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April Fools

April Fools' Day is celebrated in different countries on April 1 every year. Sometimes referred to as All Fools' Day, April 1 is not a national holiday, but is widely recognized and celebrated as a day when people play practical jokes and hoaxes on each other.

April Fools Day Dunn Bros President Zuma Luisa Zissman

Whoa, BBC just announced that April Fools was originally on April 2nd. Theresa May will officially recognize it as British Fools Day today!
April Fools...The House of Commons erupts in laughter as the PM calls for 'liberal, democratic values of Europe' http…
It's I guess April Fools trick for me is that I was succumbing to my body's illness. Jokes on my health!. Bouncing back OK
Insinuating that public school is free must be an April Fools' joke. Inequity/lack of diver…
It is not an April Fools joke Jason has confirmed it is legit.
The Russian foreign ministry got a little cheeky this April Fools' Day
April Fools Day began Nov 8th 2016 when Democrats lost the National election and since have overturned every...
For The Win Tom Brady jokingly calls out the Boston Globe for on April Fools' Day For…
Tom Brady saved this April Fools' joke from the Super Bowl – Tom Brady saved…
Russia plays election hack April Fools' prank on the world
this is some elaborate April Fools joke, sponsored by Don Garber, right?
Liga MX networks playing a cruel April Fools joke. First the Pumas/ Chiapas game goes MIA & now the sound in Chivas/Morelia is out of sync.
I hate April Fools Day. Just call it "Let me betray the trust you've placed in me for a silly reason and lie to you" day…
Treyarch confirming DLC 5 on April Fools would be the best meme of all time.
Kingdom Hearts 3 is an April Fools joke that happened in June of 2013.
Wasn't sure if Egg Bowl numbers or April Fools scrimmage numbers
This is that type of April Fools joke that I actually wish was true. Wonder Twins in this game would be really cool.
See, this is clearly an April Fools joke, but it's the kind I wish was real. I'd lov…
Biggie couldn't have picked a better Housemate for his April Fools prank! The Housemates were shaken.
George Osborne's new fashion label and an Amazon Echo for pets? Today's April Fools' Day tricks
Maxine Waters' hair does not look like James Brown's. April Fools.
it would take an April Fools joke to get me to pkay this game. Wonder Twins Activate!
Waits for outraged Daily Mail reader to go ape not realizing its an April Fools joke
Wonders why there are photos of Twice on my timeline and I just realized it's April Fools' Day.
We're going from March Madness -American slang for the 3rd month of Trump Adminsitration- to April Fools, 4th month of Trum…
Netflix kicks of April Fools early with ‘Netflix Live’ & yes,
Netflix Live appears to be an elaborate April Fools prank but I enjoy Will Arnett so I'll probably watch the whole thing.
April Fools!! Check out these 25 hilarious pranks you can try :P
This looks awesome!! . April Fools' Day comet will make closest pass to Earth on record via
President Zuma is playing y'all with pre April Fools jokes. 😂😂😂
Relax people President Zuma did the numbers in his head and he thought he was doing this reshuffle on April Fools.
Breast Cancer Awareness
Insane 'Iron Man' flight suit is not an April Fools' joke
People won't believe this man has built his real life Iron Man suit because it's almost April Fools'
It is not an April Fools’ joke! On April 1, Tri-County Animal Shelter's cat and kitten adoption fees will be reduced to $1…
April Fools is only a day, unless you want all endings :D
I liked a video from 10 April Fools Magic Pranks!
PRs in the process of making April Fools Day the international day of
Malapit na April Fools pero I've always been a fool... for you
you know the announcement is coming on April Fools.
4th gr putting the FUN in Fun Run. Flying high at the Mills April Fools FR 4/1.
Spam-lovers will be droolin' over our April Fools' Day breakfast specials and that ain't no foolin'. Spam &...
Burger King created a Whopper-flavored toothpaste just to mess with us -
It was a April Fools joke it's at the bottom of the picture
Hurrah, April Fools Day is at the weekend. Hopefully all those great tech prank stories will stay in the PR department this year.
What's going on with people? It's not April fools yet And Gaga still is better than Rih
one day maybe tech startups will forget April fools and not do something lame
April fools gift for Bruce: a dad of the year mug
Says times are wrong, early April fools at the bottom. I don't know though, teams and dates could be correct.
