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Arcade Fire

Arcade Fire is an indie rock band based in Montreal, Quebec, Canada.

Mavis Staples Win Butler Neon Bible David Bowie Father John Misty New Orleans Broken Social Scene David Byrne Sarah Neufeld Emma Stone Neutral Milk Hotel Earls Court Black Keys Voodoo Fest Alexis Taylor

Also, heard from Danny Brown, Arcade Fire, Haley Joel Osment, Grizzly Bear, Maxwell, Lower Dens, Baroness, and more.
Ant: Terrence Malick has cut Arcade Fire, Iron And Wine, and Fleet Foxes from his latest film based in the world...
Arcade Fire's new promo shot in all it's glory. Looking good guys! Very Anton Corbijn, very Anton Corbijn.
The lead singer of Arcade Fire can hoop?
really interested in what an Arcade Fire collab with Master P would sound like
I'm going to have ever liked arcade fire, doesn't he
.confirmed to play on 13th June. are available from 9am Friday here >>
When gets tickets for Arcade Fire at Castlefield Bowl
I watch the celebrity game to see Win Butler dunk on someone and every year I end up as disappointed as a protagonist in an Arcade Fire song
I always wanted to cosplay as a cosplayer. I just wouldn't know which arcade fire t-shirt and beanie combo would be perfect...
Foo Fighters, Radiohead, Arcade Fire, Linkin Park + many more play Get your tickets: https…
Design Chat! "Poster series I designed for Arcade Fire. I tried to stay consistent with the nostalgic tone of The …
What do Leonard Cohen, the Hip, Metric and Arcade Fire have in common? . GREAT debuts. .
Win Butler from the Arcade Fire can fuggin' ball.
It's 6am and I've impulsively ordered pre-sale tickets to see Arcade Fire in July.
The best thing to happen to The Suburbs since the Arcade Fire won a Grammy! 😜 We’re looking for superstars for the new…
ARCADE FIRE EUROPEAN TOUR 2017. Tickets on sale now at
Win Butler is the frontman for Arcade Fire. Awesome band if yall haven't listened to em'
nah. Not currently. Just alt-j. Tickets got. Arcade Fire maybe if there was a crew going.
Some guy on tinder honestly just told me to listen to alt j, arcade fire, and kings of Leon…those recommendations should land him in jail
"Never trust a millionaire quoting the Sermon on the Mount.". – Arcade Fire
Win Butler put up 20/10/5 those are golden era KG numbers, time to call it quits on Arcade Fire and chase the real dream
Missed the celebrity all-star game. Did we stop Arcade Fire from speaking again, or did y'all let me down?
Was he blazing up the court?? Hopefully he didn't scorch the competition to bad. You know with the arcade fire and…
Win Butler, the front-man for Montreal's Arcade Fire filled the box score in the All-Star Celebrity game.
New Friday tradition ending our week with a little Arcade Fire, thanks for the inspiration
Arcade Fire with Ian McCulloch perform The Cutter at Earls Court in London in 2014
Is no one bouta talk abt how much Arcade Fire and The Tragically Hip sound alike tho
Some tunes old and new, from Alexis Taylor (Hot Chip), Arcade Fire,
A "catch up" post, with music from Arcade Fire, Editors, Alexis Taylor (Hot Chip) and more
Second hand watching Gilmore Girls. The daughter just mentioned the Super Furry Animals, Arcade Fire and Brian Eno in one sentence.
Hamilton Collection
You can literally sing Kanye West’s “Gold Digger” over the new Arcade Fire song but it’s still awesome
Tonight 9-10 I will be playing music from Arcade Fire, Steve Mason, Cassius, Years +Years, Little Barrie and
listen to the new Arcade Fire, featuring legendary singer and civil rights activist Mavis Staples
The track they released with Mavis Staples reminded me how much I've missed Arcade Fire. Hope they drop a project this year.
Um Mavis Staples x Arcade Fire is the best thing to have sprouted from the garden of music in a long while
Arcade Fire & the inimitable Mavis Staples, you want this power now.
⚡️ “Arcade Fire releases charity single for ACLU with Mavis Staples".
I like the new Arcade Fire and Mavis Staples song.
