Ariana Grande & Cat Valentine

Ariana Joan Grande-Butera (born June 26, 1993) is an American actress, singer, and dancer. Victorious (stylized as VICTORiOUS) is an American sitcom created by Dan Schneider for Nickelodeon. The series revolves around aspiring singer Tori Vega (portrayed by Victoria Justice), a teenager who attends a performing arts high school called Hollywood Arts High School, after taking her older sister Trina's (Daniella Monet) place in a showcase while getting into screwball situations on a daily basis. 5.0/5

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I enjoyed piece on Ariana Grande this morning. Good to know she starred as Cat Valentine in Victorious in 2009.
Ariana Grande was the actress loved & followed by teenagers & played Cat Valentine" in Nickelodeon's Victorious
Throwback to Ariana Grande's iconic duet with Elizabeth Gillies as Cat Valentine and Jade West! https…
Ariana Grande taking a fan's sign saying ''We will never forget Cat Valentine''
How can u not love this she's ADORABLE & GORGEOUS . I miss CAT VALENTINE . . Ariana Grande
I love Cat Valentine but Im not crazy about Ariana Grande...
remember when people call you Cat Valentine instead of Ariana Grande? Well I miss those good old times
we really miss you cat valentine. Ariana Grande
Ariana Grande is a singer and an actress. BIRTHDAY :June 26, 1993 BIRTHPLACE: Florida AGE: 21 years old BIRTH SIGN:Cancer ABOUT Born Ariana Grande-Butera, she became known to TV audiences as the cute and hyper Cat Valentine on Nickelodeon's Victorious and Sam and Cat. Her debut music album, Yours Truly, achieved widespread success in 2013. BEFORE FAME She began her career as a soloist with various symphonies, such as the South Florida Philharmonic. TRIVIA She made her acting debut as Charlotte on Broadway's 2008 performance of 13, and in August of 2011, she was featured on the cover of Dream Magazine. FAMILY LIFE Her parents are named Joan and Edward, and her older brother Frankie Grande starred on Big Brother 16. She was very close with her grandfather Frank who passed away in 2014. She began dating Nathan Sykes, a member of The Wanted, in September 2013. The couple separated a few months later. In 2014, she had a fairly public relationship with web video star Jai Brooks. ASSOCIATED WITH In 2011, she app ...
I liked a video Sam & Cat | Ariana Grande as Cat Valentine in "Stuff Cat Says" | Nick
Just cat valentine to just Ariana Grande. She hasn't changed at all she just grew up to be herself…
Wait. Ariana Grande and Cat Valentine is the same person?
Am I the only one that acted like Cat Valentine at school? 🙊. Ariana Grande
Cat Valentine stole my heart. . Completely. Then someone named Ariana Grande took it. And won't give it back. LMAO GOOD…
Cat Valentine or Ariana Grande, I'll always support & love her no matter what.
A Nickelodeon rep confirmed to E! News on Sunday, July 13, that the cable network will not produce new episodes of Sam & Cat, which is about to finish its debut season. The Victorious and iCarly spinoff stars chart-topping "Problem" singer and pop star Ariana Grande as Cat Valentine and Jennette McCurdy as Sam Puckett.
Thank you Cat Valentine who stole my heart and introduced me to a girl who I will forever call my idol. Ariana Grande …
Ariana Grande-Butera[1][2] (born June 26, 1993),[3][4] known professionally as Ariana Grande, is an American actress and singer-songwriter. She grew up in Boca Raton, Florida where she attended North Broward Preparatory School. Grande made her acting debut in 2008, playing the role of Charlotte in 13 on Broadway. From 2010 to 2013, she played Cat Valentine on the Nickelodeon sitcom Victorious and later reprised the role on the spinoff Sam & Cat.[5] In March 2013, Grande reached mainstream success after "The Way" from her debut studio album, Yours Truly (2013), became a top ten hit on the Billboard Hot 100 and was certified double platinum by the RIAA.[6][7][8] The album received critical acclaim and debuted at number one on the Billboard 200. This made Grande the first female artist to have her debut record enter the chart in the pole position since Animal by Kesha in January 2010, and the fifteenth female artist overall.[9][10] Later, Grande was honored by The Music Business Association in 2014 as Breakt ...
Cat Valentine stole my heart. Ariana Grande never gave it back.
Cat Valentine is my inspiration. There is a difference between Ariana Grande and Cat Valentine. Do not confuse them. That is all.
It's actually so weird hearing Ariana Grande talk, when she's not talking in the voice of Cat Valentine 😐
booing Sam & Cat and Ariana Grande as Cat Valentine for Sam & Cat over Kaley Cuoco! I was watch TV "what"!!!
