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Arizona Senate

The Arizona Senate is part of the Arizona Legislature, the state legislature of the US state of Arizona.

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Great Americans like support President Trump, who made the _right_ move in recognizing Jerusalem as Israel's capi…
Arizona Republican Representative Trent Franks announced today he will step down in January…
Paul Ryan forces GOP colleague out of Congress - ABC News (via So we have conseque…
Its ok this old woman has nd us totally dememted, national reciprocity passed the hou…
Who do you suggested to run for the Senate seat? What Democrat in Arizona can win state wide?
Perhaps this will calm the fears of those on the left lamenting the resignation of Al Franken and John Conyers. Thi…
How did the House and Senate become such a outpost for Hyenas and Vultures? They display no Love for All of America…
Wouldn’t it be powerful if tomorrow the 33 US Senators who called on Al Franken to resign called a press conference and ca…
How House and Senate tax bills would affect college students, families via
Earlier this year the Senate passed a resolution honoring Pearl Harbor hero and Arkansan Joe George. We should especially…
Franken: "In the coming weeks, I will be resigning as a member of the United States Senate." And then turns and hits Trump…
Good news! Our bill to protect Arizona seniors from financial scams and fraud passed the Senate Banking Committee!…
GOP Rep. Trent Franks is expected to resign from Congress. One Arizona Republican said there had been rumors of sexual…
Days after siblings call him out for 'anti-semitic dog whistle,' Paul Gosar mulls Arizona Senate bid
I say Dems should run Steve Nash in Arizona Senate race . You down
If you are live in Arizona, or Hate Jeff Flake you will love this event. PS: Bannon will be there.
Sen. Flake is weak on border security, Dr. Kelli Ward says | Kelli Ward for US Senate, Arizona
is by far the best choice for US Senate in Arizona.
Don't be a Flake ! Vote Dr. Kelli Ward for U.S. Senate in Arizona !. . .
Deedra Abboud, Arizona Senate candidate at the Islamic Community Center of Tempe tonight
Arizona Senate approves another restriction to citizen-backed initiatives
Why President Trump will support Dr. Kelli Ward in the Arizona Senate race -
I could be the 1 who takes John McCain's Arizona Senate spot/retiring him in 8 years? But I would need you to pick me.
What do politics and have in common?
Great overview of our massive intern program. Join us!
Flake: Trump can't win if can't change:
is FOR WARD. will replace McCain in the Senate.
Go, social media, virtual interns and the race for a U.S. senate seat
Happy to see Gov. proudly stands behind Sen. John McCain for reelection to the U.S. Senate
“I wholeheartedly endorse John McCain for the U.S. Senate and I urge every Arizonan to join me.”
Vote this gang member out of the US Senate in the Arizona Primary.
My friends in Arizona. Get RINO John McCain out and a solid conservative into the Senate.
GOP: Senator McCain is not entitled to the Senate. If the people of Arizona has had enough of him. Don't blame Trump
The general election battle for US Senate is already rolling in Arizona, McCain faces late-August primary first.
🗣 PSST:. Ann Kirkpatrick (D) pulls ahead of John McCain in Arizona polls . via .
Democrat Ann Kirkpatrick pulls ahead of John McCain in Arizona senate race via
Read about impressive intern program, and if you're interested join!
The AZAGC would like to thank the Arizona House of Representatives, Arizona Senate and Governor Doug Ducey for...
NEW POLL: Arizona Senate race is TIED!. Spread the news, then say you’re in to turn the Senate blue >>...
Why Ann Kirkpatrick could actually defeat John McCain in the Arizona Senate race.
SUPPORTS TRUMP Thayer Verschoor was a Republican in the Arizona Senate
SUPPORTS TRUMP Lori Klein is an American politician from Arizona. A Republican, she serves in the Arizona Senate
Arizona Senate tentatively prevents cities from banning Airbnb
Arizona Senate approves changes to redistricting commission, voter approval still needed|
Arizona Senate could vote Monday on tax break for GCU, for-profit colleges - Phoenix Business Journal
New poll shows Congresswoman Ann Kirkpatrick in a statistical tie with Senator John McCain for Arizona Senate...