Arcade Fire featuring... Mavis Staples! (Wish I liked the song better.)
Here’s a brand new song from Arcade Fire featuring Mavis Staples
Listen to new Arcade Fire song 'I Give You Power' feat Mavis Staples
These are all the musicians who have released protest songs ahead of Donald Trump's inauguration
From Gorillaz to Arcade Fire - this week's biggest and best new tracks, rounded up and reviewed.…
Never really cared for Gorillaz, or Arcade Fire. And they just so happened to both release new tracks I can't stand on the…
(The Star Phoenix):As rumoured, has released a new single : I Give You..
Leaving this here. Arcade Fire and the most AWESOME Mavis Staples. “I Give You Power”.
Arcade Fire have updated their instagram profile photo and deleted all previous posts.
Arcade Fire, Gorillaz, Fiona Apple and more – this week's anti-Trump songs reviewed
: OMG. For inaugaration Trump should play this : I give you power,. I can take it away : Arcade Fire :
Brilliant 'I give you power' from Arcade Fire
A new favorite: Dance of fire by Arcade Empire Beats on
.returns with crackling new single 'I Give You Power' featuring
Instead of acknowledging today as the inauguration of a Cheeto Puff as our president, I will be celebrating Arcade Fire's new single 💃
I Give You Power by Arcade Fire, Mavis Staples from the album I Give You Power
Arcade Fire and Mavis Staples try to lift spirits with 'I Give You Power'
And now there’s an Arcade Fire cover band performing
It's inauguration day and more people are talking about Alec Baldwin and Arcade Fire than are talk…
Channel your anger, disgust, and fear.
if you're having a bad day just remember that John Mayer, Joey Bada$$, and Arcade Fire released new music today
"You never trust a millionaire. Quoting the Sermon on the Mount". -Arcade Fire
Here's a great song by Arcade Fire and Mavis Staples, opening song/potty break material?
It's never been more important that we stick together & take care of each other. Love, Mavis Staples and Arcade Fire. https:…
Glimpses of influence and similarity to the works of The Maccabees, Genghar, Arcade Fire and Kings of Leon.
Yeah You, and I is the [grammatically annoying] solo album by Tim Kingsbury of Arcade Fire. Listen to St Sebastian
I always think Apple Music will help my find new things but this morning I’ve listened to Arcade Fire and Maxïmo Park so.
David Bowie supposedly had a hand in Arcade Fire headlining Isle of Wight 2017. He recommended them the organiser. And…
About an hour ago I asked Siri to shuffle my music. Its decided I only listen to Arcade Fire and Bill Callahan. Whi…
Arcade Fire is playing at Voodoo Fest literally right now. Live stream is here:.
It feels like ages since I was last hyped about Arcade Fire. Eagerly watching Voodoo Fest tonight
"But finding a shapeshifter is like looking for a beard at Arcade Fire concert"
ESPN MNF desk more crowded than the stage at an Arcade Fire show. Like 6 tambourine players. Still wanna kiss Suzy Kolber tho.
Arcade Fire in alliance with Caesers in a call-and-response style, produced by Lee Scratch Perry
Beck, Radiohead, Arcade Fire, Dead & Co, more…. Check out the new Garbage Pail Kids stickers:. ht…
The Pogues, Arcade Fire, Camille O'Sullivan, Velvet Underground, Scullion... new music from Sam Beam and Jesca...
Arcade Fire always makes me think of Trent Miller
Intervention is probably my favorite Arcade Fire song it's such a powerhouse
Oh great Arcade Fire referenced Maya Deren. No wonder hipsters gotta hold of it. Now I feel dirty.
That said, the Arcade Fire put on a great show
seen Biffy, Foals, Radiohead, Arcade Fire, Tame Impala, Band of Horses, the 1975, Chemical Brothers, Pixies and Robert Plant this week. Lol
Will Butler nabbed a fan's shoe to play the drums during Arcade Fire's set in Barcelona:
Arcade Fire is also the most popular insurance crime in Canada.
So, Voodoo Experience in New Orleans was indeed the third and final festival Arcade Fire are doing this year in North America.
amazing synergy: can tour with Arcade Fire or Five Iron Frenzy
Thanks to Carol Kane in Kimmy Schmidt, I have a new way of outing hipsters: “Are you now or have you ever been a member of Arcade Fire?”
