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Arctic Circle

The Arctic Circle is one of the five major circles of latitude that mark maps of the Earth. For Epoch 2012, it is the parallel of latitude that runs north of the Equator.

Dalton Highway

Wilson Pres Harman: We have the opp to get right if we work together
The June Solstice is the only day of the year when all locations inside the Arctic Circle experience continuous daylight for 24 hours.
.is next area of investment. GDP growing 11% per year
An unforgettable evening and night above the Arctic Circle. Rapadalen, Sarek NP, Sweden.
Take a look at this Norwegian island artists' retreat inside the Arctic Circle
studying on my way back to work in the arctic circle. Things I do for trading capital.
Id actually rather die than do anything Arctic Circle related.
Prof Kudryashova explains the importance of education & University of the Arctic for future US-Russia relations https:…
A few days off the grid and solstice above the Arctic Circle. Yay! Now start losing daylight and will be able to get real sleep soon! ;)
"Investing for a Sustainable Arctic Future: The Role of the AEC" tomorrow with chair https:…
Enjoying the solstice in the middle of the night above the Arctic circle in Norway.
My friend on his journey through Alaska to the Arctic Circle...
Look at the dark spot within the Arctic Circle. THE ARCTIC CIRCLE.
The is here. 12:25a Wed the Sun is directly over the Tropic of Cancer. Arctic circle gets 24 hrs of dayligh…
Yeah, they are all kind of meteorologically counterintuitive. And yes, touching distance of the Arctic Circle is indeed boreal.
CEO Gail Schubert speaks on the common heritage and seaway between Russia and the htt…
Unless you live above the Arctic Circle, chances are, your car suffers from enhanced effects of heat in the summer.
Our VP of talks about the importance of the - watch live webcast here:
Winter warfare training in arctic circle
The is the one day when every point north of the Arctic Circle sees at least twent…
Is this a challenge? My boys can swim upstream in the arctic circle and hit their mark.
Do you know hot it works above the arctic circle? I think Jewish people for Sabbath and such try to cou…
What did you do for Summer Solstice? I went swimming in the infinity pool in the Arctic Circle at midnig…
Commandant is scheduled to speak at the Arctic Circle Forum tomorrow. Live feed available:
I live north of the Arctic circle and I think that's weirdly insular
Norway is opening up vast new stretches of land to oil drilling entirely in the Arctic Circle
On day 119 I passed the Arctic Circle in Norway. Yesterday on day 457 I reached the Tropic of Cancer. Next mileston…
On World Oceans Day, 'Arctic Circle' artist explains how her comic takes on climate change - Washington Post
I'm after a mint condition Arctic Circle 2 and Avalanche.
"... inside the Arctic Circle, in mid-June the sun does not set, so when running at midnight the sun is still in th…
epic drive me kev out the Arctic circle of Norway now into Sweden listening to radio x all d…
Gotta rep the sponsor, even if you're 300 miles north of the Arctic Circle.
“If you look at 2008, the Department of Interior made about $18 billion in offshore. Last year [it] was $2.6...
I want a cherry dipped ice cream con from Arctic Circle 🤤
☃10D7N ARCTIC CIRCLE ADVENTURE WITH NORWAY☃. Hey!! Time to dig out your winter coat and join us for this freezing...
Move to the arctic circle and learn embroidery.
Delete your account. Set fire to your phone. Move to the Arctic Circle.
Who says those near the Arctic Circle don't have a sense of humor?
Playing hockey above the arctic circle in August... they have summer up there, right?
Don't expect you to know the answer but what do Muslims living near or above the arctic circle do for Ram…
Funny, you planning on traveling north of the…
Epic scenery and eerie light north of the arctic circle.
05-30 Northern Lights. 200kms inside the arctic circle.
WATCH: visits Thule Air Base in the Arctic Circle, where a new upgrade is helping the U.S. keep watch on Nort…
AHEAD ON We head to the Arctic Circle for a look inside the base the US military is counting on to wat…
Zinke begins Arctic Circle trip with a 5-day visit to Alaska from PennWell
Update your maps at Navteq
that said, no dynamic lighting... yet. Whole 24 hours is daylight. Pretend it's the arctic circle 😎
Getting ready for four days with afterski and beach party at 79 Degrees north of the arctic circle! Love it!...
