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Arbor Day

Arbor Day (from the Latin arbor, meaning tree) is a holiday in which individuals and groups are encouraged to plant and care for trees.

Happy Arbor Day Arbor Day Foundation Happy Earth Day Labor Day Nebraska City Yom Kippur Luke Perry New York City Groundhog Day Raising Hope Environmental Education Center Mother Earth Independence Day Open House Flag Day

Yes happy to spend Arbor Day in annyhanny-arbor-land! Plant a tree on April 25 & every day!
Happy Earth Day! I reprinted this comic last year in honor of today, but have yet to do one for Arbor Day! Any ideas?
Happy B-day to the founder of Arbor Day, JS Morton! Join us on April 25
Happy Earth Day! So easy kids can do it. Plant and recycle. Me and Lester got these for Arbor Day as…
Ms. Bormann thought I said, "Happy Birthday!" instead of "Happy Earth Day!" 😂😂😂 Her birthday is on Arbor Day lol this Friday.
Happy Earth Day! Did we miss Arbor Day? VA Tech? Boston Marathon? I'm pretty sure violence is still bad for the earth! Be kind.
This Friday, April 25th, UVM is celebrating Arbor Day! Come visit the UVM Arbor Day table from 9-2 on the Davis green for information about UVM's trees, stickers, tattoos, and a chance to win an Ash Tree Awareness Week tshirt! Highlights include: 11am: Kit Anderson will lead an ethnobotany tree walk around campus 12 pm: UVM will be inaugurated into the Tree Campus USA program and recognized for its efforts to care for and promote healthy trees on campus and in our community. We are also kicking off President Sullivan's new tree planting campaign with a tree planting and official recognition ceremony outside Bailey-Howe Library. Come join us in celebrating this exciting new aspect of UVM and its commitment to the environment. 12:30pm: Professor Mark Starret leads a tree walk of the trees on UVM's Green 2pm: Emerald Ash Borer ID workshop with Rhonda Mace: Look Up and Look Out for Vermont's ash trees!
Happy Earth Day! Did you miss our list of Earth Day and Arbor Day events happening around WA? Grab your AFSCME...
Happy Earth Day! My neighbor and I discussed planting a new tree...but we're gonna wait for Arbor Day.
Happy Earth Day! Don't forget to stop by Awbury to celebrate Earth & Arbor Day this Sunday from 11 - 3! Plant...
County Happy Earth Day! We will be celebrating Earth Day and Arbor Day in style at Spri...
Happy Earth Day.. and Arbor Day..if you live in KS! I think Ill just sit here in the beautiful weather and take it in
Do you like shade? Of course you do! Do you like oxygen? Of course! Well then be a tree hugger and donate a tree to Noble Creek Park, on behalf of your team! How fun for our little players to help plant their tree and watch it grow at the park where they spend so much of their young lives! We got OUR tree today, from Cherry Valley Nursery! More about the Arbor Day tree donations can be found on the website: thanks to the teams who have already purchased a tree to plant!!! OH, and Happy Earth Day!
Happy Earth Day GUYS 🌍🌎🌏 except who hates today and Arbor Day.
Mona Miri - Happy Earth Day to you! Everything is free shipping online! With every purchase $1 goes to the Arbor Day!
Happy Wish I could plant some trees today! (Jk, that's Arbor Day later this week 😉)
Free Shipping with Free Returns - Baseball Rampage
Happy The City will celebrate Earth and Arbor Day on Friday as well as the 6th Anniversary of the EEC:
Happy Earth Day. Civil Engineers will plant trees at Memorial Park May 9 at 1 p.m. as part of Arbor Day. The...
Happy Here are Earth Day and Arbor Day events in suburban
Happy Earth Day... requires about as much celebration as Arbor Day and Flag Day.
I was thinking about my most memorable Arbor Day, It was a beautiful sunny day in the early 1990's. Mr. Ruef invited the classes outside by the 5th grade hall for a tree planting ceremony in honor of Arbor Day. I remember I was wearing a blue and white print dress with a full skirt and white lace collar. Very cute at the time! After my first graders were seated I straightened my skirt (I didn't want it to be wrinkled when I got up) and sat criss-cross applesause, hands in my lap as a good model. One of my little girls leaned over and whispered, "Ms. Stacionis." "Shh", I replied. We could talk later. "Ms. Stacionis," she persisted. "Shh, shhh", I replied. "But Ms. Stacionis", she said with concern in her little voice, "You're sitting in dog doo-doo!" Aa! I moved! Happy Arbor Day!
Mr. Arthur Edington To Be Honored In 2012, a $3.9 million HUD grant for renovating the W.C. Reid Center was awarded to the Asheville Housing Authority. On August 8, 2012, ground was broken on that new project to develop a community empowerment center. Mr. Arthur Edington, the last Principal for Livingston Street School (now the W.C. Reid Center) will be honored. You are invited to attend: ARBOR DAY CELEBRATION AND PLANTING WHEN: April 27th, 2014 Planting at 2PM, Celebration 3-5PM WHERE: The Reid Center, 133 Livingston Street, Asheville, NC 28801 Join Asheville GreenWorks, Green Opportunities and The Housing Authority as we celebrate Arbor Day. We will be planting apple trees, blueberry bushes and shade trees around the historic Reid Center grounds. The planting will be dedicated to Arthur Edington who served as the last Principal when the Reid Center was still a school. The Tree City proclamation will be read by Councilman Davis and Asheville will receive the Tree City USA award for the 34th year in a row ...
As Tuesday is Earth Day and Friday is Arbor Day, this is the perfect week to do something for our Mother, Mother Earth.
Newtown authorizes EAC to seek grant for Meadow Preserve NEWTOWN — Township supervisors unanimously passed a resolution at their April 14 meeting authorizing the environmental advisory commission to apply for a $20,000 grant to fund the creation of a master plan for the Newtown Meadow Preserve. Commission Chairman Paul Seligson said a master plan is needed to create a layout for the 50-acre, open-space property deep within the Liseter Estate bordering Episcopal Academy. Creation of a master plan for the property would also prompt three public meetings to inform and gather the public’s feedback for the property, Seligson said. Applying for the grant money is the first step in creating a bird sanctuary with trails and benches on the property, Seligson said. Also at the meeting, Seligson announced the commission’s plans to observe Arbor Day on April 26 at St. Albans Circle in Newtown Square by planting shrubs and beautifying the circle. All are welcome to attend and help with the plantings. — COURTNE ...
Great meeting tonight. The third graders will be so excited to get the little trees we packaged. Planting them will make for a memorable Arbor Day . Chula Vista Garden Club is so much fun. Thanks Brenda and Ellen for a good time..
On Friday, April 25 at 12 noon there will be an Arbor Day ceremony held at the New Jersey National Guard Armory...
Vermillion Garden Club will meet tonight at 7:00 at the Vermillion Public Library. Lots to talk about. Arbor Day is next week and the Annual Plant sale is just around the corner. Hope you can come.
Help us get Arbor Lodge State Historical Park all spiffed up for Arbor Day next Tuesday the 22nd.
Easter Breakfast Casserole (serves 6-8) There’s no particular reason why I call this an Easter Breakfast Casserole, except that I’ve made it on Easter Sunday many times. It’s not like there’s something especially “Eastery” about it. Heck, you can make this on Arbor Day...
April 25th is Arbor Day…Arbor Day, which is Latin for "Tree Day," is an environmental holiday where citizens and groups are encouraged to plant trees and care for the already existing trees. Arbor Day was founded by J. Sterling Morton on April 10th, 1872 in Nebraska City, Nebraska, United States where over an estimated one million trees were planted on that single day. So celebrate, give us a call and let’s plant a tree!
Join correspondent at Arbor Day Foundation’s lied Lodge & Conference Center and Farm in Nebraska City, Nebraska. Arbor Day was born in Nebraska back in the 1870s and has grown to become a national and international annual celebration of trees. In America Arbor Day is celebrated on…
Join us for Arbor Day on Thursday, April 17th 4:30pm-6:30pm at Peach Bowl Park. Hands on activities, free seed starter to each participant, awards for the poster contest, demonstration on proper tree planting, and a tree planting ceremony. Free event for youth and families. Stop by the gym on Wednesday from 6-8pm to check out artwork from Taylor Elementary Students.
