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Argentine Tango

Argentine tango is a musical genre of simple quadruple metre and binary musical form, and the social dance that accompanies it.

Paso Doble Flavia Cacace Vincent Simone

and can't wait to see the Argentine tango tomorrow night, just know it's going to be a…
The Argentine trio performs Friday in Takoma Park at the Carroll Café at Seekers Church,
That was the best Argentine tango I've seen on ever!
Love,love,love Joe and Katya.can't wait for their Argentine Tango.Spoiler.
Not a fan, thought her rhumba was bizarre... I really loved Davood’s Argentine tango so was a bit annoyed he went.
Dances always evolve (just look at what’s been happening to the argentine tango since the 80s), so yes. Absolutely yes.
Love, love, love! Sorry for the late reply, we're having another Snowpocalypse here in Atlanta, lol. I LOVE ARGENTINE TANGO!
just watching your Argentine tango Debbie I have watched every series of strictly and that dance is…
Want to try out Argentine Tango? Head down to Jivebeat tonight in and give it a go! And there’s a LeRoc…
Omg, you should see them DANCE. You strike me as an Argentine Tango person. Check this out:…
I’m definitely with you I love these 2 have done from the start they are both beautiful dancers love…
Had a great Christmas party, including learning the cha-cha-cha and argentine tango. The winning routine went to Ro…
Me in Argentina: This country can´t be saved, we´re a disgrace... Me anywhere else: the Pope is Argentine, Messi is Argenti…
Argentine tango, vals and milonga lessons. Minimum one month at most 5 months. I go everywhere in the world. Only women.
As an aside, I once went to Argentine Tango dancing lessons with my…
GW Argentine Tango Club Winter Dance Party on Dec 15th Friday in District B 132. A lesson with Katya at 8PM-9PM fol…
Looking for a romantic holiday gift for that someone special? Look no further - The Argentine Tango Coloring Book i…
+ an American Smooth and Argentine Tango = Gold 🌟.who could ask for more?? ❤
Absolutely, him and Katya are fantastic, we must keep him in, I can't wait to see h…
Brilliant playing by the on .. and just discovered their leader Ben played the argentine tan…
Oh it looks REALLY good ...McDreamy American Smooth & McSteamy Argentine Tango…
Join for their Beginners Argentine Tango courses at Elma Whyte Performing Arts beginning on January 1…
Omg I absolutely loved that VT of the Argent…
The Dance Whisperer specializes in customized wedding dances for bride and groom. Argentine tango is just one of th…
Yes so am I. And all the leg movement in the Argentine tango.
Seen the Argentine Tango on and want to give it a go? Head down to Jivebeat tonight in and tr…
Nope Havana is unused. Was Debbie Gibson and Alan Bersten's Argentine Tango on DWTS.
Today's throwback is Debbie McGee and Giovanni Pernice's Argentine Tango to "Por Una Cabeza" from 2017 week 10, it…
I added a video to a playlist Alexandra & Gorka Argentine Tango to 'Mi Confession' by Gotan Project -
Jivebeat LeRoc and Argentine Tango tonight in from 8pm.
