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Arab League

The Arab League (al-Jāmiʻa al-ʻArabiyya), officially called the League of Arab States , is a regional organisation of Arab states in North and Northeast Africa, and Southwest Asia (Middle East).

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Shame on Saudi Arabia . Shame on Iran. Shame on Arab League. Shame on Org of Islamic Cooperation. Shame on US. Shame on…
blacked soon. Trump knows that the Arab League and Pakistan just pump out terrorists
Yes, Trump is the turn around, he knows the Arab League and Pakistan churn out terrorists
disclaimer - this thread is supposed to bring positivity, and unity through us as an ARAB LEAGUE.. so before bashing ple…
CUT ALL THE FUNDING! Let them Take from the ARAB LEAGUE! We've HAD ENOUGH of their B.S.!
Report: The Palestinians have begun coordinating with the Arab league a "response" to the relocation of the U.S. Em…
I liked a video League of Arab Zombies
Jurgen Klopp happy for Liverpool to keep pressure on Chelsea in Premier League - SkySports -…
'League of Arab Zombies' by Daniel Mabsout narrated by Snordster.
Roses are red, violets are blue. if it wasn't for Arab money you'd be in league two.
The Arab League had ladden I believe in 96 wanted to turn him over Clinton said No.true fact.
nice can't wait to watch it. The last one was a jewel 💎 Trump Admin needs to be open to learning from Arab league & Israel
Yes. I'm making a video that shows what happens when the Arab League uses weapons that our military restricts.
A clear-cut challenger to Chelsea emerges in Premier League title race - Yahoo Sports -
those flame throwers by the Arab league cammandos would have came in handy.
10 things we learned from the Premier League on New Year's Eve as Liverpool beat Mancheste...…
oh Arab money speaking there when was the last time City won the Champions League?!!
*** is the UN, "intl community", Arab league, or US admin have to say? Why haven't none of them insisted on monitoring ceasefire?
No compensation for these people - Jews of Arabia driven out by Arab League decree. My family…
Premier league teaching Pep Arab money alone can't win him the league, I knw he misses Messi & them muller
Middle East peace needs the there are 21 Arab (league) nations for Muslims and one (1) Jewish state, the state of
people need International community support and effective representation in Arab League to reach a peaceful settlement.
You need to stop b*s* about a "2-state" solution. Arab League has 22 member states for Arabic Muslims.…
Palestinian Amb says Bhutto was the first leader to recognize PLO in 1974 Islamic Summit later Arab League reco…
ARAB LEAGUE Syria will not be invited to the Arab League summit that is scheduled to take place in Amman in March f…
Assad's illegitimate Regime will not be invited to take part in an Arab League summit scheduled for Amman this March
.everyone? EU on Saturday laid the blame for an August chemical attack in Syria on Assad. Arab league…
Arab league countries are America's proteges,how can it be,it's a waste of time
KICK-OFF at the Emirates: Arsenal v Bournemouth - follow it live here
Did you know George Sorros and open society were supporters of Arab league. Open society is anti Israel anti zionist. Pro PLO
The Arab League sent 40 planes to help extinguish don't forget they also gather 140 planes to bomb the *** out of
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I'm sick of you city fans thinking your helping us out, you'd still be In league 2 if it wasn't for Arab money
the PLO was formed in 1964, not 1960, and the formation was created by the Arab League. Fedayeen Operations 2.0
calls Arab Dictatorships in Egypt, Syria..Monarchy in Jordan..Arab League.."people" which is absurd propaganda.
refuses to vote for an Arab League Resolution denouncing Iraq affirms its call to hold supporters of terro…
..1st president of 'The Arab League' & Author of: "The Life of Muhammad." Great Biography of The Prophet of Islam.
Am glad to be in this beautiful city of for the 4th Summit of & Lea…
United Arab Emirates - K-League club won the Asian Champions League for the second time on Saturday,
hey OIC, UN, ARAB LEAGUE, PAKISTAN, all of you are the traitor & the agent of devils. Allah will not release of you.
