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Arabian Sea

The Arabian Sea is a region of the Indian Ocean bounded on on the north by Pakistan and Iran, on the south by northeastern Somalia, on the east by India and on the west by the Arabian Peninsula.

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Where the Arabian Sea meets North Goa, in stands like a haven for those looking for a trop…
For 1000years the north has been trying to get to Arabian Sea. Couldn't. We made it possible. Every invade came from west went east
JF-17 crashed in Arabian Sea killing Squad Leader Rizwan. 2nd crash in succession. May he RIP!
Love this room overlooking the Arabian Sea. An Art Deco Balcony with a view of marine drive.
Arabian Sea ,Indian Ocean, and other operations unknown, # help us to receive our benefits,
A hero fisherman went the extra mile after finding an olive ridley sea turtle trapped inside a plastic bag in the Arabian Sea. Amir
can I tempt you with , FIRE AT SEA or ARABIAN NIGHTS (Pts 2+3)?
Meanwhile Pakistan's space shuttle has recently found water,fish & whale on da Jupiter,bt ended up landing in da Arabian Sea.
Pakistan launches rocket onto Moon. News on PTV, “Water and fishes found on Moon”. News on BBC,”Pakistani satellite fo…
If Pappu is launched by ISRO, the satellite launch vehicle will fall into the Arabian Sea.
Monsoon further advanced into some parts of N. Arabian Sea, extreme S parts of Gujarat & some more parts of SW MP.
The rooms of feature floor-to-ceiling windows that offer magnificent views of the Arabian Sea...
. Switch to the'll drop midway in the Arabian Sea
The divert actually started outside the control zone out in the Arabian sea. Seemed top urgent indeed.
Murudeshwar - Shiva's Tallest Statue on the shore of Arabian Sea. . .
When entire state machinery unable to recover a high profile figure, shouldn't we drown all of them in the Arabian Sea? . Just…
Arabian Sea and Bay of Bengal branch of the Southwest Monsoon is going to cover North India very soon.
Thank You Amir Rahim for saving Olive Ridley from a plastic bag in Arabian Sea. https:…
Baap Re! This is too much - so does he think we citizens have chucked our brains, memory & education in Arabian Sea? ht…
Yoga onboard INS Trikand somewhere in the Arabian Sea
Several species of fish have disappeared from the Arabian Sea due to the dumping of industrial waste
Some friends of Essar organised floating yoga at surat Arabian Sea .. Innovative idea
Kerala slopes from Western Ghats to Arabian Sea; eastern terrain is hilly
Good evening, Mumbai. Tell me. What do you see above the Arabian Sea? Cloud Test.
GFS sees again a big Arabian Sea tropical cyclone south of Gujarat coast on June 7, 2016.
The stone that has been sent rolling from the top of the hill, will pass through the plains to the Arabian Sea.
how about allowing wankhede stadium to draw water from Arabian Sea thru pipes pumps to be procured byBCCI
will connect landlocked Xinjiang region with Arabian Sea through deep sea port in
to Southern-most tip of whr the Indian Ocean, Bay of Bengal & Arabian Sea meet.
Thank you for going out of the way & returning a lost mobile across the Atlantic & Arabian Sea!
At the bottom of the Arabian Sea, a 500-year-old shipwreck from the fleet of Vasco da Gama
Peace loving people should jump into Bay of Bengal or Arabian Sea, whichever is nearer. It is a defacto Hindu run nation. :)
AK Singh: We need to define our area of responsibility first. Primary areas now are the Arabian Sea & Bay of Bengal up to In…
The port city of Gwadar where the Arabian Sea meets the Persian Gulf just outside the Strait of Hormuz
beautiful desert and Arabian Sea, we need to raise awareness about the water crisis
An Alien Island in the Arabian Sea - super/collider voyages to the idyllic island of Socotra, Y…
An Alien Island in the Arabian Sea by on
Beach accident- Today 14 college students- part of a group of 130 on a picnic drowned in the Arabian Sea at Murud beach,Mah…
The motorcycle diaries: After seeing the Triveni sangam (where the Arabian Sea, Bay of Bengal and the In...
Gwadar Port from air warm-water,deep-sea port situated on the Arabian Sea at Gwadar in Pakistan.
True. PPP Sindh Govt is Feudal, by Feudal for Feudal. An Apartheid Rule. Time to drown em in the nearby Arabian Sea.
"The Gateway of India". Built at the south of Mumbai overlooking the Arabian Sea the Gateway was…
War from the decks of US ships in the Arabian Sea, Persian Gulf, and eastern Mediterranean. via
Honoring Marine Cpl Raymond Louis Horwath Jr, died 11/30/1990 in the Arabian Sea. Honor him so he is not forgotten. htt…
"Good scenic spot to enjoy the Arabian Sea." Foursquare Tip @ Nariman Point
Splendid beach hotel in North Goa: Goa, sandwiched snugly between the Arabian Sea and the Western Ghats on the...
Why is the Arabian Sea getting more cyclones?
Good morning all! . Tropical cyclone Chapala has been born in the Arabian Sea and looks to intensify rapidly...
Huh? Our meteorologists have never seen anything like this.
Ocean): Tropical Cyclone Chapala developed in the Arabian Sea on October 28 as the...
Tropical Cyclone Chapala is active in the Arabian Sea, as a Category 1 strength cyclone
My Lahore-Karachi flight was over the Arabian Sea today before landing, pilot went crazy.
Developing in Arabian Sea set to become a whopper... Darren
Cyclone could bring high winds and heavy rain to parts of the Mideast
A tropical cyclone may become one of the strongest on record in the southwest Arabian Sea and may make an...
just a cyclonic storm in the Arabian sea. Mere garmi aur paseene waale din ayenge.