Denny Barney listens to Senate Pres Andy Biggs speak to the County Supervisors Association today
You are right! I'm supporting for Arizona's U.S. Senate.
Senate passes amendment to address recent flight path changes & more that weren't announced publicly
Another reason to get John McCain out of the senate vote
calls ground zero in US for heroin trafficking
Support for U.S. senate for the great state of Arizona.McCain OUT IN..with all due respect of course!
Bill Montgomery also to testify Monday at heroin hearing
On The Phil Williams Show Senate Candidate from Arizona will be talking Terrorism & more @ 540pm RT
Senate hearing set Monday in Phoenix on heroin trafficking
there is one really dangerous by someone after a congress or senate Arizona 2016 seat fly them straight to his state he even has
"is vulnerable, leads his opponent 41-1" LOLOL
lovers~from desert to HILLS*. Please join this Texan in RETIRING*. The maniacal The Senate's Train WRECK*. ICYMI~a FIRING!
Arizona plz do not re elect John McCain to Senate again. It's time for a new generation of leaders.
Better headlines for We're NPR not we swear!
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Better headlines for State legislature not key to universal name ID
Better headlines for Tough uphill climb for challenger
Better headlines for Incumbent senior senator holds 40 point lead over unknown opponent
Better headlines for Underfunded and unknown candidate polling at 1%
This might be one of the most ridiculous headlines I have ever seen - it's a 40 point lead!
Read this article. Then watch the clip.
Statement from Senate Leadership on Governor Ducey’s call to halt settlement of refugees in Arizona.
AZ Senate leadership backs 's call to stop refugee placement in AZ,
Please SIGN & SHARE to declare Students for Justice in Palestine an official HATE-GROUP. Thanks for your support!
Very Dubious Poll Has McCain written all over it. I ain't buying it!
Declare Students for Justice in Palestine (SJP) an Official Hate-Group via
Arizona Senate President to Board of Education, Diane Douglas: Settle suit -
AZ Senate President to Board of Education, Stop fighting, settle suit by
Senate president to Douglas, board: Settle suit
Arizona Senate President to Board of Education, Douglas: stop fighting -
A can of anchovies would poll better than 1% against I find this poll dubious
Roberts: Arizona Senate leaders have "grave concern" for student safety -
Senate Homeland Security chair calls for war
Senate Republicans urge schools chief, ed board to settle: Republican leaders of the Arizona Senate are urging...
CNN: Democratic Rep. Kirkpatrick to challenge McCain in Arizona Senate race
Yet has to STOP progress & save $.Energy Efficiency Improvement Act passed by Senate - FierceEnergy:
Common Core here to stay -- at least for now -- as Senate quashes bill to kill the academic standards.
No guns in public buildings. State senate votes in favor of 'whimper' instead of 'bang.' For now. via…
Arizona Governor Vetoes Bill Shielding Names of Officers in Fatal Shootings: A letter to the Arizona Senate pr...
Senators vote with to kill public building carry bill.
URGENT ACTION: Calling People of Arizona, Sign&Share Petition. Oppose SB1241=Preserve your right to Ban Plastic Bags!.
Arizona Senate kills bill to repeal Common Core
Georgia just defeated their plastic bag pre-emption bill. AZ needs to do the same.
Arizona Senate kills bill to repeal Common Core via
Last week, the Arizona House approved an amendment to Senate Bill 1172 that essentially slaps a gag over the big...
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Bill to allow guns in public buildings in Arizona fails to pass:.
Arizona Senate rejects bill ditching Common Core: The Arizona Senate rejected a bill Monday that would have di...
