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Aretha Franklin

Aretha Louise Franklin (born March 25, 1942) is an American singer, songwriter, and pianist.

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Did u kno Aretha Franklin is the 1st female artist 2 be in the rock&roll hall of fame? She's in my song Little Diva https…
The Lemonheads writing tunes with Aretha Franklin in a Gangnam style, produced by William Orbit
so are Jill Scott, Aretha Franklin, Anita Baker, Erykah Badu, but its not the same kind of active
Aretha Franklin said Dionne Warwick's *** was lying on her at Whitney's funeral while she was resting at home with swolle…
Aretha Franklin is still mad at Dionne Warwick for what happened at Whitney Houston’s funeral…
Dionne KNEW the way to San Jose! MT "Aretha Franklin blasts Dionne Warwick: 'She blatantly lied on me'
Aretha Franklin slams Dionne Warwick for lying at Whitney Houston's funeral
Aretha Franklin blasts Dionne Warwick: "She blatantly lied on me"
Aretha Franklin live at the Montreux Jazz Festival in 1971 with Call Me -
De Niro introduced Aretha Franklin, Earth Wind and Fire, Barry Manilow, "all fresh from not performing at the inauguration…
Aretha Franklin. James Cleveland. CL Franklin. 1972. . I have prepared myself for unfettered glory.
Aretha Franklin is truly the Queen of soul music. James Brown was the King of funk and soul. We need to hear that … h…
Now playing I knew you were waiting by Aretha Franklin & George Michael!
Happy Birthday to the Queen of Soul, Aretha Franklin!.
Diana Ross, Celine Dion, Aretha Franklin, Chaka Khan, and Mariah Carey are all also Aries - I'm not accepting any Aries slander this season.
When you wake up to yo momma playing Aretha franklin ... that only means one thing , you bout to be cleaning for the next 6 hours
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Your daily reminder that Aretha Franklin did a collab with George Michael.
Happy Birthday "Queen of Soul" Aretha Franklin! '05 - President George W. Bush presented her the Medal of Freedom:
That moment during your briefing when Aretha Franklin's "Respect" magically appears as a ringtone.
Queen Aretha is back for a sold-out concert. She dishes on her affinity for Chicago
Listening to Respect by Aretha Franklin, on the album: 30 Greatest Hits
I'd thought you'd never ask, BET. I would like to see Aretha Franklin receive her Lifetime Achievement Award w/ Fan…
And next is a collabo between Aretha Franklin and George Michael. I'm not in love with the song but it's great that this happened.
I m my truest self when I'm driving home w mascara smeared all over my face blasting Aretha franklin 2 soothe the hangover
I recorded in the same studio as Eric Clapton, Aretha Franklin and Ray Charles…it smelled like good ol’ mary-jane big time.
Just woke from a dream where my laptop couldn’t load any track to mix out of an Aretha Franklin medley the DJ before played
My chat with ahead of her concert 'I love Chicago,' the singer…
Aretha Franklin and Elton John Through The Storm (peaked at in 1989) .
can we talk about how Jessi just casually interviewed Aretha Franklin!?!
all time the best music Aretha Franklin - Unforgettable
"Soul music will live on, regardless." - my chat w/ the Queen of Soul, for .
Hamilton Collection
Classic is playing Aretha Franklin - I Say A Little Prayer right now on
Quan: Aretha Franklin. . East Atlanta. *** I'll take you there. . me:
In Paris, listening to Aretha Franklin and walking in the sunshine. Might explode from vitamin D glitz ✨
Aretha Franklin is still the queen, and the keeper, of soul
.talks with Aretha Franklin, crowned 50 yrs ago as the Queen of Soul on stage at the Regal in Chicago
19- Aretha Franklin. ok but have u ever HEARD HER VOICE. it's like hearing angels sing. i swear to god. absolute hot ma…
James Brown, Nina Simone, Aretha Franklin, Marvin Gaye, Maceo Parker,... they are waiting on...
Happy Birthday to all my friends lucky enough to share a birthday with Aretha Franklin and Elton John! Respect.
