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Archie Manning

Elisha Archibald Archie Manning III (born May 19, 1949) is a former American football quarterback in the National Football League, playing for the New Orleans Saints from 1971 to 1982, then for the Houston Oilers and Minnesota Vikings.

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so during the 4-12 days of Aaron Brooks? or way before the Archie Manning days?
Does an Archie burger from Manning's count for the NOLA food in
Archie manning has 3 sons whos networth are 15 million or higher, he made it
Hotel edits and sports docs ...Archie manning story was pretty awesome.
or the same pain when the doctors told Archie Manning and his wife that Eli was mentally retarded
was so good! Archie Manning is a great a guy and Wonderful father! Wow!
I can watch the book of manning all day.. Archie manning kinda of had a black man story growing n used it as motivation.
it's kinda like being Archie Manning when Peyton and Eli play each other. Lol
Something I have in common with Archie Manning: we didn't send our kids to a HS known for athletics. 😂
Watching SEC storied and my son calls Archie Manning the first great compliment to both
Anybody want to buy a ole moss football signed by Archie manning
Saints collectors piece. Autographed photo of Archie Manning and two unused tickets from a home game in '94. Smoke free home. Photo and tickets are in perfect shape. Great piece for a Saints fan or a Manning fan. $150 obo
Kevin Love is the Archie Manning of the NBA right now lmao.
New ESPN original movie idea: Tom Brady goes back in time to kill Archie Manning at Ole Miss.
Schools part 3 Toni and Russell were married in August 1969 right before I started 8th grade. After that I was home by myself a lot. My parents were gone to work from 6 am to 6 pm, and in the summers I was home alone most of the time. 8th grade started off poorly. I guess i knew there would be two-a-day football practices before school started, but I was never contacted and didn't know times or dates or places and missed it. So I was behind, still fat and slow and didn't get to play at all. the 6th grade team played one game and lost. The Jr high team was 8-1 I think or 7-2 and 2nd in the region. I got to dress out for the home games only. The only memory I have is getting knocked down during a game by some players flying off the sideline and hitting my buttock on the wooden bench. That hurt very much and gave me huge bruise that lasted a long time. My math teacher was Mrs Evans (know as Maw Evans.) She was really old and harsh and a hard teacher, and kind of senile. She told us about being born in a cert ...
looks a lot like a young Archie Manning, father of Peyton and Eli
Treat yourself to a great breakfast @ the Grill At 1810 in the Archie and Olivia Manning Performance Center.
Before your time. But Condrege Holloway and Archie Manning gave us fits. HUNH works when D's don't have time to set. Really?
In an extra special show, Gray talks to former Mississippi State basketball coach Rick Stansbury about the state of the game today. Famous father Archie Manning also stops by to discuss life with his hall of fame sons. Al.coms Kevin Scarbinsky also joins to discuss Anthony Grant and the woes of Alab...
Listen to my new episode Just a Chat with Rick Stansbury and Archie Manning at
Great to be with Peyton, Eli, Cooper, and Archie Manning to announce new investment for Manning Passing Academy in LA http…
I'm about to be broadcasting live on the air! Listen in now at
he is the most natural talent of his time.. likeable and caring person. hope now he can get married and have his family. like Archie manning maybe a Derek jr
Archie Manning overcame the suicide of his father to raise healthy kids.
Our mayor and the school's chancellor, (lower case intended), say that children's safety was at the top of their...
"That Manning family, I even have problems with Archie Manning when I see him." -Tedy Bruschi on Sportscenter today.
On this day in 1971, the drafted Archie Manning with the 2nd overall pick in the Draft
Name some people that would make better Presidents than our current choices (on either side). Here's mine (some famous, some not, please don't be embarrassed if you are on the list): Mike Rowe John Kaiser Derek Jeter Archie Manning Ashton Kutcher Steve Albericci Michelle Bailey Bannon Adam and Jamie Mr. Curt Ebersole (Joey just chimed in with Ryan Callahan) Gene Pimentel
I just ate a Red Delicious. . Crispy, crunchy, and nutritious. . So good, it was, had to share it. With my daughter...
Tomorrow I'm having Archie Manning on my show, and I'm opening up for questions. Do you have a question you want to ask about the Mannings?
Because I really don't know and it was before my time. Can someone please explain Archie Manning going to the Vikes and why he hates us so much? Please and Thx.
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North Sunflower Academy Auction is THIS SATURDAY night at Crawdads Merigold! Prime Rib Dinner starts at 6:30. I want everyone to know that we have so many great items! We have items from The Archie Manning Family! We also have handmade cypress coolers, tool sets, Ole Miss & MS State Stadium pictures and SO MUCH MORE!!! Hope to see everyone there!
better than looking like Archie Manning. Hey oh!
What embraced archie manning when he was the qb captain of a jim crow old miss team ? R eli and peyton proud and what about their mom
On Manning Way (no not named after Archie or Cooper, Peyton or Eli) but one turn left Skipper Bowles & done!
I wouldn't want Manziel. Too undisciplined, he got kicked out of Archie Manning's training camp
I found my Ole Miss football signed by Archie manning.
So i had a dream i met Archie and Olivia Manning. Such nice people! Too bad it was only a dream...
How does archie manning go from qb and captain of racist college football team to espn commericals.. How ?
Archie Manning to keynote opening session at 2014 in New Orleans, LA in early August!
Archie Manning to Speak at APCO's Opening General Session, mark your calendar's... APCO 2014 August 3-6 in New Orleans, LA
"The Super Bowl was played in temperatures 20 degrees COLDER than the Sochi Winter Olympics! That's not fair!" - Archie Manning, possibly
sc/1ibflG9. Archie Manning, father of Peyton Manning, discusses his son's continued success and having a great season
ICYMI: Archie Manning speaks at Beef Industry Conf. in Nashville. Find it @
Yep. I saw my cousin, Pat Sullivan and Archie Manning play HS baseball.
I love Archie Manning like a father.
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Oh this tickled me! Look at his face. I have felt that way on so many Sundays.
