again after I've had enough took me ages after leaving the army
I wish. ..I got to pay his bills for a cpl months. ..till he starts getting paid from the army. ..
Army apologises to Cpl Anne-Marie Ellement's family as coroner says bullying contributed to suicide.
Pro tip: Shooting journalists never turns out well. Glad Cpl. Schmuckatelli of the Russian army figured that one out
Bullying was a factor in the suicide of Cpl Anne-Marie Ellement, says coroner. Are you a woman who's suffered bullying in th…
Cpl Anne-Marie Ellement: Army apologises as coroner finds bullying was suicide factor
It will be 1 year on Feb 2, 2013 since legendary Navy SEAL sniper Chris Kyle was tragically gunned down in Texas, and the president of the United States has yet to address his death. President Barack Obama has not made a public statement regarding Kyle’s murder and his extraordinary service to his county, nor has the White House issued an official press release. Messages left by TheBlaze were not immediately returned by the White House. Several Blaze readers have also suggested that the White House should have ordered flags be flown at half mast to honor Kyle. You may recall, Obama issued such orders to honor the late Sen. Daniel Inouye of Hawaii, the victims of Sandy Hook, and in honor of Arlen Specter, Neil Armstrong and Army Cpl. Frank W. Buckles, as well as others. While those proclamations were more than necessary, many would argue an American hero like Chris Kyle — the “American Sniper” — undoubtedly deserves the same respect. However, the most glaring oversight is still the fact that P .. ...
Governor Mary Fallin repost: I have ordered all American and Oklahoma flags on state property to be lowered to half-staff from 8 a.m. to 5 to honor Army Cpl. Billy M. McIntyre, an Oklahoma soldier who was killed Dec. 7, 1950, while on active duty during the Korean War near Sinhung-ri. His remains were recently identified. His service to our country and state will never be forgotten.
I bought a flag today outside Wal Mart from the Eagle Scots this was the fallen soldier attached to my flag God bless him and his family that i am sure is missing him Army Cpl. Richard P. Carl Died May 9, 2003 Serving During Operation Iraqi Freedom 26, of King Hill, Idaho; assigned to 571st Air Medical Company, Fort Carson, Colo.; killed when his UH-60 air medical helicopter crashed in the Tigris River in Iraq. * * * * * Richard P. Carl was promoted posthumously from corporal to sergeant in a ceremony in Iraq. Carl died May 9 when his Black Hawk air medical helicopter snagged a power wire across the Tigris River as it took off during the rescue of a wounded Iraqi child, and flipped over and into the water. The child was in another helicopter and was flown to safety. He leaves behind a wife, a 3-year-old daughter and a 19-month-old son. “Corporal Carl is a tremendous example of our military’s commitment to risk life and limb to help the innocent Iraqi civilians wounded in the war,” said U.S. Sen. Mic ...
I won't be giving my cover photo any justice unless I at least mention that the woman in the photo is Air Force Maj. Terry Dutcher laying down as she cries at the grave of her son, Army Cpl. Michael Avery Pursel, 19, who was killed in Iraq in 2007, in one of the deadliest attacks on a Stryker Brigade. This is the story of a mother and son, making tremendous sacrifices in service of this great country.never forget.
Army Cpl. William Knight laid to rest 63 years after being lost in Korean War |
50 years since the Civil Rights movement in the USA justice is yet to be delivered; Less than a year after Freedom Riders boarded buses for Mississippi and demanded enforcement of a Supreme Court ruling that outlawed segregation at bus stations, a black man was gunned down by a white police officer at a stop in Taylorsville. U.S. Army Cpl. Roman Ducksworth, a military policeman stationed at Fort Ritchie, Md., had come home to be with his wife, Melva, who was suffering complications during her pregnancy with the couple's sixth child. As the bus pulled in, Taylorsville, Miss., police officer William Kelly removed Ducksworth because the driver couldn't wake him, according to government records of some passengers' accounts. Others, including the NAACP, claimed the dispute was about segregated seating. Army documents obtained by The Huffington Post said some passengers saw Ducksworth, 27, punch Kelly outside the bus. Other riders said the policeman struck first. What happened next, however, is not in doubt. Ke ...
