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Arcade Fire

Arcade Fire is an indie rock band based in Montreal, Quebec, Canada.

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I'm the same way with Neon Bible by Arcade Fire and Plastic Beach by Gorillaz.
I can't get enough of Arcade Fire song Everything Now. Heavy rotation.
Arcade Fire's new LP 'Everything Now' is a "playful genre-surf back to the giddy universe of excess"
I don't even hate Arcade Fire I just don't care about them
The Cure! 🙌🏻❤️ I'm currently obsessing over Arcade Fire and I always love Muse.
Warning - listen once this tune will be tough to dislodge. Arcade Fire - Everything Now via
If you like Broken Social Scene you should listen to Arcade Fire, Funeral and The Suburbs are two of the be…
Feeling righteous indignation that the band I went to college with is being described as middle-aged, cranky.
Pam and Jim's daughter, Cece, being christened in an Arcade Fire t-shirt.
Even after Arcade Fire’s new album (coming Friday) they cant surpass Sufjan, thanks to a strong live album and Planetarium release this year
Taking a break from politics stuff to give an update on my current list of favorite musical acts:. 1) Sufjan Stevens. 2) Arcade Fire. 3) REM
I grew up with Arcade Fire. This is a very good read
Arcade Fire lack ambition on the disco-inspired ‘Everything Now’ -- Album Review
Became concerned about band's direction - & Butler's role in it - the moment I read this 2014…
I anyway wasn't that keen on the new Arcade Fire record and this doesn't help things.
Rock band releases album at Slope's gilded Grand Prospect Hall by
Wrote about the new Arcade Fire LP, which has a few good songs, zero great songs, and at least 3 very bad songs.
Album review: On 'Everything Now,' Arcade Fire critiques — and embraces — the too-much-ness of the Internet
Here is my blog post from 2013 on the 1st Arcade Fire dress-code controversy. I'm not angry anymore. ;)
Win Butler is convinced he's a very funny guy. Sadly, this is not true. Here's my column on the Arcade Fire dude
girl if you get the chance def check out arcade fire they are SO good and put on an amazing show
Why did I abruptly lose all interest in arcade fire. I think I've been inception-ed
Everything now by arcade fire cnskjsshjsk
Arcade Fire's Everything Now: The reviews are in — and mixed
Arcade Fire's fake review of their own LP is really something.
I swear this isn't a joke or part of the arcade fire marketing campaign
I might go to at Frank Erwin Center in Austin, TX - Sep 27
Hi friends...I have a free extra ticket to see Arcade Fire tomorrow in Brooklyn at a really intimate venue. Would hate to see it go to waste
The new Arcade Fire album is not as good as Suburbs but is *** good, can't wait to watch them live in a month!
Trump is President, Brexit is inevitable and CoS has ranked "City of No Children" 20 places higher than "Headlights" https:…
Serious question: is giving us TOO much content? There's an argument to be made.
Meet Black Singles 300x250
Everything wrong with Arcade Fire in a single shot
You should know by now: Everything Now is out Friday. EVERYTHING NOW LIVE happens tomorrow.
Arcade Fire deny setting dress code for upcoming gig
Did Arcade Fire just fake news themselves with a spoof gig dress code? | Music | The Guardian
I only like this song today. Arcade Fire - Everything Now (Official Video) via
This is the Brooklyn venue for Arcade Fire's show next week (probably)
is Arcade Fire's Brooklyn show next week at the amazing Grand Prospect Hall?
NYC,. Still time to apply for tickets to Arcade Fire's album release show next Thursday at Grand Prospect Hall.…
Not many musicians can lure me to that place. Nick Cave, Arcade Fire, Bon Iver. Pj Harvey is playing there in Aug, tempted.
If you're drinking in Mother Kelly's before heading to Arcade Fire at York Hall please keep it to yourself - nobody likes a show off
The is pleased to announce the latest track from Arcade Fire, “Signs Of Life.” htt…
Great Job, Internet!: Arcade Fire went ahead and made some shirts with some Jenners on them
The new Arcade Fire single is everything!