Arthur Kade goes to the red carpet of the Legends for Charity Benefit Dinner honoring Michael Strahan with the Pat Summerall award and supporting the St. Jude Children's Research Hospital. Kade chats with Marlo Thomas and Phil Donague, Archie Manning, Ant
Archie Manning's philosophy on youth sports today. He believes w...
If you want to be successful in anything you do, you gotta have a great work ethic. ~ Archie Manning
The bigger the challenge the greater the opportunity for success...Archie Manning
When All Else Fails Every day brings challenges. Every week has its ups and downs. Every life is filled with dips and dark days. We will all go through times when it feels like nothing is working and nothing is going our way. But when this happens there is only thing to do no matter what. When all else fails, you must keep on pushing. Craig Ballantyne "It's amazing what you can accomplish if you simply refuse to quit." - Porter Stansberry _ Push to Collapse By Craig Ballantyne It was a story of tragedy, commitment, perseverance, inspiration, success, disappointment, redemption, and ultimately, heartbreaking courage. He was the most intense and passionate speaker I had ever watched. And it was no wonder he was an Olympic champion with a world-famous work ethic and dedication to success. Today, he remains an almost unparalleled legend in the sports world. He was Dan Gable, and this is his story. There I was in Tampa Bay, Florida, back in the fall of 2007. After arriving by plane I didn't even leave the airp ...
Archie Manning "From as early as I can remember, I PLAYED EVERY SPORT AVAILABLE to me in school and on the playgrnds" Dont Specialize Early
Watching ESPN special. Archie manning was a mobil quarterback!
We are home from Nashville where we attended the National Cattlemen's Convention at the *** Hotel!! Over 8200 attended the trade show this year!! Enjoyed speakers, Captain Phillips & Archie Manning!! We also enjoyed the Opry with headliners, Little Big Town!!
"It can take twenty years to make a reputation, and five minutes to ruin it." ~ Archie Manning
Here are more throw back photos: Tarrant High School Football about 1960 How many can you name? 1969 Me, Scott Hunter, Pat Sullivan, and Archie Manning at the Bham TD Club meeting rubbing Johnny Musso's head for good luck. Good times!
So great to be back at home in Manhattan from NCBA Convention in Nashville! I had such a great trip. I feel very honored to have been apart of seeing one of KSU Collegiate Cattlemen's Club first goals come to pass. A goal that included a trip with KSU Collegiate Cattlewomen across 5 states in a day, networking with fellow Kansan's and U.S. beef producers from across the country, witness the largest trade show in the beef industry, hear from folks such as Captain Richard Phillips and Archie Manning, the chance to see Diamond Rio & Little Big Town at the Grand Ole Opry and learn about the latest and greatest technology that is available to producers to continue to raise the safest and healthiest beef product we know how! Prouder than ever to call myself a cattlemen and am very optimistic of this industries future!!
"Success is a journey not a destination, and setting goals is a big part of that journey," former professional footbal quarterback Archie Manning told attendees to this week's Cattle Industry Convention here in Nashville. Manning is the father of Cooper Manning, current Denver Broncos starting quarterback Peyton Manning, and current New York Giants starting quarterback Eli Manning.
So.Archie Manning was so disappointed in Peytons Super Bowl performance, he applied to change his name to Archie Favre...
Super Bowl 48 week was an amazing experience. This is a teaser to what you will hear on our show next Monday on VoiceAmerica - Live Internet Talk Radio. A few of our guests? Kevin Costner & Modern West, Rashad Jennings, Keith Willis, Santana Moss, Quintin Demps, and the infamous Archie Manning!!! The Sports Girls Beth R Silverberg, aka Beth Robyn Silverberg and Tsin-Tsin Ong took on like a storm. It is impossible to show you all of the interviews that we did so we highly encourage you to Listen to The Inside Score Media Series on Voice America Network
Was privileged to hear Archie Manning speak this morning. Favorite quote from his message: "Character is the ability to carry out a resolution long after the mood is gone." So true!!
"The only thing that will sustain you through challenging times is teamwork and leadership"-Archie Manning
Archie Manning was truly inspiring! It was a privilege to listen to his powerful message!
"The question is not will you face adversity, but what will you do when you face adversity," Archie Manning at NCBA convention.
Archie Manning, father of Eli and Payton Manning delivers a message on leadership here in Nashville. He outlined the 3 key ways to be a better leader: 1. Think like a leader 2. Set goals like a leader 3. Act like a leader Awesome!
We have a packed agenda today for our OCCW members at Annual Convention! This morning we have guest speaker Archie Manning, followed by the ANCW Leadership Roundtable and later the ANCW Career Fair! Our ladies are doing a great job representing Okstate!
Speech from Archie Manning and performance from Peterson brothers Got to love NCBA!
The keynote speaker for the second General Session here in Nashville is Archie Manning, father of Payton and Eli Manning. No matter who your favorite NFL team is, he is providing a great message on leadership!
"We're about to hear from the best seedstock producer in the NFL"-in regards to Archie Manning. Only at the NCBA convention!!
Well I can now say I've been apologized to by Archie Manning...his carry on bag almost hit me in the head. Lol Super sweet man!
This has been resonating with me for the past few days. From recent personal experiences I've learned that everything we do causes a ripple effect. Archie Manning once said, "It takes 20 years to build a good reputation and 10 seconds to ruin it forever." We've all made stupid mistakes but what I want to hit on today is how other people,in their ignorant manners, can ruin someone to the extent that they may have to leave the people they love in order to avoid making things worse. Not only does it anger me but it makes me sad to see that we will take our own personal feelings and use them against each other temporarily throwing a monkey wrench into God's plan. I say temporarily because God will allow His plan to take place. This is where I feel joy because I understand the call God has placed on my heart. Am I a little more "radical" than the next guy? Is gentleness a big part of my vocabulary when it comes to the Gospel? Yes, I'm radical and No I'm not as gentle as the next person, but who are these other ...