Check the starting XI of for their Egyptian Premier League game against Arab Contractors via
what are you blubbering on about you deluded *** Now shabia is so desperate 4 attention they want 2 join the Arab league.
was a repressive ruler, who crushed dissent, but he did not belong to that Arab League of genocidal despots:Saddam,Qaddafi & Assads.
Crowdfunder raises thirty pounds for dreamiest Arab League trip
When you're Arab but the Premier League force you to support the Rainbow Laces campaign
Shame on UN,shame on Security Counsel, shame on Arab League, Shame on the West and shame Humanity and the world.This is for Syria$Syrians.
DON'T MISS!!! Tune in for interview with Amr Moussa, former Secretary General of the Arab League tonight at 10pm...
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President Hassan Sheikh had farewell meeting with the Arab League representative for Somalia honorable Mohamed Abdalla Idiris
I can confirm my running mate for Deputy Sec-Gen is former King of Saudi Arabia and renown Arab League diplomat & statesman.
Is that so? Then what is Palestine and the Arab League doing?
2/2. Saudi league strongest Arab League and we want to enjoy the players in one team
Why is it OK for there to be 21/22 Arab League & 56/57 Org of Islamic countries but not 1 Jewish state?
do people realized that the 7 countries of the Arabian Peninsula are the only Arab countries in the "Arab League"?
U.S. demands bombardment on Aleppo stop: Qatar asked for the emergency Arab League session to discuss ...
Interesting article from Economist on the Arab League. Does it belong to a different time?
Snoozing while the region smoulders: What is the point of the Arab League? via
As have the Near East & the Organization of the Islamic Conference & the Arab League...
slams Muslim world and Arab League. pleure le racisme entre turc et arabe
Generals force Erdogan . to say what I said in 2005: Arab League reason for Islamic Terrorism.
Comment: Rabat and Riyadh are looking to create a new axis of regional support that transcends the Arab League
The fakestinians are tricked by the Arab League to oppose Israel, or any non muslim land control in the ME
Arab league after it's verdict on Hizbullah should elect Israel as it's leader to promote "peace" in the troubled region.
Arab League renews calls for lift of sanctions on Sudan
Arab League urges members to sumbit anti-terror proposals.
Love the irony of Arab League, led by the humanitarian Saudis, labelling Hezbollah 'terrorists' while the same League t…
Saudi-Backed Arab League Labels Hezbollah a 'Terror' Group: Lebanon and Iraq did not join the resolution sayin... https…
Council of the Arab League condemns Irans interference in the internal affairs of Arab states 1st add
Arab League: Gheit Elected after objection delay by Qatar -
The Arab League has just designated Hezboallah as a terrorist organisation. Welcome to a whole new dimension of war in the M…
The Arab League has declared Lebanese movement Hezbollah a "terrorist" group, only days after the Gulf...
walk out of Arab League meeting after minister's comments.
Saudis walk out of Arab League meeting after Iraqi Foreign Minister comments defending Hashd Al Shaabi & Hezbollah. http…
A step in the right direction: The Arab League, a regional org of 22 states, has finally declared a te…
Being ruled by an Egyptian-Zionist, we can expect everything from the "Arab" League...
This is hilarious. Will it be followed by another Arab league countries? .
Arab League labels Hezbollah as a terrorist No2
The "Arab League" should be renamed the "Saudi etc League", where the "etc" = allies of Saudi Arabia or recipients of …
Saudi's Arab League deleg. storm out after FM says "Those who label Hashd/Hezb as terrorists are terrorists" htt…
A Saudi delegation withdrew from an Arab League meeting on Friday, after Iraqi Foreign Minister Ibrahim...
Arab League names Egypt's Ahmed Aboul Gheit as new chief
Egyptian diplomat Ahmed Abul Gheit named Secretary General of the Arab League - Jagran Josh
Why canceled Arab League summit should worry Israelis via
Why canceled Arab League summit should worry Israelis
>Which country is. the host for the. Arab League. Summit-2015?. a) Libya . b)Egypt. c)Cairo . d)Qatar . Ans=Egypt. By Naeem
Reuters. by Aziz El Yaakoubi. Morocco has decided not host the 2016 Arab League meeting, saying on Friday it wanted...