Arizona Senate nixes bill allowing guns in public buildings -
Senate fails to pass guns in public buildings proposal
Arizona Senate set to debate bill ditching Common Core -
Arizona Senate Committee of the Whole passes Rep. Steele's HB 2553 on Human Trafficking
.Speak out against special interests and reject SB 1291 immediately
Very pleased to have spoken with Arizona Senate and House Appropriations Committees this week! (1 of 2)
TODAY’S NOTABLE TEXAN OF THE DAY SANDRA DAY O’CONNOR JANUARY 9th 2015 Sandra Day O'Connor was born March 26, 1930 in El Paso Texas. She is a retired Associate Justice of the United States Supreme Court, serving from her appointment in 1981 by Ronald Reagan until her retirement in 2006. She was the first woman to be appointed to the Court. Prior to O'Connor's appointment to the Court, she was an elected official and judge in Arizona serving as the first female Majority Leader in the United States as the Republican leader in the Arizona Senate. On July 1, 2005, she announced her intention to retire effective upon the confirmation of a successor. Samuel Alito was nominated to take her seat in October 2005, and joined the Court on January 31, 2006. Considered a federalist and a moderate conservative, O'Connor tended to approach each case narrowly without arguing for sweeping precedents. She most frequently sided with the court's conservative bloc, although in the latter years of her tenure, she was re ...
Water Softeners Remain a Prominent Issue in Arizona The Water Quality Association and Arizona Water Quality Association continue to monitor several issues in Arizona, where water softeners are very much the topic of legislative and regulatory focus. Arizona's Legislative Salinity Committee issued its report to the legislature, making several recommendations, including an education outreach program for both water treatment installers and the general public about the effects of salinity in the Valley of the Sun. It also recommended the State adopt the California Water Softener Performance Standard: that a water softener must remove at least 4,000 grains of hardness per pound of salt used and a maximum of five gallons of water per 1,000 grains of hardness removed. HB 2117, which included the language for water softener performance standard, was introduced in the Arizona House of Representatives earlier this year. Despite passing in the House, the bill failed to be taken up by the Arizona Senate. In March, th ...
Arizona Senate kills bill on Common Core standards,The Arizona Senate has killed a bill prohibiting the state from using a set of new educational standards adopted by most of the nation.
Hey AZ! It's 2014. Do you know where your legislature is? Post-apocalyptic nuclear survival in the Arizona Senate
COMING UP ON NIGHTSIDE: A man tries to run from authorities in a stolen vehicle, but the whole chase comes to a dramatic end on a busy Yuma street. We have the latest details. Plus, we have some sad news to report. A motorcyclist has died after a traffic collision in Yuma. We'll tell you what authorities say caused the crash. Also on News 11, after the Arizona Senate killed a bill that would have banned the Common Core program from schools, one concerned Yuma resident says she's continuing her fight against it. Join us for these stories and more at 10 p.m. MST! - Irene and Michael
Because March is Social Work Month, PAFCO will be highlighting some of our favorite social workers. We kick it off by celebrating Senator Katie Hobbs. Senator Katie Hobbs received her BSW from Northern Arizona University and her MSW from Arizona State University. A professional social worker since 1992, she worked at the Sojourner Center for many years, engaging domestic violence survivors in the legislative process and social action. Elected to the House of Representatives in 2010, and to the Arizona Senate in 2012, Senator Hobbs is a powerful advocate for vulnerable Arizonans, supporting Medicaid expansion and proposing a state budget that supports the human services programs that our communities rely on. Hobbs was inspired to run for office to represent the vulnerable people that social workers serve. Katie Hobbs embodies the natural connection between social work and community advocacy. Thanks for all you do, Senator!
Arizona Senate panel votes to dump Common Core:
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Arizona Senate panel votes to bar Common Core standards!:
Arthur Hubbard Sr., a Navajo Code Talker and the first American Indian to serve in the Arizona Senate, has died at age 102. Thank you for your service and RIP!
THE DEATH OF DARK SKIES IN ARIZONA BILL! Hello Everyone, I just found out about this bill! Bill SB 1227 is presently in committee in the Arizona Senate. You can find the bill at This bill has already had its first and second read and is scheduled for hearing in committee today (February 10, ~2pm). If passed and signed into law by the Governor, this bill will: (A) prohibit adoption of any legislation by any Arizona town, city, or county related to energy efficiency and conservation, including but not limited to outdoor lighting codes which protect our dark skies and promote quality lighting, and (B) forbid enforcement of any such code from date of enactment forward. This is a harmful bill that will derail all future efforts in Arizona to develop good lighting codes or update the ones currently protecting our dark skies – but even worse, the wording is far ranging enough to extend far beyond lighting and/or interests relevant to the state’s $1.3B astronomy industry. It declares Arizona open-season fo .. ...
I think Phil Robertson needs to run for a seat in the Arizona Senate!
