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Arch Madness

The Missouri Valley Conference Men's Basketball Tournament, commonly called Arch Madness, is an annual basketball tournament which features the men's basketball teams of each of the Missouri Valley Conference member universities.

Wichita State Indiana State St Louis Illinois State Market Share Missouri State Bears Northern Iowa Scottrade Center

The hand-wringing over Wichita State as an at-large will be a moot point. I expect the Shockers to roll through Arch Madness.
I'm not saying they won't get in, but if they don't beat ISU in Arch Madness they'll be like a 10-12 seed instead of an 8 or 9.
if the NCAA fights March is On, why then does the Valley continue to use Arch Madness w/o issue?
Over in doing a little prep work for our upcoming M"arch" Madness.
Win out in regular season, make Arch Madness finals.
As Arch Madness nears, it’s likely to come down to the Shockers and Redbirds
The Tournament is almost upon us, and it's likely coming down to &…
Yahoo Sports: Romp through rest of season & Arch Madness & Shockers will likely land on the 7 line. via
Arch Madness at is just around the corner (3/2 - 3/5). Get your tickets now:
Coming home from Arch Madness the 5th and leaving for this the 7th 😍 so thankful for these opportunities that…
Meet the contestants for Arch Madness! Today: Communal. . 1974 "Hey Beatnik!". Shiloh Farms Label. Voting for Arch Mad…
I needed this. I also feel like both the Shockers and Redbirds get in even if Arch Madness gets drunk again.
They're getting a bump because they are the presumed auto-bid. Lose in Arch Madness and they'll sink to First Four or out.
Meet the contestants for Arch Madness! Today: Communal. . Voting for Arch Madness starts next week!
Spring Break is just around the corner! Check out Arch Madness and see Loyola play the MVC Tournament! Details here:
I don't remember Boogie ever dominating in Arch Madness...
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RECAP: Illinois State survives Loyola (IL) in a tight finish, 65-63. Arch Madness will be an exciting one!
MVC is looking like a one-bid league. League officials better pray Wichita plays ISU in Arch Madness final.
Loyola is going to make noise in arch madness!
1839 went bonkers for that guy, CBS needs to hire him for Arch Madness
witH a sweeP at Arch Madness, couLd ISU have saveD the Valley's chaNce at a 3-bid confereNce?
Strong chance that either Wichita State or Illinois State misses NCAAs because neither boasts a quality resume. Arch Madness will be unreal.
Illinois St avoids NCAA Tournament black eye clipping Loyola-Chicago. Remains one of my last four teams in. Needs deep Arch Madness run.
"This is starting to feel like Arch Madness." . Oh, I can't wait
This is one of the last games before the Arch Madness begins.
Except for when it gets to Arch Madness-only 1 title in its current G. Marshall run & 1 MVC tourney title since 198…
I am on flu meds but bears did hit ft's down the stretch to win. Critical to stay out of thurs arch madness games
'Ayyy good win. Can't wait to see you in a few weeks during Arch Madness.
They may sneak into the First Four like that, but they'd best win Arch Madness.
which I believe they will win Arch-madness of course. But doesn't mean a slip-up costs them the tourney
Win Arch Madness and are assured a spot in the field.
Well that hurts. Guys hit shots it's a different game. Still think they can win arch madness
I LOVE Arch Madness. Held at the McDonald's in St. Louis right? 😆
Can't wait until Wichita State wins this game by 30 then Northern Iowa beats them in Arch Madness and messes everything up
Win four tickets and four VIP passes to Arch Madness in St. Louis.
Giveaway time! Standby for your chance to win 6 tickets to . Arch Madness on Countdown To Opening Day on AM1120
"The best night of college basketball this year in St. Louis is two weeks from tonight," on Arch Madness Quarterfinal Friday.
The action continues to heat up as we get closer to Arch Madness! Join the Sycamores this Sunday at 4pm!
Absolutely! Tonight & Missouri St @ Illinois St has had crazy atmospheres. Feels like Arch Madness! Suiting they are best 3.
Amazing turnout tonight in downtown Reno at Arch Madness!!! 🏀
Luckily, from a MO standpoint, the Missouri State Bears will win 2017 Arch Madness, so that is a positive, if STL cares. 😐
Game 7 has rolled into Ellisville. 4th Annual Arch Madness
It's the of Vote for your favorite Gold Medal recipient by 4/3!
This is the type of hard hitting reporting we NEED
Arch madness . Good name for my. i mean a sextape
I can't wait to recycle the Mariota jokes for the next 4-5 years.