U.S. Army Cpl. James Rexford Hare was just 19 years old when he disappeared from his unit in South Korea. On Feb. 13, 62 years to the day of his capture as a prisoner of war, Hare's siblings laid him to rest in Wesley Chapel Cemetery in Points, W.Va.
Up until a few days ago, United States Air Force Staff Sgt. Derek Allen hadn’t seen his brother, Army Cpl. Greg Allen, in a long time. However, a twist of fate spurred their separate services to bring them together for the Christmas holidays. Read more about their reunion,
Two brothers serving in Afghanistan had their paths cross which surprised even them. Air Force Staff Sgt. Derek Allen and US Army Cpl. Greg Allen are both from Akron.
Honor the Fallen: Army Cpl. Casey L. Hills - June 24, 2009 - 23, of Salem, Illinois; assigned to...
I wore my Dads Army Don't Panic cuff links tonight in memory of Clive Dunn. Regret not asking to do a quick L/Cpl Jones.
Huge Selection of Jackets at Low Prices
.I wonder what my daughter, ret US Army Cpl, wld think about HER contribution vs yours as a "maker" No contest! And she's ur age
Yesterday Clive Dunne ex Cpl Jones in Dad's Army passed away in Portugal/ .
Korean War: Army Cpl. Elmer C. Kidd, from Seneca Falls, N.Y., is home now. "After the Friday funeral, his remains will…
Honor the Fallen: Army Cpl. Gary L. Moore - March 16, 2009 - 25, of Del City, Okla.; assigned to...
Honor the Fallen: Army Cpl. Brian M. Connelly - February 26, 2009 - 26, of Union Beach, N.J.; as...
sad news that Clive Dunn has passed away.. cpl Jones in Dads Army :(
Cpl Channing Day laid to rest in Comber cemetery after funeral in the town's Presbyterian church:
Clive Dunn was only 48 when he played the elderly L/Cpl Jones in Dad's Army. How did he play older characters so well?
Only just found out Cpl Jones from Dads Army has died
Sad to hear that cpl Jones from dads army died i loved that show :(
I really, really hope you model your army career on that of Cpl. Jones, it would be a fitting tribute
Photoshopped a little tribute for Clive Dunn, Cpl. Jones in Dad's Army, who die today aged 92... RIP
Cpl Jones was the oldest member of the Dad's Army Crew, but Clive Dunn was one of the youngest. A brilliant act.
Dads army had some wonderful characters Cpl Jones was one of the best rip Clive Dunn aka Jonesy
Don't panic!!Don't panic!! the old fuzzy wuzzy's they don't like it up em. Clive Dunn. Cpl Jones in Dads Army.
Shame to hear Clive Dunn has died. A big fan of dads army. RIP l/cpl jones
RIP Clive Dunn cpl jones in dads army thoughts are with his family and friends
Sad to hear that Clive Dunn, Cpl Jones of Dads Army, passed away today.
Heard of the passing of clive dunn better known as l/cpl jones from dads army sea
Honor the Fallen: Army Cpl. Jeremy S. Jones - June 27, 2006 - 25, of Omaha, Neb.; assigned to 1s...
For Army Reserve Soldiers returning from deployment, reentering their civilian lives maybe challenging at times. Army Cpl. Zeta Green takes us to...
Welcome home, Army Cpl. Chaz Ligon, a true American Hero. Enjoy your time with family and friends and thank you for your service.
Army Cpl. Robert Smiddy was discharged in 1946. Friday, he finally got the medals he earned for his service — 67 years after he was discharged. Among those m...
PEMBROKE — It’s more than 60 years late, but Army Cpl. James G. Oxendine has finally has the Purple Heart he earned as a young soldier during the Korean War.
U.S. Army Cpl. Chester Roper was finally laid to rest today, 60 years after the young man died in the Korean War as a prisoner of war.
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