Expanded voucher system approved by Arizona Senate: The Arizona Senate has reversed course and approved an exp...
Arizona Legislature 2012 session ends with budget - Businessweek
"Expanded voucher system approved by Arizona Senate":
Breaking News: Expanded voucher system approved by Arizona Senate - | News for Yuma ... - KSWT
Expanded voucher system rejected by Arizona Senate
"Expanded school voucher system rejected by Senate great
Health Media: PHOENIX (AP) — The Arizona Senate is poised to pass an $8.8 billion state budget T...
Arizona Senate to vote on budget, Medicaid growth: The Arizona Legislature embraced a signature component of P...
Expanded voucher system approved by Arizona Senate - Greenwich Time
Arizona Senate Republicans begging for enough votes to pass election overhaul that would limit early voting
"Expanded school voucher system rejected by Senate what is happening here? Is this Arizona
AZGFD Phoenix - Press Release - Arizona Senate passes HB 2551 May 22, 2013 PHOENIX - The Arizona Senate on May 21 voted to pass House Bill 2551, a bill that clarifies state authority in how it will or won't enforce federal Travel Management Rules regarding off-highway vehicle use on U.S. Forest Service or Bureau of Land Management lands. The legislation, sponsored by Sen. Chester Crandell (R-Heber) and Rep. David Gowan (R-Sierra Vista), passed by a 19-10 vote and will next be transmitted to Gov. Brewer for her consideration. HB 2551 previously passed the Arizona House on May 14 by a 34-25 vote. The Arizona Game and Fish Commission voted on March 20 to support HB 2551, but made its support contingent on adoption of amended language that would address the commission's concerns about unintended limitations on officers' ability to enforce resource damage laws or road closures for public safety purposes, such as during forest fires. Subsequent amendments addressed the commission's concerns. The bill permits Ga ...
Lawmakers in the Arizona Senate approved legislation last week that would ban the controversial United Nations “sustainable development” scheme known as UN Agenda 21 within the state. by Alex Newman
Gary Rothfeld MD Arizona Senate bill would direct sales tax revenue to pay for infrastructure on ... - The Republic: Ari... Baltimore MD
What's the conservative Republican argument for rigorous, common standards? Arizona state Senator Rich Crandall (R) explained it in this short testimony (fewer than 3 pages) he gave when asked to speak in Oklahoma in Oct. 2011: Remarks to the Oklahoma House Interim Study Committee on Common Core Standards October 6, 2011 Good morning Representatives, It is my honor to stand before you today to talk about the new higher expectations coming in 2014-15 for high school graduates, typically referred to as the Common Core State Standards. My name is Rich Crandall and I currently serve as the Senate Education Chair in the Arizona Senate. When my wife heard I was to be here in Oklahoma, she reminded me that I have not always exercised the best judgment when it comes to Oklahoma. At the 2007 Fiesta Bowl, with one minute left, I announced to three of my daughters at the game that we were leaving to beat traffic since Oklahoma had the game locked up. One of the reasons I stand before you today is to tell you about t ...
Gold and Silver Approved as Legal Tender by Arizona Senate - Friday, March 1, 2013. (Posted @ Activist Post, via Ricky Seraphico). Link: become the second state, after Utah, to recognize gold and silver as legal tender authorized for payments of debts and taxes. The Arizona Senate voted Thursday to approve SB 1439 which allows businesses and the state government to accept payments in gold or silver. The Legal Tender bill specifies that legal tender in Arizona consists of all of the following: 1. Legal Tender authorized by Congress. 2. Specie (containing gold or silver) coin issued at any time by the U.S. government. 3. Any other specie that a court of competent jurisdiction rules by a final, unappealable order to be within the scope of state authority to make legal tender. Currently all debts and taxes in Arizona and the rest of the United States are either paid with Federal Reserve Notes (dollars) which were authorized as legal tender by Congress, or with coins issued by the U.S. Treasury -- very few of ...