Spectacular photos of some of Earth’s most fragile life near the Arctic Circle. Photos by Alexander Semenov.
Currently on the Isle of Skye.. Its not at all dark and it's 10:15 pm. Must be strange living in the arctic circle!
Stop using the word Snowflake that way till you have spent a year north of the arctic circle.😝
PlanetVisible's next project is upon us. Follow our SUP adventure high up off the Arctic Circle in northern Norway.…
So either Lucifer's Cage or the new Arctic Circle
We stuck round the south, would love to go right up to the top above the Arctic circle.
Hello Pokey! Is it a good day in the Arctic Circle today?
Russian and the US govt colluding to put Trump in power so that Russian and American oil co's c…
From the Arctic Circle to overlooking Africa in just over three days. We go on a Porsche road trip to remember
Book for our on the impact of across the length and breadth of the Americas.
"China is likely to incorporate the Arctic Circle into its new Silk Road trade plan" |
“The full name of the strategy will be ‘One Belt, One Road, One Circle’, and the circle refers to the Arctic Circle"
Prof. Li Xiguang of Tsinghua: OBOR will soon become OBOROC (adding 'One Circle') with inclusion of Arctic Circle .
A new favorite: Arctic Circle by Solar Empire on
Plastic bags have been found floating north of the Arctic Circle, and as far south as the Falkland Islands. (British Anta…
Follow the bird journey from South America through the Delaware Bay all the way to the Arctic Circle:…
I will be in Naujaat (Repulse Bay) smack on the Arctic Circle this week, have a good week all!
I know Arctic Circle once had Tropical Climate . R U an Earth is young religi…
Tiny tomato plant growing north of the Arctic Circle
Im afraid he does. Needs to be banished north of Arctic Circle
-Ashore- . Walruses drying at the Arctic Circle // Shark fins drying at a factory in Hong Kong.
The Arctic is melting and it has serious consequences Join
This is real. Some midnight sun venue for the and Legends? Above Arctic circle - Henningsv…
calls for action as huge islands reach Arctic circle – 
Surfers catch waves north of the Arctic Circle Photos | Image - ABC News
Thanks for the presentation link. We use PNT/3C's, having previously collaborated with…
SUMMER: Helsinki, Finland to the Arctic Circle for only €52 roundtrip with
From today's flight: Mount Gunnbjorn, top center- Greenland's tallest peak (12,100 ft) & world's tallest north of…
Arctic Circle in Utah was also the birthplace of fry sauce. Some bored kid mixed mayonnaisse with ketchup and a new trend was born
That would be awesome! Arctic Circle Restaurant has great shakes but I know they are holding out
04-29 Northern Lights. 200kms inside the arctic circle.
I got a job at Arctic Circle today, super happy about it.
Wouldn't mind subsistence living in the arctic circle for a year or two. Just completely unplugging.
There's a huge plastic island in the Arctic circle
Dam did you move to the Arctic Circle ?
Greenpeace calls for action as huge rubbish islands reach Arctic circle
That's it, I can't stand this hot weather anymore. I'm moving to the Arctic Circle. Living in a tropical country depresses me. 😭
An all canadian photo. . Almost in the Arctic Ci…
Trump signs order ripping up Obama's protections against off-shore drilling
Could be worse. Imagine Ramadan in Arctic Circle parts of Alaska, Finland & Norway. Where it's daylight for the bet…
Wild Westfjords: Iceland at the Edge of the Arctic Circle
Putin promised to cut Tillerson, and Trump, if they are able to lift sanctions restric…
Tillerson did promise Putin he would work things so that Putin would be allowed to drill in the Ar…
Russia unveils new, sprawling military base just outside the Arctic Circle, putting the U.S. on alert
Gotta love the land scape in the Arctic Circle.
How to grow veggies at the edge of the Arctic Circle
“Every adventure starts with seeing a map.” on his 1,525 km ride across the Arctic Circle.
Duh! Spring time in the Arctic Circle, you get ice bergs, check out the story of the titantic
Hot air ballooning in the Arctic Circle. . Amazing day…
Register your own Swift Campout. We love it if you’ve cycled from the Arctic Circle to…
The in the Arctic Circle are a remarkable sight.
