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Arab Spring

The Arab Spring (literally the Arabic Rebellions or the Arab Revolutions) is a revolutionary wave of demonstrations and protests occurring in the Arab world that began on Saturday, 18 December 2010. To date, rulers have been forced from power in Tunisia, Egypt, Libya, and Yemen; civil uprisings have erupted in Bahrain and Syria; major protests have broken out in Algeria, Iraq, Jordan, Kuwait, Morocco, and Oman; and minor protests have occurred in Lebanon, Mauritania, Saudi Arabia, Sudan, and Western Sahara.

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Aljazeera has been one of the most channels that covered the Arab spring , it's lo…
A grim trend in Tunisia: “I wanted to burn myself because I was burning inside. I wanted to die this way.”
"Arab children, spring rain, corn ears of the future, you are the generation that will overcome defeat." -Nizar Qabbani
Frustration at failed promise of the Arab Spring spawns tide of self-immolations in Tunisia. http…
Self-immolations show "lingering injustice" in Tunisia. But IMO also shows failure of & secular left.
Wikileaks documents reveal role in Arab Spring revolutions .
The self-immolation of a Tunisian vendor set off the Arab Spring. 7 years later, the act has become commonplace.
“This kind of suicide stands more as a dissenting attitude toward the post-revolution society”
And Obama bombed somewhere in the Middle East every 20 min for 8 years - Arab Spring genocide - such a great puppet https…
Omar Sharif Jr. fled Egypt/Arab Spring(death) so he could speak in NYC to hate on Trump? Did Trump threaten him in Egypt?Omar is safe in NYC
The nation of Pres. Reagan,Bishop Reagan,George Bush,Rockefeller is now the defender of Arab Spring, Whitehelmets, "Rebel Partners" in Syria
The Math That Predicted the Arab Spring - The Math that Explains the World - VICE Video via
during the so-called Arab Spring. At issue is whether Saudi royals can sustain this calm as the government slashes fuel subsidies
Nope! We saw what happened in the Arab Spring. They got a worse government. NO THANK YOU! I am…
shame bout Arab Spring but u didn't get vlad nor bushy Jnr just dr David jelly who should b kelly queen rolled lmao prince will
I wonder if other countries in the world see our election and what's happening as an "American Arab Spring"…
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Monarchies coming through the other side of the Arab Spring more confident than ever h/t
Bringing Stories to the Streets: the Power of Theatre in the Middle East
Are they, what about the power of people. Americans were fascinated with the Arab Spring. Well...
Thanks for the encouragement - USA Arab spring sounds great to me...
You know.. Assad gunned down protesters broad daylight during the arab spring. Assad's aggression has seen chemical warfare.
I think u will see a USA Arab spring soon, its the only way this madness has to end, GOP cowards t…
So there was big population in also big draught also there was arab spring
Kuwait's PM gives interview days after grilling in parliament. Calls Arab Spring an "illusion."
‘I was terribly wrong’- writers look back at the Arab spring five years on(2016)
Bahrain. Identical "Arab spring" that was put down by killing and torturing the rebelliou…
documentary on the iPlayer about the current state of the world that talks about some of this stuff,…
Clinton, Kerry, Obama. Arab spring, red lines, jobs for terrorists. these all the same…
AND OFCOURSE THE TRAIN BOMBINGS RECENTLY ! People forget the horrors and the connections to the A…
Guess they don't want another Arab Spring
My article on the Arab Spring is now published: "Turkey’s Role in the Arab Spring and the Syrian Conflict"
This was during Arab Spring and there are so angry that Bush invaded Iraq that they aren't on al Qaeda's side as al Qaeda affiliate . etc.
Celebrated Egyptian author Mohammad Rabie will be here Thursday for a talk "Dystopian Narratives in Post-Ara…
Tomorrow is now today! Come along to hear about UN peacekeeping post Arab spring
Check my interview and my new serie in Tunisia for :
I am the cause of all the sufferings that the syrians are facing, I am the philosopher of the arab spring Aya Ben Ghachem
Ahead of THE WAR SHOW opening on Friday, we picked 10 essential docs about the Arab Spring. On the Dochouse blog: http…
The Arab Spring truly foreshadowed the situation. To not feel skeptical of the narrative is a d…
And some interesting info about the "Arab Spring.". Or has everybody forgotten that?💆🏾. How fortunate for them.