Legit. But I do love the song and can see it being a good song for the AT but it's unfair how the girls…
Everyone last week: *** is this song Joe is dancing the samba to. It's not a samba song AT ALL. Me: well this week h…
Love dancing. Esp argentine tango. Sometimes it is a collision sport too tho :(
Proud to host another Argentine Tango Workshop and Milonga this Saturday! Here's footage from our last…
It's an Argentine Tango mate and she knows how to use her stilettos
Argentine Tango 7:30pm today. Impress your family and friends over Christmas parties with our easy to follow and pr…
For our we’re watching this moment from the archives which gave us goosebumps. We’ve a…
Please pop by, they will be selling Argentine Tango shoes and all proceeds will be going to all our needy furries t…
Notification: Always Tango Argentine Tango lessons for beginners and in... @ Wed Dec 6, 2017 8pm - 9pm (Argentine T…
11/15 and dancing an Argentine Tango to from Sc…
So looking forward to Argentine tango. I LOVE that song
1/2 As a dance teacher, this infuriates & saddens me. You don't hv to be Argentine to dance tango. It's the other way round…
There's no masking the drama of and Argentine Tango 💃🎭
TANGO TUESDAY! Spice up your Tuesday with some Argentine Tango taught by David and Martha Wells! 6:30 PM at 3Sixty…
Alexandra Burke nailed Strictly's first Argentine Tango of the series - but missed out on a 40:
.delivered 2017's very first Argentine Tango – and everyone was floored…
NHL Stanley Cup Memorabilia from The Bradford Exchange Online
We love to Argentine Tango throughout Salt Lake City - First stop Trolley Square! People were stopping left &...
Debbie Gibson and Alan Bersten dance the Argentine Tango to "Havana" by Camila Cabello ft. Young Thug...…
Amazing. Must watch to the end. Zendaya Coleman & Val Chmerkovskiy - Argentine Tango
We're all doing the Argentine Tango at 🎭Don't Miss Out. Book…
Fact! I am not allowed to Argentine Tango! Good Day will photograph me, and call me a non-grieving mother!
What dance style do you want to see your top 3 do — Rashad - Argentine Tango and Jive. Normani - Samba a...
Love the Argentine Tango! Favorite ballroom dance. and did it justice. Perfect score!
Loved watching and kill that Argentine Tango!!
Viall...Nick Viall! and add Action and the Argentine Tango! 🍸 .
you left me DEAD after your dance last night and i'm 100% fine with being SLAYED by your argentine tango ❤
I can't handle you guys 😭😭 that Argentine tango was just perfection
He sure did earn the License to Thrill! and add Action and the Argentine Tango! 🍸 . htt…
That Argentine Tango was Oscar worthy. I love how much content Val put in it and Mani rose to the challenge.
.& got a PERFECT score for this Argentine Tango
Injury? What injury? An Argentine Tango from the unstoppable and . 🌟
Umm really? Where was this injury? An Argentine Tango from the uncontainable and . 🌟
We hope you enjoy a little Argentine Tango with Tony & Denitsa from Revolution Dance Earl of Doncaster
Special one for me Argentine Tango So intricate&intense & dedicated to you Should have been 40
Had an awesome peek into and Lindsay's rehearsals for their steamy recreation of Paige and Mark's Argentine Tango.
I added a video to a playlist Argentine Tango Lesson 20 - Cadena (The Chain)
A little Saturday photoshoot going on at the Helsinki Argentine tango hall El Atico. This was a…
A bit faster at 139bpm is Libertango by Astor Piazzolla. Been danced on TV 17 times, 11 as a tango and 6 as an Argentine Tango.
if you're after an Argentine Tango, then i dance to Evita - Night of a Thousand Stars x💖
Yay! reunion! ❤ I loved your dances especially your Argentine Tango! 💃
"The beautiful paradox of tango is you have two people who are leaning in toward each other, absolutely...
I added a video to a playlist How to Do Enrosques | Argentine Tango
I added a video to a playlist Enrosque Exercises for Argentine Tango
With Berlin-based dance teacher Astrid Weiske, who will be performing Argentine Tango in the 2017 sho…
Our brand new beginner friendly Argentine Tango class series will be starting on Thursday, March 2 from 7:30pm -...
Loved the show 2nite - great entertainment. Amazing singing from Joanne & even a bit of Argentine Tango!! xx
TODAY IN TANGO HISTORY. Argentine bandoneon player, and composer Vicente Greco was born today 129 years ago. (3...
I liked a video from Argentine Tango 8 Step Basic with Instructions
The Argentine Tango is my Ultimate favorite scene/song
The best introduction to Argentine tango in one of Chicago's sexiest neighborhoods, River North, starts Tues Feb...
