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Arkansas Supreme Court

The Arkansas Supreme Court is the highest court in the U.S. state of Arkansas. Since 1925, it has consisted of a Chief Justice and six Associate Justices, and at times Special Justices are called upon in the absence of a regular justice.

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Trump’s Supreme Court pick uses first vote to allow the execution of a disabled black man | The Independent
U.S. Supreme Court stops Arkansas execution after a day of legal wrangling - Los Angeles Times
Political writer helps get us and up to speed on the latest with the Arkansas Supreme Court
Arkansas puts hold on execution as US Supreme Court reviews case -
1995 held the knock & announce is part of a reasonable analysis in Wilson v. Arkansas
Military at war for 15 years gets 1.9% pay increase. If only they were on Arkansas Supreme Court
Justices back shift of cases to lower court - The Arkansas Supreme Court is disputing several points made by a ...
Arkansas carries out first double execution in the US for 16 years
Two judicial branches at odds over workload - A footnote in an Arkansas Supreme Court ruling this spring offloa...
The Arkansas Supreme Court and Court of Appeals are sniping at each other and I'll sort it all out in a Sunday column.
Arkansas Supreme Court puts execution of one inmate on hold
Supreme Court ends case over Little Rock payments to chamber of commerce (@ Arkansas Blog, Arkansas Times)
US Supreme Court denies petitions to halt Arkansas executions: Ledell Lee's execution stayed for at least an hour
Ark Court of Appeals rules on prisoner petition and kind of unloads on Supreme Court. Trouble in Justice Building.
Arkansas Supreme Court seeking 11% raise. How much justices will make under the proposal:
.JUST IN: Arkansas Supreme Court denies stay of execution on both requests by Kenneth Williams.
carries out first execution since 2005 after Supreme Court denies stay requests. 7 to follow in April.🙏✊.
Justices seeking 11% raise - The Arkansas Supreme Court wants the commission that sets the pay of elected state...
Arkansas Supreme Court asks for 11 percent pay raise
Arkansas Supreme Court recently dumped bunch of case types on Court of Appeals. Now wants raise to widen pay margin over Court of Appeals.
ArkSupreme Court justices want 11% pay raise, to be in line with other states. But Arkansas COL isn't "other states."
. . . RHS law firm has protectors in the Arkansas Supreme Court the Arkansas Bar association the list goes on💯💯
Ledell Lee asks Arkansas Supreme Court for stay of execution to prove his innocence through DNA testing
Two executions scheduled for tonight in Arkansas are halted, though state has appealed to U.S. Supreme Court to allow one…
Arkansas Supreme Court bars judge from hearing death penalty cases after protest participation.
The Arkansas Supreme Court lifted an order Monday evening that halted the state's plan to execute eight inmates ...
The Arkansas Supreme Court has removed a judge who participated in a death-penalty protest from hearing capital ... https…
In a dizzying legal drama over Arkansas' planned executions, the state Supreme Court granted stays in 2 of the cases
prisoner Don Davis urges not to vacate the stay of issued by the Supreme Cou…
Arkansas Supreme Court halts procedures hours before the 1st of 7 death row inmates were scheduled to be executed
Arkansas Supreme Court halts executions of two men originally scheduled to be put to death Monday night.
Arkansas Supreme Court bars judge who joined protests from hearing death penalty cases:.
The Arkansas Supreme Court has thrown out a temp restraining order which blocked the use of one of the executions dr…
Arkansas Supreme Court halts two executions set for Monday
Supreme Court blocks first two executions of Arkansas prisoners despite desperate scramble from state lawyers who w
BREAKING: Arkansas Supreme Court halts 2 executions of inmates scheduled for Monday. . For background:
Arkansas Supreme Court. *Liberals will easily take the life of the unborn, yet plead for the life of heartless murderers of…
Here are the orders from the Arkansas Supreme Court:
.Lawyers for death-row inmate facing potential execution tonight ask Supreme Court not to vacate stay
GREAT NEWS! The Arkansas Supreme Court has blocked both executions that were scheduled for tonight!!!. 6 more to go.
.Update: Arkansas Supreme Court confirms that the state's reconsideration request in Bruce Ward's case rema…
The Arkansas attorney general's office says it has appealed the Arkansas Supreme Court's stay of execution order to the U.…
Arkansas death row inmate receives last meal as US Supreme Court considers case to decide his fate http…
The Arkansas Supreme Court blocked the executions of two men who were scheduled to die tonight by lethal injection
In separate rulings Friday, a county judge and the Arkansas Supreme Court halted seven executions scheduled for 11-day span starting Monday.