Music really needs sorting. . Arcade Fire - Wake Up as the players walk out for starters.
Get ready for a new NEXT in July with our notable songs of June. Arcade Fire, Queens Of The Stone Age, Rancid
Diamonesk Personalized Engagement Ring And Wedding
Arcade Fire’s intimate York Hall gig was a sweaty, heaving celebration of a once-in-a-generation band
Arcade Fire have been selling mock Kendall and Kylie Jenner T-shirts 👇
Longest week of my life I swear but work is done n I've got 2 days off for Arcade Fire . Pass me a bev or 6
Arcade Fire are selling their own version of those sacrilegious Kylie Jenner t-shirts
are giving Kendall and Kylie a taste of their own medicine:
.are selling their own versions of Kendall Jenner's fake band T-shirts
Hi there, just realised my old card details are linked to Arcade Fire tickets I have for tonight. Can I still pick them up?
Arcade Fire pour scorn on Kylie and Kendall with exquisite take on their terrible T-shirt…
.gives Kylie and Kendall Jenner a taste of their own medicine.
anyone hear of any Arcade Fire tickets going for tomorrow night in Manchester let me know
Arcade Fire's PR team deserve a raise, the build up and promotion of Everything Now has been brilliant
sharing the latest in from | Arcade Fire Satirize Kendall, Ky...
Arcade Fire debut a new song and weigh in on the Jenner T-Shirt controversy.
"Ready to Start (a T-Shirt War)": Arcade Fire selling shirts with Kendall and Kylie Jenner's faces on them
Everything Now, the new album from Arcade Fire. Out 28 July.
Miche s Extended Cyber Weekend Event - Savings up to 75%
Arcade Fire is putting their own spin on those controversial t-shirts designed by Kendall and Kylie Jenner
Watch show off their "Chemistry" with live debut of new song at intimate London show:
I've got Kings of Leon tomorrow but I'd trade it in a heartbeat for Arcade Fire tonight
are you still looking for a ticket to Arcade Fire tomorrow?
Frappuccino, sunshine, and a last minute Arcade Fire ticket in the bag for tonight. I've had…
Watch live-debut their funky new song, "Chemistry," at an intimate show in London last night:…
That's hilarious and accurate. I'm ashamed. LOTR is like Arcade Fire and Ray LaMontagne for…
.are selling their own version of those awful Kendall and Kylie Jenner band t-shirts
.got creative while getting back at Kendall and Kylie:
Arcade Fire satirize Kendall and Kylie Jenner's T-shirt controversy with new shirts for charity h…
.treated fans to a new song at last night's show in London
None listed here. You forgot Win Butler (who is both American and Canadian) of Arcade Fire and Raine Maida of Our Lady Peace.
ivan's top 5 babes this week: Patrick Wolf (32), IAMX (9), Arcade Fire (5), Panic! at the Disco (4), Arctic Monkeys (3)
On a day with new Arcade Fire and new St. Vincent, turns out the new Tyler, The Creator leaves the biggest impression. Surprise!
"Bowie closely follows bands like Arcade Fire. But he is inspired by ancient Chinese folk and jazz these days as we…
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Yeah if those Foo Fighters, Arcade Fire, and Queens of the Stone Age albums could just come out now that'd be great.
Arcade Fire rocked Creature Comfort in Malahide Castle this week...great performance as always
Were you at Arcade Fire's gig at Malahide Castle last week? Read our review here
Wrote about Arcade Fire at Malahide Castle last week for Here's how it went (scroll down)...
New Queens of the Stone Age AND Arcade Fire this year. So *** stoked
Heading to Arcade Fire tonight at Malahide Castle? Here's what you can expect the setlist to be
Arcade Fire: forever brought to you by embellishments
Fingers crossed Arcade Fire are better than they were at IOW!
