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Archie Manning

Elisha Archibald Archie Manning III (born May 19, 1949) is a former American football quarterback in the National Football League, playing for the New Orleans Saints from 1971 to 1982, then for the Houston Oilers and Minnesota Vikings.

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What is the Lions' all-time record vs Manning quarterbacks? Archie, Peyton and Eli.
Not impressed. Olivia Williams Manning did this 41 years ago in New Orleans, LA -- Archie was there and saw the wh…
Archie Manning is to the NFL what Judy Murray is to tennis
47 years ago today QB. Archie Manning graced the cover of Sports Illustrated Magazine.
Archie Manning simply for giving us Peyton and Eli. but mostly Peyton
Archie Manning does look better as Chelsea. Just needs to loose the Kirk Douglas chin.
sorry team, Too bad Archie Manning couldn't warn you all not to play for Spanos'. LT , sad your HOF…
If I were Luck, I'd want out. He's being turned into Archie Manning.
Rare Picture: Peyton Manning' father Archie and brother Eli in his first game in 1998, reacting to him throwing his…
My late grandmother attended high school with Archie Manning's father, and always referred to Eli as "L'il Eli".
My dad asked me if Archie Manning was still the qb for the Giants
That's a real smooth operation over there in Indianapolis. 😂 If my boy goes I will pull an Archie Manning. Worked for Eli
Who can resist a tale of football worship in the south, along with a rejoinder about the past? Worth a read...
Archie Manning in New Orleans ... never was above .500
69 I seen them lose lose and win a Super Bowl to .they my team I seen Archie Manning ru…
At least the and Archie Manning won this one .
Brees out there running around like Archie Manning
Falcons D-line gonna have Brees lookin like Archie Manning back in the day.
Archie manning was a zero zero tie when they played in memphis no manning has ever won a game at memphis
Archie Manning is known as a QB & Dad of Peyton &. Eli, but his last season was with the in 1984 wh…
Luck's career path is shaping out to be like Archie Manning. Immensely talented, but lacking consiste…
Except for an Archie Manning jersey. That is always acceptable.
This includes the best description of Archie Manning I've ever read.
"Our Man in Biloxi" is my latest for in which Ol' Arch shows he can still handle a blitz.
The past might not even be past, Faulkner said, but it clashes head-on into the future at one Southern conference.…
So who's a better QB, Bobby Hebert,Aaron Brooks or Archie Manning
QB Shea Patterson and Archie Manning, along with Alabama QB Jalen Hurts at the Manning Passing Academy. (P…
Shea Patterson- Ole Miss.. " When Chad Kelly got hurt Archie Manning called & said , "it's just football and play and en…
Because white fathers don't get this kinda flack (Archie Manning vs. Richard Williams & Earl Woods)
Archie Manning praises Eastern Washington WR Cooper Kupp and his family
Richard Williams. Earl Woods, Archie Manning in some cases- value their kids skill set and aren't/weren't afraid to say i…
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So would have Craig Morton, Brian Sipe, Archie Manning, Bert Jones, and a half dozen others with that team.
Is the Portland Trailblazer's head coach also Archie Manning? They gotta be the same person.
He is not even Archie Manning one other thing know you will hate this I will take Mel Blount Over Prime time every Sunday
More all 50th Team - Archie Manning and Derland Moore chatting before practice -
Glad the Liberty Bowl have its distinguished citizen award to Archie Manning. Because there's a guy who never gets his due.
Why aren't Jesse and Brent fondling Archie Manning like Gary and Verne did Peyton Eli too!
Nice to see Archie Manning handing Bert Jones a College Football Hall of Fame award on the Tiger Stadium field tonight. Two class acts.
On Ole Miss' first drive Chad Kelly passed Archie Manning for career total offense with 5,621 yards, 6th best in school hist…
I believe Plunkett edged BOTH Joe Theisman AND Archie Manning for the Heisman that year too - OLD PAC8 Conference
me and my brothers practiced throwing on the run cause we wanted to be like Archie Manning.