Arkansas Supreme Court issues emergency stay for Bruce Ward - he was set to be executed Monday
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Arkansas Supreme Court grants stay of execution for one condemned inmate
Arkansas Supreme Court halts execution of 1 of 7 inmatesABC NewsProtesters gather outside the state Capitol building on Friday, April 14, 2…
Towleroad (out of Nevada) picked up the story on Arkansas Supreme Court ruling against same sex parents. Restart...
Picture from a tour I once had of the Supreme Court.
Is Arkansas broken? Read more about Upcoming Arkansas Supreme Court decision:
State bar: Let select few, not the voters, decide who sit on the Arkansas supreme court
I got word they were a little worried i was going to broadside the arkansas supreme court in my appearance on judiciary panel. nope.
Arkansas Supreme Court Chief Justice Howard Brill at the state bar association annual meeting in Hot Springs today.
State Bar Association to vote on whether Arkansas should appoint Supreme Court justices. Also on the agenda:
Bill Clinton disbarred frm practicing law in Arkansas AND disbarred frm practicing law in front of Supreme Court over Lewinski incident
AUCC community! Save the date! We will be discussing our next steps to the Supreme Court DACA+/DAPA Decision! See...
The dark $ in the Arkansas Supreme Court election was so crazy that the GOP governor is calling for reform.
Arkansas Supreme Court halts decision on disclosure of execution drugs: The Arkansas Supreme Cou...
Circuit judge begins bid for Arkansas Supreme Court Chief Justice, will challenge
Judge launches bid for Arkansas Supreme Court Chief Justice (from
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The Arkansas Supreme Court set out four factors needed to. establish a claim for outrage or the intentional infliction of s
I just talked about the Hot Dog Launch with the Chief Justice of the Arkansas Supreme Court.
Arkansas Times - This Supreme Court brought to you by big business
By a thousand cuts: Arkansas seeks ruling upholding bans on abortion after 12 weeks.
Our newest associate Mary Buckley was sworn in Friday morning at the Supreme Court of Arkansas. Congrats Mary B!...
A chance to overturn Roe v. Wade?: A new appeal of an Arkansas law gives the Supreme Court an opportunity to deal with abortion.
Arkansas Times - Big business backing Womack for Supreme Court
Arkansas Supreme Court hears case of baby born on meth: Little Rock, Ark. (AP) - Attorneys f...
My mom always told me not to swear, but they made me. @ Arkansas Supreme Court
Arkansas Supreme Court justices hear woman's case of baby born on meth:
Rutledge to petition U.S. Supreme Court to uphold 12-week abortion ban
It’s my pleasure to appoint UA Professor Howard Brill as the next Chief Justice of the Arkansas Supreme Court.
Arkansas Times - Behind the scenes at the Arkansas Supreme Court
Behind the scenes at the Arkansas Supreme Court: You'll find additional information about Arkansas… |
"Behind the scenes at the Arkansas Supreme Court"
Her dishonor and other secrets of Arkansas Supreme Court.
Supremely discredited: Arkansas Supreme Court Justice Rhonda Wood and her allies continue to discredit the state's…
Tomorrow column to explain that Arkansas Supreme Court is a fine mess all around and kinda defends Justice Rhonda Wood. She aint the worst.
Oklahoma Supreme Court ruled the Ten Commandments monument was unconstitutional. Now Satanic Temple heading to Arkansas
How did Supreme Court pay for clerks raises? Read the memo.
*** activist buys sends readers to LGBT chat room.
Arkansas passed a law last session that allows children with special needs to have educational options!
ICYMI: talks with about disorder in the Arkansas Supreme Court:
Arkansas is now 12th state to rule Miller v. Alabama retroactive via
Colorado nuns appeal birth control ruling to Supreme Court
lgbtqnation: Supreme Court voted on narrow part of case -
Supreme Court voted on narrow part of case -
Arkansas Reports: Cases Determined in the Supreme Court of the State of Arkan...
Arkansas Supreme Court applied Miller v. Alabama retroactively more than 50 people sentenced as children will have the opportunity of parole
Awesome night welcoming the Arkansas Supreme Court at Big Creek! I had a great talk with Chief Justice Hannah
Hamilton Collection
Arkansas Supreme Court upholds the state’s lethal injection law: The Arkansas Supreme Court on Thursday said that...