- Oil prices go up. - Trump pushes drilling in Arctic circle. - Tillerson helps lift sanctions. - Trump/Putin's hac…
Wonderful - have a great time. Still remember my February week 2009 north of the Arctic Circle in F…
I just checked in at Arctic Circle with Download today!
Super Team X-plore in Arctic Circle in the Land of the Nenets! 👏👏
Drive over the Arctic Circle on the Dempster Highway
Indigenous people in the Arctic circle are playing a big role in protecting and restoring their environment:
Some scenes I've been filming of for his biopic over past week. From Helvellyn to the Arctic Circle. Next stop Ne…
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On board one of the only trains to cross the Arctic Circle
On w/ cud have been more cold towards I swear I saw the arctic cir…
Art News: Artica Svalbard, a Norwegian Foundation in the Arctic Circle, Announces First Artists in Residence
What a perfect time to be up inside the Arctic Circle with Hurtigruten!
Heavy rain, Hail & Snow marks today's equinox with temperatures of -7C making Britain colder than the Arctic Circle ht…
He is wondering how on Earth to escape the fake snow and ice of the zoo and head back to Arctic circle.
Family follows their hearts and moves to the Arctic Circle, amazing backyard photos…
Nestled near the Arctic Circle, musicians in this small town play hand-carved ice... by
Not our teams, but my kid was rooting for Tom Brady I guess he gets a Arctic Circle shake!
the Arctic circle ice wall circles the edge. Was on all old maps
Why are you going to the arctic circle?
I'm up at 3:30am because I realised it was too late to go to sleep and risk missing my flight TO THE ACTUAL ARCTIC CIRCLE IN FEBRUARY AT 6AM
This land is my land, From Bonavista, to Vancouver Island From the Arctic Circle to the Great Lakes waters
Maybe the football, in a stadium close to the Arctic Circle, should be deflected a fraction of an inch more.
Just saw the Fate of the Furious trailer & Im trying to figure out what mission could POSSIBLY require bringing a Lambo to the Arctic Circle   10% Off
now they're being chased by a submarine in the Arctic circle with machine guns being shot at them
NASA Uses Space Lasers to Learn About the Circle of Life of Arctic Plants - The Daily Catch
it looks like it's somewhere within the Arctic Circle!
I'm mad because women age and sometimes wear clothes near the arctic circle.
Why does my house resemble the arctic circle
This Family of Six Built an INCREDIBLE Home in the Arctic Circle. You Won’t Believe How They Live!.
Abandoned homes in ghost towns above the Arctic Circle.
Love this weather-resistant sustainable dome house in the Arctic Circle Norway!
Happy New Year from the Arctic Circle! Hope you all had a lovely holiday season! Here are some pics of the winter w…
The northernmost parts of lie above the arctic circle. 🇸🇪
We have our own libs to take care if first. We'll start in Texas, you start at the arctic circle, and we'll meet i…
Head speaking of sell up opportunities good terms the arctic circle: YEjXRE
Main Post Office during a wonderful polar night at the Circle.
Next step to future! Welcome to the Arctic Circle March 15-19.
"For those saying it would be easy to ride way up there in Arctic on that Super Tenere. Update from..."…
The fact is I would rather live in the Arctic circle than Australia
The sun returns north of the Arctic Circle. A new spring for as well?
Rural Ghosts of the Arctic - Striking photos above the Arctic Circle
hi. What type of cloud is this please? Taken in arctic circle from a ship.
A new adventure has begun...travelling to & taking the 16 hour arctic circle train to Lapland. RESEARCH TRIP! ❄
Family Lives in the Arctic Circle by Building Cob House in a Solar Geodesic Dome
Fun fact: there is no cell service near the Arctic circle. Unfun Fact: climate change is A Thing. Pls help stop climate change
Whale watching and wolves at your window in Norway’s far north
"Russia’s fascination with the Arctic and its potential riches dates at least to Peter the Great"
The thaw is escalating, but the race to tap resources from the Arctic remains brutal. Photos from the Cold Rush:
Something strange is going on in the Arctic Circle.
San Diego to Arctic Circle with 4wd Toyotas. New dream on the books 😍
the Arctice ice bar in the Village in the Arctic Circle near , ... & a hotel room…
Want to get away? Try Jokkmokk, Sweden, north of Arctic Circle. Fine piece in today.
