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Ari Melber

Ari Melber (born 1980) is a MSNBC political pundit and columnist for The Nation. He is currently co-host of the afternoon MSNBC talk show The Cycle.

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She is good friends with Turner so don't know. I know Ari Melber on MSNBC covers it. So why not Joy? Back to my MSM boycott.
Ari Melber is concise and informative like Joy Reid but primetime talkers avoid truth like a virus just mostly an enterprise of LIES
Shameful! I guess everything she said just went out of the window! So now Ari Melber said it is an informal position so idiotic!
MSNBC’s Ari Melber is in danger of losing his attorney license
I say this every time he's on air but, Ari Melber is so handsome 😊
Ari Melber even talked about it tonight on The Last Word. He was sitting in for O'Donnell.
MSNBC's Ari Melber in danger of losing attorney license
. The very first journalist to bring up letter about need Audit. Thanks Ari Melber
Not even remotely. Just pay arrears and he's back in good standing.
Just heard Ari Melber commit an interesting Oxymoron, we will hear what: Donald Trump Really Thinks, good one.😋
Trump serious conflicts of interests as president -Ari Melber discusses the concerns with Paul Butler and David
Ari Melber: DT backtracks on immigration. Only visa violations now. Ppl keep pushing.
. Ari Melber just ran the transition team video released tonight. Frightening
just laughed til I couldn't breathe! Sub-host (MSNBC) Ari Melber said "Dronald Tump" (if you say it hilarious) & hard to say!
Rachel Maddow covered it as is Ari Melber - subbing for
Looks like the Wizard of Oz not allowed to do live press conferences. Video tapes will b only communication. Ari Melber calling him out now
YEP ON ALL POINTS! I think she has aphasia, common to elderly. needs to replace her. Maybe Ari…
"By all accounts, brazen lying was a central feature of DT's candidacy." - Ari Melber.Scary then, scarier now as fake news will up DT agenda
Ari Melber . Should press evaluate Trump by his cabinet appointments, or the soothing rhetoric in his post-election interviews
Ari Melber is a really good journalist.
ari melber Funny, I don't remember your network directly questioning Trump about all those lies he was telling?
@ Ari Melber is a disgrace. Partisan and bias!
Ari Melber, that sentence makes no sense. Try again.
Ari Melber is not a journalist at all. He’s just a political operative and propagandist for the Democrats.
Ari Melber on MSNBC gets one minute to explain why Trump's threat to jail his opponent is contrary to our rule of law. Should be on ALL DAY.
boris epshteyn was on with ari melber today and of course Scottie nell hughes on cnn
Dissapointed in Ari Melber letting Boris Epshteyn spew his old lies about Hilary again and again. I expected better from U Ari
Ari Melber respect you a great deal but who cares what Nan Hayworth or Condi Rice, a war criminal thinks GOP must carry Trump to TERM
Ari Melber asking the right questions. Why is *this* the turning point?
Compare Ari Melber to Chuck Todd (panderer): "this is different because now we heard what he says in private." Good for Melber.
I will be on MSNBC today at 12:10 pm with Ari Melber for Pre-Debate discussion
Stupid blonde on Ari Melber just commented on Trump's nasty talk, "and IF IT'S TRUE..." Fake Donald-voice? OMH.
Trader Joe's is my middle name . That's right I'm Ari Trader Joe's Melber
no doubt about it you are and touché it came from Ari Melber and he doesn't teach ENC1101 or 1102
Conclusion after yesterday (I couldn't watch CNN I moved to weather channel) the Ari M…
I agree. I love Ari Melber and Steve Kornacki, but just cause they're handsome and witty.
I seriously only watch MSNBC because my baes Ari Melber and Josh Barro are contributors.
I always thought a show with Joy Ann Reid & Ari Melber would be good. I don't know why, either. Just think it would be good. :D
356599 - MSNBC's Ari Melber discusses how Marco Rubio's delegates could vote at the convention. Around 34 of hi...
Can presidential candidates have you...: MSNBC's Ari Melber discusses whether candidates have the pow...
When you have to rely on Ari Melber for common sense.
