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Arlen Spector

Arlen Specter (born February 12, 1930) is a former United States Senator from Pennsylvania.

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There were Reagan democrats and people like Arlen Spector, who was a liberal Republican
please do the USA and favor and retire. You and Harry Reid can go to coffee together and discuss you…
so goes another "Republican" in the way of poor old Arlen Spector/Who else? next?This is why we need term limits
McCain is the new Arlen Spector or vice versa.
Logistically Speaking .. John Murtha's experience helped PA .. some would Argue for John Heinz…
look at what happened with Arlen Spector as well - dissuaded any moderate republicans from switching parties. big error
Poor form Mike. Arlen Spector already solved this. That bullet is still bouncing.
or summon the ghost of Arlen Spector to guarantee that the magic bullet theory is true and one bullet takes out all three.
thnk U for holding townHall- look 2 the wisdom of arlen spector and in
ACA wouldn't have been possible without Arlen Spector's filibuster-breaking switch to the Democratic Party:.
you forgot that the late Senator Arlen Spector switched parties to give Democrats 60 votes.
From 2006-2009, PA was represented in the Senate by a pro-choice Republican (Arlen Spector) and a pro-life Democrat (Bob Casey)
Today's republicans make politicians like Arlen Spector & Christine Todd Whitman look like liberals.
Watching Alan Simpson, John Sununu, Arlen Spector (white privileged men) question Anita Hill in makes me feel filthy.
Who said anything like that about Joe Lieberman, Arlen Spector or Jill Stein? That might be terrible.
. Arlen Spector spins in his grave.
. It is on the same stupid level as that d-bag Senator Arlen Spector who was all over his moronic lawsuit about Spygate.
Santorum endorsed Arlen Spector over Twoomy. Santorum is a fake-conservative, opportunistic scumbag. An older version of Paul Ryan.
*Not* Arlen Specter ""The Comeback: Why Warren Spector is making games again"
Looks like is a modern day Arlen Spector
agreed. Arlen Spector almost singlehandedly disarmed Anita Hill and then arranged for colleagues of Alito to testify
And as his third choice, he'll have to go with either Nelson Rockefeller, or Arlen Spector.
you need the press to follow the story as police only doing their job. Worked for me w/Sen Arlen Spector!
What is wrong with you? Arlen Spector has been dead for several years, and I never voted for him.
Another clue you're from Pennsylvania. Y'all aren't going to give us anymore Arlen Spector's are you
For you who remember, shades of (in)famous RINO Senator Arlen Spector of PA, after his pathetic primary run
that reminds me when Arlen Spector voted not proven on the Clinton impeachment
. Remember Arlen Spector was a Republican during his election. He went Dem while in office. GOOD CHOICE?
Arlen Spector should rot in *** for "Borking" Robert Bork. Bork's denial set the on a course of creating not enforcing our laws!
usually Governors but heck they'll do anything to lose.. Gosh they might nominate Arlen Spector!!
DEPRAVITY O'Brien (born in 1957) says she serviced an array of politicians including the cocaine snorting Clintons (A Three-Way), Ronald Reagan, George H.W Bush, *** Cheney, Pierre Trudeau, Brian Mulroney, Governors Lamar Alexander and Richard Thornburgh, Bill Bennett (author of The Book of Virtues), Senators Patrick Leahy, Robert Byrd (her handler) and Arlen Spector. Notable by their absence were Jimmy Carter and Richard Nixon. Taylor (born in 1951) slept with JFK and LBJ as a preteen and teenager. When O'Brien's daughter Kelly was born in 1980, they often worked as a mother-daughter team. George H.W. Bush particularly liked Kelly. Cheney is not a pederast because his large genitals horrify children. (195) Referring to George Bush, *** Cheney told her: "A Vice President is just that, an undercover agent taking control of the drug industry for the President." (158) George Bush Jr. was present on one occasion but is not accused. (196) O'Brien was rescued by Mark Philips in 1988. It is likely that Bush Jr . ...
from Steve Marmel: Rand Paul says only Democrats are talking impeachment. Here's 40 examples of him being wrong since 2009. I repeat: TWO. THOUSAND. NINE. Feel free to share this on the wall of your GOP talking point friend saying impeachment talk is coming from the Democrats. Via REDDIT: December 9, 2009: Less than 11 months after Pres. Obama was inaugurated, a Public Policy Polling survey finds that 35 percent of Republicans want to impeach the president for “his actions so far.” February 21, 2010: An “Impeach Obama” billboard appears in Oshkosh, Wisconsin. May 2010: After Rep. Joe Sestak, a Pennsylvania Democrat, says Obama officials had offered him a job in the administration if he would forgo challenging incumbent Sen. Arlen Spector, California Republican Rep. Darrell Issa calls for an investigation into the matter, and suggests it could be Obama’s Watergate. July 2010: GOP Rep. Lamar Smith of Texas suggests Obama’s record on immigration comes “awfully close” to violating the oath of ...
Just passed a sign that welcomed me to "the hometown of Bob Dole and Arlen Spector". My disinterest in Kansas has reached a new high!