The Arctic Circle - a giant ice container so to speak. Admiral Byrd knew this. He alluded to it, but wouldn't come out fully.
Softball Rampage - Free Return Shipping
Mentioning Arctic Circle in your sacrament meeting talk is worth at least 100pts on your bingo boards
North Rail Express delivers fish from the Norwegian Arctic Circle to Oslo. tonite 7pmET…
“No it doesn't. The arctic circle hates you and that's where we are”
It's amazing that ppl live in the heart of the Arctic circle. Yes, I love the cold, but that's way too cold for me!
I've never wanted to move to the arctic circle so bad!
Sea kayaking in the Arctic Circle - a teenage perspective…. Over to Ellie Young to tell the story of an amazing trip!
Experience chills and thrills in Norway's Arctic Circle .
Just move to inside the Arctic Circle.
FM to outline Scotland’s commitment to tackling climate change at in Reykjavik
maybe you should move. Possibly south of the arctic circle
Assembly 2016 gets underway in 's capital,
they'll still be in La. La Land as the Russians are driving through Lithuania & nuking unpopulated areas of the Arctic circle.
.with the Russian ambassador at Arctic Circle Conference.
great partner, Ari Jonsson, opening the Arctic Circle pre-session.
Norway’s Lofoten Island in Circle a surfer’s...
Dancing Northern Lights over an astroturf field 300 miles above Arctic Circle -- all the makings of a movie!
Chatted to the lovely today. She's the first pop star I've ever met from the Arctic Circle. Ice Ice Bab…
Would love to go to the Arctic im wrapped in my dressing gown complaining mildly about how cold i am in…
Durability and reliability of put to the test in assembling telescopes in Arctic Circle
Some important guy and Nicola at the Arctic Circle Summit -
The boos at the roger center for odor will be heard in the Arctic circle and then someone will throw a 14$ bud light at him
Region 6 runs from the Midwest to the Arctic Circle...Region 6 is cool 😎
Seal pup usually found in Arctic Circle recorded in English Channel after straying 3,000 miles off course
Antler things evacuate Reykjavik as Nicola Sturgeon arrives for the Arctic Circle conference.
It's the talk of the EasyJet flight to Reykjavik -- Nicola Sturgeon is in the front seat en route to keynote speech at A…
I am driving from norwich to the Arctic Circle for The Royal Air Force Benevolent Fund. Please
Because it is written, Be ye holy; for I am holy. @ Coldfoot, Arctic Circle, Dalton Highway
Took a trip above the Arctic Circle via the Dalton Highway in Alaska.
Two lakes beside each other in the Arctic Circle of Canada Northwest territories
This was down.the coast of the Arctic Circle of Canada Northwest territories
Leaving tomorrow for the Arctic Circle & points North via the Dalton Highway.
Our first Alaskan adventure! We're heading up to the Arctic Circle in that little plane :/…
Victor Frankenstein considers booking his one-way ticket to the Arctic Circle.
I went for a walk in the Arctic Circle without map or compass. Fortunately, I was only los...
A snapshot of life in Vorkuta, a coal mining center in the Arctic Circle
My mom just said otters live in the Arctic Circle..
it can't. It also can't be done in the Arctic Circle without starving to death. Mohamed ignorant.
My thoughts are with all the Muslims north of the Arctic circle this . . Conversely, party on in the South Pole.
In case you don't have me on snapchat you can score an ice cream cone for 53 cents at Arctic circle which is a steal if you ask me 💁
Why do they love electric in the Arctic Circle?
Take a video tour of the doomsday seed vault in the Arctic circle
Sir Jay Goloding represented the European continent and the islands in the Arctic Circle.
A blue whale at midnight, twelve degrees North of the Arctic circle.
Bhakti made it all the way to the Arctic circle! Where does Bhakti take you? Share your photos with us!
Debate on BBC One now "We're not advocating taking the UK to the Arctic circle"
Happy birthday! I made my birthday long by crossing Arctic Circle so sun didn't set in 1988...
May as well have taken a dip in the Arctic Circle because I'm getting pneumonia after that
Fulmars are constant companions to the Arctic Sunrise heading deeper into the Arctic Circle.