Funeral services for my sister, Michelle, will be held on Friday, April the 25th (this year's Arbor Day), 10:00 AM at St. Raphael Catholic Church, 770 Kilbourne Ave, Englewood, FL 34223, phone: (941) 474-9595
Suburbs: Warrenville to host 29th annual Arbor Day celebration
- Arbor Day to be celebrated in Warrenville on April 26
Here is one from my Daily Humor archive, a Yahoo group that is now inactive due to my health. I hope you enjoy this! God bless you! Tim Good Evening! It's Thursday April 10, 2014! BIRTHDAYS: Joseph Pulitzer, 1847; Frances Perkins (first woman to serve in a U.S. cabinet post, secretary of labor under Franklin D. Roosevelt), 1880; Eric Mowbray Knight (English author who wrote LASSIE COME HOME), 1897; Harry Morgan, 1915; Chuck Connors, 1924; Max Von Sydow, 1929; Michael Shalhoub (Omar Sharif), 1932; John Madden, 1936; "Dandy" Don Meredith, 1938; David Adler (children's author), 1947. THIS DAY IN HISTORY: On this date in 1790 the U.S. Patent law was approved. On this date in 1849 the safety pin was patented. On this date in 1866 the American Society for the prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA) was chartered. On this date in 1872 Nebraska celebrated the first Arbor Day by planting more than a million trees. On this date in 1892 the Tuberculosis Society was founded in Philadelphia. On this date in 1912 the ...
A few of the events that changed lives and history on this day, April 10th: •1790 - Robert Gray is the 1st American to circumnavigate the Earth •1825 - 1st hotel in Hawaii opens •1849 - Walter Hunt got a patent for the Safety Pin •1866 – The American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA) is founded in New York City by Henry Bergh - (See our Animal Holidays and Pet Holidays (Dogs/Cats) pages) •1869 - Congress increases number of Supreme Court judges from 7 to 9 •1874 – The first Arbor Day is celebrated in Nebraska •1877 - 1st human cannonball act is performed in London •1916 – The Professional Golfers Association of America (PGA) is formed in New York City •1945 - NFL's Boston Yanks & Brooklyn Tigers merge •1947 - Jackie Robinson joins the Dodgers, and becomes the 1st black in major league baseball •1954 - Perry Como's Wanted hits - Dr Jonas Salk successfully tests Polio vaccine •1960 - Senate passes landmark Civil Rights Bill •1962 - 1st baseball game at ...
GREAT Monroe County Garden Club meeting today at the Monroe County Conservation District's Environmental Education Center! Thanks so much everyone for your advice and interest in Middle Smithfield Township's newsest park addition -- Community Gardens! Also, terrific news about your Arbor Day event in Middle Smithfield!
Scouts plant new tree: The national Arbor Day is April 25, and it is designated as a special day for American ...
The City of Centerville and the City Beautiful Commission will celebrate Arbor Day with a ceremonial tree planting at 10 a.m. Wednesday, April 16, near the Veterans Memorial at Stubbs Park, 255 W. Spring Valley Road. Third grade students from the Centerville area’s nine elementary schools will join Centerville Council to plant nine cherry trees in support of Operation 1,000 Cherry Tree campaign, formed after the 2011 tsunami in Japan. The public is invited to attend.
Plant a Tree on Arbor Day and Make a Difference at Ohio State Parks - News from the ODNR:
I'm pretty sure there is Christmas candy corn, and for Arbor Day, you'll just have to use the autumnal colored candy corn.
.there needs to be Christmas candy corn and Arbor Day candy corn and 4th of July candy corn and Canadian thanksgiving candy corn and
Newton to have Arbor Day celebration: NEWTON, N.C. — The public is invited to celebrate Arbor Day with the cit...
So proud of for receiving the Adopt-A-Area award at Arbor Day this year!
At the rate CA state senate Democrats are going to jail, the Republicans will have a super majority in Sacramento by Arbor Day.
Mark your calendar for our Arbor Day celebration on Saturday, April 5th from 11am-1pm.
Students plant trees for Arbor Day: Fourth-grade students from Monroe Avenue put on gloves and aprons as they ...
West U to celebrate Easter Spring Festival, Arbor Day on April 12: West University Place will celebra...
Wow, another St. Patricks Day has come and gone. The holiday season is such a crazy time. It'll be Arbor Day again before…
The Youth, Education, and Family Services School Age Program staff are looking for maple tree seeds when they become available. They are planting tree seeds for Arbor Day (April 25). So if you have a red or silver maple in your yard, when it starts to seed would you save a batch of seeds and drop them by the Hampton Clean City Commission office? The youth leaders need about 750 seeds for their Arbor Day project.
Spring Fun Facts:. Arbor Day celebrated on the last Monday in April; however, each state can select its own date, depending on weather...
Planting of the ceremonial annual Arbor Day tree on Town Hall.
We had a great meeting and discussion Monday night at HHNC after watching a 29 minute youtube TedX update by Al Gore who is asking for a new Hero Generation to fight climate change, extreme weather, fossil fuels, and the Big Oil and Coal companies. We discussed local solutions, and talked about lobbying, the Clean Sweep coming up and the 350 tree giveaway at Ellis M.S. on Earth Day/Arbor Day week, April 22-25. Join us 3rd Mon. of each mo. or stay posted here!
Na JJ, I think free agent day is Xmas and draft day is Eastern Orthodox Christmas & of course camp would be Arbor Day. What?
A proclamation noting Fayetteville’s participation in Arbor Day was presented to Planning and Zoning representative Julie Brown (L) by Mayor Greg Clifton at the Feb. 20 City Council meeting. Photo/Ben Nelms.
On the 2nd day of Lent (gonna stop calling it that; sounds too much like the 12 days of Arbor Day), my gratitude is for my job. Yes, yes, there are moments when I would love nothing more than just to walk away. And at times, there are the usual complaints about 'too much to do,' 'not enough time do to it all,' 'needing a day off,' 'not getting paid enough,' so on and so forth. But ultimately, I have been (and still am) quite fortunate in many ways. Let's see. I work for a well known, well respected, international organization. I've earned the confidence of my supervisors who give me great latitude to accomplish my tasks. I supervise a small team of self-driven very competent assistants & one intern. (yes, I supervise people. SHUT YER YAP David Cap Santiago). The benefits are GREAT! I could go on but I think those reading (especially those who know where I work [quiet Mike Baaden & David Cap Santiago, QUIET!] can attest this is a good one. And aside from the fortune of an earned income, there are the added ...
Governor Haslam proclaims March 7 as Arbor Day in Tennessee. Memphis will host state celebration.
Yes! As if great food, community, free music and free stuff for the kids to do wasn't good enough, we have new news! Keep Durham Beautiful will be giving out several varieties of free tree seedlings in celebration of upcoming Arbor Day. First time green thumb? Master Gardeners will be on hand at their tent to provide education about the trees and how to take care of them. So...FREE trees and FREE education!
Currituck Master Gardeners give away free trees for Arbor Day!
Announcing our Arbor Day promotion!!! Order either Blue or Colorado Spruce Seedlings now to celebrate a special person, plant a screen/buffer, improve visual aesthetics, clean the air or for just about any old reason that you may have in your heart/soul... Each 8" seedling is $2.00 - limited supply. They will be available @ the Office/Meta Rose Square-Clock tower before Arbor Day Mon. May 19. Contact Chuck Kaucic, District Manager to order: 357-4511/ distmgr Be an Alaskan Johnny Appleseed, too!
Happy Presidents' Day. You can celebrate your 34th President by planting a Loblolly Pine tree. Takes care of GA's Arbor Day also.
To my wifey; happy St. Valentine's Day, Arbor Day, Thanksgiving, Opening Day, Birthday, 4th of July, Yom Kippur, All Saints Day, Black Friday, Cinco de Mayo and EVERY day in between! Cuz we rock the we don't need chocolates, presents, dinner out or any extra attention to know we're adored by someone special and feel sorry for those that do!
DAPHNE, Ala. — On Saturday at 7 a.m. the City of Daphne Beautification Committee and Public Works Department will host their annual Arbor Day celebration and tree giveaway at the Daphne Civic Center located at 2605 Highway 98.
B.I.G. would like to thank the Brackenridge Borough Council, the Mayor and the Borough Secretary for pledging their support for our projects at last week's Council meeting. These include tree-planting for Earth Day and Arbor Day, and exploring a joint recreation facility for Tarentum and Brackenridge Boroughs. We've only been around 8 months but have been overwhelmed at the support we have received both from local government and the community at large!