Hmm, I guess that depends on what foregin occupational programs result. Arab spring, lybia…
I wonder how many people died as result of her arms deals with the midd…
There was the Arab Spring, now its time for the American Spring. Millions marching in every city on the same day against Trump.
That was your last chance and you blew it, HRC. . You wanted to be a Dem-hawk, and embraced the 'Arab Sprin…
The guy sunk millions into NAMBLA and HAMAS and Billions funding the arab spring. SOROS is anti-semitic, not his critics.
For consistency sake where did you stand on impeaching Barry for using IRS as a weapon, support of Ara…
no bombing in African unitl your uncle Obama became prezi and removed and disrup…
I'll never forget Obama, after the Arab spring, saying to the MB.. I'm one of you!😡
But you said that U.S. intervening in the Arab Spring was a bad idea.
Institutions as Causes and Effects: North African Electoral Systems during the Arab Spring: Carey, John M.; Masoud,…
Young men, disposable people, their Arab spring was short.
nothing like a good Arab Spring and pulling all the troops out can't beat it
Obama and Clinton armed and created Isis with their Arab spring. Russians are working with USA to get rid of ISIS. WAPO is fake news
To anyone who thinks its sounds crazy, remember that these people specialize in overthrowing government…
what if the ending of Halo 3 took place during the arab spring
Western media was gloating how people demanded freedom in Arab Spring, but ignored how politicians in the West slowly t…
If anyone dies from fast and furious. If anyone dies from Iranian Nukes.…
Obama supported these A-holes...he was P.O'd when there was an Egyptian military coup after the "Arab Spring" (...
The template revolutions of old does not work in the modern era. Dumb crumb apes. The Arab spring exactly who did it benefit, what purpose?
*Special Offer*: Get 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed Cyber Shield when using on all post-Arab Spring online political commentary!!
During the so-called Arab Spring demonstrations in Tahrir Square, Christian and Muslim Egyptians peacefully coexisted.
We need a "Occupy Wall Street" or "Arab Spring" type occupation of Washington DC until the pumpkin colored man-chi…
Seriously, how do we demand? One model, I guess, is Arab Spring, or Vene…
Former Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak freed after 6 years in prison following his overthrow during the Arab Spring
"I don't like the word Arab Spring. It takes away from the power of what it really is." Jamal Abdul-Karim speaks…
Did US fund Arab Spring, then turn on it when expedient? Same year DOJ & Homeland Security swept Occupy off streets. https:…
U.S. interventions in the Middle East and the vaunted Arab Spring have proved to be pure *** for Arab Christians.
Steve Bannon replaced on the National Security Council by Rick Perry, a man who thinks Arab Spring is a Saudi deodorant.
When there were protests here during the Arab Spring, I toyed with 'Maidan at-Tarf-al-Gharb' for Trafalgar Square.
Did Putin compare the protests against Trump to the Arab Spring? Or is he admitting that he's more of a Mubarak than an elected president?
In 2011,what became known as the Arab Spring revolts toppled Tunisian President Zine El Abidine Ben Ali and Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak
I report from Tahrir Sq - first EU politician to get to the Arab Spring - as Mubarak fell to a hopeful Egypt: & now?
6 years ago Arab Spring came to Egypt -- and Mubarak fell
Former Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak is free. A look back at the Arab Spring protests that led to his ouster
Hosni Mubarak, Egypt's ex-president, freed after he was cleared of murdering protesters in 2011 Arab Spring protests. https…
Syria was one of the safest countries in the world and FREE of Al-Qaeda/ISIS terrorism before Obama's "Arab Spring" set ever…
How has social media changed in the Middle East since the Arab Spring?
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And credit the Arab Spring, downfall of Mubarack, death of Quaddafi, Syrian disaster to Ob…
. Seeing what all was happening in the region on the name of Arab Spring, Syrian Govt messed up its…
not so long ago (think Arab Spring) social media was seen as the public forum for the voiceless. what changed?
A series of color revolutions of the Arab Spring caused the global migration tsunami.