Picture one claudia and aj Argentine tango and picture 2 ed and Katya American smooth
AJ and Claudia dojo have their Argentine tango and 36 marks ?
Discover the passion, power and glamor of Argentine Tango with Professional Tango teacher Jordi Caballero.…
Discover the elegance of Argentine Tango on Saturdays starting @ 4:45pm.
ooh! I've just started Argentine Tango lessons. I'm so practising to this now!!
Spotted and Val getting a little cozy after their Argentine Tango...
Sitting across the ballroom from Janel Parrish and she did NOT look happy after that Argentine Tango. Old flame still burning?
Next day: . Katie: I'm deathly ill and can barely move. But NOTHING is going to stand in the way of us killing our Argentine Tango tonight
"Traditional Argentine Tango, Country Two Step, Social Waltz, and Social Foxtrot are. examples of progressive social dances."
Tonight is the first night of Sean Patrick Brunell's Argentine tango masterclass! Join us at 7:45!
I'm loving my Argentine Tango classes so much! That's three done now! Seven to go.
The Argentine Tango is not unlike chess. It is serious; it takes discipline;...
It's hard to square tango with samba. and I look at Brazil-Argentine relations. It's complicated.
Excited about conducting an Argentine tango exhibition tomorrow at the Civil Rights Museum
Dance Street is proud to present The Musicality of Argentine every Thursday in February…
oh my I'm undecided Samba or Argentine Tango ♥❤♥
Argentine Tango class at 7:45pm tonight!
Fulfill your body and soul with dancing and learning new skills.
The queen of argentine tango, the one and only WILDFLOWER.…
Argentine Tango only. The other tango looks like it's commercialized!
"Tango enthusiasts are in for a real treat: World-leading Argentine dance sensation Germán Cornejo’s Tango Fire...
Danny Mac's Argentine Tango was immense. His footwork was sublime.
Derek has the most perfect scores for Argentine Tango. . Nicole Scherzinger . Maria Menounos. Kellie Pickler. Amy Purdy. Bindi Irwin
Here is another that DWTS is using tonight and Argentine Tango
RAW VIDEO: Obama does the tango in Argentina - Obama, new Argentine leader work to break from past ten...
Tango is not made for one ☺️ Especially the Argentine one if you know what I mean 😉💕
All purpose parts banner
. and you still owe us all an Argentine Tango - keep practising !
Excited! Off to the New England Folk Festival to teach "Introduction to Argentine Tango". Jonathan and Amy...
Keep the sunshine going! The Monday Milonga brings happiness and keeps the sunshine in our lives. Argentine Tango for you.
How to Do the Carousel aka Le Calecita | Argentine Tango. You are still paying ...
Mad props to pres Scott Cooper and his partner for getting out on the floor at the annual meeting and doing Argentine tango
Barry's got so much more in the tank. You should see his Argentine Tango. A ten from Len.
is a sunny day & hours of Argentine ahead ... and listening to during a 6-hr drive to Chicago.
I want to Argentine tango to Golden Eye.
Argentine Tango Milonga, Littlebourne War Memorial Hall, Tonight. 7.30 to 11pm £10 on the door
I have grown to love the Argentine dance forms of folklore, possibly more than tango. In this…
OUR LAST TANGO (Kral) Dance doc portrait of great Argentine art and love hate relationship of legendary tango couple
I'm teaching Argentine tango tonight. It'll be a fun beginners class so even if you've never done tango before...
Tomorrow night I'll be dancing w/my instructor for charity. Argentine Tango. Xcited
Thank you Pasha and co for a fantastic fun evening of amazing dancing and singing too!! Loved the Argentine tango soo much 😊
Tango Argentine Grill, where the best steaks, meet the best wines.
Think you can master the Argentine tango? We have 3 levels of classes on Saturdays starting at 4:45 pm. No...
