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Apple Watch

The Apple Watch (marketed with a stylized Apple symbol and in uppercase as WATCH) is a smartwatch created by Apple Inc., announced by Tim Cook on September 9, 2014. It has activity tracking capabilities similar to other wearable technologies, such as Jawbone Up, Nike+ FuelBand and Fitbit.

Tim Cook Boston Red Sox Major League Baseball Apple Tv Gift Cards

And also check out our friends in our sister-band Crimson Apple. They're all sisters and they're amaz…
I want a cute new Apple Watch band, money and ugg Mocs for Christmas 👀
Watch in 4K HDR on TV 4K. Specially priced, just in time for out this Friday. (US).
Fitbit Ionic review: Not as good as an Apple Watch -
bro, getting the Apple Watch 3. Worth springing for the LTE version? Any Indian carrier support on the horizon?
Apple concedes new watch has connectivity glitch
So I told my mother I wanted a Apple Watch the model and size and everything ... let’s see what happens
Meet the new mutants on the block. Watch the free series premiere of from director
I need to start wearing my Apple Watch
Is the Apple Watch on the Cuban link? 🤔😲
Lol apple is ganna come for you watch
You know you want to draw that Sexy Apple Watch dress...
Looks like distressed leather sketchbook. Watch “Meet BookBook for iPad Pro” on
Episode 79, our weekly update is up for all those ears out there.
Ugh debating to get an Apple Watch or not 😩😩😩
hello I just luv fall can someone watch horror movies & go to the pumpkin patch & drink apple cider & play in piles of leaves…
Could this be the new Fitbit or Apple-watch?
I ordered my Apple Watch yesterday & i wont be getting it till the end of the month why 😭😭
Hey - will there be an update to let me track my Ski day on the Apple Watch?
Reception at the doctor were amazed by Apple Pay on the watch :) works a lot better than the app on the Samsung.
I added a video to a playlist iOS 11 Hidden features for photo filters | Magnifire | IPhone | Apple
Keep it or gift it?? HOT GIVEAWAY ALERT!! Enter to win a Series 1 Apple Watch! CLICK -->>
Just added a few more folks to my Apple Watch Activity app. Let the games begin! .
Lmao I was legitimately looking for my Apple Watch for 15 minuets so that I could charge was on my wrist the whole time 😂😂😂
When man ask why I don’t have an Apple Watch,. man had an iPod nano on my wrist in 2010. (It didn’t cost 500 bags though) https:…
Oho. Your thaatha will buy me Apple Watch is it?
. I just got the new Apple Watch series3, and I was shocked…
is a joke have new series 3 Apple Watch but Telstra cannot give cellular access as account is not a consumer account
why do I need to swap from business tariff to consumer to get cellular Apple Watch? Seems pointless admin for you and limiting customers
REPORT: busts Red Sox for stealing signs with an Apple Watch
I have my Apple Watch tan on deck after being in the sun all weekend lol
Leave your phone at home and enjoy Runtastic as a standalone app right on Apple Watch!
Tip: Apple Watch & watchOS 4, open the app screen by pressing Digital Crown and then force touch on screen (hard press)- choose list view!
I just upgraded my Apple Watch I can’t wait for delivery day I hate I have to wait for it to arrive 😮
Can’t get this Apple Watch to work at all me 😂 @ Hilton & Horsfall Estate Agents
When it comes to about 6/7 I'm ready to just get in bed on the Apple Tv and pick whatever we want to…
Why the Watch is still a plan in search of a product
Delivery timescales may vary depending on which colour & size variant you have pre-ordered, stay tun…
Apple Watch Series 3 w/LTE is Out for Delivery. Got this ready in case they don’t include one in the box to get rid of tha…
Nice iPhone X teaser in the Apple Watch packaging.
New Apple Watch: Restore or set up as new?
and Watch Series 3 hit stores today - TechCrunch
I liked a video Apple AirPods wireless headphones review
WGRZ-TV Can this $35 fitness tracker compare to a Fitbit or Apple Watch? WGRZ-TV If…
The thing about the LTE Apple Watch is that it's a major step towards a "phoneless" future. Discussing in the chat room on my app. $AAPL $FB
Addicted to my Apple Watch for notifications, and can’t imagine switching to the new one if the battery life is inferior.
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Championships are won on the court. But first, champions develop a culture. 🔊 📹…