Arab Spring was Obama's and Hillary's screwup by backing Muslim Brotherhoods Morsi...
Incredible story on the Arab Spring on its 6th Anniversary. Lesson for the west today. Hope Springs Eternal. . .
Hopefully this won't end the way similar popular movements have ended (see Arab Spring, Yeltsin on a tank, Tienanmen square).
Once there was the Arab Spring, this is the American Winter 👍
All countries involved in the Arab Spring and Arab Winter should be included in the temporary ban from the U.S.
Fun fact for football (⚽️) fans: FIFA awarded the 2022 World Cup to Qatar two weeks before the Arab Spring kicked off.
Isn't this about the time Arab Spring started? American Winter now.
There was the Arab there is the United States Winter.
Who knew in 2011 that the Arab Spring would turn to tne American Winter
None of us is certain about the outcome of the Arab Spring.
. In Iran, Iraq, Syria.. Any Christian caught in the path of the Arab Spring..
Islamism after the Arab Spring: Between the Islamic State and the nation-state vía
Remembering Tunisia and the Arab Spring's unfortunate failure.
"Building Pluralistic and Inclusive States Post-Arab Spring" presented by | htt…
Extraordinary picture shows ‘Berlin terror trucker arriving with other migrants on Italian island in 2011’
Some good points here by a scholar who actually got into Syria, especially if you are on the left and soft on Assad.
The ''Making of'' the so called Arab Spring
I liked a video from Thom Connects the Dots Between Climate Change and the Arab Spring
you need to lead & stop this movement to overthrow government and cause civil war w/30 mill dead . We don't need an Arab spring here
if the Arab states are overthrown who should replace them. Muslim Brotherhood, Daesh? We have seen the aftermath of the Arab spring.
Are Arab world govts accommodating Islamist political participation? New by &
Spent no money? Reduced the deficit? She probably believes he was scandal free too. W had a 16 year admin? Probably…
This is an incredible insigiht into Syria's civil war / revolution. cc
Counterpunch has always been intoxicated with the idea of an "Arab Spring" -- a concoction of US intellig…
except no, that's now how that went down. The uprisings started during the Arab Spring and were pushed heavily by
6 years on rioting greets president of the Arab Spring's "success story". Tunisia is terrorist breeding ground still
Files: The destruction of has long been a cynical imperial project that pre-dates the Arab Spring: ht…
- PAT CONDELL on the Arab Spring and Barack Hussein Obama via
Remember the huge protests in the Mid-East that were called "Arab Spring?" Coming anti-Trump protests should be known as "American Autumn! "
Introduce your products to Middle Eastern markets this spring & explore business opportunities
Middleeast different than US and it was done in all Arab Spring countries,burning of Police and Baath HQs was done to stop
Now this is what an Arab spring looks like!
It was who pioneered offsite reporting, enabling legions of millennial "experts." Phone now in museum.
Like EU creating wars in Yugoslavia, trying to create a war in Ukraine and bombing N. Africa countries re Arab Spring?
Proud being part of _a_lifetime opportunity to forge US equitable alliance w Muslims. Don't cry the ISIS you created!!
Let Me Be Clear.. lost when she sabotaged orchestrated & No sympathy for her
Let's face it.. Obama's worst problem is being American NOT black. His utter in & is
Everybody remember the excitement in Obama's voice during the Arab Spring? Worldwide Refugee crisis, and multiple civil wars..
AFRICAN SECURITY# It is a wake up call in light of the Arab Spring and return of refugees.
This forgotten civil war killed 2000,000 people and set the tone for the 'Arab Spring'
disappointed you agree more with the Clinton foundation Arab Spring Isis pay 2 play child sex ring then capitalism. . Stay away from USA
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The so called 'Arab Spring' that ended up causing havoc in the Arab world, started with 28 Arab social media blogger sp…
Six years after the Tunisia faces economic problems that are undermining political stability:…
Tunisia: Protests reported in several areas, presidential motorcade forced to reroute,
5 years after the Arab Spring; still protesting for jobs & food. Dumb secular Arabs will never learn.