Argentine Tango is a musical genre of simple quadruple metre and binary musical form...
Well, I hadn't planned on listening to a tango / Argentine rap this evening.
Today has been working on el dia que me quieras and more tango playing techniques. I'm loving finding out more about tango
Composer, pianist and orchestra conductor of Argentine tango, Mariano Mores, died Wednesday, his family said. He...
Tango dancers- Argentine tango limited edition Giclee in red dress and red..
If you're in the Glasgow area & have ever wanted to try Argentine Tango, I can recommend this lot very highly indeed
Tonight!. Argentine Tango with Gino at 8:00pm. Salsa with Special Guest Pat Gillies (beginner) & Amanda...
Argentine Tango workshop & FREE wine tasting. It's on tomorrow! Book now:.
I added a video to a playlist GAVRILOV DANCE/ AlexeyAki- Argentine Tango for the Blind and Visually
Argentine tango is very misunderstood. It is not the silly, flamboyant strutting in tacky glitter that we see in...
Why is Argentine tango so difficult? Michelle Badion says look in the mirror (nuerons):
Come Join Argentine Tango Detroit as we present the best- Johana Copes Tonight at City Style Tango...
Ooph. Harsh lyrics for composed by musician Mariano Mores who died this week
I added a video to a playlist The Argentine Tango (1930)
President Obama's essay of Argentine tango was a diplomatic triumph. Those of us who devote a lot of time and effort to tha…
Does anybody among my tango friends know about a boy in Belgium between 10 and 15 years old who can dance some Argentine tango?
What I really want to see him do is Argentine tango. It's dead sexy, & complex, & I think he would nail it.
it would be great if team GG could perform for us! Would be amazing to see an Argentine tango
Mine are trained up nicely. They've just mastered the can-can, now onto the Argentine tango...
visiting Argentine, where is that tango that everyone talk?...
Mariano Mores, famed Argentine tango composer, pianist and conductor, dies at age 98, his family confirms - In...
Wonder what color will rock for Tango Mon love this dress 4 that dance and
Homer and Cristina Ladas (Ganchos in Line of Dance) - Argentine Tango: Dance: Argentine TangoDanсers: Homer an...
There needs to be an Argentine Tango to this song. 😍😍😍
Team Crikey's Argentine Tango proved that you don't have to be armed with physical weapons to truly embody the essence of a valiant warrior.
tons of great Argentine tango teachers in nyc. lists a lot of great classes and events.
Today in Tango History. Argentine tango singer Roberto "Polaco" Goyeneche, was born today, 90 years ago. (January...
Went to my 3 Argentine Tango class yesterday... research. lol
Join us this Sunday at 6 pm for an Argentine Tango lesson followed by dancing ballroom, Latin and more until 11 pm.
Meet Black Singles 300x250
Always wanted to try Here is your chance this for
Salsa & Argentine Tango at Centre 2pm today
Team Crikey's Argentine Tango assisted in encouraging daring thought and reminded all of us about the gravity of warrior princess potential.
wow! I've just started learning Argentine tango. Its harder than it looks! That'll be me at 92!
Tango painting dancing legs, Argentine tango art print on..
Join us for an Argentine Tango lesson followed by a night of dancing on Feb 27!
Argentine Tango at 7:30 come learn something fun and new!
Missed Argentine tango class tonight & I'm gutted. Now I'm going to be behind everyone else next week. I hate that.
Mine and Argentine Tango is on point! 💃🏻👌🏼
Join us Tonight Thursday, Jan 28 for Social Argentine Tango Group Class at 8 pm with Reese Fuentez! Experience...
iSalon Tango offer a Sunset Milonga this Sunday in Argentine Class followed by 3 Hours of Social.
The strength, success, and longevity of warrior princess history depends on persons like Bindi and feats like Team Crikey's Argentine Tango.
Learn how to dance this semester! These classes still have availability: Argentine Tango, Folk Dance, and...