Arcade Fire's Win Butler, aka DJ Windows 98 (amazing name) will perform with 2 live drummers at the on Fri, Aug 12
at my job none of my coworkers even know who arcade fire are it's so weird? they won a GRAMMY for album of the year for the suburbs?
Wound up at Commonwealth bar tonight and the first Arcade Fire album's playing, did I LITERALLY just step into a "my 20s" time machine?
If anyone was wondering the piece I played was song on the beach by arcade fire, it's from the movie Her it's v good
Maybe in an Afterlife by Arcade Fire on
PUP, Alvvays, The Flatliners, Alexisonfire, Arcade Fire, and Godspeed you! are some of my favorite bands, check yoself
Attention!. Arcade Fire is officially playing in LA once again!!. The world can continue to spin. I love this band. http:…
Arcade Fire has such intimacy and epic-ness, at the same time, and that's r...
I find Arcade Fire to be the wankiest of all wanky bands.
You look like you're in a band. -I play guitar in Alexisonfire. My daughter loves you guys. -She probably likes Arcade Fire…
They're playing arcade fire while Aiden is in a threesome I love this show
I added a video to a playlist Arcade Fire: we're all leaving
I added a video to a playlist Song on the Beach - Arcade Fire (Her soundtrack)
I've run a few bands into the ground for sure. Radiohead, Arcade Fire, The White Strips.
Insipid City is my least favorite Arcade Fire album.
I added a video to a playlist NO CARS GO - ARCADE FIRE
dude Roman thanked me last time I saw him for convincing him to give Arcade Fire a third chance, and now he's into them too
I don't even have to know arcade fire to say Aof is so much better.
If listening to "ocean of noise" by arcade fire doesn't make you weep, I don't know what will- you don't even need to listen to the words
† SAINTE ROSE †. Shot by in Farnham An old masonic temple turned into an iconic studio by Arcade Fire
I've had Arcade Fire on shuffle the past 24 hrs and I'm still not tired of them
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
Statistically, anyone you meet is pretty likely to be in Arcade Fire
Watch rare early footage of performing "No Cars Go" in 2003
No one in Arcade Fire has a torn dressing gown.
Rolling Stone:. Win Butler and superfan Marcus Mumford. "I've been an Arcade Fire freak for a long time"
I could be in Arcade Fire there's no way you can prove I'm not.
current LA level: eating vegan food, listening to arcade fire, talking about coachella. please hand me my fedora my man bun…
Month of May by Arcade Fire, my diocesan Wave of Prayer theme song. ♫
OK, let's go Friday! :-) i would like some Arcade Fire, Laura Marling, Sturgill Simpson, PJ Harvey, Bright Eyes and Lyenn! :-)
Still as mesmerizing as the first time I watched this.. "Arcade Fire - Neon Bible live in an elevator!" on YouTube -
My sister didn't appreciate how I insisted we blast Arcade Fire's Neon Bible album on the way to her goddaughter's First Communion.
On the latest pod, Sean put Jake on blast for never listening to Arcade Fire's Neon Bible. Jake's doing homework.
The Woodlands National Anthem by Arcade Fire is in Bishops Tavern, Bristol. Download it now at
2007 for me is an all-timer: MIA, Kanye, Feist, Kevin Drew, Springsteen, AnCo, Arcade Fire, White Stripes, Bon Iver
The fact this was done live at a music award ceremony still astonishes me. Arcade Fire, Spike Jonez & Greta Gerwig
Oh come on. Arcade Fire, Spike Jonez and the great GRETA GERWIG
2012 Miche Year-End Clearance - Up to 75% off Select Styles!
"Evening Edition: (Untitled) feat. Neon Bible by Arcade Fire come to Kuantan!!
What no Arcade Fire? No Leanard Cohen? No Sam Roberts? Do we really think Shawn Mendes is the best thing Canada has to offer?
Music I like that should probably indicate a liking for Kate Bush: Patrick Wolf, Arcade Fire, The Cure, Bat for Lashes & so on
Arcade Fire , bloc party, the Smith's and brand new rn
Little Scream enlists Arcade Fire's Richard Reed Parry as her creative partner. Check out the new video
Driving across alligator alley in Florida listening to speaking in tongues by Arcade Fire having a road trip moment.
