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Armstrong Williams

Armstrong Williams (born February 5, 1959) is an African American political commentator, author of a conservative newspaper column, and host of a daily radio show and a nationally syndicated TV program, called The Right Side with Armstrong Williams.

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Question, why is Armstrong Williams still an apologist for 45? I cannot 💆 Right is right is wrong!! The MH of 45 is…
Josh & are back with their look at potential draft picks among college conferences - Big 12
How did I forget about Armstrong Williams? smh
Why does SiriusXM 126 keep Armstrong Williams on? His rhetoric is so antithetical to the station's stance. Nauseating!
Go find it. I did. Shaun King did. Rachel Maddow did. Bill OReily did. Armstrong Williams d…
Great show tonight! Join me again tomorrow night on from 6-8PM EST for The Armstrong Williams Show!
The *** Deray would say Armstrong Williams is an & that's NOT really a racist slur. 🔫
Yes there are terror group what will you call them Armstrong Williams peace loving people
Best goal I ever saw live from Bally was long range effort in a boring 5 all draw home to the Sky Blue…
Ben Carson said "Poverty is largely a state of mind" interview with Armstrong Williams. (this man must hate black ppl)
Check out my new show 'The Armstrong Williams Show appearing in DC, Maryland, and Virginia (DMV) starting...
Armstrong Williams, was exposed for receiving payments from George W. Bush’s administration to tout Bush’s educati…
Carson downplayed the importance of programs for the poor to Armstrong Williams, saying that poverty was largely a “state of mind.”
I trust Armstrong Williams who says you're a good man. Victims, families& USA deserve to know truth…
dropped major gems tonight on and off the air during "The Armstrong Williams Show." New album "Pras Pre…
on I'm listening to Weekdays 6pm ET by Armstrong Williams
Congratulations to our colleague Donna Armstrong - 10 years strong hereshe's the one keeping the company on the road! 🎂🚚💕
Armstrong Williams - Pseudo leadership and black groupthink
Networking is an essential part of building wealth. Armstrong Williams.
Looks like Armstrong Williams had a problem with tRump supporting Nazis. Good for him! Where's Ben Carson?
Never cared for Armstrong Williams. He needs to be on a conservative station no…
He was a great lightweight, but can't see him rated about Duran, Benny Leonard, Henry Armstrong, Joe…
Recall Armstrong Williams and Maggie Gallagher during the Bush administration. How far is it to cons…
Classic.a short time high means a long time deterioration of your body, heard that from Armstrong Williams yesterday
Announcing our guests for Monday 26th June's show Amanda Williams & Ken Armstrong any questions you like to ask sen…
Watch Gervais Williams talk about his latest book 'The Retreat of via
It's at the end. "Armstrong Williams (served as an adviser and spokesman for…
"Learn about real estate, it provides the highest returns, the greatest values and the least risk.". —Armstrong Wil…
Armstrong Williams can't even talk straight trying to separate himself from his blackness she has
Yes! Omarosa invite Clarence Thomas Ben Carson and a cameo of Armstrong Williams. The…
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I'm surprised that Armstrong Williams seems blinded by Party loyalty.
on I'm listening to Armstrong Williams Always be willing to listen to others
Armstrong Williams is a joke. I can't stress that enough.
Tune into The Armstrong Williams Show now on Channel 126! will discuss another devastating loss for the Dems.
Armstrong Williams on Lynne Patton: "She has shown a capacity not only to learn but to regurgitate"
in 1948 Tom Kilburn & Freddie Williams ran the world's 1st computer programme in Manchester.
OC is based on Romney Care when he was governor. It is the GO…
Armstrong Williams show tonight on Xm radio and his guest tried to justify it by saying i…
Armstrong Williams guest tonight on Xm radio said Castile got justice by the cop going to trial and had a jury. Really😡
U can get rich being uncle tom sellout Clarence Thomas armstrong Williams Walter Will…
Be sure to contact and ask the dean why Prof. Williams expresses violent racism and is still employed.…
"New York City Pensions Are Still in Crisis" by MARY WILLIAMS WALSH and KARL RUSSELL via NYT
Good morning Champion! Create and Maintain!. You must develop personal contacts if you want to be successful. - Arm…
"You cannot legislate someone's heart." --Armstrong Williams
I found this bit particularly humorous. Roberta Williams was being discussed in my feed as recently as yesterday.