Archie Manning just cashed in his improbable parlay - yes a safety will be the first score of the Super Bowl plus yes there will be a 2pt conversion plus yes the broncos will not have a 1st down in 1st quarter plus seattle -24.5 alternative paid $21 million on a $50 bet
my buddy Brett Saliveros texted me this morning with this one; This year at the Manning's thanksgiving Archie Manning: "Hey Eli, can you pass the mashed potatos? WAIT! Better let Peyton. actually nevermind. Ill do it myself."
I am so proud of our team, true first class sportmanship in the face of adversity. I concur with the 4F's Archie Manning taught so well: Faith, Family, Friends and Football. Life is measured in the "dash" between birth and passage.make sure every moment is special. Our Bronco's are THE best team and we will always cheer them forward.
Listening to my Aunt Telo (Catherine), is like reading a history book. She has So many stories of our families history. I recorded her for 15 mins today. She was born in Drew Ms. The home of Archie Manning, her Moms, Momma & Daddy, lived on Archie Mannings grand -fathers ? land. His name was Reese Manning. Her mothers maiden name is Winters, and we are related to William Winters family. I'm a family history buff and love to listen to her stories. They're wonderful.
Super Bowl Conspiracy.why was Eli sitting in the box by himself? Where was Archie Manning and the rest of the family?
My apologies for what I said about the Denver Broncos and Peyton and Archie Manning. It wasn't nice. Please forgive me I can be a jerk sometimes.
so... Last comment on Super Bowl last night (for now at least) I was sick of the Old School v. New Skool take that was going on all the time, with Seattle being the 'New Skool' team. The reason for this seemed to be the fact that Seatle had a running QB (Dang3Russ), but he is a mobile QB, not a running QB (like RGIII (used to be)). But looking at the teams, Denver with it's "high-octane" passing offense (derivative of the old run n' gun & West Coast offense), Denver is more of a new school-type team. Seattle, Strong D, gringing powerful running game, who appens to have a mobile QB (like Archie Manning, Fran Tarkington & Even Johhny U) seems to me about as old school as you can be. So national pundits, you were right after all, Old School was going to win, you just got sucked into not paying attention and mixed the teams up.
Sorry bronco fans, guess you didn't know that Peyton Manning had bad juju. I was rooting heavily for the Hawks and a very happy man after the game. Even though they beat my saints earlier in the playoffs. I lost respect for Denver when they got rid of Tim Tebow. And put large bank on Peyton Manning. Yes he is a very good quarterback I will not deny that. But no one remembers why he has bad juju. The last Super Bowl that Peyton Manning was in he lost to the Great Drew Brees and the Saints. At the end of the game he walked off the field and did not shake anyone's hand and was a very unhappy man. I'll never forget it because his dad was in the stadium at the time watching him play the game. Before Drew Brees, his dad Archie Manning was our greatest quarterback. To leave with such bad sportsmanship was not good he should remember that he is from New Orleans. But one good thing happened for the bronco fans tonight, you got rid of his bad juju. He congratulated some people as he was leaving the stadium tonight ...
Tony Dungy says it was spine tingling, Archie Manning declares it was a nightmare, and Bill Belichick raves; its Hilarious
A note from Archie Manning to Hornblower (in honor or today's big game)
I have my Sean Payton signed hat and my Archie Manning jersey- my "Payton Manning" Broncos tribute who dat stylee!
What a great moment at the last night! Although we had a tape delay in the west and knew the winners prior to the show airing - I was compelled to watch it ... Loved this moment when Archie Manning (Peyton's Dad) and Marshall Manning (Peyton's son) accepted Peyton's MVP award!! Congratulations Peyton . Sending (HUGS) to your beautiful family and you - From: Frosty and Snowman and me too! . Yea - It's Game Day ... .
How has this been over looked? Peyton Manning is playing in the Super Bowl at Eli's home field. Eli beat the Patriots in the Super Bowl at Peyton's home field, both going for second Super Bowl rings... I'm thinking Archie Manning is the man behind the curtain in the NFL rigging things
At long last Super Bowl weekend is here. but this is the first Super Bowl i could care less who wins. I will watch the game eat food and that's it. I can't stand the Seahawks coach Pete Carroll he coached my Patriots for 3 yrs 1997 - 99 Got fired after 1999 season he wrecked everything Bill Parcells built. And cant stand Peyton Manning. I see his Dad the hasbeen Archie Manning who played for the Aint's on ESPN this morning riding his sons coattails as always if it aint Eli's coattails its Peytons. If Peyton loses i cant wait to watch the monday morning talk shows tearing him apart like they did in past yrs. Video On Thursday's SI Now, Archie Manning responded to the lawsuit that claims his youngest son New York Giants quarterback Eli Manning is involved in selling fraudulent memorabilia.
Today in 1971 Saints drafted Archie Manning overall after the Patriots took Jim Plunkett & before Oilers took Dan Pastorini
What other state can boast the leading scorer and receiver in NFL history (Jerry Rice), the leading passer in NFL history (Brett Favre), the second leading rusher (Walter Payton) and the patriarch of the first family of football (Archie Manning)? Only the Sip
Archie Manning should publicly apologize to Tom Brady like seriously his kids wont stop making the por guy cry
Archie Manning has the most talented QB sons...Eli and Peyton! What a football family they are...another Super Bowl appearance! I luv NY!
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Archie Manning holding court in Broncos locker rm; Eli & Cooper hanging with John Fox at Peyton's locker. Cool scene. N…
Last year Sean and Leigh Anne Tuohy spoke at the annual Cattle Industry Convention the week following their son Michael Oher's appearance in the Super Bowl. This year Archie Manning will speak at the same meeting the week after his son Peyton plays in the big game. Can we pick 'em or what?
Saban, Tebow.They might as well fly in Josh Reed, Tee Martin, and Archie Manning of course.