More than just a smartypants, I am also a local Argentinian tango dancer, performer and teacher. Learn more here:
Argentine Tango Beginner Workshops in First is Feb. 27, 7 - 9pm Makes a great Valentine's Day surprise gift!
Save up to 45% 0ff MSRP On ATV Tires
Social benefits to check us out, 7p intermediate group class .
Hope everyone's day is going great! Tonight @ 7:30 for Beginner Argentine Tango @ 7:30 and Beginner Tap @ 8:15! See you soon!
Well done to those who guessed correctly, it was Caroline & Pasha with their Argentine Tango from 2014.
Caroline and pasha series 12 Argentine tango
It's Pasha Kovalev and Caroline Flack with their sizzling Argentine Tango they won in 2015
You lot are truly amazing! It was Harry & Aliona with their amazing Argentine Tango from 2011!
Harry and aliona Argentine tango series 9
My faves Harry & Aliona with their Argentine Tango and they won Series 9 in 2011 :)
Progressive Argentine Tango class is tonight at 7:45pm!
[en][.ca]▶ Come out to “Just Dancing”: an Argentine Tango social dance event in Guelph on Sunday, January 31
205 calories burnt in 30 minutes of 8p beginner Argentine Tango group class
We have 8 double rooms available on the April 8th Argentine Tango Weekend. I have to inform the hotel soon of...
Better yet. Come to The Franklin on Feb. 4 and learn to love Argentine TANGO!
- just started learning Argentine Tango hope to pick up some tips from the best tonight at Cliffs Pavilion
This evening in Canterbury, Argentine Tango Classes at the .Kendall Hall, Nunnery Fields.
Wednesday Night is Argentine Tango Night in Canterbury with Westcourt Tango:. Absolute Beginners 7.15-8pm. Tango...
We have decided to do another Argentine Tango group class! It begins at 7 p.m. Wed night! Only $15 per person!
Argentine Tango Workshops this weekend of January 30 and 31! . Saturday is geared towards ABSOLUTE beginners, the...
Imagine yourself dancing in the warm streets of Argentina... Register for Argentine Tango Mon nights
Russell and julie Hall Argentine tango freestyle demo: via
sharna's reaction to len's negative comment on Nastia's flawless argentine tango is everything 🙏🏼
That's right, we're back! Time for Beginner Salsa & Argentine Tango at in tonight from 8pm. Hope to see you there ☺
Learn how to dance authentic Argentine Tango with Guillermo Torrens.
Craig is unfair on Anita - Argentine Tango is the hardest of the hardest dances - she's not a dancer - she was brilliant
I'm sure they'll be amazing anyway, but please everyone vote for Katie/Anton this week. I NEED to see Derham do Argentine Tango. 🙏🏼
Kym Johnson: "Argentine Tango was Bindi Irwin's best dance yet" [VIDEO]
Tonight features:. Cha Cha and Argentine Tango at 8:00pm. Two Levels of Salsa at 9:00pm. Social Dancing from...
Dwaalings - much excitement! with the champions of the Argentine Tango is a must-see! A superb show. 🌟
I agree with the 2nd part. For me its their Argentine Tango I didn't like, the one with Julianne
mine would actually be their Argentine Tango with Julianne
Miche s Extended Cyber Weekend Event - Savings up to 75%
Carlos Marrero should go home and have a nap if he can't rally Argentine Tango home off that trip. Brutal effort.
I've always wanted to learn the Waltz and Argentine Tango
loved your choreo last week with I want to see the Argentine tango with Hotness!
I'd love to see 'Sugar' by Robin Schulz ft. Francesco Yates as an argentine tango this season. :)
The Argentine Tango and American Smooth have gotta be my fav dances
That's it I'm setting myself a project...I want to learn the Paso Doble and the Argentine Tango
Who doesn't love Peter Andre? I'd like to see him do an Argentine Tango
Guest slot doing some Latin would be fab! I will never forget your Argentine Tango from SYTYCD : )
yes, he should get through easily. I can't wait to see him do an argentine tango or rumba!
