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Arlene Phillips

Arlene Phillips OBE (born 22 May 1943) is an English choreographer, theatre director, talent scout, TV presenter, TV judge and former dancer, who has worked in many fields of entertainment.

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Arlene Phillips: ‘Finally people will find out why I left Strictly’ –
Great article in If you would like an interview for my website, please contact me?
Arlene Phillips: 'Finally people will find out why I left Strictly'
In one week I met Arlene Phillips, assisted in setting fire to a kitchen and flew a plane. What is my life and where is my…
The shock level at the pub quiz when we found out Darcy Bussell has done more strictly eps than Arlene Phillips
The Queen of Dance reveals all in the coming to 22 October. Tickets…
Calling all local dance schools could you be Best Dance Group 2017? Further info on the competion-…
"Did you know Ainsley Harriot choreographed the Rock DJ music video" -How do you get confused between Ainsley and Arlene Phillips😂
2/4... and an interview with Arlene Phillips about how tragedy affects her for
Jacquie and I are absolutely ecstatic that Arlene Phillips's night was a spectacular success xx
Dance to the Musicals: The Fun Way to Fitness - Arlene Phillips (Hardback) + DVD
Well done Arlene Phillips for an incredible evening of dance, and all for Grenfell ♥
Arlene Phillips hosts as Adam Garcia, Jonny Labey, Neil Jones, Katya Jones and Edward Watson perform at the tonight.
So today started with telling Arlene Phillips she isn't on my list...
: ‘I’ve always been affected by tragedies’:
Arlene Phillips speaks out about why she was axed from the Strictly judging panel
'I was told I was some kind of freak.'
If Jared Kushner grew his hair and put on lipstick he'd be a dead ringer for Arlene Phillips
He looks a bit like Arlene Phillips doesn't he?
Arlene Phillips reveals she was told she was a “freak” for having a child at 47 - Mirror Online...
by for having at 47: When will be a break? ..
Arlene Phillips has never been given a reason for being axed from Strictly Come Dancing.
Arlene Phillips has opened up about the judgement she faced from others as an older mum.
A doctor shamed for being an older mum
Strictly Come Dancing: Arlene Phillips doesn’t know the ‘real reason’ why she was axed –…
Arlene Phillips 'still doesn't know why she was sacked from Strictly' via Experience & charisma vital!
Arlene Phillips says doctors treated her like a FREAK for being an older mum.
Arlene Phillips finally reveals her take on why she was axed from Strictly panel
Arlene Phillips was shamed by her doctor for having a baby at 47
Former Strictly Come Dancing judge Arlene Phillips has never been given reason for being axed
Arlene Phillips was called a 'freak' for being an older mother -
Arlene Phillips' doctor made her feel like a 'freak' for giving birth at 47
The mum-of-two said she feared the school run.
Arlene Phillips was told she was a ‘freak’ and should be a grandmother 2
'I've never really been given a real reason' - Arlene Phillips still in the dark over Strictly Come……
'I was treated like a freak': Arlene Phillips on giving birth at 47
Arlene Phillips still clueless over reason for Strictly Come Dancing exit -
Trans people are reactionaries like Mary Whitehouse, it's Arlene Phillips who is the real rebel
04-25 Sir reveals why cheeky Arlene Phillips branded him 'awful' after
Sir reveals why cheeky Arlene Phillips branded him &after
Craig or Arlene Phillips will put him in a Dance Show one day 1/2
Former judge Arlene Phillips backs Ed Balls on Strictly Come Dancing as she praises his ‘great performance skills’
Brendan Cole isn't keen on Arlene Phillips returning to Strictly Come Dancing.
'She was s*** at her job' Craig Revel Horwood 'slated Arlene Phillips in drunken rant'.
Craig Revel Horwood wants Arlene Phillips back on Come Dancing via
I regret dismissing my dad's as old age . http…
Arlene Phillips: Life was totally without guidance until teen Bible Jackie came along
In shares her experience of her father's dementia https:…
In shares her experience of her father's dementia
Eurocrats have decided not to publish EU budget proposals until after we have held our referendum.
I regret dismissing my dad's as old age .