Me: "This April Fools, we are having GeneHamu!". YC: Yeah, jokes on you~ :3c
Actual anniversary is on Saturday. Yep, we got married on April 1st. No fools here.
Is April the Giraffe an April Fool's Day joke? This conspiracy theory is sweeping the conversation…
April Fools is in two days so you can tell us this was all a joke. Or maybe the real joke is your PR/marketing/com…
There's no reason in making an April Fools Joke video if your whole channel is a joke .
Little early for the April fools no?
hey caboose, I heard u say ur fan theory about April fools, what if joker dressed in his red hood attire instead
An important April 1 message from the president
im excited for april fools kekekek i got prAnKs
🤔🤔 I'm gonna keep my guard up on this, I mean they can be pulling an April Fools joke on us.
April Fools' Day 2016: Best pranks and jokes of the day - CBBC Newsround
Use Android to trick your friends this April Fool's Day
Don’t just prepare for the anticipated pranks coming this weekend – prepare for your future and family today!...
To all the social media teams doing April Fools jokes already...
This is how I remembered that April Fools' Day is Saturday
It's an early April fools joke from Youtube. Can't wait for their next joke when they st…
Winter’s over? April fools! There’s a snow storm in the forecast for New England.
When my parents got married they didn't even know it was April Fools Day till they got to the US
April fools is coming up, don't think my girl is ready for the war that's about to take place 🤔
Shower thought... April Fools is a good time to test crazy ideas. If it doesn’t work, just tell them “I was kidding!” then…
The royals drop bouta be the biggest April fools joke ever for the people who get cart jacked..including me lmaooo
Had a dream that overwatch messed with people's SR and announced a new fake character for April fools and i nearly lost my *** mind
New video: With April Fools Day approaching here's 3 DIY food pranks
You probably won't with this candy sushi, but it's fun to make!
and it come to pass. Qtr 1 story was just an April fools prank on depositors
Staff may return basically. If this really is a prank it is cruel…
We'd like to remind members of the media about our guidelines:
Cancelled: Abandoned: Jake Williams. Because the file got corrupted and I couldn't find enough audio. Need new April Fools Day thing...
Buy Miche Bag Online!
This week we are reflecting on 1 Cor. 4:9-10 and bringing a new perspective on what it means to be April Fools!
💥Is anyone shocked the Presstitutes are too stupid to even recognize an April Fools' prank ~ Circa News caught it 💥. http…
ON THE FIRST OF APRIL SKYCLUB FOOLS!! . Pm me for birthdaydeals and vip boxes 📲. Let's have a funny night, shall we…
On April Fools Day I'm gonna come out to my nan. "Hey nan, im *** and then see her response and then be like "April fools! I'm bi!"
Not really. (It’s a parody in our April Fools section)
April Fool's Day prank uses V2V against left-lane hogs - Roadshow This is one joke that I wish were rea…
I really hope it's an early April fools joke 😣
April Fools Day is coming. I'm going to do something awful.
Even top riders fall for April Fools' jokes! ;)...
Brace yourself, April Fools' Day is coming. Here's some of the best from recent years
My moms celebrating her Birthday on April Fools Day. What a joke. 😅😂
NHS workers' 1% pay rise is like an April Fools' Day prank, union official says
The funny business of marketing on April Fools' Day:
April Fools' Day: The best spoofs and pranks, in pictures
by launching on April Fools' Day! Absurdist and wittily controlled celebration of ⇓…
Miche s Cyber Weekend Event - Savings up to 75%
can you make an official day for fake injuries/news? clearly just April Fools isn't cutting it for you.
5 of the best April Fools' Day pranks of all time | WJAX-TV -
It's almost April Fools Day where we celebrate the brilliant human quality of humiliating others which is healthy and fun behavior
April Fools' Day: What are the best pranks and where did it come from?
Gazing upon the April Fools' Day comet is going to be so great, it's not even funny
This ain't no April Fools! It's going down this Saturday at Havelock North's new…
This Saturday! Special April Fools kids day happening at elizabeth.ave.station. Workshops are by…
Don't forget you can submit all your joke TASes on April Fools. From 12am until 11:59.59pm. Coordinated Universal Time (UTC)
Des Lynam, what a pro. Kept a straight face during the April Fools "fight" on Grandstand?