We need to understand why Russia might behave the way it has. It started with the Arab Spring: My Take
«Our Arab Spring turned into a jihadist Disneyland» at 2014 2011: https:…
Static revolutions? My take on some new books on Egyptian history & the Arab Spring,
Africa Cup of Nations: 'Egypt is here to win,' says Ahmed Elmohamady: For the first time since the Arab Spring --…
Obama speak formal, gave us Arab Spring, basically it cannot get worse
.of proposes smart practical way for US to help Arab Spring's one democratic success.
At first I disagreed with headline, then I read the article: 6 yrs later, Arab Spring may have just begun.
Before the Arab Spring, the Med Union comprised all the countries bordering the Med, and Jordan. Then it was revived but included
US intervention in Syria, from CIA orchestrated coup in '49 to death squads in 'Arab Spring' http…
These al qaeda have been bringing the children to the war , to be blown up and shot by snipers , since the beginning of arab spring marches
- well, think about global governance and the role technology played in events like the Arab Spring, I think it's pretty spot on.
Mr Shafer, the CIA missed the Cuban uprising, the overhrow of the Shah, the fall of communism, the Arab spring...
Met a few Copts from Egypt very proud people. They work arm in arm with their Muslim brothers. Sad Arab Sp…
part of the larger Arab spring project. Mb is but one of the filthy cogs in the strategy.
The instigation of the Arab Spring was a complete mistake unless that is what they wanted to do.
Read Obamas views on colonialism before he became president. It will help u understand why Arab Spring happen
hmmm over seas savages like when Obama helped the Arab Spring or removed Gaddfi and replaced with ISIS?
why is Ali AlNimr & nephew of executed Shia cleric on death row for protesting as 17 year old during Arab spring?
imagine what would have happened if Hillary won=War with Russia, War with Iran, more Arab Spring, more genocide & a Civil War!
fortunately it's much less effective than USA involvement in arab spring
emboldened my the manufactured Arab Spring.
But a Gore post 9/11 would have probably looked like Obama post-Arab Spring. .
is Kenneth 'Arab Spring' Roth claiming Sisi mounted his attack, rather than salafists?
So if the riots start because of will they call it the (Arab spring reference)
When a country is burning- listen to your people not to one man even if that man is powerful Arab Spring
That's cause Libya was a CIA operation to arm "moderate Muslims" for the Arab Spring. Thanx to O, Hilly & McCain
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Who begat a president that would start an Arab Spring Slaughterhouse and impose political correctness?
Recent global events, including the ‘Arab Spring’ uprisings, Occupy movements an... .
I'm sure you also supported HRC and Obama when they basically created the Arab Spring. ***
--not at all--she was the go-to girl for the "Arab spring"- which deposed every secular Muslim leader--except 1-
Next CIC will order destruction of ISIS instead of control & contain. Arab Spring will become Arab Fall.
Lmao are you for real? Those Arab Spring messed up countries? Look at Libya, Egypt, Algeria lmfaoo
I already did, since 2011 when their lies about the fake "Arab Spring" became too outrageous and obvious
Putin would deal with anyone that can keep an Arab spring from happening in Azerbaijan and Georgia
this Arab spring in North America needs round up. Spray that weed and kill it's root..
They lied about WMD in Iraq-Arab Spring-Benghazi etc. Why would we believe anything they say? Ex: IRS-VA-EPA etc.
Overthrowing elections is somewhat of a specialty for this administration, CIA, and Soros. Arab Spring,…
Arab spring nightmare that led to destruction of our countries. Unfortunately Egypt and it's army seems to be their next target.
they only destabilized ME with Arab Spring, bombed and droned people, but
say it in a word : it's the US "arab spring", the Talibans' "revolution" supported by Reagan,Thatcher and Clintons
It might be more of an Arab spring then versus springtime in Trump land
also if the US didn't have a hand in orchestrating Arab spring i will eat a bucket of scorpions
Nobody can live in the present without recalling the past. It is from history we learn and acquire excellence.
Colonialism caused the Libyan Arab Spring? And I thought it was 40 years of Gaddafi's oppression! Silly me.