BIKERS PUSH FOR ANTI-PROFILING BILL IN ARIZONA A hearing room filled with patch-wearing motorcycle club members broke out in cheers on February 6 as an Arizona Senate public safety committee voted to approve a bill requiring police to take training highlighting a ban on profiling of motorcyclists by law enforcement officers. Senator Judy Burges (R-Sun City) sponsored the anti-profiling bill to address complaints from motorcycle club members who say they're frequently stopped by police for no legitimate reason. The bill would require the Arizona Peace Officer Standards and Training Board (known as AzPOST) to include courses emphasizing the prohibition against stopping a biker for riding or wearing club colors, or questioning or searching them based only on those factors. Rick Rodriguez of Glendale, a member of the ALMA Motorcycle Club, said that harassment of patch-wearing bikers by police is rampant. "It's not illegal to be an Elk, it's not illegal to be an Eagle, it's not illegal to be a Shriner, a Knigh ...
A Republican-sponsored bill barring enforcement of new federal guns laws sparked passionate debate in an Arizona Senate committee that ultimately passed the bill Wednesday.
Democrat gaining as Arizona Senate race vote count drags on - Chicago Tribune via
Democrat Barbara McGuire has won the Arizona Senate seat in Legislative District 8.
Jeff Flake (R) beats Rich Carmona (D) in Arizona Senate race. In Iowa, Rep. Steve King (R) is re-elected over Christie Vilsack (D).
NBC News declares Jeff Flake as the projected winner in the Arizona Senate race
Arizona Senate candidate Carmona took an odd path to Election Day.
In the Arizona Senate race, Republican Jeff Flake's campaign has been sending robocalls to Democrats in the Phoenix area giving them the wrong locations to their polling places.
Arizona Senate race closer than initially thought
Democrat Richard Carmona, left, and GOP Rep. Jeff Flake shake hands at an Arizona Senate debate. / Ross Franklin, AP Robert Redford and...
Very interesting...watching the Arizona Senate debate on C-SPAN. When the topic of the Farm Bill came up, one candidate described the ethanol subsidy as a "failed policy." The other candidate didn't challenge that statement.
The Obama Administration has steadfastly opposed the State of Arizona’s immigration enforcement efforts. Governor Jan Brewer signed into law Arizona Senate bill 1070 to protect Arizona citizens from illegal immigrants (especially those who had violent records). The U.S. Attorney General (under President Obama) sued the State of Arizona, and infringed on that state’s sovereignty. The impact on the voters? Individual safety and the security of private property are exposed to great risk. The Obama Administration has not effectively made the case for why the President should be reelected. The aforementioned is not a matter of concern for a particular race, social or socioeconomic group. The things cited are matters of huge concern, a reflection of a dearth of leadership, and clear failure in execution of the job mandated by the Constitution of the United States. this is y im not voting obama i hope u agree with me
Richard Carmona letter undercuts Jon Kyl account: Kyl said he met Carmona at the Arizona Biltm...
Phone banking Arizona for Dr Richard Carmona for US senate. How is this guy not a shoe in, he’s an absolute super hero!
Who do you support in the race for Arizona's open U.S. Senate seat? via || is leading!
Politico Jeff FlakeWillcox Range NewsFor Republican U.S. Rep. Jeff Flake, his opponent for the U.S. Senate is not...
It's now Robert Redford vs. Mitt Romney in Arizona Senate race
The latest OpenSecrets update to our Hot Races series: Jeff Flake and Richard Carmona fight for an Arizona Senate seat
Hot Race for Arizona Senate Seat: Jeff Flake vs. Richard Carmona: It would appear that Jeff Flake holds all the ...
Not really sure if this is scientific but it is heart warming.
Can a centrist win in Arizona?: Richard Carmona is running a surprisingly successful Senate campaign -- free of ...
help support Bob Kerrey of Nebraska & Richard Carmona of Arizona 2keep Senate & Congress... not a thing of the past.
not just running for senate. He WILL be the next senator of Arizona.
Redford and Romeny jump into AZ Senate race: Wednesday was a star-studded day in the Arizona Senate race. [
Libertarian Marc Victor, of All People, Targeted in Arizona Senate Race by Wealthy Super PAC via
Right wing extremist of would make 7 in the senate, that's 400% more than their population warrants.
As a senior and a Vet, we really need to take the Senate, Vote Flake in Arizona and Mitt Romney President, Make me proud
You should read my take on the surprisingly close Arizona Senate race, mean, no pressure or anything.