I liked a video from Assbackwards and April Fools Challenges - Hutts Stream Afterbirth+ 1/3
didn't realise it was April Fools Day 😂
Y'all need to chill, it's too early for April Fools'
It is not even April Fools Day today.1st April
What if 1D come back on 1 april as 5/5 n be like "APRIL FOOLS nobody left we'll always be together". POWER OF ONED.
Bigger than Beyonce? A bit too early for April Fools jokes
for April fools this year you should make an episode with and have it be edite…
I thought this was an April fools but it's January. This is a strange acquisition.
What if you April fools is really on April 2nd. And we have been April fooled all this time.
2k17 went by's April fools already
The *** say he from the streets April fools coming up he been in the house
I thought this was a april fools thing but they actually serious wow
Is it April Fools? There is no other explanation for this.
Fat Trel April fools mixtape is still the best 💪🏽
Bible students are may find the crucifixion too upsetting Is it April Fools? FFS
My grandfather was a. practical joker,so every. April Fools we visit his. gravesite and wait to see. if he rises thinking he got. us :) :D
The more I think about prom being on April Fools Day, the more anxious I get thinking that dude is gonna bail on me 😂😭😭😭
I just checked, It's not april fools! This is crazy!
Me and my partner Jonathan Hazim and khan got moe pretty good for April's fools miss you Jonathan.
Tfw no one expected morrigan but me because of the april fools datamining that was actually low key true :^)
WTH with the april's fools Challenge? Are U okay? Do you want yo talk? Do you need psycological help?
But don't believe a word I say. Look it up. Look up the origin of April Fools Day
I see all these ppl taking down XMAS decorations. When I was a kid decorations went up XMAS Eve & came down hopefully by Ap…
April Fools Party 2017 in Now that's an idea! Here's how. Feedback or improvements are appreciated!
can they add him as an April Fools first where he literally can't do anything?
Not April Fools, but a landlord installs a coin operated flush on a toiler in Oz
I interviewed on April 1st, April Fools Day, was unsure if it was a joke, says Pichai.
wait what stop union being positive...this can't be true.early April fools lads?
Press conference about running for governor in about 90 days. that's right around April Fools Day.
oh! You're at the stafford gatehouse again! Or is that an April fools?
Is it april fools fay today or something?
this is why no one should ever do April Fools Day stories
it's too early for that April Fools prank!
When I worked at NPR we did an April Fools Day story about "military research dolphins." Turns out they're REAL.
Girlfriend wanted to prank text her boyfriend on April Fools. It was a disaster.
I interviewed in on the April Fools Day and was asked about gmail which I had not seen and didn't think it existed:…
Happy New year from us to you! Hope you'll celebrate with us this MLK Jr. Day or April Fools weekend!
German Chancellor Angela Merkel will seek re-election next year. Is this the German equivalent April Fools?
Imagine Henry starts watching Finding Bigfoot with Robin & convinces Robin he's real and in Maine as an April Fools prank.…
that's a bad April Fools joke right there
Fair To Midland - April Fools and Eggmen [Rock] Unique, incredble, and totally overlooked
Or could be that they planned this crossover while ppg reboot was still in development or could an early april fools joke from cn
Ha! Thanks for still keeping our April Fools joke going, Neil!
Who needs April Fools your entire life is a joke
HAPPY April Fools Day!! Trick your family or friends with this cake! Cov... (Vine by LetsDIY)
Euro clearing is in the trillions. We, the UK, take a cut of that. Dated 1 April - guess we thought it was a fools.
For April fools I replaced my mums Splenda with cocaine.. she didn't even seem mad, she seemed really really happy
Told my cousin he got me pregnant as an April Fools joke. He was scared af LMFAO
Even when APRIL fools, Never MAY I fall down like the rains in too dope.
I just woke up from a nap, is today April Fools Day? The Canadiens couldn't possibly be that stupid to trade Subban for Shea Weber...
Then the CEO announces its April fools
Miche s Extended Cyber Weekend Event - Savings up to 75%
the signs most to least likely to excessively celebrate April Fools Day 😝
it's not April Fools Day. Please Tell me this is a joke. I don't even want to say it.
April Fools, they're all going to the new Las Vegas team!
"Have you seen this?😆 Guess it's part of their april fools' day prank, pero binura nila. 😂"
I know it was probably already said but were you behind that Yu Gi Oh redub April Fools Day joke?