Arbor Day brings throngs to Botanic Gardens at Burden - (Distributed 01/30/14) BATON ROUGE, La. – More than 700 visitors enjoyed balmy temperatures and bright skies at the Arbor Day celebration at the LSU AgCenter Botanic Gardens at Burden on Jan. 18. - Full Content set to .
THE GLEN CARBON HISTORICAL AND MUSEUM COMMISSION AGENDA FOR MONDAY, February 3, 2014 - 7:00PM THE GLEN CARBON HERITAGE MUSEUM 124 SCHOOL STREET GLEN CARBON, ILLINOIS Call Meeting to Order Recite the Pledge of Allegiance Roll Call Introduction of Visitors Public Forum Approval of the December 2, 2013 Minutes (no minutes from January due to cancellation of meeting, due to bad weather) Review of Financial Statement Correspondence and Museum Coordinator Report OLD BUSINESS: Eagle Scout/WPA Toilet Project Report on Sing Along and Open House and discussion on combining the two for 2014 Re-printing of coloring book Update on the 100th Anniversary Celebration NEW BUSINESS: Arbor Day – re-dedication of building in conjunction with Glen Committee Annual Review of Policy and Procedures New form for Incoming Loans ACQUISITIONS AND COLLECTIONS Kindergarten Picture from this school for 1953-1954 donated by Mary Ann Moad ADJOURNMENT
"As a child growing up you never take into consideration that when you get older and have to deal with adults the term Share and Be nice is not a common practice. So lets shed some light on the situation here; this call to try and change the state motto comes from ? Tourism right? Now let me get this straight We have Nebraska Football, College World Series, Henry Doorly Zoo, Arbor Day, State Fair and well hm hunting? I have lived in nebraska from birth 28yrs solid, I have stayed mainly centralized in vacation spots from straight north to the top of North Dakota and Minnesota all the way over to Mackinac Island Michigan. Gone South all the Way to San Antonio Texas and as far west to Arizona and whats my point you might ask yourself if you have actually read this far? THERE IS NO PLACE LIKE NEBRASKA! I have traveled every corner of this great state hunting and fishing seeing nothing but open tilled fields after harvest for miles upon miles with no town in site. Now ask yourself Tourism expert your trying to ...
Friday January 17, 2014 Today is: Cable Car Day, Hot Heads Chili Days (17-18), International Fetish Day, Judgment Day, Kid Inventors' Day, National Hot Buttered Rum Day, Arbor Day (in Florida - 2014) This Week: Sundance Film Festival (16-26), National Fresh Squeezed Juice Week (17-23) On This Day in History: 1865 - Union General William T. Sherman's army is rained in at Savannah, Georgia, as it waits to begin marching into the Carolinas. 1893 - On the Hawaiian Islands, a group of American sugar planters under Sanford Ballard Dole overthrow Queen Liliuokalani, the Hawaiian monarch, and establish a new provincial government with Dole as president. The coup occurred with the foreknowledge of John L. Stevens, the U.S. minister to Hawaii, and 300 U.S. Marines from the U.S. cruiser Boston were called to Hawaii, allegedly to protect American lives. 1916 - A group of golf professionals and several leading amateur golfers gather at the Taplow Club in New York City, in a meeting that will result in the founding o . ...
Al Roker just said that today is Arbor Day. I remember Lady Bird Johnson saying, in her Texas accent, "Plant a tree, a bush, or a shrub!"
Congratulations to California State University Sacramento for earning the 2013 designation "Tree Campus USA!" This is the second year for the campus to do so. To obtain this distinction, Sacramento State University had to meet the five core standards for sustainable campus forestry required by Tree Campus USA, including establishment of a tree advisory committee, evidence of a campus tree-care plan, dedicated annual expenditures for its campus tree program, an Arbor Day observance and the sponsorship of student service-learning projects. Our entire community should be proud of this sustained commitment to environmental stewardship.
Filling out the 2014 New York tree survey for the Arbor Day Foundation 😂🌴🌲🌳
Aw the Arbor Day Foundation just sent my dad this calendar
I joined an Arbor Day Foundation. They sent me 12 trees (very little). It's 7 degrees out. Planted the babies inside!
Check out this amazing website for Tu B'Shevat! (Jewish Earth Day/Arbor Day) !!! So many good ideas
Arbor Day Foundation asking for ur help
I talked the national Arbor Day Foundation today. They are going to send me trees so I reforest the wildlife part of my kingdom. The dreams I have are coming together. :)))
Just joined the Arbor Day Foundation. Got 10 free trees for joining and another 4 for buying a few trees. Going to be a busy spring :)
Richland County: Last week Richland County officials and conservationists gathered with military leaders at Fort Jackson to dedicate trees planted in honor of South Carolina soldiers killed in combat in Iraq and Afghanistan. Brig. Gen. Bradley A. Becker, commander of the fort, spoke at the private ceremony on South Carolina's Arbor Day at Hilton Field – the site chosen to plant 26 little gem magnolias and two live oaks. Fort Jackson’s Hilton Field is considered hallowed ground among many military personnel. It is the location of Basic Combat Training graduations – and the place where hundreds of thousands of soldiers from across the country converge to start their military careers. Richland County's Appearance Commission awarded a grant to Columbia Green, which headed the tree planting project. The project is part of a 10-year community effort to update the fort for its 100th anniversary in 2017 and to show community support for the troops. The fort worked with tree experts to select the right trees ...
We held our Arbor Day events at Paris Mountain State Park on Saturday, Dec. 7. Participating was Cub Scout Pack 62 under the guidance of Ranger Dan Neary. Thanks for your help planting trees at Paris Mountain!
Bergdorf goodman windows! Theme is holiday on ice. Starts with Arbor Day on ice, not in order - valentines Daryl, ground hogs day. Halloween on ice,etc. And finish with the windows on the 58th street side. I couldn't get the entire in one shot. Sorry!
Yesterday ,November 19 was the presentation of the new Bergdorf Goodman windows for Christmas 2013, “Holidays on Ice“ where the following holidays were portrayed on ice: Arbor Day, Valentine’s Day, Halloween, April Fool’s Day,… [ 215 more words. ]
Dave Pasch: "Bill Walton is still celebrating Arbor Day so he's not here."
Learning about Trees: Roots, Trunks, Branches & Leaves Arbor Day was established on April 10, 1872, by J. Sterling Morton, Secretary of Agriculture under President Grover Cleveland. He was also at one time the governor of Nebraska, and it was there that he created Arbor Day to encourage the planting of and care for trees. On that first Arbor Day, around one million trees were planted. Morton loved trees and wanted others to feel the same way. Through his roles in government, he taught others about good forestry techniques and helped establish national forest reservations. Today, Arbor Day is a global holiday, and its date of celebration varies in countries throughout the world. In the U.S., Arbor Day falls on the last Friday in April, not long after Earth Day. In Nebraska, Arbor Day is a civic holiday. No matter where you are, the custom is to plant a tree on this day. Why not take it further? Use Arbor Day as a starting point for creating a fun unit on trees. You can incorporate science, math, history, a ...
Arbor Day was created to encourage people to plant and care for trees. The aim is to remind people of the importance of trees in our environment, especially given the planet’s current deforestation and global warming. Arbor Day originated in Nebraska in 1872, and is now celebrated around the world. In South Africa, we have extended the holiday, and our Arbor Week lasts from 01 to 07 September. How will you be commemorating this important holiday?
save the tree appreciation for Arbor Day. And I guess earth day. And I'm sure a lot of stoned ppl appreciate them on 420
The problem with Earth Day is it isn't Arbor Day.
if Arbor Day is after February 4th.
Sublime kerala tidewater because arbor day destiny
At my job interview today I got asked if I could work holidays such as Arbor Day and 4/20 😂
By Arbor Day I meant my birthday. You guys missed it.
Softball Rampage Has A Wide Selection of Products.
"I tried to kill the tree. I hate it." "It was on Arbor Day too!"
Get 10 free dogwood trees by joining the Arbor Day Foundation in the month of Aug.
Nebraska the good life. Home of Arbor Day.
Arbor Day's coming up, y'all. Time to buy some confetti (not made out of trees).
Arbor Day Foundation wants to give me coffee to fill out tree survey. Had me at "have you ever climbed a tree?"...BUT I don't drink coffee.
Back to Nebraska, Home of Arbor Day 🌳 I-80 is a really long street.
