Arlen Specter & Charlie Crist

Arlen Specter (born February 12, 1930) is a former United States Senator from Pennsylvania. Charles Joseph Charlie Crist, Jr. (born July 24, 1956) is an American politician who was the 44th Governor of Florida. 5.0/5

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You're kidding, right? The DNC didn't hesitate to back Arlen Specter or Charlie Crist. But nice try.
go ask Arlen Specter, Charlie Crist, Lincoln Chaffee, etc how worthless the tea party is lmao.
So want to talk about "Republicans" donated to? Arlen Specter, Charlie Crist and John Mccain
Flashback: Trump to give Charlie Crist fundraiser Anti Establshment guy loves him some Crist & Arlen Sp…
Moderates wanted Gerald Ford over Reagan, Arlen Specter over Pat Toomey, Charlie Crist over Marco Rubio and David Dewhurst over Ted Cruz.
I'm old enough to remember when a RINO was someone like Charlie Crist, Arlen Specter, or Lincoln Chafee and not Tom Cotton
Just had to share this truth from Robert...I agree the Republican Party isn't the GOP anymore. Robert Shepherd shared Occupy Democrats's photo. Head in the sand? Some Republicans woke up. (I was one) Yes, I am a lifelong Republican, but now vote all Democrat. Have I shifted liberal? Hey even Sarah Palin blasted the male chauvinists and rape-excusers. They have driven out Olympia Snowe and Jim Jeffords and Richard Lugar and Jim Leach and the late Arlen Specter. And just look at all the former Republicans who now went for Obama, Colin Powell and Larry Pressler and Charlie Crist of Florida, Ron Reagan, Lincoln Chafee and Chuck Hagel, Ray Lahood and Robert Gates. Then there's Ed Rendell and the evangelical Frank Schaeffer. Bob Dole said not even REAGAN himself would make it into today's Republican Party. Jon Huntsman said Republicans had better change or they'll be extinct. Republican governor Bobby Jindal said he wishes the Republicans would quit being the party of stupid. Personally, I wish they would pass ...
TX, conservative Linda Vega is running for the U.S. Senate against career politician and Establishment darling John Cornyn, who as head of the National Republican Senatorial Committee has backed people like Charlie Crist (against Marco Rubio) and Arlen Specter (against Pat Toomey). You can help Linda by going to her page and "liking" her -- and by inviting your friends to like her. If you click on "see all," you'll be able to invite your friends from various large cities and from FB Groups in which you're active. The more people we can connect with Linda in small ways or large, the better her chances to upset Cornyn. Thanks to all of you.
Stalinist like me? That comment demonstrates how yesterday you are. Like David Brooks, Charlie Crist, Arlen Specter
I know this may be unpopular but: John Cornyn is not a liberal. I think there are many things you can ding him on, but to call him a liberal is divorcing yourself from the facts. If you want to criticize him for backing guys like Charlie Crist and Arlen Specter over solid conservative candidates - that's fair game. If you want to point out that he said he would do anything to oppose the implementation of Obamacare, and then did not support his fellow Texas senator in such efforts - that is legitimate. And even if you want to criticize his style compared to others such as Sen. Cruz - that is absolutely your prerogative. But, to call John Cornyn a liberal or say he tries to make the Senate a liberal body just doesn't add up. What do you think - am I on target or very mistaken?
Charlie Crist: Making Arlen Specter look like a competent turncoat by comparison.
So I say to my girlfriend who is a liberal “Do you notice all our liberal friends as they get older and wiser become conservatives”. Her Dad was a hard core lib until he was in his forties (turned into a big Drudge guy). I was the only one of all my friends that didn't vote for Carter (our first election). All my friends are now to the right of me. Not many people go the other way except guys like Charlie Crist (sleaze) and Arlen Specter an opportunist who went back and forth (R.I.P.)
You are in good company Charlie Crist, Hillary Clinton, Arlen Specter x2 Jim Jeffords and lets not forget Saint Ronnie
John Mccain was a mistake, Mitt Romney was a mistake, Bob Dole was a mistake, Arlen Specter was a mistake, Jim Jeffords was a mistake, Lincoln Chafee was a mistake, Kelly Ayotte was a mistake, Bob Corker was a mistake, Charlie Crist was a mistake, Lisa Murkowski was a mistake, Olympia Snowe was a mistake, Susan Collins was a mistake, Kay Bailey Hutchison was a mistake, Roy Blunt was a mistake, Jerry Moran was a mistake, Saxby Chambliss was a mistake, Elizabeth Dole was a mistake, Lamar Alexander was a mistake, Lindsey Graham was a mistake, Mitch Mcconnell was a mistake, Orrin Hatch was a mistake. I could go on...and on...and on.
at least the liberals will hit me upfront and not behind...Charlie Crist,JohnMcCain,Arlen Specter,Bob Dole...and on and on
Charlie Crist and Chris Christie have both been giving me that Arlen Specter Flip-flop feeling lately.
Without DeMint, the Senate would have Charlie Crist, Arlen Specter, Trey Grayson, Bob Bennet and David Dewhurst.
Charlie Crist previously described himself as a Reagan Republican and a Jeb Bush Republican. I guess he's now an Arlen Specter Republican.
Arlen Specter advised Charlie Crist to switch to Democrat from the grave. You know, because it worked out so well for him.
Just like how we accepted Arlen Specter, we'll welcome Charlie Crist to the party. It's called being "big tent"
Charlie Crist today is exactly why I urged Democrats to stand by Arlen Specter.
If you are a Republican who yearns for the days of Arlen Specter and Charlie Crist, then you might welcome a return to GOP insiders meddling in primaries.
***Charlie Crist Endorses Obama*** I seem to recall the Morning Joe crowd fawning all over ole Charlie and the NRSC endorsing him. GOP donors sunk millions into his coffers. What did Stacy McCain say about that? It was my friend Jimmie Bise Jr. who pointed this out in September 2009: During a single three-month span of that year, Republicans contributed $4.3 million to the doomed campaign of Charlie Crist. How’s that workin’ out for ya? Jimmie has calculated — and I agree with his calculations — that you could run a pretty spiffy little conservative New Media operation for $500,000 a year if you knew what you were doing. But the problem is connecting (a) people with $500,000 to (b) people who know what they’re doing in terms of online news. If we had listened to this crowd Charlie Crist would have been Barack Obama’s Goto republican in the senate. The “goto” Republican on every MSM TV show when they needed to paint the party as the problem in DC, he would have been the Arlen Specter of the ...
Charlie Crist would fawn over any male prospect!
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