Melber Ari, a lot of ppl sign non-disclosure agreements: you probably did w/ NBC when your Uncle gotcha the job there!
DTN USA: Brokered Convention? Here are the Rules: NBC's Ari Melber gives you the GOP's rules for a floor fight...
NBC’s Ari Melber gives you the GOP’s rules for a floor fight over who should be President.
Ari Melber post Flint debate coverage was blatantly, shamefully pro-Clinton. Usually MSNBC is passably fair, this time disgusting.
Msnbc host Ari Melber showing a little bit of ageism calling a "curmudgeon". Would he use that word for any other candidate?
Did Sanders miss opportunities in the debate?: MSNBC's Ari Melber and a political panel discuss any game-...
Look you guys just go straight and tell us that you are working to prop up Clinton with Ari Melber "moderating"
Ari Melber: 'This is what heroism looks like' via
Luke and Ari the *** melber should just say we hate trump. Ur both blind to this:it's time for change.
I just feel that Ari Melber was downplaying Justice Scalia's remarks and dismissing them as if it meant nothing
Although I have the highest respect for Ari Melber, he really can't speak to what Justice Scalia meant because he's not black
Why is Ari Melber always pushing policies?.
Wonder why Trump calls the press dishonest. Listen to what Ari Melber said on the air about the internment of Japanese
Ari Melber said on the air that Trump was belatedly justifying his position by referring to the internment of Japanese.
Ari Melber lied on the air claiming you belatedly justified your position by referencing the interment of Japanese.
Ari Melber pointed out that police said he was shooting at them. He wasn't.
Ari Melber on MSNBC talking about the missing Burger King tapes. All 8 missing tapes are of the same time period.
DEVELOPING: New video released in Laquan McDonald shooting. Tune in to for updates from MSNBC Chief Legal Correspondent Ari Melber.
Idid not c nine shoots n back on video I got that from Melber! Do better reporting.
Doesn't the existence of Matthew Yglesias and Ari Melber make this guy superfluous?
I've watched since '64 young gun is closest to old skool hardazz journo on TV, Ari Melber rising too. Moro dat plz.
Newsworthy: Sister of man who died after tasing talks... - Msnbc's Ari Melber reports on the death of Linwood L...
Thank You Ari Melber for breaking this story! I am sickened to my core and very very upset for the family of the man tortured to death!
Driven to hospital, Virginia man tased, shackled and dies in police custody: MSNBC – by Ari Melber When three ...
EXCLUSIVE (MSNBC) VIDEO: Police use of force on an unarmed man. "all three officers have been promoted" - Ari Melber
.Ari Melber w video coming up after comm. break on MSNBC in CST
why is Ari melber so so so so so happy is this what snow enthusiasts feel like
.Tired of hearing Ari Melber whitesplain racism and you agree with him.
thanks for sharing Ari Melber, have a great Wednesday :)
I added a video to a playlist on MSNBC with Ari Melber
just saw Ari Melber on I think title reflected he was Chief Legal Corres. Didn't know he wasn't with MSNBC anymore
What time slot will Ari Melber have?
Not sure he would be. Not my choice. I would prefer Steve Kornacki or Ari Melber.
I don't know who this guy is sitting in for Ari Melber on but he has a super-smooth voice!
Jose Diaz-Balart should go to Fox. Ari Melber is deserving of prime time
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.held her own around on panel with such journalistic heavyweights as Abby Huntsman, Ari Melber, and Luke ...
Someone get Ari Melber a jacket that fits properly. Or tell him to unbutton his. (driving me crazy)
They should give Ed's slot to Ari Melber.
DNC Chair talks Dem debates: DNC Chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz joins Ari Melber to talk about whether the Democratic Party will set ...
MSNBC has a great guy in Ari Melber. A lawyer by profession who knows his stuff. I know the law and believe me he...
Also, Ari Melber, Joy Reed, a host of outstanding contributors. Good for
Nathan Thurm for Paul Hastings on with Ari Melber right now
Cosby accuser speaks out: Lili Bernard, who alleges Bill Cosby assaulted her, and her attorney Gloria Allred join Ari Melber with the...
