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April Ryan

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Hillary Clinton slams sexist and racist attacks on April Ryan and Maxine Waters.
I'm patiently waiting for Black men in power to come to the aid of Maxine Waters and April Ryan. This is truly a test of co…
Sally Yates, April Ryan, and Maxine Waters continue to prove that women are leading us in Thank you!
April Ryan is a hero for simply doing her job under this coup-installed administration with its propaganda psyops & embo…
I have a hard time believing someone as dumb as April Ryan can read. Box of rocks.
So who else wants to see Leslie Jones as April Ryan vs. Baldwin's Trump on
I don't think trump knew that CBC stands for Congressional Black Caucus. Good thing April Ryan explained it to him.
Trump tells black reporter April Ryan to "set up" a meeting with the Congressional Black Caucus for him ht…
April Ryan asks Trump if he's gonna meet w/ Congressional Black Caucus. Trump: “Do you wanna set up the meeting? Are they f…
Asst Dem Ldr Jim Clyburn on Trump asking April Ryan to set up mtg w/Congressional Black Caucus: I didn't think she was on his staff.
Trump asks April Ryan if she's friends with the Congressional Black Caucus and could she set up a meeting
The face of "Angry Black America" hosts April Ryan and Perry Bacon on MSNBC with Tuck Chodd.
Shout out to Joy Reid, April Ryan, and Tamron Hall for refusing to let the nonsense slide.
There is a new review on Pooki's Mahi Award-Winning Coconut Citrus Apple Blast Te via
The looks on and April Ryan's faces were priceless.
V clearly NOT about J. It's about their need to run "holiday clubs".We did say, in April, J's need is YEAR ROUND
Prosecutors said Ryan Bundy tried to escape on April 8, 2016
honorable mention should go to Steve King opening his mouth and April Ryan showing divine grace and mercy.
the best part of that pic is April Ryan's face...
Omg, finally saw interview & the kaleidoscope of reactions that played across April Ryan's face was captivating. WTH, GOP?! WTH?
Wishing they would have let April D Ryan jump on that with Steve King. I know she was ready to pounce like Roland...
I thought April Ryan was going to kill him and at the same time...
I thought April Ryan was gonna jump up & choke him! What an *** He's the guy that said Immigrants have calves…
Chris Hayes really dropped the ball in not letting April Ryan and Charlie Pierce verbally annihilate Steve King.
Watched this in real time and was floored. April Ryan deserves a Nobel Peace Prize for not jumping the desk.
Ammon Bundy’s brother, Ryan, tried escaping jail in April — with a bed sheet rope found stashed under his mattress.
Prosecutor drops bombshell, says standoff figure Ryan Bundy planned to escape from jail in April - he denies it
No. Watch the chat - April Ryan, Chris Hayes and Joy Reid.
If looks can kill.April Ryan's face says it all
Feds reveal attempted jail escape by Ryan Bundy on April 8
don't worry I wont. Still n disbelief that Gangsta April Ryan got spit n face by a racist cause that's what he did
It love to see CHRIS MATTHEW'S ,and APRIL RYAN go at each other,
I thought April Ryan was going to jump him ...
April Ryan's face in this screengrab.
you should have seen the look on April Ryan's face!!
And Hayes didn't Let April Ryan (right) respond, but the look on her face says it all. He should have her back on...
Chris Hayes, a white man, interrupts April Ryan, a black woman, to say they’re not going to condemn Steve King’s bigotry.
The look on April Ryan's face pretty much sums up my reaction to this entire election cycle.
If looks could kill I see u April Ryan
The look on April Ryan's face is PRICELESS!
April Ryan is ready to DRAG everyone and I am living for it!
Check out the look on April Ryan's ((I think that's her name) face! It is completely appropriate to what this...
And cut to commercial rather than let April Ryan elaborate how this was straight up racist.
Boy, that guy stepped on a landmine with that one. I'm impressed April Ryan didn't chuck water in his face as I would have & quickly.
Ryan Bundy attempted to escape from jail in April, according to Oregon sheriff's officials:
it started out as an April Fool's joke back in 2014
April Ryan looked about to take him OUT. Jesus Christ.