Do the make gift cards for glass shops? Cause that would be a perfectly acceptable birthday/christmas/arbor day present js
Arbor Day Foundation looks neat. They have 10$ Membership fee /you get 10 free trees to plant. Not a bad deal at all!
Arbor Day group offers tree giveaway for new members
Tree basics: from the library of Tree City USA Bulletins posted in the Arbor Day July/August newsletter. Q: What...
And does anyone even CARE about Arbor Day anymore?!
Check out $1.00 Donation to the Arbor Day Foundation = 1 Tree Planted from Recyclebank and Arbor Day via
if I was going to plant a tree for Arbor Day, I would come to your house and beat you with yo... — I dont haz a dog
There's an International Bacon Day??? This sounds waaay better than Arbor Day.
sorry it's late and I'm sleepy. Maybe some other time. Like Arbor Day!
in 4th grade, I planted a pine tree for Arbor Day. Someone cut it down. I also lost my brother at a Xmas tree farm
Sequel to Independence Day? Wonder if it will be called 'Flag Day', 'Labor Day' or 'Arbor Day'.
But if my neighbor cares about removing the 87 maple trees from his roof gutters as much as he cares for his lawn, Arbor Day will be ruined.
For some reason. This sounds like the name of Arbor Day's lover.
Happy Arbor Day *** I see you brought your *** She can step inside but you dog you got to go.
Planted a tree today. Suck on that Arbor Day. Noy even a real holiday. When is Arbor Day?
What’s your favorite public or state holiday of the year?... — arbor day 2013
Fun day at Arbor Day farm! Now spending the night in Omaha.last stay-cation before school starts!😊❤
Kacie thought Labor Day was with the trees and Arbor Day with the soldiers
Support Arbor Day Foundation, get 10 free trees - Killeen Daily Herald
My name rhymes with tree so my favorite holiday must be arbor day
Nebraska...the good life. Home of Arbor Day.
Booked on Rachael Ray's show for Tuesday. Tune in and Rach and I will show you how to make a scrumptious roast for Arbor Day!
The winning choice will appear on the cover of the Arbor Day Foundation’s 2014 Rain Forest Rescue calendar
“If this is how Texans celebrate Groundhog Day, I can hardly wait for Arbor Day.” GOING NATIVE
Me: And that's why Nebraska created? Mom: Johnny Appleseed Me: The answer we are looking for is Arbor Day
"NEBRASKA. The good life. Home of Arbor Day" lmao the sign for Nebraska >>>
"Me celebrating friendship day is like a lumberjack celebrating arbor day."-Maxime calendar
10 FREE TREES -- Become a Member of Arbor Day Foundation for Only $10 and Get 10 Free Trees and More …
You should do that with your Christmas cards. Valentine's Day cards. Arbor Day cards. Etc.
Treecycler™ helps you team up with favorite companies to plant trees in reforestation projects around the globe.
Free trees for joining Arbor Day Foundation
It's Arbor Day..soo uhh you wanna..
Wonderful kerala seaside with arbor day finis
Personalized Tree Hugger Shirt: Celebrate Earth Day and Arbor Day or Any Day with this cool Tree Hugger shirt...
(June 21, 2012) From Earth, it seems that the direct rays of the sun have moved as far north as they are going to go. Today is the day the sun takes a short breath at the Tropic of Cancer before traveling south to the Equator and eventually the Winter Solstice next December at the Tropic of Capricorn. I am a full-fledged seasonal nerd. I adore the change of the season I and get excited by the lunar cycle. I have a caveman understanding of the cycles and appreciation of celestial bodies. I think humans have come up with some great days to celebrate and remember. Whether governmental, religious, or miscellaneous, I believe we should celebrate any chance that we are given. From Labor Day to Easter to Arbor Day, these human-concocted days of celebration give us a chance to break from routine and take notice of the world we are walking around on. However, days like today are my real holidays. Our religion, language, customs and culture have nothing at all to do with today. Today is bigger than any conce ...
Today is Arbor Day in New Zealand. In Denmark, it's Constitution Day (Grundlovsdag) and Father's Day (Fars dag). Today is the Feast of Núr in the Bahá'í Faith. It's Indian Arrival Day in Suriname. In Iran, today is the Khordad Movement Anniversary. It's Liberation Day in Seychelles. Today is President's Day in Equatorial Guinea. It's World Environment Day. Lailat al Miraj began last night at sunset from Muslims.
I need spiritual advice, but Catholic's are creepy, Muslims are angry, Mormons love St. Louis a little too much, Protestants are well ... what the *** is a Protestant?, Hindus are too complicated, Jews don't believe in Arbor Day or the Easter Bunny, and Tim Tebow can't even get signed to an NFL team! I guess it's time to turn to Bazooka Joe ... great, he's trapped in a bubble gum factory! Now what?!
Here's a controversial post for a change: How much does the poor union working man, abused and oppressed by capital, actually work? Let us see. There are 365 days in a year. Of these, 52 are Sundays. That leaves 313 days. Of these, 52 are Saturdays or half-work days. Half of 52 is 26. That leaves 287 days. Of these, there are New Year’s Day, Lincoln’s Birthday, Washington’s Birthday, Decoration Day, the Fourth of July, Labor Day, Columbus’ Birthday, Thanksgiving Day and Christmas — all holidays, which leaves 278 days. In addition, there are such State holidays as Arbor Day, such holidays as St. Patrick’s Day and various religious holidays like Good Friday — an average of, let us say — to put it low — a half dozen. That leaves 272 days. The average human being, according to the best medical statistics available, is ill, taking one year with another, at least twelve days each year, and is then unfit for work. That leaves 260 days. The average working man’s vacation period amounts to two ...
FACTS OF THE DAY ON LOVE A TREE DAY Tree Facts That Make You Stop and Think! -Trees receive an estimated 90% of their nutrition from the atmosphere and only 10% from the soil. -Trees grow from the top, not from the bottom as is commonly believed. A branch's location on a tree will only move up the trunk a few inches in 1000 years. -No tree dies of old age. They are generally killed by insects, disease or by people. California Bristlecone Pines and Giant Sequoias are regarded as the oldest trees and have been known to live 4,000 to 5,000 years. -There are about 20,000 tree species in the world. The United States has one of the largest tree treasuries second only to India. -The largest area of forest in the tropics remains the Amazon Basin, amounting to 81.5 million acres. -Arbor Day was first observed in Nebraska in 1872. That state is now home to one of the world's largest forests planted by people - over 200,000 acres of trees. -Some trees can "talk" to each other. When willows are attacked by webworms a ...
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Good crowd for today's annual Arbor Day ceremony at park!
Everybody likes trees. For all kinds of reasons! Join and plant your own tree in celebration of Arbor Day.
/PRNewswire/ -- A Marcellus Shale gas well site got a little bit greener today thanks to CONSOL Energy, the Municipal Authority of Westmoreland County and the PA Game Commission. In honor of Arbor Day, 15 employees from CONSOL Energy spent the morning planting white spruce hardwoods on a well pad t...
I may have missed it by a few hours, but happy belated Arbor Day everyone
Wheaton students get Arbor Day lessons: Dozens of youngsters learned just how important trees really are in...
Check out who stopped by to say hello during the Arbor Day tree planting at Granada Primary- Smokey the Bear!...
Lower Merion celebrates Arbor Day: For the 36th consecutive year, the National Arbor Day Foundation has named ...
THANK YOU to all of the wonderful Arbor Day volunteers from Job Corps, West Middle, and Watkinson! Pics will be up soon
Just me with my organization's sign for Arbor Day (TExas Tech University Amy Brewer Organization)…
Today in observance of Arbor Day, the Massillon Parks and Recreation Department and a select group of third grade...
What a perfect day for Arbor Day at Texas Tech University!!
Come celebrate Arbor Day with at Marian Anderson Rec at 2pm with
Happy National Arbor Day, brought to you by the Home of Arbor Day -- Nebraska!
Siri just told me Happy Arbor Day. She said all the tree's must get the day off.
Mayor Nutter, Arbor Day planting trees at Marian Anderson Rec Center at 1:30 pm. Stop by.
Arbor Day: Texas Tech's way of getting free landscaping labor.
How will YOU be celebrating Arbor Day today?? Join us at Marian Anderson Rec Center at 1:30pm for tree plantings!