Second craziest part of this article: Armstrong Williams, not Ben Carson or a HUD spokesperson, explains the ration…
I say the same for Elfman and Zimmer's Batman, Williams' Superman, Silvestri's Avengers, and even Craig Armstrong's Hulk
Yes, a Ben Carson, Condi Rice, Armstrong Williams, Stacey Dash or David Clarke would totally change the dynamic.
Armstrong Williams on Majority Minority podcast: ‘Brother’ Steve Bannon no racist https…
Black and Republican. An emotional Armstrong Williams on racism, Steve Bannon and Trump
You and the plagiarist Armstrong Williams look alike! (lol)
Op-Ed: FCC restoration of UHF discount “a significant opportunity” to aid minority ownership, by Armstrong Williams:
role players..What you talking about.. Jordan had Rodman, Craig Hodges, Armstrong,Paxson, Sally, Parish,Brian Williams..etc
If you have a rich heritage that includes Falkner, Williams, Armstrong, Simone, etc, why would you celebrate the Confederacy instead.
You go but Armstrong Williams still pollutes the airwaves ? Absolutely ridiculous.
"An Ad Woman at the Top of an Industry That She Thinks Still Has Far to Go" by SAPNA MAHESHWARI via NYT …
Shannon O'Grady Williams from Armstrong McGuire will be one of the sharks stirring things up!
Listen to music of Louis Armstrong, Beethoven, Hank Williams, and the muse should shine on you brightly.
The Young Innovators • In case you missed us on "The Armstrong Williams Show" on News Channel 8. It'll be replaying…
Check us out on the Armstrong Williams Show on Channel 8 News in Washington DC‼️📺
Washington DC. Tune in to channel 8 on your 📺Were live on the Armstrong Williams Show‼️Airing today @ 6:30 PM, 9:30 PM and 11:30 PM |
"84 - Final Barnsley substitution. Adam Armstrong is replaced by Elliot Lee do a Williams...
Good chopping it up with during the Armstrong Williams show. Keep doing your thing bro.
No mention of $6.2B housing cuts? how about next time you ask some real questions?
.If you have a moment, we think you'd find this new this episode with https:…
Now, one thing I tell everyone is learn about real estate.- Armstrong Williams
I like Armstrong Williams show. I like the urban view has dif…
love you today on Great job. Need your own show. Take Armstr…
Obama put it differently. Also, the author of this piece, Armstrong Williams, is Carson's business manager.
Armstrong Williams: Trump is not wrong about trouble in Sweden
Armstrong Williams is an under cover down-lowin GOP freak
Democratic societies can no longer give religious fanatics a free...
Armstrong Williams and trumpsters Trump is a Goddamned Benedict Arnold!
Do you think that Neil Armstrong landed on the moon?
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If there's anyone who represents the worst of humankind, it's Dylan Roof. He's despicable and should be executed.
Deanna Bass & Armstrong Williams will b following uncle ben into HUD 2 help destroy that agency like they ran his campaign.
Sports nurtures dreams of achieving self confidence and masculin...
Bottas must be feeling like Stretch Armstrong in this Mercedes-Williams tug of war
his 15mins are almost up , say hello to Michael Steele and Armstrong Williams for us
Robbie Williams offers advice to blind man: "Just see mate"
God morning:. There are two problems you want to have in life: having such abundant wealth that...
At some point we must make a decision not to allow the mere threa...
My point is, if you want to achieve anything in life, it is n...
At the end of the day, there is no doubt that the unique spiri...