Jreissati: The stance taken at the Arab League summit does not contradict Arab consensus.
Interesting reasons why Morocco won't host the 2016 Arab League summit :
One more blow for the Arab League, Morocco has informed the Arab League Secretary General is will not host the next Summit sl…
“Morocco refuses to host 2016 Arab League summit. good jo…
Middle East Monitor. Morocco decided on Friday to postpone the meeting of the Arab League scheduled to start on 29...
Honest. | Morocco cancels hosting 2016 Arab League meeting to avoid "false impression of unity in the Arab world".
Thank you Morocco for not hosting this annual theatrical piece "Morocco refuses to host 2016 Arab League summit"
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Mauritania to host its first Arab summit ever since the Arab League was established, after Morocco backs out as host
Morocco refuses to host 2016 Arab League summit
Middle East News-Morocco says will not host Arab League summit
has changed its mind about hosting an Arab League summit scheduled in in March: Useless and hypocrit…
Arab League to seek full UN membership for Palestinian state via
Grateful for the insight into US Army promotion procedures. I await deployment of Arab League special forces with interest
For years the Arab League roared as it made excuses for Israel now it does the same for KSA. Yemen is dying and its j…
We came so close to winning the league a few years ago without Arab money. I'm pretty sure we can do it again.
Sushma Swaraj will start a big season of Israel-Arab League diplomacy when she lands in Israel on January 16.
: Those Muslims pretend to be Arabian send them to Arab league, India is not for them
Arab league foreign ministers in Cairo expressed their support for Saudi Arabia..
Crowdfunder raises thirty pounds for grimiest Arab League trip
Giants need to step up - McGillvary: Huddersfield Giants winger Jermaine McGillvary says the club's failure to...
Sushama Swaraj to soon begin a big season of Israel- Arab league.
Syria under Assad in is out of question.Iraq has supported KSA position in Arab league meeting
Restructuring raised at SPFL meeting: League reorganisation could be back on the agenda for Scottish clubs, wi...
This was no myth. The Arab League vowed to wipe Israel off the map.
The Arab league is made up of a mix of western backed dictators, puppet politicians & ex militants, wish they would stop …
ALL Arab League nations voted in support of Saudi Arabia's insanity towards Iran EXCEPT Lebanon. I'm not surprised ... but s…
SecGen Al Arabi: "Arab League keeps high on the agenda, annual review of Member states"
Arab League tells Iran regime to stop acts of provocation
Arab League accuses Iran of provocations amid Saudi row
Sushma Swaraj to begin season of Israel-Arab League outreach
Peninsula Qatar - Arab League to meet to discuss ... The Arab League said Wed...
Arab League warns of dangers of continued Israeli violations: Assistant Secretary-General for Palestine and Oc...
Prince Turki Al-Faisal: one solution could be going directly to the Syrian people. Elections via UN and Arab League.
Now Head of the Arab League, Nabil Al-Arabi speaking at the UN high level meeting on
segregated into two countries, North and South Sudan, the Arab League insisted that Sudan shall only be represented by one seat,
Hotep! yo that's a map of the Arab League... Arab=. 1. Religion is Islam (?) 2. Muslim. 3. Speak Arabic (1st language)...
"hotep" view is also borne out by geopolitical truth. North Sudan is a part of the Arab League, South Sudan is not
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"Refugee crisis" is taking place since 2011. No UN, no Arab League, no R2P. Cynical international society. How many children r dead by now?
Arab League poised to supply arms to Libya. The West started this war, but others will finish it.
Mr PM and COAS,. We want CPEC and Gwadar. They are flag holders of Muslim Ummah, OIC and Arab League. What a shame
Arab League meeting to activate Israel boycott: Communication officers of the regional offices for b...
Libya calls on Arab League to organise air strikes against Islamic State in Sirte.