'I regret dismissing my dad's Alzheimer's as old age.' - opens up in today's
Who actually is on the jury, is it people like Arlene Phillips?
Petra Mede must be the Swedish version of Arlene Phillips.
She's like a Swedish Arlene Phillips, iant she?
Oh and Graham, I don't care who choreographed it if it wasn't Arlene Phillips.
Arlene Phillips looks better every year.
Where did Gino go?, we're just left with Arlene Phillips
Brussels is trying to keep British voters in the dark
EXCL: 'I wish I could turn the clock back' on the way she treated her dementia-stricken dad
Regretful: Arlene Phillips and the story of her father's dementia - Daily Express
NHL Stanley Cup Memorabilia from The Bradford Exchange Online
I regret dismissing my dad"s Alzheimer"s as old age, says Arlene Phillips.
tempted to ask Arlene Phillips to come check out his 70s dance moves!
Also served Anthony Truman from Eastenders and saw Arlene Phillips.
Lovely honest account about the reality of caring for someone with dementia:
Mum made me practise a dance2 Dirty Dancing then do it in front of Arlene Phillips (PS We cant dance!) 😳🙈
Served Arlene Phillips from Strictly Come Dancing in work today and I've never got so embarrassed IN MY LIFE at my lack of product knowledge
Thank you for sharing 'My father and Alzheimer's' | via
WE CHAT to about Jackie The Musical coming to 24-28 May >
Clematis, roses, hydrangeas & jasmine feature in this beautiful floral dress by
Arlene Phillips at the NTAs in a 'living dress' in support of homeopathy:
A frank and realistic portrayal of caring for someone with dementia- natural feelings & thoughts!
My mum made me learn a dance to Dirty Dancing for Arlene Phillips to then judge us! I can't dance! 🙈
Thank you Mrs Mills! Your advice has always stayed with me. 👭💖
Former Strictly judge Arlene Phillips lends support to Essex teenager's song about dementia
Arlene Phillips: 'My father and Alzheimer's' | via Remember while you are able to Alzeimers is an illness
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The Huff Post poses some of the big questions to three women from different generations and realms of the world.
Touching and truthful account of what Alzheimer's does to a loved one!
Wise words from three famous women from different generations. Be amazed at
Arlene Phillips: There's No Excuse - Take to the Floor and Get Dancing!
I agree, not seen her live, but in a video with Arlene Phillips. So alike! x
Happiest birthday sis wishing the best in everything. 😘😘😘 Thank you for the love and…
Arlene Phillips says Strictly Come Dancing has always been dominated by women
TV personality Arlene Phillips, 72, thinks it's women who rise to the top in Strictly but said there's too much focus on gender. Arlene is
We go all Arlene Phillips and judge the best dance routines around in music right now.
11:30 My Life on a Plate: Arlene Phillips's childhood story shows her determination to dance.
Remember when that Arlene Phillips broad was going on about being kicked out of the BBC? and everyone was in uproar?
Strictly star Arlene Phillips opens retirement home in Tetbury
Thought that was Linda Lusardi but it's actually Arlene Phillips.
Like we needed a reason to get onboard! Strictly's Anton Du Beke & Arlene Phillips onboard
confirm the first Strictly Come Dancing cruise in 2015 to feature dancer Anton Du Beke and former judge Arlene Phillips
Anton Du Beke & Arlene Phillips complete Strictly line-up for 2015
Strictly for cruising ... Anton Du Beke and Arlene Phillips join P&O Cruises’ dance line-up for 2015
So excited, we have Anthony Van Laast & Arlene Phillips confirmed to take part in the artistic debate about...
Group dinner to discuss MT project on Arlene Phillips ! 🍴📚
The dinosaur at the Nature History Museum is to be replace by a younger model, more bad luck for Arlene Phillips.
Critics'Circle dance awards at the Place - Osipova, Acosta, Bussell, Rojo and the Queen of Dance Arlene Phillips as compere glittering do
A book about waltz: Alana Dancing Star by Arlene Phillips (2011)
Nice little recording studio session for workshop of a new musical 'Done to Death' with Arlene Phillips, Phil Edwards and Mike Sheppard
Darcey Bussell may have got but Arlene Phillips got to choreograph
jase says dancing in the moonlight, I think it's got to be come on Arlene Phillips! Jase then said.. Chesney Hawkes!