US FP promoted an Arab Spring, but got an Islamic Awakening & didn't know the difference. & I explain.
i discover in countries where politics have been bent out of shape ..Arab Spring - Wikipedia. Wikipedia. French Revolution
in-i discover arab spring&west automflash picture- Talk of an 'Arab Spring' has long been replaced by dark warnings…
The whole "let's remember why we had the Arab spring" crowd that can't say a sentence in Arabic😒I se you 😒😒 I raise u - I…
... earth for Christians in Syria, Iraq, Egypt (tried with Arab Spring Muslim Brotherhood), Syria... All for Israel.
In post-Arab Spring Egypt, Muslim attacks on Christians are rising
Overthrowing elections is a specialty of the current admin. Libya, Arab Spring, Ukraine. Heavily…
Remember how pathetic CNN was in Arab Spring coverage? Completely evident by one remote click to Al-Jazeera... Same…
CIA was behind a staged Arab spring uprising to attempt to topple Assad, because he was blocking the Quatar/Turkey pipeline p…
We are living in a new oil reality, one started by the Arab Spring, and threatens the survival of Gulf monarchies.
If the focus of the Arab Spring was to tear down the regional order & build a new one, it should have been directed at the Gulf.
BUT, it seems equally relevant that the democratizing effects of faster communication has given rise to Arab Spring and Black Lives Matter.
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While Obama, Cameron gushed like *** about 'the Arab Spring', this woman predicted the coming Islamic State.
Arab Spring and how many troops to keep in Iraq, was forced to retire earlier than expected to clear room for his replacement at
What is so clear is Hamilton's ignoring of Obama's Arab Spring slaughterhouse. CNN avoids news.
Russia Today is demonizing the anti-Trump protests in the same language they used against Arab Spring
.estimates that the Arab Spring has cost the region $614B in lost economic... by via
Like the fall of the USSR and the Arab Spring, the Intel Community also didn't foresee Donald winning.…
.Obama + ME donations = ObAmi-nations, great tribulation-causing beast who is with her & who flipped Arab Spring into end of days.
Khalilah Sabra of Muslim American Society: Muslims need to start a revolution in America, 'Arab Spring' in America
We've had 8 years of progressive failures from Dems, Arab spring, Syrian redli…
Appears Libya wasn't enough; had to destroy Syria too. US behind entire Arab Spring & ME destabili…
That's not fair! After all Arab Spring wasn't shut down
During Arab Spring protests Mohamed VI again introduced reforms while Bashar shot the protesters
You mean while you were staging coups, facilitating the arab spring, and arming terrorists. Yeah, real patriot, you…
How did an Arab Spring uprising in Syria lead to the worst humanitarian crisis of the twenty-first century?
Thanks to Obama & Hillary, hundreds of thousands have died in Middle East since their manufactured "Arab Spring" for oil $$…
PREDICTION:. - Emails show US created Arab Spring & ISIS to weaken Middle East, but it got away from them. - Hillary will…
193/1776...against women in Germany perpetrated by Muslim refugees, including those from Hillary’s Arab Spring...
'Remember how everyone rushed to support the Arab Spring? Where is that optimism now? How did it all end?...
Six years after the Arab Spring, Tunisia is back to square one
Arab Spring in Or is it the Syrian Revolution? Are these the fine young men who are fighting for freedom from the…
Iraq was a valid strategic entry point after the slaughter of 3K Americans. Arab Spring?.hello.?
Listen up history buffs! Dr. Gordon Wood talks American Revolution and share his thoughts on Arab Spring on 10/20.
actually Essa, ISIS sprung up from Al-Quaeda and seized on the Arab Spring. They are not what we know ISIS as now until
The 'Arab Spring' is the most spectacular example of the dispersal of power.
And "Arab Spring" means Kill non-Muslims its a coded message. Obama used the word 3 times b4 the death of Stevens
keep talking ur clueless as Killary who is the architect of destabilizing Mid East creating Arab Spring that w/Obama made ISIS!
Then Obama realized the "Arab Spring" was a media narrative, and the real uprising was the Sunni Awakening. Egg on face
Green card a big deal?NeoCon should beg forgiveness from GoldStar families-the real author of the Arab Spring
Alex Hammond Blog: Alex Hammond looks ahead to the weekend's racing and feels Arab Spring could be worth foll...