You can't play an April Fools Prank because they'll ask you to say "Wallahi" and ruin it.
I'm trying not to get upset, but a bunch of other artists ripped off my April Fools comic: http…
I must have been asleep for the last 10months - surely such programming is the stuff of April fools pranks
Breaking News 4 teams are interested in Kyle Singler, APRIL FOOLS!
I think Trump's campaign is a big April Fools joke but he just doesn't understand that it's only supposed to last for one day.
can this SUBBAN trade be a late April fools joke please
Hopefully today was the NHLs April Fools Day.
I've heard that this was an April Fools gag
Yeah, cos gun regulation really works in the US, Nigel. I can only assume every day is April fools for this man
Holy crap, Subban for weber, staMKOS is staying put, hall for Larsson. Is this April fools? What a day in the big de…
Electronic Device Insurance
April Fools Day in June. Attract and RETAIN the best people? Only monkeys work for peanuts https…
fyi April Fools Day was in April btw.
lmaooo stop joking it's not April fools
Is it April? Is this April Fools Subban for Weber? Hall for Larsson? I'm so lost
fans are all shocked, furious, upset. fans are still waiting for someone to say "April Fools" gotcha! But's TRUE
Hey you're a few months late for an April fools joke with this Weber trade. . You are joking.right?
my professor wants us to stay after this test.told em April fools was in April but keep up the good work.he don't like me now
Imagine if someone replaced all the sugar to cocaine in their household, as a April Fools prank😂
WAIT!! Today is like April fools? When Chiarelli will be at press saying "Just Kidding!" that would be the best prank ever!!
What is happening in the This isn't April Fools Day right!?!
it is April fools lol I just realized too, I was so lost 😂
Like it's a bit late for april fools.
Is this really happening? Or is this some sort of summer April Fools?
He was born on April 3rd, so I guess he might be a delayed April Fools' joke.
lol I'm slow af cuz I looked at the date and everything and April fools didn't even cross my mind 😂
Howard Terminal was not an April Fools joke
Tomorrow is April Fools. who needs April Fools when your whole life is a joke. 😆
The spaghetti tree hoax was broadcast on April Fools' Day 1957 by the BBC current affairs Panorama
Okay, was that last thing all an April Fools gag?! There's a difference between playing jokes and doing things in poor taste?!
Fyvie was once rated as a £10m player, must have been on April Fools Day
April Fools' day was so last month...
I think today is the perfect day to tell my mom I got a tattoo because if she freaks out I can just say April Fools, I'll…
What's the best April Fools' Day prank you've ever witnessed? — my life
commentator playing a belated April Fools. Craig Joubert best ref in the world 😂😂
tbt to when I was 13 and I made an April Fools joke of MCR getting back together and ended up with 470+ emos jumping down my throat
Davis Love III thought Tiger Woods skipping Masters was an April Fools' joke reports
LOL that PSU "destroyed"? Do you get your info from April Fools editions of student blogs too-like Graham Watson? ROFL
April Fools or not, may be on to something. Could the voice of improve streets?
Uhhh somebody tell Randy Houser that April Fools was 11 days ago
It seems like officers were quite the pranksters for April Fools. This officer with the Salina City Police Dept.
Free Shipping at Baseball Rampage
to serve on panel on how to fix Note: this is NOT an overripe April Fools' joke, surprisingly.
Snow flurries by coral ridge mall Coralville? No not April Fools.
New blog: 4 April Fools from the Russell Group that caught my eye:
Albion 1, Hillsdale 0. Hillsdale College closing? April Fools' jab not funny to all
The Atlanta Falcons fall victim to April Fools prank...
Wish this was a belated April Fools :( 'Lights, Motors, Action!' leaves Disney's Hollywood Studios with a bang
was it Friday? Someone's idea of a cruel April Fools? After OTA, Laurel is next on my list of "I hope it's not..." 😞
Andre Iguodala played the world's meanest April Fools' prank on Festus Ezeli via
- April Fools' Day round-up: Arsenal's sunroof, Wayne Rooney's new ... -
I sure can't wait to drink al these drinks!. April Fools!! .to me!
Did you spot our April Fools' on Friday? "Kiss goodbye to the Blarney Stone – one of Ireland's oldest and most fa...