Tropical Storm in the Arabian Sea tracking toward Yemen while strengthening. Potential for Category 4.
TCyclone intensifying in the Sea. Eye developing. Major flood threat to the Arabian Peninsula.
As a depression over the Arabian sea off coast intensified, ports asked to hoist warning signa…
TS is likely starting to rapidly intensify in the Arabian Sea and most likely will be a strong cyclone.
Tropical storm developed in the Arabian Sea.
Cyclone in the Arabian Sea develops an eye.
forecast to make landfall as Cat.2 equivalent tropical cyclone in Arabian Peninsula ht…
.CV-22 Osprey prepares to conduct deck landing qualifications aboard in the Arabian Sea. https…
03A - North Indian Ocean: Tropical Cyclone 03A formed in the Arabian Sea, Northern…
Oman weather: Arabian Sea low pressure likely to become tropical cyclone -
Arabian Sea eating up 100 acres. of Sindh land daily .
Indian Ocean, Arabian Sea, Bay of Bengal at the shores of India & Ceylon from Gemini 11 Sept 1966
In Phantom, there's a scene where Saif (Jack) drowns himself into the cold waters of Arabian Sea (AtlanticOcean) as Katrina (Ross) >>
Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj memorial in Arabian Sea project back to square one: According to a…
The project includes a 190-metre tall statue of the Shivaji in the Arabian Sea, 2.6 km west of Nariman Point
. Kala Bagh Dam is need of time, otherwise whole KPK, Punjab and Sindh would be in Arabian Sea before 2020 due to floods.
Arabian Sea erupts a second time; will keep monsoon in full cry this week | Business Line
China has invested more than $200B in strategic port at Gwadar on the Arabian Sea, 370 m from the Persian Gulf.
Statue of Lord Shiva on the banks of Arabian Sea at Murudeshwara and Beach, Karnataka, Bharat
Tropical cyclone now called Ashobaa: Tropical cyclone moving north-northwest over the Arabian Sea
Tropical Storm is intensifying and moving north-west in the Arabian Sea
Depression in Arabian Sea develops into cyclonic storm
Depression in Arabian Sea develops into cyclonic storm - Times of India: Times of IndiaDepression in Arabian S...
Deep depression over eastcentral Arabian Sea moves north-northwestwards; has intensified into a cyclonic storm (named as:
Deep Depression over Arabian Sea, 560 km south-southwest of Veraval: It would move north-northwestwards and in...
Tropical Update:. A Low Pressure area Developing. in SE Arabian Sea & slowly. moving north as it may become a. Depression by tomorrow early
Disturbed weather in north Arabian Sea, has low chance of development in next 24 hrs.
Rain relief in north India likely from today: Meanwhile, the monsoon continues to be stalled over the Arabian Sea despite Kerala rece...
Shift in 'Arabian Sea' Plankton May Threaten Fisheries. A growing “dead zone” in the middle of the Arabian Sea has allowed plankton uniquely
“My mother ran away with my father from Lashkar Gah when she was 18 and gave birth to me in Karachi, the pearl of the Arabian Sea.”
From the north seas to the Arabian Sea, Lewis Pugh is saving our oceans one swim at a time, writes Miriam Mannak...
French Aircraft Carrier Charles de Gaulle in Arabian Sea off Goa is ready for Indo-French Naval Exercise. ht…
(1984) Passage to Peshawar: Pakistan, between the Hindu Kush and the Arabian Sea
China gets 40-year rights to Pakistan port, access to Arabian Sea via
China gets 40-year management rights on Gwadar port, access to Arabian Sea
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One of the most beautiful sunset pictures-Indian Ocean, Bay of Bengal and the Arabian Sea
Naval divers also recover crucial flight data recorders of plane from a depth of 52m in Arabian Sea
Start hovercraft services in Arabian sea for Mumbaikars It will benefit both state govt n common ppl
In 2011 - India's navy and coast guard captured 16 Somali pirates after a three-hour-long battle in the Arabian Sea
Please Drown in Arabian Sea and Take Dhoni with you. Shame on U 4 Ignoring Yuvi/Sehwag/Zaks, And Picking CSK Team 2 Represent INDIA.
A couple embrace as they watch the sunset from a promenade along the Arabian Sea on Valentines Day in Mumbai in…
Body of Lt Kiran Shekhawat recovered from the fuselage of the Dornier aircraft, that crashed in Arabian Sea near...
Shivaji Maharaj's statue in the Arabian sea will be the pride of Maharashtra. It will boost tourism in state :CM at
is terrorist gang but we Urdu speaking need them to protect us from being thrown in Arabian sea
Dornier crash: One crew member's body found: The Naval search and rescue team scouring the Arabian sea for the crew…
:Pak needs to defend it's own existential threat before boasting to defend beyond Arabian Sea.
to annex or any peninsular country hosting shiite forces. . Pipelines to Arabian Sea moot chokepoints.
TBT: Crewmembers on HMCS rescue Pakistani sailors in the N. Arabian Sea during in 2008.
Showoff with Indian Navy? Let Arabian sea boil. If Gwador is for Chinese, then Iran's Cha Bhar for Indians.
School kids take a dip in the Arabian Sea off dadar chowpaty to escape the sweltering heat wave in Mumbai, India.
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The media on both sides of the border needs to be thrown into the Arabian sea.
More: Saudi Arabia and Egypt to start a ground operation in Yemen. Saudi Arabia to enter by land and Egypt from Red/Arabian Sea.
to unite in ground invasion of from + via Red Sea/Arabian Sea-Source:3 senior Egyptian officials
MORE: Three senior officials tell The AP that forces would enter by land from Saudi Arabia and by sea from the Red Sea and Arabian Sea.