Ari Melber just showed Bill Cosby for what he is by interviewing one of his victims and going through the timeline of the rapes
Nice to see Ari Melber filling in for today talking the factor
Dear Whoopi, I suggest you check out legal analysis by Ari Melber or look at today's episode of Ashleigh Banfield's Legal show on CNN. Pls.
HRC: We celebrate today and we fight tomorrow: The Human Rights Campaign's Chad Griffin joins Ari Melber and Thomas Roberts to discus...
And this is why I love radio...never know where the convo will go!
Taking a deep dive on U.S Presidents & I.S w/ on their radio show on
Study: ‘Sesame Street’ makes us smarter: Sesame Street can be as educational as pre-school, according to a new study. Ari Melber welc...
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Ari Melber filling in for just seems off to me. They should try to match personality of vacationing host as best as possible.
Christie was on w/Ari Melber for Ed yesterday. Spewed RW crap about Hillary. She wasn't topic.
Ari Melber legal correspondent also Center for American it any wonder they cant be journalists?
Back to CNN for Joe is not a good host. Ari Melber would be much better.
Ari Melber from MSNBC made a good point comparing and contrasting the struggle and progress of the *** and black...
Great job this week. I agree with one of your guests this week who said "We need more Ari Melber on TV!"
Dear Dan, Good catch on Ari Melber's mistake involving The Mouse That Roared... but.. you have to watch Dr. Strangelove now!
Conservatives love conspiracies, so much they make them up out of habit. Ari Melber explains:
Ari Melber about to talk abotu Atlanta cheating scandal msnbc
Would rather watch Ari Melber read a book out loud than that draft thing ugh
Senator defends actions after indictment: NBC’s Pete Williams and msnbc’s Ari Melber discuss the fede...
I dont think anyone on uses (or knows about, like Ari Melber) Amazon Fresh, Subscribe & Save, Fresh Dash, Pantry...To me it's odd.
I figured. Ari Melber is like a game show host to me. IDK... he just bores me to tears
Ari Melber you make All In worth watching my man, MSNBC needs to wake up and give you your own show,ALONE
MSNBC's Ari Melber: Hillary’s Private Email Server ‘Routed Around’ the Goal of the Freedom of Information Act
Air Melber making the argument for treating Hillary like a Criminal who is hiding something. .
Ari Melber should get his own show. Smartest guy and best interviewer around.
but, but, but, Ari Melber debunked this last night on All in with Chris Hayes. Was I the only one watching?
When did Ari Melber become an expert on Iran? What am I missing?
Ari Melber clunky trying to develop rapport with Todd Barry. Britney Cooper, however, flawless as usual
the lies Of the Religious Freedom law exposed by Ari Melber on Msnbc
Professor Lawrence Lessig joins Ari Melber on MSNBC's All In explaining why he thinks Senator Elizabeth Warren...
Turns out there are stupid questions. Last week, MSNBC fill-in host Ari Melber’s way to push b... via
Ari Melber: E Warren is Not a candidate, so impossible 4 Lanny Davis to say "nice things" about Lawrence Lessig's "candidate" gr
On MSNBC, Ari Melber just twice referred to "Neil deGrasse-y Tyson". C'mon, man.
Ari Melber should have just continued to let Dan rip Ryan Anderson a new *** for the whole hour.
Ari Melber should be hosting a game show, like Jeopardy or something. He looks beautiful on the outside but just blah otherwise.
*sigh* No Ari Melber is NOT an acceptable replacement-- dude puts me to sleep. sorry but it's true.
Horse Race Journalism:. "Is Ari Melber the future of cable-news anchors?" by Alyson Krueger in Columbia Journalism...
Hey Bill, I ❤️your show! I have a request: Can you please have Ari Melber on your show?? I think he would make a great panelist 😀
Ari Melber had to apologize after a Now w/ Alex Wagner guest insinuated that country music was all abt going out and killing Muslims
Listening to Ari Melber speak and watching Nelson Diaz being honored at the Philadelphia Bar Association Quarterly Meeting made my week!!!
Agree. When I see Steve K. come on Instead of Rachel, I'm always disappointed.Just switch it off. Ari Melber a better sub.