By the way today is Elton John and Aretha Franklin's birthday ,legends are born in the same time
Any chance of you playing I Say A Little Prayer by Aretha Franklin as Tony Fenton would've 56 today 😞
It's official! breaks her tie with Aretha Franklin for having the most hits on the Hot 100 by any woman: h…
. "If you don't respect yourself ... Mix - ARETHA FRANKLIN - RESPECT YOURSELF - 1977:
"Aretha Franklin doesn't like Nicki Minaj"... Well explain this... 🤔
.now has 76 Billboard Hot 100 entries, passing Aretha Franklin to make her the woman with the most Hot 100 hits…
On this day in 1938, Don Covay was born. Covay wrote the Grammy winning song "Chain of Fools," performed by Aretha Fra…
Aretha Louise Franklin celebrates her 75th birthday 2day & a very big congrats. :).
Aretha Franklin - Get it right long Aretha Franklin LRdR good listening
As mentioned just now on The legendary, Aretha Franklin is celebrating her 75th birthday today 🎉 Your…
Trey Songz got co sign from The Great Aretha Franklin on his first album. Ain't no denying that. PERIOD.
Nicki Minaj has passed Aretha Franklin for the most Hot 100 entries among women, with 76 total entries.
In my opinion her best. . Aretha Franklin - (You Make Me Feel Like) A Natural Woman [1967] via
I am enjoying the *** out of the Aretha Franklin tribute on CBC
I herewith want to congratulate with here birthday on the 25 th March 2017
Thank you for celebrating the legendary queen of soul Aretha Franklin!
Memphis officials to help save Aretha Franklin's birthplace
Queen of rap beats Madonna and Aretha Franklin to take this record title >
Happy Birthday to the Queen. Aretha Franklin - Chain of Fools via
Lisa Moody started her set with Aretha Franklin, and has kept us up since. Atlantic winds blowing. Bodies moving.
Will never disappear ♫ The Long and Winding Road by Aretha Franklin —
KC~In the Lounge at 7, Aretha Franklin, Bette Midler and Dolly Parton. Pic:free use
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March 25: On this day in 1942, Aretha Franklin was born. . She was...
Nicki Minaj passes Aretha Franklin as the female artist with the most Hot 100 entries.
"Without a word of warning, the Blues walked in this morning". Today I Sing The Blues van Aretha Franklin
It appears a public-private partnership will pay to repair the crumbling cottage.
We're celebrating the Queen of Soul on at 6 p.m. (6:30 NT) with Rich Terfry
25th March 1942, it will be the Queen of Soul’s 75th birthday. Aretha Franklin was born in Memphis, Tenessee
There's another jazz and oldie favorite coming up next on - Rescue Me by Aretha Franklin.
With 12 days left we're feeling like Nicki who recently just topped Aretha Franklin on the…
I liked a video from Aretha Franklin - How Long I've Been Waited
The Queen of Soul talks about her passion for music that began while growing up in Detroit.
I need me a gotdamn marg'aretha franklin
Aretha did that w/her cover of Respect making it 1 of the most iconic. Respect originally byOtis Redding c…
Sources say Aretha Franklin just finished the anthem 5 minutes ago...
Glow is nice but Kanye gotta decide if wants to be a hip hop artist or Aretha Franklin
Why the Pastor sound like Aretha Franklin on 'Got 2 Be Real'? I kid you not! Patti LaHelle is present!
Update your maps at Navteq
Aretha Franklin didn't do a million features that counted towards HER record. Also, she accrued hits in HOW many different…
I liked a video Aretha Franklin and Tom Jones live 1969 Full show (HD)
Who can guess which decade The Lucy Show, Tom & Jerry, Aretha Franklin, and the Beach Boys were the talk of the day ...
3. David Remnick's piece on the genius of Aretha Franklin:
Nicki is competing with Aretha Franklin & Taylor Swift for the spot on billboard and remy is competing w/ Cardi B for ca…
Beyoncé, Barbra Streisand, Janet Jackson, Cher, Diana Ross, Rihanna, Donna Summer, Aretha Franklin.. and more are just as impac…
S/O to Gwen Stefani for helping me remember how to spell bananas and Aretha Franklin for helping me remember how to spell res…
From the Queen of Pop, Madonna, to the Queen of Soul, Aretha Franklin, along with Rihanna, Mariah, Whitney,...