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We should b able to build our own legend like game originally stated b able to chose what weapons we want.
The force is strong with your followers (Jack)
...even if the drops aren't FROM the raid itself. VoG at Level 41/42 would be monstrous fun (2/2)
I've been saying that should at least make the Y1 raids relevant with challenge mode that drop Y2 gear (1/2)
Well...Fatebringer kind of needs the elemental on the critical kill. But, I know what you mean.
Today is the last day to save money on orthotics with our "arch madness" specials!
Even if they brang them back without elemental damage I wouldnt mind.
And 2 things we never going to get by looks of it beyond a joke year 1 was still the best era imo.
Can't lie. I'm having hella fun Bananaing right now.
This guy is my friend. Literally the only two things I asked/wished for.
All hands on deck for Destiny 2, not free updates 😔 I'd rather be paying for content/raids than recycled stuff.
of features Renzo Piano vs. Richard Meier. Vote here:
Tadao Ando, inspiring master. Who would you vote for?
Meet me in St. Louis! rolllin north for some Arch Madness!
Wichita State's victory was worth $1,700,000 for the MVC. Now can we move Arch Madness to KC Sprint Center Madness???
Breast Cancer Awareness
We found some brothers from the Beta Tau chapter of Wichita State at Arch Madness!
Coverage from ISU's season-ending loss to Evansville at Arch Madness. Videos will be added later.
If the A10 added two Valley teams I wouldn't hate it if the tournament was played in St. Louis every few years a la Arch Madness.
Well that's a wrap for day one here in St. Louis at Arch Madness. More photos can be found
Coming up Aces in St. Louis. Evansville moves into the Arch Madness semis.
Arch Madness equals big bucks for downtown: More than 50,000 tickets are expected to be sold for year's Missou...
Arch Madness equals big bucks for downtown St. Louis:
Hour away from Aces vs. Missouri St. game over at Arch Madness! is in St. Louis, and he has a preview on @ 6!
Arch Madness equals big bucks for downtown: Those fans, according to figures provided by the St. Louis Co...
Sending our to St. Louis today as the Salukis take on Northern Iowa during Arch Madness!
Arch Madness is on in St.Louis. Wichita St. beat Loyola, So.Ill. vs. N.iowa next. ch. 1741 on U Verse. Go Salukis
Arch Madness commercials: Casey's General Store, Purina Dog Chow, insurance and St. Louis tourism. Reminds me of the IHSA.
1 vs 8 seed in Arch Madness in St Louis has the excitement of the NCAA Tourney
You should be focused on St. Louis right now, sir! Arch Madness indeed!
St. Louis has not been friendly to the Shockers lately. Loss to Kentucky in 2014 and loss in the Semis of Arch Madness last year.   10% Off
3 years ago today, I was in St. Louis for the Jays' last Arch Madness. If there's anything I miss about the MVC, it's St. Louis.
The maroon carpet is out at the St. Louis City Center Hotel on Day 2 of Arch Madness!
With family and friends in St Louis, Im locked in on Arch Madness from Hamilton/Oxford!
perfect St. Louis hoops weekend for you. Arch Madness and then Bonnies vs Billikens on Sat night.
Who's excited for Arch Madness?! First game tonight at 8:30pm in St. Louis! . TV: . Radio:
Sending lots of luck to the Men's Basketball team down in St. Louis for Arch Madness -GR 🏀💜💛
Tell your friend Phil that we are WSU Shocker fans! Arch Madness today in St Louis! Go SHOX!
Can't wait to get to St. Louis for Arch Madness!!!
One last trip to St. Louis for Arch Madness before I leave the Midwest. Let's go Braves!
It's the Missouri Valley for sure. Arch Madness is always the best conference tourney.
Always the best mascot at Arch Madness.
Get your vote in! Remember, if wins, Panther fans have shot at Arch Madness tix!
Get TC to the finals for a chance to win 2 tickets to Arch Madness!
Surely not being sent to Marble Arch in this traffic 😩 tube strikes caused madness
Get your vote in. TC wins, you could win 2 tix to Arch Madness.
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Meet the man behind this madness, Isaac Parker. He's under an arch but not Who should be? TELL US HERE
If anyone knows how to really bring the FUNK madness, it's Jen Durkin and the Business! Come to Arch Street...
"Russell Wilson's contract" is the new "Mariota to Philly" -- just far less interesting for Birds fans.
A second of your time could mean tickets to Arch Madness.
If wins, you are eligible for Arch Madness tix! But you have to vote.
Polls are open. If wins, your vote could earn you tix to Arch Madness!