Happy Valentine's Day Rachel ! Love and Light. GG I'm going to write a song for you ! And yes I do have a secret crush on Ari Melber
ICYMI: answered your questions on President Obama’s war power request here: (Getty)
Ari Melber pisses on the President daily. Greenwald with a non Walmart suit.
Only congress can declare war, and the American public is getting tired of the "police actions".
lets just let take over the world then the freedom of the press will b no more hence no more ari melber. Yes!
Money used to intervene in a civil war should be used to house theAmerican veterans who did the fighting.
.is hosting a chat about ISIS and Pres. Obama's war powers request NOW:
.answers questions about Pres. Obama's war powers request at 11:30amET:
In conversation, Preet Bharara and Ari Melber . As he says STAY TUNE, I say Run don't walk to MAKE A DEAL with FEDS
The new sheriff of Wall Street: In part 2 of msnbc’s Ari Melber interview with U.S. Attorney Preet Bharara the...
MELBER: Do you feel flush with all your bit coin?. BHARARA: You know, I feel good about it. I feel good about it.
Just posted: Full transcript of my interview w/ US Atty Preet Bharara:.
In conversation, Preet Bharara and Ari Melber: Read the full transcript of an in-depth and enlighteni...
host Ari Melber: 'No one cares about Jonathan
Wall Street's Bitcoin fears: As Bitcoin picks up steam – and attracts new controversy - Ari Melber joins with ...
I spy Ari Melber and Perry Bacon in the first episode of Season 3 of House of Cards...
NBC's frequent (ALL CAPS) press releases have always been about BriWi's giant audience. They're suddenly all about Ari Melber
I keepthey don't give Ari Melber one of those spots
w/ Ari Melber during his interview yest. with US Atty Preet Bharara. On at 3pm ET!
TODAY has 1st TV int. w/ US Atty. Preet Bharara on Silver investigation & more @ 3pmET
C'mon , replace this *** with Ari Melber before Meet The Press loses all creibility.
Steve Kornacki and Ari Melber rep their towns | MSNBC
Ari Melber talks to Anthony Gray, lawyer for Michael Brown's family, about how the grand jury's decision not to...
In an interview with MSNBC's Ari Melber, the union president Jeffrey Follmer explains how they protect and serve.
Gotta say it, I love that Ari Melber! I believe he (w/ Crystal Ball, Steve Kornacki and Chris Hayes) are best young reporters around.
So, the War on Christmas is really the Cuban Embargo that Marco Rubio & his ilk want re-instated right away. Ari Melber's guest on
Flash of passion there from Ari Melber on succumbing to the threat to our freedom of expression. featured in NBC s Science of Love
Ari Melber is good at reading the teleprompter... outside of that... pass.
I turn on the TV & Ari Melber is asking "does Chris Dodd need to get involved?". *click*
Ari: Our Cuba policy was ‘a failed...: The Cycle’s Ari Melber weighs in on why the U.S. policy for Cuba was a ...
.I saw Ari's victory lap. All in a day's work, Mr. Melber. Make this a series, Ari...find more!
"Dude, are you sure? Are you sure-sure?" - Ari Melber when Frankin endorsed Clinton in 2016
Ari Melber needs his own show. He excels at everything he does. And he's a truly great interviewer.
All In w/Chris Hayes on now! . Ari Melber, host, interview with Al Franken wher Al endorses Hillary for President.
. Yeah, I really like Ari Melber. A great interviewer too!
One on One with Sen. Al Franken: Senator Al Franken sits down with Ari Melber for a rare TV interview...
Great interview with wonderful Al Franken by Ari Melber. Catch it redux later on msnbc.
Tonight on All In - December 16th, 2014: Ari Melber has all of the day's news - This is "All In" for December ...
Ari Melber filling in for Chris Hayes for the last couple days has been pretty cool
did anyone see Ari Melber interview Thomas last night on All in
If you haven't watched Ari Melber's interview with the Cleveland PD union head, I highly recommend that you do.
You want to see into the mind of the average cop? Watch Ari Melber's intvw w/ the CLE police union chief. These MEN believe they are judge,
how is he even a police chief when he can't answer Ari Melber's simple *** questions? I don't understand.