Offensive line, all time, Saints. The last three positions are where the most serious debate comes in. Today we'll do the offensive line, where I have nine slots. We start at center, where I will start JOEL HILGENGERG by just a hair over JERRY FONTENOT, but both are on my team. The problem is that the Saints have had an unusual number of good centers. This means I am leaving off LeCharles Bentley (too few years to overtake the first two), John Hill (this really hurts; Hill was a pro's pro for years on bad teams), and Steve Korte (whose steroid use DQd him in my book). The three tackles are easier. The two obvious, undisputed starters are Willie Roaf and STAN BROCK. (Brock is another who I believe would be in the Hall of Fame had he played for a different team.) The one main backup (although I have guards who can move over to tackle too) is the oft-forgotten DAVE LAFARY, who blocked on the three teams on which Archie Manning had his statistically excellent years and played 109 games total, as a very, very ...
Lynne and I have been to a lot of bowl games. The first one we saw as fans, Alabama defeating Nebraska in the Orange Bowl to win the 1965 national championship. The first one I covered as a reporter was the Sugar Bowl at the end of the 1969 season, Archie Manning and Ole Miss upsetting Arkansas. After the game Arkansas Coach Frank Broyles said, "We just couldn't emulate Archie Manning in practice." That's like trying to emulate Johnny Manziel. Tonight we see another bowl game, Alabama vs. Oklahoma in the Sugar Bowl.
Ultimate "Helicopter" Dads cause Redskins' fans to suffer- Archie Manning won't let Peyton play in the NFC with Eli. Peyton chooses Denver, wins/breaks records/makes the playoffs. RGII doesn't like the way Mike & Kyle Shanahan handle his son. Both get fired and the Redskins organization searches, again, for a new direction. And the beat goes on...
Chargers are on a path to destiny and let me tell you why.we have already spoiled the Stealers and Miami. Were on to spoil Cinci's dreams of of raising Lombardy over their heads. Then after that we get to ruin Denver's dream season as well as revenge for Archie Manning and his big mouth.and then off to New England to knock the hoody off That spoiled *** head and then the grand daddy of them all... the sweetest revenge of them all...San Diego 52 and the SF 69er's 21 for the Super Bowl. Anyone that sees this list of teams and is a long time charger fan knows that these teams are a complete list of every team that did us wrong in past playoffs. I know I know you say "what about the jets?" Well after yesterday the little Green men are forgiven. This is the path the chargers will take. This is the destiny that was written long before this season started. This is what I have patiently waited for since I first watched my first Charger playoff run as a young boy only to be bounced by the snow in Cincinnati. ...
Drew Brees, with all these sacks you're starting to look like Archie Manning out there lol
December 19th   1968—Three Saints assistants resign:  Def. coord. Jack Faulkner, Off. Coord. George Dickson, and receivers coach Bob Shaw.  Faulkner would return to the Saints on January 21st after he& head coach Tom Fears worked out past disagreements which some felt had to do with jealousy over Faulkner’s TV coaches show on WDSU getting better ratings that Fears’ show on WWL-TV.  Dickson would move on to the Washington Redskins.       1971—Saints lose to Falcons 24-20 at Tulane Stadium to finish the season 4-8-2, Falcons take the lead for good on a 22-yard TD pass from QB Bob Berry to WR Ken Burrow (190 yards) with 40 seconds left, RB Art Malone has 2 TDs.  Falcons defense has five sacks.  Saints TDs by RB Bob Gresham (112 combined yards) & QB Archie Manning (run).  At season’s end, guard Jake Kupp is named team MVP by the N.O. Touchdown Club.        1971—The fifth annual Saints & Sinners Grid Club awards banquet is held with QB Edd Hargett being named MVP, other awards went to ...
Proud dad Archie Manning shares his thoughts on his son Peyton Manning being named 2013 of the Year
ABC's special on Archie Manning and his sons is to good, turn it on 👍
:) Participated in a powerful Sermon in Song service at Victory Tabernacle in Harlem with Tyrone P Patrick ,...
Watched the show on ABC called "the book of Manning" with my youngest Archie Mannings family..a must see
Just watched the Archie Manning story..,wow what a man and his family.a true class act.
Aww I am so touched by Archie Manning' story . Go Manning family. True hallafaimers!!!
This Archie Manning documentary is actually really good.
I wish Archie manning had a Super Bowl ring
Have so much more respect for the manning family after that. Especially Archie.
I just finished watching one of the best ESPN stories ever on ABC. It was supposed to be about Archie Manning, but because he so humble, the only way he would allow ESPN to do the story, was is if they made it not about him, but about his family and his being a father. He said at the end, that his father's only desire for him was to be a good guy, and after watching his story, I think that he not only fulfilled his fathers dream for him as a good guy, but he became a great father, which I think surpasses any reward any sport can offer. You are one special guy Archie and I am glad I got to hear your story. May The Lord continue to bless you and your family.
I hope to have a family like Archie manning when I get older.
This special on Archie Manning is pretty interesting.
just watched the book of manning but it didn't talk about Archie not letting Eli play for the chargers
This Archie Manning documentary I'm watching is so GOOD
Watching the documentary on Archie Manning , incredible college career
Watching this documentary on Archie Manning.. Wow this guy played with a broken arm.. Incredible
Archie manning was amazing at Ole Miss love watching this special on him
Watched the Book of Manning on. Wow! Never knew the family story. Archie Manning is what every man should strive to be.
Archie manning is a great man and father. Wow what a dude !!!
Just watched "The Book of Manning". Wat a great story of a parent only wanting the best for his sons! Go Archie!
From one of the greatest fathers around: "Life has been good, but it has not been easy." Archie Manning
The Book of Manning always makes me cry. Archie, be my father. 😢😍
Watching this Archie Manning special with his sons got me feeling some type of way, I know God's plan is for the better so I won't complain...
Oh okay, excuse me while I cry. I love Archie Manning and Ole Miss. ❤️
Just watched a special on abc network on the life of Archie Manning that included his three kids ; Cooper , Peyton, and Eli. Wow! What a great family! Love it! :)
The Book of Manning was a great story about Archie, Cooper, Peyton and Eli Manning. Family First!
WOW! Just fell in love with Archie Manning!
Archie Manning is that dude. The world could use some more people like him
Just watched The Book of Manning. If I can be half the father that Archie Manning was, I would be a *** good one.