THE EEOC.What a Day! — watching Armstrong Williams and Clarence oh the right answer C. Anita Hill!
in Boston. I know of him personally so don't believe fake news, and definitely not Arms…
Live at nes channel 8 with Williams Armstrong wi
For starters, this country embodies something utterly unique...
Rev. Al Sharpton and Conservative commentator Armstrong Williams speaking with
Ben Carson to speak at GOP convention, says Armstrong Williams |
dont forget about Jessie Lee Peterson, Allen West, Alan Keyes, Larry Elder, Armstrong Williams and "Silk & Diamond" lol
Armstrong Williams: Can't Give In to Hate After Tragedies - look *** you put-down rabid beasts you don't hug'em.
You bump into the coolest people in the Big Apple. . This morning at the SiriusXM studios with Mr Armstrong Williams!
he want to make america great as much as lance Armstrong wanted to clean up cycling lmao he's making america hate not great
"Bill to Ease Puerto Rico Debt Crisis Introduced in House" by MARY WILLIAMS WALSH via NYT
Kevin Williams and Richie Armstrong will be representing Kennedy at the prep kick off classic dinner tomorrow
Tune in at 6 PM and let's talk - The Armstrong Williams Show, channel 126 tonight and every Tuesday
Purchasing a home in San Antonio TX can be a big decision. At Armstrong Group Keller Williams...
By Armstrong Williams As we have seen from recent events in Paris, Brussels and all across the world, terrorism...
USPolitics: Armstrong Williams: European terror carnage is a warning to America
European terror carnage is a warning to America via
Good points made during the Armstrong Williams show discussion on Appropriations of Black Culture.
European terror carnage is a warning to America
ARMSTRONG WILLIAMS: European terror carnage is a warning to America
PerfectMatch - Fall In Love Today
European terror carnage is a warning to America - Washington Times
. Isn't that the clock made by Ahmed the little Somali-American muslim student who was invited by O?.
Even during the worst hardships, when the other things in our lives seem to...
Big THANK YOU to Chris Trout, Ryan Williams, Leo Armstrong, JC McDonald, Jerry Cunningham and Rose Mora for contributing to Fortress Home!
Ben Carson is doing the same thing for Donald Trump that Armstrong Williams did for him.
Armstrong Group Keller Williams Legacy is dedicated to offering highly personalized real estate service...
. on the proposed closure of Armstrong High is a must read for anyone following the schools funding fight:
Therefore the great mediator of any community is human morality.
I am honored to be apart of the Armstrong Williams Fellowship at
Delroy Lindo or Reg E. Cathey for Armstrong Williams? These are the questions that keep me up at night
Armstrong Williams on the steps needed in
what the *** is wrong with Armstrong Williams. Keep holding him to the fire, Karen! He must be friends with Clarence Thomas!
Armstrong Williams sits down for interview with former D.C. Mayor Vincent Gray -
The Right Side Forum with Armstrong Williams features exclusive with former DC Mayor Vincent Gray: On this exc...
Vincent C. Gray finds a sympathetic ear in Armstrong Williams, describing himself as the victim of "injustice."
Maybe he's confusing him with Armstrong Williams?
Did they say Armstrong Williams owns TV stations in South Carolina?
In short, we cannot grow, we cannot achieve authentic discovery, and our ey...
more Killer Mike and Margaret Cho. Less Armstrong Williams and P.J o'rourke. Tonight's show was outstanding.
Carson advisor announced possible suspension of campaign
I'm beginning to think Armstrong Williams must be threatening to release a secret Carson sex tape.
The Right Side Forum with Armstrong Williams looks at Valentine’s Day
they don't remember the Armstrong Williams scandal?
listened to her on the Armstrong Williams Show and she was spewing borderline racist comments then. You obviously in denial.
We're taking Armstrong Williams seriously now? Remember the "covert propaganda" he wrote for GWB admin?
Not just naivete. Armstrong Williams is business (not campaign) mgr. https:…
Armstrong Williams hasn't paid off his new yacht yet
no different than Armstrong Williams and in same rat infested boat as Glass, Blair et al... Fraud
Donald Trump appeals to the frustration and anger we all feel toward our government. He taps into and eschews...