DEMENTIA Statistics published last week revealed that the number of people living globally with dementia is expected to rise from 44 million to 76 million by 2030. David Cameron pledged the Government would double the UK's annual research funding from £66 million by 2015 to £132 million by 2025. The PM also announced a new brain scanning technique, that will be introduced on the NHS which will allow doctors to rule out a patient having Alzheimer's - the most common form of the disease - or the chance that it will develop within five years. With dementia being brought centre stage, we will later be joined by Fiona Phillips and Arlene Phillips who both felt personally the devastating effects of the degenerative disease.
So . have found a dvd from the BRIT School where we danced in a tribute to and for Sir Andrew Lloyd Webber and it was choreographed by Arlene Phillips. Only problem is I have no idea how to save it to my computer so I can share it with you all!! Features Miss Jayne Stewart and I with Aled Jones and singers and dancers from the BRIT School. Also Wayne Williams who went on to be in Another Level! HEEELLLPPP!!! How can I save it? Miss Emma
Arlene Phillips inspired by Oprah: Former 'Strictly Come Dancing' judge Arlene Phillips has been inspired by O...
John McCririck, you were axed because you are not of the general moral, intellectual, and cultural climate of this era; the zeitgeist of our modern day. You are 72. Spare a thought for ex female Countryfile presenters aged over 40 - Michaela Strachan, 42, Juliet Morris, 45, and Charlotte Smith, 44 - and Miriam O'Reilly, 51. Not to mention Arlene Phillips, ex-Strictly Come Dancing judge, you are sorely missed.
Charity Work for Actors. Get involved! Sight loss charity RNIB is recording Alice's Adventures in Wonderland at Waterloo Station with a beautifully designed sound booth and calling on 500 commuters and Londoners alike to pop in a record a small section of the book. Come down on the morning of October 11 and do your own bit of narrating. So far the following celebs attending - Ollie Locke, Anneka Rice, Hayley Atwell and Paul Gambaccini, whilst the likes of Frank Lampard, John Humphrys, Simon Mayo, Vanessa Feltz, Michael Sheen, Arlene Phillips, Christopher Eccleston..
Save up to 45% 0ff MSRP On Harley Tires
Arlene Phillips joins us after eight to talk about her search for the nation's favourite floorfillers. So, we want to know what you'd vote for? Maybe you're a Dirty Dancing fan or like a bit of Greased Lightning?! Let us know!
Petra reminds me of Arlene Phillips, they sound the same too!
Arlene Phillips is nearly 70! Strictly Come Dancing's former judge shows off her youthful complexion wow!
Literally walked into arlene phillips today at college. Casually
Sheridan Smith and Arlene Phillips casually in college!
Just got a photo with Arlene Phillips and Sheridan Smith said 'sorry angel' when she put her bag on mine
Sheridan smith and Arlene Phillips casually in college
Arlene Phillips - doing the Midnight Tango: YOU could say that Arlene Phillips’s professional life is blowing ...
Arlene Phillips - doing the Midnight Tango - Buckinghamshire Advertiser: Arlene Phillips - doing the Midnight ...
appearing at the Olivier Awards. Arlene Phillips has also choreographed a terrific opening number, and...
Arlene Phillips is currently doing it too I'm happy to say!
"Did you honestly think that I would be defeated by someone younger than me? I AM ARLENE PHILLIPS!!!"
How is arlene phillips here at pineapple dance studios doing a lesson and she looks overly old and can't dance
Cast of Filly Brown Talk About Jenni Rivera the way Lou Diamond Phillips talks about the diva >>>>
Last Foxtrot in Filey. Arlene Phillips makes her acting debut in bbc1's drama about a jobless dancer finding love in a Northern chip shop.
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Our Lifestyle Legend Arlene Phillips starts her Live Below The Line challenge tomorrow - have you sponsored her?