ABC's The Book of Manning was an awesome story of Archie Manning and his sons. Awesome story if you love football.
Archie Manning should inspire all men regardless of athletic ability. He is a real man and a real father. His family story is beautiful ❤
Just watched the book of manning on channel 7. The general is lucky to have a dad like Archie
This MANNING story on abc is legendary...From Archie, to Cooper, to Peyton, to Eli
The Manning Family is pretty amazing! Archie is a pretty good guy! Kind of reminds me of my dad.
"I've never regretted spending time with my family" - Archie Manning
"Sometimes you got to mess up a little in order to wake up". Manning
Archie Manning is an incredible father
*** man, it must be good to live in the manning family. Jesus Christ... Payton, Archie and Eli...
Archie Manning is the definition of classy. No question
I'm watching this football documentary on Archie Manning, and Maaan, Eli & Peyton's dad was an awesome quarterback!
This manning documentary is so inspirational. Archie, Payton and Eli. Goodness Archie was such a great dad.
"Sometimes you gotta mess up to wake up" -Archie Manning
Sometimes you gotta be willing to make some mistakes, in order to move forward in life. ~ Archie Manning
Sometimes you gotta mess up alittle bit to wakeup -Archie manning
Cooper and Archie Manning are much better people than Eli and Peyton...
"Sometimes you gotta mess up a little bit, in order to really wake up" Archie Manning
"Sometimes ya gotta mess up a little bit to wake up."-Archie Manning
" sometimes u have to mess up alittle bit to wake up" Archie manning
“Much respect for Archie Manning after watching this.
Watching a special on the Manning family. Very impressed by how great a father Archie is.
Lol I've really been watching this documentary on Archie manning for like an hour
I'm watching The Book of Manning...Archie, Paton and Eli's story. It is actually pretty good. I lived in NO when Archie played.
If I could be just a tenth of the man Archie Manning is to his family I'll be happy in life.
hands down...Archie manning is the best manning to play football
Archie Manning was the ideal sports parent. Excellent film.
So I'm watching book of manning for the first time (crying) and I have to marry someone like Archie Manning
Much respect for Archie Manning after watching this.
Did y'all know that Archie manning was ridiculed because his son Peyton didn't play ball Ole Miss
You are such an legend as a player father and person
Archie Manning is a real father. Real talk.
Watching great storie of the Archie Manning family
I'm on my Archie manning grind want my family 2 follow my league we gonna eat good for life!!
Watching the story of Archie Manning and the family. Great story well worth watching!
Ok...ok.I am watching STORIED SEC about Archie Manning.I'm :'( crying my eyes out.I have NEW found RESPECT for a Manning.ARCHIE
I don't watch football but watching this special on Archie Manning when he played for Ole Miss, brings back so many memories of my Dad,Uncle and brothers taking over the television to the games. (great memories)
SEC Storied on ABC now... - An awesome documentary on the football career and personal life of Archie Manning incl. his sons
Watching Archie Manning and the whole mannings family life story. Pretty awesome! ABC.
Archie Manning really was an inspiration though
The special on the Archie Manning story was really good!
AWESOME show on Archie Manning's career... Never knew all of his story.
And for the record Cooper Manning is hot and Archie Manning is my favorite. I also love Eli and Peyton too though.
This tv documentary on the Archie manning and his family is really worth watching
I'm loving the Archie Manning story on ABC Cooper, Peyton & Eli when they were kids is PRECIOUS!!
Watching Archie Manning on ABC. reminds me of WHY i love football and Ole Miss even though i was not a Rebel alumni.
Archie Manning is one sharp ex football player.. Took a beating w/ has no brain damage.
Awesome story about Archie manning on abc . You see where the boy's get it from.
Watching the story of Archie Manning on ESPN Sports Saturday! Truly the Greatest Manning!
omg my dad is watching this documentary on archie manning and Eli Manning was SUCH A CUTE BABY OMG
Watching a special on Archie Manning. Now that's the way to handle your gifts, talents and life! A Man's Man!!!
So I am watching a program on Archie Manning and they're showing Peyton when he was a kid and he is always crying. Then I thought to myself what has really changed LOL
watching a special on Archie Manning and the Manning brothers with my dad
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Watching a documentary on Archie Manning and his family. this interesting
This Archie Manning special on abc is too good, he's a class act. Plus it's a lot of old footage of young Peyton getting beat up and crying😂
Watching espn sports saturday about Archie Manning. Really good show. Never been a fan,but great story anyways!
Archie Manning was a man in his college days! Broke his arm and played the next week in a cast!
Every man should strive to be the kind of dad Archie manning is. Book of manning is the best documentary I know. Inspiring human being
Sitting here watching Archie Manning "intentionally" run around the field with a broken arm and get tackled during his time at Ole Miss. Today's players are too pampered.
This documentary is making me fall in love with Archie Manning. What a humble guy!
Archie Manning was a total G, you can see where Peyton got dat swag from
Celebrities with whom I made fleeting eye contact in 2013:. - Aimee Mann. - Archie Manning
Documentary about Archie Manning is so inspiring 🏈
Im watching this story about Archie Manning...he played the entire game with a cast on his broken arm in a bowl game.thats is fricken unreal
Archie manning was the man watching his autobiography on espn !
Anytime Archie Manning had the ball in his hands, Ole Miss had a chance to win. For more exclusive college content log onto
Is anybody else watching this Archie Manning on the ESPN 30/30
SEC story on ABC ESPN News about Archie Manning. Wow what guy. I always liked Archie Manning but this story about him is touching. What a GREAT College quarterback doing it under life adversity. Great story so far. On until 5.
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Wait...So Peyton and Eli's dad Archie Manning was born and raised in Drew,MS? I thought the only famous people from Drew were in my family. Guess I better give "Cousin Peyton" a call
When you have to explain the difference between Archie Manning and Archie your husband?! You know more about sports than your husband.