"My mom raised me on soul music. I was practically breast-fed on Stevie Wonder, Aretha Franklin, and all of the old sc…
Aretha Franklin announces retirement from music - The West Australian
ENTERTAINMENT MUSIC - Aretha Franklin announces end of live performances
Aretha Franklin says she plans to retire following release of her next album later this year.…
The Queen of Soul, is retiring but she's got big plans before that happens.
Now doubly poignant listening to Barack Obama describing what he hears in Aretha Franklin's voice...
Mr A's clutching one of the cats & dancing round kitchen to Aretha Franklin medley. It looks like a scene from a very odd blind date.
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AFP: Aretha Franklin plans final album at age 75
Singer Aretha Franklin: 'I am retiring this year' after release of new album
Respect her decision: Aretha Franklin is retiring this year.
Aretha Franklin gonna release one more album before retirement, produced by Stevie Wonder??? LIT.
Aretha Franklin is retiring - 42nd and final album coming in September ^bc
'Queen of Soul' Aretha Franklin will record one last album with Stevie Wonder before retiring.
Aretha Franklin says she's retiring: 'I feel very, very enriched and satisfied'
Soul lady Aretha Franklin retiring. Embe2Go is sad to hear this!
Aretha Franklin plans final album at age 75
Aretha Franklin announces retirement at the age of 74
Soul legend Aretha Franklin announces she's retiring this year
On news of Aretha Franklin retiring: "Respect" entered Billboard Hot 100 on April 29, 1967, one spot back of fellow…
God I came in on the end of the article! I thought Aretha Franklin had died. I had to furiously Google!
‘Queen of Soul’ Aretha Franklin announces her retirement
Maybe the biopic she's been wanting to make for almost a decade now, will finally happen? https:/…
Aretha Franklin announces her retirement and final album
At 74 years old, Aretha Franklin plans to retire. "I will be recording, but this will be my last year in concert."
Yo I saw Aretha Franklin trending and almost panicked.
But don't worry, there is still more music to come before she does!
Reigning diva Aretha Franklin has announced her retirement
42 Aretha Franklin quotes and photos to celebrate her incredible career
Bit concerned when rado 4 plays Aretha Franklin tribute on the news but it turns out she's retiring after her next album.
Aretha Franklin, the eternal Queen of Soul, retires. As formative an influence on me as Joni Mitchell and Maurice R…
Enjoy musical renditions of music by Otis Redding, Aretha Franklin and more with at B.B. Kings:
Diane Warren worked with artists like Elton John, Tina Turner, Patti LaBelle, Aretha Franklin, Aerosmith and now, s…
Diane Warren has wrote for big artists such as: Christina Aguilera, Mariah Carey, Lady Gaga, Beyoncé & Aretha Franklin.
I get Aretha Franklin, Anita Baker, Patty Labelle and Gladys Knight confused...they all the same person in my head
Here is what has recently played... Respect - Aretha Franklin
Get the soundtracT.. what. The *** Is this? Aretha Franklin is on the whole GAHT *** SOUNDTRACK
uma kompton is the new Aretha franklin
Now playing on for the jazz and oldies connoisseur - Rescue Me by Aretha Franklin! Tune in now!
Beyoncé, Aretha Franklin, and Barbra Streisand made Yahoo!'s list of the Best Inaugural performances of all time. Beyoncé made…
Obama had Aretha franklin and Beyoncé perform at his inaugurations and trump has...three..doors..down
Day Dreaming - Aretha Franklin Tune in...and lose yourself.
I mean Obama had Aretha Franklin and Yoyoma at his first inauguration.but 3 doors down and Toby Keith are good as well..
you're are all worked up about an honor he shares with Aretha Franklin and Lucille Ball. Why you triggered?
kinda how Bush have one to Aretha Franklin, and Reagan gave them to several senators.
probably. Reagan handed them out to senators, and Bush have one to Aretha Franklin. Rumsfeld has one. Why does it bother you?
Night Time is the Right Time Aretha Franklin Ray Charles cover version: via
2016 is Aretha Franklin and I'm a combination of her underwire bra and Cissy Houston. Just going through the motions.
📹 (via Aretha Franklin backed by Leon Russell on...