WO named a Tree City for 7th year in a row -- celebrating Arbor Day @ Redwood Elementary ceremony this afternoon
“The best time to plant an oak tree was 25 years ago. The second best time is today.” – James Carville. Happy Arbor Day everyone!
wish we lived closer Id come to Arbor Day too lol see ya at the Hard Rock!
Portsmouth joins Timberland in recognizing Earth Day and Arbor Day
Today celebrate Arbor Day with a for Mother Earth!
Arlington County Virginia Cemetery hosts Horticulture Tour and planting for Arbor Day
It's Arbor Day! Is that why Lindsay Lohan planted her Mercedes in a tree?
Arbor Day is the Tito Jackson of holidays.
The City of Garland Parks, Recreation and Cultural Services Department will conduct their annual Arbor Day...
1,000 seedlings, 120 trees will be planted in Mountain Shadows on Arbor Day
Join us in Bastrop Fri to celebrate resiliency, recovery & hope during TX Arbor Day
Earth day is my fourth favorite weed smoking holiday only beaten by April 20th, Yom Kippur, and Arbor Day. Jk I dont smoke.
Unami National Junior Honor Society students plant over 80 trees/shrubs at Central Park in honor of Arbor Day.
NEW blog post (for Earth Day & Arbor Day) up on the blog (goes live 12:01am). Starring the macabre I'll post link in the morning.
City to celebrate Arbor Day at FMHS: The horticulture class at the school will plant trees during the event, w...
Forest Grove students will celebrate Arbor Day with tree planting
scgovNEWS: Sarasota County to celebrate Arbor Day with educational events
Canton Garden Club to plant Senior Center tree on Arbor Day
that's what's up! I've been doing a lot through the Arbor Day Foundation!
Pine Tree Valley Park the spot for Arbor Day work in Cottage Grove: The city is asking volunteers to join city...
Anchorage honored by Arbor Day Foundation - The Courier-Journal
Arbor Day group offers trees: National Arbor Day is Friday, April 26 this year, and the Arbor Day Foundation i...
Join us as Environmental Education Center celebrates Earth Day, Arbor Day & 5th anniversary from 4-7 pm on April 19
My new oak tree sent to my last fall by the Arbor Day Foundation. Coming up for its first spring
Special occasion recipes from Arbor Day to Yom Kippur & everything in between. Fun & full of traditions, old & new
St Paddy's day in my 3rd biggest holiday of the year. Right behind Chinese New Year and Arbor Day.
lets have an armistice day party. What are you doing for Arbor Day?
MT Arbor Day today at Pioneer Park from 11:00 -1:00 MVFD will be taking unused and exp. medications
unlimited calling, voip, $14.95 per month
Tree City USA Wellston was declared a Tree City USA in 1993 and since that time the city has expanded its urban forestry by planting trees throughout the city. The tree planting project in the city began in 1989 when 154 trees were planted when the city received grants for renovating the downtown area. Each year the tree planting has continued with over 240 new ornamental trees being planted along city streets and another 200 in Veterans Park. One of the Tree Commission's best received projects has been the planting of over 50 memorial trees in Ridgewood Cemetery. To be a Tree City USA the city had to form a Tree Commission. Council adopted an ordinance establishing the Tree Commission and rules and guidelines for its operation and tree maintenance throughout the city. The Tree Commission holds an Arbor Day each year in a different locations in the community, with special emphasis at the various schools. In 1994 the city in conjunction with the Ohio Department of Natural Resources, Division of Forestry ** ...
Ok everyone. I have a challenge. I need a buddy(s) to train with me for the Arbor Day 5k walk/run on April 20th followed by the Warrior Dash on June 8th & 9th. Training begins March 18th. Who's with me?!?! Kim Maddocks, Honey Lynn Larson Self, Crystal Owens??? Anyone??
My next project? " No one ever said that Arbor Day would lead to insomnia, insanity and murder. Kerri is a young woman haunted by a head cold and the inner trees of her mind. Her husband, Eli, does his best to help her through her illness and plant an Oak in the back yard but that doesn’t stop her nose from running or the frightening leave collages she can't stop making. Leave collages that sing the sweet song of violence, whisper of matrimonial betrayal, and an extra trip to K-Mart for shrubs. Trapped in a fever-induced haze, Kerri must fight the auditory hallucinations that push her past the border of reality and her forestry budget. High budget/ maximum budget: psychological thriller."
13 Ways to Pamper Yourself 1. A chef-cooked meal at home once a month. (Yes, you can. Nearby, you have a culinary school or a technical school with a culinary arts program.) 2. The coolest-ever phone. 3. The comfiest-ever new mattress. 4. Real maple syrup. (It's more than $100 a gallon, but don't buy a gallon — all at once, at least.) Get the raw honey, while you're at it. Get the raw Hawaiian ginger honey, while you're at it. 5. Shoes that play footsie with your feetsies. 6. Coffee that you grind yourself. Better yet, coffee that someone grinds for you, and cleans up afterward. 7. Manicures every week. Even if you're a guy. Especially if you're a guy. 8. Fabulous teeth. 9. A catered Christmas. It IS OK. It IS still Christmas. 10. A catered Thanksgiving, Easter, Passover, Halloween, Arbor Day, Grandparents Day, Boxing Day … 11. Nice photos of the motorcycle, time-share, downhill skis, gourmet club, wine of the month, and formal wear you gave up for your kids. 12. The 9 o'clock movie, and not on Saturd ...
Wait, Luke Perry is Inspector Spacetime and the Ghost of Arbor Day?
Luke Perry has been on a lot this week: He was the Ghost of Arbor Day on and that cameo on tonight...
He was also the Ghost of Arbor Day in Raising Hope yesterday. It's a Luke Perry revival!
My Granddaughter is accepting an award from the Mayor tomorrow for her poster drawing for Arbor Day! Won't know until then if she placed 1st, 2nd or 3rd...she doesn't care about all that - she's so excited & I'm so proud!!!
Tuesday's TV Highlights: "Go On" on NBC SERIES NCIS: While on a leave of absence to mourn the loss of his wife, Director Leon (Rocky Carroll) stumbles upon some personal information that has him questioning everything. Mark Harmon, Michael Weatherly, Pauley Perrette and David McCallum also star in this new episode (8 p.m. CBS). Raising Hope: In this new episode, Sabrina (Shannon Woodward) objects to the way the Chance family celebrates Arbor Day, which gets her a visit from the Ghost of Arbor Day Past, Present and Future
We're very excited about our spring line-up of community tree plantings in cooperation with the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources - Urban Forestry program. This spring we're working with Marla Michaelis with Schnieder-Michaelis FH in Jefferson, WI, Mike Bolger at Bolger Funeral Home in Minocqua, WI and Steve Mitchell of Thompson Funeral Home in Wonewoc, WI for Arbor Day and Earth Day tree planting celebrations. Each of these communities is (or will become) a Tree City USA. We're also excited about our Arbor Day planting in our hometown of Beaver Dam, WI where we will be adding trees along our home street (Center St.) in front of Washington Elementary School.
Ah, Presidents Day (aka George Washington’s birthday), Joy Subtraction’s favorite national holiday. (Except for Halloween, Easter, Christmas, MLK’s Birthday (remember Frank Stallone), Arbor Day, Labor Day, New Year’s Day, Memorial Day, Veterans Day, and Independence Day.) As usual when it comes to civic duty, JS is here to educate and spread goodwill by adding positively to the national discourse, in this case with some little-known facts about our first president: 1. Rather than “Founding Father,” Washington preferred the term “Founding Hombre.” 2. Upon becoming furious at the hash slave laborers were making of the project, Washington single handedly built the Washington Monument in two days, working ‘round the clock, pronouncing at the end of it, “That’s how it’s done, by crikey!” 3. Contrary to popular belief, Washington’s dentures were not wooden, but one of his eyes was. 4. Washington often lamented the fact that there wasn’t a day where local retail outlets would use an ...
