Arlen Specter & Warren Commission

Arlen Specter (born February 12, 1930) is a former United States Senator from Pennsylvania. The President's Commission on the Assassination of President Kennedy, known unofficially as the Warren Commission, was established on November 29, 1963, by Lyndon B. 5.0/5

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"Arlen Specter tied everything up for the Warren Commission with the 'single bullet theory'-- and surprise, he was made a senator."
Review of “A Cruel and Shocking Act” Philip Shenon’s book “A Cruel and Shocking Act” is a detailed peak inside the inner workings of the Warren Commission. Mr. Shenon acknowledged in his book the JFK Assassination had not previously been of much interest to him when he was approached by a former member of the Warren Commission (whom I suspect was Arlen Specter for a variety of reasons) and Shenon’s lack of familiarity with the topic becomes obvious as one reads through the book. During the publicity tour for the book, Mr. Shenon claimed to have uncovered new information not previously disclosed about the extent to which the FBI and CIA hid critical information from the Warren Commission staff. In particular, Mr. Shenon focuses on Lee Oswald’s trip to Mexico City in late September/early October, claiming that if certain key information had been disclosed to the FBI and secret service, the assassination may have been preventable. This of course, assumes Lee Oswald was the lone gunman- a view n ...
Each member of the Warren Commission was of questionable repute. The Warren Commission was “boxed in” by J. Edgar Hoover...who told them, "One man, three bullets". And everyone on the Commission did not want to go against J. Edgar Hoover once he made up his mind. If you did, it would be the end of your political career. Therefore, the Commission made its "final decision" before the investigation members had a chance to plug in the coffee maker. Therefore, there was no real investigation regarding the assassination of President Kennedy; they were just "going through the motions." Let us examine each member of The Warren Commission: Chief Justice Earl Warren (March 19, 1891 – July 9, 1974) Earl Warren was a member of the Ku Klux Klan. President Johnson blackmailed him to oversee the Commission. Warren also was a Freemason. Richard Russell Jr. (November 2, 1897 – January 21, 1971) He was a white supremest who did not want to work with Chief Justice Earl Warren on the Commission. However, ...
Reading "Who Really Killed Kennedy". I'm only to page 45 and the amount of information presented to the Warren Commission that was ignored or twisted to fit the foregone conclusion of Arlen Specter is amazing. I love the reference to CE399, the "magic bullet" that penetrated 7 layers of skin, broke ribs, a wrist and a leg bone was hit and emerged intact. Of course we know magic is nothing more than sleight of hand. More later.
Sen. Arlen Specter worked on the Warren Commission and co-authored the single bullet theory?! Mind blown.
SOME GOOD READING YA THINK? Official JFK Assassination Narrative And Lie Still Endorsed By Corporate Media Conspiracy Theorists Fifty Years Later November 22, 2013 Source: Lee Rogers, Blacklisted News Fifty years ago today John F. Kennedy the 35th President of the United States was assassinated. This was unquestionably a generation defining event for most Americans. Throughout the past several days we have seen a ridiculous amount of propaganda attempting to reinforce the official narrative as told by the Warren Commission’s alleged investigation into the assassination. Even though the vast majority of the American people don’t buy into the official story this has not stopped the corporate media from giving credibility to it. Any other perspective is lampooned as a conspiracy theory and discredited by the overpaid teleprompter reading talking heads. This is sad considering that the Warren Commission Report is the real conspiracy theory and does not hold up to common sense and facts. The Warren Co ...
Fascinating. I've heard about conspiracy theories as regards JFK, but didn't really ever investigate them. Until now. Until today. And it seems rather obvious - even from a logical point of view - that Kennedy was not shot from behind by Oswald. Just watch the Zapruder film, in particular, the infamous frame 313. You can't be shot from behind and have your head fly BACKWARD. I often get concerned about the separation of powers delegated in our Constitution, and how the executive branch tends to be too powerful. But what happens when the "powers" conspire to assassinate the president? Then who truly has the power? That's the scary part of this entire thing: who was behind the assassination, and why, especially given the ignoring of key evidence by the doofuses on the Warren Commission (Gerald Ford? Arlen Specter? Are you kidding me? We're supposed to take THEM seriously?) Just questions to ponder. But no way did Lee Harvey Oswald kill JFK all by himself. No way.