HER . Great great movie. Bravo Spike Jonze and the music by Owen Pallet and Arcade Fire
For those who don't know, there's Will Butler (of Arcade Fire), Sheinelle Jones (of NBC News) and Stephen Colbert!
Waiting for the xanax to kick it whilst listening to Arcade Fire (Marv Albert yusss)
And as I said earlier today, Arcade Fire won't headline Lollapalooza (Chicago) this year from what I hear. Outside Land…
Arcade Fire just opened a Haitian-themed restaurant on Amherst Street in Montreal with TO restaurateur Jen Agg.
DJ returns to form with Rick Springfield and Arcade Fire.
LCD Soundsystem, Kendrick Lamar and Arcade Fire will headline new New York festival Panorama http…
Work in 11 hours, lets just dance - Arcade Fire - Reflektor (Live from the KROQ Red Bull Sound Space) via
There is also excellent potential with Neutral Milk Hotel, Nirvana, Arcade Fire. Let's hear some alt-rock
Let's get this out of the way: Arcade Fire and Neutral Milk Hotel are also awful
Oh, Canada! Celebrate music from the Great White North, like Arcade Fire, Rush, and Metric! Today at 3 on
I'm in a weird warehouse space in Montreal watching Arcade Fire, David Byrne & Preservation Hall Jazz Band all playing "Ro…
Last night I was in the presence of David Byrne and (part of) Arcade Fire and I'm still recovering.
Arcade Fire perform with David Byrne at Montreal charity gig
Arcade Fire aren't playing Governors Ball which was supposed to be one of 3 North American dates. TUESDAY PLEASE COME SOON
Hope you're all well. Next half hour: great songs by Lissie, C. Kilgannon, Kathleen Edwards, Arcade Fire
That was the best Grammy's since 2011 when the Avett Brothers and Bob Dylan performed together and then Arcade Fire won Record of the Year.
Arcade Fire's Win Butler was named MVP at the NBA All-Star Celebrity Game in Toronto
ESPN cuts off Arcade Fire's Win Butler when Canadian musician talks politics
& if Arne Duncan can use celeb game as valid platform (US education), why not my man from Arcade Fire?
But seriously, his band's name is Arcade Fire so of course he
Arcade Fire performs at the 15th edition of the Vive Latino...
Arcade Fire - Empty Room: you are in my head..but not in my hands..empty room
Wake up will forever be my favorite arcade fire song
Walt Disney Collectibles and Gifts, Disney Figurin
As if Harley has bought me tickets to see Arcade Fire, Pixies and Radiohead for Valentine's Day, love of my life ❣
Neighborhood by Arcade Fire now playing on
The walk from KL to VWK in the snow is exactly the length of Arcade Fire's "Rebellion (Lies)"
might as well be a moderate republican and like Arcade Fire.
and arcade fire and hey Rosetta and nicer people and poutine smh
Pretty sure I spotted the dude from Arcade Fire celebrating Mardi Gras.
A raw live performance of Arcade Fire doing "Here Comes the Night Time" in Haiti unearthed. htt…
Was not aware that whole foods sold arcade fire albums
"I can still feel you... and the words of our story..." . Arcade Fire - Some Other Place .
outstanding meal, and soundtrack. Postal Service/Arcade Fire.Bowie😥
Watch newly released video of performing "Here Comes the Night Time" in Haiti:
I can't talk enough about how amazing that arcade fire concert was. hands down happiest moment of my life.
Arcade Fire may be fake-deep pop but the sound of The Suburbs is still fantastic for self-reflection
"Funeral" by Arcade Fire is a modern Spoon River Anthology. Not prepared 2 defend this opinion so dnt ask me to. It's ok 2 believe n things
arcade fire did some of it. It should be on Spotify.
Save up to 45% 0ff MSRP On ATV Tires
I can't believe how good Arcade Fire is
Ya mcm just bought speakers for his record player!! Lmaoo he's so cool playing his Arcade Fire vinyls lmao... Please make me your McM? 🙁
Watch jam out in Haiti during their 2014 world tour
Arcade Fire announce first live shows of 2016, including a Haiti benefit in Montreal...
