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Apple Watch

The Apple Watch (marketed with a stylized Apple symbol and in uppercase as WATCH) is a smartwatch created by Apple Inc., announced by Tim Cook on September 9, 2014. It has activity tracking capabilities similar to other wearable technologies, such as Jawbone Up, Nike+ FuelBand and Fitbit.

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- How to switch between list view and honeycomb app grid on Apple Watch with watchOS 4 -…
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孫 悟空 Son Gokū: Trying to figure out if I want an Apple Watch or not
Lisa Hernandez, MBA: I just called 911 from my Apple Watch
Hollie Marsh: Does one splurge on a new Tory Burch bag or an Apple Watch..
Hot Nike’s new Apple Watch bands match counterparts |
Christopher Avalos: If you guys live in Tartin Hill Avenue Las Vegas I will be selling a Apple Watch on Friday
if the Apple Watch with glucose monitor is true, should check out
Tim Cook IS TESTING a glucose tracker for the Apple Watch $AAPL - THE VERGE
Tim Cook is testing a glucose tracker for the Apple Watch - The Verge
Tim Cook has started testing a new Apple Watch
Apple Watch is learning to track your blood sugar, report says - CNET
Out of time? Fitbit, Fossil can't keep up with Apple Watch - Florida Weekly
Anybody going through T2? Pls see if they have Apple Watch 2 Nike+ in Dixons duty free for me. Thanks.
Product idea: energy harvesting device in the Apple Watch similar to self-winding watches, powered by the natural motion of the wearer.
Andrew Cohen: Aside from tech geeks, 95% of people I know who have an Apple Watch got it as a gift. Nobody is buying it for themselves.
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Aaron Patterson: Listen, Apple Watch. Breathing is the one thing you don't need to remind me to do
The Censor Board asked the internet rip him a new Apple Watch.
Tim Cook will take his Apple Watch secret to the grave.. Related Articles:
Tim Cook drops 30 pounds using the Apple Watch, but still won't tell us how many have sold
Advertisers eye up premium Apple Watch enters production, the jailbreaking continues...
Apple watch's SOS feature calls 911 after crash -
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A very false narrative: Apple Watch and the future of wearables.
Need to spend some bread on a Apple Watch ⌚️
I think I am going to get the Apple Watch in 2015.
Apple Watch users⌚️: How well do you like your watch & would you advise others to invest in one?! 🙈
Browse & make beautiful Apple Watch faces Give your Watch a facelift :) ht…
Ryan Serene's "Nightmares" is FINALLY on YouTube! Check out now on iTunes, Google Play, Apple Music & Spotify!! htt…
BKRND are giving away an Apple Watch to one person just for entering their competition.
Apple watch's SOS feature calls 911 after crash
NHL Stanley Cup Memorabilia from The Bradford Exchange Online
Watch LIVE on on May 1, 2017. . Download GoldMyneTV app from Apple and…
Chasing the apple again next week just watch
Apple adds one more year of warranty to first-gen Watches
I liked a video how much for sunthing? apple and stuffing porkloin
Blood and paint still didn't stop my Apple Watch from breathing 😂👌
Reckon won a Apple Watch cuz she's their best customer
Let me ask you a question... Knowing what you know today about Fitbit or Apple Watch and how BIG they've...
It's like a rom-com commercial but also an Apple Watch commercial.
Apple Watch needs a Netflix and chill option. If this thing tells me to stand up one more time 🙄
Anyone looking to buy an Apple Watch?
Sold my Apple Watch today. Now do I go back to the Fitbit game or get the new Apple Watch?
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AppleSupport: YoGoerz If you're just wishing to log steps the Apple Watch will be able to do that without being a workout.
Can we ask less of the planet and more of ourselves? That tough question led to many more.
Wife Dork & Disco chat with the director of check it!
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iPhone 7+ , MacBook Air, iPad. All I need is an Apple Watch. Keep in mind I bought all of these with my money
Some exciting new updates on the way soon for those of you with an Apple Watch. Watch this space!
