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Red Sox caught using Apple Watches to steal signs from Yankees, per
They’re picking on Boston again. First it was DeflateGate, now it’s AppleGate. Red Sox accused of stealing signs w/ Apple Watches.
this is what happened when the Red Sox stopped using their Apple Watches
Red Sox using Apple Watches to help steal signs vs What a shock coming from a sports team in Boston . https…
The Boston Red Sox used Apple Watches to cheat against the Yankees, report says -
Apple extends free repairs on 1st-gen Apple Watches with detached back covers to 3 years
Moving beyond fitness tracking and onto wellness
Are you planning on re-releasing watchOS 3.1.1? Feel like it was forgotten after you pulled it for bricking watches.
watching the clown show at burn through all their cash on watches and underwater phones gonna be fun. poor Steve . they're done
strange how Apple Watches are cheaper at Argos then Apple itself
Smartwatch Nerd - Samsung Gear, Apple Watches, Pebble Watches, Fitbit, Polar MX00's, and more!
Stanford will hand out 1,000 Apple Watches for new health program
I'm ethical and nobody watches me. Such is life I guess
WIN prizes like TVs or Apple Watches with Mr Green Casino
Visited Cardiff store yesterday no Gear fit 2 watches didn't know that it will pair with apple phones!. Why no stock? Sort it out
I used to think Apple Watches were so dumb but now I want a rose gold one 🙃🙄 QUIEN ME ENTIENDE
Martian Watches Notifier Smartwatch - Red~for select Android and Apple iOS
To buy several types of please visit our website…
Never seen so many watches at a party before. Everywhere from apple to quartz 😂😂
Updates for Apple Watches take years.
Gets in bed early to read. Ends up looking at Apple Watches for 20 mins. Adult onset ADHD for sure. Look a butterfly.🦋
Me & babe getting our Apple Watches tmrw 😁
.new Center for Digital Health is offering $10K and 1K Apple Watches for health study ideas.
Meanwhile back in the real world, I just keep seeing more and more Apple Watches on people's wrists.
So what is up with Apple Watches? My mom just got one and is going on about it forever
I'm treating myself! Lol I've been looking at Apple Watches and fossil smart watches all day. I need to choose
Know how to improve with the Apple Watch? Then Stanford has 1000 watches plus $10k for you.
I will soon find myself in rooms full of other nerds. I can already hear the cacophony of dings as Apple Watches unlock MacBooks…
This Apple Watch 42mm Stainless Steel Case with Milanese Loop has an 18% discount.
Me: has 112 pages of reading to do Me: watches a documentary on Björk, legally changes my name to Apple Dumplin', learns how to surf 🌊
I liked a video from Unboxing 2 Apple Watches !
Still don't understand how the Apple store doesn't carry cases or screen protection for their Apple Watches!
How groundbreaking is the use of Watches in restaurant front-of-house operations?
Watches are all about customization and personality. Can we please have an Watch face Store?
I have been looking at Apple Watches for so long and I just can't pull the trigger 😭
And the problem with today is the fact people with Apple Watches will still complain about the price of flowers
Also, why do all these 7 year olds have iPhones and Apple Watches?
yep. I stood in front of that case of Apple Watches, credit card in hand, on 3 different occasions before I gave up & bought online
Man, it sure would be nice if sold Watches again!
So to any of my friends who own Apple Watches what are your thought and opinions?
What prizes you say? lol. Beats headphones, fitbits, Apple Watches, yeti coolers, & more!
They're making Apple Watches out of a weird move, that?
Winners of the Apple Watches! If you didn't catch us at the show - reach out! Let's chat goals,
How do people have new Apple Watches, but old *** iPhones
Apple is giving away free Apple Watches next week. Click the link to claim yours today . 👉 👈 htt…
enter to win Disneyland Tix, Apple Watches, XBOX ONE, TVs +more during
Don't forget to update your Apple Watches too! Via iPhone, Watch app, Settings, General, Software Update.
It’s funny to me how many people around me are buying Apple Watches right now
I somehow went from looking at Apple Watches to reading over acceptance statistics of every dental school in the country & now I'm stressed
Re: Apple Watches. The only acceptable scenario for a grown man to talk to a watch is asking KITT where the kidnappers are …
Apple may ditch this for the next major iPhone - CNBC
His & Her Gucci shoes and His & Her Apple Watches for the teenagers .
