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Arkham City

Batman: Arkham City is a 2011 action-adventure video game developed by Rocksteady Studios with a story written by veteran comic book author Paul Dini, Paul Crocker, and Sefton Hill.

Batman Arkham City Arkham Asylum Arkham Knight Arkham Origins Gotham City Batman Arkham Asylum Talia Al Ghul Harley Quinn Mark Hamill

same but I'm annoyed that about the riot, state of emergency, and the curfew. crying because it was like Arkham City in CLT. 😭
Felt sick today so didn't do a lot, but I got 50+ collectibles in Arkham City & started painting details on my barbie gun, so I'm happy.
Arkham City was and still is the pinnacle of what Batman should be nothing will compare to that game.
I've finished Arkham Asylum. Time for Arkham City, because I have nothing else in my life I guess
-- greet the Dark Knight. » Hello, Hello, /Batman/. « The Arkham Knight. A new player on the field of Gotham City, --
me and you need to make a batman game. I would love to work with you. I think we would be a good team. I love arkham city
After I'm done with this test stream over at I'm gonna jump back in and finish Arkham City! Come hang out!
nope. Arkham City is the Assassin's Creed 2 of video game. They are still the best in the series
Charlotte looked like Arkham City last night.
Painting the city sirens today on Chill chat stream, come hang!
I just noticed I have like 3 pictures on my phone of Catwoman stepping on that guy's head in Batman Arkham City. What is wrong with me?
I liked a video from Batman: Arkham City - Walkthrough - Chapter 18 - The Demon Trials
Classic transformation & the inspiration for my Harley/Joker photoshoot except I'm combining the jester & Arkham ci…
The box art for 1/4 scale has been revealed! Still have limited quanitties up for preorder.…
i would probably combust if I did, his fighting is so!! UGH I WANNA PLAY ARKHAM CITY RN AHHH
Here's our 1st in-package look at the upcoming Arkham City 1/4 scale figure by
Please make an Arkham Asylum Joker and Asylum Batman as well as an City Suit Batman. Pretty sure you know they are diffferent.
We've updated our webstore with tons of Batman Animated, Arkham City and DC Super Hero figures!
i HIGHLY recommend when you get a ps+ subscription to play arkham city it's one of my faves omg so good
ONLY 2 DAYS LEFT to get in on CASEFILE A hardboiled P.I. working in most cursed city! RT!
Agreed! He had a lot of potential. The makeup department though. He looked as gruesome as the Arkham City Two-Face.
I keep trying with Assassin's Creed and I can't. I loved Arkham Asylum but City left me cold. I bought Knight but
I liked a video from Batman: Arkham City - Harley Quinn's Revenge - Closing Credits
provided the voice of Talia Al Ghul in Batman Arkham City
4 years ago this week, we got a BTS look at Stana Katic performing as Talia Al Ghul for "Batman: Arkham City".
Batman: Arkham City (Game of the Year Edition) (Steam) steamdigital: . Developed by Rocksteady Studios, Batman...
Arkham City also identified as old Gotham City
Check out The Art of Rocksteady's Batman : Arkham Asylum, Arkham City and Arkham Knight by
Y'know what grinds my gears? Ep. 68 of Batman: Arkham City is now out!
Are You planning to realese remastered versions of Arkham Asylum and Arkham City? Hope You are.
My guess is that they will announce Arkham Asylum and Arkham City remastered for Xbox One and PS4. Also potentially Arkham Origins.
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Wait your also the joker in Arkham City, Night, Origins & Asylum?! Mr.
Arkham Asylum was the first game I was annoyed to complete as so so good. Arkham City was amazing and Arkham Knight remains unfinished.
A walled off city with many side missions, it snowing, it's depressed. Reminds me of Arkham City. Minus Batman.
The Division is pretty much like a rpg version of Batman: Arkham City, but reminds me of the Batman arcs "Contagion" and "No Man's Land".