Arkansas Supreme Court ruled the state's restrictive voter ID law was unconstitutional
Arkansas Supreme Court fires Circuit Judge Michael Maggio, who leaked confidential details about an adoption involving Charlize Theron.
Senior editor Max Brantley with the video news report. Private clubs; Uber; minimum wage; Arkansas Supreme Court; Razorback football caters to students; remembering Robin Williams -- some right, some wrong.
ACCI was a major part of this year's State of the Judiciary Address by Chief Justice Jim Hannah.
March 20 (Reuters) - Johnson & Johnson on Thursday won the reversal by the Arkansas Supreme Court of a roughly $1
4th. In 1995, the United States Supreme Court ruled in Wilson v. Arkansas that the requirement was indeed part of the constitutional test.
Maybe an Arkansas blog is more your speed, Becky:
John Lyon, writing for Stephens Med ia, makes clear what's afoot in Sen. Jason Rapert's little demagoguery at the Legislative Council last week with his resolution decrying Judge Chris Piazza's marriage equality ruling. It's all about intimidating the Arkansas Supreme Court. And emerging judicial po…
THIS DATE IN ARKANSAS HISTORY 19-Jun 1964 Senators Fulbright and McClellan vote against Civil Rights Act of 1964, which passes 73-27. 19-Jun 1944 Governor Homer Adkins says, "we should keep Democratic party a white party. My suggestion [is] to challenge every *** voter on the ground that he is a Republican and always has been." 19-Jun 1922 Mary Morris Burnett Talbert received the NAACP Springarn Medal. Was on faculty of Bethel University in 1886 and first black Principal of Union High School at Little Rock in 1887. 19-Jun 1868 President Andrew Johnson vetoes bill for readmission of Arkansas to the Union. 19-Jun 2003 Arkansas Supreme Court rejects Wal-Mart claim that it had no liability for death of John Tucker from heart failure after Wal-Mart pharmacist Russell White misfilled prescription for Zaroxolyn with Ziac 19-Jun 1985 Congressman Beryl Anthony said he was "thrilled' by House vote appropriating $124.5 million for production of nerve gas for first time since halted in 1969. 19-Jun 1970 Acting on ...
THIS DATE IN ARKANSAS HISTORY 24-May 1990 Robert Brown, candidate for Arkansas Supreme Court, attacks opponent Judge Judith Rogers for her past legal work as an ACLU cooperating attorney defending adult-movie chain and opposing death penalty. He wins. Such tactics still work. 24-May 2006 Judicial Discipline and Disability Commission admonished Circuit Judge Judge L.T. Simes of Helena-West Helena for soliciting campaign contributions from two lawyers who appeared before him in court. 24-May 1985 About 50 protesters with placards demonstrated outside the Allen-McKinney Post No. 4 American Legion building at Harrison where Rev. Thom Robb, national KKK Chaplain, held Christian Identity meeting. 24-May 2007 Handbills distributed in Harrison warning about corruption of local culture, specifically blasting FedEx Freight for its diversity council and for making donations to GLADD, a defense group for *** and *** 24-May 1963 Dr. Billy James Hargis and General Edwin Walker share speaking bill for Christian C ...
Primary election day in Arkansas! While many of my progressive friends are crossing over to vote on a more-populated Republican ballot, I can't make myself do that. The nonpartisan judicial races are the most important to me this go-round and I've paid them some extra close attention. For whatever it's worth, yours truly will be voting for Tim Cullen for the Arkansas Supreme Court and Mike Reif for Circuit Judge. I hope you'll resist the urge to skip voting this time--judicial races matter a lot when it comes to, well, justice. If you were one of the thousands of people celebrating marriage equality in Arkansas this month, please remember that it was an elected judge (Chris Piazza) who made that happen AND it will be a group of elected Arkansas Supreme Court justices hearing the appeal. Judicial races are important. Suck it up and go vote.
A group with a history of running controversial ads attacks in Arkansas Supreme Court race.
THIS DATE IN ARKANSAS HISTORY 4-May 1940 Last convention of the Communist Party of Arkansas meets in Taborian Hall and nominates Ralph Field for Governor. 4-May 2006 Arkansas Supreme Court says citizen David Harris not entitled to attorney fees in successful lawsuit against Ft. Smith for violation of FOIA. Justices Glaze and Imber eloquently and rightly dissent. 4-May 1898 John Gould Fletcher is among the speakers at rally in the open space at 21st and Main to celebrate the victory of Commodore Dewey at Manila 4-May 1950 *** Powell, along with wife June Allison, serves as grand marshal in Little Rock's Rose Festival Parade. 4-May 1991 Ralph Forbes, unsuccessful Republican nomination for lieutenant governor, stood on a concrete picnic table to address about 120 Klan supporters waving Confederate flags in Creekmore Park at Ft. Smith, . 4-May 1999 Douglas Gill of Fisher filed a lawsuit against State Rep. Keith Davis, D-Weiner, claiming he reneged on deal to buy Poor Boy Sanitation, a garbage collection ser . ...