Back from the land of glitz, glamour, gold, camels and the Arabian sea Safe travels, thoughts with those whose journey wasnt.
It’s located between Djibouti, & Eritrea, and connects the Red Sea with the Gulf of Aden and the Arabian Sea.
Where are other acceptable location? One side is Bay of Bengal and other is Arabian Sea. Madhya will be ok.
Naval support, Pakistani military vessels deployed in Arabian Sea
I predict the return of piracy in Arabian sea as Yemen collapses.Oil price hits $150 by December? Will Egypt annex East Libya ?
Mint lemonade tastes even better after a swim in the Arabian Sea...
STRATEGIC VALUE of to > controls access to Gulf of Aden and thereby to Arabian Sea, Indian Ocean, entire East Coast of Africa.
PT# reports of submarines doing reconnaissance in the Arabian Sea for Iranian naval movement between Hor…
Hydrographic vessel INS Makar has detected large metallic object in Arabian Sea, could be crashed plane's fuselage
Fuel-free plane Solar Impulse crosses the Arabian Sea from Oman to India on the second leg of its historic attempt to fly around the world.
Devendra Fadnavis shove your Metro 3 rail project in the Arabian Sea instead of bluffing People of Mumbai for five years.
Laptop insurance - because accidents happen!
Sitting here watching the Arabian sea in the early morn with Eagles drifting along the clifftops here in Kerala.
Pakistani submarines begin deployment in the Arabian Sea and the Strait of Hormuz to maintain sea blockade on Houthies
NCC Cadets get a feel of the naval operations during the TROPEX-2015 exercise in the Arabian Sea.
Miramar Beach in Goa India, sunset over the Arabian Sea,
Kerala is a small state that lies in the south western part of India. This south Indian state abounds in natural beauty. To its west is the Arabian Sea, and to the east is the Western Ghats mountain range, that separates the state of Tamil Nadu from Kerala. Kerala can be accessed by air; the state has three major international airports. The state can easily be accessible by railway networks and road transport. Here is a video guide from Kerala Tourism for travellers on how to reach Kerala.
Facts about Pakistan 1) Pak means pure and Istan means land of people. so Pakistan means land of pure people. 2) Biggest army in the Muslim world. 3) The world’s highest mountain ranges exist in this country. They include the Himalayas and HinduKush range in which four mountains are present in the list of 14 highest peaks in the world. K-2, the world’s second highest peak, is also located in Pakistan. 4) Gwadar port is the largest deep sea port in the world, located on the southwestern Arabian Sea along the coast line of Balochistan, Pakistan. This port is considered a lifeline in the region’s economy. Pakistan has agreed on a collaboration with China to turn Gwadar into a full scale commercial port. 5) Do you know the “eighth wonder of the world” is located in Pakistan? Karakoram Highway has been constructed at a height of 15,397 ft between China and Pakistan. It is one of the popular tourist attraction in the region. 6) Khewara Salt Mines are the world’s second largest and Pakistan’s ol .. ...
Amidst raging controversy over sinking of "terror boat" in Arabian Sea,Vice-Admiral HCS Bisht to take over as Indian Coast Guard DG on Jan31
Lovely as the outdoor pool is at Endell Street it's not quite the Arabian Sea. Good cold swim this morning though.
Pic 3 : Sailing on the Arabian Sea watching the Gateway of India alongwith the Taj Hotel on one side &…
--- Ten major Airlines Disasters --- 1. Flying Tiger Line Flight 739 - On March 16, 1962, a Lockheed Super Constellation chartered by the U.S. military disappeared over the Pacific Ocean 2.Air India 855 - Shortly after Air India's Boeing 747-237B made a right turn over the Arabian Sea after leaving Bombay on Jan. 1, 1978, it began rolling to the left and never regained control. The plane crashed off the coast of Bandra, killing all 213 people on board, making it one of the biggest air disasters in Indian aviation history 3. Japan Airlines 123 - Twelve minutes after taking off from Tokyo on Aug. 12, 1985, and headed for Osaka, crashed into Osutaka Ridge. The explosion led to the death of 520 passengers on board, making it the deadliest single-aircraft disaster in the world 4. TWA 800 - A Boeing 747-100 operated by Trans World Airlines exploded and crashed into the Atlantic Ocean on July 17, 1996. The plane was carrying 230 people from New York to Rome 5. Egypt Air 990 - On Oct. 31, 1999, Egypt Air's Boein ...
In 2014, 54% of frm Horn of reached via Arabian Sea, 46%-Red Sea,
Bay of Bengal to Arabian Sea... East Coast to West Coast in 3 hours...
Chakravarti Rajagopalachari; was an Indian lawyer, Indian independence activist, politician, writer, statesman and leader of the Indian National Congress. In 1965, Hindi was to be made the sole official language of the Indian Union and people in non-Hindi speaking regions were compelled to learn Hindi. At an All-India Language Conference held on March 8, 1958, he declared: "Hindi is as much foreign to non-Hindi speaking people as English to the protagonists of Hindi". Then in 1965, he convened the Madras state Anti-Hindi conference in Tiruchirapalli. He angrily declared that the Part XVII of the Constitution of India which declared that Hindi was the official language should "be heaved and thrown into the Arabian Sea." (Internet sources).