Lobo commission for Armageddon Expo Manukau this weekend. If you're wanting a sketch, swing by Arkham City...
what do you think about Arkham Asylum, Arkham City and Arkham Origins on next gen???
Wonder what happened to Arleen Sorkin when Arkham City rolled around. Conroy and Hamill returned, but not her.
Batman almost got an open-world game 3 years before Arkham City
I prefer it to Arkham City to be honest - something about that game just didn't do it for me.
I completed the game Batman: Arkham City -
Glad I decided to by back Batman: Arkham City - Armoured Edition. It's a solid port of an awesome game. I've also ordered Origins -
I know I'm late to the party but I'm just now playing the epilogue of Batman: Arkham City on It's been a fun game!
it really depends on the game for me. I did Arkham City in two sittings. Was just hooked and couldn't stop
I got stuck on a stealth part of my Hard playthrough of Arkham City because I just couldn't bother thing tactically
After finally playing and beating Arkham Knight I can honestly say city is still the best arkham game
Good has come from me getting fed up of FIFA, it has forced me to play other games and Batman Arkham City is better than I initially thought
No Alfred, you can’t use the 15 ft. Batcomputer screen to “Skype your rellies” in Liverpool. I’M PLAYING ARKHAM CITY DAMMIT!!
BATMAN™: Arkham Knight freeroom in Arkham city: via
*remembers I haven't played the Robin DLC on Arkham City* *evaluates existence*
I dont think I've ever found them all. Arkham City i came close, but i always give up lol
Batman Arkham City part 1 has bin filmed.
yeah dude its good. Went out and got arkham city and Arkham Origins today. 65% Arkham Asylum done ☺
Alfred, clear my calendar of all villain-tormenting and thug-punching appointments... Arkham City comes out this week.
Live right now with some Batman: Arkham City hope to see you here!
I like a video by Batman Arkham City Gameplay [PC] - Part.07 - Police Department via…
Batman: Arkham City - Ga...of the Year Edition, PS3 is now on sale for $14.33 at Amazon. Product page:
yo we just played a game of RPS before I went into a big fight in Arkham City. Drunk Batman!
TIL the voice of Olmec in Legends of the Hidden Temple was also Appa in Avatar The Last Airbender and Ras Al'Ghul in Batman: Arkham City
I watched my brother play Arkham City a few times and it's hands down the best batman game ever
When The Joker dies in Arkham City, but he lives on in Arkham Knight, you know it's a good game series.
I hardly ever rush the main story in an open world game. I did with Arkham City though., but I definitely feel like the 1st game was more my thing. Feels like an Arkham Asylum -> Arkham City thing.
I think Arkham City is my favorite Batman game. Perfect mix of villains and satisfying exploration. Knight is a little meh. Good though
Arkham City was a fun game, so I guess we're just doing that.
Xbox account, lost all the game memory I had, Skyrim, Arkham City, Assassins Creed, Lego Batman 2 & the rest, still makes me mad
Collette`s game is like Dark Souls but with the gameplay of Batman: Arkham City!. This sounds absolutely terrible.
I would do 10 years in the isocubes for an open world Judge Dredd game in the vein of GTA or Arkham City.
I liked a video from Most SHOCKING END to a Game Ever? (Arkham City)
I'm going to play Batman Arkham Asylum on XBOX 360 and Arkham City on Wii U to compare the experiences...
Sanandreasnik049 played Batman: Arkham City (PS3) in the last 24 hours
That part in Arkham City where you fall into the ice and suddenly a shark eats you is like a skit out of Conan.
The games with stories I like are Halo 4, Batman: Arkham City, Mass Effect 2, and Injustice: Gods Among Us.
I added a video to a playlist Batman: Arkham City (OST) - Rust in Peace (Wonder City Ruins)
I'm gonna go with Arkham City or Dead Space 2
I liked a video from Arkham City: Invisible Room Glitch
"It's pretty much calm in Gotham right now, but I'm not too sure. Someone has to check on Arkham City, though." Would you --
Arkham City, Penguin's got a shark called Tiny in a partially iced over pool.