Music review: Fiona Shepherd on Arcade Fire at the Edinburgh Corn Exchange
Arcade Fire playing in a venue lobby is all your weirdest house parties
In the foyer of Edinburgh's Corn Exchange...Arcade Fire jammed with fans in the foyer of Edinburgh's Corn...
Arcade Fire, Isle of Wight Festival: 'The crowd were singing along, but the conductor was missing'
Arcade Fire is my favorite band behind SE but they should not be played at a reunion dance.
Feels strange not buying Arcade Fire tickets this time around, the live show is outstanding.
Tonight's ticket for Arcade Fire at the Corn Exchange in Edinburgh. Strange but true !
Arcade Fire announce new album Everything Now and UK tour dates
When was the last time Arcade Fire played in Western New York? (Buffalo, Rochester area)
new arcade fire is basically if abba released ok computer and I love it
I added a video to a playlist Arcade Fire - Everything Now (Official Video)
arcade fire I love you but you're bringing me down
Arcade Fire recruits collaborators from Pulp, Daft Punk for new album, due out next month .
Arcade Fire better get in touch with their attorneys
I’m probably not the only one who hears touches of ABBA in new single, but it's a brilliant track…
New Arcade Fire single is real good .
Van Morrison, Grace Jones, Skepta, Metronomy, Arcade Fire, Seu Jorge, Wild Beasts… It’ll be such a great day today!
Lyrics still matter, y'all: Arcade Fire - Everything Now (Official Video)
Are we supposed to be pronouncing arcade fire album con-tent or contint? Sorry havent been caring
I don't care what any of you hosers think, the new Arcade Fire single is great.
Okay, but like Arcade Fire and Foster the People are coming out with new albums this summer and I'm crying listening to Everything Now
Unscrambling clues for the track list of the new arcade fire
Access more than 7.4 million parts at Parts Direct
So pleased Arcade Fire are aware and awake! Eyes wide open!!
Arcade Fire about to release a new album. Thank Jesus.
I'm sick of Arcade Fire telling me what to do.
With this new Arcade Fire album coming I completely forgot that I never checked out the previous one. Was it any good?
Finally heard the new arcade fire track
HOW could I ever forget The Arcade Fire exists?! Listen to them right now if you don't know.
🔊 Daft Punk's Thomas Bangalter is co-producing new LP 'Everthing Now'. Check out lead single! 🔊. 👉
Sounds like somebody's got a case of the Mondays! 🙁 
Arcade Fire announce new album and UK tour dates
i keep listening to the new arcade fire song LOL
Unscramble Everything Now tracklist anagrams to figure out their 12 song titles
Im so glad everyone came around on the Arcade Fire Is Bad bandwagon that all the people with good ears created long ago.
I've just never been able to get into Arcade Fire
why is everyone saying new arcade fire sounds like ABBA as a criticism
Arcade fire are quality. Not many better, if any! 👊🏼
Arcade Fire album looks nearly identical to the promo pictures for The 1975 album.
New arcade fire. Will maybe grow on me. Arcade Fire - Everything Now (Official Video)
Austin Arcade Fire tix secured and I almost had a heart attack.
Latest music via The Crossroad: Summery new Arcade Fire, hard new Foo Fighters, latest from Broken Social Scene
Arcade Fire has released the title track from their upcoming album, Everything Now. Take a listen: h…
Arcade Fire is touring this year again and I'm so happy
...Arcade Fire was a pivotal band in my realizing the world had moved on and become the dominion of suckers.
One massive post with all the good stuff that's worth knowing about Everything Now / touring etc etc etc. Phew! . https…
Music is the answer: Arcade Fire unveils new album, tour and video
Desert video. Commie Jumpsuits. Dance-y beat. Arcade Fire are in their Combat Rock phase.
Arcade Fire goes 'Live From Death Valley' in cryptic new video
You could then make a case for Arcade Fire given their arena headliner/Grammy status. Strokes never did that.