Probably some more great advice from Armstrong Williams.
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Bush people preferred to pay people off directly like with Armstrong Williams.
Ben Carson is medicated to his scalp, & Armstrong Williams is propping him up as a grift.
And Armstrong Williams is laughing his way to the bank...
The hugest shock for me is if drops out. I cannot imagine him not running ads in SC with Armstrong Williams-owned stations...
No way will drop nor will may if he fails the 10%. still needs to funnel cash to Armstrong in SC.
ARMSTRONG WILLIAMS: The year ahead: A changing of the guard amid a brave new world -
ARMSTRONG WILLIAMS: Responsible gun ownership is not only a right but a duty of ... -
I wish Carson would be asked about Armstrong "Hire Farrakhan" Williams & why he hasn't cut ties w/him.
Study before you speak about something Armstrong Williams show. Where are you Armstrong 😂😂😂
That's why I made the comment... I am on the Armstrong Williams show =)
Live on the Armstrong Williams Show. Tune in on Sirius XM 126 6-8pm ET
I think Carson stays in to spite Cruz.Specifically,Armstrong Williams stays in 2 spite Cruz & make beaucoup $$
Tonight join me as I guest host the Armstrong Williams Show on Sirius XM 126. Live 6pm-8pm ET.
Carson is now a free elf; he no longer has to take orders from Armstrong Williams.
. Sloppy Carson team & BFF Armstrong Williams let out slips Carson done.
NHL Stanley Cup Memorabilia from The Bradford Exchange Online
I hope nobody dies while I'm on holiday bc last time I was away with my family Robin Williams died and 2 year before that Neil Armstrong...
Microcosm, macroaggression and the offended generation via
ARMSTRONG WILLIAMS: Black students stir racism in offended generation: Scores of dead white ...
Armstrong Williams: The "offended" generation demands a right to be coddled and entitled.
Armstrong Williams: "He [Ben Carson] didn't answer that, so I'm not going to answer it. But you know the answer."
That must be a long list...let's see.. Michael Steel, Ben Carson, Armstrong Williams, Amarosa, I could go on & on...
Read about all the Great People Micheal Steele, Armstrong Williams, Niger Innis that are working with Dr. Carson
Idk if Armstrong Williams or Barry Bennett deserves credit for it, but Ben Carson has more yard signs outside Rock Hill Outback than anyone.
Don't forget Armstrong *** left behind azz...
.separates his campaign from his longtime associate Armstrong Williams
On good friend & frequent tv spokesman Armstrong Williams, Carson says "he does not speak for me" & has nothing to do with h…
BrettLoGiurato: Armstrong Williams tells PamEngel12 he “regrets” giving out the number of the adviser who criti…
Ben Carson distances himself from longtime ally Armstrong Williams.
Wait.. Carson is working with Armstrong Williams? They just need Sheriff David Clarke for the Uncle Ruckus trifecta
So Larry Elder and Armstrong Williams personally groomed me into becoming a Republican. I just heard Armstrong...
Hugh Hewitt thinks all black men are alike. He said Armstrong Williams was Barack Obama's business mania. Not so, he's Carson's
Armstrong Williams is bus mngr for Ben Carson not Obama Hugh is mix n up his black men. Come on catch that
Hugh Hewitt is a mouth piece for Ben Carson. Quit trying to pretend to be objective. Just have Armstrong Williams on.
Perhaps but his associations with Armstrong Williams, Louis Farrakahn & Al Sharpton are very suspect + he's bought&paid 4
Ben Carson's Top Advisor is (Armstrong Williams) he's a Louis Farrakhan supporter and HATES White
Yea right. Maybe it's a war on Armstrong Williams, Al Sharpton, and Louis Farrakhan.
Ben Carsons advisors are Louis Farrakhan, Armstrong Williams, Al Sharpton. I don’t want any of those helping USA
Wait. Armstrong Williams. Isn't he the guy who wrote the wacko article smearing HCEA & the County Executive in Works for Carson?