How China is using undersea vessels to project power in India's neighbourhood Four decades after the 1971 India-Pakistan war, India's intelligence agencies are once again scanning a stretch of coastline in southern Bangladesh. Cox's Bazar was rocketed and strafed by INS Vikrant's fighter aircraft to cut off the enemy's retreat into the Bay of Bengal. Today, 43 years later, it sets the stage for China's dramatic entry into India's eastern seaboard. Assessments from the Research and Analysis Wing (RAW) and naval intelligence say the Bangladesh Navy will station two ex-Chinese Ming-class submarines on bases that are less than 1,000 km away from Visakhapatnam, home to the Indian Navy's nuclear powered submarine fleet and the Defence Research and Development Organisation's (DRDO) missile test ranges at Balasore. The developments on India's Arabian Sea flank are equally ominous. Intelligence officials say that over the next decade, China will help Pakistan field submarines with the ability to launch nuclear-tip ...
Ai Sindh To Khe Salaam {Humera Channa} The history of Sindh goes back some 5,000 years to the Indus Civilization, which was contemporary with the better-known civilizations of Mesopotamia and Egypt. European were living in the caves when Sindhis were living in the red bricked houses complete with swimming poles, wells, streets with underground drainage system, fields with irrigational canals, and government with all modern ethics. Sindh is bounded by the Thar Desert to the east, the Kirthar Mountains to the west, and the Arabian Sea in the south. In the centre is a fertile plain around the Indus river. Sindhi people express their cultural values in their dispositions, habits, feelings, passions, attitudes. They have the sense of common history and common traditions, as well as multiplication of common interests. All these gave rise to the flowering and flourishing of that great Sindhi civilization. In their journey through time, the people of Sindh had adopted ultimate standards, which through practice ha ...
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Environment Ministry gives its nod to a plan for constructing a statue for Maratha king in Arabian Sea off the coast of
Great Xmas gift my Himalayas to the Arabian Sea cook class on 4 Feb.Start the new year with new flavour
US Navy deploys a laser weapon to the Persian Gulf and Arabian Sea: from
On Christmas Day 1928, Mohamed Waris Ali arrived in Gwadar, a fishing port on the Arabian Sea, to represent ...
Arabian Sea view that . sees from his house.
Tropical cyclones in the Arabian Sea Wikipedia article edited anonymously from Pakistan
Jayalalithaa had in the past thrown in Jail. If he celebrates Birthday,. She will throw him in Arabian Sea.
This is the pic taken of the Arabian Sea against the backdrop of the Fort in DIu
Sailors jump off an aircraft elevator into the Arabian Sea during swim call
try talking to Arabian sea. 😝. Intense, serious and definitely dep😝
The rugby team back again practising on the beach as the sun sets over the Arabian Sea.
Congrats for your great efforts, now all ur opponents in TN alongwith Mr Liar must hv to jump in Arabian Sea
Cochin is a charming city located at the banks of the Arabian Sea. This is one of the popular…: Start ...
Beautiful evenings are made of sceneries like this. View of the Arabian sea from near Chapora Fort in…
I want to jump in waves of Arabian sea xD
database of villages ll be provided at Patel Statue, arrange for database of forts of Shivaji at the Statue in Arabian sea
Indian fishermen from Koli community carry their catch in fishing nets near the Arabian Sea coast in Mumbai, India
waking up! Great view of the Arabian Sea from Mumbai
Asleep At The Switch: Pentagon misses law change and so applies milcon rule to Arabian Gulf instead of Arabian Sea.
The A380 is quite remarkable. Super leg room, comfortable, great entertainment and wifi on board. Posting somewhere above Arabian Sea
Photo: A new day. A man bathes in the Arabian sea on a morning as Mumbai wakes up to a new day.
The Journal of Arabian Studies: Arabia, the Gulf, and the Red Sea - Georgetown University via
Before these zardaris and shareefs crush us we should crush them and throw them into Arabian Sea
Enjoyed view of sunset over Arabian Sea after productive visit at Tata Institute for Fundamental Research
Goodbye Arabian sand and sea.. Until next time.
An MH-60S Sea Hawk flies above the Arabian Gulf in support of
says it is committed to early completion of Pak-Econ Corridor, linking western China to Arabian Sea, says
Steps away from the Arabian Sea, relax at beach front pool. Sea, book your next seaside vacation:
The disappearing Sea of Galilee and the emergence of Dajjal. The drying up of the Sea Of Galilee (Lake Tiberias) is one of the signs that will precede the Dajjal, at this particular time the Sea is slowly disappearing, its waters have receded that much that it can not be replenished. The Messenger of Allah PBUH in a hadith narrated a story by Tamim Ad Dhari in whIch Tamim Ad Dhari spoke to Dajjal who Questioned him about the Sea of Galilee and whether it had water, the latter confirmed yes to which Dajjal replied "soon it will become dry" and today we can witness this prediction unfolding with our very eyes. The Following hadith contains the whole narration. Prophet Muhammad صلى الله عليه وسلم said: "I have kept you here because Tamim Ad-Dari, a Christian man who has embraced Islam, told me something which agrees with what I have told you about the Dajjal. He told me that he had sailed in a ship with thirty men from Banu Lakham and Banu Juzam. The sea waves rocked them about for a month, an ...
Identification of Important Sea Turtle Areas (ITAs) for hawksbill turtles in the Arabian Region
Maldivian cliché? Tonight l drank bubbly on an isolated beach to the sound of lapping waves (Arabian Sea) and saw at least 3 shooting stars.
Nilofar fizzles out in Arabian Sea -
- The Arabian Sea storm is moving north-eastwards towards the western Indian state of Gujarat and the…
Taking fresh of is very reminds me Drive...
Cyclone weakens into depression in Arabian Sea .
Cyclone Nilofar turns into depression in Arabian Sea.
Dancing by the Arabian Sea with Agent Levine ~ enjoy these chapter from UNDER COVER
44 navies embark naval exercises spanning the Arabian Sea, Red Sea and Persian Gulf. Focus on mine countermeasures.