Arlene Phillips urges Prince Charles to strip of Royal Warrants until they stop selling foie gras
How much work has Arlene Phillips had done?
The woman on the left looks like Arlene Phillips
Arlene Phillips & Natasha Hamilton were guests on C4's at lunch today - both tasted & liked our garlic beer
Wow, I didn't know Arlene Phillips was nearly 70, she looks amazing
Can't believe Arlene Phillips is 70 😱 hope i look that good at her age!
Phillip Phillips's new song >>> 🎧😍 And it doesn't hurt that he's a total cutie. 😏😘
that tart on tv now,Arlene Phillips!
Reading stewards (possibly lead by Arlene Phillips & Len Goodman) pile into the Liverpool end to break up the conga on grounds of taste
07:00 Good Morning Sunday: Clare Balding hosts the weekly faith show and talks to choreographer Arlene Phillips.
Join Clare Balding between 7am-9am, her guests will be Dr Sharon Dirckx and Arlene Phillips.
Today: Cyprus bail out; Sentence shocker; Arlene Phillips; Richard Arnold; Jonathan Pryce, and a dramatic Monday for Corrie
There's a full house on Loose Women today, when Andrea, Linda, Carol and Jane will be joined by three guests! Author Barbara Taylor Bradford, choreography queen Arlene Phillips and the one and only Russell Brand. See you at 12.30!
Guess who's on the panel (along with Keith Lemon & Arlene Phillips) next Saturday on Let's Dance For Comic Relief! ...It's Lee Mack!!
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Good day at ITV Studios, seeing Alan Titchmarsh...2 shows one live and one pre recorded for (25th March) celebs we saw.Lisa Riley. Naomi Harris (miss moneypenny) Arlene Phillips, Debbie McGee, Anna Richardson (teen sex thingy show) Kerry Ellis (west end) the legendary Brian May (@ Becky Carroll, dont be too jealous ;-)) and an interview with Sir David Attenborough!!! and of course the man himself Mr Titchmarsh! Thank you Sarah Potter ;-) xx
Louis Smith and Arlene Phillips celebrated by a Queen: All that jazz! Former Strictly Come Dancing stars Louis S...
TUESDAY PREVIEW: DOES TV GIVE OLDER WOMEN A ROUGH RIDE? It’s been four years since Miriam O’Reilly and Arlene Phillips were sacked and we started thinking about how older women are represented on the box. Have things improved? And if the current crop of older TV personalities are keeping their jobs, is that enough? Or do we want to see new old talent breaking through the ranks?
Alistair McGowan and Arlene Phillips sign petition against Westminster cuts West End performers and theatre makers including Alistair McGowan, Arlene Phillips and director Philip Hedley have joined a campaign to fight Westminster City Council’s proposal to cut its entire £350,000 annual arts and culture funding. They are among more than 500 people who have signed a petition rejecting the proposals that, if agreed upon, would see £150,000 removed in 2013/14 and a further £200,000 in 2014/15. Soho Theatre young people’s programmes, English National Ballet’s older people’s schemes and community and youth arts services from Paddington Arts, Dream Arts and Streetwise Opera would all be affected, along with around ten other initiatives led by arts groups. Labour MP Paul Dimoldenberg, who is leader of the opposition party at Westminster City Council, created the petition and described the proposals as “madness”. He said: “The current programme is designed to give the most vulnerable residents of ...
Tonight artist David Shrigley is at the latest Urban Outfitters launch, while Arlene Phillips and Nick Knowles support
Natasha kaplinsky, Arlene Phillips, Diversity, Sarah and I are providing a running commentary to the bar.
OBE Wan Kenobi - I only just heard that Ewan McGregor is in the New Year honours list. There aren't many SF&F recipients this year - illustrator Sir Quentin Blake (quite right, too), actor Adrian Lester OBE (who's done a few bits and pieces, most notably The Day After Tomorrow) and choreographer Arlene Phillips. Professor Peter Higgs of Higgs boson fame is a Companion of Honour, which is such an elite honour that I hadn't heard of it!