This fight at the Scottrade Center is no big deal compared to Arch Madness.
Missouri State's basketball season ends. You might say mercifully Story from play-in loss to SIU at Arch Madness
Yo, Arch Madness starts tonight --> More big games ahead at MVC Tournament |
Memories made in 25 seasons of Arch Madness via
Arch Madness will be here very soon! Support the Loyola Ramblers in St. Louis March 5 - 8.
Pending the Cyclones rematch in Lawrence, which tourney has a better chance for an Iowa team to win: Arch Madness or Big 12?
Fans at Scioto Downs this Saturday are in for a show as the Charlie Hill Memorial Trot has attracted a strong field of trotting powerhouses, including Market Share, Arch Madness and Modern Family
How I would love to see Arch Madness win tonight.
Intimidate adds blinkers for this race. Arch Madness front shoes go steel to aluminum.
All fields at Lake St. Louis for the GMB Arch Madness will play as schedule.
All fields for Friday 5/16 at Affton for the Arch Madness will play as scheduled.
best time in St Louis, Arch Madness 2k14!! ;)
I clean my toilet with the Donald Sterling hair
I know you guys have to be off for a while. Do you have plans to be back on columbus market or some where close? Good luck
handsome Arch, miss you on the airwaves
If was meth, my face would be all jacked up this week! Can't wait for the new record!
20yr old Arch w/ Kirk Hammett. Blacked out my Penguin Starter jacket. He is signing my tapes!!
Players due back 28th May, but Thorp Arch closed. Madness. Cellino needs to be consistent. Crazy logic.
Field for the Cutler Memorial with driver changes and morning line odds:
Don't count out in the Cutler Memorial on Saturday
Exhibiting Madness in Museums is FREE TO VIEW until the end of May--start exploring today!
You're only given a little spark of madness. You mustn't lose it.–Robin Williams
Thanks, Derrick! I'll definitely miss Arch Madness. Such a great event.
Like to see a Fractal that returns you to Lions Arch during its destruction.
All purpose parts banner
Not like the race needed any more star power, but George Brennan is down to drive Arch Madness in The Cutler Final
Look whose down on Arch Madness...oh boy
On my way home from work.Spent far too much time in & also what happened to marble arch? Its gone! Madness, always busy
in a moment of madness I decided to walk home from Arch Hill today. Ninety mins.
Tim Tetrick guides Market Share to victory over Arch Madness in the second Cutler elim. at Racetrack
Hey Columbus has played a big part in the UFC's history. We have to host and his chance at the strap!
Stand up Matt Brown, I see you repin Zenia, OH fighting out of Columbus-Buckeyes
He's gotta jump in the rankings after that beat down.
Brown is an animal. Relentless pressure
Market Share winning the 2nd Cutler Elimination in 1:50.3 over Arch Madness. Courtesy - Lisa Photo
I'm not saying he isn't the most likely winner, but I have a hard time calling Sevruga and Arch Madness soft.
Wow. Sevruga and Arch Madness are now considered soft?
It will be Arch Madness all over again in St. Louis for three teams in the NCAA men’s basketball tournament
The front of the T-shirt declared that Wichita State was the 2014 Arch Madness champion. The bracket on the back decreed that Indiana State had come out on top. It's always something, isn't it, and the 34-0 Shockers are more than able to laugh the gaffe off.
Congratulations to the 2014 Arch Madness Missouri Valley Conference Tournament champion Wichita State Shockers Defeating Indiana State 83-69, yet there still will be talkers Undefeated at 34-0 which some feel we must apologize for what they see as an easy schedule Anyone who has watched this team closely this year knows that their greatness does not depend on their unbeaten record, thus nonessential Great time for the Shox as for the first time ever in St. Louis, we cut down the nets Now on to a seed in the NCAA tournament next week, warm up the jets This team has tied the NCAA all time win streak of UNLV, clear as glass Ron Baker leads the fans in applause for Indiana State's Jake Odum as he leaves the court. . .such class With tears in my eyes, I watch our guys gracefully congratulate Indiana State To all Shockers from 1 to 110 we no longer have to wait An MVC Arch Madness title up until now has been beyond our reach Now on to the Big Dance with some opponents to teach What more can be said, yet more to ...
Woo heck yes! A huge congratulations to the Wichita State Shockers on winning the Missouri Valley Conference tournament championship known as Arch Madness! Shockers are 34-0 and will be the first team since the 1991 UNLV Runnin' Rebels to enter the NCAA tournament unbeaten! Great job Wichita State!
Indiana State hanging in there, only down 39-29. Could be a lot better for Sycamores though. Shockers surprisingly haven't won Arch Madness.
