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Arab Strap

Arab Strap were an indie rock band from Falkirk, Scotland that consisted of core members Aidan Moffat and Malcolm Middleton.

Aidan Moffat Frightened Rabbit

Selling 2 x Tickets for TRUE NORTH: ARAB STRAP @ The Tivoli Theatre 08/09/17 Aberdeen for £30.Seats are in stalls area that's now sold out.
Brand-new. Rolex 116599tbr. Daytona White Gold Diamond Strap Arab. Please contact us for…
And Public Service Broadcasting Ohhh and Arab Strap. So many. Have a good one. 👍🏼
A bit like Xmas Eve, except there may be midgies, sunstroke and Arab Strap.
is Richard Dawson supporting Arab Strap in Aberdeen next week?
Any idea what time Frightened Rabbit are likely to finish on Friday, and Arab Strap on Saturday ?
You only need that and boy with the Arab strap
Got 2 tickets for that we can no longer use - £140 for both, individual ticket is £110 - Arab Strap…
Yeah, I was 19 and at Uni. It's weird, everytime I think of something (Add N to X, Arab St…
Sounds of Summer-The Festival Show 103.5fm. Playing-The First Big Weekend by Arab Strap who'll play…
Tickets going fast for Arab Strap. Get yours now innit.
We've released a final seats for Arab Strap at the Tivoli. We're expecting this show to sell out shortly so get in quick!
Remember when I asked you what an Arab Strap was?! LOL
Off to !?. If you're a fan of Mogwai, Arab Strap, Franz don't miss screening Sep 1s…
Now playing: Belle & Sebastian The Boy With The Arab Strap - get the 23 Indie radio player app - see for details.
That fox is so sick of her playing The Boy with the Arab Strap.
Then the Scottish guy started talking and she said is this an Arab Strap song?!
Arab Strap are good because they make you feel like a mad *** and a burst balloon at the same time.
Enjoyed Arab Strap and Rascalton makes me want to go to Electric Fields
Now to move on to something quicker. Slightly. Trail of dead 'will you smile again'. Then I think piglet by Arab strap
Hoping for some Arab Strap vinyl reissues. Especially The Red Thread which I used to listen to a lot.
Love Detective by Arab Strap is sublime. The bass, the bass. Feels like you are going on a walk.
earworm, The Boy With The Arab Strap by B&S, anyone who hears it will whistle the tune all day!
Iraqi militias 'lock civilians in cages and strap them to car bonnets' in torture campaign en route to Mosul -
any: Everything but the girl, Calexico, Low Roar, The Lumineers, Arab Strap, Scribe
New Birds by Arab Strap from the album Philophobia
A list of movers and shakers written by some Arab Strap fans who like lists of things. You're well out of it, mate.
ARAB STRAP FANS! 2016 tour merch – including an apron and a blindfold! – are on sale here:
included with the Arab Strap. I've got one in your downloaded items list in account management, I think. Oh, it's Max Payne
alô natalie de how i met your mother. alô summer de 500 days of summer. sai dessa de the boy with the arab strap
You were laid on your back with the boy from the Arab strap
2/2...try Mustard Fields by Talvin Singh or Mustard by Arab Strap
I've only just taken the time to google what is an "arab strap" and it's quite coloured an otherwise twee afternoon.
surely Arab Strap & The Pastels should have went through.
Listening to Arab Strap on a rail replacement bus on my way home from a weekend in Edinburgh. Feeling thoroughly Scottish tonight.
they're playing The Boy With the Arab Strap in this bar and I'm nostalgic for British indie discos, shoot me
.. the second is Arab Strap - First Big weekend of the Summer. . Should I be proud or concerned?
no-I mean choose between arab strap and the pastels ;)
apart from politics memes I also run & I wrote this review of a very special show
Keep doing research strap...every small inferior Arab backed club will have their fun in the desert pissing…
Total agree about Arab Strap's return. Hope they make it to the states 🍻
"The thing with Tinder is you can't tell how someone smells." 20 years on, Arab Strap's live return feels necessary…
It appears the title for their third LP (The Boy With the Arab Strap) was a game-time decision for
It was an absolute joy to work with Arab Strap on their 20th anniversary reunion shows a couple…
Arab Strap- the Red Thread. Revisiting this excellent album.
speaking of cover/tribute albums, have you heard the Spacemen3 one? Mogwai, Arab Strap etc.