Steve King just said whites have contributed more to western civilization than any other group of people. April Ryan almos…
T *** you say! April Ryan reacts to R-Rep Steve King of IA assertion:no contributions to West Civ. from non-whites
The entire convo about that segment with Chris Hayes and Joy Reid and April Ryan
Yes, just like a president that can't pursue blind justice because it will not get him reelected. Just ask April Ryan.
it just hit me. April Ryan is literally the female version clone of Chris Matthews.All bluster blathering spitting incoherence lol
April Ryan was the worst panel member in the history of Special Report. You might as well have had Josh Earnest.
April Ryan was born in April. Brian Westhouse build his house on the west edge of Marcuria. I wonder if my name also has a hidden meaning.
I'm so proud April Ryan is Morgan State University alumni!
White House correspondent April Ryan on the shooting of her aunt & uncle in Baltimore yesterday
Monkey Island V ít is like kapuccino for Hudson Hawk (Bruce Willis),last I saw was the Longest Journey [('April Ryan) What worries me]
she has: Tom Joyner, April Ryan, Rev Sharpton, & two wonderful young women from Buzzfeed check it out:
White House correspondent April Ryan has an exclusive interview with Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders. Sanders has...
And didnt April Ryan say weeks ago that PBO shld apologize for slavery? I think she did on Joe Madison show
April Ryan, author of The Presidency in Black and White, joins us to reflect on race in America.
Come join us! . April Ryan: Presidency in Black and White . WHERE: Howard University Bookstore. TIME: 6:00PM. DATE:...
PBO has been interviewed by Robin Roberts,Sharpton,April Ryan,Tom Joyner, local black TV/radio hosts
White House correspondent April Ryan is on the line to discuss the recent resignation of former White House Press...
Van Gogh style, Sunflowers in vase, art party painting by April Ryan
It's a real shame that the only real journalists who ask penetrating questions are either small in number or dead. Thinking of Amy Goodman, Helen Thomas, Andrea Mitchell (when she was in White House press corp), Tom Brokaw, Dan Rather, Peter Jennings, April Ryan and Sam Donaldson. Then again, given the *** they're getting from so many from the White House since 2002 and other places, you can almost, sadly see why.
Obama to Honor Oprah, April Ryan with Freedom Medal: WASHINGTON (AP) — Former President Bill Clinton is headed...
A number of top-level celebrities are reportedly following in Stevie Wonder's footsteps and plan to boycott Florida in protest of the state's "Stand Your Ground" laws. The list, which was first reported by AURN's April Ryan and credited a "a source close to Wonder," includes the likes of Madonna, Us...
April Ryan is in for Roland Martin who is under the weather this morning.
Holis Franklin Compton Holis Franklin Compton, 67 of Locust Hill died Monday (1/28) at Hardinsburg Nursing and Rehab. He is survived by his wife Gerald Compton of Locust Hill, 3 children Michael and Nathan Compton both of Locust Hill and April Ryan of Eddyville, a step daughter Peggy Carwile of McQuady, 4 grandchildren, 2 brothers Johnny Compton of Locust Hill and Tom Compton of Georgia, and 3 sisters Shirley Mattingly of Westview, Ressie Lemone of Louisiana and Betty Dozier of Mississippi. Funeral services will be held Friday (2/01) at Trent Dowell Funeral Home with burial in the Locust Hill Cemetery with military honors. Friends may call Trent Dowell Funeral Home Thursday (1/31) from 4 p.m. to 8 p.m. and Friday (2/01) after 8:30 a.m. R I P Uncle Hollis!
Basically I am dying for the next April Ryan / Longest Journey game, is all. :D
Happy Friday Family. Here @ the DC Convention for the NAN Convention. Workshop now concluding on Media: Race & Politics-How Race Should Impact the Politics in 2012? Panelists- Alfred Liggins of Radio One, David Gregory of NBC's Meet the Press, Andrea Mitchell, Meet the Press, April Ryan, White House Correspondent, etc. Rev. Al Sharpton is moderating..
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