Arab League to discuss Libya request for Arab action against ‘Islamic State’ -
11,000 Israeli settler attacks on Palestinians in 2015: Arab League via
Turkey rejects Arab League chief's criticism of airstrikes in Iraq: ANKARA, T...
Arab League strongly condemns meddling in
Shame! Shame! Where are the OIC And Arab league?Why these organization Calm and quiet?
VIDEO: Highlights: Warrington 18-26 Hull KR: Hull KR cause one of the upsets of the season by beating Warringt...
Most of our league titles came when Serie A was the most dominant, competitive and talented league in the world. Poverty m…
Whoa- an extraordinary League meeting may be in the works to bring back into the group.
Arab League strongly condemns meddling in Middle East
Arab League to host conference on boycott of Israel soon - The Palestinian Information Center (via
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Jones-Buchanan likely to miss final: Leeds forward Jamie Jones-Buchanan is expected to miss the rest of the se...
Arab League strongly condemns Iran meddling in Middle East
Russian President Putin said Saturday in his address to the Arab League summit participants.
More killings reported in as Arab League prepares for observer mission.
Grand Final Motion: THBT Arab League should consolidate to form a multi sect army in order to actively fight ISIS.
Sisi to meet Arab League chief, army chief-of-staff...
Some of the US evangelists are quite funny too - but not in the same league as many Arab/Pakistani Immans.
Arab League calls for release of Palestinian prisoner |
Preventing a new Gaza war: … can be endorsed by the Arab League. Controlling border crossi...
I have hope in the Arab League. They have seen their peers foreshadow their persecution and martyrdom.
Same Arab League thats setting records in beheadings?
Arab League calls for release of Khader Adnan, detainees held without charge via
BDS battle: … Israel. In response to the Arab League Boycott starting in 1948, Congress …
Arab League urges release of Khader Adnan and Palestinian detainees via
1/4 "boycotting Israel is ..older than the Jewish state, having emerged on December 2, 1945, from a decision by the Arab League,.
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Hull KR reach Challenge Cup semis: Hull KR reach the Challenge Cup last four for the first time since 2006 des...
The Arab League has demanded the release of Palestinian prisoner Khader Adnan, who has been on hunger strike...
Arab League urges release of detainees. . .
Gulf countries condemn terrorist attack: … Al Araby, Secretary-General of the Arab League,...
H.E. Haifaa Abu Ghazalla, Assistant Secretary General of the League of Arab States, addresses audience
BBC to screen England Test series: England's three-Test Series in November against New Zealand will be screene...
they are serving a purpose by keeping the Arab countries in absolute turmoil. Not that the Arab League is worth a ***
Arab League calls for release of Palestinian detainees held without charge.
Egypt sentences Muslim Brotherhood leaders to death. Radical Islam a thorn to the Arab League? h…
At the closing session of a two-day Arab League summit held in the Egyptian resort city of Sharm el-Sheikh,...
Arab League chief to take part in 25th African Union summit...
'Israel has stolen 80,000 Palestinian books and manuscripts since 1948,' head of Arab League claims
Where is Muslim Ummah ?. Where is OIC ?. Where is Arab League?. Where is Muslim Atomic Power Pakistan?.
Putin addressed the Arab League on Saturday, and committed his support to the creation of a Palestinian state.
Will be formed a new Middle East Union includes Israel instead of Arab League the answer for Obama's Evil agreement with Iran
Arab MKs to meet with Arab League, Abbas says - The Times of Israel (blog)
Bombing in Yemen intensifies Arab League to discuss military operation - CNN
Didn't they try this a while back...? // Arab League to create military force
Heads of Arab League countries agree to create a joint Arab military force
Arab League to create military force.
"Arab League to create military force "! Arming Arabs is a good thing! They fight among themselves in 2 yrs!
Abdal Fatah Al-sisi of Egypt urges the Arabs to establish a joint Arab military force at Arab League session
Egypt, Saudi Arabia Lead Push for Joint Arab Force: The 22-member Arab League is meeting in the Egyptian Red S...