Happy Presidents Day! It's our second favorite holiday next to Arbor Day. Here's a fun fact, when you combine chocolate and peanut butter, you're basically asking for it. So don't be surprised, cause remember, you asked for it. What? - Troy Hanson
When life hands you lemons, you make lemonade. That's the mindset a Biloxi man took to help a disabled friend experience the thrill of racing. After seeing the cost of a professional racing wheelchair, he took matters into his own hands. Saturday morning, Disability Connection partnered with Gulf Coast Running Club for their 25th annual Arbor Day 5K. Behind hundreds of runners was Steve Bodin and David Beckham, a dynamite duo. Bodin weaved through people like a pro, but it's a passion he recently discovered in a disability mentoring program called The Dream. "We were doing basketball and football and then Dave wanted to go canoeing one time and he heard that I did 5k's, he wanted to do a 5k," said Bodin. A 3-mile race isn't so simple when wheels are involved. "You know a regular wheelchair, it's too close with your hands," said Bodin. Bodin wanted Beckham to experience a run, but a racing wheelchair can cost nearly $6,000. Bodin decided to take matters into his own hands. "You really need something to get ...
February 15th is Georgia’s Arbor Day! Join Keep Macon-Bibb Beautiful, the Pleasant Hill Community Garden and the Macon Tree Commission in celebrating Arbor Day. The ceremony will be held at the Pleasant Hill Community Garden on February 15th at 10am. Tree seedlings (red bud, white oak, green ash) will be given away after the ceremony.
Busy week ahead, Park and Tree Commission, Ash Wednesday Services, Knights of Columbus Business meeting, Arbor Day with the children at Windsor Forest Elementary, American Legion Executive Board and Irish Festival.
Sunday, February 10, 2013 Dear DAR Daughters, On Friday Feb. 15, 2013 at 10am the Knox-Conway Chapter will have our annual Arbor Day tree planting. This year will be a joint program with the City of Ashburn Tree City Program and Georgia Forestry Unit. We will be planting three Dogwood trees in the new Ashburn Splash Park located behind the Morning Side Baptist Church and directly across the road from the Ashburn Tabernacle. I would like to encourage as many members to attend as possible as this will show pride in and gain publicity for the DAR and our chapter. Please attend if at all possible. In DAR Friendship, Becky Goff, Regent Knox-Conway Chapter, NSDAR
2013 Annual Conservation Tree & Shrub Sale Press Release The Dugdemona Soil and Water Conservation District will be having its Annual Tree and Shrub Sale at the Winn Farmers' Market; located at 301 West Main Street, Winnfield, LA 71483 (the corners of Main and St. John Streets). The Sale will be February 13-15, 2013 from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. We also host a sale at the Dugdemona SWCD/Columbia Field Office located at 7128 Highway 165 South in Columbia, LA 71418 (right across the street from Riser Funeral Home) February 27-28, 2013 from 10:00 a.m. – 3:00 p.m. The tree sale is our largest fund raising event of the year. All proceeds of this sale directly benefit our community. Funds raised sponsor projects such as, Conservation Essay Contest, Conservation Poster Contest, Soil and Water Stewardship Week, conservation education, our Community Tree Planting project, Earth day, Arbor Day, Project WET, conservation practice implementation and restoration of wildlife habitat. We will have a variety of bare r .. ...
It's going to be an awkward Arbor Day at the Harbaugh underground compound.
Next to Arbor Day, Groundhog Day is my 2nd favorite holiday.
Vote for city’s Greenest Citizen today NORTH PORT — Today is the last day to vote on four candidates nominated to be the city’s Greenest Citizen. The city of North Port created a Greenest Citizen Award to recognize a single resident who has gone above and beyond to protect the environment by creating a more sustainable household and/or community. The public has been asked to vote on who should win this year’s award. Voting ends today, Feb. 1. “The Greenest Citizen Award is set up so that residents can decide who they think should be recognized for outstanding environmental stewardship,” said Ryan Pieper city arborist. “Arbor Day is all about being environmentally aware and protecting the environment. Sometimes it’s not always ‘easy to be green.’ We wanted to honor folks who take that extra step and make a difference in others’ lives.” This year, the city received four nominations from the community. They are: • Cindy Amar, a local business owner. According to Cindy, “We grow hy ...
Mad cause you have no valentine? Stop complaining. Some people don't have any Arbors on Arbor Day, or natives of Easter Island on Easter.
Is your volunteer group looking to plant trees for Arbor Day? Order your trees from the NJ Tree Foundation until 2/22.
Good morning -- it's Friday January 18, 2013. And for the first time this season, there's a bit of snow on the ground. Today is Pooh Day, to commemorate the birth anniversary of A.A. Milne (1882) It's Arbor Day in Florida, and Lee-Jackson Day in Virginia. Birth anniversaries: Danny Kaye (1913,) Oliver Hardy (1892,) Cary Grant (1904,) Peter Mark Roget (1779.) On this date in 1803, President Thomas Jefferson commissioned a western expedition to be led by Captain Meriwether Lewis and Lieutenant William Clark. And in 1966, the first black US cabinet member was sworn in: Robert Clifton Weaver as secretary of Housing and Urban Development. Birthdays: John Boorman, Kevin Costner, Ray Dolby, Jane Horrocks, Jesse L. Martin, mark Messier, Jason Segel.
The Navarre Garden Club will plant a tree today in observance of Florida’s Arbor Day. This is an annual event of Navarre Garden Club to coincide with other Florida Arbor Day ceremonies. Trees have been planted in many Navarre locations during this event through the years. This year the NGC will plant a Bald Cypress tree at the Navarre Park on Highway 98. The tree was donated by Santa Rosa Clean Community. The public is invited to the ceremony which will begin at 10 a.m.
Learn what is happening this weekend and through the week. Enjoy the music of Kevin Naquin and the Ossun Playboys. Remember that Friday is Arbor Day with numerous plantings about the city of Lafayette. One will be planted at the David Thibodeaux STEM campus on Cajundome Boulevard. A major planting is planned for Feb 16 on Surrey Street by the Lafayette Parish School System property. Add a tree to your own landscape and get to know TreesAcadiana. ALSO ... this is the weekend preceding Martin Luther King Day. No School on Monday. You won't want to miss the Monday tribute to Dr. King and his messages regarding non-violence, civil rights, and freedom and justice for all!
I LOVE the idea of planting 150 trees on Arbor Day in celebration of ESU's 150 years.
sorry for that awkward pause be4 I said hi at arbor lakes the other day! I havent seen u in a while didn't recognize u at first!
eople who also like this more Butthole Surfers Arguably the most infamously named band in the annals of popular music -- for years, radio found their moniker unspeakable, and the press deemed it unprintable -- Butthole Surfers long reigned among the most twisted and depraved acts ever to bubble up from the American underground. Masters of calculated outrage, the group fused the sicko antics of shock rock with a distinct and chaotic mishmash of avant-garde, hardcore, and Texas psychedelia; sleazy, confrontational, and spiteful, songs like "The Revenge of *** Presley," "Bar-B-Q Pope," and "The Shah Sleeps in Lee Harvey Oswald's Grave" seemed destined to guarantee the Buttholes little more than a lifetime of cultdom. Yet, by the mid-'90s, they were left-field Top 40 hitmakers, success perhaps their ultimate subversion of mainstream ideals. The seeds of their formation dated back to 1977, when future frontman Gibby Haynes, the son of the Dallas-based children's TV host known as "Mr. Peppermint," met guitaris ...
Free trees and free family fun at the Jan. 19 Arbor Day Celebration, 10 am to 2 pm at Rob Fleming Park! via
Join me Saturday, February 9 at 8:30am for 'World IA Day-Ann Arbor'
Stay tuned for a blast of news today at 5pm eastern.
If I had to pick a favorite place in Vilas County, it would be _.
It was a great kick off this morning for the 5% Community Support Day. Whole Foods will donate 5% of their sales today to TRI's Sam and Juliana Zirinsky Memorial Scholarship Fund. If you're in Ann Arbor today, please swing by the Washtenaw store, shop, and say hello to our volunteers.
Did a little clean up by deleting some of my post on FB. We are having a beautiful day. We are building an arbor in the side yard so we can plant some grape wines. Thomas is doing his best to get me lots of different plants to have on site to paint when I am up to it. The knee is really bothering me again and is really swollen. I have my pixie painting and a couple of other smaller pieces so we plan to attend the Open Session reception this evening. Come on and joing the fun. with us this evening. Have agreat day and keep smile. Life is good!
Registered yet for Arbor Day Challenge, set for Feb 9?
Just did a 3 day cleanse with the wifey. Feeling better! it was medical weight loss clinic, The cleanse was 2 scrambled eggs in the morning with one orange. salad and red meat for lunch and dinner for all three days. They said it was to get her metabolism up. now they have a serious regimented program for her to follow, so I decided I will just eat what she does because even though it's not geared towards me specifically it has to be better than what I usually eat! I'm going to start a fresh juice fast next Monday, and hopefully incorporate fresh juice into my new diet. Any ideas or suggestions?