I honestly thought everywhere between the arctic circle and the equator was warm in June but Chicago has proved me wrong.
what your doing a farmers market in the Arctic Circle??
Just Buy One! If U don't you'll B stuck with a Fossily Old Lemon..Whythey love electric cars in the Arctic Circle.
Same for people north of the arctic circle where the sun doesn't set for the whole of Ramadan...
Melting ice expected to reach yet another record low.
maybe it could go to The Lost City of Atlantis or the Arctic Circle seeing as it's going to the dessert soon...
Not every day you see a giant snowman on the Arctic Circle! & in 23C!
I went to the Arctic Circle on a journey of 24-hour night with This book documents project
We have crossed into the Arctic Circle and there is light, heavenly light.
2018 Z5 Roadster caught testing in the Arctic Circle
I was trying to have arctic circle chicken rings for breakfast but they're not open yet :(
Why love electric cars Arctic Circle bribe functional elites/drones not change lifestyle
6% of Earth’s surface is contained within the Arctic Circle, yet it is afforded no legally binding international protectio…
Karl Berkner this made me think of you
Leaving Bodø and heading back to edinburgh and from there Newfoubdland. Saying bye to the Arctic circle.
We crossed the Arctic Circle today at 2 am. No more sunsets or sunrises for a while.
What's he doing close to the Arctic Circle nitori Olo'un?
Global Warming to Spur More Fires in Alaska, in Turn Causing More Warming | above the Arctic Circle, the shift is "far outside the range of…
The Soaring video I posted is not in the Antarctic; it's in Greenland's Arctic Circle!
FACT OF THE DAY: The Arctic is defined by the Arctic Circle (66° 33'N) - the midnight sun and the polar night https…
Playing dominoes with ice: "I'm not saying there's about to be a war but..." in 'East vs. West in the Arctic Circle'
Y'all dont want to miss this. Art from the Arctic Circle to the Southern Part of this earth. Italy, Svalbard,...
The story of two homes, one in Kohima, the other in the Arctic Circle, and the home between them—Eastern Kire
340 miles north of the Arctic Circle, the Samuel Simmonds Memorial Hospital is one of our most unique projects.
Faculty + students from the Naval Postgraduate School (NPS) travel North into the Arctic Circle for
via Drive the Dalton Highway in Alaska to the Arctic Circle and Beyond:
Surfing in the extreme conditions of the Lofoten islands in the Arctic Circle - in pictures
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Arctic Surfing - in pictures: Surfers from all over the world come to the Lofoten islands in the Arctic Circle...
Reminiscing on this ten day torture test up in the Northwest Territory near the Arctic Circle.…
Watch a submarine crack through pristine ice in the Arctic Circle
10 years today Arctic Circle flickered to life + Dan Flavin!
The has a vital ministry north of the Arctic Circle. Read about our northernmost church
Vorkuta, a Russian city just north of the Arctic Circle, is dealing with yet another tragedy
Russian submarines off the coast of Syria is part of her 'Arc of Steel', from the Arctic Circle through the Baltic Sea to Crimea to the Med.
I guess Malcolm X was wrong about Dixie starting at the Canadian border! Arctic Circle maybe?
The incredible survival story of a helicopter pilot's crash-landing in the Arctic Circle:
Join Captain Nemo as he explores world geography and aquatic life from coral reefs to the Arctic Circle.
Filmed on Baffin Island, 200 miles south of the Arctic Circle
The first Green Curry to visit an Arctic Circle monument? 😀
I added a video to a playlist Man vs Wild with Bear Grylls S04E01 - Arctic Circle
Finland - North of the Arctic Circle - Finnish Lapland under Aurora borealis - Northern lights by -lucie- https:…
Maybe way up north to the Arctic Circle to see the Aurora Borealis??? 😀
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Safe travels! Hope you have a great time in Tromsø -- greetings to the Arctic Circle! Will get you Chisholm '72 on your return.
Ryan Wilson's 8 day bikepacking trip well north of the Arctic Circle is on.
No, but he did grow up in ND. Last Jan, he made me vacation in the Arctic Circle. This winter the Shetland Islands.
Worker carefully tends smelting pots at Norilsk Nickel plant in the Arctic Circle. Being t… ht…
Just in case you're wondering, NY is as cold as the Arctic Circle rn.
