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April Fool

April Fools' Day is celebrated in different countries on April 1 every year.

Luisa Zissman Ashton Court Happy Birthday Donald Trump Chinese President Xi Jinping

SI WATCH: No, Pakistan isn't naming a new airport after Chinese President Xi Jinping-it was an April Fool's Day joke
I just remembered back in 2008-09 I turned my myspace into a Daniel Briere Flyer fan myspace for April Fool's Day 😂
What's the April Fool's Day version of the Grinch? Because I have the same level of disgust toward AFD jokes as he does for Christmas cheer.
Russian Foreign Ministry publishes election meddling April Fool video
The best April Fool's Day Joke of all - or was it?...
Tom Brady is the greatest QB ever. . SIKE! April Fool's.
Ain't even gone lie, April Fool's prank had me shook for a sec. 😂
It's a no foolies April Fool's Day episode of & if you haven't started listening, where have you been?.
How I sleep knowing nobody will try to play an April Fool's prank on me because I don't have any friends or loved ones https…
Not everyone remembers it's April Fool's; don't do this to me :D
Ooh I want to play April Fool's Day! "I just saw something honest on C…
Congrats to on making the Hall Of Fame (this better not be an April Fool's)
April Fool or otherwise,I pray my divine master to bless all with longlife and ailment free health and mind. May al…
It's April Fool's Day but its' no joke that affirmative action Water's, Fauxcahontas and bat crazy Pelosi are the fools.
Throwback to April Fool's Day at the old Union County Weekly office w/
20 years ago today..Larry Dierker's first game as manager of the Astros..on April Fool's Day. He had never managed…
It may be April Fool's Day, but this is real! Try a Hindenburg flight today! Eight glasses of craft beer! Yo…
If the WWE HOF event was held on April Fool's Day, would Kurt Angle have guzzled beer instead of milk?
Last night I danced on the moon whilst Neil Armstrongs played the Hammond organ to Riders On A Storm. . This is how April Fool works innit?
never before. But I'm the April Fool. Get a FREE copy today only. My Precious Cookbook:Real Recipes for Real Families.
Happy Birthday, Fred and George! Our favourite pranksters! So fitting that you were born on April Fool's Day.
Mississippi State beat UConn and ended their 111 game win streak. It's not an April Fool's joke and it certainly isn't Fa…
Netflix Live with Will Arnett is the quality April Fool's Day prank I can get behind.
April Fool's headline jokes don't work in South Africa. Incredulity is us!
On this day 1978, *** Smith pulls off the April Fool's Day "Great Sydney Harbour iceberg hoax".
This week we talk about April Fool's Day in the news, fungi and their wingmen, Prince Charles and homeopathy. .
I love April Fool's jokes that disguise foods as another. Mashed potato sundaes and peach halves with…
Don't be an April Fool!! We have so many ways for you to celebrate the Earth: an Earth Day Celebration, a week...
It's april fool's day. Beware, pipol!
Happy April Fool to buddies all around the world! 😊
jio The News of Jio offer extended is April's fool
Free Shipping with Free Returns - Baseball Rampage
Today is April Fool's Day. So do something special. ONLY FOR TODAY!.
Ah, today's April 1. Remember when minyeon switched their names and dp on IG to fool Queen's? 😂😂
tkrb's take on april fool:. - tenka goken / R5 swords drop on every node. - but just the introduction screen. - it's actual…
today is April Fool it doesn't u can do wat u want to do remember it just an ordinary day u makes fools everyday😉
My reaction when someone tries to pull an April Fool's joke on me tomorrow...
For April Fool’s Day, a new commu has been added in celebration! A room item will show up in your box when you’ve fini…
Important Poll: Does april fool day matter in the world full of lies???
April's fool day : do not trust fansite 😂😂😂
It's already the day of the fools of April but there's no fool on how I like, love, and adore you. 😊😍
tomorrow is also April Fool day my God now I'm excited as well as nervous 😁
I used to be fooled by fansites changing their layouts on April’s Fool but it gets repetitive after being 7 years in the kpop fandom
For anyone who wishes not to get caught out on an April fool on FB, press F13. Happy April Fool's Day!
tell me this is just April fool joke guys it's not funny
No one has ever really pranked me on April Fool's Day!