FUN FACT: The band "Arcade Fire" was named for a little known incident in Berlin @ Hitler's 19…
Wintersleep, Metric, Sam Roberts Band, Ron Hawkins even Arcade Fire...I hardly if ever heard before in U…
Fleet Foxes , Arcade Fire ,The War on Drugs , St.Vincent and Feist are back with new music this year.
Arcade Fire -Funeral or Neutral Milk Hotel - In the Aeroplane Over the Sea. Been listening to both for >1…
Big shout out to for making the 2017 lineup! Can’t wait to host you here on Friday!
Variety ♦ 2017 Grammy breakout Chance the Rapper will headline the Lollapalooza 2017 festival August 3-6 in Grant…
I can finally cross Arcade Fire off my bucket list this summer 😁
Also the headliners are a little weak (except for Arcade Fire), but that undercard is stacked.
In other news, Neighbourhood (Power Out) by Arcade Fire is the MOST hellacious running track.
I am Lorde, yayaya. Lorde, the XX, Arcade Fire for ACL Fest?
Who wants to see Arcade Fire and Chance with me??!!!
also I've seen this photo before and I hate that I missed this in the form of a "lol looks like arcade fire behind u" comment
Lollapalooza 2017 Chance the Rapper, Arcade Fire and Lorde are among the headliners for Lolla...
arcade fire, the killers, Alison wonderland, alvvays, tegan and sara
Release your new album already, Arcade Fire!
Got my Sunday ticket for Arcade Fire but I also need to go Friday for Blink-182 and The Districts I AM TORN AND BROKE :(
2017 lineup boasts Arcade Fire, Chance the Rapper, Lorde, The xx, Ryan Adams, and Run the Jewels:
I love arcade fire with all my heart
Laptop insurance - because accidents happen!
Lollapalooza 2017: Chance the Rapper, Lorde, Arcade Fire top 170-band lineup: via
Any chance you're going to make it to Lollapalooza this year, to sing with Arcade Fire?
the one summer my sister isn't coming home & arcade fire is here we've fr been planning to see them for like 7 years now.. I'm dyin lmao!!!
currently dating someone who doesn't know who arcade fire is, so I'm working on it
Oke oke, eentje dan. Arcade Fire: Everytime you close your eyes. Me: LIES! LIES!
tove charli bogore big sean dvbbs arcade fire i'm going to actually CRY
Chance the Rapper, Arcade Fire and The Killers will headline Lolla this year.
Chance the Rapper to Play Lollapalooza in Chicago Hometown - The annual music fest called the headliner a "hero...
vince on wishes they had Neon Bible by Arcade Fire
vince on wishes they had Funeral by Arcade Fire
Off the top of my head, Spoon might be the most consistent band I can remember. Right there with Arcade Fire.
Lolla really thought I'd want to see the xx, arcade fire, muse, or chance the rapper 🤢
Chance the Rapper, Arcade Fire, Lorde among headliners. Complete day-by-day breakdown of each day's lineup:
Lolla lineup trash but it's prolly cuz I've seen Chance, RTJ and Arcade Fire live already
17. Neon Bible - Arcade Fire. - if u havent listened to this one yet *** are u waitin for. - so unique and iconic. - R…
No Cars Go by Arcade Fire from the album Neon Bible. Listen at
Also, heard from Danny Brown, Arcade Fire, Haley Joel Osment, Grizzly Bear, Maxwell, Lower Dens, Baroness, and more.
How is it possible that you have not added info on Arcade Fire's Neon Bible?
Used copy of Arcade Fire's "Neon Bible" hitting the new arrivals bins today!.
Ant: Terrence Malick has cut Arcade Fire, Iron And Wine, and Fleet Foxes from his latest film based in the world...
Arcade Fire's new promo shot in all it's glory. Looking good guys! Very Anton Corbijn, very Anton Corbijn.
The lead singer of Arcade Fire can hoop?
really interested in what an Arcade Fire collab with Master P would sound like
I'm going to have ever liked arcade fire, doesn't he
.confirmed to play on 13th June. are available from 9am Friday here >>
When gets tickets for Arcade Fire at Castlefield Bowl
I watch the celebrity game to see Win Butler dunk on someone and every year I end up as disappointed as a protagonist in an Arcade Fire song
I always wanted to cosplay as a cosplayer. I just wouldn't know which arcade fire t-shirt and beanie combo would be perfect...