Ben Carson's top adviser, Armstrong Williams, is a past & present supporter of Louis Farakkhan's NOI.
I like Carson but his friend & Business mgr Armstrong Williams has a fondness for Louis Farrakhan.
Funny how you mention Louis but not Al Sharpton, Armstrong Williams.
Rep. Carson for surgery, not president Armstrong Williams responds on
.Armstrong Williams "Reince Priebus doesn't fight for the brand like Debbie W. Schultz" Exactly
I saw lots of (moonies) Unification Church members at 1st - Armstrong Williams spoke - I think he was…
Political commentator Armstrong Williams defends Ben Carson's recent comment that those of the Muslim faith shouldn't be president.
Sarah appeared on the Armstrong Williams show, part 1
Armstrong Williams: Ben Carson as American as apple pie, Chevrolet, football and Serena Williams: Retired…
. 2nd election, he controlled bully Pulpit, and bought reporters. (Armstrong Williams, Jane Mayer, . etc.) so, even thats bogus!
A global democracy works only when countries trust one another.~Armstrong Williams
isn't the same that swore Lance Armstrong was clean?
@ Armstrong Williams Cosby also abused his power...he was known as America's father figure..
God morning:. As Americans, the threat of terrorism today seems at a comfortable, manageable distance: miles,...
Host of the show is Armstrong Williams friend and former colleague of J. Clarence Thomas
ARMSTRONG WILLIAMS: Time to make the Islamic State fear the U.S.
Armstrong Williams on making the fear the U.S.
I added a video to a playlist The RightSide Forum w/ Armstrong Williams PROMO
A tragic loss. The thoughts of everybody at Williams are with the friends and family of Jules Bianchi. You will be miss…
Tour de France still in shadow of Lance Armstrong as suspicion reigns | Richard Williams -
I believe it's because you don't have a big enough platform. needs to air you every day instead of Armstrong Williams.
Shining a bully's shoes won't make the bully like you. Allen West, Ben Carson, Lee Elder, Herman Cain, John McWhorter, Armstrong Williams
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Watch live now: Armstrong Williams talks about and his cousin, the pastor who was killed.
Pastor & Senator Clementa Pinckney and his sister were cousins of Armstrong Williams. will be on
Friends w/ Armstrong Williams? Thought he could determine who lies? Fox News cuts ties with Ben Carson
Oh dear Lord. Armstrong Williams, the guy who GWB paid 240k to go on TV and hawk "No Child Left Behind" is Dr Ben Carson's media guru.
U can buy Armstrong Williams for only $230,000.. Bush did it to hand NO CHILD to bro NEIL,cousin GEO WALKER Got CEO LEHMAN
Ben Carson's business manager Armstrong Williams has been telling Carson he needs to shave his goatee. "It's a debate, and I'm losing"
Y'all listening to what Rachel is reporting abt Armstrong Williams? Lawd! Armstrong Williams was getting phat paid from Bush Administration.
's associates like Armstrong Williams and John Phillip Sousa IV have attacked and but not .
Elizabeth Warren and tea party are spot on - Armstrong Williams via
Anyone who hires Armstrong Williams as their political consultant and business manager shouldn’t be President. Looking at you Ben Carson.
"A production company run by conservative personality Armstrong Williams filmed the documentary and is paying for...
Armstrong Williams, whom Breitbart News Executive Chairman Stephen K. Bannon called an “entrepreneur, media personality, strategic thinker, and dear friend of Andrew Breitbart," joined Breitbart News Saturday to announce the nationwide release of the biographical documentary on Dr. Ben Carson, A Bre…
Armstrong Williams, Crystal Wright, Juan Williams and the rest of these ***
Armstrong Williams said that televising Mike Brown's funeral was overkill. What a jerk!
Michael's kind of pulling off this early Billie Joe Armstrong look but with Hayley Williams experimental hair.
With Tim Armstrong at the celebration of Lynn Williams life.