Favre: I had dreams of playing in the NFL, way more than I thought about my school work, I thought about Archie Manning.
did you know that Archie Manning was traded for Ken Stabler?
How many of you remember when Bum Phillips traded Archie Manning for Ken Stabler?it was hard to lose Manning!
Austin Allen talked about how great it was to get the call from Archie when he was invited to the Manning camp
I got an Archie Manning Saints jersey my grandma tried to give away.nah I'm coming back for that   10% Off
not a Manning family fan but ,have 2 admit Archie Manning has incredable restraint not going around saying. I f&cking told you !.
My cats were Archie & Olivia. Olivia was not named for Mrs. Manning but Archie was named for Mr.
He grew up loving him and Archie Manning.
Bosa is being advised by Archie Manning
Archie Manning Recommends AlignMed! ... a workout you wear... more effective than Kinesio-Taping
Man, that snapback would look good with my Archie Manning throwback jersey this season
Cowboys scouts and decision makers like Archie as the best manning.
nice try I was talking about Archie Manning
His coordinators will be former Saints legends Archie Manning and Rickey Jackson!
for olemiss 1st day Patrick Willis 2nd day John Grisham 3rd Archie Manning 4th James Meredith
CoachB says Archie Manning's impressed w/ "He knows a little something about QBs.I just want him to throw it to the right guy"
Q&A: Archie Manning talks to about Peyton, Eli and more (via
Archie Manning and Jackie Sherrill at Touchdowner of the Year banquet.
Jackie Sherrill and Archie Manning (Touchdowner of the year) at 50th anniversary of the Touchdown Club of Houston
Adding Jameis Winston, Charlie Ward, Chris Weinke to my autograph collection this weekend. Oh and Archie Manning
How about this lineup?. Snake,Yogi Berra,Bobby Cox, and Archie Manning.
>Pat Sullivan vs. Archie Manning in the 1970 Gator Bowl via
Archie Manning walkking in. Bill Polian, Jeff Saturday and Brandon Stokley. Peyton's older brother Cooper Manning is here, too.
How Peyton & Archie Manning destroyed the life and career of Dr. Jamie Naughright. Please read & share.
On cable,saw a story on Archie Manning and family last night. Have new appreciation for Manning family though Pats fan.
Archie Manning defends Cam Newton over press conference
Archie Manning: “I know the integrity of Hugh and Ross, and that’s all I need to know.”
Who'd have thought in the 70s when I watched Archie Manning play & Bum Phillips coach that their kids would help the win ?
and won on Bum Phillips once coached Archie Manning on
Archie Manning and Bum Phillips calling their shot in ‘73.
Archie Manning impressed by new coach Ben McAdoo
Archie Manning opens about Peyton's HGH scandal, calls it 'shabby journalism' .
Archie Manning played for a Saints team with almost no budget, no HOF except Morten Anderson
Archie Manning stopped by Thursday to talk Peyton & what he may be thinking heading into
Archie Manning at SB XXIV the pregame show was a Mardi Gras tribute, who as the king?
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Archie Manning impressed by Ben McAdoo. Says he heard crushed interviews
Archie Manning reflects on sons' championship careers - (blog)
right and you prob think Archie manning doesn't make excuses for his sons
One could argue Cam Newton is closer to the type of player Archie Manning was than Peyton Manning. Archie was a runner too!
>> Archie Manning impressed by new Giants coach Ben McAdoo
Archie Manning: Matt Ryan will play in a Super Bowl. READ:
I only hope that Archie Manning is involved with this "goon" revelation. Please God, let that be the case.
"Peyton feels like his wife has been violated; that really bothers him.". - Archie Manning on Al Jazeera report
Archie Manning: Peyton 'pretty much knows' this will be his last season with Broncos
On Sunday, Archie Manning will watch his son play in the SB for the 6th time in the last 10 years.
Archie Manning seems like good people. So do Peyton & Eli. Solid family.
Archie Manning says he doesn't know if Peyton has decided on retirement, admits game outcome may factor. h…
Archie Manning opens about Peyton's HGH scandal for 1st time
Archie Manning would like to see the Giants get back to the Super Bowl.