Watched Ari Melber interview him. For a comedian, he's not very funny.
Interview I did last night on MSNBC with Ari Melber.
Did you see Ari Melber's interview with the Cleveland PD union guy tonight? Appalling!
what do u guys have to say re the incredible interview betw Ari Melber on such officers warrant psych evals!
Ari Melber failed to call Follmer out: it was a 12 year old boy he’s trying to justify killing
I'm disgusted by this Cleveland police association president's statements now on "All In with Chris Hayes." Ari Melber incredibly restrained
A very good point Ari Melber, Cheney has contorted himself into knots to get around Acknowledging Torture. Good Point.
The Cycle crazies try to figure out Islamic terrorism again. Still missing the main issue. Ari Melber is the lost little lamb on Islam
Brilliant, and well said Ari Melber, thank you.
The most important torture report takeaway: Ari Melber weighs in on the release of the CIA torture ...
Please keep Ari Melber for Hardball's time. He is great!
Ari Melber talks about the Senate's failure to pass the U.S.A. Freedom Act, and why now is the time to reform government surveillance methods and ditch the use of "scare tactics."
Ari Melber subbing for Chris Matthews. That's a good change.
If Ari Melber wasn't available, who would they call next? Richard Lui?
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I really admire and respect the ability of Ari to give us the news in such a professional manner. I believe he's a very positive journalist, one of the very best!! We need to see and hear him more before some other news agency snaps him away! I watch MSNBC everyday because of Ari
Ari Melber holds it down for the voice of reason in the face of a liberal feeding fest.
Todd's terrible and biased. Russert not a good fit. Ari Melber?
Patricia Bynes, Ferguson Township Committeewoman, talks with Ari Melber about her heartache at seeing fires an...
Earlier, complained about grand jury seeing too much evidence-Now Ari Melber's whining police had presser recapping night
Protests disperse leaving damage behind: Chris Hayes talks by phone from Ferguson, Missouri to Ari Melber abou...
Chris Hayes: There's 'real underlying rage': Ari Melber talks to Chris Hayes about the reaction of pr...
Ari Melber takes over coverage on MSNBC. AJAM is still live . Megyn is back live on FNC. CNN is Anderson.
I think Chris Hayes and Ari Melber are doing a great job on msnbc right now.No? Who did you mean?
I would marry Ari Melber so quickly.
Ari Melber is going hard right now with the same stale talking points about trusting the system. Not here for it.
Ari Melber really on here arguing with Lisa Bloom like she ain't a lawyer. I hate the news and this BS "hear every side" stuff they do.
What's really pathetic is lying democrats who act as if a Lie was above Truth & Honesty. That is you Ari Melber living lies.
How funny, Ari Melber thinks the Republicans are pathetic trying to stand on the Truth & Gruber's addmition they lied to pass Obamacare.
Saying its Pathetic to try to STAND ON THE TRUTH is proof Ari Melber is devoid of HONESTY. And doesn't care about the TRUTH
MSNBC host Ari Melber: 'No one cares about Jonathan Gruber' via
"No one cares about Jonathan Gruber" grubered host no one cares about, via
Shrieking MSNBC airhead Ari Melber very upset people are talking about Jonathan Gruber
Ari Melber knew who Gruber was on these 2 occasions, since he had him on as a guest. .
Please tell me Luke Russert is not taking over for Ari Melber.
Ari Melber is a great stand in as is Jonathan Capehart
Liberty. MT I'm going to be on (with Ari Melber filling in) at 2pm to discuss the winning pot initiatives.
It looks like I'm going to be on The Reid Report (with Ari Melber filling in as anchor) tomorrow to talk about...
Great interview with Ari Melber. Bang on, too.
Jeremy Scahill: What ISIS Campaign Will Look Like on the Ground: Jeremy Scahill talked with MSNBC’s Ari Melber...
Regarding Ari Melber, "Ari" rhymes with "sorry" not "carry." It is a Hebrew name for boys, and is often short for "Ariel.".
NFL: 'Will have to change on domestic...: ESPNW columnist Kate Fagan joins Ari Melber to discuss the ...