The day that Billie Joe Armstrong and Hayley Williams have offspring is the day the superhuman race will be born
Head coach Michael Butler - 2014 GCAA Southeast Region Coach of the Year !
God morning:. Former IRS employee Lois Lerner deserves jail time. It is a stastitical improbability that her...
God morning:. Empowering parents with the freedom to choose what school they want their child to attend is the...
God morning:. Illegal drugs and illegal aliens, as well as aliens who acquire visas through fraud enables them to...
God morning:. Rich students dominate most top universities. These bastions of higher learning claim to want...
Wendy Williams tried it. Stretch Armstrong with the reach.
$WMB $WPZ $ACMP Williams CEO Armstrong says had planned to buy out GIP for about two years: Full Story
Today? I'll be talking with the Armstrong Willians Show about juvenile justice.
God morning :. I have to give credit where credit is due, and right now credit is due to Terry Gross of NPR for...
I guess I really need to watch The Right Side with Armstrong Williams, not Seinfeld. Ok.
Strom Thurmond staffer Armstrong Williams and Trent Lott both say "Update the Voting Rights Act." I think we've got a movement here...
Add: Ben Carson, Walter Williams, Thomas Sowell .. Julius Erving, Ken Blackwell, Allen Keyes .. Clarence Thomas ... J.C. Watts, and Armstrong Williams to a short list, off the top of my head of honorable people that I respect, and would vote for President before any WHITE LIBERAL ... and I'm RACIST ???
Happy Mothers Day to a very loving and caring mom, Charlotte Armstrong Williams. I love you
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Bottom line: if you show a genuine interest in learning about how others became successful, you can open up a world of opportunities." -- Armstrong Williams
Wow just watched the Armstrong Williams show " the right side" very good show , new owner of WEYI WOW , VERY INSPIRING!
I don't prank people. I don't lie and deceive people. I certainly don't tell people things, that if they do it, will bring harm and pain to them. Getting laughs at the expense of the pain and misery of others is what devils do. Or, it's what people who are hosts for evil spirits do. Anyone who enjoys causing grief to others just so you can get a laugh, this post is directed at you, PERSONALLY!!! And if you are Black and you enjoy giving advice that will harm people, then you are the same as Stephen from Django, you are Uncle Ruckus, you are Clarence Thomas, you are Stanley Crouch, Armstrong Williams & worse...because THAT is what our slavemaster's and their children enjoy: harming people in the name of FUN!
End of 2: No. 21 Mississippi State 0, Tennessee 0 - Armstrong Ks to end Bulldogs 2nd frame. Nick Williams with 3 Ks already for the Vols.
When it comes to New Age Male Singers Pharrell Williams has the Voice like Sweet Angel armstrong
…what Hank Williams is to Neil Armstrong. Can you doubt we were made for each other?
Out here Dr. Ben Carson and Armstrong Williams. Future President of our country
Pharrell Williams' "Happy", he's the 21st century's Louie Armstrong/"What a Beautiful World"..very cool and legit!
I was bumped - for Marlo Thomas! Its re-scheduled for the 23rd. Today I'll be interviewed by Armstrong Williams. Air date tbd.
God morning:. The Nigerian government response to the kidnapping of its most vulnerable is pathetic and...
Tune into the Armstrong Williams radio today at 4pm where I'm discussing
jeremy got me wanting to watch Katt Williams
In 1,000 years Neil Armstrong will still miss Rowan Williams.
God morning. As a business owner, I rarely think about race or society or what’s going on in someone else’s mind...
If you could have lunch with 5 people dead or alive w... — Billie Joe Armstrong, Matt Bellamy, Hayley Williams, ...
God morning :. The bigger the reach of government, the more resources it controls, the more susceptible it is to...
Real Estate provides the highest the values & the least risk." ~ Armstrong Williams
God morning:. Yes, the absence of the father in black families is alarming. Yes, black shootings occur far too...