*** .. a Great Read. Judicial Watch and Freedom Watch founder, Larry Klayman describes his efforts to stem abuses in the judiciary and executive branches of our government. He details his legal battles with President and First Lady Bill and Hillary Clinton (Chinagate and Filegate), Vice President *** Cheney (secret energy commission meetings), and the Bush administration over illegal wiretapping of American citizens. His portraits of the likes of Janet Reno, Fred Thompson, Arlen Spector, Judge Denny Chin (who recently presided over the Madoff trial) and other Clinton insiders Klayman considers unethical, and who have come back to power in the Obama administration, reveal not always flattering sides of their well-cultivated images. Klayman also has choice words to say about media figures such as Bill O'Reilly, Sean Hannity and Paula Zahn, and he accuses media mogul Rupert Murdoch of sandbagging the original publication of *** by HarperCollins because of the book's negative portrait of Roger Ailes an ...
You only have to be 30 years old to become a US Senator. I was born in Philadelphia. My birthday is February 8th. Ronald Reagan's birthday was February 6th. William Henry Harrison's birthday was February 9th. Abraham Lincoln's birthday was February 12th. George Washington's birthday was February 22nd. I voted for Joe Lieberman and I voted for Joe Biden. The flag at the Office Building where the Dept. of Public Welfare was half mast for days when Arlen Spector died. Frank Lautenberg recently died.
Note to self: Warren Spector is not Arlen Spector. A dead Senator is not making comments about video game criticism.
via Tami Miller (thanks) My sentiments, exactly. Believe me, I used to be a Republican (even somewhat conservative). I am not saying every single Republican is a male jerk. I realize there are a few gentlemen, and even a handful of moderates (if you can locate them.) Olympia Snowe was a great moderate, but she chose not to run again. They got rid of Richard Lugar. They got rid of the late Arlen Spector. Others just gave up and started supporting Obama -- Colin Powell, Charlie Crist, Larry Pressler, Chuck Hagel, Ed Rendell, Mayor Bloomberg, and now Lincoln Chafee. Bob Dole said not even he or Reagan could have lasted in today's crazy Republican Party. Governor Bobby Jindal got so exasperate he said they have GOT to quit being the party of stupid. He probably should not have used that word. (perhaps, blinded by arrogance?) My website is on How the Hard Right Took Over the Republican Party but Destroyed the both the GOP and the Bush Legacy (See my link)
If this is really true . Remember "bad news" can be good news, if it can prompt you to a wake up call, perhaps to thoroughly re-evaluate yourself, look inward, then LEARN something. Maybe even learn from Democrats and women, maybe even humble yourself and discover MINORITIES are true Americans (too). I was a Republican for many years. I left the Republicans because -- long before they disrespected Obama, they disrespected the moderates in their own party, they disrespected Powell, they pushed for war but dishonored the troops. They disrespected minorities, and disrespected the elder President Bush (41) I support Obama and the Democrats now. But then, I am not alone. LARGE numbers of former Republicans have done the same, not just the big names like Larry Pressler and Charlie Crist and Colin Powell and Chuck Hagel and the late Arlen Spector and Ron Reagan and Lincoln Chafee and Jon Huntsman and Mayor Bloomberg and (will Chris Christie be next?) It is said that the Latino's of southern Florida, loyal Republ ...
"I'm a boss, a senator, Arlen Spector...I got birches swallowing my kids like Hannibal Lecter"
"Never let your face show how hard your *** is being kicked. " -Arlen Spector
Arlen Spector is my proof, dude switched parties just so he could get re-elected. SMFH
one time they did Arlen Spector , Yoda and Al Gore all at once . Was hilarious !
I do not understand why anyone would vote for a bill they have not read. Just vote NO if there is not enough time given to read it!!!
Instead of capitalizing on WH scandals with a united front, Mconnell, McCain, Graham, Flake, Rubio, etc are playing Arlen Spector
McCain is just like Arlen "single bullet theory" Spector. Never did ANYTHING for US citizens. Just continued to expand Gov
"The money powers prey upon the nation in times of peace and conspire against it in times of adversity. It is more despotic than a monarchy, more insolent th...
18. Issa Insists Everything is Like Watergate By now, Americans have grown fatigued with endless Republicans proclamations that the slightest whiff of scandal emanating from the Obama White House is "worse than Watergate." Darrell Issa is no exception, having charged that both the Fast and Furious gun walking operation and allegations that Pennsylvania Rep. Joe Sestak was offered an administration job in exchange for dropping out of the Senate race against Arlen Spector constituted "Obama's Watergate." As it turned out, Issa didn't pursue his inquisition over the Sestak affair for a simple reason. Not only was there no quid pro quo, but Issa had to contend with an actual case during the Bush administration's drive for Medicare drug coverage. As he explained to CNN's Ed Henry in 2010: ISSA: Once we knew, as we discovered, that it turns out that Republicans and previous administrations thought it was OK in spite of the absolute black and white letter of the law, it got bigger -- it got bigger than President ...
I love how Obama says he's upset over this IRS situation, like he didn't know about it!