Howard Dean is such a straight shooter,kinda wish he was elected and yes give Ari Melber his own show
Ari Melber talks to NBC's Kelly O'Donnell, Fmr. Gov. Howard Dean and Time Magazine's Michael Scherer about the...
no. but I did get someone from 'ari melber in his underwear' once.
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Ari Melber looks totally hot with a little bit of scruff 😍
Thanks Ari Melber but i heard the President say that.
I'll be joining Ari Melber and Senator Cory Booker in a few minutes on MSNBC to discuss our REDEEM Act.
"Ari Melber recited for me verbatim my Busta Rhymes joke from my 1st album - 6 sentences, word for word.". -
pull ari melber from cycle yu know his work try him on MtP he is honest about leanings but fair and open
Ari Melber coming to the defense of Israel?. Nope. Ari Melber rushing to the defense of Obama and Kerry.
Totally agree. Today's Cycle program on was an hour-long President bashing exercise. Really disappointed in Ari Melber.
mika would have 4 words to joey's six sentences well no worry my remote works nea JS, CT, AM, RF, Ari Melber alone, cycleno
If the rumors are true that David Gregory may be replaced as host of Meet The Press, consider, Lawrence O’Donnell or Ari Melber
Thanks Dan / MT + the Power of Citizen Film-Making in Eric Garner's Death by Ari Melber
I guess you're pretty young. I remember JFK, & he's no Ari Melber.
Seriously, when are you going to give Ari his own show? M-F or EARLY WEEKEND SHOW! HOW ABOUT MEET THE PRESS W/ARI MELBER!
As usual Ari Melber is completely on point with the ACA subsidy issue. Bills of this size are apt to have challenges. Inevitable.
Steve is very genuine. He and Ari Melber are my fav subs.
A better comparison is MSNBC using Ari Melber to anchor a news hour when he's an opinion host.
Breast Cancer Awareness
I think Alex Wagner will be better suited for the morning. She and Ari Melber shld replace Joe and Mika
“Maybe we should call him Senate minority leader Alito.” — MSNBC’s Ari Melber
I'll always remember the night I lost huge amount of respect for Ari Melber.
Next President of the USA!. Ari Melber: Is Elizabeth Warren Running for President? Maybe? Here's her Answer.
Wow, when eve Ari Melber report this Greenwald crap like it happens today, I know there aren't sane progressives anymore.
I spent almost 20 minutes today looking up whether or not Ari Melber was *** and then researching his gf. - tell me u get it.
So glad you're doing much better. Ari Melber did a good job but you were greatly missed!
Melber If anybody has to fill in for Ed, I'm glad it's you, Ari!
Never heard of Ari Melber but I like his...
MSNBC/Cycle- Ari Melber: SCOTUS ruling favors top 2% (must see) via
I counted four Ari Melber 'oh really' looks on The Cycle today.
There are again rumors of a possible shutdown on Capitol Hill, this time over Pres. Obama's climate policy. Sahil Kapur and Jonathan Capehart join Ari Melber.
Who are Dave Brat and Jack Trammell?: Ari Melber talks with Dana Milbank, Karen Finney, and Krystal ... Please RT
Sen. Elizabeth Warren fuels 2016 rumors: Ari Melber and Krystal Ball discuss with Ryan Grim about h...
Video: What's the GOP up to on Benghazi?: Ari Melber asks Republican Congressman John Mica of Florida about th...
Michelle Obama and Eric Holder marked the 60th anniversary of "Brown v. Board of Education" with a speech on race in America. Ari Melber and Dorian Warren discuss.
I'm not usuallly up this late on a Thursday night but I took Friday off (whee) and it's actually rolled over from The Last Word With Lawrence O'Donnell to All In with Chris Hayes rebroadcast...and it may be blasphemy, I hope Lawrence recovers, but... I confess. The Last Word with Ari Melber is actually a better show. OMG I am so wrong!
Ari Melber, Chris Hayes or Ezra Klein... Which geek would you prefer??!
Thanks for your refreshing appearance on The Last Word tonight with Ari Melber...very constructive and edifying conversation!