>> Archie Manning excited about both his sons' chances at the Super Bowl
Archie Manning's two wishes: One for Peyton and one for Eli
Archie Manning, father of Peyton and Eli, has a lot to be proud of ahead of 📰 |
Archie Manning: Peyton 'knows' he won't be with the Broncos in 2016
Archie Manning’s two wishes: One for Peyton and something for Eli
I was at Tulane Stadium when Archie Manning was the MVP at the Sugar Bowl, GREAT Game!!!
Great start to Sugar Bowl festivities w/ Archie Manning, & friends at
Read this Q&A with Archie Manning as he looks back on the 1970
Morten Andersen being added to Ring of Honor in halftime ceremonies. He joins:. Archie Manning. Willie Roaf. Rickey Jackson
owners Tom & Gayle Benson are joined by Archie Manning to salute Morton Andersen on his big night.
Millsaps alum Sean Brewer with Archie Manning. He'll be inducted tomorrow into College Football HoF.
Amazing event so far! Spoke with Archie Manning and met Coach Freeze. Mack Brown and Steve Spurrier here also.
Archie Manning after Peyton, Eli lose in week 10: I hate football -
Finally, at long last, Peyton, Eli, and Archie Manning have all had games with 0.0 passer ratings. (Ryan Leaf too) http…
. That was your “bang up job, Brownie” moment. Relish it. Who is your favorite footballer? Archie Manning? Bobby Hebert?
Archie Manning wanted to stop having kids after Cooper, but Jim Bob *** advised him to have 2 more.
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I heard Archie Manning say this and couldn't agree more "Life is good but not easy"
please make a move and hire Archie Manning as interim GM and Peyton as full time next year!
Sometimes I think Archie Manning must feel incredibly proud that one son leads in passings & the other leads in interceptions. I know I'd be
Thank you for clarifying that Archie Manning wasn't playing in an NFL football game in the year 2015.
I know it was a joke. I am so much older than you I remember watching Archie Manning play.
Archie manning was right. I wouldn't let my kid be a fan let alone play for them.
Matthew Stafford passed Archie Manning, Tommy Kramer, and Daunte Culpepper for 65th all-time in pass completions.
Dont care for not 1 Archie,Peyton,nor Eli!
Dude in a Donald Driver jersey and an Archie Manning. Yep...
and Archie Manning all in one place. It was a great weekend.
Rents snapchatted me from Archie Manning's couch yesterday. More evidence that they are peaking at 60 years old
Archie Manning holding down marker at Vikings Lions game
Drew Brees with an Archie Manning impersonation on INT. But there was holding on the defense.
Ryan Fitzpatrick looking like the second coming of Tony Romo or Archie Manning escaping the Pats pass rush.
Full day in Oxford! Rebel win, Archie Manning sighting, rubbed shoulders with the guys from Dude Perfect, and saw the governor!
Good eye. Yeah, I was at the Falcons opener, Oilers (LT flinging Archie Manning) & Eagles games that year.
Someone just walked in here with an Archie Manning Saints jersey. That's a dedicated fan.
Shades of Archie Manning running for his life back in the day?
Thank you Olivia and Archie Manning for honoring Fenton Kottkamp! Give today:
All of a sudden, Peyton Manning getting more reaction shots than Archie Manning.
stop manning up randomly he taking the *** Archie he had a can of fosters
That accent gotta come from Archie Manning family in Miss.
Only at Ole Miss can you see Archie Manning and Phil Knight in the same the place I work!
HELP!!! I need to buy a twirling baton in the Bronx/Westchester area TODAY!!! I don't know why I thought that I...
Archie Manning in the library.what a weird combo in one sentence...
right beside Peyton Manning's and Eli Manning's dad , Archie Manning
Olivia is having her first, very own, sleepover and I told Elizabeth that one of those little girls are going to...
Thanks Archie for taking a picture! All time best. Eli Manning you have a great Dad!.
Stopped by Archie Manning's house today in NOLA.
Archie Manning looks like the contesant on Jeopardy that tries to persuade Alex to give him his $ back on a daily double
No. Not at all. I don't mix jerseys. I'm not Archie Manning.