Their are new Helmet, Lou Barlow, Nada Surf & Arab Strap records out today. What year is it again?
True story: the plane last night was playing The Boy With The Arab Strap over the PA as we took off
I was belting out soundtrack to keep awake on the drive home from MCR Arab Strap gig. Open slot at Dunfy folk club beckons! :-)
they played space song followed by feels like we only go backwards, l8r followed by boy w the arab strap at Blaze they knew I was coming !!!
Forgot how banging the boy with the Arab strap is
I've opted for an Arab strap and a nappy
on Vic Galloway's show on BBC Radio Scotland tonight. Not sure when.. Arab Strap requests upcoming though!
I'm going to Arab Strap at Electric Brixton in London, United Kingdom - Oct 13
love Delgados, Arab Strap & Buffalo Tom but think Saint Etienne will win so I'll stick£100 on them.
'High with our friends, its officially summer ', Are Arab Strap quoting us?
The Boy with the Arab Strap is the third album from the Scottish indie pop band Belle & Sebastian.
LULULEMON green double strap bra top sz 10
Reckon Arab Strap are overdue a young band coming along and stealing their thing.
Here we have a young Arab Strap protesting a Guinness ad that used a version of First Big … htt…
The mighty Arab Strap in the In masks. As you do. Thanks Jaffa, for pic.
100 of the 90s No Sebadoh, Arab Strap, Body exit mind by New Fads or Dirty by Sonic youth. Not to mention Black Love afghan whigs
Proust, salade grecque, The Boy with the Arab Strap et un chat.
Just realised the boy with the Arab strap is highly sexual. An Arab strap is a *** ring, and it talks about wanking.
fell into an uneasy sleep other nite listening to The Boy w/ the Arab Strap on repeat & I would wake up every 45 minutes to Space Boy Dream
Don't really like the word groove, but *** if I couldn't listen to the groove of "the boy with the arab strap" all day. Aaaall day.
That's me telt, I think I always conflated them wi arab strap and the other cheery types.:-)
Boy With The Arab Strap is probably my number 1!
I've been listening to Arab Strap records all afternoon and now I'm concerned I will drop the c-bomb on the next person I speak to at work.
Been enjoying music from Neutral Milk Hotel, Arab Strap, Cat Power and Mountain Goats today. Feeling somewhat subdued as a result!
I bloody love this video -Belle & Sebastian - The Boy with the Arab Strap live via
Arab strap is my least favorite album by b&s .-.
just imagine seeing bright eyes and arab strap together though I would have c r i e d
Arab Strap really are one of my favorites in the world
I think Arab Strap got mad at Belle & Sebastian over "The Boy with the Arab Strap"
My wife claims to have never heard that Arab Strap song. Surely I used to play it all the time? Bizzare.
Contention: The Boy with the Arab Strap is the only song where the use of recorders form acceptable music.
Color my life with the chaos of trouble @ The Boy With The Arab Strap-…
Rightly! But whatever, Arab Strap are the best.
I just want to know who proposed the Dog Man Star and Arab Strap so we can be best friends.
Glasgow indie scene for twenty years now. Mogwai played many early gigs there's. Arab Strap reformed...
for some reason I'm just seeing this.. I don't think I know that version but I love Arab Strap. I'll check it out. Thanks.
Walkin thru philly no strap ice on... block party!
Jim your listening to some fine tunes today. Boy with the Arab strap by Belle and Sebastian is my favourite album by them.
Agreed + The Boy with the Arab Strap :) Their old stuff is so much better.
After seeing Bill Wells & Aidan Moffat last week, currently rediscovering their back catalogues back to Arab Strap.
I always knew my life would become more like an Arab Strap song than it was, but I didn't realise I'd be on the wrong side of it.
right: . Arab Strap: Packs of Three. Aidan Moffat: Glasgow Jubilee. My Bloody Valentine: Only Shallow. That'll clear the place...