Gosh im so confused with all of these april fool's jokes on timeline 😂
Huge Selection of Helmets at Low Prices
It has already been a year since KaiStal's relationship has been revealed to the public which everyone thought was just a…
Just a friendly reminder Relationships are precious, do not hurt them by fooling and lying on first April April Fool. MAYNER InvadesGenSan
omg I totally forgot the april fool's thing it is cute hfhfh
I'll be looking like a fool if Cube really just release it for the sake of an April fool's joke... and then I will bury a…
It literally says april fool on the video :/
It's not yet April 1, right? Don't fool me with that Miley's comeback.
April fool's day jokes in 3..2..1..
April fool's day... I shall sleep this off
Hi Dear FOOL, Wish you a Happy April Fool Day. Today is your day. MAYNER InvadesGenSan
BTS X SMART release of schoolbook album (this is not actually happening, it's an April fool's joke) .
April Fool is the day upon which we are reminded of what we are on the other three hundred and sixty four days. MAYNER InvadesGenSan
April Fool's Day has no meaning to me because I fool myself every day of the year bye
CIHI is all about the data. We treat data backups very seriously. is today. Don't be an April fool.
Love Live! Sunshine!! has gone all for their April Fool's joke with a 15 min long voiced puppet play movie!.'s april fool's day but what more important is today is also the birth of I.O.I~! sarangh…
Free Shipping at Baseball Rampage
not fun to fool at all 🙄. It's like everyone know today is april fool
Jeon Somi and Matthew joined april fool prank
On April fool's we all let our true selves out a bit
Time to avoid social media until its safely been long enough to identify all April Fool's jokes...
That's the definition of a nice April Fool's gag. How wonderful.
April first, april fools, only fool falls
Starlight friends, is this April fool or new concept? Kk
April fools begins today. But for me, I always fool myself believing that someday we're gonne be okay. That someday accept my apology.
AH APRIL FOOL, whoever who's gonna make me feel dumb & prank me, sila meninggal
IU: We prepared this event (Hanteo TV) for April Fool's Day~ . (I'll stop spoilers, please wait for Subs by SGHEARTIU 🙆…
Apparently Krispy Kreme are rebranding as Krispy Kream in the UK. I think someone sent their April Fool email a wee bit early.
Is April the Giraffe an April Fool's Day joke? This conspiracy theory is sweeping the conversation…
Use Android to trick your friends this April Fool's Day
April Fool's Day prank uses V2V against left-lane hogs - Roadshow This is one joke that I wish were rea…
OK April Fool's Day is Saturday, but u can get your S's when they aren't expecting on Friday with these math tasks:
April Fool's Day 1986 joins our Horror Holiday film series, even if it isn't a serious…
WATCH LIVE: April the Giraffe in Animal Adventure Park Shows Signs of Labor; Will She Give Birth on April Fool's D…
Will we see you on April Fool's Day for our first $5 5k run/walk at Druid Hill Park? 🐶 welcome.
Mohon bwk lineup padu khas for you guys Ipoh Rawk City! Save the date this is not April Fool htt…
Come spend April Fool's with at the EMPIRE THEATRE this Sat. Apr 1, 8PM! TIX:…
I honestly thought this was an early April Fool's kinda thing. But as for the "adult toy?" Uh... a Tingler, a...
New post: Remember last April Fool's day, when I posted a trashcan script with 1,200 lines of garbage? I…
I've really elevated the level of sophistication of my April Fool's pranks.
Seriously April fool has come early
Baekhyun's idea of an April Fool's prank (Vine by
Maybe post it on April Fool's Day or something then later clarify it's from 2011? :P
I thought we're in Dec close to Christmas, but looking at this I feel like it's April 1st. Only a fool believes a S…
the guy name na April already, do just know it's April fool😂😂😂
y'all know April Fool's day is only one day a year right.
BREAKING NEWS: April Fool's Day 2017 will be celebrated on Jan. 20 in D.C. See you there behind the barricades!
No, this isn't The Onion and it's not April Fool's Day. Microsoft has joined The Linux Foundation. via
Well, we can still hope Wall St has mixed up April Fool's with Halloween, right?
would make a nice April Fool's proposal submission to an ethics review board (are they paying attention?)
Just 5 months ago, we had an April Fool's Day video in celebration of the release of Captain America: Civil War.
If anyone tells you it was invented in NZ - nope, that was an old April Fool.
it started out as an April Fool's joke back in 2014
I was born on April 1st but I aint no *** fool !
to add to that, I remember when he was appointed at Newcastle most people thought it was an April Fool's...
I think I just spent my entire day bingeing on april fool's pranks.