Why should anyone care about JFK? First, just a little background of what really happened, based on my extensive study of this issue : On this 50th anniversary of a coup d'état that removed JFK from office by assassination and proceeded to cover up this crime by murdering Lee Harvey Oswald and packing the Warren Commission with ambitious and corrupt politicians like Gerald Ford ( who later pardoned another very corrupt politician, Richard Nixon),Arlen Specter( who was utilized to put forth the ridiculous "magic bullet" theory, in order to explain away the conspiracy involving several shooters), as well as the most powerful and influential member... his well-known enemy Allen Dulles, former head of the CIA, who had been fired by President Kennedy for lying and attempting to manipulate and control foreign policy. Through a secret Operation, code-named "Mockingbird", the CIA had bought and/or installed hundreds of their own propaganda agents in the American Media. Thus, the almost universal ridicule for an ...
I was in Philadelphia yesterday for a radio interview over Sirius XM with a very good host, who was a lawyer very familiar with the work of the Warren Commission. He had read my book and asked very provocative questions about it and the critics of the commission's work. Then I made a presentation at the new Arlen Specter Center for Public Policy at Philadelphia University. Specter, who was a five-term US senator from Pennsylvania, was a law school classmate of mine and we served together on the Warren Commission staff. The students, with faculty oversight, have produced a very interesting exhibit about the commission's analysis of the shots from the Texas School Book Depository. If any of you are in the Philadelphia area, you might want to check this out.
Obviously, the Warren Commission was flawed. Shout out to Arlen Specter for pulling the Single Bullet Theory out of thin air.
Arlen Specter - on the Warren Commission...
Arlen Specter died. As a member of the Warren Commission he was the one who came up with the "single bullet" theory. Science and forensics back it up, despite what Oliver Stone told you in 1992.
Warren Commission assistant chief investigator Arlen Specter dies. Yes, as quiet as it's kept former Senator Arlen Specter, is interestingly little known for having been the person who helped devise the "Single bullet theory" in the supposed investigation of the assassination/murder of the then President, John F. Kennedy. The fires of *** should be most warm for him. Just a wish.
A couple of interesting facts about fmr. Sen. Arlen Specter, who died this past weekend at age 82. Everyone knows that Specter served in the Senate as both a Republican and a Democrat. Here are a couple of things I'll bet you didn't know. It was a young Specter who authored the so-called "magic bullet theory" in the Warren Commission Report. During the Clinton impeachment in the Senate, you'd think there were only two choices for Senators: guilty, or not guilty. Specter found a third. He invoked Scottish law(!) by insisting that his vote was "not proven"!
Did you know late Arlen Specter served on the Warren Commission? Why do I remember such random facts?
The Warren Commission and beyond, Elite puppet and establishment hack Arlen Specter passes away at 82.
How sad that Specter sold his soul to the Warren Commission - "Longtime GOP Senate moderate Arlen Specter dies"
Arlen Specter was the chief proponent of the"magic bullet" theory in the Warren Commission Report. Sheer nonsense.
Arlen Specter, former Pennsylvania senator, presidential candidate, and member of the Warren Commission passed away yesterday at age 82. What most people do not remember about Mr. specter is that he is also the inventor of the greatest lie ever to be laid on the American public. He is the author of the "Magic Bullet Theory" used to convince everyone that a lone assassin killed President John Kennedy. It never made sense then.and doesn't make sense today.
Wow, Arlen Specter finally died. I won't speak ill of the dead, so lets just say he wasn't exactly my favorite politician. The speech he gave at my college before the 2008 election can only be described as obnoxious. Wasn't he the last surviving member of the Warren Commission? Does this mean we may see some intriguing JFK related documents released in the near future?...probably not.