The Boy With The Arab Strap from is probably my most favourite chill album from a band of my generation
The Week Never Starts Round Here by Arab Strap is a pretty ace album
Also, tracks by David Bowie, Viet Cong, Angel Olsen, Arab Strap, The Divine Comedy, Public Enemy and more. 8pm on 96.5fm in Kansas City.
Whits that? Is it like an Arab Strap for cockless ***
and the Arab Strap video chosen for the piece? There's yer starters again ;-)
the only Belle & Sebastian song I "like" is The Boy With The Arab Strap, probably because they play it constantly on Classic College Radio.
What makes a blah morning better? Dancing to Belle & Sebastian's "Boy With The Arab Strap" with my baby boy strapped to my back, giggling.
been looking at your U.S. Setlists. Please keep legal man &Arab strap for Buxton gig. Such great songs.
"Colour My Life with the Chaos of Trouble".:: @ 🎶The Boy with the Arab Strap/Belle & Sebastian
Our Bowlie clip this week is another classic from the band's live set, The Boy With The Arab Strap
Caught humming along to The Boy with the Arab Strap today. Just thought people should know that.
When Boy with the Arab Strap comes on and you pretend you can whistle in tune
I dunno lol, I guess not. maybe someone else stole the name from arab strap.
is a like an Arab Strap when you're in the sitting down position?
Now Playing on WNR: Belle and Sebastian - The Boy With the Arab Strap - Click to listen to WNR:
So you want new suggestions? Can I vote for The Boy With The Arab Strap?
The Last Romance was the first Arab Strap album I heard and it's probably still my favourite. Even above Philophobia. Maybe.
Go listen to the Life Pursuit and the Boy with the Arab Strap RIGHT NOW. Go go go. Run, don't walk!
PerfectMatch - Fall In Love Today
A first for me today, found one of our albums at a car boot sale. Blow softened somewhat as i also saw an Arab Strap one.
yeaaa in 4 weeks we will be singing along to The Boy with the Arab Strap and loving life!
The Boy with the Arab Strap -Belle and Sebastian. This is probably my favourite song for so many things.
Bir oynatma listesine video ekledim: The Boy With The Arab Strap - Belle and Sebastian
from a recent press release: Low with Slowdive at Ace Hotel. RIYL Arab Strap. Really? Like, really really?
Here's the 1996 summary and final list: 1996 This is the first year for a while when all 45 slots have not been used up and also the only year when only 2 songs got two separate nominations (the eclectic Eels and the even more eclectic Arab Strap). Getting tired folks? Thanks to John Yates for the appropriate 'Born in 69' What was going on? Maybe not such a good year for music particularly if the 'highlight' was The Who to reform to play at the first Princes Trust concert - things would go well for the Who for the rest of the decade but the introduction of broadband and the wider spread of the internet to meet 'specialty interest' got for them in the end. 1996 was the year of Euro 96; Baddiel and Skinner on TV, Three Lions and England actually doing well. We got to the semi final against Germany and Shearer got us ahead until some Kunst called Stefan equalised and Gazza just failed to score the 'Golden Goal' to lead us to the pain of Southgate's penalty. Klinsmann's Germany beat the Czech republic in the ...
Was whistling to myself a lot at work today except every song kept morphing into the Star Wars theme. 9 to 5 into Star Wars. Ring of Fire into Star Wars. Boy With the Arab Strap into Star Wars. Living For the City into Star Wars. On and on it went.
tomorrow it's The Boy with the Arab Strap and Village Green Preservation Society.
Arab Strap or Malcolm Middleton is always good.
Managed to get compared to a member of Arab Strap while in Berlin, as celebrated by this photo
She is eye candy the girl with the arab strap :p
Spoken word on an Arab Strap album. Imagine
Yeah, but will it have a sndtrk by Maybe Arab Strap? Or even
That was Aidan Moffat guesting, but I know what you mean. You should listen to Arab Strap too!
Arab Strap is the best drunk in bed music/hangover in bed music.