THIS DATE IN ARKANSAS HISTORY 29-Mar 1976 James Carfagno, recent UA law graduate, refused to answer question on Arkansas Supreme Court's application for admission to the bar as to whether he had ever been a member of the Communist Party. 29-Mar 1994 Governor Jim Guy Tucker became the first Democrat since George Washington Hays in 1914 to run unopposed in his party's gubernatorial primary. 29-Mar 1901 Arkansas Supreme Court holds that exclusion of Negroes from Perry County grand jury did not support quashing of an indictment against Ed Eastling. 29-Mar 1984 Governor Bill Clinton delivers eulogy for Roosevelt Thompson before 1,500 gathered at Little Rock Central High School. 29-Mar 1991 Rick Belk, of the Sebastian-Crawford Counties Labor Council, said the Southwest Times-Record has attitude against organized labor and is pushing a union decertification vote at Whirlpool. 29-Mar 1990 About 60 United Auto Workers members from Morrilton Plastic's Augusta plant went out on strike to protest contract changes in ...
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Top Dem sees new train wreck for own party Hillary pal says Obamacare is not only crisis in 2014 election Published: 2 hours ago WASHINGTON – A former high-ranking Clinton administration official and law partner with Hillary Clinton sees potential political disaster for Democrats in 2014 over Obama administration health-care policies. But it’s not just Obamacare that has Webb Hubbell, former Chief Justice of the Arkansas Supreme Court and associate attorney general of the U.S., concerned about the political fortunes of his party. It’s what he calls “tinkering with Medicare, the tried and true social insurance program that so many older Americans rely on – which so many future older Americans will rely on, too.” “You have to wonder why the administration would hand the Republicans such a gift,” he writes in a commentary piece in WND today. Webb Hubbell What concerns Hubbell, who served 21 months in prison in the 1990s after pleading guilty to federal charges of overbilling clients at the Ro ...
THIS DATE IN ARKANSAS HISTORY 2-Mar 1999 Representative Shane Broadway of Bryant, 26, elected over Representative Jim Wood of Tupelo to be Speaker of the House for 83rd General Assembly. 2-Mar 1972 Public Law 92-237 established Buffalo National River under jurisdiction of National Park Service. 2-Mar 1877 Miss Rhoda Munger, a Michigan lady of elocutionary fame, lectures at the Christian Church on the topic of "Woman's Suffrage." 2-Mar 1908 Arkansas Supreme Court upholds Jefferson County Circuit Court conviction of E. C. Ritchie for slander in claiming that he had had sexual intercourse with Bertha Kelly. 2-Mar 1943 Death of Scipio Africanus Jones, Little Rock attorney and civil rights advocate. 2-Mar 1910 Senator Jeff Davis fails to persuade House Committee to strike his testimony supporting Rep. Oldfield's "sunk lands" bill, wherein he said he would get a big fee if St. Francis Levee Board could recover. 2-Mar 1950 United Nations Economic and Social Council cited cases of peonage and labor under forced c ...
THIS DATE IN ARKANSAS HISTORY 16-Feb 1871 Arkansas House of Representatives votes Articles of Impeachment against Governor Powell Clayton. 16-Feb 1895 Arkansas Supreme Court holds a one night stand on a road trip "for the purpose of illicit sexual commerce, however scandalous and disgraceful from a moral standpoint" is not illegal cohabitation. 16-Feb 2007 Earl Adams demands that The Whole *** Sex Book by Felice Newman be removed from Bentonville Public Library and threatens to sue city for $20,000 because he thinks book harmed his sons. 16-Feb 1898 Robert Green Ingersoll gives lecture "Why I am an Agnostic" at Hot Springs. 16-Feb 1935 Joint Legislative Committee visits Commonwealth College to observe classes and examine the library holdings. 16-Feb 1972 Students at Arkansas AM&N march from campus to Pine Bluff Civic Center to protest merger of school with University of Arkansas System. 16-Feb 1985 Greasy Greens performs in a special reunion engagement at the S. O. B., 1321 East Second Street, Little ...