Arlen Specter passed away. 30 years on the Senate. Switched parties at least three times. Famous for his position on the Warren Commission and the "magic bullet" theory that killed JFK... RIP Mr. Specter. By the way, I hope I live long enough to see JFK records unsealed.
Former U.S. Sen. Arlen Specter, who embodied dying breed of liberal Republicanism switching to the Democratic Party at the twilight of his political career, died after a lengthy battle with cancer, his family announced Sunday.
Arlen Specter died at his home in Philadelphia from complications of non-Hodgkins lymphoma.
With the passing of Arlen Specter, counsel to the Warren Commission, have we now lost our last living link to the Kennedy assassination and its investigation?
Arlen Specter was on the Warren Commission along with Gerald Ford. How many commission members are still alive?
From Warren Commission to Anita Hill, Arlen Specter left his mark on history: in 1964, Specter served on the War...
Flags at half mast at Lackawanna Cty. Courthouse for Sen. Arlen Specter. Part of Warren Commission, therefore.part of JFK conspiracy
Arlen Specter was a staffer on the Warren Commission investigating President Kennedy's assassination when he developed "the single bullet theory", easily the most controversial of the conclusions the panel reached in deciding Lee Harvey Oswald was JFK's lone assassin. I wonder if anyone else from that commission is still around??? May his soul rest in peace.
Even though the passing Arlen Specter is sad, the jury is still out on what to make of him. Was he a man with a very dark agenda or was he guardian of America's integrity during the Warren commission?
Warren Commission staffer Arlen Specter and author of the single bullet (that killed JFK) theory, has died.
Arlen Specter has died. Kids, aside from him being a US Senator he was the guy that came up with the improbable Magic Bullet Theory for the Warren Commission. One bullet, seven wounds.
Arlen Specter, who came up with the Warren Commission "single bullet theory" in JFK's assassination, has died. Oh, he also was a Senator
ever seen that footage of Arlen Specter as a staffer on the Warren Commission introducing the "Single Bullet Theory"?
Arlen Specter (Warren Commission single bullet theory author) and Mrs. Kennedy died of the same type of cancer.
.Arlen Specter is dead. The bookends for his time on the national stage: His role on the Warren Commission and passing of Obamacare.
Arlen Specter was the bozo primarily responsible for the Magic Bullet Theory; via Warren Commission.
Arlen Specter serves on the Warren Commission. Then, fifty years later, he dies. Coincidence?
Arlen Specter should be in *** solely for his work on the Warren Commission. The rest was just gravy.
Most amazing thing about Arlen Specter's career-he authored JFK assassination single-bullet theory as 33yr-old lawyer on Warren Commission.
It is difficult to believe the Warren Commission Report is the truth. Arlen Specter knows it. It is difficult to believe that “all the shots which caused the President’s and Governor Connally’s wounds were fired from the sixth floor window of the Texas School Book Depository.” Arlen Spe...
Arlen Specter, longtime Senate moderate and architect of one-bullet theory in JFK death, dies
I have so many books on my Kindle untouched. I have to start somewhere. How about the Warren Commission Report? I could use a laugh. Arlen Specter is a riot. I've been in a real funk all summer. I can get that way, you know.
I was surprised to learn that long-time U.S. Senator Arlen Specter worked for Warren Commission, is accredited with single bullet theory
Wow- Arlen Specter, by his own admission, talked longer about the Warren Commission on PCN tonight than he ever has before! Blockbusters: he criticizes Clint Hill for drinking and carousing the night before AND demonstrates Dr Humes "speculation" that the bullet entered the FRONT of JFK's head and blew out the top back of his head-?!9!?! You tube videos tomorrow!
Dulles had motive means and opportunity. He could have gotten to other Warren Commission members, and magic bullet theorist Arlen Specter.
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