Apple adds Earth Day fitness badge to Apple Watch
I liked a video Catalyst water proof drop proof watch case 42mm Apple Watch accessories review
Check out Magnetic Clasp for Apple Watch 38mm Gold Stainless Steel US Ship Get in 2 Days via
A future Apple Watch could be essential for diabetics
Should I get the rose gold or black Apple Watch!??
Honestly why is it taking a gazillion years to sync a few (25) songs from iPhone to Apple Watch?
Apple Watch 3 latest rumours - release date/specifications: Third-gen Apple Watch should have the best screen yet
Heyo JBazan! We apologize, but we stopped selling the Apple Watch as of 2/15/17. The best way to obtain one is thru Apple now! :)
Why are people so amazed that you can run a nearly 20 year old game on an Apple Watch?
"GO TO-> (. One lucky winner will be winning a new Apple Watch & FRENDS…
Top story: John Lewis ticked off over Apple Watch | News | The Times & The Sund… see more
Resident Evil 7 is actually just one long advertisement for the Apple Watch
my club leaderboard stats aren't updating from my activity, I did the run using my Apple Watch. Any ideas?
Why do I think I'm some sporty spice who needs an Apple Watch?
other than the iPhone 8. First it was the Apple Watch, what's next?
How to track your sleep using Apple Watch or iPhone with these third-party apps
I don't know who Bėė's cat think he is trying to chew on my Apple Watch
There's an overlapping venn diagram out there of ppl who buy cases for their Apple Watch and ppl who shouldn't cross th…
Jerry Dipoto makes trades and claims though his Apple Watch... lawl
"Omg my mum got me an Apple Watch, fiat 500, Michael Kors watch, new shoes, make up and loads of money"
when are you getting the XL version of the black or v blue Apple Watch band. I ordered the M/L & it didn't fit.
Know how to improve with the Apple Watch? Then Stanford has 1000 watches plus $10k for you.
Sallie Mae is now enabling you to pay your student loan via the Apple Watch. Yay, debt on your wrist.
Apple Watch store-in-a-store in London’s Selfridges closes as Galeries Lafayette expected to follow suit
Apple shutters Apple Watch gallery in London's Selfridges ... - AppleInsider (press release) (blog)
I got a rose gold band for my Apple Watch to match the necklace Dan got me and I am stoked to get it.
Holding out hope that someone buys me an Apple Watch 42mm with a white band
(2017): Leave house with only cellular Apple Watch + Airpods for basic things. Apple is betting big on wearables. We'll see if it pays off.
Lmao you know you're up when you get ur girl an Apple Watch and ur mom an HP touchscreen laptop and ur not even done🤒🤒🤑
I hear ya. have an Apple Watch. Will be tough to give that up, Android Wear still has a ways to go.
Apple Watch's sales to consumers set record in holiday week, says Cook
Tim Cook claims record demand for Apple Watch after research shows 71pc decline
Find Friends on the Apple Watch should show heart rate so I can watch my family die like Cindel did in Battle for Endor.
Tim Cook says the Apple Watch is a success — just take his word for it - VICE News
Fake news? Tim Cook pushes back on Apple Watch sales estimate. – Christian Science Monitor
Tim Cook insists the Apple Watch is doing just fine
Tim Cook's Apple Watch sales coyness does Apple no favors - via slashgear
Tim Cook says Apple Watch sales are doing just fine by
Tim Cook’s Apple Watch sales coyness does Apple no favors
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Tim Cook says the Apple Watch just had its best sales week ever
Sorry, Tim Cook, but No One Likes the Apple Watch and Here's Why. By at
Why it's time for Tim Cook to release Apple Watch sales numbers via
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is not going to take it sitting down - Tim Cook says sales are doing just fine:…
I'm not an Apple Watch defender, but sounds like it is winning the wearable market share. Data -
So yesterday I gave away a brand new Watch! What's it gonna be today? Listen at 5:25p!
"Consumers Want Simple Wearable Devices" - I think we need to rethink smartwach
this Apple Watch programme is a farce. Cannot meet targets as programme doesn't measure heart rate on run.