Today in Arkham City, I got eaten by a shark.
I won 9 achievements in Batman: Arkham City for 105 pts -
I won the Twice Nightly achievement in Batman: Arkham City (PC) for 272 pts -
Batman: Arkham City aftergame is literally riddler
I won the Chimney Sweep achievement in Batman: Arkham City for 10 pts -
I won the Savior achievement in Batman: Arkham City for 10 pts -
I won the Acid Bath achievement in Batman: Arkham City for 10 pts -
I won the I'm Batman achievement in Batman: Arkham City for 10 pts -
Batman: Arkham City, Day 3, will be LIVE in 10 minutes!
My next purchase of a pop vinyl figure:. Harley Quinn from Arkham City
"Gotham is not a place where you want a peace"-Joker,Arkham City
It's also the best depiction of Gotham. It feels like a proper city now, unlike Arkham City.
man if you don't sit your Charlie bucket looking azz down somewhere lol. I finally got past that part in Arkham City
Arkham Knight gets a 9/10 from me. Not quite as good as Arkham City, but still an amazing and emotional journey of Batman awesomeness!
Four hours of Arkham City later I suddenly remember how easy it is for me to get lost in video games.
I liked a video from The Best Secrets and Easter Eggs in Batman: Arkham City
The same stuff that makes a game like Batman: Arkham City so much fun—just people a total one-man-gang-badass—relays started there
Batman: Arkham City continuing first playthrough // hi :>:
And Arkham Asylum has been beaten! Excellent game! Can't wait to dive into Arkham City!
It looks like a design between the suit that he wore in Arkham City and the one he wears in the trailers for Arkham Knight.
Alright going live soon, Arkham City hype! Wo
I won the City of Assassins achievement in Batman: Arkham Origins for 10 pts -
I liked a video from Cobi Playz: Batman Arkham City - Countdown to Arkham Knight!
I won the Sandstorm achievement in Batman: Arkham City for 29 pts -
"I'm going to show The Arkham Knight what happens when he messes with my city.". teaser for another awesome...
Played Batman Arkham City; vod is muted because the game used its own soundtrack. Awks
i did like the first one. The combat mechanics are INSANE. Lol but i ain't really like Arkham City. It was too similar
I did 25 minutes on Arkham city yday man. Sitting on 4% complete. Got frustrated, quit out. Roll on this sequel lol
I won the Lost And Found achievement in Batman: Arkham City for 11 pts -
I liked a video from Batman Arkham City Gameplay Walkthrough - Part 20 - Stealth Ninja
My theory for is that Scarecrow has evacuated the city so The Arkham Knight and Co. can take out Batman...
is my favorite out of all the Arkham games. If only City had the boss fights of Origins and kept the comic book feel of Asylum.
Come watch the Bethesda e3 stream and chill with me as we talk about it. Then after that batman series continues with arkham city :)
Got a x114 combo with Nightwing in Arkham City. The road to Arkham Knight continues!
Whenever I think about DLC prices, I remember I bought the DX upgrade for Sonic Adventure and Harley's Revenge for Arkham City.
Scroll throgh this page of a thread at IGN:
In this part of Batman Arkham City, We find WONDER CIITY!
Would anyone want to watch me playthrough Batman Arkham City or Arkham Knight when it comes out on stream or nah
I won the Wrecking Ball achievement in Batman: Arkham City for 28 pts -
» 11:00 pm. Various gunshots and screams echoed out across the city; a daily thing. . Amidst the chaos, the Arkham Knight »
» A being that went by the name, Arkham Knight. The city has yet to know of what his plans exactly are. . It was »
The arkham city suit leaked from and I'm in love 😍. Almost love this suit more than…
I think I might play through Batman Arkham Asylum/City/Origins to keep me occupied during the next 8 days while waiting for Knight to drop☺️
I added a video to a playlist Let's PlayBatman Arkham City Part 3
Just looked at my calendar and noticed Arkham Knight releases next week! Going back to Arkham City for combat prep and story refresh.