I don't know about the rest of you, but I am gagging to see Jay do an Argentine tango
It was the best Argentine tango ever- but I quite like their Viennese waltz with the balloons🎈
I'm really really sorry, but is this bringing back memories from the time Judy & Anton danced the Argentine tango for anyone else?
Next week, Daniel will be dancing an Argentine Tango to "My lovely horse"
what dance are they doing, is it the Argentine Tango?
You guys can jump the queue by learning the Argentine Tango.
.and 1st in Argentine Tango, 2nd overall Novice Pattern Dances at Octoberfest. GO I.D.E!
obviously I would slouch! He really should thrown a Costello tune in-Argentine tango to I Want You? :)
Today in Tango History . Argentine vioinist and composer from the Republic of Rosario, Antonio Agri died 17 years...
Presenting our Argentine culture at http:/…
Join us to enjoy an outstanding all the way from A not to miss !
Argentine Tango at the this morning. What a great start to the day!
Tango gala this evening in Monte Carlo International Argentine Tango Festival
I know it is the first thing I have seen resembling Argentine Tango on DWTS in a long while
. I'm not quite this good at Argentine Tango yet but one day I hope to be! If only I had the longer legs!
Now that was one sexy and hot Argentine Tango! The burgundy costumes and the lace with both of u SEXY as *** 💋
This is beyond amazing totally sublime and Argentine Tango 4x10 beautiful and perfect
I think an Argentine tango to this song like needs to happen like yesterday 😬👯
Watching and imagining dancing the Argentine Tango.could someone make this happen please!
Would be good if someone could choreograph an argentine tango to "Hotline Bling" in the meantime. Ta.
1st Danz - Fri-Argentine Tango with CLO, Saturday Groups are back! Saturday FREE Milonga!
Teaching a new class for at Ballet Arts in NYC, Every Tue 8:30pm. Starts Oct/27.
IMHO I think the Argentine Tango would work better to Blue Monday.
would explain why mines doing the salsa n argentine tango alternately! Xx
Tonight we're featuring Kizomba & Argentine Tango at 8:00pm. Two levels of salsa at 9:00pm. Social dancing from...
your Argentine tango was so sexy i loved it so much!
Check out our Argentine Tango class at 7:30 at La Puerta Dance Studio
Listening to Argentine tango as the sun sets and God drains the color from the sky.
Its the Argentine tango of bedding Betsey style! A rose, black & mysterious, a splash or red for passion...sultry, sexy!!
A fantastic weekend of Argentine Tango locally starts on Saturday Night with Westcourt Tango's Milonga at...
Founders of GAVRILOV DANCE and champion instructors Alexey Gavrilov and Aki Kudo starts Argentine Tango Group...
First festival of Argentine tango for kids - Society - on
Tango in the Park in Dallas on Sunday: Revel in the romance of Argentine tango music and dancing under the... -
have seen some amazing couples on YouTube - works well with argentine tango
I'm loving this song in the rythm of Argentine Tango, and now once more fall in love it with Ballroom Tango.
.& 's Argentine Tango was sure steamy, wasn't it?
Special Offers - FREE Gifts with Purchase
Sharna is most killer when she gets to choreograph the passionate dances. Tango, Paso Doble, Argentine Tango. 🔥🔥🔥
Learn to dance Salsa & Argentine Tango at tonight from 8pm
Free Intro Class to Argentine dancing after...Russian House on 5th 05/05 8:30pm
In case you had missed and 's Argentine Tango, you may watch here.-
Tango at tomorrow 2-5pm our ever popular & enjoyable Argentine Tango workshop. Suitable for beginners & experienced dancers.
Donated balance well done and good luck in the name of the Argentine Tango!