: Glad we brought them down back to back, but WHO is Archie Manning? Someone over-rated? :)
Football is the essence of America, but not because of championships or titles. The drive to compete, the guts to play, the will to come from behind, the grace to walk off the field a loser...that's the essence of football. - Archie Manning, NFL New Orleans Saints and Ole Miss Football great.
"After years of a bumbling Aaron Brooks; the comical symmetry of Ditka's Billy Joes; the fruitless reclamations of Jim Everett, Heath Shuler, and Kerry Collins; the not-quite-good-enough Bobby Hebert era; and the what-could've-been Archie Manning era, the Saints, suddenly, field one of the all-time greats at quarterback." (Drew Brees) ~NolaReese
From ESPN: REPORT: Archie Manning will now refer to Phillip Rivers as his son-in-law since he screwed both of his daughters in the same week!
Thanks Archie Manning for the extra motivation a few years back in beating your sons every time that they play our Chargers. That's two weeks in a row that a Manning goes down. It provides us with a little joy in an otherwise disappointing season. Merry Christmas Manning family. 󾔒󾓴󾓴
Now only if there was a way to bend Archie Manning over the knee. Spank all dem boys!!
Thank You So Much for the add! I've been a Loyal Who-Dat since the days of Chuck Muncie, Wes Chandler & The Legendary Archie Manning!
Face it Archie Manning..Phillip Rivers is now your son in law because in a matter of 5 days he screwed both your daughters(Eli/Payton). How does that taste??
Is it true Archie Manning is gonna come back and play for the Raiders?...thats way we can own the whole family in one month!..
Hey Archie Manning, how do you feel about the Chargers organization right now?? Bite me.
Dear Archie Manning, the Chargers just beat both of your sons four days apart. San Diego wins, Mannings lose.
Archie Manning is having a very bad day where ever he is right now. Beating both of your sons in the same week.priceless. We may not make the playoffs but I shall be savoring this one for the next ten days.
Maybe Archie Manning could come to town and get slapped around by Billy Rae Smith it would be a perfect week!
The Real Archie Manning has showed up in December in the cold weather!! (Sorry Peyton)
Archie Manning just filed a complaint to the NFL for putting his sons against the Chargers on back to back weeks, GTFOH Archie lol. Win or Lose it's all about the Mighty San Diego Chargers!
Now if we could play Archie Manning we could have the hat trick lol
Bring Archie Manning out of retirement take his a.. On too! Lmao CHARGERS!
Yes ! Yes ! Yes ! In your f---ing face Archie Manning ! Those Chargers that you said are loser's beat not just She Lie but then came back the next week and beat *** a Ton ! You need to just shut the *** up ! The Manning's Suck !
Dang. Does Archie Manning have anymore sons the Boltz can play this week? Where's Cooper at. Lol. Good job Boltz
Poor Archie Manning is having a bad week. First his daughter Eli gets her butt kicked and now his prodogy son Payton ...
News item... Washington sits R.G.lll to avoid injury in meaningless games. If that were the case then Archie Manning would have never played an N.FL. Game
Saw on the NEWS that the Liberty Bowl tickets will have pic of past great football stars. Bad news is none are from MSU whom is playing in the bowl. What a load of crap. You put a pic of Archie Manning, Bear Bryant, Dug Fluttie and no one from MSU and they playing in the bowl. Why not put Coach Croom whom as a MSU Coach won the bowl, What about a Don Smith, Or Cox or some of the DB that were 1st round picks in the NFL. Why not a Jackie Sheirl whom coached at MSU. Sorry I am not a MSU fan but this is total disrespect.
I just saw an interview on Bloomberg of some guy named Archie Manning. I think he is a retired NFL player of some sort. He said if we don't let kids keep getting brain concussions, they won't be able to survive in business and we won't be able to compete with other countries.
Archie Manning says Eli and all of the Giants are disappointed in their performance this year.
Archie Manning knew all along this would not be a Super season for his youngest son. The patriarch of the first family of NFL quarterbacks had a feeling that the Giants' expectations were set too high, especially with the injuries they began suffering in the months before the season opened.
Wow! Last Tuesday we launched the 50th Salespersons’ Breakfast by announcing Archie Manning as our Keynote speaker. We are thrilled to announce that in just a week and a half, only the stadium seats remain. All reserved tables are sold out. You won’t want to miss this event. Reserve your stadium seats now! Discount tickets for Chamber members are just $25/ticket. Non-Member pricing available.
AWMA Marketplace & Solutions Expo Schedule While AWMA members have been reading about the changes to the 2014 Expo – now known as the AWMA Marketplace & Solutions Expo – the AWMA staff have been working on the schedule and programming. Three keynote speakers have been slated to speak on Wednesday and Thursday mornings. In addition to opening session keynote speaker Tom Flick, we have also added closing general speaker football legend Archie Manning. And, the first ever AWMA Women's Leadership Initiative Kickoff Breakfast Program will open with speaker Marianne Cooper, Research Associate, Michelle R. Clayman Institute for Gender Research, Stanford University. Don't DELAY – register before the holidays at and save with SUPER SAVER PRICING before January 3, 2014.
I kinda know how Archie Manning feels when Peyton and Eli play against each other. I know secretly he pulls for Peyton, just like I'm gonna do this Sunday at the Cowboys/Packers game. I would like to see Aaron Rogers play but then again I hope he doesn't.
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Archie Manning on MSU Liberty Bowl tickets. It makes me smile. HOTTY TODDY.
What's with all the State fans trashing Archie Manning being one of the legends on the Liberty Bowl tickets? Just because you got no legends doesn't mean you got to hate.
Some MSU fans are baffled as to why Archie Manning or Paul Bear Bryant are on the cover of their tickets to this years Liberty Bowl game, feature story tonight on WTVA News at 10 & WTVA News Today at 5am.
Mississippi State is going to the Liberty Bowl. This year the Liberty Bowl is printing pictures of six famous people that have been involved in the game. So, 1/6th of the tickets will have a picture of. ARCHIE MANNING on them. So state fans will be buying a picture of a great player from Ole Miss. Fitting.
Gee, we missed this one on the way to Ole Miss. By the way Grenada is home of the great Ole Miss QB, Jake Gibbs. Gibbs was Johnny Vaught's best Qb until Archie Manning came along.