Arizona could become a big 2012 story - Carmona could win Senate race, Cong Del likely to be 5/4 Dem. Voters tossing off right wing yoke.
Dems' PAC Supporting Nebraska and Arizona Candidates in Big Push to Hold and Expand Senate Majority
Great news in the U.S. Senate race in is ahead by 6 points in the latest poll.
John McCain visits Bowling Green to thank volunteers: The Arizona senator has been touring Ohi...
Darwin W. Hall: I have the Honor of sing our National Anthem at the Get Out The Vote (GOTV) Rally this Friday November 2, 2012, from 6 - 8 pm. The Rally at Harelson Elementary School (826 W. Chapala Drive at Paseo del Norte), NW Tucson, supports the candidacies of Dr. Rich Carmona for US Senate; Ann Kirkpatrick for US Congress; Jo Holt for Arizona Senate; Dave Joseph for Arizona House; and Nancy Young Wright for Pima County Supervisor; and several other candidates. Your participation in the electorial process of our country is a right and responsibility that may patriotic Americans have stood up for and have died for. Your voice and your vote are essential. This is an event for the whole family. Looking forward to seeing you there. Blessings!
Richard Carmona is running a surprisingly successful non-ideological campaign for the Arizona Senate seat.
Arizona Senate race escalating on both sides -- Carmona now sending fundraising pitch from Mark Kelly, Gabby Giffords' husband.
He does ever thing to promote the unions, but would not lift a fingure to help and Ambassador
Things are looking good for this US Senate candidate in AZ...
Arizona List's Political Action Committee is dedicated to electing pro-choice Democratic women to every level of office in Arizona. Arizona List is one of the state’s largest political networks and one of the largest financial resources for women candidates. We have the only Super PAC solely dedicat...
In another time and place I may have been able to vote for Carmona; however, it is imperative that Conservatives take the Senate in order to pass a budget, repeal Obamacare and impose fiscal responsibility.
Growing up in a poor immigrant family, he experienced homelessness and hunger, eventually enlisting in the Army and serving as a special forces medic in Vietnam. He then became the first in his family to attend college, eventually becoming a trauma surgeon and SWAT team leader, and rising all the wa...
Even before a second Republican Senate candidate tripped over incendiary comments about rape, GOP leaders in Washington knew that their once promising chances of winning control of the Senate had diminished.
Forced unionism to fund the Obama agenda! Sad day if you buy votes- not much freedom there!
Arizona Senate candidates Jeff Flake (left) and Richard Carmona. Bill Clark/CQ Roll Call/Getty Images. Things have gotten personal in Arizona. Across the country, TV airwaves have been so thoroughly drenched in negativity that it’s tough to imagine any more surprises. President Obama has claimed tha...
Russell Pearce, the former Arizona Senate president, who was ousted in a recall election, was the architect of Arizona’s infamous SB 1070. He is also one of Mitt Romney's main immigration advisors along with Pete Wilson.
The most interesting man in the Arizona Senate race
An old feud and the race for women voters took center stage in a tight Arizona Senate race Thursday, with Republican Rep. Jeff Flake...
Diggin' the Arizona Senate debate. Kuddos to Marc Victor. Do not like this Jeff Flake.
Who's going to see President Bill Clinton rally for Richard Carmona for Arizona Senate 2012 tonight?
Video on Chris Matthews talks to Arizona Senate candidate and former Surgeon General Richard Carmona about his campaign that would flip the Arizona Senate seat from Republican to Democrat.
Posted by AzBlueMeanie: I see that the billionaire *** Koch brothers are using their front group Freedom Works to try to save their faithful servant Rep. Jeff Flake from impending defeat by pumping PAC money into the Arizona Senate race. I keep seeing this ad on news sites and political blogs.
The Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee is going up with a $526,000 weeklong ad buy in support of Arizona Senate nominee Richard Carmona.
Siren: DSCC going on air in Arizona Senate race
Sign of trouble for GOP in Arizona Senate race? - Scott Wong - via
Hearing that won't debate tells me that Arizona just may send another Dem to the Senate. We don't buy things unseen
I dreamt that I was running for Senate in Arizona, and was speaking to people in a school gym, while still secretly being a Canadian citizen
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Arizona voters decide feisty GOP Senate primary in 1 of final primaries of … – Newser
Pierce gaining more votes for Senate president | Arizona Capitol ...