Arab League to discuss Yemen intervention plea on Thursday: Arab heads of state are due to meet in the Red Sea...
President Hadi asked the six-nation Gulf Cooperation Council and the Arab League to protect Yemen from the continuing Houthi" aggression.”
On 1 June 2015, Syria is the president of the Arab League
Syria on 1 June 2015, President of the Arab League and therefore the recognition of the Armenian Genocide in Turkey by Syria,
GCC met today to reject foreign (Iran) interference in Iraq - can't wait for Arab League to weigh in. ht
Rugby league player Hayne to join 49ers: Jarryd Hayne, the National Rugby League's Player of the Year in 2014,...
Houthi SRC says Arab League invite for Hadi to attend summit is interf in internal affairs & will sow discord
Revolutionary Committee objected to the Arab's League invitation to & the Foreign Minsiter to attend the March summit @ Cairo
Herzog says he's prepared to go to Ramallah, Arab League to launch diplomatic intitative
Cemetery being relocated for Quba Mosque expansion...
Offering refuge to more Jewish refugees from Arab League states than Palestinian Arabs left is a crime? In what universe?
This'll surely solve the conflict: The Quartet is going to start holding regular meetings with the Arab League.
League of Arab States opens with call to think out of the box and in resilience
i liked that you suggested that the Arab league and even Teheran should consider inviting Bibi to talk.
. bahrain & saudi have mutual defence agrements under GCC and Arab League, the forces r under bahrain king command
the Arab league needs to get it together. They'll have to sooner or later.
Australian rugby league superstar Jarryd Hayne has agreed to sign with the 49ers.
AND the League of Nations, AND the sovereign Arab states of 1947, AND the USSR ...
The Arab league invaded Israel with the promise of exterminating the Jews... they failed.
Arab League warns of grave effects of armed conflicts on children...
How long do you want to wait before you figure out that the arab league doesn't WANT to take them out?
Nope! It's time for the Arab League to take control!
Busted out the letterman in honor of winning its third straight catholic league championship yesterday! htt…
And who do you have to thank for this? Not your arab league buddies but your African neighbors & friends.
DCI MENA region meeting at the Arab League to discuss about child-friendly justice.
Dear ARAB LEAGUE your (sunni) brothers & sisters(of syria) are suffering hash conditions while you are enjoying a luxury life. Shame on you
Arab League calls for Hadi to attend summit & wants Yemenis to support him
Assad's government is working outside of the foot against the scope of the Arab League and control of the country in ways subtle
Arab League welcomed signing of peace, reconciliation agreement in Mali
From elections in & to and Arab League Summit in Egypt. Key global events to watch in March:
If it does I hope we take a few of them out for the League Cup Final. ;-)
Qaradawi's Intl Union of Muslim Scholars condemns designation, calls on Arab League, GCC to intervene .
Arab League invites Pres Hadi to attend next summit in March; calls on Yemenis to "rally around" him.
& if Arabs didnt throw us out of the Arab League & impose stricter sanctions than the EU did on us, things would be different.
Arab League condemns Israel attacks on mosque, church
Fun course is offering this spring: PSCI 490: Model Arab Leage with prof.
All of the Arab League Members have sworn to wipe Israel off the map.Israel is not defenseless.He is lying Israel does have Nuclear weapons
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No offense intended, but if the Arabs were smart, they would get over their ego and appoint as head of the Arab League
PLC member requests support from Arab League, Abbas to pressure to annul terrorist list designation
The Arab League's website user poll is pretty much what you'd expect it to be.
I know. And the Arab League integrated the sharia (incl. death penalty for apostasy) in its penal code:
King of Jordon may emerge from this Middle East crisis as leader of a new Arab League.
ISIL crisis: UAE sends F-16 squadron to Jordan More like it, Arab League et al can handle this without the West
More about Yemen: … . Yemen is part of the Arab League. Timeline:. M...