Thank god Archie Manning is on the bcs voting for next year.. his top 4 teams in the country were FL state, Stanford, Michigan State, Auburn.. he based off strength of schedule and not lucky plays or the fact that you have won 24 meaningless games in a row or 2 national championships..he gave a big nod to Notre Dame for refusing to ever play a easy schedule and said they deserve more credit than they are given :)
Archie Manning was asked on ESPN's SVP & Russilo show today what teams would be in the college football playoff if it started this year. His response? He said the committee members were were told not to answer those questions. The shroud of secrecy has already descended. You know not what you've wrought.
Archie Manning is coming to the defense of his youngest son again, and you don't want to make Archie mad when it comes to Eli. Manning made the media rounds on Tuesday and said the Giants' struggle...
NFF Chairman Archie Manning chats with 2013 Hall of Fame inductee Tommie Frazier
Ok, so everybody knows that I'm not a cowboys fan and I don't think they'll ever return to their past glory as long as Jerry Jones is around. That guy is a like a cancer. I digress. I am, however a Saints fan and have been since the early 70's. Growing up in Mississippi, you were an Ole Miss fan, it was just expected. So as it were, Archie manning was my boyhood idol. The point is this: thank you *** Jerry Jones for firing rob Ryan, the only coach you had that was actually doing his job effectively. Let me hit you with some stats: Under Ryan the cowboys had the 14th ranked D in 2011, and even though were decimated with injuries in 2012, they still managed the 19th ranked D. Meanwhile, the saints were dead last in total D in 2012. In 2013, after firing Ryan, the cowboys are dead last, falling from 19th to 32nd. After hiring Ryan, the saints went from 32nd to 6th in total D. Thanks again jerry, you're an *** and I love it!
The Answer to yesterday Trivia Question was...Jim Plunkett! Won the Heisman in 1970 beating Joe Theismann and Archie Manning to 2nd and 3rd!
Fantasy Football playoffs are here, and now i know how Archie Manning feels as i have my two son's Jonathan, and Kyle playing each other in the semi finals. So far this year they have played each other twice with each winning a game. So should be fun to watch.
It’s not surprising a father would come to the aid of his son. Asked one too many pointed questions about the struggles of Eli Manning this season, the normally stately Archie Manning briefly deviated from his aw-shucks persona to run interference for his son.
And the winner of two meet and greet passes and two general admission tickets to see the one and only ARCHIE MANNING is... Andy Piccioni! Congratulations Andy! Please email kellyto claim your prize. Thanks to all who participated! And be sure to get your tickets soon - they'll make a GREAT Christmas gift!! 245-4111
Congratulations Stonehill Head Coach Robert Talley. Who has just been named a finalist for Liberty Mutual Coach of the Year in Division II by Archie Manning of the National Football Foundation and Glenn Greenburg of Liberty Mutual at the NFF Awards Press Conference in NY City. We'll have more details to come, including a return to our initiative!
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The Giants are usually focused on beating a team like the Redskins. Archie Manning said on Tuesday that he's most proud of Eli Manning for not being a team like the Redskins. "I played on
Latest news: Archie Manning on Giants losing: ‘Eli’s dying right now’
Congratulations, Gayle Allen Choojitarom! You are the winner of the amazing breakfast with Santa and Mr. Archie Manning! We are so excited for you we can't stand it! Please email andreafor instructions on how to claim your prize. If you know, Gayle, please have her contact us asap.
The Liberty Bowl's organizers decided to put past players and coaches on the cover of the tickets, including Mississippi State rival, Ole Miss' Archie Manning.
Archie Manning about to join and me on SiriusXM Sportszone 92, talking Peyton, Eli, Heisman, FSU/Auburn and more!
Our first guest: NFL great Archie Manning! Can Peyton break the single-season TD record? . Find out what Archie has to say...
Philip Rivers and the San Diego Chargers still have Eli Manning's number. Not the one briefly issued to Manning at the 2004 NFL draft, of course. Just another victory against him. Rivers found rookie Keenan Allen for two of his three touchdown passes, and the Chargers beat Manning and the New York Giants 37-14 Sunday. The Chargers (6-7) kept alive their long-shot playoff hopes and helped eliminate the Giants (5-8) from the playoff picture. "If you said we were going to be one game out of a playoff berth with three games to play, it wouldn't be ideal but I think we would sign up for that," said Rivers, who led the Chargers to just their second win in the last six games. Manning dropped to 0-3 against San Diego since 2004, when the Chargers took him with the No. 1 overall draft pick and then sent him a short time later to the Giants for Rivers and a handful of draft picks. Manning was booed all day by fans who still remember the sleight they felt when Archie Manning, in the days before that draft, asked the ...
I wish Pete Maravich, Bill Lee (Red Sox), Archie Manning, and Pat Tillman were at my house for dinner. We have so much to talk about.
Wow! what weekend of football on both the college level and the nfl. Nost exciting group of games I have ever witnessed. On the nfl level, I think that the league as a whole needs to give a salute to Archie Manning, a man who endured a decade of seasons with the New Orleans Saints, also known as the Aint's, as a very capable quarterback with absolutely no support on a competive level. In those days, the fans litterally wore bags over their heads and called themselves the Aint's. All of Archies endevours have led to the careers of two of the legends of the sport. His sons, Eli and Peyton, each have earned the title of league MVP and Super bown mvp titiles as well. His teaching to his sons should be recognized in some way, even though there is not a current venue for this to happen. Peyton Manning's pin-point passing tonight led t a possible run at the Super Bowl, with home court advantage throughout. If I had $2k to spend, I'd be there.
The difference between Alabama and Mississippi colleges is; Alabama breed great college players and Mississippi breed great NFL players. Brett Farve, Jerry Rice, Archie Manning, Walter Payton, Steve McNair, Eli Manning, Jimmy Smith just to name a few
Wonder if Archie Manning still thinks that Hugh Freeze is the coach of the year.