2012 Miche Year-End Clearance - Up to 75% off Select Styles!
Listening to some Arab Strap on Youtube. Picking up some top wedding night tips from one fan...
B&S Special at The Phoenix on Oct 19. It's Boy With The Arab Strap this year.
.be nice to hear Boy with Arab Strap from Teachers or an A Team / Airwolf / Knight Rider montage Liz
3C recent music acquisition reviews: Man Man - On Oni Pond - Philadelphia indie-art duo struck a chord; disturbed and catchy, in the running for my record of the year! Harlem - Hippies - Trashy, broken, lo-fi, art punk stuff from a few years ago sets the table for an attitude day. Thao and the Get Down Stay Down - We Are Common - A few tracks are over produced for her style; but this is a terrific band. The Sonics - Here Are The... - The song from the beer commercial is only the start - greatness sixties garage rock! George Duke - Greatest Hits - Recently passed away, 70s funk and soul icon. Break out your wah-pedal. Surfer Bloods - Pythons - No as riff-heavy as I expected. Hasn't caught me. Sonic Youth - Washing Machine - Diamond Sea is one of their classics. Slowdive - souvlaki - A memory trip down slowcore lane. Lush instrumentation, but those vocals over drenched in reverb. Belle and Sebastian - Boy With the Arab Strap -I like a couple of their other records better, but revisited the early breakthroug ...
I am banging out Arab strap like there is no tomorrow
Working through my Arab Strap collection, onto Turbulence CD single - FFS Bis's mix is top quality ...
Right then, on a mission to find something even more miserable and even more beautiful than Arab Strap.
If you like The National, you might just love The Red Thread by Arab Strap.
Can anyone make misery more beautiful than Arab Strap? We'll probably find out later
I always felt sorry for the boy with the arab strap. I often wonder if managed to get a girlfriend in the end.
at least you didn't say you were a boy with an Arab strap!!!
Lovers' carvings by Bibio is up there with The Boy With The Arab Strap by as a song that cannot help but make you feel better
Had bags of time to get some 'Tracks' submission to Got distracted discussing Arab Strap on here. Now battling with deadline.
It's also a rare moment where the sex-obsessed mask slips and reveals a more human side to Arab Strap. 'Mad For Sadness' version is stunning
Can't think of a more immersive piece of storytelling than Arab Strap's 'New Birds'. Always find it mesmerising
Shop The Bradford Exchange Online for Patriotic 9/
Mogwai, Biff and Fanclub for me. Notable mentions to Arab Strap, Frabbit and Blue Nile.
Arab Strap Appreciation Society - now accepting members. Look out for us at a bar near you...
I'm always up for an Arab Strap night, a welly hug 'n' pint night
Ha - I think we need a few beers and a music chat. Always thought I was NZ's lone Arab Strap fan!
I certainly do, something about Scottish bands that just makes them better. Heard Arab Strap?
What I'm listening to this week: First up, something old. Belle and Sebastian's third album The Boy with the Arab Strap, a 1997 gem that I'd heard referenced ten thousand times over but never finally listened to until now. Britty folk pop at it's finest. I hear the origins of Snow Patrol's Final Straw years, as well as Gary's Tired Pony stuff, definitely where Mumford would have gained some influence and I'd say they'd have some close ties with the wonderful Elbow as well... Second up, something new. CHVRCHES's debut record The Bones of What You Believe is Scottish electro synth-pop at it's finest. The songwriting is totally solid, and I believe the songs could work across multiple genres, even as classical piano ballards (yes, I think they are that good). The melodies range from subtle to electric and vibrant, and the textural changes from track to track keep things fresh. Good times to be had in expanding my own listening patterns. Also working my way back through The National's catalogue. They are just ...
Indeed, but if I had to choose I'm torn between The Boy With The Arab Strap and Dear Catastrophe Waitress.
I second all of this joyful excellence. Arab Strap is an absolute classic, especially with wine.