The Jez / Deadpsin staff swap for April Fool's was fun b/c, generally speaking, both sets of authors and commenters are good.
The best april fool prank has to be my dad sending me "send me ur acct no" and texting "lol" after I sent it...
Joke of today. April fool ke sar per phool
Had to check the date! April fool? This man is a liabity. Loathed by all in the NHS. No one will trust him.
Hey there, could you pop us a DM? Maybe we could make that April Fool's a reality for you! *AnnaC
Morning! Yeah, this entire Tetris film thing seems like an April Fool's Day joke gone on too long. SMH
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
Garumageddon was an early April Fool's joke we weren't actually going to include Garuru
You have to be joking please tell us you thought it was April Fool's Day,Oh no that's Boris's day I forgot for a moment .
Still waiting for someone to come out and say this whole thing is a late April Fool's joke. Someone... Anyone... ...Please?
You know that april fool's episode of spongebob where squidward went too far with his prank? Yea
April is too far away to hoodwink Goans... For now the original all season fool wears flowers on his head!
I'm checking the calendar. No it's not an April fool, just a fool who thinks he's got the nowse to be PM.
Amazon is looking to expand the tech that we all thought was an April Fool's joke
Don't let a nipple fool you April fool🙄
Dear May, please don't be as fool as April.
Sadly, this is true. I wrote April Fool's parodies complete with give-away anagram.Friends said 'If she wrote it it's true' :(
It's the 28th June not 1st April but Jeremy Hunt is a fool
waiting for someone to pop up and say April fool, 🙈
Just had to check the calendar in a state of confusion about this story. But nope not April fool
Good one ITV! I thought April Fool's wasn't for at least another few months...
I'm sorry, is it April Fool's Day & we failed to notice? A game of eeny, meeny, miny, mo would be more successful
I liked a video from 5 Silly Household Pranks For April Fool's Day
For April fool's day, I want Winrar to compress their installers
YEAHH it was a good april fool's thing LOL
Having a good woman takes so much weight off your shoulders.
He just pulled the Festus April Fool's joke on everybody...
Ooh, sounds like that Trump-trolling April Fool's Day prank... but that was Prospect Park.
APRIL'S FOOL by Her attraction to the elusive billionaire is no joke.
LOL TF save that for next years April Fool's
Happy April Fool's Day! Be sure to check out my new update today!
One of their April Fool's jokes was an in-game "Pandaren Express" order & IRL delivery. Was years before MoP was announced.
Don't forget that today is April Fool's Day. Keep an eye out for stupid people attempting stupid pranks that could go terribly wrong.
Round 4 April Tag match. Nightmare is Nobody’s fool
Never felt so low when I was vulnerable, was I a fool to let you break down my walls? 🎧
I thought this was some kind of April Fool's joke.
this feels like an April Fool's taunt.
Here is an interview I did based on your last "April Fool's Day" article a few months ago:
why do I have to wait a whole year for the next april fool's day
Next April Fool's Day I really hope does a dead-serious render of Sonichu.
why in the bloody *** do you have that hothead on the panel? Is this a late April Fool's prank? Please?
April Fool's Day may have passed, but you can still prank your friends with moldable plastic:
*** it. Now I look the fool. An April Fool as 'twere.
12 April Fool?s Day pranks you can play on your kids
I'm listening to April Fool on You should too. via
The meanest April Fool's thing I saw was that George Miller was taking over the Justice League/Supes films from Snyder.
North Cedar's success is not an April Fool's joke: The event was held at the Marriott Hotel and Conference Cen...
Cat is given job at Russian museum after April Fool's prank - Daily Mail: Daily MailCat is given job at Russia...
Snake bite drama no April Fool's joke: After a harrowing encounter with a 2.2m black mamba, which bit her on A...
nope it was just for April Fool's and is no longer in the game. Just for fun!
Days later, our April Fool's joke is still being circulated like it's news...
I wish this was a late April Fool, but apparently not. . Ashton Court are planning to put a 6-foot fence around...
The proposals to fence off the cycle centre in Ashton Court sound like a late April Fool's day joke...
Bowlegged Lou / Full Force. OK OK Already ! I told everybody on April 2nd this was an April Fool's joke...
Wrote a vid. Stoked to make it. Or not. April Fool's. Everything is a lie there is no Youtube wake up Timmy it's time for scho…
01/04/66: Neil and Bruce Palmer arrive in LA on a foggy April Fool's Day. 3300 miles on the road.