One of favorite took place aboard the USS John C Stennis:
NO. Indian Ocean/ARABIAN SEA *Full Update* NASA Sees Remnants of Nilofar Go to Cyclone Graveyard. Wind shear has...
Last Advisory 31th Oct 2014 at 08:15PM|||. Tropical Cyclone (Nilofar) in Arabian Sea has further weakened...
weekend into depression in Read More At:
Now, TN coast may be bracing for a cyclone next week - Erstwhile Arabian Sea cyclone Nilofar may have died out,...
Dubai-tallest bldg.on earth;22 sky scrapers;23 malls,1 with a ski slope; only 7 star hotel;9 souks; and ten man made islands in Arabian Sea
Nilofar fizzles out in Arabian sea: The severe cyclone Nilofar has fizzled out even before reaching the Gujara...
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We must chase current Pol.Elite to dump in Arabian Sea. We must support
Noora/Zardari/Altaf/Diesel tails be twined and thrown in Arabian sea. must support
Alert: Cyclone is expected to weaken further over the northeast Arabian sea by Friday evening.
the next cyclone whenever it hits around Bay of Bengal, Arabian sea will be called cyclone priya..
oh from arabian sea?then i think damage will be less i guess(atleast for TN )...
If cyclone priya forms successfully on the 7th, it will be first cyclone to hit tamilnadu in atleast 15 years from arabian sea.
Khadai of Bengal and the Arabian Sea in the DNA of the cyclonic storms | online gk shriram
Nilofar reduces into low pressure area over north east of Arabian Sea
morons...are they crazy?? well this morn 1 eng tv channel said "lots of lotus are seen in Arabian Sea' anything they say
Tropical Cyclone has intensified to CAT4 strength- strongest storm in Arabian Sea since Phet in 2010.
so Arabian Sea welcoming takes oath as the Chief Minister of
44 navies embark on the largest naval exercise spanning the Arabian Sea, Red Sea&Gulf
Soon Lotus will Bloom in Beaches of Arabian Sea. Maharashtra will get 1st BJP CM & people will get a young Dynamic CM
Cyclone Nilofar turns into depression in Arabian Sea
Mrs.Gandhi for Hunger Strike to restore dignity of Mrs.Gandhi BJP jump into Arabian Sea immediatly - "Last In First Out" ROFL
Update your maps at Navteq
Nilofar to be followed by Cyclone Priya in the Arabian Sea in the near future. Another 'lady' waiting to bring devastation.
Cyclone Nilofar in the Arabian Sea at 11 am PST -- captured by a Govt of India satellite -- 560 kms SW of Karachi http:/…
Cyclone 'Niloufer' FIZZLES OUT... only scattered rains over Kutch, Whooaa :-).
Giant lotuses on Arabian Sea, victory lap on rath: BJP's big fat Mumbai ... - Firstpost
Karachi: Pakistan Navy operates to defend 1046 kilometers of coastline of Arabian Sea and diesel-electric...
Nelofar in Arabian sea and PTI Tsunami in Islamabad both whittled down during October. What a coincidence :)
Emergency declared as Karachi readies to face cyclone Nilofar * People start shifting to safer places * Sindh coastal belt closed until November 2 * Widespread rains likely in city from Wednesday to Friday KARACHI: Under the influence of severe tropical cyclone Nilofer in Arabian Sea, widespread rain/thundershowers with isolated heavy/very heavy falls accompanied by strong gusty winds are expected in lower Sindh including Karachi and coastal areas of Balochistan during Wednesday (night) to Friday. According to Met office, the sea conditions along Pakistan’s coast would be rough to very rough from Wednesday to Friday. The fishermen of Sindh and Balochistan have been advised not to venture in open sea from Wednesday to Friday. The fishermen who are already in the open sea have been advised to return to coastal areas before Wednesday. Cyclone Nilofer in Arabian Sea will continue to move in northwest direction on Tuesday and is expected to re-curve northeastwards (towards adjoining coastal areas of Lower Si ...
Daily NEWS/Current : 26th - 27th OCT. 1. Black Money case: The Centre today named in the Supreme Court two persons and a company that it alleges have parked untaxed or black money in foreign accounts. Pradip Burman of the Dabur India group, Rajkot-based bullion trader Pankaj Chimanlal Lodhiya and five members of Goa-based mining firm Timblo have been named in the government's affidavit on black money in court. 2. Duvvuri Rohini Pratyusha : Prime Minister Narendra Modi in a letter of appreciation Miss Duvvuri Rohini Pratyusha, a 16-year old, Class XII student of Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan in Kuwait, commended her effort for collecting Rs. 2.15 lakhs towards the relief and rehabilitation efforts in Jammu & Kashmir. 3. Cyclone NILOFAR: cyclone NILOFAR to hit India. It is developing in the Arabian Sea to intensify further into a severe cyclonic storm in next 24 is expected to hit the north western region of gujrat. 4. Nguyen Tan Dung : Vietnamese Prime Minister Nguyen Tan Dung arrived today on a two- ...
Arabian Sea -- MH-60S Sea Hawk on the flight deck of the aircraft carrier USS George H.W. Bush
"Hudhud" is the Arabic name of Hoopoe bird, which is the national bird of Israel. There has been a practice of naming cyclones inNorth America and Europe since 1953. Naming of cyclones began in South Asian and Middle East only after 2002.An international panel on tropical cyclones, led by the World Meteorological Organisation (WMO), a Geneva-based agency of the United Nations, has decided to name the cyclones that occur in South Asia and Middle East after forming a committee of eight countries. India, Bangladesh, Maldives, Myanmar, Oman, Pakistan, Sri Lanka and Thailand are the members in the committee that decides the names of cyclones occurring in the Arabian Sea and the Bay of Bengal. Each member country suggests names for cyclones in these seas. TheIndian Metrological Department (IMD) which issues cyclone warnings to these eight countries maintain a list of names contributed by each member country.Every time a cyclone occurs, a name is selected in the order of the names already submitted by each count ...