GOP hispanic outreach not going so well…
We need to be careful about what *electable* means...Karl Rove backed Arlen Spector over Pat Toomey because he was "electable"
How about Arlen Spector, and the former Gov of Florida who keeps switching parties
I still believe Anita Hill and think she was subject to a hatchet Job by Arlen Spector, a political prostitute, and Orrin Hatch the Axe man
Hey Karl Rove, if you started this only a few years ago, we would have: No Marco Rubio, No Ted Cruz, No Nikki Haley, No Rand Paul, No Scott Walker, No Mike Lee, No Pat Toomey, No Ron Johnson, No rising stars in the Republican Party. Instead, each one of those would be replaced with the likes of Arlen Spector, Charlie Crist or, worse, Russ Feingold. Yeah, if we are keeping count, Im pretty sure WE, Conservatives, are up BIG!
To all my Christian friends who also happen to be political conservatives. Maybe it is a good thing that Romney lost so that you can keep your trust in the Lord and not in the "princes of this world that come to naught." I've read too much "Romney will save us" stuff coming from Christians. Sure, it wasn't exactly worded like that, but nonetheless, the meaning rang the same. In this election, we truly were voting for the lesser of two evils. Romney is not a conservative. He is a political moderate who is more in line with the late Arlen Spector than the truly conservative late Barry Goldwater.
Arlen Spector. Sorry, but I remember him for putting Clarence Thomas on the Supreme Court by assassinating the character of Anita Hill and his intervention with the state legislature to weaken the statutory rape law.
More than 1,000 people bid farewell to former U.S. Senator Arlen Specter -
I had to figure out why the flags were at half staff today- Arlen Spector. Interestingly, notable massacres are getting 5 days of half-staff-note. Ft. Hood, Tucson, Aurora, Oak Creek. Interesting. As a mark of respect for the victims of the senseless acts of violence perpetrated on July 20, 2012, in Aurora, Colorado, by the authority vested in me as President of the United States by the Constitution and the laws of the United States of America, I hereby order that the flag of the United States shall be flown at half-staff at the White House and upon all public buildings and grounds, at all military posts and naval stations, and on all naval vessels of the Federal Government in the District of Columbia and throughout the United States and its Territories and possessions until sunset, July 25, 2012. I also direct that the flag shall be flown at half-staff for the same length of time at all United States embassies, legations, consular offices, and other facilities abroad, including all military facilities an ...
Flags are being flown half-staff today at Walt Disney World under Presidential Proclamation for Arlen Spector.
r.i.p Arlen Spector he was a good dude if you don't know about him look him up he was a democrat then turned republican and turned back democrat he have republicans *** he was very moderate he use to hang out in Philly on Columbia ave it's called Cecil b moore now he was hands on in the community he gave alot to north Philadelphia alone food affordable health care centers he was purely for the community in general
I was reminded by the PBS News Hour obituary for Arlen Spector that Spector's defection to the Dems gave the president the 60 votes that were needed to pass Obamacare. Rest in Peace, Senator Spector, a true American hero; I'm on my way to forgiving you for supporting Clarence Thomas. The fact that you voted down Bork helps your case immensely.
For those of you who did not grow up around me, or know me.i thought being a Republican was the right thing. When the party started throwing religion and war into the mix, I was confused and uncertain. When i finally came-out and listened to their tortuous language against *** and almost anyone not white or christian, I knew i was no longere in the fold. What is my point? Today I mourn the loss of Arlen Spector, who I think made the same journey a little later in life...even if it was for his own political benefit. I always listened to Republicans, but am and still remain skeptical, especially in these times when corporate dollars dominate campaigns. Senator Spector was honorable and fair. Just my opinion...I am sure he was wrong on something over his 29-30 years in congress, but lik ethe passing of Ted Kennedy, i mourn this, as i mourn any chance of our elected officials working together.
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Rest in peace, Arlen Spector. In 1999, PA Blue Cross denied coverage of our brother Bob's battle with pancreatic cancer. Senator Spector got involved and asked them why they would deny coverage to a veteran who served his country and had medical coverage. We are grateful to him and his staff.
I certainly didn't always agree with Arlen Spector - especially concerning the Warren Commission - but he was a man with great conviction and served The Commonwealth of Pennsylvania and The United States with great distinction. He truly was one of a kind, and we won't see another like him anytime soon.
Arlen Spector died :( if your from delaware valley you feel my pain right now :(
As lawyer on Warren Commission, Arlen Spector came up with single bullet theory in JFK assassination.
Regarding the death of Arlen Spector, I can't imagine wanting to be hailed in death as a "moderate." It seems to me you might wind up supporting some positions on the right and some on the left -- and that you might even BE "moderate." But moderation for its own sake, to paraphrase Barry Goldwater, is no virtue and it is no ideology. I covered Spector a little bit in the Senate and found him to be the most pompous, arrogant and nasty denizen of a nest of pompous, arrogant and nasty people.
Last surviving member of the Warren Commission, Sen. Arlen Spector dies @ 82. Author of the "Magic Bullet theory"
Arlen Spector, former US Senator from Pennsylvania and the last surviving of the Warren Commission, dead at 82!