Argentine Tango in the heart of Sussex
{Tonight, join us for all levels of Argentine Tango group classes at 7:00pm and then the social party from 7:30 - 9:30pm!
Some Friday fun from Tango in the heart of sussex
Still get goosebumps thinking about Argentine tango 💃
The lively dance floors of Buenos Aires are coming to An evening of tango music, dance and commentary:
Learn Ballroom, Latin, Argentine Tango and Charlston with LeT's Dance. Never be afraid to dance in public again!
wait but I already knew they are gonna dance argentine tango lmao
Do the argentine tango on ice. Now that would have to be a 20. Meryl would get bruised again tho.
Meryl is about to get you back for those Argentine tango rehearsals 😬
Kym is so Gorgeous that dress is so pretty. I love an Argentine Tango dress
Argentine Tango USA festival and championship. April 2015 in SF.
Want to go dancing tomorrow night? Intro to Argentine Tango, beginner practica and MILONGA at DF Dance Studio!...
Hey guys! If you curious to try Argentine Tango - we are starting a Milonga DF Dance Studio! The 1st one is...
Should have used one for Caroline's Argentine Tango dress
Care to tango? Demos, instruction, practice in Cambridge this weekend, sponsored by Harvard Argentine Tango Society
...great seeing you back on the ice...still one of my favorite skaters of all time.I still youtube your argentine tango too!
Original painting of Argentine tango Tango by SherisArtStudio via
Our tea dancers sharing skills this afternoon and turning their hands to Argentine Tango!
In there's a law that states that Argentine clubs must play the same amount of tango music as all other forms of music combined.
Live music returns tonight for our Argentine Tango Practica. Now with more traditional music for your dancing...
Has Martin House Strictly Get Dancing 2015 inspired you to dance? Then give our Argentine Tango classes a go at...
See this very sultry Argentine Tango from Strictly Come Dancing professionals Vincent Simone and Flavia Cacace.
its a first date & being taken to an Argentine Tango class! Met the guy weeks back & barely remember him! Lol
Fink! & as an Argentine American, I gotta say, if you have any interest in tango, check out Piazzolla!
What do we do when we're not playing ? we take to the floor and the
Try something new! Learn the art of Argentine Tango at a FREE Tango Open House, Friday, March 20. More info at:
Notification: UT Argentine Tango Club @ Weekly from 6pm to 8pm on Wednesday from Wed Jan 28 to Wed May 6 (TANGO CL…
Tango dancing legs, Argentine tango art print on c
& 's Argentine Tango song just came on. I screamed💕
Let's have fun, come to learn Argentine Tango at The West Wimbledon Society Hall. Raynes Park.
Register today for Argentine Tango workshop March 22nd 1 - 4 pm at LYDS!
We can Argentine tango together x x
Simon Webbe's Argentine Tango sent shivers down my spine today, amazing
Tonight at the Mount Baker Community Clubhouse there will be Yoga at 6 pm and Argentine Tango at 7:15 pm!
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Sadie Robertson and Mark Ballas dance the Argentine Tango to "Problem" featuring Noah Guthrie on Dancing with the Stars' Plugged/Unplugged Semifinals Night! ...
The rough cut of a short documentary about an Argentine Tango studio in New Orleans.
Professional Portrait Photographer Candice White will be at Fandango De Tango Fandango is such a special occasion in the world of Argentine Tango. You are all dressed up with someplace to go and you want a memento of the evening? Professional portrait photographer Candice White will capture the look and feel of the evening with an image of you or you and your partner decked out and dolled up for the world to admire. Candice will keep it simple and quick: she’ll shoot several photos, you can take a look at them as soon as she is done shooting, then select the ones you want to keep. She’ll retouch them and email them to you within 5 days. What you’ll get are JPEG photos that are big enough to print as 8x10s. Candice will even provide you with downsized duplicates that you can use on social media! Payment to Candice is due at the time of the shoot: Only $50 for the first image, $40 for the second, and $30 for subsequent images. It’s a great price for a wonderful memento ...