I should've posted this Plimpton piece earlier (a great April Fool's Day hoax AND the first day of baseball):
Feeling genuinely mad about the amount of snow I had to clear off my car this morning. April Fool's day was 3 days ago, Mother Nature 😐
Tragiacally, it actually isn't an April Fool's joke. This guy has form:
Kevin Andrews cant even get the date right ... surely this is an April Fool's joke. ... & dont call me Shirley
Montini: Wait...Ducey signing this anti-women anti-health care bill was NOT an April Fool's joke? vi…
Yesterday I told someone (my boss) that my father was the basis for the movie "Larry Crowne" and then I was too proud to say April Fool's.
Cool. Or did I just get caught in a late April Fool prank? Has a 'Sidd Finch' odor to it.
Wizards pulled an April Fool's Day prank on Markieff Morris that probably gave him some terrible flashbacks.
"Mushfiqur Rahim" and "April Fool" trending together...! . Please tell me anyone is both the same thing?
One my first non productions from '86:. CHALK CIRCLE - April Fool . via
Hey I didnt tell you I got punked real bad for April Fool's Day this morning by my little sister it was terrible.
So...I guess we're back to a winter wonderland in You're one day late for April Fool's
Jay Bhanushali, Ratan Rajput thought suicide news was April Fool prank!
Pregnant addresses offended fans after April Fool's joke
Luisa Zissman claims her pregnancy is not April Fool
One last April Fool's! Actually we Whaleys don't even know if this is a real human... actually…
Now that it's April Fool's Day, I wish I threw a huge bash at my house, but when people showed up, I'm just playing videogames…
Advice for planning an April Fool's Day party from Detroit Free Press 3/23/1924.
I've heard that Heather Langenkamp and Robert Englund will do a Wes Craven's New Nightmare commentary for Wes. April Fool's!
Given bust, I am sort of hoping that this Joseph Brodsky-bust story is an April Fool's joke
No because love April Fool's Day so we can celebrate all the atheists since the Bible says they are all fools!! :-) https:…
Milwaukee's supporters group/s are an April Fool's joke from Mpls. Classic.
April Fool's. We were just joking about the tow rope. Surfers, you'll have to keep paddling out the old-fashioned way. See you at the beach.
ICYMI: Romi's Roundup: April Fool's in the World of Sports! via
Even though Tebow to Denver Broncos is an April Fool's joke, it actually makes sense -
We played Animal Crossing Amiibo Festival for April Fool's Day. Please watch it. Please justify this experience.
And no, this isn't an April Fool's thing. This is a Fair Use thing. The decision to mention robots is a strange one. =P.
Because you should laugh on April Fool's Day, and it should not be rueful, my fave comedy videos. via
April Fool's Day, or as I like to call it, The Sigh With Forebearance Festival of Longsuffering.
Happy April Fools' Day! Check out this list of quick videos about April Fool's Day, put together by
It's the 1st day of College Beach Fest. Checkin your room & lets party. 1st up April Fool welcome reception
'Trump 2016' chalk appeared on the oval today. We're curious — is it an April Fool's Joke?
BUF [SB Nation: Buffalo Rumblings] - 15 April Fool's Buffalo Bills headlines that will totally never happen: 2...
I would like to wish that Alicia Witt on TWD was just a big April Fool's joke, but it wasn't.
If Susan Miller's Astrologyzone were not late every month, today's tardiness would make an effortless April Fool's. Oh well.
Hopefully not an April Fool's joke: joining New York mag:
I'm still recovering from the cruel April Fool's Joke when the Rural Juror was on Hulu
Sonic Adventure's OST is amazing. since it's April Fool's Day, the twist is that I'm /not/ linking Bad Taste Aquarium.
Did you know? April Fool's Day dates back to the mid-17th century. Look it up in Oxford Reference
Believe it or not, "Saudi Arabia Moving to Reduce Dependence on Oil Money" . *isn't* an April Fool's Day story.
where is the "April Fool's we can all go back to watching Celebrity Apprentice now!!" joke?.
Softball Rampage Has A Wide Selection of Products.
Pregnant Luisa Zissman hits out at haters accusing her of an April Fool's joke - SEE MORE:
Pregnant has hit back at 'haters' accusing her baby news of being an April Fool's:
Hey Olathe North kids you have a car on your head April Fool's
• Day 1 Of The from A to Z April Challenge. Happy Friday & don't be an April Fool! https:…
Suckers on April Fool's: Do they take us for fools? American Action Network. Patriot Majority USA. American Future…
April Fool's Day is scary cause u cant believe anything you read on the internet. Also I'm transferring to St. Bonaventu…
It's April Fool's Day! "Fool" your loved one with a beautiful arrangement "just because." Rose Hill Garden is...