"The Lord is close to the brokenhearted and saves those who are crushed in spirit." -Psalm 34:18 Be of good...
I love you man but Archie Manning might have a shot
The one day I'm not working Archie manning decided to eat at my work. K.
Watch Archie and Olivia Manning tell about Coach Leroy and why your support is so important for Mississippi's health.
He's still got it!. At Ole Miss today, Archie Manning caught a ball being tossed around the crowd (via
Honor memory of Fenton Kottkamp w/ CEO John Schnatter, Archie Manning. Give to campaign -
Warren Capone played with Roger Staubach, Archie Manning, and Bert Jones. The best? "Bert Jones."
Verne is doing radio for next week he might call Eli Manning "Archie" or "Peyton"
Archie Manning on his way to One Bills Drive?
Archie Manning might be long gone , but Kelly & Buchanan each have 2 td's. 41-0 at Half
Wow Peyton Manning is really starting to look like Archie.
With Bled, Knight, Weems & potentially Booker manning the guard spots, will Archie Goodwin even have a chance?
That's my boy as Archie Manning in the Famous Mississippian Wax Museum.
Archie Manning was at our game last night.
Mr. Retzlaff is reading us a book about FOOTBALL. It's written by Archie, Peyton, & Eli Manning!
I just saw Archie Manning at the Pilot on Lovell Rd. no doubt he's in town to help Peyton find a new home.
depends on whether or not Archie Manning abstains
Sleeper Archie Manning at the Tulane Duke game this Tulane Stadium is pretty nice looks like good atmosphere
Archie Manning talking over a pretty amazing punt return.
Archie Manning: "I'm not sure if Eli would have gone to Ole Miss if Cut (Coach hadn't gone there as head coach."
Archie Manning shouting out my boy Scott Cowen 💯💯💯
I want to listen to Archie Manning read a Faulkner novel.
Wow! The great Archie Manning is at the Tulane game.
Archie Manning on the sideline at Tulane tonight
Archie Manning making his way into Yulman Stadium tonight.
Archie Manning. One of the greatest quarterbacks to ever play for The Rebels. The speed limit of 1…
Eli Manning a better overall QB than Peyton or he just more clutch? Cuz he ain't better than Peyton nor is Archie
throwback to 1971. Rookie Archie Manning and Saints win 29-21 vs Bart Starr at Green Bay
Steelers, Dallas/San Fran. When you playing them could have had more. Where yall good old days Warren Moon?? Archie Manning??
Hanging out with the great Archie Manning..
One piece of advice Archie Manning passed along to Peyton:. Appreciation. Interview coming up on
Tell me which of these QBs were great: Archie Manning, Dan Pastorini, Jim Zorn, Rick Mirer, Christian Ponder
Jimmy Buffet, John Grisham, Morgan Freeman and former quarterback Archie Manning are among many celebrities who called for the removal of
A look back at yesterday's Kickoff Luncheon with Archie Manning:
Archie Manning: Peyton at first refused to hit kids with ball in ‘SNL’ bit –
"He is an outstanding young man and a great-looking athlete." - Archie Manning on
Pick up The Oxford Citizen today to get full story on Archie Manning's visit to OMQB Club 2015 kickoff. Racks all over Oxford/Lafayette Co.
only 140 characters. Bert Jones, Jim Hart, Steve Grogan, Archie Manning too. But I stick w my top 5!
Archie Manning to be featured speaker at annual Independence Bowl kickoff luncheon Monday, July 20 at Shreveport Convention Center.
Freeze on the Tim Brando Show: "Growing up a Rebel fan, when I got the call from Archie Manning and they offered the job? My dream job."
I will never take anything away from Terry Bradshaw but what if Archie Manning was the Steelers QB instead of TB?
An update on the Commodores: Vanderbilt: Former head coach Bobby Johnson replacing Archie Manning on College Footb…
Former Vandy coach Bobby Johnson has replaced Archie Manning on the CFB Playoff selection committee.