Dream: visited a weird Catholic-style *** where I met a guy in for "not planting enough trees." Be strict in your Arbor Day observances!!!
Strong Bonds Home Birth in Ann Arbor: Hello, New to the site. Looking for any recommendations... Retreat Child Care
She would play outside all day, every day if she could. @ Playground at Arbor Trails
Mini Tree Growing Kit - Giant Sequoia Looking for Mini Tree Growing Kit - Giant Sequoia or other offers ? Check the current price here: customer reviews here: products: Here are other products and they may be interesting for you: diy growing pet plant seed bonsai phone strap charm dangle, tree of knowledge crystal wonder crystal growing kit, mini bonsai kit, gardman r687 4-tier mini greenhouse. Look at them attentively. If you don't see what you need you can search for other products such as light keeper pro 01201 the complete tool for fixing miniature light sets, led christmas tree kit or even jonsteen growing kit - black bansai trees; a charlie brown christmas kit: book and tree kit (peanuts (running press)); mini tree growing kit - giant sequoia. If you still haven't found anything for yourself see enchanted fairy garden kit; toysmith amazing crystal growing christmas tree toy; red maple arbor day tree growing kit - grow red maple trees from seed to saplings - kit includes seeds, instructions, more.; h ...
Hundreds of solar panels installed on University of Michigan property on Plymouth Road in northeast Ann Arbor have upset residents who say the array is an eyesore and are frustrated by the lack of communication between the college and nearby residents.
Well Good Morning!!!...My fabulous coffee is in my hand...yummy..and I am just waiting to hear where everyone is from this morning!! I am sitting here in Bellevue Washington! and YOU?
Datamax is pleased to announce it's donation of 604 trees to the Arbor Day Foundation. Go Green!
What a day!! All that matters is we are finally in Ann Arbor and Ethan is getting a much needed MRI. I may insist on waiting for docs to look at MRI before leaving. Now I have two hrs to burn and nothing to do.
Not only is Jan. 19 our 37th Annual Arbor Day Celebration, it’s our 2nd Annual “I Love Puffy” Day!
Hamilton Collection
Wishing you a beautiful Siwa Ratri...I'm not wise enough to properly explain the night, but it's a night for reflection, introspection, meditation. In Bali, we go to temple, offer prayers. If your in Cudamani, you 'study' aka rehearse and ask for blessings.But the night has made me reflect on a conversation we had with Uncle Kerri (Aunty Viji Prakash's wonderful husband). We were sitting at coffee, before the grace of the evening's performances in Chennai. And mom asked the question of how one relates Bharatanatyam to daily life. How is it connected? A beautiful conversation began, with so many amazing lessons for me, but at the moment the one I'm remembering is about love. So many of the stories told are about love, love for the divine, Radha and Krisnha, painful longing for your loved one, Krishna and the gopis...We're kind of less romantic in some ways in Bali, so I was also trying to make the connection. But what he said was a lesson for life...He reminded me that one of the fundamental philosophies o ...
Guys day in the Ware household. Leah had to take Vada to Ann Arbor So I am sitting here laughing at Henry chaseing Teddy around the dinning room table.
Time to get high with Trey and get on the highway to Ann Arbor for the day got that highway float
Less than two weeks 'till my Belize/Guatemala trip! :-) Any recommendations or advice?
It's game day once again.the MVNU women's basketball team will host Spring Arbor at 7 p.m. tonight with live video at while the men's basketball team will travel to Spring Arbor for a 7 p.m. tip with that game being carried on WNZR 90.9 FM. Go Cougars!
Wooho! I started on this little adventure of mine 2 weeks ago with a few small goals .one being that I wanted to work up to 2 miles a day on my walk. I made it today! So proud of myself
A Time to Evaluate the End of One Season and the Beginning on the NEXT: An 8-Day Prayer Focus to Press You Into the New By: Chuck D. Pierce: New Beginnings The word NEW is an interesting word. I love Isaiah 43:18-19 which says: "Stop dwelling on past events and brooding over times gone by; I am doing something NEW! It's springing up – can't you see it? I am making a road in the desert, rivers in the wasteland" (CJB). A new thing can be happening, but in the midst of a beginning we can fail to perceive the change. Remember, an END always precedes a beginning. Therefore, the question becomes this: "How are you reacting when an END comes and a NEW BEGINNING starts?" I love the story of Lazarus' death. This account is a perfect example of how to perceive an END and a NEW BEGINNING. Jesus is notified of Lazarus' sickness and decides to not rush to meet the need. As a matter of fact, He chooses to go to Judea rather than Bethany, the home of Martha, Mary and Lazarus! His disciples have a very hard time graspi ...
Someone will receive the 1 millionth Arbor Day tree seedling to be given away on Jan. 19!
Two meetings in Ann Arbor today, and this evening a PFLAG meeting. Busy day. Hope to see ya at the PFLAG meeting this evening.
Believe it or not, it's time to think about Fall registration for preschool! If you are reviewing preschool options or have new neighbors with small children, you may be interested in attending the Aurora Co-op Preschool Open House! Located at Centerville Mills, 8558 Crackel Road, the cooperative preschool will hold an Open House and Registration event for the 2013-2014 school year, Saturday, January 26th, 2013 from 11:00AM – 1:00 PM. During the Open House, families can tour the school, speak with teachers, enjoy refreshments, and complete enrollment paperwork/payment. The Aurora Co-op Preschool offers developmentally appropriate classes for children ages 2-5. The school is accredited by the National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC) and has been named a Three-Star Step Up To Quality Program by the State of Ohio. In 2012, the Aurora Co-op Preschool was recognized by the Arbor Day Foundation with a Nature Explore certification for outdoor learning and was designated a WILD School .. ...
Only in my life would I have to take a kid to U of M for some warts! Shouldn't SOMETHING be simple around here? LOL Guess it will be a Friday 'field trip'.
It's a beautiful, sunny day in Glen Arbor! We might be over the dark, dreary days of December.
Fantastic class with Kelly at Mission Yoga this morning. Started the day off right. Lots of great classes throughout the rest of the week. Come see us!
Guy is on his way to the post office with boxes of tour Ts! If you have a domestic address, you should have them very, very shortly. Thank you so much for your patience. It's harder when you have to print them on demand in batches. I can't wait to see some of these on tour, and remember, January 22 is Wear Your Tour T shirt day! (All titles!) I'll open up posting pictures here at FB for the day so you can share.
Allison and John's gorgeous wedding day- bride prep at Windsor Court hotel, ceremony at St. Anthony church, reception at the fabulous Arbor Room.
Good Morning I have a very busy day ahead of me! Wish me luck. (@ Arbor View Apartments)
Don't miss out! 15,000 free trees for Arbor Day 2013
Good morning! I'm headed to Jersey later with a carload to be part of the panel. Can't wait to see my friends!
If money doesn't grow on trees. why do banks have branches?
Due to weather be need to move Arbor Day from January 19th to February 23rd. Please mark your calendars.
Never arbor hatred it only kills a little of u each day . Tbe person u hate usually live happy normal lives .
Your advice is solicited: Should I move to New Delhi, or stay on in Dubai?
On my way to Ann Arbor for my last day of SOAR (SSI/SSDI Outreach Access Recovery) Training, so much knowledge packed in two days
Today is the day I go to U of M Ann Arbor for endoscopic ultrasonography this will tell the story what stage I'm in. All prayers welcome Thanks
When Martin Bandyke started in radio on February 21, 1983, he was a twenty-eight-year-old rock drummer and an import record buyer at Dearborn Music. Three decades later, Bandyke is no longer a drummer or a record buyer, but he's still on the air--amazing longevity in modern radio, where careers are ...
are you going to be anywhere near downtown Ann Arbor on Saturday? :) I'm going to be there all day
today is my 4 year point at Spring Arbor! I'm so blessed to have a job that I love wow it doesn't even seem that long! Everyday is a new day and I'm excited for this day!
"hey baby, it's arbor day how about *fart noise*" i am really enjoying "Live at the Bowery Ballroom.
Have a great day everyone, headed to ann arbor kirks back on chemo today ,He starts radiation monday its gone to be a long two weeks please say a prayer. god bless
Ah it's fun to be in the circus. Made it to Ann Arbor only to find the shipper "misplaced" a pallet. So I am now half way through a 440 mile circle for 1 pallet.