If there isn't a program in place there needs to be one right away! Apparently Arab oil money has been going to Ivy League schools,
Only one week till I represent Egypt on the model Arab league simulation at GVSU. Getting excited 😳
aye young Arkwright sold the chance o the league cup anyway for the arab barstewards
Bushati asks the Arab League to recognize Kosovo. Bushati made the statement after meeting with Secretary General...
Getting pumped for the model Arab league simulation next week!
The Arab League hasn’t progressed. In fact, it has become a by-word for ineffectiveness. - See more at:
A scene from the film, the Arab League calendar
I am in Cairo joining league of Arab states & ESCWA in calling for women,s economic Empowerment for Arab women.
Transfer deadline day spending falls: Premier League football clubs have spent less in this year's January tra...
our country & people aren't dispensable, forgettable collateral damage, to appease Western/Arab League fears.
Any Arab League chap allied with neocons, Zionism should be named and shamed
Arab League honors Sheikha Fatima bint Mubarak on her efforts to support and empower Arab women.
Anglophone Africa is now entangled in the East vs West debate. North Africa views itself as more part of the Arab League
Examining root of western hostility: … unanimous ratification by the 22-member Arab League...
Women for Success conference Feb 7 held in the League of Arab States
Congratulations to Bassem Hassan Mohammed for winning the Longines FEI World Cup Arab League. See you…
Secretary General League of Arab States Nabil el Arabi joins UN Women He for she campaign
try the champions league for size. Biggest one there is.
TABLE Take a look at the latest Barclays Premier League standings. Happy with your team's position?
diplomatic machine to rally support from GCC Arab League OIC to defeat lead attempts to install into UNSC
The Arab League warned that the separation wall built by Israel will devour fertile farmland in the West Bank...
Sea hawks: "hey guys I have a great idea, we have the best Arab in the league, let's pass the ball!!" I'm disappointed with you guys...
Who are the jailed journalists?: … Fahmy. Among them was former Arab League Secretary Gene...
Incl the Arab donors that control universities now. How many branches of ivy league schools r in Arab nations?
FLASHBACK - 99% of separation wall built on ’67 occupied land. The Arab League warned that the separation wall...
VIDEO: Highlights - Celtic 2-0 Rangers: Celtic ease to victory over Rangers at Hampden in the Scottish League ...
Out of interest has there been a United player that has left for Celtic and then gone onto a bigger league?
The January Premier league team of the month with 5 Arsenal players included [WhoScored]
David Ospina is yet to concede a goal in the Premier League this season
Alexis Sanchez (12) has scored more Premier League goals than Aston Villa (11) this season
Mesut Ozil has 2 goals and 2 assists in the Premier League this season - All coming against Aston Villa
It's a disgrace on so many, Israel, Egypt, USA, UK Canada, Australia, EU and the Arab league
Good on Dundee United asking for "Celtic" end of Hampden for the League Cup final. Time to break these stupid Scottish football traditions.
Entertaining first half. champions league here we come
FM met yesterday with President Mahmoud Abbas on sidelines of Arab League meeting:
We boycott. Do you? From 1966 Coca-Cola has been a staunch supporter of "Israel". In 1997 the Government of Israel Economic Mission honored Coca-Cola at the Israel Trade Award Dinner for its continued support of "Israel" for the last 30 years and for refusing to abide by the Arab League boycott of Israel. Every year Coca Cola bankrolls the American-Israel Chamber of Commerce Awards which honors companies that have contributed most to the Israeli economy. In 2009 a Coca-Cola sponsored award went to Israel’s Lobby AIPAC for its lobbying of the Senate to reject of the UN call for "immediate ceasefire" and endorse the continuation of the Israeli military assault on Gaza. In 2008 Coca-Cola tasked the Israeli venture capital Challenge Fund to locate suitable investments in Israel with a promise of "a blank cheque” . This agreement is exceptional in the Israeli venture capital industry. In 2009 Coca-Cola hosted a special reception at the Coca-Cola world headquarters to honour Brigadier-General Ben-Eliezer. B ...