16. The 5 greatest vocalists of all time, in no particular order:. Aretha Franklin. Barbra Streisand. Mariah Carey. Céline…
Someone needs to go check on Diana Ross, Aretha Franklin, and Betty White
Rumor:Elton John,Aretha Franklin,Bob Geldof said to be in early stages of a tribute to George Michael:
we need the feds to put *** Jagger, Stevie Wonder, Diana Ross, Tina Turner, Aretha Franklin & Paul McCartney in protect…
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And don't even THINK about touching my Bonnie Raitt or Aretha Franklin.
good one! Also forgot Cyndi Lauper, Aretha Franklin, Pat Benatar, Bonnie Raitt and Tina Turner.
George Michael is the only artist who has a duet with 4 Queens( Aretha Franklin, Whitney Houston,Mary J Blige,Elton John) an…
George Michael had recorded duets with legends like Aretha Franklin, Ray Charles, Luciano Pavarotti and Elton John https:/…
Obama got Itzhak Perlman, Yo-Yo Ma, Aretha Franklin. Trump tried to get Bocelli. Trump basically *is* Zapp Brannig…
Chaka Khan and Aretha Franklin backstage at the 2012 ESSENCE Music Festival, by Mary J Blige.
Thanks to I will always have Patti Labelle and Aretha Franklin paired together in the same thought.
E: You need to respect my respectfulness. Uncle Tommy: Girl, you ain't Aretha Franklin.
imagine going from Aretha Franklin and Beyoncé to Jackie Evancho
try Anderson Paak for a change instead of your Ray Charles n Aretha Franklin old ***
Melissa Etheridge, Ann Wilson, Glen Hansard and more lead "Music of Aretha Franklin" tribute http…
'NowPlaying' A Rose Is Still A Rose by Aretha Franklin at - Buy it…
Update: Aretha Franklin is still singing the National Anthem at Ford Field.
Stevie Wonder, Aretha Franklin, Barry White, Jocelyn Brown... are waiting you on make...
Today's Howard Stern Show: Lenny Dykstra and friends, Speech Impediment Man, Aretha Franklin clips and more.
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So we just gon act like Aretha Franklin's rendition of the star spangled banner didn't last an entire baptist church service on 1st Sunday?
Aretha Franklin sang a stirring rendition of the National Anthem, but, man, did she take her time with it.
I'm gonna tell all your grandchildren about the time you complained about seeing Aretha Franklin instead of the Detroit Lio…
Aretha Franklin took us all to church.
😩😂Y'all better let Aretha Franklin sing this National Anthem. No interruptions. Happy Thanksgiving! http…
Literally me singing the National Anthem
Coin toss, and the incomparable Aretha Franklin sings the anthem at Ford Field prior to kickoff
Aretha Franklin sang the soulful version of the National Anthem. It was soothing & very healing after the whole election drama
Delay of game 😂. Legendary singer Aretha Franklin’s National Anthem could have used some better clock management https:…
I think Aretha Franklin was singing Bleeding Gums Murphy's version of the National Anthem.
Aretha Franklin turned the National Anthem into a *** spiritual.
Aretha Franklin's National Anthem performance almost had me catching the holy ghost.
Franklin's National Anthem steals the show
The internet totally roasted Aretha Franklin for her National Anthem rendition...
Lol they put Aretha Franklin on the time of possession graphic for her long National Anthem. 😂
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the black fam still waiting on Aretha Franklin to finish the National Anthem.
Aretha Franklin just made the National Anthem longer than the album version of Stairway to Heaven.
Before Aretha Franklin sang the National Anthem . After Aretha Franklin sang the National Anthem
You betta take the National Anthem to church, Aretha!
BOOM ⚡️ “Aretha Franklin might have just sung the longest anthem ever”.
Aretha Franklin had a longer NFL career than Johnny Manziel.
displays a missing tooth while singing live the National Anthem at the 2016
Mom: Can u go to the store and buy some milk?. Me: I can't the game is about to start. Aretha Franklin: I got u fam
Aretha Franklin really turned this into a church hymn.
I cooked my whole turkey, ate and did the dishes during Aretha Franklin's National Anthem performance.
If your mad at Aretha Franklin then slap your grandmother cause she put on a show. 💯 You need some real soul in your life.