Batman Arkham Asylum: Complete. Batman Arkham City: Complete. Batman Arkham Origins: complete. Safe to say I'm ready for Arkham Knight now
People who have actually played Arkham City and STILL think that movie Bane beats video game Bane? Fight me irl
20 mins of Batman Arkham City max settings.
for windows live Batman Arkham City скачать
Since I'm up my fathers I decided to continue my old new game plus file of Arkham City
Well, finished Arkham City. Now I'm ready for Arkham Knight, the only game of the whole series I will actually purchase.
yeah. You get the full story, that's why they cut cat woman from the base game in Arkham City
I hope Arkham Knight puts the same amount of detail into the game as Arkham City
I think the next game I'm going to play after Arkham City is MGS.
City is (part of) Old Gotham, duh. In Arkham Knight the prison that is Arkham City obviously no longer exists.
Arkham City and Arkham Asylum have been confirmed to not be apart of the game map. He is not telling the truth.
Probably going to start doing some game reviews this year, first one will be Batman: Arkham City later this month
You're talking during the game. Arkham City used to be a part of Gotham, right? And it was the site where his parents were-
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Arkham City good Very game guys tomorrow Happy Friday
Arkham City is never afraid to change the rules of the game on you and then explain them to you once you're dead
can you go to Arkham city in Arkham Knight
Arkham Knight. Sequel to City and Asylum. AC did an open world thing. It's still a great game, but not as good as AA.
Gotham City is full of things to do in Knight
игру Batman Arkham City game of the year edition
"Oracle, I need another way in!". "Go in the front door.". "Okay.". Basically the dialogue in Arkham City.
My desire to preorder and play at launch, I should say. Arkham City and all its DLC I bought for 20 a year later for example
Will we see the ruins of Arkham City? if so will we see any flashbacks of what happened between games?
Arkham City GOTY edition came out 3 years after the original Arkham City.guess im waiting till 2018 to cop that GOTY Arkham Knight smh
Love playing Batman Arkham City new game plus as Batman Beyond and picturing it as Bruce before retiring. Almost works.
I hate how they say ra's al ghuls name in arkham city, odd if its correct, but sounds too much like Rachel ghul lol
hey will we see any of the other characters from Arkham city or asylum ? Will we able to go Arkham Asylum and city
We've been in that Arkham City for five years...
May your frame rate of 56 on Arkham City highest settings.
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Batman: Arkham City is just $4.99 on steam! . go and get it if you don't have this gem!
finally finished Arkham Asylum. Twas a really fun game! Arkham City is next right?
News: Xbox Live sale: Arkham City, Gotham City Imposters, LEGO Batman 2 up to 75% off - Total...
So I finished Arkham City's Story earlier today, excited to play Origins as I'd like to know what went on to cause Asylum >
I mean Arkham Asylum was great, Arkham City was the same game and Origins too. the game didn't evolve. From A. City it sucked. The IP died.
Today is a very important day - it's the May Calendar Man date in Arkham City. (I completed it back in 2012...did YOU?)
I won the Catch achievement in Batman: Arkham City for 8 pts -
The Azrael you saw in Arkham City is Michael Lane,The one I'm talking about is Jean Paul Valley.Both are cool characters doe.
I want Mortal Kombat 9, Batman Arkham Asylum and Arkham City released on PS4.
Check out this Amazon deal: Batman: Arkham City (Game of the Year Edition) by Warner Home Video - Games via
What are some good superhero games that aren't Spider-Man 2, Ultimate Spider-Man, Arkham Asylum and Arkham City? …
yeh the one where his booty is in its fully glory! Yeh origins had bad reviews. Asylum is ok, but Arkham City sooo good
Batman: arkham city repack by fenixx 12.89
If I don't get Arkham city for Valentine's Day ima cry
I want to start having game nights where people bring in their favorite video games and we play and have a good time. "Arkham City Nights!"