I feel like today was a big joke. Waiting for someone to say "April Fools" and give us a refund
jasper told me that clarke had found a way to the city of light and then said "April Fools" I don't know what April is bu…
200 years ago today Uranus was discovered by William Herschel. No one realized that the name was an April Fools joke until i…
April Fools : You can super-charge your metabolism, burn body fat fast, slow the aging process & quickly trans...
Save up to 70% on Inkjet and Toner Supplies!
This from the folks who created and still observe "Serf Emancipation Day"?!? says no to April Fools' Day:
Why is April Fools still trending? Wait! This isn't some kind of Groundhog Day freaky thing going on?!
No, I mean Dan Mullen didn't say those things. No coach would. That has to have been an April Fools joke.
Stephan Colbert show is an April Fools joke that never ends HA a critical bomb boring & predictable. Watch a real show
Woke up to a full on winter wonderland, in April. This is mother natures cruel, and tardy, April Fools' joke! ❄️🙈
Congratulations to you and your new fiancé bro. Great news. Had to wait until today to see it wasn't an April Fools joke 😂😂
Mike Trout assists in epic April Fools' prank on Angels teammate
JK Rowling wins April Fools' Day with epic comeback to 'Scottish resistance' via
Not an April Fools: Hedi Slimant confirmed to leave Saint Laurent:
Lol mom and dad always have fun on April Fools Day!
I have somehow gone all day without seeing a single April Fools on the internet.
I feel bad for people finding out they're pregnant today kinda bc of April Fools but mostly bc of Mike Pence.
Dennis Schröder almost got me! His hair is an April Fools joke, right?
Just to be clear...Phillip Fulmer is NOT going to be athletic director at South College. It was an April Fools...
Is Luisa Zissman pregnant? Fans accuse her of April Fools prank as she posts positive…
apparently it was his April Fools joke.
This is no April Fools joke. The Camp Verde Bugle office was spruced-up today, thanks to Ad King's Dave Zamora.
Gosh, how many years has it been since pulled that April Fools joke on the inland empire? Remember the "free Blink 182" concert? 😳
45m Uber ride to Long Beach Airport on a Friday afternoon. It really is April Fools...
Did just announce a new book? Hearts In Suspension!? Is this a novel, fiction or April Fools? Sequel to Hearts In Atlantis!?
A man just came into Dunn Bros, walked up to the condiment bar, grabbed multiple hand fulls of sugar, and walked out. April Fools.
This worker at McCoy's hit me with an April Fools joke lol
Canada pursues "Oil-by-Blimp" to sidestep critics of tar sands moving by pipe & train. [April Fools]
Donald with a solid April Fools joke- # for a fake free 'Hamilton' in the park tix leads to Trump HQ. via
April Fools' Day 2016 live: The best, and worst, pranks and hoaxes from around the world - as it ...
Quick picture of my mum earlier before she went on the tv box, April Fools my mum isnt gail platt sadly
Puts a whoopee cushion where is about to sit for April Fools Day.
The Edmonton International Airport had a pretty great April Fools joke (though we'd probably choose a different...
Snuck a whoopee cushion onto a chair for an April Fools prank! I laughed and laughed when I sat on it, but was still a bit…
I wrote this for April Fools years ago. Check out the history of MovieTown
Huge Selection of Helmets at Low Prices
Merry Christmas from our December baby on April Fools
... and (hey it's April Fools) we investigate the history of the -- bwap! -- Whoopee Cushion. 7-9 on 2/2
April Fools jokes behind us now, time for some seriousness... . Thunderstorms begin soon. . Flash Flood Watch
We know it's April Fools' Day, but this is no joke fans - is officially Platinum in Canada!
April Fools! We'll be extending our early bird pricing until May 1st! .
I'm moving to Florida. April Fools or not?
no April Fools? How about KG signing free autos for 6 hours in a Cub parking lot? Nick Punto at Galleria Edina for $199 per?
Can't believe is a West Carter Comet again, all along & I thought it was just an April Fools joke... 😂
A better FNAF April Fools would have been leaked footage of the film, but in fact it's just *an edit of all Fozzy Bear footage. *grammaredit
So great meeting you Great banter on the couch & not a whoopee cushion to be seen for April Fools.