[Black and Gold] - Archie Manning understands Saints' drastic
NFF chairman Archie Manning and president Steve Hatchell on the passing of Father Theodore Hesburgh
My girls just walked in. Gloria said, "Ooo, The Super Ball! Sorry to disturb your super ball but I need some of...
At this point last year, Peyton was calling Archie and Mrs. Manning to come pick him up and bring him home. At least this is competitive.
Russell Wilson looking like Archie Manning out there.
Russell Wilson out here scrambling like Archie Manning 👀
looking like Manning in his days with the drop back
Russell Wilson is running around like Archie Manning in that Ole Miss alumni game in Book of Manning
Wilson runnin around like Archie manning
Watching your 2 faves in the superbowl must be like Archie Manning watching his two sons play. Proud but loves Peyton more.
The 12th picture is captioned incorrectly. That's Jim Kelly not Archie Manning.
College: Patrick Willis. Pro: Archie Manning. Also loved Aberdeen's Andre Townsend at OM and with the Broncos.
Archie Manning goes on Super Bowl game show ...
“Archie Manning on Peyton's Retirement Rumors one more season please :-)
Otherwise, we should put Archie Manning in for genetic and camp contributions.
Update your maps at Navteq
The SEC Storied on Archie Manning is on tv. Watching him play this game with a broken arm is so badass.
I gotta get ah white Archie Manning throwback now.
warren moon Archie manning.. Joe theisman The list goes on.. All knew how to protect themselves
Archie Manning :Peyton Manning will decide on return 'maybe in next week or two' -
Peyton Manning really struggling with decision, says father Archie
If I told you Archie Manning was one of the best dressed at tonight's would you believe me?
Archie Manning is a respectable guy.
"But sometimes you gotta mess up a little bit to wake up." – Archie Manning
Show Archie Manning and family in action!
The GLI is the premier program of its kind, so says Archie Manning
Archie Manning's weiner deserves to be inducted into the as a contributor.
We may know Peyton's plans for the future very soon:
It would be nice if they could get Eli Manning involved.along with their dad Archie Manning
Archie Manning! A great example for Peyton, Cooper and Eli. As a player and as a father
For the best interviews from Super Bowl week, go to From Peyton to Archie Manning, John Lynch, Josh Gad, etc
Archie Manning thinks Eli would retire if Giants traded him.
Archie Manning goes on Super Bowl game show, knows his U.S. ...
Archie Manning picks Patriots to win Hope game is closer than last year's.
Archie Manning: "Eli would retire before leaving the Giants. He loves his team. He loves the New York Giants."
Good group “Big media crowd as Archie Manning and make some pizzas.
Archie Manning:Giants Eli Manning would retire before playing for another Team.
Tom Brady hopes Peyton Manning returns in '15 as Archie Manning says Peyton to decide 'maybe in next week or two' -- http…
Listen tonight to The Coach Pat Dye Show with special guest Archie Manning, 2x Pro Bowler and member of the...
Just bumped into Archie Manning, says Peyton believes Brian Schottenheimer great hire by
Lots of guests today from radio row: JustinTuck, Le'Veon Bell, Archie Manning, Drew Brees, Blake Bortles, Dan Marino, and Ryan Tannehill
If you Think Russell Wilson is unique, you Obviously never saw Archie Manning, Fran Tarkington, Doug Flutie play
Saints legend Archie Manning inspires YMCA players at Allstate football clinic. He talks Saints and Sugar Bowl on Eyewitness News at 6pm.
This proud Ohio State alum and loyal scoop is deeply saddened that you mixed up Archie Manning and Archie Griffin 😡
Archie Manning . Saints go marching in huh?
I've always said Romo is Archie Manning or Dan Fouts. Never blessed with a great team
All time? Archie Manning, Dizzy Dean, Bob Gibson. In my memory? Archie, GIbson... this could change this year. Ozzie Smith
Dan Pastorini... Archie Manning... Fritzy-- you gotta get Plunkett for the '71 trifecta!!
At 13years old I cried when Archie Manning broke his arm playing for OleMiss.I was devastated.Tonight I felt the same way.