In 2008, Grande played the role of Charlotte in the musical 13 on Broadway, for which she won a National Youth Theatre Association Award. When she joined the musical, Grande left her high school, North Broward Preparatory School, but continued to be enrolled. The school sent materials to her so she could study with tutors.[12][13] In 2010, she created the original role of Miriam in the reading of the new musical, Cuba Libre, written and produced by Desmond Child.[12] Grande played the character Cat Valentine in the Nickelodeon television show Victorious, which premiered March 2010. Grande was also featured in Dream Magazine as the cover girl for the August 2011 issue.[14] In 2011, Ariana voiced an animated fairy, Princess Diaspro, on the Nickelodeon series Winx Club and starred as Snow White along with Charlene Tilton and Neil Patrick Harris in the Pasadena Playhouse production of a pantomime, A Snow White Christmas, on December 13–23, 2012.[15] Ariana Grande in 2011. In August 2012, it was also announc ...
I'll probably always think of Ariana Grande as Cat Valentine...
I love Cat Valentine as much as I love Ariana Grande
i will forever be in love with Ariana Grande as the Cat Valentine I came to know
Actress, singer, and dancer Ariana Grande is best known for portraying the character Cat Valentine on the Nickelodeon sitcom Victorious. Born in 1993
OMG I tried that Akinator game today and did Ariana Grande as well as Cat Valentine and it got them both!
Ariana Grande is best known as Cat Valentine, a cutie-pie sidekick on Victorious who spends most of her time with her head in the clouds.
Cat Valentine, Ariana Grande, Swagiana, creepiana. Whatever you wanna call her ill always see her as my hero and inspiration. ❤
Ariana Grande aka Cat Valentine is the cutest girl ever 💕
I genuinely didn't know Ariana Grande played Cat Valentine on Victorious even tho my sister watches it every day&I see Ariana on here loads.
I still find it weird that Ariana Grande cusses cause when I look at her all I can see hear is Cat Valentine's voice in the background.
Ariana Grande is beautiful not only on the outside but in the inside as well. She loves her fans and eat fans love her.! (This is a fan page) Ariana Grande has been in the hit nickelodeon show "Victorious and has been in a few ICarly episodes as well. She plays the act of Cat Valentine and play it a...
Whether it's Cat Valentine, Ariana Grande, Creepiana or Boobiana, I love her all the same. ♥
teacher-"i want you to write an essay about your idol and Ariana Grande does NOT COUNT!" me-fine ill write about Cat Valentine"
Two spin-off series have been proposed as pilots for Nickelodeon, and were both announced during the network's presentation at the Television Critics Association Summer Press Tour on August 3, 2012.[44] The first is Sam & Cat, which would pair Ariana Grande from Victorious and Jennette McCurdy together in a traditional "buddy sitcom" setting as their characters, Cat Valentine and Sam Puckett. The pilot suggests they will be roommates who launch a babysitting business for income. The second would spin-off Noah Munck's character Gibby Gibson into a self-titled sitcom named Gibby where the character works at a recreation center as a mentor to four middle school students
We at iCarly hate dirty animals. That's why today, we're bathing a Cat. A Cat Valentine to be exact. Featuring Cat Valentine (Ariana Grande)
Cat Valentine (played by Ariana Grande) was voted the most popular character on Victorious by a whopping 40% margin. 40% more votes than the 2nd highest rated character, Tori (played by Victoria Justice) who is the main character. That's sad. =p
Foto: zarianafacts: Rex: So Ariana Grande as Cat Valentine in Victorious is here, I want know from you  is...
Who would you rather be best friends with *personality wise* Ariana Grande or Cat Valentine???
Jade: The roadrunner? Cat: No I don't like him, he's always so mean to that dog. Jade: That dog is a coyote. Cat: Omg was that racist? LMAO like if you love Ariana Grande/Cat Valentine!
I got "Cat Valentine / Ariana Grande" on the What Nickelodeon Girl Are You? quiz!
Ariana Grande / Cat Valentine singing 'he didn't say i couldnt sing": via tell me can't sing?
Ariana Grande is hot, Cat Valentine is cute.
Ariana Grande, DUH. For those of you who don't know who that is, look up Cat Valentine in the Nickelodeon series, Victorious. She plays the ADORABLE red-head.
Ariana Grande currently stars on the popular Nickelodeon show "Victorious" as Cat Valentine. She got her start on the stage in the Broadway musical 13. In
Whether she is Ariana Grande-Butera or Cat Valentine, I still see her as my Hero, my Inspiration, my Role - Model, my Everything. ♥
watching the latest episode of Victorious: Wankos Warehouse...:D guys you rock.especially Ariana Grande..a.k.a Cat Valentine.:D i really love this movie..