Amazon discounts Apple Watch, Outlander and more for today only
[Apple World Today] Apple Watch has 46.6% of wearable online revenue for the holiday season so far
I liked a video Glowing Apple Logo on iPhone 7 Plus - Sexiest Mod Ever
WATCH: Kasey tries to break an apple with his bare hands via
Because pink and gold are like my favourite colours in the whole world 💕✨ and Apple Watch tells…
Apple Watch sales go over a cliff: down 2.8m per quarter in a year The dip means Apple's share of the wearables ma…
Cook's comment implies Apple Watch sales will be close to 5M units this quarter. It's time for the doubters to admit Apple…
Fiona Apple’s new Christmas song about Trump also has lyrics like “You’ll cry creepy uncle every time he arrives”
watch how fast Apple realizes they actually can build a factory in the Midwest after getting hit with the threat of tariffs
Tim Cook: We're on track to report record Apple Watch sales this quarter. This is called retaking the narrative.
Join the Dots 'slow start' update out now
Apple reports a record week for Apple Watch
If you’re thinking about buying an Apple Watch, today is the day to do it
is giving away a free Series 2 Apple Watch for the holidays! Enter for your chance to win!
Come watch me play Strider and tell me if double clicking the side button on Apple TV, please.
People are rushing to buy the Apple Watch this holiday season
Muse sing new Christmas Song "Trump's Nuts Roasting on an Open Fire"
Great story from and Must be amazing to work on something that literally prevents death.
Grab a Luxe Charger for your iPhone & Apple Watch with HiRise Duet by Twelve South
Introducing Amazon Go and the world’s most advanced shopping technology is the new Apple i…
The Apple Watch sales figures disputed. The lack of interest over smartwatches is not jmbrandonbb
You could win an Apple Watch or dinner for 2 at Australasia in the raffle at this Saturday's CHSPA Christmas Fayre - 1…
insurance is subsidizing the cost of the new Apple Watch. Read more:
Manulife Financial : John Hancock Vitality insurance policyholders can now pay for Apple Watch with exercise
Update your maps at Navteq
Apple would have been the goat if they had a headphone jack in the Apple Watch 😹
Happy Bday I just entered their Bday Giveaway for the chance to win a brand new Apple Watch! #
Patiently waits for my Apple Watch and iPhone 7 to come in the mail(((:
Glide’s Apple Watch band has two cameras - by Brian Heater
Only want a Nat King Cole Vinyl and Apple Watch for Christmas
Buy this Apple Watch 42mm w/ Space Black Milanese Loop for only HK$5,888.
Congrats to Jason H. Smith: You won the Apple Watch prize from our research survey! Thanks to everyone who took time to complete the survey!
Stay on the pulse of innovation with an iPhone 7, Apple Watch, Amazon Echo, & more — tools for a 21st-century career
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Wow, used Apple Pay in Apple Store iOS app to order Apple Watch... Truly the easiest buying experience. So simple, it felt anti-climactic.
【Echo, interfaces and friction】That links the Apple Watch, ChromeCast, Echo and Home, Snapchat's Spectacles, Air ...
yeay!. Definitely looking forward to the Apple Watch update too. Thanks for continuing to update!
Attending We're giving away an Apple Watch and gift bags to 3 lucky winners! Be on the lookout for bon…
Apple unveils iPad Pro with bigger screen; Apple Watch gets new features & colors
This holds more promise than the Aetna news | Shake Shack Founder introduces Apple Watch to the Hospitality Industry
Shake Shack's founder is making the Apple Watch relevant to the hospitality industry
Apple should focus on adding some useful features or better speed to the Apple Watch. Not a stupid "breathe" app. We know how to breathe.
Yep, I went with the smaller and have never regretted it. (Unlike buying an Apple Watch in the first place!) :)
Get a refurbished 42mm Apple Watch for $199.99
🙏🏼Who is the patron saint of gaming? Can they intercede for us to so that Apple Watch finally gets on it?🙏🏼
Which Apple Watch is right for you? The ultimate Apple Watch buying guide
Bye girl it's been nice but I sometimes can't afford guacamole so an Apple Watch is no.