Going live now starting my blind playthrough of Batman: Arkham City. Come join at
I'll be streaming vidyah games today at 3PM EST, thats ~1 hour from now. Some more Batman Arkham City =).
And add a LOT of replay value, keeping the game alive for a good long time! Arkham City's was fantastic
A new Sponsor Play was released on Friday- watch Josh and Pat play Arkham City:
I will be back and streaming Batman: Arkham City this evening. Looking forward to playing and chatting with you all again
Yeah I remember getting Batman: Arkham Asylum, Arkham City, Arkham Origins and all DLC bundle steam keys for for $9.99.
Think I'm just gonna beat people up in Arkham city now
Batman Arkham City: New behind the scenes feat Mark Hamill as the Joker:
If u think Arkham City was great, watch this. . Batman Arkham Knight ACE Chemicals Trailer Part 1:
NEW! WII U on Ebay UK Wii u Batman Arkham City
Also got Arkham City PS3. The trilogy complete. Now just to play them (!) The steelbook from Tescos was a surprise
Babe this is the Harley I was talking about, everyone cosplays this one! She's from Batman: Arkham City
Batman Arkham City and Arkham Asylum Game of the Year Bundle for PlayStation 3 $15.00 via eBay We love Bonnie...Bo…
Arkham Asylum memang the best, tapi I prefer Origin over City
Yeah, Batman Arkham City is aan het downloaden :)
Batman: arkham city game of the year
hi aj. just playing the batman:arkham City Harley always reminds me on u;) unless that ur sexier ;) let me be joker:)how romantic
Batman arkham trilogy asylum city origins
Arkham Origins features an expanded Gotham City and introduces an original prequel storyline set several
Arkham Origins is better than Arkham City. It has an unique storyline.
Arkham City (PS3) is selling cheaper at INR 995 today
'Arkham Asylum' down, now its on to 'Arkham City' 😁
: Arkham City [Essentials] (Games, PS3) is selling cheaper at INR 969 today
when Batman says to Joker in Arkham City, I would have still saved you
I liked a video from Harley Quinn Makeup Tutorial (Arkham City & Revenge)
I let my son play Batman Arkham City & he spent an hour bustin bad guys in the crotch w/the remote controlled Batarang, my son is Batman
my favorite moment would have to be the part where Batman rips out Solomon Grundy's heart in Arkham City
Batman Arkham City game of the year edition рус скачать
Exploration seems more AC inspired, Combat is without a doubt the same engine as Arkham City
My favorite moment was at the end of Arkham City, when batman carried joker's body out of Arkham City. Such a powerful scene.
Shadow of Mordor is pretty fun, think of Batman Arkham City an Assassin's Creed 2 having a baby
i missed your entire Arkham city stream because i slept. Hope you don't mind if i camp in your channel and watch the VOD.
I liked a video BATMAN: Arkham City - Walkthrough Part 48 - Retrieve the cure from Joker
I wanna do the Arkham City Harley Quinn some time
I've been playing Arkham City for the past 4 hrs, srry chemistry hw
I knew this game felt familiar, but it's not Assassin's Creed, it uses the same engine as Batman Arkham City
Batman Arkham City GOTY for is on sale for $4.99 (was $19.99) 4/5 Stars.
I liked a video from Batman Arkham City CATWOMAN DLC ENDING / FINAL BOSS
Arkham of course! *He threw his arms up* In arkham city we had great times you know with me trying to kill you.
Why don't you make a suit just like Batman Arkham City? Little bat-ears are ugly.
Batman Arkham City CATWOMAN DLC ENDING / FINAL BOSS. Been a busy last couple of days. Dead King DLC and...