Olympic heroes head New Year Honours: Away from the Games, there are OBEs for actor Ewan McGregor and fashion designer Stella McCartney, while illustrator Quentin Blake was also knighted on the main list for those not involved in London 2012. There is also a knighthood for the industrial designer, Kenneth Grange, the man behind the UK's first parking meter, the InterCity 125 train and the Kodak Instamatic camera. Singer Kate Bush and artist Tracey Emin are made CBEs, an honour also bestowed on former Strictly Come Dancing judge Arlene Phillips, for her services to dance and to charity. Comedy writer Jeremy Lloyd, 82, who co-wrote TV shows including the BBC's 'Allo 'Allo and Are You Being Served is among the OBEs. There is also a CBE for Cherie Blair, the wife of former Prime Minister Tony Blair, in recognition of her service to women's issues and to charity in the UK and overseas. The first female foreign secretary Margaret Beckett becomes a dame. For the first time, the Cabinet Office has published citat ...
Prayers to those children who died at M6 crash...
Ooh, I got the Arlene Phillips trousers I wanted too!
What a lovely day.spending noche buena with my grandchildren.happy christmas..
Merry christmas Gerald and to the whole family...god bless
merry christmas sis and to the whole family miss you kaya pala failed ang Msg ko..gos bless x x x
A blessed christmas to you and to the whole family! Miss you sis hope I can load later to bbm! Hehehehe
And no way is arlene Phillips going to be 70 next year?!
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Is there a single "I remember..." type show that Arlene Phillips hasn't been on?
love Harlan Coben, zadie smith arlene phillips and Kate Atkinson books. definitely not chicklit
Thanks. I love Private Passions. Always tune in. Usually a great selecion, although Arlene Phillips's choices were dire!!
Arlene Phillips looked fab on tonight.
Bring back Phillips instead of Bussell. Arlene is far more qualified for this type of programme.
Why was Arlene Phillips sacked and Bruce is still allowed be here?! No sexism my ***
Be fab after 50: Arlene Phillips- Dance to the Musicals for Fitness and Fun after 50
Glad everyone enjoyed their is hardwork but its all worth it..
Arlene Phillips has not watched a single episode of current series of Strictly!
I can confirm Arlene Phillips hasn't watched Strictly since she left as a judge AND Harry from One Direction has a new tattoo...
Axed judge Arlene Phillips: I haven't watched this series of Strictly Come Dancing
Old people have the best stories, apparently Arlene Phillips is a right useless b***h Phaaa !
"Arlene Phillips reveals she puts on weight easily and would consider more Talk to us about our December deal!
Darcey Bussell is the first female judge since Arlene Phillips that actually knows anything about dancing
Good morning have a great day to one and all...have a safe journey everyone and gOod luck sã show gerald...
The wanders of Sublime treatment on the Daily Mail UK Magazine:...
Ok guys tonight is gerald 1st fashion show pls support hím...and don't forget to vote popawards...enjoy the fun journey too..
Happy girl Dame pasalubong from pinas...thank u my family...muah
I had a great breakfast with the icon that is Arlene Phillips. Look out for my article on this amazing women. you...
family good morning and have a blessed sunday to everyone...2 days to go Mint fashion show na ni gerald pls support hím thx.
After last night's craziness, I forgot about seeing Arlene Phillips at the tube station.
Is it me, or has Lucy Spraggan been cloned from Arlene Phillips??
condolence pô..hope ur ok...our prayers to all of the family...dito lang kami ng gcx family...take care
hope Ge will immediately block them!!! Hayz!
may mga epal na nanggugulo sa IG ni Ge.. It pisses me off.It's a prsonal acct so they hve 2 rspctn it. It's nt a free wall
hndi po Ate Arlene... po in support of sis Meg - unconditional love n support to Gerald, like millions of us :)
like the celebrity line-up: Catherine Tate, Brenda Blethyn, Arlene Phillips, Janet Street-Porter, Mrs Doyle, Nancy Dell'Olio
Pretending to be arlene Phillips choreographing whilst watching Annie with
I also told Arlene Phillips she was like my granddad when she said she'd be asleep by 5pm on Christmas Day. She didn't take it well.