Just announced my candidacy for the Arkansas Supreme Court, position 3. Ready set go ...,
Jack Wilson Holt Jr. was Chief Justice of the Arkansas Supreme Court for ten years, and his landmark lawsuit against the Arkansas penitentiary caused the entire Arkansas prison system to be declared unconstitutional in 1970, triggering judicially inspired prison reforms in many states.
BREAKING NEWS: Karl Robert's request to have his case re-opened has been granted by the Arkansas Supreme Court just moments ago. Roberts was convicted and sentenced to death for the murder of his 12-year old niece, Andria Brewer, in Hatfield. He originally waived his right to appeal and then changed his mind just moments before his scheduled execution in 2004. The state's highest court ruled that it had previously failed to ensure Roberts was competent to waive his rights of appeal.
West of Memphis(2012)- Production Details Synopsis The West Memphis Three were convicted as teenagers for murdering three 8-year-old boys and spent 18 years in prison before being released in 2011. The film examines details of the police investigation and reveals new forensic evidence which led to the Arkansas Supreme Court's decision to overturn previous denials of appeals and prompted a new evidentiary hearing on the case.
"If cowardly and dishonorable men sometimes shoot unarmed men with army pistols or guns, the evil must be prevented by the penitentiary and gallows, and not by a general deprivation of a constitutional privilege." ~Arkansas Supreme Court, 1878
Arkansas Supreme Court reverses Sebastian County judge, upholds Freedom of Information Act in Fort Smith case
Two recent Arkansas Supreme Court decisions clarifying appellate jurisdiction: Muccio v. Hunt, et al., 2012 Ark. 416. (Held a motion to reconsider would be construed as a proper post trial motion that can extend the deadline to file a notice of appeal.) The decision can be found here:
Reading my Code of Ethics Training for the National Association of Realtors today. Reading about "procuring cause " and saw this quote in the text. “It's not the squirrel that gathers the nuts but the one who shakes the tree.” (Arkansas Supreme Court)
Have you read the provisions of the proposed Issue Medical Marijuana Act that has been approved by the Arkansas Supreme Court for consideration on the November 2012 general election ballot? If so, what do you think of this law as proposed?
The Arkansas Supreme Court found the state's death penalty unconstitutional. Didn't even know it was at issue. Holy crap!
The Arkansas Supreme Court rejected a ballot measure Thursday that would legalize casinos in several counties.
Medical marijuana: The Arkansas Supreme Court last week refused to strike down a ballot question that, if succes...
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It's official, Arkansas will be the first southern state to get the chance to vote on a proposed medical marijuana law.
Could Arkansas become the first southern state to legalize medicinal marijuana? The Arkansas Supreme court tossed out the requests from a handful of
The dangers of medicinal pot: Last Thursday, the Arkansas Supreme Court ruled that the initiative seeking to legalize medical marijua...
Arkansas Game & Fish Supreme Court case could have major Clean Water Act and property rights implications.
A proposal to legalize medical marijuana can appear on the November ballot, the Arkansas Supreme Court said on...
Arkansas Supreme Court on Thursday upheld a ballot measure advanced by activists.
The Arkansas Supreme Court ruled on Thursday that a medical marijuana voter initiative can remain on the state’s ballot for the upcoming elections. The Coalition to Preserve Arkansas Values had brought suit against the initiative, claiming that its proposed description on the ballot was misleading, ...
Arkansas Supreme Court says initiative to legalize medical marijuana can move forward.
Arkansas Supreme Court: Medical Marijuana Stays on the November Ballot via headlines
Medical Marijuana Okayed in Arkansas by Court: On Thursday, the Arkansas Supreme Court ruled that a proposal to ...
Did you know? Arkansas Supreme Court clears way for medical marijuana - Jurist: [JURIST] The ... And NOW you know!!
The Arkansas Medical Marijuana Act – set to be on the statewide ballot in November - was recently challenged by state conservative groups that argued the ballot measure's summary was misleading and incomplete, for example, by not specifying which illnesses a person would need to have to legally obta...
This one kind of surprises me. The Arkansas Supreme Court unanimously rejected a petition by a religious...
The Arkansas Supreme Court on Thursday upheld a proposed ballot measure that, if successful, would make the state...
The Arkansas Supreme Court upheld the proposed ballot measure on Thursday, making "The Natural State" the first in the South to ask its voters about medical marijuana, The Associated Press reported. Seventeen other states and the District of Columbia have already legalized medical marijuana to some degree.