Check out this shot by Michael Davies of his friend hurling a thermos of hot tea near the Arctic Circle in -40°C https…
Throwing hot tea at -40 C below the Arctic Circle created this beautiful spectacle.
See Milky Way from Atacama. Dogsled to Arctic Circle to see aurora. Drive lunar rover (not remotely, me on Moon ... driving).
A1. I've been to Finnish 400 km north of the Arctic Circle - but I went in summer!
A small town near the Arctic Circle braces for a historic influx of refugees
COLLECTED directly off the Arctic Circle in Canada's great Northwest Territories! WOW!
Mountains. Arctic Circle. Climate change. Art. Find it all in this new work by Coast Salish artist Hannah Campbell.
From the Arctic Circle, through the Continental Divide and into the Arctic Plains, a frozen paradise.
Syrian are traveling across the Arctic Circle to Europe:
thanks Ben. Doing a 4 day sponsored biathlon in Arctic circle early Dec for save the children. Exciting!
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Happy Birthday to Murmansk, the largest city above the Arctic Circle!
Recent trip to the arctic circle Norway
Met President Hollande of France at the Arctic circle in Reykjavik tonight
Most would agree Arctic Circle is here to stay. But where is it heading? | The Journal
Phone freezes more than the Arctic circle smh
Then slow production. They have deal with Both are exploring Arctic Circle - real reason Chinese navy there
When making fun of Pewdiepie for being unfunny and unoriginal has become unfunny and unoriginal. FULL CIRCLE, WE FINALLY DI…
What is modern living like for people in the Arctic Circle? These native artists will show you.
Picture of an aurora borealis above the Arctic Circle
The Anchorage Museum brings Indigenous artists to the Arctic Circle Assembly in Iceland:
Chinese views of its role in Arctic.Keynote Speech by Vice FM at China Country Session of 3rd Arctic Circle Assembly
My house is the Arctic and the ninth circle of *** all at once
I was mad at felicity for flaking and she came to my house w arctic circle so that was nice
Red Fox: Distributed across entire northern hemisphere from the Arctic Circle to North Africa, and the Asiatic steppes
because you live a couple km from the Arctic Circle 😂😂
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What nation's treasure is the Arctic Circle? USA?
Thank God. An oil spill in the Arctic Circle would have devastating consequences for global weather & sea rise.
My house is colder than the arctic circle
Ever seen a sunset at 1am? If not, add a summer in the arctic circle to your bucket list! Awesome shot by … htt…
I've done some work in Arctic circle, surprising how off-putting the irregular nights are for your body clock.
The taiga forest near the Arctic circle is breaking apart
Snowshoeing 200k's inside the arctic circle
Alexander Armstrong in the Land of the Midnight Sun, TV review: it’s tough in the A
New invasive species spotted north of Arctic Circle... ? (just kidding)
HOLY BUCKETS I just saw polar bears in the Arctic Circle with their fluffy little polar bear butts can die happy now
I drove from the literal Arctic circle to Helsinki once.
It's a little joke, Winnipeg was as cold as the arctic circle a couple years ago for a few days, so yeah.
Buffalo never leaves the arctic circle 😂
Oh dear. Has the state of NY reached the Arctic circle? or the other way round...
Photoset: (via Alexander Armstrong on chasing the Midnight Sun across the Arctic Circle | Daily Mail...
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TV star Alexander Armstrong reveals secrets of his arctic adventure via
What do you mean with "cold"? The Arctic circle perhaps.. The north of Sweden is pretty cold. I would never stand the darkness..
You sure you'll come across arctic circle in that time if I call that number now..? 😜🇫🇮
Tip: Capitalize most uses of "Arctic" ("the Arctic Circle") but lowercase when used metaphorically (“arctic stare”).
President Hollande of France addresses the Arctic Circle meeting
The Program for Arctic Circle this year in Iceland looks fantastic. Great attendence, including French Pres Hollande!
New hard free climbs on big granite walls north of the Arctic Circle:
A plant brought good fortune — and smart growth — to the residents of Hammerfest, high above the Arctic Circle
Yes let's go! MT Dawson City Night flight to the Arctic Circle http…
Aberdeen scientists head to Arctic Circle to investigate melting sea ice
Syrians fleeing war find new route to Europe – via the Arctic Circle
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