Rough 2 weeks for Ole Miss. Archie Manning leaves the Playoff Committee, 2 losses, now this injury.
I Remember Losing toAuburn inGator Bowl/Jan1970.Archie Manning had cast on arm.Hated losing then/Hate losing now
The year of Manning failures. Peyton lost the Super Bowl, Archie had surgery and is off the committee and Ole Miss bows out to Auburn.
Bo Wallace Reminds me of Archie Manning a lil bit
TIL: That Archie, Payton, and Eli Manning first TD pass were for 6 yards.
Joe Saunders was the opposing pitcher who helped: SURPRISE, Ariz. White Elite Archie Manning Youth Jersey . — ...
Yeah I knew that. I guess Tom Brady's dad reached out to Archie Manning when that happened.
- I bet when Peyton Manning was growing up Archie would sit him around the camp fire and tell him Willie McGinnest stories.
Look at Archie Manning's stats comparing to Jim Zorn
actually just 12 members. It was 13 until Archie Manning dropped out.
The house that Archie built. @ Olivia and Archie Manning Center Athletics Performance Center…
thanks to Archie Manning and the Mike Glenn. Michigan may not be so fortunate as to have two such good men.
How Peyton Manning handled college recruiting process (very Peyton-y), and how Archie thought he'd choose Michigan
The irony of the fact that Archie manning was known for his ability to pass and run.
Tom Brady/Peyton Manning in a QB battle? At one time, Archie and Cooper Manning thought Peyton was going to Michigan:
Why the official speed limit at University of Mississippi is 18mph? It was QB Archie Manning's shirt number.
Who does Archie Manning root for when Peyton & Eli play against each other? ;-))
Solid night 30for30 on the boz sec story on Archie manning and his family and last but not least the brady 6 feature
I'm watching this Book of Manning...Pretty good...Starts with Archie at Ole Miss...Peyton at UT...Going to Eli now. JC
"Archie Manning didn't send his kids to a school know for athletics. . . . " Wow, he has 2 QB sons in NFL. Are you hearing this parents?!
Archie Manning was a monster in college!!
I'll say this "best" I can treading on tough subject..FOR the love of God (watching Book of Manning again) I wish Archie's dad saw all this
honestly we've strayed from the question. Do you think Archie manning was a good qb?
Archie Manning is by far one of the best football players I've ever seen, wow
I swear looks just like Archie manning when they were the same age
Archie Manning has some sweet highlights!
You wanna talk about One of the Best Public Father figures, Archie Manning! Dude has 2 Super Bowl Winning sons!
domain names
I want a new ESPN 30 for 30 on how Archie Manning was 1 of the original BAD dual threat QBs & Peyton/Eli are like concrete moving around.
Archie Manning was the greatest CFB Qb of all time. And the Boz was the best Lb.
Archie Manning was a way better athlete then both his sons Peyton & Eli
now he knows how Archie Manning felt playing for the Saints
The A-Team hanging out with legendary quarterback Archie Manning
Hope Archie Manning isn't watching the Carolina offensive line He may have flashbacks.. I know I am!!
Papa bear got to meet Archie Manning, lucky duck!
I'm not sure, but I think Archie Manning was QB
Archie Manning. Looks great! Told him Broncos were going down in a big way this week! ;)
Just met Archie Manning. Super nice, but made sure I knew that he and Peyton had combined 6-1 record against UGA.
“Bill Curry now a member of the Committee on Infractions.”. Would be good candidate to replace Archie Manning on Playoff Cmte
What's the stud fee for Archie Manning?I'd like to breed him with the Williams sisters and maybe Hope Solo.
Ole Miss QB Archie Manning in 1970. Ladies, try and hold it together.
Isn't there only 1 person (Arkansas) on the panel that has ties to an SEC school? Archie Manning isn't doing it this year.
Early predictions: Denver Broncos Cowboys Dallas Cowboys will be the first to host a Super Bowl and play in there home town Denver Broncos win for Archie Manning to see his son win a Super Bowl one last time I still AM & FOREVER a WhoDat! But like T.I. said its about the Money
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Sports names and faces: Rick Pitino, Archie Manning: The approach of basketball season was not the reason the…
Archie Manning takes leave of absence from playoff selection committee -
Archie Manning resigning from College Football Playoff committee to focus on health due to complications from knee replacem…
May I recommend an equally impartial committee member to replace Archie Manning: Barry Switzer.