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Supporters and opponents speak out on medical marijuana. More on the Arkansas Supreme Court's decision on
So Arkansas Supreme Court voted today to let the petition for legalization of medical marijuana on the ballot.
Thank you for having some sense, Arkansas Supreme Court.
The Arkansas Supreme Court clears the way for a vote on medical marijuana...details on Region Eight News at Five
The Arkansas Supreme Court ruled that Issue 5, the Arkansas Medical Marijuana Act, will appear on the ballot this November.
The Arkansas Supreme Court has just rejected the challenge to the Medical Marijuana Act's ballot title. to David Couch for a job well done. For everyone else, don't forget to vote.
Arkansas Supreme Court just ruled that medical marijuana will remain on the ballot
The Arkansas supreme court has shot down the lawsuit to take the Medical marijuana issue off of the ballot. It will remain!
You may have seen the ads for OBAMA by former Pres Bill Clinton. Can Clinton be trusted to tell the truth, since he lies under Oath ? The following is fact, and can be found on the internet. Please pass this email on to others. BILL CLINTON, 42nd President of the United States, was IMPEACHED by the House of Representatives on two charges: one of PERJURY and of OBSTRUCTION of JUSTICE, on December 19, 1998. The charges arose from the Monica Lewinsky scandal and the Paul Jones lawsuit. On April 12, 1999, Judge Wright found Clinton in contempt of court for “intentionally false” testimony in Jones v. Clinton, fined him $90,000, and referred the case to the Arkansas Supreme Court’s Committee on Professional Conduct, as Clinton still possessed a law license in Arkansas. The Arkansas Supreme Court suspended Clinton’s Arkansas law license in April 2000. On January 19, 2001, Clinton agreed to a five-year suspension and a $25,000 fine in order to avoid disbarment and to end the investigation of Independent C ...
Just a remind of the relative honesty of Slick Willie.In 2000 the Arkansas Supreme Court's Committee on Professional Conduct called for the disbarment of President Bill Clinton, saying he lied under oath about his affair with Monica Le...winsky. In January 2001 Clinton reached an agreement under which he was ordered to pay $25,000 in fines to Arkansas state's bar officials and his Arkansas law license was suspended for five years.[4] The agreement came on the condition that Whitewater prosecutors would not pursue federal perjury charges against him.[5] Clinton was suspended by the Supreme Court in October 2001, and, facing disbarment from that court, Clinton resigned from the Supreme Court bar in November 2001. YEAH!, I'm going to believe him.ROFL!
Today on THV: Ark. high court to hear casino arguments: The Arkansas Supreme Court will hear oral arguments...
This from my bud Adam Lansky: To all my supporters, This is fresh news as of Wednesday afternoon from TOM CARPENTER, city attorney: Dear Mayor Stodola and Members of the Board of Directors. Judge Moody held a conference call a few minutes ago and ruled in favor of Mr. Lansky to be added to the ballot, and against Ms. Lott. He is preparing an order now on the matter which will direct Ms. Langley to certify Mr. Lansky’s name, and will direct the Pulaski County Election Commission to take Ms. Lott’s name off the ballot as a candidate. It is possible that Ms. Lott will appeal this decision to the Arkansas Supreme Court, but it would be an expedited appeal and I am not sure there will be time. We could seek an expedited appeal of the decision as to Mr. Lansky, but I would like to review that issue further before I make any recommendation. Please let me know if you have any questions. Tom I will be meeting with Caleb Baumgardner (my campaign mgr.) next week to establish some directives but would love to hav ...
The Arkansas Supreme Court on Friday ruled unconstitutional the law allowing the state to carry out the death penalty.
Little Rock, Ark. (AP) — The Arkansas Supreme Court today declared the state's execution law unconstitutional. The high court sided with 10 death row inmates who argued that only the Legislature can set execution policy. Lawmakers voted in 2009 to give that authority to the Department of Corre...
Little Rock, Ark. — The Arkansas Supreme Court has struck down the state’s execution law, calling it unconstitutional.
Arkansas Supreme Court struck down the state's execution law, but did not deem lethal injection or the death penalty unconstitutional.
Arkansas Supreme Court hears arguments in use of lethal injection ... - Memphis Commercial Appeal
Just a reminder tomorrow is election day. I encourage you to vote for my friend Judge Jo Hart for Arkansas Supreme Court Justice. Please spread the word.
Great news! By a unanimous decision, the Arkansas Supreme Court has ruled that death row inmate Tim Howard is...
Arkansas Supreme Court eases ban on teacher-student sex -- as long as pupil is 18 / WHAT THE ***
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