S/O Bon Iver, Arcade Fire, The Head & The Heart, & James Vincent McMarrow for providing so much inspiration to me. Thank you.
Arcade Fire and Preservation Hall's David Bowie memorial parade in New Orleans
huhu takda baru punn, tp all time fav Arcade Fire lah. Oh but you can listen to Nick Waterhouse. Jazzy rhythm kinda guy.
Arcade Fire are throwing a parade for David Bowie in New Orleans
Arcade Fire and Elliott Smith! Also, film scores by Alexandre Desplat, Jon Brion, and Yann Tiersen.
"The world is more bright and mysterious because of him" - Arcade Fire on David Bowie
Chilly Gonzales: "Drake is way more important than Arcade Fire" -
We've moved on the Arcade Fire. Where is this music taste coming from...? She raised me on Lucinda Williams and Brandi Carlisle
Adventures with mum. Teaching her about Muse, The XX, and Arcade Fire.
The fact that Win and Régine are basketball fans makes me love Arcade fire that much more
oh, someone else on my TL made an Arcade Fire comparison. AF bored me after Neon Bible so *shrug* cc:
So yeah, there's your weekend sorted.
If Arcade Fire would have recorded "Birds" (from Coldplay's AHFOD) everyone would be delirious about it, but since it's Coldplay...
It's too early to get emotional over arcade fire
"I'm sleeping in a fighter plane. I'm sleeping going down the drain". Arcade fire - I'm Sleeping…
This might be an Arcade Fire lyric.
I will never be able to get over how brilliant arcade fire's album, reflektor, is. definitely one of my favourite albums ever
The choir outside the St. James centre were either doing an amazing Arcade Fire cover or I've got this turned up exactly the right amount.
Arcade Fire - Afterlife // Woke up with this song in my head.
I put someone on fire last match because he blocked my way and got so mad he told everyone else to report me LOL IT'S ARCADE
We all need to take a moment and appreciate "Arcade Fire”! I am serious! Their music is unbelievable good!
thank you ma!! and you WILL meet arcade fire and witness them perform live someday!
set the stage and internet on fire at Andy has the story!
Ugh. I just remembered how terrible Arcade Fire is.
Deep Blue by Arcade Fire, found with Listen now:
How can a film suck if it's got an Arcade Fire song in the soundtrack?
Know what, I don't know about you, Polaris Prize, but I'm pretty much over Arcade Fire.
I played Arcade Fire in Mr. Brasington's class and now I can't stop listening to them I hate myself
Arcade fire is like this hippie band that makes you feel like you're in the 70's or something.. Awesome 👌🎶🎸
"Oh! When love is gone, where does it go?"- Afterlife- Arcade Fire✨
sometimes I wonder if the world's so small// Arcade Fire
In honor of speaking at tonight, here’s the George/Susan arc set to Arcade Fire https:/…
Arcade Fire deve assumir vaga do Depeche Mode no Lollapalooza 2014
you were the most fun concert I've seen besides PRINCE, and ARCADE FIRE ( I can't lie-they're *** good live lol)
Look at all these cutie beans! This makes me so happy and I had a hard day.. Plus the music is Arcade Fire so 👌.
@ my indie friends, Would anyone want a tdcc sweater, arcade fire tour shirt, mgmt tour shirt, and some arctic monkeys shirts for Cheap ! ?
to Owen Pallett and Regine Chassagne playing with the Arcade Fire at the Molson Amphitheatre…
8:05, time to rock! Will Butler, from Arcade Fire, has a solo record and it's really, really freaking good.
Me gustó un video de “Anna” Starring Emma Stone, Written by Will Butler from Arcade Fire
Jared and I just did the whip to an Arcade Fire song, so there's suburban millennials for you. Welcome to our ***
Enjoyed Monteverdi's Vespers last night more than any concert since Arcade Fire at Alexandra Palace
Update your maps at Navteq
i entirely agree. example Neon Bible is Arcade Fire's best record.
Refreshed and ready to rock. Song of the day: Keep the Car Running by Arcade Fire.