Gotham City, although I don't work at Arkham Asylum anymore.
i got called out in renays stream and shes playing Batman Arkham City
Arkham City: There be Bats and Cats and Clowns about!:
Starting Arkham City RIGHT NOW! First time, don't backseat or I will destroy you. (◠﹏◠✿)
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Oh man, don't get me started. I have Fallout 3, Arkham Asylum, Arkham City, LA Noir, and Skyrim still unplayed or mostly so.
Do you think that rocksteady will do a remastered version of Batman Arkahm Asylum and Arkham City in 2016. Just an idea I had.
I liked a video from Harley Quinn's Revenge "Payback" Trailer - Batman: Arkham City
I've got a bunch of 360 games I'd like to sell, and I don't want to get like 50 cents a game from gamestop. Let me know if you're interested in any of these: GTA V: 10$ Black Ops 2: 10$ Skyrim: 5$ World at War: 5$ Darksiders 2: 5$ Fable 2: 5$ Arkham Asylum: 5$ Arkham City: 5$ Fallout New Vegas: 5$ Modern Warfare 1: 5$ Modern Warfare 2: 5$ Modern Warfare 3: 5$ Assassin's Creed Brotherhood: 5$ Battlefield 3: 5$ Fallout 3: 5$ Space Marine: 5$ Gears of War: 5$ Dragon Age Origins: 5$ Left 4 Dead: 5$ Kingdoms of Amalur Reckoning: 5$ If you buy them all I let them go for $75 total.
My dame is the best, thank you! Late Xmas present (though not her fault as it was released on Xmas day), the latest statues in my collection...Mr. Freeze and Poison Ivy straight from the Arkham Asylum and Arkham City games 😄!!! The detail is crazy! There's condensation on the snow globe Freeze is holding and you can even see a frozen Nora in it! Ivy is just gorgeous from top to bottom! Next statues to add to the line? Riddler and I come.
Here's Sophie of Ta'Veren Tees as Talia Al Ghul (Batman: Arkham City version). Crazy good job! -...
u should see the cuts from Batman Arkham Asylum & Arkham City. Kevin Conroy & Mark Hamill voicing Batman/Joker like in BTAS.
I know HUGO Strange, but that's because of Batman: Arkham City
Ice Land from Super Mario Bros. 3 and all of Batman: Arkham City.
Our fans discovered a new Easter Egg in Batman: Arkham City this week! Here's the info from
Arkham City is amazing too! Did you complete all the Riddler challenges etc on Asylum or just the story mode?
For sale three Xbox 360 games, barely used, work fine no problems, selling because I don't play them anymore, would make good Christmas presents-Batman Arkham Asylum, Batman Arkham City and top spin 4! £15 for all three or £5 for each, need gone today collection Ely
Easter egg found in Batman: Arkham City three years after its release. Could it signal the return of the Joker?
Ah, finally sold my wii u arkham city. That took a while.
Another great day at Arkham City Comics - Auckland thanks again guys and my dad for coming to help with the Research with us
Going through another Batman phase brought on by Arkham City. They all said that Asylum has the better storyline, but city is where it's at.
You know me, Ah'll be here, Arkham, or walkin' around the city. *She smiled, and gave you a hug* Thanks again.
It's day Three of Cosplay Week on Batman Arkham. We've got Arkham City Robin by ready to join the fight.
Somehow managed to screw up my Arkham Asylum file twice in a week, so I guess that's my cue to just skip to Arkham City.
A new easter egg from Arkham City has been found after three (!!!) years:
About to finish playing arkham city
coming to RDR after games like SRIV and Arkham City made the game hollower for me
The ending of Arkham City that is so Batman right there he would save even his worst enemies from death
Downloaded the Cat Woman version in Arkham City 🙀😸 haven't let the bro have a single turn since!
I liked a video from Batman: Arkham City - Identity Theft (Hush) - Side Mission
I loved Arkham City but the campaign was really short
To keep playing Arkham City, or to go on CoD... Either way I'll be alone. xD
was trending earlier today. Can’t get much better than catwoman in Arkham City 😻😻😻
Batman: Arkham City - Armored Edition for Wii U was released on this day in North America, two years ago (2012)
After hearing as Talia Al Ghul in Arkham City, I just can't hear anyone else. It seems... wrong.