Smug mockery of global warming skeptics from MSNBC's Ari Melber:
Marco Rubio, Rand Paul and other 2016 hopefuls are saying some very "unserious" things trying to be a serious 2016 contender. Ari Melber talks to Zerlina Maxwell and Richard Wolffe.
Brains! Pentagon creates plan to stop zombies: Ari Melber talks to Gordon Lubold about his discover...
MSNBC/Ari Melber- Examining the progressivism of FDR via
U see that BS Toure,Krystal Ball,Ari Melber, MSNBC,TheCycle Cuts Potus off speaking.Then their *** will claim he didnt spk on a subject
Things go from bad to worse for Clippers owner Donald Sterling after controversial comments about Magic Johnson. Ari Melber and Mark Thompson discuss. 5/14/13
Ari Melber's Dr. Rove moment. He is just so handsome!
I am so happy Ari Melber does his best with news.
Southern Democrats are doing better than expected according to the latest NBC/Marist Poll. Ari Melber talks to...
I supported Ari Melber for a show since 09 on He followed & thanked my efforts. Now he's arrogant & obsessed with drones
Blocked and unfollowed by Ari Melber. I guess he didn't like my Glenn Greenwald comments. The cult of Greenwald is strong.
Ari Melber looks so out of place up there in pants.
Last Word/ Ari Melber/ Reich/ Hanauer- Milionaires that think inequality is a problem- Democrats- 86%, Republicans- 20%, Independents- 57%.
Ari Melber doing a great job filling in on Coming into his own as an anchor.
Ari Melber, Krystal Ball, Abby Huntsman and Toure talk about this year's top Pulitzer Prize winners for journalism and fiction.
Google Images seem to have inspired Bush pics: Ari Melber talks to New York Magazine art critic Jer...
In the last 24-hours, military judges issued verdicts in two military sexual assault cases. Ari Melber discusses with Susan Burke.
After Rep. Paul Ryan's controversial remarks on unemployment and America's inner cities, Ari Melber offers a counter argument to the congressman.
Good MSNBC segment by Ari Melber on on rental-backed securities scheme
Wall Street makes bets on the housing market: Ari Melber recounts the overall good year for the hou...
Ari Melber- Scheming without substance: The petty politics of “House of Cards” via
Ari Melber Odd that GOP aghast that Wendy Davis may have made error in bio,but forgetting parents left Cuba BEFORE Castro is OK.
2.17.2014, 04:21 AM Maddow & Co. take down Christie POOL/GETTY IMAGES Big man diminished Rachel Maddow’s reporting on the web of corruption Gov. Chris Christie has woven in New Jersey is worthy of our most overused adjectives. Her investigative reporting and brilliant speculations have produced howls from the big guy, now greatly diminished. The presence of her mind and the degree of her empathy are never pushed down to pretend at Christie’s type of trite toughness. Though her depths of feeling may sometimes embarrass her, Maddow knows empathy is not a weakness; it underlies all civilized behavior. While Maddow, Chris Matthews, Lawrence O’Donnell, Steve Kornacki and Ari Melber have been sensational, their channelmates at MSNBC get mixed grades. Joe Scarborough has long been a serious critic of Tea Party Republicans, but he and Mika Brzezinski often sink down into meaningless pop trends and trivial concerns. And both have swallowed Christie’s supposed charms, which include tax cutting as well as fi ...
News Alert: I will be on tomorrow at 11am ET with Ari Melber. Talking South Carolina Politics.
Ari Melber Hey - Iowa is in the Midwest too, and also getting hammered! Many schools closed.
this is true. Ari Melber was/is a lawyer so it's not like they don't have people with expertise to cover it.
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Also the nbc witches coven of Chris Hayes, ari melber and lawrence o'donnell.
Hillary: Then and Now: Ari Melber talks to the authors of the new book "HRC" about Hillary Clinton de...
ARI MELBER suggests a CHRIS' MUST READ: This is how families go hungry via
I was thinking Ari Melber, Jennifer granholm, tj holmes
Ari Melber just said he's going to do a train later. Go ahead, insert that joke here.
Watching Ari Melber is making some valid points. Our system of government and laws are to complex, that's why folks
What did Ari Melber just say in reply to 9-11 question? Fifty words that said nothing and made absolutely no sense.