Dale Earnhardt Jr., Venus Williams, and Archie Manning. Just a great group of people.
Archie Manning went out on the field at the game. Obviously that's my sign that God wants me at Ole Miss.
Archie joined me in Houston recently. He is a great man, ambassador and friend.
I remember watching Archie Manning on Monday Night Football back when MNF was really special.
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Wonder if refs realize Archie Manning is not the QB at Ole Miss?
Who would you rather be, Tom Brady or Archie Manning?
I hope I run into Archie Manning.. I just put him to shame as a father.
we'll see but not always Archie Manning is in the hall of fame
So Rachel just told Archie Manning who I was and he smiled and waved at me. Are you jealous or are you jealous?
I just saw Archie Manning. My life is complete.
I was just 150 ft away from Archie Manning
yep and Archie Manning will be on the playoff selection board
Big, brand new The Day of the Doctor behind the scenes gallery available now:
Such an honor and pleasure to meet Archie Manning tonight at
Peril, for sure. (Archie Manning won back-to-back Heisman trophies. The latest. I won one ring.)
Archie Manning only college player too win back2back Heisman trophies!
Is there any way Archie Manning can come back & play for Ole Miss 2nite vs Mizzou? The Gamecocks would love some help.
“Johnny Manzel = Archie Manning” you finally got someone's name right
Speed limit on campus is 18 in honor of Archie Manning
My uncle is chillin out with Archie Manning right now. No big deal.
Never know who you will run into... Troy Aikman, Archie Manning, and Joe Namath!! Great Friday!
Archie manning gets my vote 4 best dad ever
and so did Archie Manning's mailman who I'm also bff's with
The New Orleans Saints can’t seem to win a game without cheating. Somehow they will find a way to have a bounty, ref rooting for them, the league feeling sorry for them (Hurricane Katrina), the list goes on and on. Now in a we don’t feel sorry for you attitude half the *** world has decided Ahmad Brooks clothesline on Drew Brees was legal. If that was Peyton Manning with his neck surgeries then would it be a different story? Of course it would, Manning is the sweetheart of the league. Meanwhile, Drew Brees is the most underrated elite quarterback in the league since Archie Manning. The Niners fans are screaming bloody murder and that Ahmad Brooks did everything right. Even Ray Lewis (murderer) is willing to pay for the upcoming fine if there is one levied against the Niners’ player. That’s what he said on ESPN pregame before Patriots face the Panthers. The Niner’s players, fans and rest of the league are saying that the hit shouldn’t have been flagged. They contend the refs blew the call an .. ...
Here's what Archie Manning had to say about Alabama's AJ McCarron (audio).
Former New Orleans Saints players Archie Manning, Rickey Jackson and Willie Roaf are honored during halftime of the Saints game against the Dallas Cowboys.
I was there. Dolphins fan, we sat right behind Archie Manning and Phil Fulmer. Great memory.
Archie Manning, Rickey Jackson & Willie Roaf got one more play in for the Saints at today's walkthrough (VIDEO)
Archie Manning, Rickey Jackson and Willie Roaf talk about the Ring of Honor (VIDEO)
Congrats to Ole Miss great Archie Manning on being named to Saints Ring of Honor! .
Archie Manning, Rickey Jackson, William Roaf -- which is your favorite new Ring of Honor member?
Big ups to Willie Roaf, Archie Manning, and Rickey Jackson for being the first inaugural members for the Saints' Ring of Honor.
Saints unveil Ring of Honor in Superdome: The names Archie Manning, Rickey Jackson and Willie Roaf now have a ...
Archie Manning, Rickey Jackson & Willie Roaf go into the Ring of Honor
Breast Cancer Awareness
Archie Manning must be disgraced Eli is ruining the family name. Lol!
Fun stuff about Oliver Luck (if true...): Oliver Luck was the backup to Archie Manning on the 1982 ...
The end is near for the Bowl Championship Series, the flawed and controversial system that has produced the pairings for the college football national championship game since 1998. The Jan. 6, 2014 game in Pasadena, CA, will be the last. The four-team playoff system that will replace it is called, simply, The College Football Playoff. The 13 members of the selection committee were named in October 2013. Starting after the 2014 season, the committee will decide which four teams make the semifinal rounds. Unlike the BCS, no polls or computer rankings play an official role. High-profile members include former United States Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice, former NFL and Ole Miss star Archie Manning and Arkansas athletic director Jeff Long, who is the chair. What the selection committee says goes.
In my leadership class we have been doing presentations on great leaders that we chose to share. It's so awesome that so many have chose great spiritual leaders. Billy Kim. Tim Tebow. Archie Manning. Phil Robertson. And the greatest of all Jesus Christ.
Breaking news the browns have traded Brandon Weeden and Gregg Little for Archie Manning.
Tonight's game between the Denver Broncos & the Indianapolis Colts (the battle of the "horses") was loaded with irony. First of all...Archie Manning (Peyton's Dad) & Oliver Luck (Andrew's Dad) played together on the 1982 Houston Oilers team. Both were quarterbacks with Oliver as the back-up to Archie. Tonight...Peyton Manning (quarterback for the Broncos) returned to his old stadium in Indianapolis (where he played from 1998 to 2011) to face Andrew Luck (quarterback for the Colts). As if that wasn't enough...Andrew Luck plays for the Colts, who have a horseshoe on their helmet which is the ultimate symbol of "luck"...and luck was with Andrew tonight as his Colts defeated Peyton's Broncos 39-33 in the "battle of the horses" to hand the Broncos their first loss of the 2013 season. Whew. :)
Oliver Luck and Archie Manning played on the same team
Years before Andrew Luck replaced Peyton Manning in Indianapolis, Oliver Luck replaced Archie Manning in Houston.
1982 - 83 Archie Manning (left) & Oliver Luck when both played for the Houston Oilers.
beautiful game. U saw earlier how it showed that Archie Manning and Oliver Luck both played on the same squad together? crzy
The 1982 Houston Oilers team photo - Archie Manning (8) next to Oliver Luck (10), the father of Colts QB Andrew Luck http…
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