Biden is now making the case for doing nothing as the Arab Spring unfolded. No US leadership has turned this into the I…
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Benghazi, EmailGate, DNC-Favoritism, Clinton Foundation Cash, Syrian Civil War, Arab Spring.. It goes on and on. America,
Blair now wondering aloud what Saddam Hussein would have done in reaction to the Arab Spring. He's gone proper full Harry Turtledove on us.
Hillary & BHO destabilized the Middle East with Arab Spring, Iran arms deal, pulling all troops from Iraq & ISIS. https…
Muslim Brotherhood, who took power in Egypt following the Arab Spring, were recently ousted by the Egyptian military.
Remember when Obama praised his role in Egypt's Arab Spring?
giving a speech in Cairo and declaration of the Arab Spring. the next president giving a speech in Tel Aviv to declare
That's right. Obama, egged on by Clinton, entered reluctantly, Samantha Power swooning over Arab Spring.
Sinan Ulgen: "2011 Arab Spring was the breaking point for Turkey's foreign policy"
Yasmine El Rashidi talks with Basma Abdel Aziz about human rights in Egypt and writing fiction after the Arab Spring
Omar Sharif, Jr. tells personal tale of coming out in the midst of the Arab Spring, an act of courage that challenges fear and hate.
"...the turbulence continues ". " What I Learned from Leading a Tunisian Ministry During the Arab Spring ".
"What I learned from leading a Ministry during the Spring"...
Trump should blast her for the Arab Spring! Her fingerprints were all over it as well as the killing of our 4 in Benghazi!Jail Time
Five years later, a photographer relives his images of the Arab Spring-era Middle East.
Back in Iraq, Afghan ongoing, adding Lybia. Botching Arab Spring and "leading from behind" is not turning out well.
Breast Cancer Awareness
We explore the state of journalism in Egypt five years after the Arab Spring.
Who planned 'Arab Spring' and following the devastation of the Middle East
Tunisia's Islamist Ennahda party chief Rached Ghannouchi: No room left in post-Arab Spring Tunisia for "political Islam"
'from pre-colonial era of Africa,peasant rebellions that wracked Europe toward the end of middle ages, American civil war, Arab spring, Isis
YPG denies assassination of Kurdish officials by Free Syrian Army in Afrin - ARA News
PS no matter what they tell you, the 'Arab Spring' is not over 😊
What does it mean to lead in persistent turbulence? Learning points from leading a ministry during the Arab Spring.
Politics in Africa. Fall of USSR & 2008 Fin Crisis & 2011 Arab Spring milestones. Capitalism in crisis again > Community struggles?
Disengagement of Palestinian refugees from politics before and after Arab Spring
Eventhough Arab Spring did not happen in Jordan, some political changes took place
: Arab Spring in Jordan: A soft breeze or a prelude to the perfect storm?
Politics in Africa. Ex-GS UZ & Attorney charged with Treason in 2011 for watching a video on Arab Spring. same school as Ian Smith
The by the CIA created "arab spring" has been a great succes. Not for Arab countries. But he.. that was never the intentions
Next week in Brussels, book presentation : Islam and Democracy after the Arab Spring. Registration:
Obama has been poking the bear. Arab Spring, Ukrainian Spring and putting NATO on his borders!
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Obama has been impotent in foreign policy. His inaction has turned the Arab Spring into the Hornets Nest.
+They cover up how Saudi&Qatar turned Arab Spring into their own imperialism instead of serving that of the US & how UK & FR+
+blind us w obscure exegesis. Also want us 2 forget how Arab Spring countries like TUN, EGY & LIB r churning out jihadis.+
Photo of peacefully participating in Arab spring demonstrations in the Eastern Province. . Freedom of... https:…
is the Arab spring equivalent to Bern revolution ultimate outcome is chaos and confusion
Supporters of Arab Spring revolutions funding AAP, says Dr
So what are the figures for the refugees OZ has resettled since the ARAB SPRING UPRISINGS? HOW MANY HAVE JOBS & HOW MANY ON BENIFS
Five lessons from leading in a high turbulence environment
Wonder how Libya, Egypt ,Iraq and Syria feel about Hillary and her leadership? . Remember the Arab Spring?
Life After the Arab Spring: On a Sunday evening in central Tunis -- the streets nearly empty, the medina clos...
I thought Barry Soetoro's Arab Spring put an end to all this nonsense
Anderson Cooper started the problems with Arab Spring.