Rest in peace Arlen Spector, from the political arena and Gary Collins from entertainment!
We can't forget Arlen Spector's work on the Warren Commission. Another crime SOLVED.
Arlen Spector passed away today.gonna miss his calls on WIP morning show
History will best remember Arlen Spector as creator of Single-Bullet Theory & a major actor in Warren Commission JFK assassination cover-up
R.I.P Senator Arlen Specter, who passed away from lymphoma. I became a fan of the late senator after he called out the racist people in his Republican Party and refused to listen to the psychos aka the Tea Partiers. After 30 years of serving as a Republican senator, in 2010 he decided to leave the Republican Party because "they no longer shared my values". When a man said that he would rather loose an election than to criticize president Obama simply because he was Black, says a lot about his character. That is one of the reasons he will always be remembered, as a man if great character and integrity who sacrificed his political career for doing the right thing. And the coward Mitt Romney, who chose to move so far to the right just to get tea party support will be the first Republican running for president to be pulling at zero (0) percent of the Black vote and less than 25% of the Hispanic vote. When even Bush received 16% of the Black vote, McCain 11% of the Black vote. Arlen Spector in PA 45% of the Bl ...
Arlen Spector, member of the Warren Commission,so called ballistics expert who authored the INSANE 'single bullet theory' that wounded Governor Connally. and Killed JFK.Back and to left, Back and to the left according to the Zapruder film...RIP Senator.
Congrats to formerly Jewish Arlen Spector on his baptism into the Mormon Church today
On the Passing of Former Senator, Arlen Spector My second year at Liberty, I had the opportunity to visit the Russell and Hart Senate buildings in D.C. I was fortunate to have met with the staff member of several Senators that day (The Senate was out of session and none were present). The most memorable offices that I visited were Robert Byrd, Jim Webb, and Arlen Spector. Arlen Spector's staff were the most polite group of people I have met in my life. I was amazed and my eyes were open to seeing Spector's active role in the civil rights movement through pictures that aligned his office. As a person growing into my Republican skin so-to-speak during this time, I was reaffirmed through Spector's office that our Party has always been the party of equality and civil rights. Sure he changed parties in a bid to save his Senate position, and there were things that I questioned about his role as a ranking Republican; still, Senator Spector, though I never met him, inspired me to recognize the beautiful diversity ...
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Arlen Spector last living member of The Warren Commission?
After disagreeing & opposing Arlen Spector on many issues - Glad a few weeks ago we shared a friendly ride on the train - respect
I'm not going to pretend I give a crap that Arlen Spector died.
Wow, just read Arlen Spector died, and then read on Yahoo that Gary Collins died, (for those of you born before 1975). Wonder who number three is going to be? Hate to be morbid, but it does seem these things happen in threes. RIP to the above gentlemen. God Bless their families.
Arlen Spector, realizing that he was wrong, sought reconciliation with Anita Hill. But by all means keep snarking a still warm corpse.
It's been a good day. I had the privilege of meeting former ambassador John Bolton and two-faced career politician Arlen Spector is finally dead!
Very kind of CNN to interrupt its 3 hour Red Bull advertisement to mention Arlen Spector's death
When questioned at the Pearly Gates, Arlen Spector said he simply had no interest in sticking around for this years presidential election.
Arlen Spector saw the economic terrorists the Republican Party was becoming and wanted no part of it.
Longtime GOP Sen. Arlen Spector dies at 82: Former U.S. Sen. Arlen Specter of Pennsylvania, the...
Arlen Spector, inventor the the preposterous "Magic Bullet" theory when on the Warren Commission. RIP.
A great man has passed away today, he did so much for Pennsylvania and the delaware vallEy we will miss Arlen Spector!
Arlen Specter is a reminder of why the GOP doesn't work. After 44 years as a Republican, he switched parties. R.I.P.:
Arlen Spector has passed away. | shame the Obamacare Death Panels didn't get him...he voted for it! Traitor
The is reporting that former U.S. Sen Arlen Spector has died featured in NBC s Science of Love
Specter passed away at 11:39 a.m. this morning at his home in Philadelphia, said family spokesman Robert Zausner.
Demise of the Tea Party Greatly Exaggerated: *** Lugar, Arlen Spector, Bob Bennett and Charlie Crist have almos...
At this point, I wouldn't be surprised if names Arlen Spector as his running mate.
Rick S. voted twice agnst right to work, best friend of arlen Spector, enough U, Rush, Mark all on the losers wagon
best friend of Arlen Spector, voted twice agnst. right to work, your friend Rick s. Mitt was always only one to win
2 points- (1) Turncoats are more betrayers & not simply those who change sides. (2) Why was Arlen Spector left off list?
Is the forward written by Arlen Spector?