Aretha Franklin just finished the National Anthem but we are already at halftime.
Aretha Franklin is basically a legend. The hate is unnecessary.
With this version of the National Anthem, Aretha is sending the nation a message.
Thankful Aretha Franklin doesn't sing the Anthem when I pitch, pretty sure I would have to go back to the pen and warm back…
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Flipped the channel, saw Aretha Franklin was still singing The National Anthem.
Kaepernick would've developed arthritis in his knee for kneeling so long if the 49ers were playing while Aretha Franklin sa…
Aretha Franklin just set the record for longest National Anthem ever, previously held by Bleeding Gums Murphy
Aretha Franklin and Andy Grammar, good choices NFL, let's get some Simple Plan and Baha Men in there too next time 🔥
Sunday in the Theatre! This is: Aretha Franklin by Spotify ♫
Aretha Franklin has probably the best voice of all time, which makes some inclined to overlook her skills on the piano, but we shouldn't.
I bought Aretha Franklin's Greatest Hits from the new record shop in town & I can honestly say it's the best gift I've ever got myself.
Back on air with Soul Plane at 7pm. Tonight's playlist includes Aretha Franklin, Percy Sledge and James Brown but...
Now Playing on Greatest Hits Radio : Aretha Franklin & George Michael - I knew you were waiting (For me) "
Now Playing on Greatest Hits Radio : Aretha Franklin - Who's zoomin' who "
♫ Sisters Are Doin' It for Themselves - by Eurythmics & Aretha Franklin
The song Respect sung by Aretha Franklin was originally preformed and written by Otis Redding. . Suck it feminist.
Oct 28th- Aretha Franklin (1942- ) "Queen of Soul", first woman to be inducted into the Rock and Roll hall of fame.
Whitney Houston when Michael Jackson told Lisa Marie Presley she sang like Aretha Franklin:
Guests would be Jools Holland Tom Jones and Aretha Franklin lololollol
In addition to Heatwave: "hits for Chaka Khan and Rufus, Donna Summer, Aretha Franklin, Herbie Hancock, the Brothers Johnson, and Klymaxx."
I swear man, these Lake County schools always got their PA playlist game right. Mac Miller, Stevie Wonder and now Aretha Franklin.
Not as good as Vladimir Putin getting busted in a Publix but Denzel Washington choked Aretha Franklin
Unless anyone has spoken to Sid James or Aretha Franklin then this is Top T…
I've had Tupac, Biggie, Mark Twain, Steve Jobs, Paul Newman, Aretha Franklin, Rodney King, Martha Kostyra, and have Shirley Temple as a cat
I grew up loving Etta James and Aretha Franklin and Al Green and Otis Redding, and I just love ol
I liked a video How I Got Over by Aretha Franklin with the Southern California Community Choir
Marisa Monte from Brazil. Billy Holiday, Aretha Franklin... There are so many!
Today in 1995, Aretha Franklin, Al Green, Booker T. & the MGs, Jerry Lee Lewis & Johnny Cash performed for the opening of the
Lady Gaga 👑🎤 deserves to be up their with Mariah Carey . Whitney Houston. Pattie Labelle. Aretha Franklin . & Barbra Strisand &. more ☕️
PLEASE make sure when you have kids they hear you playing James Brown, Luther Vandross, Aretha Franklin, Diana Ross, Smokey…
Joe, Anita Baker, Aretha Franklin, Luther vandross.. Jon B.. Dnt get me started lol.
Aretha Franklin's Live at Fillmore West is an amazing & underrated live album. It stands withe the greats. Listen to it, be delivered.
You're welcome. Listen to Eleanor Rigby by Aretha Franklin on
Beyoncé sits with Barbra Streisand, Mariah Carey, Whitney Houston, and Aretha Franklin when it comes to the top five greatest t…
All purpose parts banner
Aretha Franklin is inducted into the class of 2016 buffalo music hall of fame.