BY BLACK Armstrong WILLIAMS: Redeeming the image of black men in the media - Washington Times: via
In case you missed the Dee Armstrong show check us out In The Pharrell Williams -Happy "We Are Columbus, Georgia"...
Happy_Pharell Williams .. What a wonderful world_Louis Armstrong >>the songs that picks me up when um down ^_^ ♥♡ . ♡♥
And now Deron Williams bailed out by the 's Derek Stafford. . Jack Armstrong has it right, this game has been a disgrace.
Coming up at 11:06AM ET Armstrong Williams The impact of parenting & family life, plus Armstrong Williams' work with the New Washington Times digital magazine American CurrentSee as Executive Editor in collaboration with Dr. Ben Carson, Founding Publisher of American Current See.
There’s nothing subtle about this, and there’s no doubt the hunt is on. Just ask Harry Alford, Ken Blackwell, Deneen Borelli, Janice Rogers Brown, Herman Cain, Jennifer Carroll, Ben Carson, Ward Connerly, Larry Elder, Michel Faulkner, Niger Innis, Alphonso Jackson, E. W. Jackson, Kevin Jackson, Alan Keyes, Alveda King, Mia Love, Lenny McAllister, Angela McGlowan, Rod Paige, Star Parker, Jesse Lee Peterson, Michael Powell, Tim Scott, K. Carl Smith, Thomas Sowell, Michael Steele, Shelby Steele, Lynn Swann, Tara Wall, J. C. Watts Jr., David Webb, Armstrong Williams, Walter Williams, Crystal Wright, and many others. They will tell you plainly that the attacks, the vitriol, and the disdain with which they must contend are unending. But we shall not be deterred from the fight. The Left must destroy black conservatives because it cannot afford to have freethinking, independent-minded black Americans. If we begin to pull away from the dependency society and stand for the fundamental principles that once made ...
Tune-In Sunday from 12-2 pm to the Armstrong Williams Show on Sirius XM 110 as we close the chapter on the...
This Sunday tune in live to a very special Armstrong Williams Show
Good morning. Sought out a different perspective on ACA from someone I respect. The following is her response.
Think it will get any MSM attention like Armstrong Williams and No Child Left a Behind?
Check out this column on Nelson by my friend Armstrong Williams
Immigration is not a single issue but a singular issue that impacts virtually every challenge and threat...
Meet Black Singles 300x250
"The Gulfstream is gone"- from the Prelude to the "Humility" Concerto for Massed Tiny Violins, Lance Armstrong (2013)
Movie review: Bicycle cheat wriggles in 'The Armstrong Lie'
Bicycle cheat wriggles in 'The Armstrong Lie' -
cinda Williams chima is great for fantasy, ilona Andrews, patricia Briggs, Kelley armstrong!!
My congratulations on the sales and my thanks go out to:. Heather Armstrong with Keller Williams Realty Atl North,
Good morning:. Now that the Obamacare website is reportedly rectified the rubber can finally meet the road. Is...
Don't know what's worse; Nets taking Marcus Williams/Josh Boone 22/23 in that draft or the Hornets taking Armstrong/Cedric Simmons 12/15.
Rudy *** Hilton Armstrong, Marcus Williams, and Josh Boone all taken from UConn 1st round in '06
Chris Bart-Williams and Chris Armstrong. Roque Santa Cruz, Saint Nicolas Anelka and Andy Christmas Carroll have also..
. The one and only Chris Bart Williams, and Chris Armstrong!
I'd be happy to help. Shoot me an email with the details info
I cant see Saban hangin with Lance Armstrong and Ole Matthew McConahay and smokin the devils toothpick with Ricky Williams
"Networking is an essential part of building wealth." --383 Armstrong Williams
A fmr aide to joins us live next! We'll hear from Armstrong Williams.
SiriusXM host Armstrong Williams and gospel artist Shirley Caesar talk about how her music helped Mandela while he was in prison. CONNECT WITH ARM...