The Missouri Valley Conference Men's Basketball Tournament is under way in St. Louis and the Missouri State Bears are playing today in the Quarter Finals. It is Arch Madness. Go Bears!
The MVC is so much more fun than the Horizon league, looking at ways to make it to Loyolas first ever Arch Madness, who wants to go?
Arch Madness: Gateway Returns To Truck Schedule in 2014 St. Louis-area Track, Eldora, Canada Road Course Highlight Next Season’s Slate DAYTONA BEACH, Fla. (Oct. 25, 2013) – NASCAR today announced the 2014 schedule for the NASCAR Camping World Truck Series, a slate that includes the return to racing at Gateway Motorsports Park for the first time since 2010. Gateway, a 1.25-mile oval in Madison, Ill., just outside of St. Louis, hosted truck series races from 1998-2010 with only one repeat winner in its 13-race history – Ted Musgrave, who won in 2001 and 2005. NASCAR Sprint Cup Series star Kevin Harvick won the most recent Gateway race, in July of 2010. Now independently owned by St. Louis-native Curtis Francois, a former racer with significant ties to the local community, Gateway will hold its 2014 race on June 14. “We’re excited to have the NASCAR Camping World Truck Series return to Gateway and to the St. Louis area, which is such a racing hotbed,” said Steve O’Donnell, NASCAR senior vice pr ...
Continual Velocity is at Hoosier Park in R7 for the F&M's Invitational. Triple millionaire Arch Madness is in R1 at the Big M for $30,000.
Elgin throws Creighton under the bus "never been to the Sweet 16". Then throws Wichita State too "never won Arch Madness".
GAMEDAY! Indiana State and Creighton meet in the semifinals of Arch Madness this afternoon, tipoff at 2:30 p.m. (ET)!
Before the game tips off...tune in to Eyewitness News at 5 and 6 for live coverage of local fans gathering to watch the Shockers in Arch Madness. I'll be at Fox and Hound.
Much like the rest of college basketball, there is not much parity between the top and the bottom of this league this year. The seed Southern Illinois won 6 conference games and the seed Creighton lost 5 conference games. So to assume that Arch Madness would be a messy affair would be a reasonable assumption.   Creighton and Wichita State are safe for the NCAA Tournament. There was a while earlier in the season where Indiana State could be legitimately described as in the tournament, but the wheels came off of that movement as Indiana State has lost too many games to inferior opponents at the end of the season. The only way another bid comes out of the Valley is if someone not named Creighton or Wichita State cuts down the nets in St. Louis on Sunday.   Arch Madness features four rounds, with two games in the first round to fill out the the simple 3 round, 8 team bracket that starts in the quaterfinals. The championship game will be played on Sunday on CBS.   First Round-Thursday, March 7 Southern Illi ...
March means March Madness! Take the train to the game. First it's Arch Madness - the Missouri Valley Conference Men's Basketball Championship on March 7-10 at the Scottrade Center in St. Louis. Then, make your way to Kansas City and the Sprint Center for the Big 12 Men's Basketball Championship March 13-16 and NCAA Men's Basketball tournament play on March 22 and 24.
Could make strong argument for 4. Wich. St., Creighton, Indiana St. at-large bids and another team wins Arch Madness
Late in the 2006-2007 season, with the Creighton Bluejays on the wrong side of the bubble for an at-large bid to the NCAA Tournament, the Jays went to Normal and lost by 10 points to an Illinois State team that wouldn’t even make it out of its play-in game a few weeks later at Arch Madness.
Arch Madness tickets are on sale now : Uni - Waterloo Cedar Falls Courier: Arch Madness tickets are on sale now ...
At the post ! Mohawk: Arch Madness has work cut out for him in Maple Leaf
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Arch Madness returns home for Maple Leaf Trot - Harness Racing Newsroom - USTA - USTROTTING
Chapter Seven sets a world record in the Titan Cup Prep East Rutherford, NJ Saturday, June 23, 2012 Chapter Seven’s 1:50.4 clocking, which included a final panel of :26 seconds, was an all-time best for a 4-year-old trotting horse over any size track. Lucky Jim holds the 1:50.1 record for 4-year-old geldings, set in 2009. Chapter Seven was steered to victory in his 2012 debut by Tim Tetrick. Winning Mister was one length behind, in second, while Arch Madness finished third in his first appearance since being the runner-up in Sweden’s Elitlopp on May 27. The Titan Cup prep contenders will return for the $201,700 final on Friday A big Congrats to the team of Chapter Seven
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