Effect of Hud-Hud arrived in Jaipur today early morning with cloudy weather , cold winds, and rainy atmosphere. Perhaps after touching Vishakahapatnam it has traveled along the periphery of southern region of India and entered Arabian Sea thru Indian Ocean to show its terror to Pakistan also . Very soon it may hit Karachi .
Pakistan Air Force (PAF) successfully validated its concept of fighter operations from motorways and highways when its two fighter aircraft landed on a motorway. The historic landmark was achieved as part of the ongoing High Mark-2010 exercise. After landing, the aircraft were refuelled, rearmed and re-launched. While the point where the two aircraft touched down was not specified, it was believed to be somewhere on the Islamabad-Lahore motorway or that linking the capital with Peshawar. High Mark-2010, launched March 15, is the PAF’s biggest war game in five years and covers the the entire country from Skardu in the north till the Arabian Sea in the south. According to a PAF spokesman, “the ever changing geo-political environment in the region demands change in the employment concepts and doctrinal changes in the application of air power with emphasis on joint operations”. “High Mark-2010 would provide the PAF an opportunity to validate these concepts that are vital for the overall defence of the ...
Suvarnadurg is a fort that is located on a small island in the Arabian Sea, near Harnai in Konkan, along the West Coast of India, in the Indian state of Maharashtra. The fort also includes another land fort (small) called the Kanakadurga at the base of headland of Harnai port on the coast. Building of the fort is credited to Shivaji, founder of the Maratha Empire, in 1660. Subsequently, Shivaji, other Peshwas and the Angres further fortified the forts for defence purposes. The literal meaning of Suvanadurga is "Golden Fort" as it was considered as the pride or the "feather in the golden cap of Marathas". Built for the Maratha Navy for defence purposes, the fort also had a ship building facility. The basic objective of establishing the fort was to counter enemy attacks, mainly by the colonialists of Europe and also by the local chieftains. In the past, the land fort and the sea fort were connected by a tunnel, but this is now defunct. The present approach to the sea fort is only by boats from the Harnai po ...
Arabian Sea is capable of earthquakes of up to 9.2 magnitude and tsunamis
The whole day wandering the queen of arabian sea.huray.***^$
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News updates : Lca Tejas to get Israeli Missiles soon: SOURCE: IDRW NEWS NETWORK ( INN ) R-73 fired from Tejas on December 7 off the Goa coast in the Arabian Sea. After Successfully Test firing Russian made R-73 infrared seeking air to-air-missile last year towards a Aerial target towed by a pilotless aircraft, Lakshya. ADA and HAL are all set to give major boost to […]
Yes, it can. Just need a massive earthquake in the Arabian sea.
Search of Arabian Sea ends for Marine who jumped from ailing Osprey, paper reports
Oh my Goaaa - Tsunami more prone in Arabian sea, seismic activity increasing -
MT of tsunami in Arabian Sea much higher than prev'ly thot: wd endanger Mumbai &
Here meets Bay of Bengal, arabian sea, and Indian Ocean!
That's it, I'm getting outta Bombay! "Risk of tsunami in the Arabian Sea much higher than anticipated
Risk of a tsunami in the Arabian Sea much higher than previously thought: would endanger Mumbai & many other cities
If you can't put up with majority go & drown yourself in Arabian sea.It is shameful that you pseudo secularists are born as Hindu.
As nationalism will grow in country with Modiji's keen initiatives, Congress will automatically slip into Arabian Sea .
The Western Ghats in India rise like a wall between the Arabian Sea and the heart of the subcontinent to the eas...
News on Pakistan TV. Water & presence of Whales & Sharks found on Moon. News on BBC. Satellite launched by Pakistan found in …
(Air Force Times) Crewmember missing after MV-22 mishap in Arabian Sea: The Navy and Marine Corps ar...
Beat the heat and go on an adventure as you in the blue waters of the Arabian Sea besides the
The idea of a rail network was first thought of in 1847, with the possibility of Karachi becoming a major seaport. Sir Henry Edward Frere, who was appointed as the Commissioner of Sindh, sought permission from Lord Dalhousie to begin a survey for a Karachi Seaport and a survey for a railway line in 1858. The proposed railway line would be laid from Karachi (city) to Kotri. A steamboat service on the Indus and Chenab rivers would connect Kotri to Multan and from there another railway line would be laid to Lahore and beyond. On 13 May 1861, the first railway line was opened to the public, between Karachi and Kotri, with a total length of 169 kilometres (105 mi). A Lahore-Multan 336 kilometres (209 mi) railway line was opened for traffic on 24 April 1865. On 6 October 1876 three bridges on the Ravi, Chenab and Jhelum rivers were completed and a Lahore-Jhelum railway line opened. On 1 July 1878 a Lodhran-Pano Akil 334 kilometres (208 mi) section was inaugurated. By 1885, there were four railway companies oper ...