Listen to No Cars Go by Arcade Fire on Love this song
Brody's album of the day: Arcade Fire - Neon Bible. I loved this winning effort from Montreal super group!
David Bryne on Merge Records: “A few years ago, I became acquainted with the band Arcade Fire...”
That song is horrible. Listen to Aja by Steely Dan or Arcade Fire from Montreal Quebec.They are classically trained musicians.
I'm gonna say Neon Bible. Some of the best arcade fire songs but a lot of it just isn't good
I hope people understand that I didn't just misspell "reflektor" in my last Instagram post. That's an arcade fire song.
Just going to enjoy my Arcade Fire EP.
Exactly why I turn on a station called Pearl Jam radio: to hear Arcade Fire and Springsteen.
Arcade Fire makes me want to DANCE 💃
I hope in the photo you pulled the same pose as you did in that arcade fire picture.
Photoset: emstonesdaily: “Anna” starring Emma Stone | written by Will Butler from Arcade Fire
oh you haven't seen the Arcade Fire perform in years cuz it costs too much? I GET IT TOO THE SLOTH SANCTUARY DOESNT TAKE VOLUNTEERS ANYMORE
Please recommend songs as bittersweet as Arcade Fire's The Suburbs ;u;
Georgie, what was the track you just played straight before Arcade Fire please?
Universal have shared the Steve Jobs tv spot feat. Arcade Fire's "Rebellion (Lies)".
画像:the sounds for a day in my life by Arcade Fire
4hr drive to NYC, passing time with good music. "When I got older my heart got colder, until someone told me that was a lie" Arcade Fire
Recently listened to; 'Crucified Again' by Arcade Fire, from the album - Reflektor (Deluxe)
Why does the Yeah Yeah Yeahs' version of 'Maps' make me sad but Arcade Fire's cover makes me happy?
"They seem wild but they are so tame." - Rococo ( Arcade Fire )
Why can't all bands be as good as-. Arcade Fire - Keep the Car Running BBC Radio 2 Session via
Toronto also has Crystal Castles and Trust, not to mention Broken Social Scene et al. I'll take those any day over Arcade Fire.
Coming up in the next hour: Arcade Fire, Cyndi Lauper, Don Henley, John Prine, Darius Rucker, Jimi Hendrix & more!
I pray I’m not the only person who’s iTunes shuffles from Arcade Fire to Gucci Mane.
Arcade Fire's reissued version of 'Reflektor', out this week, features five tracks of new material.
Listen to five new songs, included on the deluxe reissue of Reflektor:
in other news this new chvrches album seemed a bit to heavy for me this morning so maybe I'll try again later. time for that new arcade fire
From Oscar-buzzed biopics to music docs on Arcade Fire and Aretha, our 25 must-see movies at
Meet Black Singles 300x250
I'm living They Live except when I put on my glasses I see the you from 5 years ago without hand tattoos and excited abou…
Song of the Day: Get Right by Arcade Fire . Happy Saturday!! I'm still waiting on that fall weather to show up,...
Arcade Fire add five new tracks on Reflektor reissue - listen | via
Arcade Fire on their new film and how being "older, fatter, lazier" might affect. the next LP
birthday party idea: I sit on my bed alone and listen to arcade fire while I cry
uh oh, Arcade Fire “Apocrypha” samples the same speech that Cabaret Voltaire used in “Voice of America”…
Listen to Ready to Start by Arcade Fire on
"I can taste your fear, it's gonna lift you up and take you out of here." –Arcade Fire
If you are going to see the new Arcade Fire film stay behind to see Win's outfit in the interview, nearly pished my pants last night at it
Watch Arcade Fire's Will Butler make a solo TV debut with 'Take My Side' on Letterman.
Strange just thought I was listening to Arcade Fire on 6 Music and it has been Gaz Coombes. It's happened twice over the past week.
Arcade Fire. To mark the release of The Reflektor Tapes in theatres today Get Right and Crucified Again are...
Arcade Fire is just deconstructed disco, Tobias Jesso Jr. is a Paul McCartney imitator via
The visceral artistry of Arcade Fire at The Grand.