A new book by Robert F. Worth delves into how the Arab Spring died. Roger Cohen echoes its heartbreaking truths.
Roger Cohen's thumbs-up on Robert Worth's new book. Is ISIS a product of Arab Spring's failed quest for dignity?
Fire Eric Shinseki, underestimate badly can't finish. ObamaClinton lose it. Worsen relations w Russia. Crank up Arab Spring. Lid off Iran.
Also tossing up between either running a reading group of The Student Revolt (on May '68 revolt) or discussion group on the Arab Spring.
That silly stupid word "Arab Spring" is food for fools. I remember Shepherd Smith saying Oh how wonderful to see American Democracy. Dupe
. from Cairo University Obama ignited the Arab Spring and from Cairo University King Salman extinguished it
.new book relays a post-Arab Spring journey thru the turbulent
. Agree 100%.Cowards desert their countries after their 'Arab Spring'+leave the fighting to Russia+west.
The real Arab Spring. An awakening to the hypocrisy of Jihad.
the "Arab Spring" to free the USA from the tyranny of Plutocracy.
This could be the Arab Spring of freeing the USA from the Tyranny of Plutocracy.
However they ended up with Hosni Mubarak who was greater in tyranny and oppression and ultimately led to the so-called 'Arab Spring'.
From Occupy Wall Street to the Arab Spring vía
I would consider being a contributing factor to the Arab Spring as having quite an impact.
Arab Spring, Obama's 2008 campaign, both relied on social media to affect the real world. Deal with it.
Arab Spring never happened in Saudi, UAE, Qatar etc. Even Gamal Abdel Nasser's movement only had steam till Iraq.
wrote music for book about tech help w/ Arab Spring. They'll release it if English versi…
Ali Nimr was 17 when the Arab Spring reached Saudi Arabia. Now, he is on death row.
March 28-Exporting Jihad by George Packer. Who knew that the birthplace of Arab Spring would be fodder for jihad. …
Hillary thought the Arab Spring was no big deal and made money off it, so obviously a little election rigging doesn't phase…
A short history of the Arab Spring: Carthago delenda est. Excellent read by George Packer:
Extremist groups are finding eager young recruits in the birthplace of the Arab Spring. George Packer reports:
Obama an his communist /Muslim enemy allies against the West wanted and needed the revolt Arab Spring. Upheaval!
Augustana College panel discussion to focus on Arab Spring protests of 2011
Arab Spring and Mambo Italiano - review from Best Thrillers Book club
She orchestrated the removal of Gaddafi w/o any succession plan. As well as the Arab Spring revolt that has led to a mass exodus.
A good analysis on the failures of the Arab Spring from How the Syrian revolt went so tragically wrong
Panel to discuss the Arab Spring protests, five years later - Quad-Cities Online: ...
Doesn't necessarily mean revolt will happen. There also was this post-Arab Spring expectation that most African dictators would fall
must be because of the great Iran deal,the very successful Arab spring,and the big achievements in Syria.
wish 2 stress that had good insight as he foresaw rise of Islamic forces in the aftermath of Arab spring
had ground understanding of Conflict of Islam&Democracy & cud see end result of Arab spring
Listening to Mona El-Sayed speak about how weathered storm of the Arab Spring uprisings
The new Arab Spring manufactured crises for the EU army take control! Feb 2016
she created the Arab Spring .. Whilst her husband broke the mattress spring
The Wests preplanned Arab Spring has resulted in a massive disaster, OK for Turkish Mafia people smugglers March 16 https:/…
Preplanned Muslim invasion man made disaster . Financed by western banks for profit, Arab Spring! March 2016
Five years after the Arab Spring, political stability has been achieved, but economic growth remains tepid
It's time to wake up and identify the politicians the are responsible for the Arab Spring disaster, March 2016
Five Years after the Arab Spring: What's Next for Women in the MENA Region? via
So the Arab Spring was about what exactly? I don't remember seeing signs with "The people demand the regime oppress me more".
Some years ago there's was a movement called Arab Spring. They try to take out the power of the dictatorships.
“The president recognized during the course of the Arab Spring that the Middle East was consuming us,” said John Brennan
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