I can lend them all to you. You kinda have to play Arkham Asylum and Arkham City, Arkham Origins isnt needed
Doug Ford is running for mayor of Toronto while of Rob Ford is running for mayor of Arkham City.
So I guess I'll buy Batman: Arkham Asylum + Batman: Arkham City (both for 10$ this week)!
Ps3 games, excellent condition $5 each Batman Arkham City: game of the year edition Call of duty black ops II Call of duty world at war Battlefield bad company 2 ultimate edition Tomb raider underworld
Arkham Academy is so good. I’ve re-read it like 3 times now. It’s basicay Harry Potter in Gotham City sprinkled with Batman. Great concept!
It's now a race between Batman Arkham City and Borderlands 2 to be at the top spot of my most played games on Steam. Currently, Arkham City stands 1st with 51hrs with Borderlands 2 a close 50hours. Rounding out the top 5 are The Sims 3 (49hrs), Star Trek Online (42 hours) and Arkham Origins (31hrs).
And that's Arkham City complete. All Riddler trophies, side missions, they were voted the "Greatest Devonians" in Devon County Council's
I hear the game's combat system is similar to arkham city. Very mash my and repetitive, but still fun for a bit.
All the females in arkham city, are hot
//So my 6 year old brother is playng Arkham City and playing as Nightwing. IM SO PROUD!
I need Sims 4, The Last Of Us, NBA2K15, Grand TheftV, Arkham City, Final Fantasy VII and I will probably have no life. Which is fine.
it still suffers from GRUFFDUDE MCDEADFAMILY like every other dude, but *** if it doesn't feel nice to play. Arkham City Combat da bes.
on the subject of the Arkham series, I read Arkham Knight is 5x the size of Arkham City. Unbelievably stoked on it.
Arkham City seemed to be abandoned, especially what happened with The Joker, it was chillier than usual, extremely windy+
don't get me wrong. I loved the Arkham games. Bought City and Origins. Waiting for Knight to come out. Was just hoping for more.
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//Oo Arkham city sounds good. He'd probably go into it thinking he could handle that place
// Maybe he wonders near an abandoned warehouse? Or into Arkham City? Or even the ACE Chemical Building?
I preordered. About 4 hours in. It's a little too similar to the Arkham (City/Origins) games for me, but great as a whole.
After playing Arkham City for so long, Arkham Asylum looks like garbage.
Also Batman Arkham City (The last Batman game). Now i'm just saying those game that is pretty demanding on the FPS. No problem man
The free games I received on PS3 were definitely worth the sub tho. inFamous 2/Arkham City/Tomb Raider
Assassin Creed + Arkham City had a baby with Red Dead Redemption as a mentor.
it is awesome! It's a mix of assassin creed and Arkham City. The nemesis system keeps you in the game
After Arkham City having "PRESS A TO MOURN" I keep wondering what will be next
PS3 Experts: can I play Arkham City before Arkham Asylum? Or are they separate games?
Arkham Knight comes out in June. I have time to play City and Origins. So many games to play, so little time.
I liked a video Batman Arkham City review
"Mmhhmm, now, let's get to business shall we?" Crane headed to his lab at Arkham City where he had his plans for his project.
"All the details, how much per capture, where to bring them to, most preferably Arkham City, everything you need to know"
Played FIFA Street (360), Batman: Arkham City (360) and 1 other game in the last 24 hours.
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I actually wanted to play Arkham City, 3hrs later, still not even started.
Nah the outfit is more Arkham city version
Hush is awesome. Arkham Origins disappointed me cause it couldn't continue Hush from Arkham City
Selling Batman Arkham City for Xbox 360. I'll admit I'll never get around to playing this wicked game.
Monolith did a good job with it, but it's still hilarious to watch how completely identical this is to the combat in Arkham City
Joshua Natividad, the winner of Batman Arkham Asylum and Arkham City, has claimed his prize.