This page is about Ariana Grande and Elizabeth (Liz) Gillies! They play Cat Valentine (Ariana) and Jade West (Liz) on Nick's hit show Victorious! Like and share us? Owner: Kimberly Co-Owner: Toni Admins: Jessica
Ariana Grande's natural hair color is brown. In 2009, Ariana had to dye her hair red for the role of Cat Valentine on the hit Nickelodeon series, Victorious.
In the studio writing and recording my debut album & sometimes I go by the name Cat Valentine. Thankful for all gifts in life, big and small. I love my fans!Honeymoon ave.
Ariana Grande an amazing actress on Victorious who should have the main role even though Victoria Justice is too a great actress she plays Cat Valentine and is often heard saying "What's that supposed to mean?!" taking to offense the silliest things her character is very ditzy and blond acting although her hair is the same color as red-velvet cupcakes which are her favorite food she is the most freakin' adorable girl in the world and is known -- - - during the episode especially the one titled "Stuck in an RV" she also doesnt like using vulgarities which is seen in the episode "Tori the Zombie" (Ariana Grande is Cat) Andre: "What's up lil red." Cat: "What's that supposed to mean?!?!" Andre: I don't know you're little and you have red hair. Trina & Cat: You know I want ya cuz girl I really want ya Trina: and ya smell so nice Cat: got me cooler then a bag of ice Trina & Cat: now freeze freeze freeze. Trina: now go! Cat: drop it fast move it down real slow Trina & Cat: *** What? Trina: You smell so fruity C ...
Ariana Grande/Cat Valentine quote love mass texting!"
I Know the reason why is victorious ending?! Cat Valentine (Ariana Grande) and Sam (Jennette) was making a new show! but i don't love that i love victorious!
But if ur gonna try to kill me too than all i heard was pretty music la la la la -Ariana Grande as Cat Valentine
Other videos of ''Ariana Grande'' or ''Cat Valentine'' speaking spanish♥ [: I hope you like it♥
Hi, everyone. Here is a part of 'Rex Dies' from Victorious. Here is Cat Valentine (Ariana Grande) I hope you like it (: x
To you she's just Cat Valentine from Victorious.. But to me she's way more than that, she's Ariana Grande, my idol. 💗💗
What a boring life it would be without Cat Valentine. What a horrible life it would be without Ariana Grande. Thank you, Joan Grande! ♥
My idols: Ariana Grande, Joan and Edwards daughter, Frankie's sister, the girl who plays Cat Valentine and the owner of Coco the dog. ♥
I guess I gotta say this...I'm not the real Ariana Grande, or the real Cat Valentine (She's a character) I'm just a role-player. And please don't call me fake because I'm not, I'm just role-playing.
Attended Pine Crest school in Boca. She is Hypoglycemic. Is best friends with her "Victorious" (2010) co-star Elizabeth Gillies. They've known each other since they starred in 13 (musical) on Broadway back in 2008. She is a natural brunette. Dyed her hair velvet red for the role of Cat Valentine...
my friends honestly think that I am just like Cat Valentine. That's good cause I'm too ugly to be just like Ariana Grande
Victorious - Ariana Grande (Cat Valentine) - Liz Gilles (Jade West) preform Give it up - From the hit show Victorious. Thanks for watching! ^^ Plz, rate,comm...
reasons why Ariana Grande is cool 8. Cat Valentine, Always happy, hyper and dreamy 7. Her style
Looking for cuteness? Cat Valentine. Looking for a rapper? Swagiana. Looking for a cheerleader? Charlotte. Inspiration? Ariana Grande. ♥
♥ Yes, I'm talking about the girl who plays Cat Valentine in Victorious. Ariana Grande-Butera ♥
Ariana isn't just Cat Valentine to me. She's Caterina Hannah Valentine. She isn't just Ariana Grande to me. She's Ariana Grande-Butera. ♥
I hate the character Cat Valentine on victorious but Ariana Grande is perfect ❤
Ariana Grande is our princess, she's our mermaid, she's our Cat Valentine, but most importantly, she's our hero. ♥
I actually like Ariana Grande where she is in Victorious. No one would play a better Cat Valentine than her.
Be funny like Cat Valentine. Be fearless like Super Cat. Be perfect like Ariana Grande'♥♥.
When you need a friend there's Cat Valentine . When you need a hero . There's Super Cat . When you need an Idol. There's Ariana Grande. ♥
if when someone says Cat you automatically think of Ariana Grande's character Cat Valentine on Victorious. ♥
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