April Fools . Or. Not?. I know the captain of the Mexican Bob sled team. And, Go!. What's your guess
Of course this may very well be an April Fools joke, but I wonder if Doffy has a different class upgrade. Forehead vein class? Fashionista?
April Fools' Day is a holiday made up by the whoopee cushion industry.
When Jesus rose from the grave I bet he was like "April Fools, I am alive"
A car was on fire in Towson Town Center parking lot, April Fools or not, homie don't play that.
looks like Ed Boon played an April Fools joke on us there, still didn't announce any big news
Today is . Who needs an April Fools when you have as a rival. .
If your site breaks fake "news" on April Fools in an effort to be funny, please consider Rust Cohle's advice to the mom who killed her kid.
April Fools engaged / pregnant / whatever jokes are so stupid. Put some Saran Wrap on a doorway or something, people. Geesh.
When ur job says there's a new drug testing policy as an April Fools joke 😂
April Fools? Wasn't it your party that knighted Fred Goodwin, deregulated the banks and took money from 1%'s?
Instant classic in the annals of incredibly ill-advised April Fools "jokes":
April Fools . I posted a photo of you to benefit the Children's Miracle Network! .
Is Fraser Nelson on faux worrying about minimum wages workers some weird April Fools joke?
April Fools have a great weekend https…
April Fools! Tallahassee Democrat goes Republican for a day: TALLAHASSEE -- Tallahassee Democrat readers are seeing…
Please don't "April Fools" me. If I wanted you to lie to my face, I'd date you.
Nah fam I'm done. This better be April Fools joke. You don't understand. This is worse than playing Urby Emanuelson as trequartista.
I got super excited about this MN coffee bean then remembered it's April Fools Day. You got me good
Google 'mic drop' Gmail joke for April Fools' day backfires spectacularly
April Fools prank idea:. cover the toilet seat with saran wrap and when your friend uses the restroom, set their car on fire.
has to be an April Fools joke, Jeff Samardzija isn't with the Cubs anymore lol
omg, LOC sent an email out to all staff about breast pumps in the lactation center and it was NOT and April Fools joke.
someone got Goldberg real good this April Fools Day. Relax man, it's just a goof.
As a fun April Fools joke, everyone who downloads The Force Awakens today will actually receive a copy of Atlas Shrugged Part II.
Our spanish essay was an April Fools joke and I cried happy tears.
A little part of me is hoping I see on the news "April Fools, Glenn Frey's still alive he just went into hiding for three months" 😔
Sharrif Floyd makes April Fools' Day joke, tricks no one: Minnesota Vikings defensive tackle Sharrif Floyd is ...
Rand Paul's endorsement April Fools joke was terrible. He got my hopes up that he would either endorse Ted or Austin Petersen
Netflix let John Stamos prank its subscribers for April Fools' Day
Ever wonder how April Fools' Day began? Encylopedia Britannica has the answer. Visit the reference page
Ford's social media manager pitched an April Fools' Day joke every year, only to be told the brand wasn't funny.
April Fools statements that get said every day... "Black people only protest when a cop or White person kills...
Why did Luisa Zissman's April Fools pregnancy news cause so much upset? Read the story here:
Dunn Bros tries its hand at April Fools with a Minnesota-grown coffee bean. This part is funny
As soon as I turned on Paul Di Resta got mentioned. And then he started talking. You got me, April Fools. Good prank.
Our media so lame on April Fools. They just announced Johhny Depp landed in my town. . Yeah, like he would come here.
If this is an April Fools joke then Thomas can *** off back to Africa
Sam strikes again. April Fools champion of 2016
Florida_Today "The best of April Fools' hoaxes so far:
Al Davis should be our guide to every April Fools' joke. Also, in comfortable casual wear
The best of April Fools' hoaxes so far:
When Spongebob almost lost his life over an April Fools joke💀💀
Less annoyed by Netflix's April Fools than I am that they keep trying to push Larry Crowne, a betrayal of all things That Thing You Do.
April Fools' Day 2016: Google kills off Gmail 'mic drop' feature after backlash from users
I wish it was an April Fools joke when I say I almost bought a blue, velvet sports coat yesterday
Yo Lauren Faust contacted me .after tomorrow there's not gonna be anymore MLP.April Fools!
Well done to for one of the best April Fools joke involving manuscripts that I've seen in a while.
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