Go to the nearest cinema and watch starring Kathryn Bernardo and Daniel Padilla.
y'all better go watch Barcelona cause it was hella god 👌🏼
Jim Beam released its own 'Apple Watch' ... for doing shots
Apple introduces jackless iPhone 7 with improved camera, and waterproof Watch
WATCH: “They’re absolutely magical." - CEO on More TOMORROW exclusively on
Saya suka video 📱Apple iPhone 7 GIVEAWAY to Celebrate 50k Subscribers!
I wanna make a grilled cheese but I just had cereal and an apple my family's gonna think I'm depressed cuz all I do is eat & watch greys
Grab this Leather Apple Watch band for only $16.99 —>
Hug someone! You can make today by watching episodes on the app: https…
Apple WatchOS 3: 10 new ways to use your watch - CNET via
I am more excited for this time. It's gonna change mine a little fast and little new with all new watch faces !…
It's cool but I don't get marketing anymore...
Apple Watch apps in watchOS 3 are unbelievably faster, it feels like an entirely new device.
Apple WatchOS 3 get update new elements and faster
Apple officially rolls out iOS10, watch OS and tvOS 10.
i hope this isnt a stupid question, but when you buy an apple watch (why not iWatch?) does it come with a charger?
And the new "Home" app goes straight into my utilities/useless folder, alongside Apple Watch and Stocks
How to set up and customise after you've updated to . 😎📲
to VIJAY KUMAR GUPTA. piano black fail!
I tried the new Fitbit for 2 weeks and it made me want an Apple Watch
it’s sooo good. I feel like I got a brand new watch for $0. Rare for Apple.
I kinda don't think I'd be mad if I had an Apple Watch
Getting rid of system apps on iOS 10, is one good thing that Apple has done. Those who don't use the Watch app, should delete it for eg.
I liked a video Don't set your Apple iPhone's date to January 1, 1970! This Crazy HACK will Brick
Thank you, Apple for letting me delete the Stocks App and the Apple Watch App
Not sure if I should get the 38mm or 42 mm Apple Watch :/
Taking over official story on Tues, follow them+me to watch!
For the amount of time it takes to update the OS of Apple Watch I'd save money on an hourly rate basis simply buying a new one.
I do like now the apple watch the way you can get it to speak the time and the complication,cool.
The Apple Watch version of has been revealed at the to be released before the end of 2016.
WatchOS 3 update makes Apple Watch faster and adds new features
I think people's biggest complaints about the Apple Watch was too many features. Good call to remove some just to get more users.
Don't forget to update your Apple Watches too! Via iPhone, Watch app, Settings, General, Software Update.
Apple Watch series 2 is shipping on Mexican Independence Day. I should get one.
Nintendo stock up 26% in US after news of Super Mario Run on iOS, Pokémon Go on Apple Watch
The emergency feature for the Apple Watch is pretty cool. Also, this Jeff Williams guy is a bit better with the buzzwords.
For the love of all that is good, can we please get a Roman numeral watch face for the Apple Watch ?
Miche s Cyber Weekend Event - Savings up to 75%
Apple's Tim Cook says Apple Watch became No. 2 watch brand in the world after launch; Rolex is No. 1
If you jack off with an Apple Watch on does that help hatch Pokemon GO eggs?
Apple's launch event: Not just phones, also expect new Apple Watch tonight.
Crystal Vintage pocket watch Finished hard Case cover for Apple iPhone 4 4S OG17
Apple's iPhone 7 live blog: Start time, where to watch and what to expect via
Saw two things on Main Street today:. 1. A bra. 2. An Apple Watch
I liked a video from Apple Experiment Part Spending $2000...
Think it's time for me to get the Apple Watch 🤔
7 September at 10 am. Watch the event on
Interesting data as we await Apple news this week re Watch 2.0
AtmosFX was the latest guest on Bat Chat, a fun Halloween podcast.
The new iPhone and Apple Watch: What we don't know
🔮 The street price of the $99 Apple Watch Sport will make it a best seller this holiday season.
iPhone 7 live stream: time, how to watch 2016 Apple event online
Maybe I'll finally listen to the boyfriend and get an Apple Watch instead.