2009 - Chris Christie defeats Jon Corzine 2009 - Bob McDonnel defeats Creigh Deeds 2009 - Scott Brown defeats Martha Coakley 2010 - Rand Paul defeats Jack Conway 2010 - Marco Rubio defeats Charlie Christ 2010 - Pat Toomey defeats Arlen Spector 2012- Ted Cruz defeats David Dewhurst We dont want your system anymore. We dont want your two party system, and neither did George Washington. We are truly patriots. WE believe in the constitution. We believe in the founding fathers. We believe in America. We dont want chaos. We dont want revolution. We dont want blood in the streets. We just want our country back. Not from Barack Obama. From those who are corrupt. Those who think they know better, then we the people. We the people are gonna make mistake, evidence, Barack Obama. WE're gonna make mistakes, but thats ok. WE will correct them. All of you big government republicans, just go to the other party. We're tired of people giving us the same choice with a different animal marking.The battle is in for the soul o ...
Has anyone spotted John Kerry or Arlen Spector in Latakia today?
Cutest Senator before Mr. Obama came? Darl'n Arlen Spector -- that wavy hair and smile
they had the 60 votes. Ted Kennedy would have come in if needed.Arlen Spector had switched sides by then
It's impossible to know whether Barry -in 2009 tried 2 bribe Joe Sestak with White House job 4 not running against Arlen Spector
i do this in my ... ~ SPeCTRe See's All Ep.1: i do this in my sleep.Beck: Arlen Spector Book quotes and Parody...
Before CUFI, Brog worked for Senator Arlen Spector from PA as Chief of Staff and Staff director for Senate Judiciary Committee
its Why I joined teaparty, no more Arlen spector RINOs, Actually Obama brought real Americans together
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Arlen Spector recently said if he had to vote again, he would not cast a yes vote for obamataxcare. really? he was also on the Warren Commission when he said only one bullet hit kennedy and connelly.
A sobering reminder: Arlen Spector (aka the enemy within) former Republican was the deciding vote on Obamacare. Beware of Rinos
Just thinking how lucky we are that Santorum - ala Arlen Spector - didn't get the nod; we'd be bashing him pretty good too.
Hey hey.. Megyn Kelly just showed the classic clip of giving it to Arlen Spector!
Obama: I'm gonna pour one out for my dead homies: Ben Nelson, Arlen Spector, and Olympia Snowe.
ZAPEM's Steve Lefemine condemns "Segregationist Masons Used in JFK Assassination" & says Arlen Spector covered it up.
Do you think Arlen Spector will be a game-changer for your re-election bid?
The World's only escaped MK-ULTRA Project Monarch mind control slave, Cathy O'Brien, who lived to tell about it. You will find below an eyewitness to high crimes including the following: federal governmental drug trade organization, ethnic biowarfare, and global government networks in Canada, Mexico, Haiti, Saudi Arabia, the United States, the UN, the Dominicans, the CIA, the United States legislature, judicial, and executive branches, and the Vatican --- particularly active in select US states like Michigan, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Arkansas, Alabama, Vermont, and Tennessee. Ethnic bioweapons testing in Haiti for racial war and Catholic holy war purposes, US plague delivered in communion wafers, see Iran-Contra and NAFTA from the inside; see Reagan, Bush Senior, George W. Bush, Cheney, Habib, de la Madrid, Salinas, Trudeau, Mulroney, King Fahd of Saudi Arabia, Baby Doc Duvalier of Haiti, Senator Byrd (D-West Virginia), Arlen Spector, Gerald Ford, Senator Leahy (D-Vermont), Bill and Hillary Clinton, Alan Crans ...
Tell Jeb Bush to join Arlen Spector in the big tent Democrat party. We do not want your advice. Shut up.
and little Bush supported Arlen Spector - doesn't that equate into Bush Pond Scum?
well - old saying: Bird of Feather Flock Together - who campaigned for Arlen Spector BEFORE Arlen went to the Democrat side?
Did I mention I saw Arlen Spector at Parc on Friday? He looked well.
Arlen Spector is in the house! And tons of other theater types, half of whose names I remember.
talks about Arlen Spector and the crowds booed loudly!
Romney has liberal tendencies - they STILL allow him to be called Republican he is less honest than Arlen Spector.
Cabaret of the Exiled tonight. Arlen Spector doing standup!
sen Arlen Spector says that the competition in this election is not Obama v Romney, but Obama v Obama 2008
sadly I accidently deleted Sen Arlen Spector from my card b4 I transferred it to my computer. he said
sen Arlen Spector Barnes and Noble book signing 2pm
I was thinking,with Barney Frank,Arlen Spector,& soon Biden gone, who will b left to entertain us?
Arlen Spector sed it was only ONE bullet that made LBJ president. Ok, nothing else to see, lets move along now.
Arlen Spector on New Book, plus PA Activists Fight for Public Education: PA has seen massive protests against ed...
Many of these guys are still alive and high up in the government. Arlen Spector invented the Magic Bullet Theory and he was well rewarded.
Arlen Spector was right abt cannibalizing b/c GOP/Bluedogs cannibalized America w/ help of Tea party now GOP cant save self from tea party
Does anybody listen to Arlen Spector anymore ? I think not
I can't help it Arlen Spector talking about senators being devoured is cracking me up
Love it! Arlen Spector said Fox "News" & are extremists told him does not necessarily mean leaning Left
The false equivalency nonsense that Arlen Spector mentioned gives cover to the GOP extreme.