Everyone needs to listen to more Belle and Sebastian, especially The Boy with the Arab Strap
Mixtape time? The dude from Arab Strap remixed Disney movie music into this weird mixtape.
writing a story set in the 90s means lots of googling to find out if I can include the things I want to include, or "what do you mean belle and sebastian's the boy with the arab strap wasn't released until 1998"
You're the boy with the Arab strap.
The Boy With the Arab Strap de Belle and Sebastian en Deezer -
This afternoon is Arab Strap afternoon. Ten Years of Tears.
Belle& Sebastian and Arab Strap? Only missing Afghan Whigs... Not huge fan but certainly aware of their work.
Tablet insurance available.  Get yours today!
Snap snap to Boy with the Arab Strap @ Celebrate Brooklyn!/Prospect Park Bandshell
Yearbook quotes are always the perfect way to catch a glimpse into the psyche of your 18-year-old self. Oh, you thought "The Boy with the Arab Strap" was the height of poetry? Did that Mahatma Gandhi quote you read in your world history book move you to the point that you always want to be remembere...
I've always had back luck with trade-offs for concerts. Back in 2003, I had to sit through Bright Eyes to see Arab Strap. Then in 2005, I had to sit through Oberst again to see The Faint in Germany. Now, in the worst trade-off of all, I'm contemplating sitting through She & Him so that I can see Camera Obscura. Is it even worth it?
We chatted to Aiden Moffat formerly of Arab Strap, at Neu! Reekie! 31. Check it out here!...
Formerly one half of Arab Strap, frequent collaborator with various artists throughout Scotland, and lyrical powerhouse, Aidan Moffat speaks to us as he
If these Scotsmen fail to bum me out to the appropriate level, I can always escalate to Arab Strap.
Im doing the Arab Strap bit, but replacing beer with Southern Comfort on the rocks. Im drifting to a happy place.
i dont have a `chosen genre`. Tonight`s motorway playlist was Nick Cave, Lonnie Donegan and Arab Strap.
A fantastic Scottish band with an equally fantastic new album, 'Honestly, This World'. With members of Admiral Fallow, Frightened Rabbit and Arab Strap makin...
We’ve got a wonderfully wacky track for you today. Download RM Hubbert's ‘Sunbeam Melts The Hour’ in Studio Master for free at Reacquainting with old friends and making new ones, RM Hubbert’s eclectically experimental and spontaneous 2nd album exudes the spirit of Christmas. Collaborating with close friends including Franz Ferdinand's Alex Kapranos, Emma *** of The Delgados and ex- Arab Strap front man Aidan Moffat, ‘Thirteen Lost & Found’ has been praised by MOJO as ‘emotionally gripping’ and ‘morose, delicate and beautiful’ by Clash Magazine. Download in the highest Studio Master quality and let RM Hubbert surprise and excite you.
Malcolm Middleton: solo artist who was once one half of Arab Strap
I've got an Arab Strap at home - William Hague gave it to me. He used to use it to beat Seb Coe's bare buttocks in sessions
Since when has Ian Beale been a member of Arab Strap?
Just tried to find a Gladys Knight song on YouTube but instead found the Arab Strap cover which I'd forgotten about. (
I bet Alex Salmond cranks up the Arab Strap when he's cruising round Paisley in his Strathcarron.
This year I am mostly celebrating the jubilee by playing Arab Strap records, drinking gin, and writing 2000 words on a Magnetic Fields song
Cheap CD purchases from the clearance racks at Rasputin Records in Concord: Aimee Mann - Bachelor No. 2; Belle & Sebastian - The Boy with the Arab Strap; Tori Amos - Boys for Pele; Tori Amos - Little Earthquakes. I had a few mp3s from each of these but it's nice to have the legit albums. I felt like I was traveling back in time by buying CDs at a store.
Pret on Trafalgar Square is playing "The Boy With the Arab Strap". Great song, but not a great lunchtime image...
Music Feature: Human Don't Be Angry: Malcolm Middleton. Dissecting his new group, songwriting and Egyptology with the Arab Strap legend.
Favourite songs are either Can't Stand Me Now(Libertines), Waterfall (Stone Roses), Heroin( Velvet Underground) or Boy with the Arab Strap
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