With GOP candidates on the run in WI, MA, MO, HI, it sure would be funny to see Satan's own party lose in Arizona too
Worried about November? See map: I call your attention to Senate races (top bar) and Arizona, Florida, Ohio, Virginia
Could Arizona this year be 2008's Indiana? Even if Obama loses AZ, if he comes w/in 5 or even 10 could guarantee Carmona over Flake 4 Senate
Still, almost no chance Obama in play in Arizona, but his improved showing may help out Carmona in the Senate Race
After endorsing Democrat for Senate, members of Goldwater family back another high-profile Democrat: htt ...
Indiana. Arizona. - Not that long ago, it looked virtually impossible for Democrats to pick up a U.S. Senate seat... htt ...
Purple Strategies; Obama within 3% in Arizona (and accurate pictures elsewhere) if true that would be huge and with big Senate implications
Again, what are the unit numbers for the "4.0 Arizona" on the "What $2,500 gets you in a Senate race." Votes? Not clear.
Western Growers call a “champion” on “important issues faced by farmers in Arizona.” ...
Carmona, Flake tied in race for AZ Senate seat, poll says - News from The Arizona Republic via ...
New poll shows Democrat Richard Carmona beating his Republican rival in the Arizona US Senate race.
Republicans doing their best to lose this election. Senate Republicans kill veterans' jobs bill - The Maddow Blog 
My thoughts and prayers are with the loved ones of the two Marines killed in Saturday: ht ...
Carmona is a candidate worth supporting in Arizona!
It's called a 'wrongful birth' bill and it's all about preventing women from having an abortion, even if it kills them. The Arizona Senate passed a bill this week that gives doctors a free pass to not inform pregnant women of prenatal problems because such information could lead to an abortion.
It was pretty shocking Tuesday when a poll showed mainstream Democrat Richard Carmona neck-and-neck with quirky right-wing extremist and former lobbyist Jeff Flake for the Arizona Senate seat being given up by arch-obstructionist Jon Kyl.
Tax breaks live on in US Senate panel: Senators Debbie Stabenow, a Michigan Democrat, and Jon Kyl, an Arizona Re...
Dr. Kelli Ward is a conservative candidate for the Arizona State Senate old District 3. She is a family physician and has experience in business, health policy and education.
In Indiana, Romney lends his support to US Senate hopeful Mourdock -
Candidate Q&A: U.S. SenateArizona Daily Star1) On jobs and the economy: How would you help bring more jobs to the...
And is you believe this BS, I have some beach front property in Arizona you might be interested in see the bill...
Romney to campaign today with Indiana Senate nominee Richard Mourdock -
Is the REAL Tea Party candidate for US Senate in Arizona. FW endorsed a carreer pol over a businessman outsider
Poll: Carmona pulls into tie with Flake in Arizona's Senate race - The Hill's Ballot Box
Middle-aged white guy discovers he's a feminist: >
Romney up big in new Arizona poll. Romney leads Obama 52%-41%
is THE Arizona Conservative Senate Candidate to beat back the establishment' RINO
Started seeing ads from Liberty For All Super PAC on the TV. Curious as to why a Ron Paul SuperPAC is spending almost $400k in the last two weeks in an Arizona Senate race?
Arizona abortion limits go to Senate - Join talk at:
.backs in race vs came out for Flake.
Santorum splits with Palin on his pick in Arizona Senate primary
Rich Carmona has a very serious chance to win one of Arizona's 2 U.S. Senate seats ... :-)
Jeff Flake, Arizona Senate Candidate, Says He Opposes The ACA's Pre-Existing Condition Clause "If individuals are allowed to access health care services only when they are sick or injured, there is no reason for anyone to have insurance," Flake wrote in response to an online question. "If insurance companies are required to accept all pre-existing conditions, insurance is no longer insurance."