Mark your calendars for extraordinary statements by a Black Conservative!: Armstrong Williams on 'News One Now' (TV1/One)--2013/Dec. 06, Friday): ". but the person that holds South Africa together is . Winnie Mandela. Mandela may have been the President, but she is the General. She is a warrior, she is tough, . and she has the respect and the trust of the people. And as long as she lives ." I never thought I would hear such words out of Williams' mouth . (but I'm trying to be charitable here .) Williams did also say that Winnie is the " person that holds South Africa together and keepsit from becoming a tinderbox. ... as long as {Winnie} lives you won't see the chaos that could ensue at the possibility of Nelson Mandela dying." . Williams' implication that the South African People lack sufficient discipline - AND other leaders who can continue the l-o-n-g March to COMPREHENSIVE economic freedom and Justice is quite insulting. .
To make money you must consistently create value. To consistently make your money for a lifetime you must be ethical, moral, legal and everyone around you must make more and more money. A business that makes nothing but money is a poor business. All successful businesses must have a social agenda that empowers people, communities, and organizations. Please remember that Money is only a tool that will take you wherever you need to go, but can never ever replace you as the driving force. You are always the driving force of how far and deep your money can reach (Armstrong Williams)
Listening to Shirley Caesar on Armstrong Williams.and in the middle of recognizing Nelson Mandela she found a way to plug her latest project.(for real???) .Shirley never misses an opportunity to I ain't mad...just wish she would have used a little more discretion. *sigh*
I texted Armstrong Williams at 4 pm EST and he said, "He died an hour & 20 minutes ago."
y Armstrong Williams. Good morning:. It is clear that the administration has absolutely no desire to stop the...
Herman Cain, Larry Elder, Ben Carson, Niger Innis, Alan Keyes, Alveda King, Star Parker, Condoleezza Rice, Thomas Sowell, Michael S. Steele, Clarence Thomas, J. C. Watts, Allen West, Armstrong Williams, Walter E. Williams are all African Americans of power and influence I like and respect. I contributed money to the campaigns of Herman Cain and Allen West. I do not respect or particularly like President Obama and never voted for him. I feel that he is an incompetent, unqualified and dishonest liar who has in the past and continues presently to damage our nation. I am clearly a racist and one of those old white men who Oprah states needs to die. Norman Turner
Why are we against the Affordable Care Act (ACA)? - Armstrong Williams - Page full
No one fights harder for white rights than folks like Allen West, Crystal Wright, Star Parker, Armstrong Williams, Larry Elders, and et al
Shelby Steele, Armstrong Williams, lots of others calling out black leadership.
Mayor for life of Washington, DC, Marion Barry celebrates Armstrong Williams' latest TV acquisitions over lunch today
The Page is Dedicated to the Descendants of Francis Marion & Jane Ellen Coyne McCauley. Here is a small part of the family history. Francis Marion McCauley (Frank), tenth and last child of William Calvin, Sr. and Martha Ann (Harris) McCauley, was born May 10, 1870 at Bowling Green, KY. He left home at the early age of about 15 and traveled west in a covered wagon with his brother Russell. They became separated and he was on his own for some time, working for a railroad. He was not heard from for a long time, and about 1895 he worked for Henry Armstrong, at Coody's Bluff, Indian Territory. Then he got a farm of his own, and was married at Independence, KS to Jane Ellen Coyne. They moved to Osage County about 1903. The farm near what is now Barnsdall was bought from an Osage man and his wife. Her name was Mary Brave, and his was Beg-Gah-Hah-She. The date of purchase was April 18, 1910 and the purchase price was $1,625 dollars, 160 acres "more or less." The signature of the sellers was their finger prints di ...
I'm going to be mainstream and say.. Like this status for a hot or not in comment.
Thank you to everyone today, William Copland, Nicholas Armstrong, Debbie, Anwen, Phil, Ryan and even Gray and Joel! It would never have happened without you :-). Lance is recovering from the shock.
So sad to see this. The Denver Post Mark Kelly, husband of Gabby Giffords, will testify Monday for Colorado gun bills
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