Unlimited Calling US/Canada phone service
Home from the hospital. Did not have a great or even satisfactory visit to genesys's ER. They said she has viral gastroenteritis, and it's only slightly dehydrated. Not enough for IV fluids. Buy yet on her discharge papers out said come back immediately if there is a decrease of fluids! That was the while reason I took her!! Collectively she only had 8 ounces throughout the entire day.w have to play the waiting game until she is "sick enough" to get treated :(
“I'd rather have a war on Arbor Day. perhaps a war on Armistice day, too?
I'd rather have a war on Arbor Day.
For weeks now, I've noticed the presence of a 66 year old homeless man that comes into my place of work, sits by himself at the edge of the bar, watches sports, and spends what I can only assume is the extent of his finances (probably from begging and/or social security) on a few cheap happy hour, or in the case of tuesday nights - dollar beers. Tonight, after a few previous conversations with my sister, Katrina Qaryouti, I took it upon myself to sit and talk with this elderly gentleman. Even went so far as to buy him a shot (which to me, if it makes the man a little warmer wherever he rests his head tonight, that's all that matters). The entire duration of said conversation over the course of a few drinks, I took note of all the disgusted looks from ignorant Ann Arbor yuppies who were put off by this individual, and yes, the fragrance he exuded. And I find myself forced to sit back and wonder, how many days, months, or years has it been that this man has actually had someone to truly talk to? It's no sec ...
Ughhh, I'm too lazy to take down my Christmas tree...
your name day is soon, i'll send some Arbor Red your way
Navarre Garden Club will plant tree for Arbor Day -
Fellow Dielman school students.late night hmmm. I keep seeing the commercials for Arbor day and I keep remembering planting a tree every year. Those little tree would have been big trees. Do you think they cut them all down when they demolished the school. Totally random but keeping my up lol!
I'm shopping for holiday gifts as we speak! Lines are long, must be the Arbor Day crowd.
Gung gung and pow pow didn't give me 4k for Arbor Day
Had an absolutely fantastic day with in Ann Arbor today. Glad we got a great laugh in there at the end lol
I need your help. Please go on line to google/yelp/urban spoon and give Arbor House a review! It would be greatly appreciated! Thanks everyone!
I'm considering a change to a pre-paid no contract phone. Any opinions or experiences out there to help me decide on a carrier and a phone?
"Wile E. Coyote's Amazon reviews of Acme products are pretty scathing!!!"
The Biovisionary deck is coming along nicely. Soon.
Do the Lakers still rule Los Angeles or is it Clipper Nation now??!!
Well tommorow at 1230 is the big day that Ive been waiting for, finally I get to be the star of the movie I cowrote AND ill be under the big Light starring in . (The Removal Of A Lyphoma.) This hopefully will not be a series show. I SAY Let the slice and dice get it the heck out of me...
Cloudy day~only gotten a shower of rain. A few Navarre Garden Club members lead a Junior Garden Club at West Navarre Intermediate School, and their meeting was this afternoon. Planted a tree for Arbor Day, and I was invited to do the Invocation and also did the Benediction. Went to Alphy's then visited Michelle (A Special Place) in her new location.
Wants a tree on Arbor Day, a Weave on MLK, and a boat on Columbus DAy
Christmas, Bday, Valentines, *** she'd probably ask for a gift on arbor day or MLK day lol
Honestly, this is the sort of dispirited, undisciplined, lack of intensity performance one has come to expect from the Razorback basketball. Not sure what the answer is, but I am unimpressed with Coach Anderson at this moment.
Who saw BOTDF on the Scene is Dead Tour??? -Austin Von Monroe
*** we've already moved on to the Skirmish On Easter, the Agitation For Arbor Day, & the Drone Strike On Mothers Day.
Had a dream my brother and I were stuck in a Taco Bell drive through with no end. First the line changed direction, then the staff announced that they didn't care that they someone's order--"stop taking pictures and move on". Never even got to put our order in. It can only mean one thing, see you at the end of the month Michigan (but it'll be corned beef instead).
Yes! I am the luckiest man I know. I'm working on one of the best collections of faux bois concrete on the planet, about ninety years old. 100 concrete trees plus beams, timbers and branches. No one wants me to be in a hurry, just careful so I don't hurt the plants. at all!!! A bit like having your friend come to your living room and saying to him,"work your magic, We love your work! ...but you can't move anything and it's fragile!"] I am most satisfied when you can't tell where I've been. The Chameleon Craftsman...and pretty close to a present day medieval craftsman employed by the Medici. The luckiest man alive, and nearly anonymous, like those same medieval craftsmen. I'm humbled by the privilege to save have the work live in the future for hundreds of years, if my practice is correct.
The Educational Seminars program offers Department of State funded grants for U.S. school teachers and administrators. Exchanges are short term, taking place during the summer, and focus on sharing of best practices and professional development.
Woohoo Anna is done with Chemo!!! Now we have a 3 week wait for the PET scan and prayerfully all the masses have been taken care of and we can move on! Anna and I had a long day in Ann Arbor starting with her blood draw (which showed great blood counts), meeting with the Oncologist and finally the infusions. It was an almost 10 hour day for her but she did sneak in a 3 hour nap with the help of Benadryl and a baby boy I prematurely stated was sleeping better in my post yesterday:-) Now she has 4 more days of oral steroids, some swelling (always happens after chemo) and a lot of water drinking to protect her urinary system (possibly too much information but medical training has a way of blurring the lines of appropriate sharing;). We were informed the PET scan will be done in 3 weeks and we are praying all the masses have been dealt with by the chemo and we can celebrate remission! On our way home we started counting some of our many blessings and the list was sweet to our ears. Anna’s Lymphoma “W ...
Who was the first headliner you saw perform at a club & which club was it at? GO
Added 2 new events to the Bicentennial tonight. The Lexington Music Boosters Mardi Gras 5K on February 24th, and Lexington Arbor Day on April 26th.
tonight was the last time i get to revel in the glory of my son being inducted into the national honor society at his high school. Can't believe he is a senior already. I know he will have an amazing future he is an amazing person and I love him endlessly.
We were given the green light today for my brother's transplant -- January 22! He has had a few set backs, so we are anxious to get this going. He will be admitted to U of M Hospitals on January 16 for chemotherapy. I will begin my shots to give my stem cells a boost on January 18. We will get to Ann Arbor on January 20. We are praying they are able to collect 5 million cells on the 22nd, if not we collect again the next day. Thank you for all of your messages, thoughts and prayers. Please keep the prayers coming!
might change my name to be a festive holiday Arbor Day perhaps...?
Black males between 16 and 36 - though only 2 to 3 percent of the population - are responsible for a third of all crimes in the US. Someone sent me this statistic, does anyone know if it is actually true? He did not include a source. Thanks!
You can spend your whole day with what crêpe tomorrow! We've got on-the-spot job interviews in the morning starting at 9am in Ann Arbor, lunch of course at either location and LOVE NIGHT at Wc? Royal Oak!! Spend some time with us tomorrow :-)
Just a rumor but I've heard that the 19th is supposed to be some kind of gun-rights support day. I'll confirm when I can. Right now, I have plans to have the magnetic roof-top sign that's been sitting in my basement for two decades re-lettered appropriately for service on top of the RAPTOR for a nice, slow drive through Ann Arbor and the surrounding area. Cameras will be utilized to document the expected harassment. Should be fun!
Looking for an indoor running track in Mississauga. One that doesn't require me to join the gym. I know the Y has one but not interested in joining the Y at this time.any help would be much appreciated. Thanks ppl!
Dropped my iPad. Cracked screen again. Can this day get any worse? Oh we'll, a stop at the apple store in Ann Arbor tomorrow. Drama central!
Get the crayons out! MT CAL FIRE & encouraging 3-5 graders to join in Arbor Day poster contest.
shopping in Ann Arbor. lets see if I walk out with a cd, I'll probably get stuck with a misdemeanor. But if Meijers shorts me $30 worth of groceries, the consumer just gets stuck. those lazy suzan check outs may be good for the stores bottom line, but I would like to know how much they cost consumers every year. How do you know the checkout person puts everything in your cart.
Does Lewan coming back mean the Buckeyes and the Wolverines play back to back games to end the 2013 season?
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I only have to sleep two more times. This is like Christmas, Hanukkah, and Arbor Day all rolled into one.
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