Will you be tossing your Apple earbuds for a stylish sub? How designer headphones became a fashion status symbol
"Could an Apple Watch detect a stroke before it happens? Scientists need your help"
Get the Apple Watch with £50 off at Currys for Easter deals week More Easter deals here:
NYPD seizes $2.6 Million in counterfeit Apple Goods,Beats Headphones from China.
NYPD seizes $2.6 million of fake Apple Watches, Beats headphones, and more; this is where they were being sold:
co-founder criticises company over Apple Watch
Woz: World-changers to ( $AAPL) Watches, why pay for an overpriced band?. Read more:
Hi all. We have some special Apple Watches, available now, at a special price. These prices are only available on...
We accept cash, credit cards or Apple Watches.
Finally the bands of smart watches become smart, too. This is the future!.
$2.6M worth of Apple Watches, headphones seized in NY via
IT News: Woz: World-changers to Apple Watches, why pay for an overpriced band?
Check out iPops~Customize Your Fitbits and Apple Watches by Lucy Simones on
Reading Employers offer Apple Watches for $25 — but with some strings attached
Tips, tricks, apps and advice for getting the most out of new Apple Watches, Android phones, Wi..
& Best Buy selling Apple Watches for $250 & $300 I'm definitely about to go grab one. Sprint better price match me or I'm getting it from BB
So both Steven Yeun and Chris Hardwick are wearing Apple Watches. COINCIDENCE OR CONSPIRACY???
The son of richest man bought 2 ultra-expensive gold Apple Watches for his dog
What do electronics, watches, cameras and cars have in common?
Apple iPads, Apple iPhones, Persol Sunglasses & Fossil Watches to be won! & engage for a chance to win.
I wish I knew other people with Apple Watches so we could message on them
movie looks good :) and love Apple Watches but way too expensive for me lol
When Apple moves an inch, the world stands still & watches... Our thoughts on :
I mean, it's going to feel like a downgrade if I stopped wearing the watches I wear now to an Apple Watch.
Even though I'm a technology lover. I still don't feel like wearing an Apple Watch on my wrist. I mean, it will ruin my taste in watches...
The Apple Watch Hermès is now available: After teasing the collaboration last month, Apple has released the He...
How did do in its first day in San Francisco? My report for
COOL GIVEAWAY CALLED Want to win 1 of 3 Apple Watches + a Skulpt Aim? Don't miss this one
Android vs. Apple in the Battle of the Smart Watch
Exchanged a little bro-nod with the bus driver as we both realise we’re both wearing Apple Watches. My people.
We have Apple Watch OS2, stand-alone apps and still nothing that can give an hourly chime like the $10 watches of yestery…
Very cool!RT all Target stores will carry Apple Watches Oct. 25 and be available online Oct. 18. price begins at $325.
Exclusive, prizes like a TVs or Apple Watches with Mr Green Casino Promos
iPad minis and Apple Watches to give away to dealers today! Stop by our booth & get your badge scanned 4 a chance 2 win!
Apple’s Hermes Watches went on sale today, if you have $1,100 lying around via
Just a few hours left to win the Tools Trailer, Apple Watches, and iPads! Stop by booth to enter!
Original Apple Watches appear on eBay priced at £1,700
Aslong as you dont sell all your watches and start using an Apple Watch everyday than its all good . Apple Watch = 1 less sub ;)
Samsung pitch man Lebron James gives teammates Apple Watches
It's crazy how all this new technology is out IPhones and Apple Watches people the ability to do...
Yall thought the iPhone batteries are bad?! The Apple Watches are worse.
Apple should quit building watches and think a bit about their OS...
*watches Apple Watch red circle go up as I ride the bus*
OFFERS : Men smart watches A9 for apple support android system, take heart smart wat…
The Apple Watches are amazing. Shame I'm an android user and don't have the ridiculous amount of money laying about
Last roll of the dice for me to get a Ch78 gig, sending a few Apple Watches down to the RV directors.I'm getting desperate here folks
Tech Tuesday. Did you know we buy and sell smart watches? We currently have lg, Samsung, apple and actel available
Matching Apple Watches does not a love hashtag warrant.
The Verizon store looks like an Apple store, it's they be taking calls on Apple Watches...their couches >>>>>
how many calories do you burn in a show??? I know you've tracked it with your Apple Watches.
Watches Kevin's throat constrict and his Adam's apple bob as he swallows. "You're so perfect, Kevin.."