Arlen Spector frames his answers to sound as much like a *** as possible.
Arlen Spector is talking like a concubine
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Arlen Spector said leaning forward is leaning left so leaning right is going backwards?
Arlen Spector showing why he is more irrelevant.. while pushing a book no one is interested in reading
Arlen Spector is promoting his book any where he can.
Stuff you can find on YouTube> If there is anyone who can feign 'Moderation' its Arlen Spector
Not happy with the short shrift way you treated Arlen Spector. He deserved more than that "exit".
Arlen Spector, Colin Powell. Not sure how con's they were at their peak, though.
Somewhere, right now, Arlen Spector is lying in bed holding *** Lugar.
-The same way that Santorum supported Arlen Spector?
When John Kerry is upset that Luger lost is good for us. Good riddens to another Arlen Spector.
There will never be unity. The GOP is trying to kill Old people and poor people. I do think they will do the same as Arlen Spector.
right on. Folks like *** Lugar & Arlen Spector are the poster boys for why folks dislike Congress
Sen.Lugar was no moderate, except in todays extremist but his words are cautionary, as Arlen Spector's were!
I am very sad to Perot that the only republican senator that I like, Indiana Senator Richard Luger has been defeated for re-election in the republican primaries by a tea party baked radical because Luger had the audacity to vote with the president on Sonia Sotomayor and Elana Kagans confirmation to the U.S. Supreme Court and for children of illegal immigrants right to attend college like everyone else such as the Dream Act. Just like Utah senator Bob zbennett the last tme around who lost to tea party republican Mike Lee because he voted for Obama healthcare bill, as well as Arlen Spector yet another good republican voted out of office simply because he did something that few members of congress do, work with the other side. Senator Ligar will be remembered for his 34 years in the senate, 1977-2013 and for his half century service to the state of Indiana and the United States of America. Thank you Senator Lugar for working with the other side, and working across the isle. Something few people in congress D ...
If and when *** Lugar loses tonight he will be Arlen Spector on steroids in the Senate until the end of his term.
.donated $10,000 to Arlen Spector's election in 2010, This man should NOT be in the Senate
Huge Selection of Helmets at Low Prices
Just be glad Arlen Spector isnt around to do jobs report
*** Lugar, Arlen Spector etc y'all aren't entitled to those seats. It's ridiculous how voters have to pry you from them while you scream.
Political has been is cracking crude sexiest jokes on CSPAN
but the does think that willard is too moderate. arlen spector & Olympia Snowe were argued to be rockefeller Rs.
"Besides Arlen Spector & Juan McNuts, loves Lugar too...can’t get more than that.
Not quite full Arlen Spector but he's about there “Lugar: Insults Repubs, Cites Labor Support In (cont)
Besides Arlen Spector and Juan McNuts, Romney loves Lugar too...can’t get more Rino than that.
Brain Tumor Fact: No one is untouchable! Just ask the friends and family or the celebrities, athletes, or political figures themselves that have battled brain tumors like Sandy Duncan, Susan Hayward, Elizabeth Taylor, Michelle Stafford, Raymond Bonham Carter, Gene Siskel, Johnnie Cochran, Princess Marina Dutchess of Kent, George Gershwin, Ted Kennedy, Lance Armstrong, Angelo Bertelli, Scott Hamilton, and Arlen Spector. Plus many..many...More.
if u r "ultra conservative" how could you be 4 He is big union, big gov he endorsed arlen spector. He is a phony
Can you somehow vote against Arlen Spector, just for the fun of it?
So Saints GM Mickey Loomis was eavesdropping on the opposition... Your move Arlen Spector.
Had the pleasure last night of hearing Senator Joe Leiberman in Philadelphia who is in his last year of congressional service after a long and distinguished career. Attending also was Arlen Spector. As I listened to Leiberman, I am grieving the loss of thoughtful and statesmen-like politicians who come from principled values rather than hardline ideologies. These were politicians who stood on principle, know when to draw the line and knew when to compromise and address thorny issues with the best responses possible. They, like Olympia Snow, Todd Platz and countless others went to Washington with the best of intentions, good people skills and are leaving in discouragement and tired because of the contentious and now toxic atmospher. As I was sitting at a bi-partisan table of folks I did not know, we all agreed that this will be one of the most blood thirsty and cut throat elections ever with the winner not being the better person, but the person who could be the last person standing in the celebrity death ...
co-founded by Ira Einhorn the Unicorn killer. Beat Ex-GF Holly Maddux to death & stored her in trunk. Arlen Spector got him bail
Difference between Arlen Spector and Romney - Alen was honest and switched to the Dem side - STATUS QUO - say NO ROMNEY!
Romney is a lesser Arlen Spector ... at least Arlen had the hide to switch over to the Democrat Party
@ It was. The Unicorn King Clown of South St. Phila, PA. And Arlen Spector was his defense attny... ;-)
As a conservative Christian I cannot vote for Rick-he voted to fund Planned Parenthood & supported Arlen Spector/vote Newt
I figured out who you are (other than the UnReal woman on the radio the other day.) :) Arlen Spector's worst nightmare!