Shiv Sena posters in Bombay: "Mughal rulers such as Adilshah and Kutbshah tried to invade Maharashtra but lost, who is Amit Shah to challenge us?" One can only pity Uddhav Thackeray's ignorance. Both these dynasties were not of Mughal but Persian in origin. Both were established inspite of the Mughals holding sway in Agra and Delhi. Both were Shia rulers. The Qutb Shah dynasty was established at Golconda by Mohammed Quli Qutb ul Mulk in 1543, when Akbar was the Mughal ruler in Agra. Quli Qutb Shah founded Hyderabad city in 1591, first named Bhagyanagar, after his beloved, the courtesan Bhagmati. She became his queen and was renamed Hyder Mahal and this is how Hyderabad became that. She was his inspiration and his most well known ghazal is widely sung even today: "Piya baaj pyaala piya jaae na Piya baaj ek din jiya jaae na Nahin ishq jis woh baRa kooR hai Kadi usse mil be siya jaae na Qutub Shah na de mujh diwaane ko pan Diwaane ko kuchh pan diya jaae na" Mohammed Adil Shah at the ripe old age of 16 establ ...
Guess this Place.. Its in Pakistan.. :) Ans: Its "Astola Island" [near Pasni Baluchistan 40 km from shore]. Astola is Pakistan's largest offshore island and the only significant offshore island in the northern Arabian Sea.
What do you call a person who got refund from KA RTO when moving out? You can’t name one unless you met one Why Kochi-Mumbai flight is routed over Arabian Sea? If they flew over Karnataka, they will have to pay life time tax Why Vasco Da Gama, after landing in Calicut, went to Goa instead of stopping enroute at Mangalore? That is why he is called a visionary
The melting of the himalaya's..,,the evaporation of the arabian sea...the erosion of the deccan plateau. love for you
December 19, 2013 12:00 am JST Japanese researchers help unravel mystery of the Indus civilization KOJI KAMIYA, Nikkei staff writer TOKYO -- A five-year study by a Japanese research team could change the accepted view of the ancient Indus Valley civilization. Pendantlike artifacts unearthed at the Kanmer ruins dig. Unicorns can be seen on the artifacts, which researchers think may have served as a type of passport. Courtesy of Toshiki Osada The study found that thousands of years ago, several cities in the Indus Valley, in what is today Pakistan and India, created a trade network that became a multicultural, multilingual civilization, and not a society founded on centralized authoritarian rule as previously believed. Many characteristics of this ancient civilization can be seen today in societies of southern Asia, and these links between the ancient and the modern are arousing researchers' interest. The fresh image of the Indus civilization is being painted by a team of researchers led by Professor Emerit ...
.slavery is a barrier not freedom. Wadera shahi has to be finished now. Ppl will throw all of them in Arabian Sea
bury this cruel feudal system into Arabian Sea
Southernmost tip of India, is confluence of Indian Ocean, Arabian Sea & Bay of Bengal.
Answer by to Why is Kochi called the Queen of the Arabian Sea?
. Ha ha... What a joke. Ur frnd really believed these thugs.!!. Now throw it in Arabian sea!!.
Bhutto had little to do with it, it had started long ago with the "Pakistan's satellite in Arabian Sea" jokes
A very good morning View of the Arabian sea from my stay
Algae blooms, like a noir leading lady, are both beautiful and deadly.
Pakistan claims "Fishes and planets found on Mars" . Breaking news - Satellite launched by Pakistan found in Arabian sea!
Unlimited Calling US/Canada phone service
USS Philippine Sea launches a Tomahawk cruise missile in the Arabian Gulf. Target ? headquarters in !...
. PTV: *** satellite has landed in pics of water on Mars! BBC: Wreckage of *** satellite floating in Arabian sea
still it came so far till Arabian sea dal lake was near than that..
Pakistan's space programme is way advanced than Indias. They once launched a satellite which managed to send pics from bottom of Arabian Sea
Request Indian voters to throw all Congress politicos into Arabian sea.
Don't Indian voters hv guts to throw these *** into Arabian sea!!
Sanjay Nirupam get drown in Arabian Sea for enslaving INC by Sonia, what was MMS the puppet PM doing when scam were happening
Land of the Arabian nights, where desert and mountains meet the sea -
PTV News-. Presence of water & whales,sharks found on Mars by Pakistani satelite. BBC News-. Satelite launchd by Pakistan f…
Arabian Sea in back ground.Sound of waves was very loud.Felt water & water everywhere
PakTV announced "Pak satellite found water & salt in Jupiter" mean while in BBC: "Pakistan satellite launch failure ended in ARABIAN sea"
Enjoy the revitalizing experience of eating with fresh ingredients & seafood straight from the Arabian Sea
''Water and presence of whales found on mars by pakistani satellite''.''Pakistani satellite found in Arabian Sea''
BREAKING NEWS. Pakistan Space Agency finds existence of fishes and water on Mars!BBC reports Pakistani Space Craft crash…
A beautiful shot of Emirates Palace reflecting off the Sea. Have a great
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After india's successful mars orbit mission,pakistan lauched a satelite on to mars,aftr 2mins dere satelite found in sau…
Indian media: India has discovered water on Mars. BBC: Indian satellite for Mars crashed into Arabian Sea :D .
Nick Name of Important Place:- Golden City. Amritsar Manchester of India. Ahmedabad City of seven islands. Mumbai Sorrow of Bengal. Damoda river Sorrow of Bihar. Kosi River Blue Mountains. Nilgiri Queen of Arabian Sea. Kochi Space City. Bengaluru Garden City of India. Bengaluru Silicon valley of India... Bengaluru Electronic City of India... Bengaluru Pink City .Jaipur Gateway of India. Mumbai Twin City. Hyderabad..Sikandarabad City of festivals .Mudurai Deccan Queen .Pune City of Buildings. Kolkata Dakshin Ganga. Godavari Old Ganga. Godavari Egg bowls of Asia. Andhra Pradesh Soya region. Madhya Pradesh Manchester of the South. Coimbator City of Nawabs. Lucknow Venice of the east. Kochi Queen of the Mountains. Mussoorie (Uttarkhand) Sacred river. Ganga Hollywood of India. Mumbai City of Castles. Kolkata State of five rivers. Punjab City of weavers. Panipat City of lakes. Srinagar Steel city of India. Jamshedpur (called Tatanagar) City of Temples. Varanasi Manchester of the north. Kanpur City of Rallies. N ...