Aretha Franklin is inducted into the Class of 2016 Buffalo Music Hall of Fame
Lady Gaga, Elton John, Stevie Wonder and Aretha Franklin will perform at Tony Bennett's tribute concert
Lady Gaga, Billy Joel, Aretha Franklin, Elton John, and more to perform w/ Tony Bennett in his NBC birthday special airing…
Lady Gaga will join Stevie Wonder, Aretha Franklin, Elton John and more to celebrate Tony Bennett's 90th birthday https:…
Aretha Franklin, the Queen of Soul, performing at DeVos Hall on October 9th. Get your tickets while they last!!!
Bowie, Donna Summer, Aretha Franklin, Elvis. Not Chris Brown, Usher, or any of the newbies.
lol ikr.. My mom just likes hall and Oates, Aretha Franklin, but she likes Meghan Trainor, and John N.
Saw that Aretha Franklin was first woman inducted into Rock & Roll Hall of Fame. Looked at inductees - they are mostly men.
1987 Aretha Franklin became the first female to be in Rock And Roll Hall of Fame
Queen of Soul, Aretha Franklin coming to the DeVos Hall in October. Get your tickets TODAY!!
Aretha Franklin the first black women to be inducted into the Rock and roll hall of fame.
Aretha Franklin live in the Motor City Casino and be walking around in house shoes lol
I know I'm not going to sing like Aretha Franklin or Elvis Presley or any of those peop...
I liked a video from Aretha Franklin- "Do Right Woman" (Merv Griffin Show 1967)   10% Off
Cab Calloway. James Brown. John Lee Hooker. Ray Charles. Aretha Franklin . Chaka Kahn. *** even Mr T and uncle Phil from the fresh prince is in …
I added a video to a playlist The Very Best of Soul - Aretha Franklin, Sam Cooke, James Brown...
Aretha Franklin today in New Bethel Baptist Church in Detroit, which her father pastored for more than 30 years.
When you get to sit front row to Aretha Franklin, Jesse Jackson, Judge Greg Mathis, and Yolanda Adams 🎤😩🙌🏿
Aretha Franklin na Patty Labelle said she is the only one RN who they think slays..
Aretha Franklin's son Eddie and the GREAT producer Michael NARADA Walden who produced the…
I've never recorded anything I didn't like.
Judge blocks festival from showing Aretha Franklin concert movie
I take that back. She’s doing an Aretha Franklin cover. She is SO for me 😩
I just used Shazam to discover Somewhere by Aretha Franklin.
(You make me feel like) A natural woman by the great Aretha Franklin!. I hope you like it…
when I'm sad I just listen to Aretha Franklin
On this day in music history: June 15, 1968 - “Think” by Aretha Franklin hits on the Billboard R&B singles chart
Chips Moman, who worked with Elvis, Willie Nelson and Aretha Franklin, has died at age 79 https:/…
On this day in 1968 Aretha Franklin hits with Think
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Respect by Aretha Franklin is the number 1 jam okay
This house.Aretha Franklin's childhood home coming down. story at se-009we
Now playing: Ladies Only by Aretha Franklin at - Buy it
on Soul Town: I'm listening to You're All I Need To Get By by Aretha Franklin.
An ode to the beehive as the creator of the famous hairstyle dies aged 98
Amsterdam 1968..doesn't get much better than this ' (You Make Me Feel Like) A Natural Woman by Aretha Franklin'
Judge orders Aretha Franklin's childhood home in Tennessee to be torn down -
And I was booked once to go on 'Ed Sullivan' and I got bumped and ran ...
Aretha Franklin - Rolling in the Deep / Ain't No Mountain Live Adele Cov... via
Catch a once-in-a-lifetime concert featuring Aretha Franklin, Ben E. King & more at 9 pm:
Songs by Al Green, Prince Buster, Aretha Franklin, The Supremes, Arctic Monkeys etc It was great lad!
When listening to Aretha Franklin, Tina Turner, or Billy Joel, you are either uncontrollably dancing or uncontrollably crying.
The truth is... My parents left me home alone and I've been dancing to Aretha Franklin, Tina Turner, and Billy Joel for the past hour...
Aretha Franklin and James Brown on Gimme Your Love is no joke:
I've been getting into different gospel artists; Aretha Franklin is so...
My years with Aretha Franklin have been very special, as were the year...
Could not resist this one:. I Can't Wait - Nu Shooz, The Weight - Aretha Franklin, Love's Holiday - EWF
Taylor Swift is right behind legend Aretha Franklin for the most Billboard Hot 100 entries!!