Arkham City is essentially Escape From New York in superhero game form. Which I'm fine with.
BATMAN Arkham Knight GETS A RELEASE DATE In June, it was revealed to us that Rocksteady's 3rd entry, Arkham Knight, would be delayed. With each passing month the demand for some information on the game increased and we now finally have a release date. June 2nd, 2015. In addition, two collector’s editions of the title have been announced including the Batman: Arkham Knight Limited Edition set and the Batman: Arkham Knight Batmobile Edition. Both collections will include their own statues, one of Batman and the other of the Batmobile respectively, in addition to: Custom Art Book – 80 Page, Full Color Art Book Showcasing the concept art of Batman Arkham Knight Limited Edition SteelBook – Unique SteelBook case and game disc Comic Book – Limited Edition DC Comics Batman: Arkham Knight Comic Book Exclusive Character Skin Pack – Three Unique Skins from DC Comics – The New 52 The thrilling finale takes place after the shocking events of Arkham City. Batman faces off against The Scarecrow, who, unites ...
I have two xbox 360 games, never played, but opened. Batman-Arkham City, and Saints Row 4...asking $15 for batman, and $30 for saints. IBM, also can make an offer.
I'm revisiting Batman: Arkham City later!! Do you like that series?
22. Batman: Arkham City. I don’t know what I expected but it certainly didn’t deliver
I love the batman stuff. Been watching it since Luke's playthrough of Batman: Arkham City.
48 hour survival food supply? Check. Batsignal disabled? Check. Xbox set for an all Arkham City weekend? CHECK.
You should read Batman: Hush, dude!. He doesn't make much sense in Arkham City without that story.
Hey I need your help . What character is in Batman Arkham City?!?!?
My new games I got the other day from John Woo's Stranglehold and Batman: Arkham City.
Batman: Arkham Origins is better than Arkham City and on the same level as Arkham Asylum. A great origin story to the Arkham series. (9/10)
Not One Percent on Batman: Arkham City for your country he had Chipoltle for the Unova region. So much weed do drunks typically pay for
Connected to Quincy Sharp's office in Batman: Arkham Asylum is a secret room with blue prints to Arkham City.
my favourites was the Hush side mission, Ra's Al Ghul behind Arkham City and the epic ending
Finding out it was Ras Al Ghul's plan in the end of Arkham City.
Still amused about the fact that Steve Blum did most of the inmate voices in Arkham City
batman Arkham Origins having just completed Arkham City and Asylum since I bought it during the summer sale.
Arkham Asylum is quite short. Arkham City definitely fixes that problem.
In the end B:Arkham Asylum is better than B:Arkham City(of course, imo), but in B:AC Joker was better than in B:AA(imo²). .
Batman related and other figures @ SDCC 2014 / Shared by KOdzilla & mwctoys More photos here: This year, Hot Toys partners with Sideshow Collectibles (booth again and is proud to present a wide variety of newly announced licenses and movie-accurate collectibles including the Marty McFly and The DeLorean from classic film Back to the Future, Ellen Ripley and Power Loader from Alien and Aliens, the highly anticipated Batman from Arkham City, 1/12th scale The Bat, Bat Signal with Lt. Jim Gordon and John Blake, The Joker (Bank Robber 2.0 Version) and Batman Armory from The Dark Knight Trilogy, Iron Man 3 with the firstly shown Bones (Mark XLI) and newly introduced Diecast Mark III, the Guardians of the Galaxy Series, the hugely successful Maleficent, Captain America 2 and The Amazing Spiderman 2 and AVP Series, as well as the Japanese animation, game and artist project including Appleseed, Space Pirate Captain Harlock, Metal Gear Rising; Revengeance and Protect Gear, many of which are firstly shown in the eve ...
Arkham city has one of the best stories to a video game. I cant wait for Arkham Knight. But it wont be the same without joker :/
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