With Arlene Phillips and The Overtones on Loose Women!! Tune in at 1pm ITV1. OllyHQ x
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Nancy Dell'Olio, Vincent Simone, Flawless, Arlene Phillips and Vanessa Feltz are among guests at the Flash Mob VIP night later.
Ok what's going on with all these celebs looking Chinese ? Carol Vorderman Katie price last night and now Arlene Phillips on Loose Women???
Just a few of the people coming to LIPA this year Arlene Phillips, Catherine Tate, Ellie Golding, Mark Ronson, Ed Sheeran.
Join on 7 Oct at Trinity Laban and dance for 5 hours. You could win afternoon tea with Arlene Phillips!
priestess looks like a cross between Liz Taylor & Arlene Phillips. You did ask for opinions! Maybe I'm more a words person!
so Arlene Phillips choreographed the I Wanna Dance With Somebody video.
you know I'm a badman! It's sooo good we've got loads of masterclasses this year. Mark Ronson's coming up and Arlene Phillips
Filling another request - Hot Gossip dancing to Honky Tonk Women by the Rolling Stones (let's see what happens with the automatic content ID on this one!). F...
Stretching the boundaries of physiology and decorum in 1978.The quality is quite good for an old VHS.I cropped the bottom slightly to get rid of (some) video...
Watched Aga & Regine's movie "Of All the things" last night at the premiere. Super nice & fun. Can't wait to ...
hey Arlene Phillips is a rising star too and a superstar in my eyes! I am going this afternoon beeen up since
To one special lady happy happy birthday to u...may all ur dreams come true...gcx family love u só much...(BIG HUG) for u ☺
Gosh still queing for iPhone5 crazy people...
What a beautiful day but só cold...winter is here...on the way to day later with my friend..yummy ang food later sabi niya..
Queueing up for Jesus Christ superstar and just saw Arlene Phillips and Amanda Holden!! Celebrity spotting
Yes fans promoted "Home"2 get it Should do same...gotta get known/big accounts ...
good morning guys..sana makita Ko..ingat
Have they not heard of Gillian Lynne? Arlene Phillips? Or are they towing the Strictly line?! Anyway - ridiculous whatever...
Oh no Iphone 5 is out tomorrow people staying outside store camping they are crazy.
good night have a good rest.swEet dreams...god bless
Helped by Arlene Phillips, will bring a dash of to Grease this October – can't wait!
look like a pre Botox Arlene Phillips
At Crazy Horse, Arlene Phillips from Strictly is here. My Mum's gonna be well jealous!
So, we've got Ellie Goulding, Catherine Tate, Arlene Phillips, Mark Ronson and Guy Chambers all coming into our Uni this year. Nice one!
Ellie Goulding, Arlene Phillips, Mark Ronson and Catherine Tate coming to do talks/masterclasses this year! Yey for LIPA!
No way is Ellie Goulding, Guy Chambers, Mark Ronson, Catherine Tate, The Wombats and Arlene Phillips are coming to talk to us!
Excited at the fact Ellie Goulding, Mark Ronson, Catherine Tate && Arlene Phillips will be coming to LIPA within the next year.
"Did you honestly think I could be defeated by someone younger? I.AM ARLENE PHILLIPS!!"
happy birthday and more to come...god from GCX UK...
“Life isn't about finding yourself. Life is about creating yourself.” ― George Bernard Shaw HALLLO! ...
Your thoughts become your words and your attitude. Where the mind goes, the man follows.
Jeanne Phillips: Woman's golfing pal knocks her into the rough: Dear Abby: I thought "Arlene" was a close friend...
Good morning:-) Heto going to work na pero wala ng party today hehe:-)
Save the Children Ambassador Arlene Phillips talks about the issue of UK poverty and meets Natalie. Natalie, mum to Noah, two, lives in Yorkshire and receive...
Andrew Lloyd Webber is in Canada! And he brought Arlene Phillips with him. Looking forward to the series on CBC.
""Don’t worry if you’re single. God is looking at you right now, saying, “I’m saving this one for someone special.""
Remember, BULLIES never win. They never do. They never go far in life.
You can't always please everybody, but you can do what makes you happy and just hope that those around you will be hap ...