Lifelong dream (ok, not quite lifetime) of seeing Vincent Simone and Flavia Cacace dance the Argentine Tango realised. Incredible.
NOW this is how you dance to Hendrix! "Hey Gypsy Boy" by Jimi Hendrix Hey gypsy boy Where do you come from From the land of the new rising sun Hey gypsy boy Where do you plan to go to I’m gonna spread a lot of love And my piece of my mind too One day I’ll come along I’ll come along is not me dancing (I WISH) Diana Cruz and Nick Jones at the Denver Fusion Exchange this year. Fabulous fusion of Argentine Tango and blues dancing. Loved it so much I had to share it. :D .
I still can't believe that no-one used Caro Emerald's Tangled Up for Argentine Tango last year.
I did Argentine Tango for a bit last year. Trying to find a way back to it.
$19 for a Choice of 5 Zumba, Argentine Tango or Salsa Classes at BC Dance ($50 Value)
That is some stretch, right?! Dr. Roman Kosiborod and his teacher Adriana Bezmenova are practicing their Argentine Tango dance. Come to see them perform on June 8th at our 4th Annual Showcase "Not Strictly Ballroom." Get your tickets today at Dance A Lot Ballroom Studio. P.S. And here is the lift in action; See here:
Please join us this Friday, May 16th, for our Hot Night Fusion Dance. cmDance's Hot Nights are Colorado's premier Tango, Slow Swing and Blues Fusion Dance Night. Whether you're new to dancing or a master of several dance styles, our Hot Night dance has something great for you in both the classes and during the dance. There are classes for all levels, from beginners with no experience, to advanced dancers. The event is held each month at the McNichols Civic Center Building at 144 West Colfax, in the heart of Central Denver. Street parking is available, or park across the street in the Denver Post Building's secure parking lot for only $5. This month's special guests are international Argentine Tango instructor Javier Rochwarger and blues instructor Brian "Lucky" Skillen. and Blues master Barry Douglas. Live music, with alternating sets of Blues and Tango. With Adin and Alisha, and Grisha. With new DJ for the month of May, Tara Fortier, who has DJ'd traditional and alternative tango music internationally. . ...
Shout out to for her PERFECT 40 on this week's Watch her Argentine Tango:
Dancing with the stars was AMAZING! Abby Lee Miller did a great job judging the stars! I absolutely loved Amy and Derek's Argentine Tango! It was AMAZING! A perfect score! Abby said Derek is a legend! Loved the Dance Duel between James, Peta, Amy, and Derek! 1 shy away from perfection!! Next Monday is the semi-finals!
Just In - LIVE Argentine Tango in the Upstairs Lounge at Frankie's Savoy Ball! We are pleased to present Pedro Giraudo and his Mala Junta Tango Trio, plus swing and tango DJ Anthony Blackwell-The Diviner. In addition to being an Argentine Tango musician and dancer, Pedro is a well-known jazz artist, and plays regularly with his jazz sextet and his 17-piece jazz orchestra. Anthony is a popular Argentine tango dancer, teacher and DJ based in NY, who also has competed in Lindy Hop competitions. Lindy hop flourished at roughly the same time as Argentine Tango's "Golden Era", and, like Argentine Tango, is considered to be a vernacular or "street" dance. In 1934-1935, legendary Argentine Tango singer Carlos Gardel lived in NY and made movies in Astoria, Queens. During this time, it was not unheard of in Paris for Argentine Tango orchestras to swap sets with swing bands. We will reprise this tradition at the Savoy Ball, with Pedro swapping sets with the inimitable Dandy Wellington. Many Lindy Hop Dancers are av ...
or a zest! Plenty of spices! Looks mighty 🔥 in red just like he did in that Argentine Tango last year!
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