Arlen Specter & Lee Harvey Oswald

Arlen Specter (born February 12, 1930) is a former United States Senator from Pennsylvania. Lee Harvey Oswald (October 18, 1939 – November 24, 1963) was, according to four government investigations, the sniper who assassinated John F. 3.7/5

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It has been 50 years; however, the cloud of controversy still remains. Although I admit I MAY BE WRONG, It is my belief that Lee Harvey Oswald is in fact innocent and a patsy as he claimed in the 60's. I Further believe that Jack Ruby fired the FATAL shot, I further believe that Clay Shaw orchestrated it and of course was in fact later found that he WAS in the CIA. Shame to Arlen Specter, Gerald Ford, Richard Nixon, Lyndon B. Johnson and the their cabinets along with J.F.K's cabinet as well. The only 2 people I believe to be totally innocent are Robert McNamara and Pierre Salinger. I believe they were lied to for their plausible deniability. I have studied since the early 90's and this is my belief.
Fascinating. I've heard about conspiracy theories as regards JFK, but didn't really ever investigate them. Until now. Until today. And it seems rather obvious - even from a logical point of view - that Kennedy was not shot from behind by Oswald. Just watch the Zapruder film, in particular, the infamous frame 313. You can't be shot from behind and have your head fly BACKWARD. I often get concerned about the separation of powers delegated in our Constitution, and how the executive branch tends to be too powerful. But what happens when the "powers" conspire to assassinate the president? Then who truly has the power? That's the scary part of this entire thing: who was behind the assassination, and why, especially given the ignoring of key evidence by the doofuses on the Warren Commission (Gerald Ford? Arlen Specter? Are you kidding me? We're supposed to take THEM seriously?) Just questions to ponder. But no way did Lee Harvey Oswald kill JFK all by himself. No way.
Why should anyone care about JFK? First, just a little background of what really happened, based on my extensive study of this issue : On this 50th anniversary of a coup d'état that removed JFK from office by assassination and proceeded to cover up this crime by murdering Lee Harvey Oswald and packing the Warren Commission with ambitious and corrupt politicians like Gerald Ford ( who later pardoned another very corrupt politician, Richard Nixon),Arlen Specter( who was utilized to put forth the ridiculous "magic bullet" theory, in order to explain away the conspiracy involving several shooters), as well as the most powerful and influential member... his well-known enemy Allen Dulles, former head of the CIA, who had been fired by President Kennedy for lying and attempting to manipulate and control foreign policy. Through a secret Operation, code-named "Mockingbird", the CIA had bought and/or installed hundreds of their own propaganda agents in the American Media. Thus, the almost universal ridicule for an ...
Arlen Specter (1930-2012) was the senator from my home state of Pennsylvania for 30 years. He applied his sharp mind to answering the controversial question of who killed JFK, giving us "the single bullet theory" which proved Lee Harvey Oswald wounded Kennedy and Texas Governor John Connolly with one bullet. He was a Democrat, then a Republican, then a Democrat again. In other words, he was thoughtful enough to change direction with the enviable confidence of a magic bullet. When he lost the election in 2010, this country lost. And we've lost so much more on this day of his passing. We will miss you, Senator. Rest in peace.
Arlen Specter was a staffer on the Warren Commission investigating President Kennedy's assassination when he developed "the single bullet theory", easily the most controversial of the conclusions the panel reached in deciding Lee Harvey Oswald was JFK's lone assassin. I wonder if anyone else from that commission is still around??? May his soul rest in peace.
Arlen Specter finally gets to cross-examine Lee Harvey Oswald about the magic bullet. RIP.
In 1964, Arlen Specter backed the "single-bullet theory" concluding that Lee Harvey Oswald acted alone in the assassination of Jack Kennedy.
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