Republic of the Maldives in the Indian Ocean–Arabian Sea area, Maldive Islands
I mean, all I'd have to do is sail across the Arabian Sea and then over the Indian Ocean and I'd be in Australia !
Waking up at dawn in Ras al-Jinz to release baby green turtles into the Arabian Sea was one of the most memora...
India Visit * India (Listeni/ˈɪndiə/), officially the Republic of India (Bhārat Gaṇarājya),[12][c] is a country in South Asia. It is the seventh-largest country by area, the second-most populous country with over 1.2 billion people, and the most populous democracy in the world. Bounded by the Indian Ocean on the south, the Arabian Sea on the south-west, and the Bay of Bengal on the south-east, it shares land borders with Pakistan to the west;[d] China, Nepal, and Bhutan to the north-east; and Burma and Bangladesh to the east. In the Indian Ocean, India is in the vicinity of Sri Lanka and the Maldives; in addition, India's Andaman and Nicobar Islands share a maritime border with Thailand and Indonesia.Information World Picture & All in formation .
The Lord Ganesh statue is found at the Arabian sea around 13000 yrs back statue..
Young boys carry an idol of god for immersion into the Arabian Sea as part of the fe...
Mapping Karachi's coast and the Arabian sea! Bachon se Tabdili workshop at Mohatta Palace Museum with children from Government Primary Boys School Shireen Jinnah Colony.
ZB is nostalgia.Billions gallon of water fall in Arabian sea after his death.Let's move forward & not prisoner of past
ONGC on 29 August 2014 announced to invest 5219 crore rupees for the production of Daman gas fields in the Arabian Sea.
US Coast Guard and Iran tussle over incident in Arabian Sea.
V sud welcome them; @ d same time dump ppl not like India & burns it flag & shout Pak Jindabad in Arabian sea.
Therefore I demand, throw them all in Arabian sea.
is this news ?it is like telling arabian sea is to the west of India. News batao yaar,yeh sab to janata jaanti hai.
will be investing Rs.5219 crore to enhance natural gas and condensate production in its Tapti Daman Block in Arabian Sea.
GCDA’s laser show to have novel theme: A fairytale with the Queen of Arabian Sea emerging to take two child to...
"you know it's locked under a lake? Maybe even Lake Tahoe 😌" its either between Arabian sea or the Mediterranian
Repost from rakanalem vSunset over the Arabian Sea.
"Maybe your future husband is on a cruise in the middle of the Arabian Sea?" Will Burgess, age 8 Thanks Will 😱
Science Lesson for Bob. The Arabian Sea is WATER on which you can put a SHIP. Iraq has a PORT there. Ports are for ships.
Geography lesson for Bob: Iraq has ports on the Arabian Sea. Please learn to use a map.
Arabian Peninsula split from Africa, creating the Red Sea . Spain also was once a part of the African plate.
Dive into waters of Arabian sea & get feel of the waters,see the corals,vibrant aquatic life with fishes,turtles & whatnot
Sailing and surfing at Kadmat Island & Kavaratti,amazing views of the Arabian Sea,beautiful beaches lined with coconut trees
Throw a lucky man in the sea, and he will come up with a fish in his mouth. ~ Arabian Proverb
India’s ONGC to invest in Daman development in Arabian Sea
India’s ONGC to invest $864.5 million in Daman development in Arabian Sea
Sir, There is lot of OIL & GAS in Arabian Sea & Bay of Bengal. But we do not hv technology to extract. Get it from Japan.
The Sheikh's Ransomed Bride. When researching an ancient sunken ship in the Arabian Sea, Belle is kidnapped by rebels and confined on a sm...
Sick of Pak Politics, Put all these Poltcnz in a container and drop in Arabian Sea.
Entire Western Ghats covered with monsoon clouds. Arabian sea has been generous.
He allowed Dwaraka get submerged by Arabian Sea
- he is a known mental case. Should be thrown into arabian sea. How can he write such trash while being hindu.
Arabian Sea- The Arabian Sea is a region of the northern Indian Ocean bounded on the north by Pakistan and Iran, on the southwest by northeastern Somalia, on the east by India, and on the west by the Arabian Peninsula. Some of the ancient names of this body of water include Sindhu Sagar (meaning "Sea of Sindh" in Sanskrit) and Erythraean Sea. The Arabian Sea's surface area is about 3,862,000 km2 (1,491,130 sq mi).[2] The maximum width of the Sea is approximately 2,400 km (1,490 mi), and its maximum depth is 4,652 metres (15,262 ft). The biggest river flowing into the Sea is the Indus River. The Arabian Sea has two important branches — the Gulf of Aden in the southwest, connecting with the Red Sea through the strait of Bab-el-Mandeb; and the Gulf of Oman to the northwest, connecting with the Persian Gulf. There are also the gulfs of Cambay and Kutch on the Indian coast. 17th century map depicting the locations of the Periplus of the Erythraean Sea The countries with coastlines on the Arabian Sea are Soma ...
About to start my Arabian Sea swim and look what walks between my feet! [Pic
Mohan Bhagwat declares "All the fishes in Hind Mahasagar are Hindus including those that migrated from the Arabian Sea and BoB.
Exceptionally clear day over the North Arabian Sea.
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