Win Tickets to Arcade Fire: The Reflektor Tapes at Theatre at Ace Hotel, September 21, 2015 on DoLA
Update your maps at Navteq
REWIND-Funeral by Arcade Fire turns 11 this week, we rank the best 5 songs on the great album
Indie Rock sacred cows of the Aughts. Death Cab For Cutie, Arcade Fire, who else?
Sarah Neufeld today is his 36th birthday She's violinist of Canadian rock band Arcade Fire
Happy Birthday to Sarah Neufeld of Arcade Fire and Bob Nastanovich of Pavement
In 1979, Born on this day, Sarah Neufeld, violinist, Arcade Fire, (2005 album ‘Funeral’).
Interpol (👀), Patrick wolf... Maybe maximo park or arcade fire? All about the same since about 18/19
mess. I thought there would be acts that are semi-mainstream like in US/EU (ie: Arcade Fire, Black Keys). 💀
Watch a new trailer for Reflektor Tapes movie
You can’t be too rich or too thin, and you can’t have the worst haircut in Arcade Fire.
Will you guys be adding Arcade Fire - Intervention to the AutoDJ request page?
I love the Arcade Fire 'sign' Tee on your online store, but it only comes in small :(. Any chance of getting larger sizes for it?
News Skrillex and Diplo visit Win Butler of Arcade Fire’s st...
Arcade Fire discography and copious amounts of tea kinda day
Join & for the Sunday Night Music Club Ft Q from 8pm tonight on
good evening from Kuala Lumpar. TXFM sounding great on the App. Any chance of dome Arcade Fire?
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I don't care how many times I've seen Arcade Fire's MTV World Stage, 11/10 will always watch again.
Hearing arcade fire's "wake up" at a dance party was amazing. Oh LA, you're magnificent.
Yeah while listening to arcade fire
I still can't be disappointed when artists like Beck and Arcade Fire win tho
Tillman does it again. Best. Father John Misty covers Arcade Fire's 'The Suburbs' via
On every Whole Foods application you have to list how many pairs of skinny jeans you own and your favorite Arcade Fire rec…
Watch the first official trailer for Arcade Fire's 'The Reflektor Tapes':
[FOR SALE] Arcade Fire, Black Keys, Flaming Lips, Jack White, and more...: Add $4 for shipping. Need some extr...
Dude in The Overcast thinks if you book Arcade Fire and Modest Mouse that Salmon Fest would be massive. . Get off the hipster train buddy.
iTunes loses half my music as it is, it's deleted half my Arcade Fire, an Adam Ant song and 2 Wombats CD's in the past 3 months
I find it ironic that Win Butler of Arcade Fire also DJs, considering all the fuss @ Coachella 14' re: acts still playing "real instruments"
The insistence on covering Father John Misty's plain, by-the-books Arcade Fire cover seems like future subject matter for a song
Watch: Father John Misty did a session and covered Arcade Fire's "The Suburbs"
Father John Misty's Arcade Fire cover is really great. But I still don't like his new album at all.
There's nothing like a good cover, and here are the best Arcade Fire covers of all time:
Laptop insurance - because accidents happen!
Father John Misty’s Arcade Fire cover is one of the best of 2015. Here’s what inspired it
Arcade Fire's Will Butler first wrote "Anna" for his kid
This live recording of the Arcade Fire at Capitol Studios captures the weird energy of their last album:
You guys remember when Arcade Fire won a grammy for "best new artist" like 6 years after their first album?
Arcade Fire at Earls Court... Still one of my favourite gigs of all time 👌🏼👏
Sophie Webster on Corrie is using Arcade Fire as funeral music
Had a dream Arcade Fire was playing a show at my former high school auditorium. They were giving out champagne at the concession. Strange af
that's Broken Social Scene I think with around 20 members, Arcade Fire is like 7 tops I think? they're awesome
"Oh you're Canadian? So are you in Arcade Fire or Broken Social Scene?" -- a great joke, circa 2007
I'll give it a try when I get home. Been rekindling my love for Arcade Fire. Funeral and Neon Bible are masterpieces.
Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone being good Arcade Fire fans/friends went to see Will's gig at Troubadour last night. htt…
Today was Van Morrison's Astral Weeks, Arcade Fire's Suburbs and the new Brandon Flowers. Each all the way through. Dug it.
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