Claim of ex-Senator Arlen Spector that we have been saved from a Depression may be wrong; but trouble still looms.
Who needs him. Let him pull an Arlen Spector.
Ah Earth Day. Oh hey, thanks, Arlen Spector, for letting ira Einhorn get out on bail after only paying $4K and avoiding justice for 25 years
I realize cannot control who endorses him, but I think it's telling that John McCain & Arlen Spector have endorsed
watching Sixers almost as bad as listening to arlen spector. Jack M always great
Arlen Spector "the phillies offense is aprehensive."
Former pa senator Arlen Spector on Philly sports talk radio discussing rivalry in the state. and
U.S. Sen. Arlen Specter, R-Pa., competes in the 2007 Funniest Celebrity in Washington Contest. He finished second. Read about it on Pennsyltucky Politics at ...
How can anybody take Arlen Spector serious? This man has changed party's more times then michael Jackson's face
He's starting to get Jowls like Arlen Spector. Turn Coat.
Wow, just found out that ARLEN SPECTOR is opening for the Two Funny Philly Guys & on April 28
The hard left rightly never forgave Arlen Spector for attacking Anita Hill, but it credulously forgave David Brock
I have no prob rejecting big tent w/ politicians; not with voters. I welcome moderate voters, not Arlen Spector politicians.
Santorum finally came to his senses. Dropped out today. It would have been a devastating embarrassment to lose the Pennsylvania primary and I think it was likely he would have. Pennsylvanian Republicans still haven't forgiven him for endorsing the traitor RINO Arlen Spector against the conservative Pat Toomey in 2004. Now let us elect Mitt Romney to save our republic.
Hey and Santorium Your friend, Citizen Arlen Spector says there is no purpose in your continuing.
Local station? The X is playing music, and The Fan is talking to Arlen Spector.
hmm, you say Santorum, I think Arlen Spector. What will PA say?
What a huge act of cowardice. Don't u know the libs USE *** like you then screw them? Ask Arlen Spector about that.
has 0 chance of beating & a bigger chance of never being VP so why beat a dead horse? Arlen Spector lite!
Did you ever enjoy a nice jacuzzi with Arlen Spector like Ted Kennedy did?
Today's Instant Request: Arlen Spector flips out on a radio host OR we can hear Hardy rip Alicia Silverstone again? You choose
Arlen Spector sounds like he has Barney Franks balls in his mouth.
Loved your Arlen Spector post, but seriously...what kind of host puts a phone interview on hold during commercial breaks?
Arlen Spector loses it on radio talk show. I guess he was hoping people had forgotten about him by now.
Arlen Spector had a meltdown and snapped during a radio interview. Did he act un...
Arlen Spector has no clue what is going on!
ICYMI, if you didn't hear telling Arlen Spector he's the most disgustingly arrogant person he's ever interviewed, fix that.
Softball Rampage - Free Return Shipping
He should be called Chamelion Arlen Spector..Can change to any opinion he needs at the moment..
Hearing Michael Berry lecture Arlen Spector to shame on the radio and hang up on him totally made my morning commute.
Looser Arlen Spector or is it sphincter ? Calls Tea Party Cannibals. You were a Republican then a Democrat and now your out. Get over it !
CNN hosted FORMER PROGRESSIVE Senator Arlen Specter Spector called the We didn't eat you Arlen. We ate your free lunch
we need to keep cleaning house until the entitled are gone. Want to know what's wrong in D.C. It's ppl like Spector!
Great job by Jason Lewis w/ Arlen Spector! Again showing Y voters fired him! I frequ listen 2 Jason on but missed that 1.
Arlen Spector is upset with Jason Lewis. Listen to Jason each night 8-11 here on NewsTalk KZRG.
Arlen Spector would likely be a candidate for President if he would not have abandoned his conservative principles.
What is wrong with Arlen Spector? Yelling on a radio interview cause they didnt ask enough questions about his boring turncoat book... dope
Spastic Spector - Arlen Specter loses it on conservative talk radio show
Rick is a Pal of Arlen Spector's and he looks like a Cadaver!
Both of you could use a mentor, how about Arlen Spector and Kieth Olberman respectfully?
Wow!!! Rick Santorum was supporting Arlen Spector when he ran for President!!! What a flip flopper!!!
Santorum also voted to fund Planned Parenthood and supported Arlen Spector-proabortion cand.-60TH vote for OBCARE
If you've supported Arlen Spector your not a real conservative. Romney is a moderate but so is Newt & Santo.
stands next to Arlen Spector, applauds his berating Ralph Reid & Social Conservativism |
Arlen Spector will be downstairs at 1? Neat.
Fmr. Senator Arlen Spector comes off as (is?) an elitist, arrogant, egotistical, + ideological *** (pun intended).
Jason Lewis gets pwned brutally by Arlen Spector. The magic bullet does it's job. Lewis is an a-hole, gaping.