Foo Fighters, Radiohead, Arcade Fire, Linkin Park + many more play Get your tickets: https…
Design Chat! "Poster series I designed for Arcade Fire. I tried to stay consistent with the nostalgic tone of The …
What do Leonard Cohen, the Hip, Metric and Arcade Fire have in common? . GREAT debuts. .
Win Butler from the Arcade Fire can fuggin' ball.
It's 6am and I've impulsively ordered pre-sale tickets to see Arcade Fire in July.
The best thing to happen to The Suburbs since the Arcade Fire won a Grammy! 😜 We’re looking for superstars for the new…
ARCADE FIRE EUROPEAN TOUR 2017. Tickets on sale now at
Win Butler is the frontman for Arcade Fire. Awesome band if yall haven't listened to em'
nah. Not currently. Just alt-j. Tickets got. Arcade Fire maybe if there was a crew going.
Some guy on tinder honestly just told me to listen to alt j, arcade fire, and kings of Leon…those recommendations should land him in jail
"Never trust a millionaire quoting the Sermon on the Mount.". – Arcade Fire
Win Butler put up 20/10/5 those are golden era KG numbers, time to call it quits on Arcade Fire and chase the real dream
Missed the celebrity all-star game. Did we stop Arcade Fire from speaking again, or did y'all let me down?
Was he blazing up the court?? Hopefully he didn't scorch the competition to bad. You know with the arcade fire and…
Win Butler, the front-man for Montreal's Arcade Fire filled the box score in the All-Star Celebrity game.
New Friday tradition ending our week with a little Arcade Fire, thanks for the inspiration
Arcade Fire with Ian McCulloch perform The Cutter at Earls Court in London in 2014
Is no one bouta talk abt how much Arcade Fire and The Tragically Hip sound alike tho
Some tunes old and new, from Alexis Taylor (Hot Chip), Arcade Fire,
A "catch up" post, with music from Arcade Fire, Editors, Alexis Taylor (Hot Chip) and more
Second hand watching Gilmore Girls. The daughter just mentioned the Super Furry Animals, Arcade Fire and Brian Eno in one sentence.
You can literally sing Kanye West’s “Gold Digger” over the new Arcade Fire song but it’s still awesome
Tonight 9-10 I will be playing music from Arcade Fire, Steve Mason, Cassius, Years +Years, Little Barrie and
listen to the new Arcade Fire, featuring legendary singer and civil rights activist Mavis Staples
The track they released with Mavis Staples reminded me how much I've missed Arcade Fire. Hope they drop a project this year.
Um Mavis Staples x Arcade Fire is the best thing to have sprouted from the garden of music in a long while
Arcade Fire & the inimitable Mavis Staples, you want this power now.
⚡️ “Arcade Fire releases charity single for ACLU with Mavis Staples".
I like the new Arcade Fire and Mavis Staples song.
Arcade Fire featuring... Mavis Staples! (Wish I liked the song better.)
Here’s a brand new song from Arcade Fire featuring Mavis Staples
Listen to new Arcade Fire song 'I Give You Power' feat Mavis Staples
These are all the musicians who have released protest songs ahead of Donald Trump's inauguration
From Gorillaz to Arcade Fire - this week's biggest and best new tracks, rounded up and reviewed.…
Never really cared for Gorillaz, or Arcade Fire. And they just so happened to both release new tracks I can't stand on the…
(The Star Phoenix):As rumoured, has released a new single : I Give You..
Leaving this here. Arcade Fire and the most AWESOME Mavis Staples. “I Give You Power”.
Arcade Fire have updated their instagram profile photo and deleted all previous posts.