hi..good morning my friends please share with me His Majesty Sultan Qaboos bin Said English poem named (The Genius of The World)...SAM... هاي..صباح الخير يا أصدقائي من فضلكم شاركوني قصيدة مولانا صاحب الجلالة السلطان قابوس بن سعيد-حفظه الله ورعاه بعنوان (عبقريّ العالم)...سام... 41-So in "18th" of November in annals. in "1970" His Majesty Sultan "Qaboos". 42-from The Sultanate Of Oman confines. starting an great historical civilized epic as. 43-The Sultan of Oman so as. soon as possible he called Omani Citizens. 44-to came back from abroad quickness. and giving them all of Nationally rights. 45-while he was creeping by Armed Forces. to ending the revolution in Yemen confines. 46-it was a War but our "Qaboos". won it then gave them amnesty and quits. 47-so in unify of Country His. Majesty did more than his best by steadiness. 48-so a new Sunrise and progress. shining all of Oman on "18th" of "Qaboos". ...
The Arab league organization has to initiate a plan with the international community to uproot the terrorist groups in Libya.
to push for new Palestinian UN resolution
why can't the Arab League do more? Why must America be the one to save the day?
Arab League condemns remarks on via
Arab League attempt to push for new Palestinian UN resolution
Arab League to seek new UN statehood resolution: … Palestinian tax payment –. CAIRO...
Arab League backs UN resolution in support of Palestine
Finance Minister Lapid calls on state to attend summit in March to discuss regional peace deal
Video: Arab League holds meeting to address issue of Palestine
Arab League says Arab regular armies "have the intention of entering Palestine and occupying entire country" when Brits leave …
New at RRND: Arab League backs UN Security Council timeline for Israeli withdrawal to 1967 borders
Arab League to push for new Palestinian resolution
Arab League pushes for new draft, REAL TALK
Arab League backs resolution in support of
to push for new Palestinian resolution: cc:
"The Middle East's best-known organization, the Arab League, excludes the region's two most powerful states, Israel and Iran."
GMS obviously doesnt want Champions League football next year. ;-)
Arab League backs Palestinian plan to resubmit UN bid
Thanks Arab League 4 calling on resolution to end Israeli occupation. Yall were kinda MIA this summer when Israel committe…
FM takes part in extra-ordinary session of Arab League Council ministerial meeting in Cairo.
donates $28 million to the Arab League in its attempt to support the Palestinian Authority
Arab League lift ban on arms sales to issues declaration of legitimacy to Tobruk HOR via http:…
The global movement to boycott the Israeli economy is having no discernible impact even though Israel’s export-dependent economy is vulnerable, the Knesset Research and Information Center said in a report released on Wednesday. The report noted that the boycott comprised several components, including the long-standing boycott by the Arab League and efforts by the European Union to dent the customs exemptions and other benefits of the free-trade agreement with Israel to the West Bank settlements. But the report, which the Knesset research body prepared at the behest of Finance Committee chairman Nissan Slomiansky, focused on the global boycott, sanctions and divestment (BDS) movement, which coalesced in 2005 and has had its strongest influence in Europe. The research center found that Israel’s merchandise exports to the European Union had nearly doubled since 2005. In the decade before, they averaged $7.8 billion annually, and in the nine years that followed they averaged $15.6 billion, despite a sharp ...
Arab League and top muslim body condemns Paris attack: The Arab League and Al-Azhar, Sunni Islams most prestig...
Arab League and top body condemn attack.
Arab League and top Muslim body condemns Paris attack
Arab League and top Muslim body condemn Paris attack
The Charlie Hebdo attack condemned by Saudi Arabia, Iran, Arab League, and many other Muslim states, as well as ...