Can you write your suits off as a business expense? Have you ever been in the hot tub with Arlen Spector?
Arlen Spector calling Joe Lieberman a"great senator" is about right.But it takes a short memory 2 let him get away with it.
I really enjoyed the Arlen Spector interview makes me wanna read his book
Arlen Spector on CNN-'President Reagan joked that he wanted to send free condoms to the soviets, 16 in. long marked medium.'
Listening to Glenn Beck radio. Subject is Arlen Spector's new book. LMAO. creepy funny
Shorting Arlen Spector’s book: Everybody can imagine the sight of Ted Kennedy in a whirlpool. We don’t need firs...
Arlen Spector has given good, decent Americans new & disturbing reasons to never run for Congress
El'Rushbo what is up with Arlen Spector showing up in the media? I thought he was just a BAD DREAM
That joke was told by retired Senator Arlen Spector, former Chairman of the Senate Committee on the Judiciary.
Quote of the Day: Arlen Spector on Rick Santorum via
Arlen Spector could be a band name.
The only thing Arlen Spector will get at the GOP convention is a big bag of trash to take out you old liberal wind bag!
Arlen Spector trying to capitalize on Romney's popularity by bashing him and offering self as brokered GOP convention option
announces its new President Arlen Spector, poster child for slimy politicians everywhere.
Apparently old Arlen doesn't know he's not a real comedian - Spector Open to GOP nomination-
Rick's a nice guy, but he reminds people of Arlen Spector.
Arlen Spector writes about seeing Senators Ted Kennedy & John Thune in the nude. Weird.
Is it just me or has Sen Arlen Spector completely lost it? Why is talking about these things?
I just read an Article on MSNBC's site that interviewed Arlen Spector about the Republican Candidates. I couldn't...
On the Alex Wagner show, someone asked Arlen Spector if he regretted confirming Roberts.
Arlen Spector was weaseling on the Medved show yesterday about his medical and retirement to a soldier. We pay more a month for medical
So Arlen Spector became a Republican cause he cld get elected when he started. What a weasel that man is.
We will send questions your way ..Ok.. Steeler Nation Senator Arlen Spector. We love Him
Arlen Spector was a power-hungry opportunist. Just like he was in 1964 when he posited the Magic Bullet theory. He's a crank & always was.
Arlen Spector was never really a democrat. He changed parties to avoid a primary challenge that he wouldn't win (& lost anyway).
Arlen Spector, former Senator from the Great State of PA, gets our Zinger of the Week Award. Epic Win!
Santorum is like Judas? ...really Newsweek? That mean's your putting Arlen Spector in the role of Jesus - wow...
Ew. Arlen Spector should go back and lay down and stop grossing out his grandchildren and embarrassing himself.
Arlen Spector is funny. He told Alex Wagner on her show "I like it when you hold it" He was talking about his book. Sounded sexist lol
In Arlen Spector's book, he apparently talks about seeing Ted Kennedy naked. This is way more information than I need.
ICYMI: Arlen Spector was also on last wk to discuss the disappearance of the moderate GOP
This fellow has no high ground, he was a & occasionally. entitled 2 humiliate if he wants:
Tomorrow, 7:30PM, FREE: Sen. Arlen Spector Doors open at 6:45, no tickets or reservations required.
Other than spectacle why does Huff Post or any other medium pay attn to Spector who shows he's no longer relevent!
RINO Arlen Spector was on MSLSD this morning sounding the "all hands" b/c Lugar might lose in the primary to Mourdock.
A lot of us would support Obamacare, if Arlen Spector attacked it. After PLeahy and HReid he is the most hated politician ever.
former senator Arlen Spector is an X-Rated Joke
After hearing the discusting comments Arlen Spector made this morning, I am grateful Spector left the GOP. You aren't missed Spector.
"If you can make people laugh, you can make them listen." Arlen Spector
Arlen Spector: A disgrace, even shilling his book on Morning Joe. Laments the loss of "moderates" in the Senate.
Must say, I found Arlen Spector pretty inspiring and right on, on today's
Little Giant Ladders
Arlen Spector might be my new hero.
Arlen Spector does not radiate sensuality
Palez, Arlen Spector:sorry an *** LONG past his prime.Like many oths,too much time in congress,feels WE work 4 HIM
Senator Arlen Spector says… his new book….: that there are no moderate Republicans in the Senate. (Scroll do...
Senator Arlen Specter blames the Tea Party: In the first paragraph of his new book, Senator Arlen Spector blames...
Specter says Obama ditched him after he voted to pass health law
Santorum now willing to become a Democrat to win. No wonder he liked Arlen Spector so much.
Arlen Spector on CNN right now saying that Santorum did not tell truth.
Things has defended tonight: Arlen Spector, earmarks, his bailout hypocrisy, votes for title X funding.
Arlen Spector an issue! And not re: the JFK assassination.
Oh yeah, and Santorum endorsed liberal democrat Arlen Spector. The final vote for Obamacare.
Thank You, 4 Arlen Spector, over Conservative Toomey. W/o Spector we wouldn't have ObamaCare!
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