April Fool's Day: 10 stories that look like pranks but aren't
The Sixers best April Fool's Day jokes of the last 30 years
Some silly, (mostly) harmless April Fool's Jokes for the office. Have fun and be safe! :D
Alex Turner and Pete Doherty in the same league as Morrissey and Ian Curtis, what a great April Fool's joke
Pat just called his grandma and told her he was dropping out of school for April Fool's Day.. What a monster
Not an April Fool's joke: A Hall of Famer is fully on board with quest for excitement in MLB:
Luisa Zissman 'expecting second child', but is it an April Fool's?
We're at the Culinary Institute of VA. Our residents will be judging the April Fool's Truck…
Meet Black Singles 300x250
Fake pregnancy April Fool's joke's are so funny. Let's laugh at the expense of women's pain and frustration trying to co…
Luisa Zissman slams haters who accused her of April Fool baby announcement
It may be April Fool's Day, but our company meetings are no joke! The SRG Cannonball Run, 80's style.
Yeah yeah April Fool's, right? But hey--Curly Howard _was_ woobwoobwoobing LONG before dubstep foolin' there. :D
I'm old enough to remember when we hoped every Jobs Report Friday under Bush, Jr. was an April Fool's joke. It was, and the joke was on us.
I pray it's true but possible April Fool?
My only hope for April Fool's is that Donald Trump finally announces that his entire campaign was a joke.
Man, I just remembered the date. Please say it's not an April Fool's joke!
In 1892, April Fool's was all about loaded hats, barricaded trousers & cotton doughnuts.
Nomvula Mokonyane ad asking "religious individuals" to "pray for divine intervention to bring an end to the drought" isn't an April Fool. :(
Here's hoping the talk of Axl Rose becoming AC/DC's replacement singer was all just a drawn-out April Fool's joke.
Not an April Fool joke: UK giant won’t patent its drugs in poorer countries - welcome move
April Fool's Day is a surprising motivator. The girls woke unaided, been nothing but pranks since.
By far the best April Fool's prank ever. There's only one Des Lynam...
Dr Rey (Doc Hollywood) to be next President of Brazil? This is NOT an April Fool's. He's seriously considering it
April Fool's Day fun fact: right now the Bulgarian government is testing its civil defense sirens. old people are freaking out :D
This should be an April Fool but isn't. via
Nottingham and Glasgow have done great ones. We feature in The Times today for their April Fool!
You'd have thought T'Grim Reaper would do an April Fool's on us by not killing anyone famous today.
It's the 1st April...and this guy ain't no April Fool... It's Hillbilly Bob's Country Music Show THIS morning,...
Please tell one that David Cameron is an April Fool?!
This is still the finest April Fool's spoof article in history -
This is no April Fool's joke. Missing MoDot mascot Barrel Bob has been found in Boone County
The most classic April Fool signing I can remember was in 1984 when Fandi Ahmad announced he is set to sign for Man Utd.
I hope the Pattullo bridge closing 2/4 lanes for the upcoming 5 months is a huge April Fool's joke 😭😭😭
Best real estate agency team in ringwood celebrating April Fool's and just a great momentum!
Thanks for joining me on this MC Skat Kat journey. Have a happy April Fool's Day, you'll see ridiculous things, but only these'll be real.
Besides, shouldn't all storm chasers/Wx geeks have to wait until 0600Z before pulling any April Fool's pranks? ;-)
THIS IS AWESOME!!. Trick your kids on April 1st with this easy April Fool's Day Eggs and Toast Breakfast!!!. SEE...
April Fool's Day is tomorrow, are you ready or will your kids get you first?!!.
Secondary menu April Fool's menu, cheese bread or Diner Station or creation station or fruit and vegetable bar, choice of milk
VIDEO: As part of an April Fool's Day prank, Andre Iguodala convinced Festus Ezeli the Warriors had just cut him:. htt…
Is this an April Fool's joke a day early? Is it already tomorrow in the UK? Is Virgin America selling sports bras...
The annual April Fool's issue contains the phrase, "A clown car driving into a dumpster fire." . Will you find it?