Hey did you know lobbied for SOPA when you asked him to MC your event? cc:
At 3pm weekdays on MSNBC, the channel has a show called "The Cycle". It has four co-hosts: Abby Huntsman (one of Jon Huntsman's daughters), Toure', Ari Melber and Krystal Ball (yes, that's her name). At the end of the show, the hosts take turns talking about various subjects. Huntsman's segments are called "Abby's Road"; Toure's is called "Toure TV"; Melber's is "Ari's Angle" and Ball's is entitled "Krystal Clear" (get it?)... Yesterday, it was Ball's turn and her subject was Hillary Clinton. Ball raised a lot of eyebrows in the Liberal and Progressive community by imploring Clinton NOT to run for President in 2016 and that Liberals and Progressives should put their efforts behind Mass. Senator Elizabeth Warren. Ball is certainly entitled to her opinion. Now, the difference between what Krystal said and what GOP Con and Teahadist women say is that Ball's "rant" was her opinion. Cons and Teahadists don't tell you that what they're going to say is their opinion...they simply want us to believe that their op ...
Catch C-SPAN tomorrow morning from 7:30-8:15 am to watch your fellow students ask questions to MSNBC host Ari Melber.
GM Dee! The only panelist that has real smarts on Cycle IMO is Ari Melber. Everyone else are 'infotainers'.
ari melber is true hip hop talking about Dip set
Ari melber is a true real hip hop head when he meant to say dip stick but instead he said camron's dipset hysterical.
Ari Melber looks bored and so uninterested on Like he's so over The Cycle.
MSNBC's Ari Melber says the net worth of Americans hasn't budged at about $20k. The number is the issue.
Cycle co-hosts Ari Melber and Abby Hunstman show you how to follow your favorite people on the new and join in with groups you care about.
Update on the MSNBC interview tomorrow: I will actually be on the air at 9:30am CST/10:30am EST during Chris Jansing's time slot, but I will be interviewed by Ari Melber as Chris is in Sochi currently, covering the Olympics. Tune in tomorrow morning!
My MSNBC appearance has been rescheduled - tune in to The Cycle this Friday at 3pm for my interview with Ari Melber!
There are about 140,000 veterans in American jails today, according to the Justice Department. Now, there may be a way to fix that. Have questions on veteran courts? Join Ari Melber on msnbc tomorrow at 4:10 pm ET for a live chat. Submit your questions here:
At least MSNBC has a few decent anchors like Chris Hayes, Ari Melber, and Maddow who don't just pander to establishment Democrats.
Off to the gym again for the billionth time for no rational reason whatsoever, what with the fact that the prospect of a romantic relationship rests solely on social aptitude and God-given facial appearances, neither of which I possess. Sighs. Some actor named Philip Seymour Hoffman passed this weekend, and Joe Scarborough commented that he repped the losers and ugly misfits who nobody else wanted. Yeah . . . You know who I envy? Temple Grandin. She maintains without the need for personal relationships. Horse riding, science fiction and biochemistry keep her perfectly satiated. Unfortunately, unlike her, I require personal relationships to feel happy. Unfortunately, I seem incapable of building these elusive things, though God knows I try my hardest. Anyway. Speaking of which, *waves like an *** at the Cycle crew, lol. BBL! PS – It happens to be 50 degrees and fairly pleasant here in Raleigh. Har, Har, Har! By the way, Ari Melber plans to 'debate' viewers on veterans issues tomorrow. I consider that ...
Ari Melber co-host-from MSNC- The Cycle predicted a score of 44-0 Seattle- I thought he was crazy at the time but from the look of things he may just be right
Oh lord. Steve Kornacki AND Ari Melber on MSNBC this morning. I feel faint.
3 of my fave msnbc folks in right now! MHP (it's her show!), Ari Melber & Steve Kornacki
President Obama continues to focus on reducing income inequality. MSNBC's Ari Melber talks to venture capitalist, Nick Hanauer, about whether he and other...
Woot woot for Sue Wagner, who has chosen to leave the Republican party, ANS says she watches MSNBC all the time...great interview with Ari Melber!
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