18 December, 2014 19:34 US set to veto UNSC resolution on Palestine The US will not support the Palestinian proposed UN Security Council draft resolution which calls for a peace deal within a year and ends the occupation of Palestine by 2017, US State Department spokeswoman Jen Psaki said on Thursday. Earlier, Israeli foreign minister Avigdor Lieberman called the draft resolution a gimmick. The resolution was originally phrased by Palestinians and the Arab League and then submitted to UNSC by Jordan on Wednesday. 19:18 Obama to sign Russia sanctions bill, no penalties so far - White House Obama will sign new Russia sanctions bill passed by Congress, but does not yet intend to impose new sanctions, White House spokesman Josh Earnest said on Thursday. He added the US was ready to call off sanctions already imposed against Moscow if Russia stopped supporting insurgents in eastern Ukraine. 18:25 Ukraine’s Poroshenko submits bill to revoke Ukraine’s neutral status Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko has i ...
Good day to you all, There is a saying that goes something like this, “ Be careful of what you wish for. It might come true.” In this case, I am glad to say, that it looks as if the Palestinian Authority’s wish for the recognition of a miniscule Palestinian State on 20% of the historical land of Palestine is not going to come true. No surprises there, not when you know who the enemy is and who is having that enemy’s back, as they fondly say. At the end of November the Arab League endorsed a Jordanian/Palestinian draft resolution to be submitted to the UN Security Council. This resolution calls for the recognition of Palestine as a state based on the 1967 borders and compels Israel to end the occupation on a two-year timetable. The Israelis have been hopping mad and they are using everything in their power to kill it. There have been symbolic moves in that direction by some well meaning though misguided European governments. I say ‘misguided’ because though this is just a gesture it does not .. ...
[The Arab Spring (Arabic wave of demonstrations and protests (both non-violent and violent), riots, and civil wars in the Arab world that began on 18 December 2010 and spread throughout the countries of the Arab League and surroundings. While the wave of initial revolutions and protests had expired by mid-2012, some refer to the ongoing large-scale conflicts in Middle East and North Africa as a continuation of the Arab Spring, while others refer to the second wave of revolutions and civil wars post 2012 as the Arab Winter. By December 2013, rulers had been forced from power in Tunisia,[3] Egypt (twice),[4] Libya,[5] and Yemen;[6] civil uprisings had erupted inBahrain[7] and Syria;[8] major protests had broken out in Algeria,[9] Iraq,[10] Jordan,[11] Kuwait,[12] Morocco,[13] Israel[14] and Sudan;[15] and minor protests had occurred in Mauritania,[16] Oman,[17] Saudi Arabia,[18] Djibouti,[19] Western Sahara,[20] and Palestine. Weapons and Tuareg fighters returning from the Libyan Civil War stoked a simmerin ...
"Touching will lead to results with untold consequences," says Arab League - - -
The Special Envoys for Libya (from the African Union, the Arab League, the European Union, France, Germany, Italy, Malta, Spain, Turkey, the United Kingdom and the United States) met today in Paris wi
NS is an ally of the Arab League, India & all those super powers who are plotting against Pakistan. NS is a traitor
Libya's war has become the 'forgotten war'. Neither NATO, nor Arab League, or even the African Union is interested in its ongoing meltdown.
Good morning. For those who are interested some updates and thoughts on Iraq and the Islamic State. 1. Paris conference In the Paris Communique, 26 countries, UN, EU, & Arab League, united in support for Iraq in the fight against ISIS. Follows is a link to the text of the communiqué issued at the end of the meeting held yesterday: International Conference on Peace and Security in Iraq Iran rejects co-operation It has been suggested elsewhere that co-operation with Iran was not in the cards due to objections from Saudi Arabia and Israel. We have since learned that: a. The US had requested Iran's co-operation, but Iran rejected the request; and, b. The US remains open to working with Iran. Kerry: US open to talks with Iran on Islamic State 3. Expanded air strikes According to a press release from Centcom: U.S. Military Conducts Airstrikes Against ISIL near Sinjar and Southwest of Baghdad 4. UN Security Council The US holds the Presidency for the UNSC this month. On Friday: Kerry to chair UN Security C ...
Kerry is scheduled to meet Egyptian President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi and Arab League chief Nabil al-Arabi
Arab League chief al-Arabi calls for international backing of Iraq's new government in fight against Islamic State:
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