Arcade Fire, Gorillaz, Fiona Apple and more – this week's anti-Trump songs reviewed
: OMG. For inaugaration Trump should play this : I give you power,. I can take it away : Arcade Fire :
Brilliant 'I give you power' from Arcade Fire
A new favorite: Dance of fire by Arcade Empire Beats on
.returns with crackling new single 'I Give You Power' featuring
Instead of acknowledging today as the inauguration of a Cheeto Puff as our president, I will be celebrating Arcade Fire's new single 💃
I Give You Power by Arcade Fire, Mavis Staples from the album I Give You Power
Arcade Fire and Mavis Staples try to lift spirits with 'I Give You Power'
And now there’s an Arcade Fire cover band performing
Meet Black Singles 300x250
It's inauguration day and more people are talking about Alec Baldwin and Arcade Fire than are talk…
Channel your anger, disgust, and fear.
if you're having a bad day just remember that John Mayer, Joey Bada$$, and Arcade Fire released new music today
"You never trust a millionaire. Quoting the Sermon on the Mount". -Arcade Fire
Here's a great song by Arcade Fire and Mavis Staples, opening song/potty break material?
It's never been more important that we stick together & take care of each other. Love, Mavis Staples and Arcade Fire. https:…
Glimpses of influence and similarity to the works of The Maccabees, Genghar, Arcade Fire and Kings of Leon.
Yeah You, and I is the [grammatically annoying] solo album by Tim Kingsbury of Arcade Fire. Listen to St Sebastian
I always think Apple Music will help my find new things but this morning I’ve listened to Arcade Fire and Maxïmo Park so.
David Bowie supposedly had a hand in Arcade Fire headlining Isle of Wight 2017. He recommended them the organiser. And…
About an hour ago I asked Siri to shuffle my music. Its decided I only listen to Arcade Fire and Bill Callahan. Whi…
Arcade Fire is playing at Voodoo Fest literally right now. Live stream is here:.
It feels like ages since I was last hyped about Arcade Fire. Eagerly watching Voodoo Fest tonight
"But finding a shapeshifter is like looking for a beard at Arcade Fire concert"
ESPN MNF desk more crowded than the stage at an Arcade Fire show. Like 6 tambourine players. Still wanna kiss Suzy Kolber tho.
Little Giant Ladders
Arcade Fire in alliance with Caesers in a call-and-response style, produced by Lee Scratch Perry
Beck, Radiohead, Arcade Fire, Dead & Co, more…. Check out the new Garbage Pail Kids stickers:. ht…
The Pogues, Arcade Fire, Camille O'Sullivan, Velvet Underground, Scullion... new music from Sam Beam and Jesca...
Arcade Fire always makes me think of Trent Miller
Intervention is probably my favorite Arcade Fire song it's such a powerhouse
Oh great Arcade Fire referenced Maya Deren. No wonder hipsters gotta hold of it. Now I feel dirty.
That said, the Arcade Fire put on a great show
seen Biffy, Foals, Radiohead, Arcade Fire, Tame Impala, Band of Horses, the 1975, Chemical Brothers, Pixies and Robert Plant this week. Lol
Will Butler nabbed a fan's shoe to play the drums during Arcade Fire's set in Barcelona:
Arcade Fire is also the most popular insurance crime in Canada.
So, Voodoo Experience in New Orleans was indeed the third and final festival Arcade Fire are doing this year in North America.
amazing synergy: can tour with Arcade Fire or Five Iron Frenzy
Thanks to Carol Kane in Kimmy Schmidt, I have a new way of outing hipsters: “Are you now or have you ever been a member of Arcade Fire?”
Arcade Fire's Win Butler, aka DJ Windows 98 (amazing name) will perform with 2 live drummers at the on Fri, Aug 12
at my job none of my coworkers even know who arcade fire are it's so weird? they won a GRAMMY for album of the year for the suburbs?
Softball Rampage Has A Wide Selection of Products.
Wound up at Commonwealth bar tonight and the first Arcade Fire album's playing, did I LITERALLY just step into a "my 20s" time machine?