Joe Montana and Terry Bradshaw, each with four Super Bowl rings, are authorities on legends. They, along with Kurt Warner and Archie Manning, answer the question: Does Peyton Manning need two to solidify his legacy?
“Butch Jones and Archie Manning. Roger Frazier getting no love...
New Orleans Saints quarterback Archie Manning plays baseball with sons Peyton and Cooper. Not pictured is four-month-old Eli, who may been perfecting his football spiral in his crib.
At halftime of the Ole Miss/Alabama game. I tuned in late, so I don't know if they said anything or not in the pre-game about October 4, 1969. Forty-five years ago today, one of the best and most important college football games of all time was played. Ole Miss played Alabama. It was one of the first prime time college football games ever televised and the first one of this magnitude. I was tuned in as a fourteen year old kid. Alabama won 33-32. But one of the big stories was the Ole Miss quarterback: Archie Manning. Prior to that game no college quarterback had ever passed for 300 yards and run for 100 yards in a single game. That night Archie passed for 436 yards and two touchdown passes. He also ran for 104 yards and three more touchdowns. After all these years it is still the top total yardage amount for any Ole Miss player, the oldest such record for any school in the SEC. In fact, it was the top total yardage figure for any SEC player until broken 43 years later by Johnny Manziel. For AB ...
Tmrw marks 45 years since my cousin Scott Hunter and Archie Manning went head-to-head in prime time. Awesome story.
Local Memphis caught up with Ole Miss legend and College Football Playoff committee member Archie Manning on Monday night. Manning was the guest speaker at the Memphis Touchdown Club. The father of Cooper, Peyton, and Eli spoke on a wide range of issues which included the upcoming weekend of college football games in the state of Mississippi. It's the biggest weekend ever in the Magnolia State. Texas A&M will face Miss. State, and Alabama plays Ole Miss. Manning also talked his family's relationship with just retired baseball great Derek Jeter, college football's new playoff system, and the off the field issues of 2013 Heisman Trophy winner, FSU quarterback Jameis Winston. Winston was counselor at the Manning Passing Academy this past summer.
Kevin Durant, Mack Brown and Archie Manning are among the people who reached out to David Ash last week.
Huskies trivia: 1970, The Year of the Quarterback: Plunkett (Heisman) Joe Theismann, Archie Manning and...Sonny Sixkiller
Officially boycotting iced coffee after that pathetic Eli Manning commercial
Archie Manning Who is the most overrated NBA and NFL Player of all time to you?
I just like that concept of the Same Way Archie Manning helped his sons, that's the se thing David is doing with Carr!!
(cont.)...Archie Manning's Keyonte, Sportech at the Superdome, Parade / Night out in French Quarter, The Channel's Best Tech
Most important question of the day, why was Archie Manning limping so badly at the game Thursday?
lmao man listen tell Archie Manning bring the paper bags back
Archie Manning. Takes a lot of heart to endure that career with dignity.
Fo Sho! I like the concept of, just like the way Archie Manning had Eli and Peyton NFL ready because he showed them the don'ts
When you wake up hungover and try stand up
Award for biggest over reaction goes to..
I've never seen a pregnant Asian. I swear Asians just spawn like Call of Duty
Why wouldn't Archie Manning be in the booth for Peyton Manning's 1997 SEC title game? #
not sure but this has the feel of the glory days of Giff Nielsen, Archie Manning and Oliver Luck.
Hanging in New Orleans for the Women's Final 4 with the great Saints QB Archie Manning-father of Payton and Eli.
Did not get a visual on Archie having a case of "Manning Face", but that was mostly because the footage was old
Watched some of "Book of Manning" on the treadmill. Loved it but was struck how Archie's sideline body language looked like Eli's
I know the Texans have issues at quarterback, but Danieal Manning isn’t even related to Archie.
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