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Arab Idol 2

Arab Idol 2 watched by half of TV viewers in Iraq | Middle East News |
this is the full show,fast forward to 97 minutes and Nancy takes the podium like she is on Al Jazeera
still my favourite jury of ARAB IDOL season 1 and 2 :)
nice semo Wish u a good luck in arab Idol season 2 Do your best for iraq Do it man For us u r the winner ;)
I watch z 2 programs z Voices&judges in is so much stronger!y3ne Arab Idol kassar aldney bhal aswat
found the full episode,Bashar and Nancy are no longer BFF at 97 min :)
Finally seen 2 of the best lebanese singers on this show. It wouldn't of been great without them. Go Ziad and Wael GO Lebanon !!!
Honestly,it's unfair to have all these voices in 1 show cz each 1 deserve 2 be Arab Idol.Wish u all the luck,cz u need it,not easy to choose
I really need going 2 this Arab Idol
Arab Idol: 3anjad woww!! X factor : ma 2dirit o7dar more than 2 min from every episode.
its really gr8 voices even much better than first season .. it will be v.hard 2 guess who will be the next Arab Idol !!
Tonight, "Arab Idol 2" another special touch of NEMER SAADE Haute Couture on the Artist "AHMAD FAHMI", don't miss...
No one is as good as Yousef Arafat and Carmen Sulaiman and Hassan kherbash. Arab idol 2 is not as good.
Photo: gulfnewsuae: Nancy Ajram has joined the judging table for season 2 of Arab Idol, which will launch...
Tonight, "Arab Idol 2" first prime will be marked by NEMER SAADE magic touch. Don't miss the NEW look of the...
BSP: the super star ready for tonight Arab Idol 2
Final countdown for the Premiere of Arab Idol 2 - 1st Live Show. The show that started it all ;-) Can't wait to see the Queen
have you saw the 2 young Kurd on Arab Idol on
Ironic how is sponsored by and is sponsored by
Arab Idol Season 2 episode 2 at 8 on mbc1 Filmed by Twins Production
Arab Idol's episode airs today omg cant wait to see 's pretty face bc honestly he's the only reason why i watch
Epic! Arab Idol 2 began with amazing talent, judges feuding and sizzle!
What is the last thing you watched on TV? — Arab idol 2
Finally got the chance 2 congratulate on their 1st ep. Special congratulations 2 on his wonderful,spectacular hosting
Is Susu Saja Samara sad from me plz tell me
Yey My best frieend in Arab Idol 2 ♥ " Goood luck :* im with youu sister love uu ♥ ²²
Proud of my Lovely and can't wait for Arab Idol 2
Walang magawa kaya videoke time,2 times 100% score... :) pawala homesick:(
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Shiism is made by Allah, every other religion is made in China.
When Arab idol 2 will bagin please ans. me
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For latest news of Queen in Arab Idol 2, please follow
Arab Idol 2 will start on January 2013 on mbc 1 and mbc Egypt channels. Stay Tuned.
: I Miss u ... Love u btw when will we see u in Arab Idol 2 ?
Coming Soon, Arab Idol 2 on mbc channels, the most successful show in Arab World, with the Legendary superstar Ahlam.
# 8 new entry Ragheb is soon on mbc to be among Arab Idol 2 jury
3ajarem are so Excited To see you in Arab Idol 2 :D :D
Casting tour for Arab Idol 2 is done successfully. Results and the big show is soon.
Please tell me your still going to be a Judge on Arab Idol 2 ):
"Arab Idol 2" Is starting. Yup Arabs just gave Assad the permission to kill another 40,000 people.
. ad 4 Arab Idol 2 wearing same dress as from via
Follow the following account for the latest news and pictures for no.1 gulf singer Ahlam in Arab Idol 2.
Wadih is it right that u are going to be in arab idol 2, lajnat eltahkem? if so ill be sooo happy
MBC are pathetic! interview artist & get call from Kuwait MOI 2 CANCEL interview.They only promote crap art Arab Idol
mbc & Alarabiya translate "Arab Idol" 2 "mahboob El Arab" or "Loved by Arabs" bcz idols r haram. I don't want to live on this earth anymore
Bye arab idol. Hello arabs got talent 2.
2 all my jordanian freinds pls vote for our Jordanian guy Yousief Arafat in Arab Idol ,a must see gr8 Jordanian voice
I will be on arab idol in 2 weeks so wait for me xoxo
Arab Idol, here we go again, 2 minutes of the actual show, 15 minutes commercials.
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