If anyone was wondering the piece I played was song on the beach by arcade fire, it's from the movie Her it's v good
Maybe in an Afterlife by Arcade Fire on
PUP, Alvvays, The Flatliners, Alexisonfire, Arcade Fire, and Godspeed you! are some of my favorite bands, check yoself
Attention!. Arcade Fire is officially playing in LA once again!!. The world can continue to spin. I love this band. http:…
Arcade Fire has such intimacy and epic-ness, at the same time, and that's r...
I find Arcade Fire to be the wankiest of all wanky bands.
You look like you're in a band. -I play guitar in Alexisonfire. My daughter loves you guys. -She probably likes Arcade Fire…
They're playing arcade fire while Aiden is in a threesome I love this show
I added a video to a playlist Song on the Beach - Arcade Fire (Her soundtrack)
I've run a few bands into the ground for sure. Radiohead, Arcade Fire, The White Strips.
Insipid City is my least favorite Arcade Fire album.
I added a video to a playlist NO CARS GO - ARCADE FIRE
dude Roman thanked me last time I saw him for convincing him to give Arcade Fire a third chance, and now he's into them too
I don't even have to know arcade fire to say Aof is so much better.
If listening to "ocean of noise" by arcade fire doesn't make you weep, I don't know what will- you don't even need to listen to the words
† SAINTE ROSE †. Shot by in Farnham An old masonic temple turned into an iconic studio by Arcade Fire
I've had Arcade Fire on shuffle the past 24 hrs and I'm still not tired of them
Statistically, anyone you meet is pretty likely to be in Arcade Fire
Watch rare early footage of performing "No Cars Go" in 2003
No one in Arcade Fire has a torn dressing gown.
Rolling Stone:. Win Butler and superfan Marcus Mumford. "I've been an Arcade Fire freak for a long time"
I could be in Arcade Fire there's no way you can prove I'm not.
current LA level: eating vegan food, listening to arcade fire, talking about coachella. please hand me my fedora my man bun…
Month of May by Arcade Fire, my diocesan Wave of Prayer theme song. ♫
OK, let's go Friday! :-) i would like some Arcade Fire, Laura Marling, Sturgill Simpson, PJ Harvey, Bright Eyes and Lyenn! :-)
Still as mesmerizing as the first time I watched this.. "Arcade Fire - Neon Bible live in an elevator!" on YouTube -
My sister didn't appreciate how I insisted we blast Arcade Fire's Neon Bible album on the way to her goddaughter's First Communion.
On the latest pod, Sean put Jake on blast for never listening to Arcade Fire's Neon Bible. Jake's doing homework.
The Woodlands National Anthem by Arcade Fire is in Bishops Tavern, Bristol. Download it now at
Hamilton Collection
2007 for me is an all-timer: MIA, Kanye, Feist, Kevin Drew, Springsteen, AnCo, Arcade Fire, White Stripes, Bon Iver
The fact this was done live at a music award ceremony still astonishes me. Arcade Fire, Spike Jonez & Greta Gerwig
Oh come on. Arcade Fire, Spike Jonez and the great GRETA GERWIG
"Evening Edition: (Untitled) feat. Neon Bible by Arcade Fire come to Kuantan!!
What no Arcade Fire? No Leanard Cohen? No Sam Roberts? Do we really think Shawn Mendes is the best thing Canada has to offer?
Music I like that should probably indicate a liking for Kate Bush: Patrick Wolf, Arcade Fire, The Cure, Bat for Lashes & so on
Arcade Fire , bloc party, the Smith's and brand new rn
Little Scream enlists Arcade Fire's Richard Reed Parry as her creative partner. Check out the new video
Driving across alligator alley in Florida listening to speaking in tongues by Arcade Fire having a road trip moment.
HER . Great great movie. Bravo Spike Jonze and the music by Owen Pallet and Arcade Fire
For those who don't know, there's Will Butler (of Arcade Fire), Sheinelle Jones (of NBC News) and Stephen Colbert!
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