How to watch the Apple iPhone 7 launch event on September 7 2016
i want a apple watch for Christmas..
you guys need to build something new because there haven't been any thing big since the Apple Watch came out. What's plan?
Corning unveils Gorilla Glass SR+ offering for wearables, possibly headed to the Apple Watch
A brief history of the Overcast app for Apple Watch, and what’s coming next:
you can watch the full video right now on And buy the single right here:
And finally: Nike relaunches running app ahead of Apple Watch 2 and more
CJ INTERVIEWS: "What's the largest budget you've managed," Judge Visram under scrutiny
Gentle reminder that Fiona Apple is cooler than anyone we know
Photo hints at bigger, 334mAh battery in
Adam Brody talks his new show, StartUp. . Watch it Sept. 6 on . (U.S. only)
ppl always want software on mobilesystems.And they did the complete opposite: Mac OS on Nintendo DS
Noticed Bucks wearing his Apple Watch in the box v. Hawthorn. Ask to see what his heartrate looked like throughout the game?
Photo hints at bigger, 334mAh battery in second-gen Apple Watch
Nike+ Running app update suggests next Watch will have GPS capabilities. Read more: $AAPL
The Apple Watch now offers additional means of accessing functions of the Remote App.
good morning. Can I report a couple of bugs on the Deezer Apple Watch app to you? Thanks
Download Earn Money, is an app that pays you to watch videos and to complete activities. Download it here
Justice George Odunga orders JSC to reconsider Makau Mutua and other applicants
Apple Watch drops below $200 in the US ahead of Apple Watch 2 unveiling - 9 to 5 Mac
Stainless Steel Band for Apple Watch by Hoco. Bring some elegance to your style! htt…
I am proud to say I am now the owner of an Apple Watch after some peer pressure 😁
Nomad’s 1800mAh Pod adds days of battery life to your Apple Watch: $23 shipped (Reg. $30)
Kanex portable Apple Watch battery w/ integrated charger now available for $99
Check out my song "All I Got" in the new Apple Watch commercial featuring Chloe Sevigny
If I don't get an Apple Watch in the mail I will be very very upset 🙃🙃
Watch "JAEHYUN saying Hello to Apple Music Listeners" by NCT on
We’re thrilled that Procreate Palette has been named one of the Apple Watch Best of 2015 on the
I'd love this anew restored from scratch candy apple red , interior red leather, stock collection
Watch out Apple Store. I'm about to rip you to shreds.
Watch: Sundance-supported about boxing today in the http…
I’m bout to sell my Apple Watch for like $100. I don’t even wear it
Talk to at booth 204. See our unified HCM platform, plus enter the Apple Watch raffle.
Oh Harley. You are the apple of my eye. .
Video for Behind the Scenes with iOS Security is now up, including the Apple Security Bounty announcement:
AS PROMISED!. snorbes - Something 'Bout You OUT NOW!. if you prefer to listen on SoundCloud or Apple Music check...
The “Behind the Scenes of iOS Security” talk by Apple’s Ivan Krstic at Black Hat is up. Very cool. Super important.
I added a video to a playlist Sweets recipes for kids: Fairy CANDY APPLE STICKS! Healthy recipes in
I can’t get enough of this commercial. Apple does marketing so well. (+ one of my favorite poems doesn’t hurt.)
This looks like a must-watch - a new documentary, about the militarization of US police forces
Enter VSP’s EnVision Sweepstakes today for your chance to win an Apple Watch Sport™ 42mm Aluminum Ca
my sister's bf bought her an Apple Watch for no occasion and I can't even get a reply back.. Smh
Don’t forget to catch up on before a brand new episode TOMORROW on
Flying the seaplane of the future, the Icon A5 apple
Olympics-themed Apple Watch bands put spirit of the games on your wrist
Little Giant Ladders
the watch from Apple the band I got it at bestbuy 40bucks..
Happy to launch the Tamil version of - Trailer- the man I have always admired 🙏🙏🙏 .
Second time I'm quite impressed by work on security architecture: 1) 2) Apple/iOS
I want an apple watch only because it reminds me of the XTransceiver.but I wouldn't know what to do with it lmao
WATCH the trailer for coming to theaters in September!