Arlene Phillips: "I know you're a highland dancer from Winnipeg so you go girl!" Allison&I both screamed at that😄.
just saw for third time. loved it ever since Arlene Phillips recommended it during previews. Still full of energy and fab songs.
"My experiment...Tilapia pasta with sundried tomato and was yummy pahingi ate! SARAP:)
pound says he doesn't win! Trust me..I'm like the love child of Len Goodman and Arlene Phillips
Arlene Phillips became a Choreographer whilst baby sitting for Ridley Scott and he was filming a Lyons Maid advert !!
Just seen touring version of Starlight Express. Dancing has become more dominant and Arlene Phillips influemce is unfortunately clear.
Fears are growing for Tia Sharp who was last seen leaving her grandmother's home in South East London on Friday. Choreographer and former Strictly Come Dancing judge Arlene Phillips is among those supporting the search.
Arlene Phillips: "I directed Michael Crawford in the US concert The Music of Andrew Lloyd Webber at Radio City.
Today I read a load of ridiculous s--t that dates back to January last year, about Sue Barker getting sacked by the BBC from doing A question of sport for making "sexist comments" about the darts player, Phil Taylor. It gets even more ridiculous the more you read it. It's a load of s--t, because I still see her doing it and the BBC wouldn't dare sack Sue Barker, they've done nothing but set their foot in it when it comes to sexist ageism. 1st Arlene Phillips(in her 60s) from Strictly Come Dancing, them Miriam O'Reilly(in her 50s) from Country file, then last year, women complained about a Panda being woman of the month last year for December. It would be totally double standards if they were to sack Sue Barker for "sexism". From what I read, she made humourous comments about Phil Taylor, which some was a bit rude. It got more ridiculous when somebody not even relevant to the situation was mentioned as somebody who came forward with more revelations with sexist comments she's meant to have said and this w ...
Arlene Phillips throwing some shapes with Boris Johnson!
In less than 24 hours you can join dancers from Scotland, Northern Ireland, Wales and across England as they converge on the concourse of London St. Pancras International Station. The station will be brought to life with a day of dance - and if you're early enough, you might catch a glimpse of Boris Johnson, the Mayor of London and dance legend Arlene Phillips. It's a spectacle not to be missed - The launch of Big Dance 2012 - coming to a London station near you soon...
We love Arlene Phillips' choreography in Starlight Express... What are your favourite stunts in the show?
Craig Revel Horwood still wants Arlene Phillips for Strictly Come Dancing 2012,I think have more guest judges including Arlene and Karen!
Cheryl Cole 'could have been sensational dancer', says Arlene Phillips via
Alzheimer's Society shared the following link and had this to say about it: Help us spread awareness of dementia! Share this video with your friends and family about the 5 things that everyone should know about dementia. Just press the ‘Share’ button underneath to post it to your wall! Ruth Langsford, Nell McAndrew, Arlene Phillips, Terry Pratchett, Tony Robinson and R...
Engelbert rehearsing with Arlene Phillips in London. Engelbert is singing live without a microphone
Saw 2 of my idols last night Arlene Phillips & Andrew Lloyd Webber. in 3D (fact) was outstanding. Go.
Let's Dance International Festival: Arlene Phillips in conversation with Saira Khan: Star of the dance floor, Ar...
Tickets for our Arlene Phillips and Saira Khan event are available now. So looking forward to an inspiring night:
a darts player...not that I know any!! Nicky Campbell and Arlene Phillips were good for my friends wedding!
Today: Arlene Phillips and comedian Alexander Armstrong join Carol V, Carol McG, Sherrie and Janet from 12.30pm on ITV1
Cat Deeley presents as Arlene Phillips and 'Nasty' Nigel Lythgoe search for Britain's favourite dancer. Tommy and ...
domain names
Following the success of Titanic with Len Goodman, the BBC has commissioned Zeebrugge with Anton Du Beke, and Concordia with Arlene Phillips
ITV bosses want Dannii Minogue, Arlene Phillips to judge on Dancing On Ice 2013: via
Arlene Phillips 'in talks to return to Strictly Come Dancing'
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