Wow Apple must think they're Rolex or something charging 15k for one of their watches um no thank you
I decided I want 12 Apple Watches. Idk what I would do with 12 Apple Watches I just feel that would be fun to have.
Does the Apple Watch ever make it on stage? Cool if I send him sketches mid-jam?
Softball Rampage - Free Return Shipping
Eve nods sheathing her weapons and watches Ronon as thinking. . "We can't go home until we get the Apple back. Mother +
Ok maybe I take back what I said about Apple Watches being garbage
About three of every four smartwatches sold globally in the second quarter were Apple Watches, according to a study.
This looks absolutely insufferable. Who watches this stuff?
I want an Apple Watch so bad, but they're so masculine. My argument for more women in tech - prettier smart watches ;P
Greg and I just bought Apple Watches
Walk into an ale house in Naples and these two kids that are not even 12 have Apple Watches😅 oh my
Haters gonna hate and winners own Apple Watches
*** the other day you were selling Apple Watches
Have you guys seen those pictures of melted Apple Watches online? Oh mistake, those are just the new Samsung smart watches.
WE have 2 kidneys. why not wearing 2 wrist watches the same time?. Apple is in it, will be trendy soon.
hold on let me go cop one of those iced out Apple Watches
Cnu's Korean fans r giving him Jordan's and Apple Watches&i'm just here sending him handwritten letters with Spider-Man tattoos in them lol
I need new friends tbh. Friends who buy Apple Watches for birthdays.
Want to win WATCH YOUR MONEY AND WIN One of 2 Apple Watches - Be a MoneyBr? I just entered to win and you can too.
Apple Watch for the Teacher: Passing Notes 2015-Style: Analysts estimate that Apple sold two million to 4.2 million Apple Watches in ...
Ordered both our Apple Watches in under 2 minutes of the last month.
"Partners say budget is tight then show up sporting brand new Apple Watches. We don't even have working printers here!"
Catalyst Waterproof Apple Watch Case - Uncrate:. It does a ton of different stuff, but th..
Behold, the mother of all diamond-encrusted, gold Apple Watches. Courtesy of
Apple phones, tabs and watches are usual products branded and priced in unusual ways
These Apple Watches do look nice. Beginning to change my mind. 😳😅
Kill Moonraker but give Apple/Android Watches Office Apps, so great to treated as second class!
The amount of kids that have Apple Watches in my school is nonsensical to me.
How is your Apple Watch holding up? Our forum members discuss whether their watches have sustained any damage:...
Hard to believe that 90% of American landfills are now made up of Apple Watches and discarded Zunes.
PSA: Apple Watches on sale at Best Buy as of today, most popular models are available (Ben Lovejoy/9 to 5 Mac)
Russian jeweller offers the most bizarre customized Apple Watches you’ll ever see, for $3000 (Ben Lovejoy/9 to 5…
LeBron giving his teammates Apple Watches, Beats and Nikes ... Steph giving his teammates discounted insurance rates and PE Cam Newtons.
Lebron James gives free Apple Watches to teammates - Business Insider
Special Offers - FREE Gifts with Purchase
Samsung's most famous endorser Lebron James gave Apple Watches to his team to show appreciation - Business Insider:
MD Anderson Cancer Center at Cooper equips breast cancer patients with Apple Watches
The sapphire displays on pricier Apple Watches are tougher to read than cheape
Here's why Apple can't make enough Apple Watches (AAPL) Lisa Eadicicco
Apple found in testing some taptic engines were unreliable over time and had to scrap some completed Apple Watches
in an Epcot Center kind of way. See any Apple Watches in the security line?
what do beyonce and bob iger have in common? They have Apple Watches and you don't
Apple Watches unavailable in stores until June
So a dude told me at the Genius Bar that the Apple Watches are better than my TV but I'm not convinced at all!
1M Apple Watches said sold on Day 1 via
Know what, son? When I was your age, we didn't have cool Apple Watches. Know what cool thing we did have? Our Lord and …
Knock-off Apple Watches already being sold in China for £25
Apple Watches on display during Apple's media event at Yerba Buena Center for the Arts SF, CA AFP / Josh Edelson
JP Morgan raises Apple price target to $145, forecasts sales of 26M Apple Watches this year via
Apple Pay, which debuts next month, will allow users to pay for purchases using iPhones and Apple Watches.
"I pledge universal healthcare, clean water, and Apple Watches for all." Jk, I'm in my room reading Shakespeare and eating M&Ms
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