Me gustó un video de How to Turn iPod to Apple Watch Gold (Casey Neistat Parody)
Fitness trackers are a great way to motivate and maximize your workout. Which tracker are you using to reach your...
Your Apple Watch may be leaking information to
Happy Birthday to you and welcome to Apple Watch army. Looks mighty fine I must say. Have a great day
Buy a Rainbow Pride band for your Apple Watch - CIO
Apple updates really the worst when you sit there and watch it load tho.
Who's going to this year? Watch my documentary Burning Man &The Meaning of Life on hulu, iTunes & Amazon h…
Khan urges Trump supporters to reconsider - MSNBC
*** YEAH! Studio version of Bohemian Rhapsody is out today on The Album 👊 http…
Kiara . -hates chick fil a. -loves McDonalds. -ya Apple Watch toughhh. -light skin. -you were my life support in Spanish 🤘🏾
All your 'dropping phone in bath' fears gone! Forget Apple Watch, gimme one of these
I literally got an Apple Watch bc I lose my phone constantly
Geofilter Place has Snapchat filters for weddings, birthdays, and more! Check out mom just surprised me with an Apple Watch for my bday. Still in shock. But so thankful. I love it so much. Thanks mom! 😊
got your live photo on the Apple Watch finally!
Apple gave its employees special rainbow Apple Watch bands that normal people can't buy
You can't go wrong with a double wrap band.
Check out music video feat. ZAYN: Get the track on iTunes:
Add a friend on your Apple Watch who will never give you up (scroll down)
gotta invest in that pink Apple Watch 💖
I added a video to a playlist MLP:FIM [Animation] "Apple Thief"
I entered EnVision Sweeps for my chance to win an Apple Watch Sport™
The sand got caught there so that it does not reach your Apple Watch ;) You can email us at infotoo
.fan? ✓out their latest CD 'Welcome to the Heart of the City' and a new video! 🎤
how do I watch the Olympics on Apple TV ?
2012 Miche Year-End Clearance - Up to 75% off Select Styles!
tru, and i have a macbook, iPad and apple watch along with my phone
what must I do after installing the Apple Watch app. I don’t see it back in the Wallet app!
Apple’s next might not be a new Apple Watch
Apple's next wearable might not be a new Apple Watch - BGR
Enter for chance to win an Apple Watch
Watch a high-speed footage of past SpaceX launches: If you didn't get the chance to watch previ...
applewatch_face: NEWS! applewatchtalk: iMagic Trick is available for the iPhone, iPad and Apple Watch. ...
Miss last night's NEW ft. Watch it NOW on the Freeform app! https:…
I really wish the new Apple Watch would go on sale soon… My Jawbone UP24 is falling apart, but I hate to buy a watch or other tracker today.
Apple is selling country-themed Apple Watch bands for the Olympics - The Verge
our Apple TV wasn't working yesterday & I was so bored bc all I wanted to do was watch ancient aliens & now it's working again I'm so happy
Charging Stand for Apple iWatch, use code: NE7WFYQV for $18.89! https:…
Square Enix is working on a game for the Apple Watch -
Apple will release Olympic-themed Apple Watch bands, but only in Brazil: . Apple is gearing up for the summer ...
Have a closer look at the ZENS apple watch Powerbank!
Limited-edition country flags Apple Watch bands to be sold for Olympics
Anyone want to hear an Armenian love song?. Buy it here:
I'm giving in. I think I need an Apple Watch. ⌚️
The Apple Watch is getting commemorative straps that match the flags of 14 participating countries.
Wristly confirms 94% Apple Watch customers are 'satisfied' - Computerworld
Our new single "Cages" is now available on iTunes, Spotify, Apple Music, and more. Lyric video: .
i only have an Apple Watch band in black if you like the black kind
Apple will sell limited edition Apple Watch bands for the Olympics as sales stall
Limited edition, Olympic Apple Watch bands look awesome, but will prove hard to get
Crying @ how Paul said it was difficult to get marshall to learn how to use the Apple Watch for a 3 second scene
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