April Fool's Day came early as pranks into believing he's been released from team (via Lyft/Youtube). htt…
Ladies: Just say NO to Schreiner tomorrow... He's pranking the young women of FHS for April Fool's.
Indians have been made April Fool one day in Advance
Why did it sound like today was April Fool's day? Maybe coz of that ride that we just took to thy kingdom come,yeah maybe.
How about April 2nd? April Fool's Day seems like it was made for Trump.
Please direct April Fool's complainery to She's on deadline, people. Hop to it.
Only a fool would miss out on this deal April 1st ;)
Be wise in April don't try to fool while ure bin fooled
"...this is not an April Fools joke." But you have to be an April Fool to do maintenance on a Friday! ;}
April Fool's prank: fake propose to your girlfriend with a 50 cent ring.
Oh yes. April Fool's day is coming. I'm so excited for what Japan will do with otome this year.
Tomorrow is april fool~ YASSS can't wait to see what they will do this year~ 😁😄
Honestbee tries an April Fool's marketing stunt and it goes horribly wrong: submitted by /u/dreadpira...
A full time on the world. . Likely the only day of the year this creature is not a FOOL is on April 1st each year
April Fool's Day is coming up!!. I'll probably pack their lunches with googley eyes on everything!!
No April Fool's. Virtually everyone in Louisiana will pay more taxes starting Friday.
Ppl startin with the April Fool's jokes already, cmon 😑
Join us at on April Fool's for Cask Festival! Word on the street is Summer Love will be featured! https:/…
Come and support Brasstown's beloved Morris dancers this Saturday, April 2 from 8-11pm at the Fool's Ball in the...
Woo-hoo...calling all parents and teachers! Susanna Hill's adorable picture book, April Fool, Phyllis! is now...
If you are in Calgary on April Fool's Day evening, make sure you go to the Gateway and see .
Shouldn't The Gift of the Magi be an April Fool's story? It's just two awesome pranks.
Quote: I never before heard of a man’s signing his name and forgetting to write the letter. H.W. Beecher
Kira Kosarin,Are you going to fool some body on April fool day,that mean April 1st on Friday?
Tomorrow is April fool’s Senpai. Hehheh What do you have to trick to lies? XD
Get ready for your April Fool's Day gags on your class. is a classic! .
I'm waiting for April Fool's Day hoping he may still declare his candidacy a joke.
Gary is preparing for April Fool's Day, don't mind him. Or the 30 bottles of glue he has.
Dear Tech Companies,. You have ~48 hours to stop whatever bad April Fool's joke you have planned. Do the right thing. Sincerel…
Could this be an early April Fool gag? Scots craft brewer creates 'world's first spreadable beer'
Quick reminder: April Fool’s Day has been moved to 2nd April because of the leap year.
So tomorrow is already 1st April. lets wait for pretentious religious people who will be like "ITS A SIN TO CELEBRATE APRIL'S FOOL"
April Fool's day is on Friday and I already know the biggest joke of all are my grades
April fool coming up not that it matters my life is a joke everyday
phone goes off on April Fool's Day 😑
Just for the record, I despise April fool's day.
This might be dumb but,. What if doesn't really have a tattoo and it's all a April fool's day joke
Please let Donald Trump's presidential run just be an April Fool's joke & he'll say so on Friday.
No April Fool’s Day joke — one of the warmest Marches ever to give way to snow
Nah wait this has to be an April Fool's
EA slots for Field Training come out on April Fool's Day. The future of my career is literally going to be a joke
domain names
Tour Dates Dropping April 1st!!! You a Fool you think im Trapping this Music like DOPE!!...
Tomorrow is the April 1st , which is called April Fool's Day . People on that day often plays a prank to make fun .
To anyone who thought home run was an early April Fool's joke. The joke's on you!
THIS FRIDAY @ TRANZAC 7-930pm >>>> No, this is not some lame April Fool's Day joke hahha
Today I will travel to Washington DC, to revisit the city I left on April Fool's Day, 1982, and moved to Los...
Tell us your best April Fool's Joke and you could see the Impractical jokers at the North Charleston Coliseum &...
Busy week ahead, Ind. Powerhouse Tour on 3/30, on 3/31 and will close it out on April Fool's Day!
Trying to make the most out of this (likely) final cool spell before our annual 7 months of Hades weather from April Fool's to Halloween.
This last Windows Weekly, Leo Laporte joked spending time talking about Linux on an April Fool's WW show. Y'know... like they do every week.
Please tell me this isn't an April Fool's Day joke
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