Paul Warburg's wife maybe Aretha Franklin because he told the Elite that Marguerite DeWitt killed his wife when she was caring for her &
TONIGHT 9 PM: Hazel Gould reawakens the ghosts of Etta James,Dinah Washington, and Aretha Franklin at Heyday. The...
Cedric the Entertainer announces Aretha Franklin for Oct. 22 St. Mary's event honoring the late Rosetta Boyce Kyles.
Why is Adam Wakefield giving me an Aretha Franklin vibe on this Bonnie Raitt song? I like it!
Aretha Franklin to headline 3rd Annual Cedric The Entertainer and Friends Gala
We couldn't be more excited about Cedric The Entertainer's big announcement this morning! Aretha Franklin will...
Aretha Franklin to headline Cedric the Entertainer benefit gala
Aretha Franklin will headline 'An Evening with Cedric the Entertainer and Friends' gala this October.
Aretha Franklin headlining Cedric the Entertainer benefit gala at Peabody Opera House via
Cedric the Entertainer announces Aretha Franklin will headline his annual gala benefiting
Aretha Franklin once called me "baby" outside of a coney island so I guess you could say things were serious
Watch Herbie Hancock, Aretha Franklin, Terrace Martin, more cover Prince at the White House
Great tunes coming up in the lunch hour from Carole King, Eric Clapton, Aretha Franklin, Foreigner and much more!
LIVE on Aretha Franklin and Mavis Staples, sings Davis Sisters "We need Power Lord"
Aretha Franklin dropped out at 15. So did I. Aretha Franklin got rich, so will I.
Just to be sure, we should put Stevie Wonder, Neil Young, Aretha Franklin, Dylan, Springsteen, and the Stones under 24-hour medical watch.
today we still have Stevie Wonder, *** Jagger, Harry Belafonte, Pete Townshend, Aretha Franklin, Carlos Santana, Paul McCartney..etc. smh😑
Jennifer Hudson channeled Beyoncé and Aretha Franklin at karaoke night: rose Then she ...
Aretha Franklin, Loretta Lynn, Momma Cass, Joni Mitchell, and Brittany Howard. If only Amy Winehouse had beat her addictions
Thought it was gonna be an Aretha Franklin cover at first Tony! Great tune though; Chaka headlined Love Supreme 2015
In Charles Mudede's talk on Fontella Bass, we learn Aretha Franklin did a Pizza Hut ad that ppl confuse w/Bass' "Rescue Me."
I'd love to sing Blackbird with Paul McCartney or Do Right Woman with Aretha Franklin or Little Wing with Hendrix!
Last year, Aretha Franklin brought Barack Obama to tears. David Remnick considers her legacy, on
This is an iconic piece of music history. Aretha Franklin, Kennedy Center honors Carole King.
Going into the feels of Andra Day, Aretha Franklin, Doobie Bros. =D
Originals and Remakes -- Who did it better...Aretha Franklin or EnVogue?
Jewels in the Crown: All Star Duets with the Queen by Aretha Franklin (CD,... via
David Remnick on Aretha Franklin, W. E. B. Du Bois and the power of gospel music. Subscribe here to listen:
David Remnick drops in out of nowhere and writes a long appreciation of Aretha Franklin.
Friday read: Detroit on my mind profile of Aretha Franklin by David Remnick
Birth of a song (from David Remnick's ravishing profile of Aretha Franklin)
Soul Survivor. Great article on Aretha Franklin from David Remnick:. via
After reading David Remnick's article about Aretha Franklin in I had to watch this again
Bessie “Empress of Blues” Smith influenced artists such as Billie Holiday and Aretha Franklin.
There is no "Formation" without "Respect." David Remnick on Aretha Franklin's legacy:
Artists to listen to: Aretha Franklin. Marvin Gaye. STAX Records (Memphis) and Motown (Detroit). Both soul, both very different, but amazing
Untold Story of Aretha Franklin, An Alleged Sacrifice and Her 1st Child? [VIDEO] -
CELEBRATING Mindy Massey Lynch, and a few other legendary peeps! Aretha Franklin is 74. Elton John is 69. Marcia...
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