"Thank you to Anthony Gonzalez (who is running for Pinal County Superintendent) for his strong stance on many of the education issues that are important in our county, please join me in supporting him." - Steve Smith I would like to thank Steve Smith for supporting my candidacy. It is a real honor to be supported by the the State Senator who takes on the national media (Even MSNBC) and defends conservative values. He has the highest conservative rating in the Arizona Senate as rated from the Pachyderm Coalition.
A stoll down the old days. Cal, John and I attended Charlie Burkhart's funeral at St. Andrews Church. The church was packed, which was no surprise. The usher took me down the aisle to a vacant seat right next to Jill McCain. Jill was president of the VUSD board for 12 years. Then Cal and John connected with Deb D'Amore former principal at OVMS and assistant superintendent now chief deputy in Pima County School Superintendent's Office. Deb is married to Dave Bradley who is running for the Arizona senate in our district. He has served before and was very strong on education issues. There was a lot of catching up to do. Everyone looked great!
Undeterred from his humiliating defeat in the recall election last November, former Senate President Russell Pearce is asking the voters of Mesa’s new Legislative District 25 to redeem him politically by returning him to the Arizona Senate.
The Arizona Senate race is now tied, according to a new survey from Democratic-aligned Public Policy Polling — suggesting that the likely Republican nominee, Rep. Jeff Flake, has sustained damage from his primary challenge by businessman Wil Cardon. The poll shows Flake tied with the presumptive Dem...
Representative Jeff Flake takes lead over his GOP opponent in Arizona U.S. Senate race.
Arizona's long nightmare of being outshone on the national nutbaggery stage has finally ended this week, as the state's Senate passed a bill that would essentially allow doctors to lie to women about birth defects in the name of preventing abortion.
Sarah Palin endorses Rep. Jeff Flake over tea party candidate in Arizona Senate race
Canvass for Democratic LD 16 Candidate Scott Prior for Arizona Senate this Saturday! - Hispanic Politico
Hooray for Paper - This much we know: Arizona Senate candidate Richard Carmona's July Quarterly report is d...
Matt Salmon's lobbying firm was paid hundreds of thousands of dollars to lobby for Obamacare. As an opportunist, Matt Salmon wanted to get his piece of the f...
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The former top Republican in the Arizona Senate apologized on Monday night for blaming the victims of the Colorado theater massacre for not having enough courage to stop the shooter.
Flake touts Kyl endorsement in new ad: Arizona Senate candidate Jeff Flake is out with a new s...
Mike Sager Stand by for the official release of the new website. The Sager Group's new website (www.TheSagerGroup.Net) is coming; our first books will be unveiled at a literary journalism workshop in Bucharest. If you live in San Diego, mark Sept 8 for coming to see Milez and friends at the House of Blues. I'm off to the Arizona high desert for Pioneer Days at Mormon outpost called Snowflake, on assignment for Esquire, covering the Arizona Senate race. My subject: the conservative Republican congressman Jeff Flake. He's aiming to fill the seat of Senator John Kyl
Flashback: Witness calls 911 to report seeing Arizona Senate majority leader beating up girlfriend on roadside:
Nilsa Dehrer liked Arizona Senate race: Ten questions for Richard Carmona: Last month, we spent some on time on the…
Ex-Arizona Senate majority leader: Arrest for beating up girlfriend was part of grand conspiracy. Now gimme $10 million
Arizona Senate candidate and GOP Rep. Jeff Flake was pressed over the weekend about his past work as a lobbyist for a Namibian uranium mine during an appearance on a local TV interview program, including whether any of his lobbying work ever supported South Africa during apartheid.
Democrat for Arizona Senate seat has history of fiery behavior
Past lobbying becomes issue in Arizona Senate race: Since his first House campaign a dozen years ago, would-be A...
Past lobbying becomes issue in Arizona Senate race: He says it was only last year that he learned that t...
Arizona Senate defeats contraception bill amid concerns about privacy, health care of women
JURIST - Paper Chase: Arizona Senate votes to ban abortions after 20 weeks: via
Democrat Don Bivens drops out of Arizona Senate primary, clearing way for Carmona -
Republican Jeff Flake leads both of his Democratic opponents 46-35 in the Arizona Senate race:
Flake leads Arizona Senate race: Republicans look to be in pretty good shape for holding... pp
Another one bites the dust: Voters oust Arizona Senate president Russell Pearce
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