Apple's CEO Thrilled at the Pace of Sales for the new Apple Watch and iPhone 8 around the world today
This birthday girl is the 1st person in line at the Apple Store in Little Rock. But not for the iPhone 8, rather the new App…
This is the first look inside Apple's pre-order "war room" during a product launch. Interesting BuzzFeed video:
Apple CEO Tim Cook: iPhone 8 and Apple Watch Series 3 are sold out in some places
Here are 6 old technologies Apple wants you to think are revolutionary
I liked a video The Apple III: My mini review and repair
In classic fashion not one of these people knows what “activating an Apple Watch series 3” means. Great prep
The LTE Apple Watch and the red dot -
Stay strong babes , you gimme courage. Watch her
How to Set up Your New Apple Watch - A Comprehensive Guide has been published on Latest News on Apple ... -…
New Apple Watch 3 has connectivity issues already
Here Are the Senators to Watch on Obamacare Repeal - Bloomberg
Latter. If you have paired Bluetooth headphones with your watch. I have apple wirel…
the new apple watch update has toy story watch faces I’m so in love
Watch furious college student demand apology for tuition fees on Question Time - Mirror Online
I used my Apple Watch to pay for some shoes I bought online through my computer. Two clicks and done…
Pre ordered my first Apple Watch series 3 today!
48 hours to watch an iTunes rental now. Something tells me you’ll like this news. .
Baby Driver is all choreograhed to music. Watch it now on Digital and Blu-ray 10/10.
Apple Watch Series 3 with cellular. Stay connected, even without your phone.
I like how the Apple Watch now tells you when you’ve completed certain rings while you’re exercising.
This week we talk differences we see between Kim Jong Il and Kim Jong Un.
Casting the perfect villain. Watch Michael Keaton soar as Vulture in Available on Digital 9/26 ht…
Boston Red Sox used Fitbit to steal signs, not Apple Watch, reporter claims.
Red Sox may have used a Fitbit, not an Apple Watch, to snag Yankees signs
Red Sox may have used Fitbit, not Apple Watch, to steal signs
My husband just got very upset at the new Apple Watch commercial because the skateboarder used all of Rodney Mullen…
Who was that guy skating like Rodney Mullen in the Apple Watch commercial?
I'm not buying an Apple Watch until I can yell "it's morphin time" at it and transform into a superhero.
I am Neal of Roseland. *** commander. Kisser of Dolphins from the house of Jones. Wearer of Apple Watch and Father of your baby mamas child
Central Islip kicks off this beautiful day with a SyncUP and Apple Watch preorder.Come get yours!…
I liked a video Reactions to the iPhone X, iPhone 8/8 Plus and Apple Watch Series 3 (Apple Byte)
I'm finally convinced to buy the new Apple Watch. Legit!
Need the iphone x snd the new apple watch
And does it works? Is it helpful to close the circle on your Apple Watch?
I can't wait to get my hands on this cellular watch 😍
Kinda, really want the new Apple Watch 👀 .. but only if it can completely replace my Fitbit 🤔
New Apple Watch that makes calls turns comic book fantasy into reality
The Watch will remain a blip in Apple’s sales, but it may soon become a product that Apple loyalists can't do witho…
Cause I really need a Face ID to watch me while I beat my meat. Yeah no thanks Apple keep your iPhone X I'll stick to my iPh…
The is starting shortly. Watch it at Reply to opt out.
honestly though my primary use for my apple watch is. as a watch. like. I use it to... look at what time it is.
I liked a video Apple iPhone X first look
Ordering my apple watch 3 next week😌
I cannot wait to drink apple cider & watch Mathew be a weirdo at the apple orchard this weekend
I need a Apple Watch before my bday 😕💯
when ppl ask me what the pros of having an apple watch are I'm just gonna say "can immediately be notified of updates on fishman discourse"
I don't understand the appeal of the Apple Watch at all
Another great as & talk next years rookies and CFB players to keep 👀on
Jokes on you Apple Watch, I'm only standing up to get another cupcake
Instead of Raise to Wake on Apple Watch it should wake by just looking at it
The International Album is now featured on the latest Apple's Watch series 3 page in India 😎🤘🏽 ht…
Hands-on: The new Apple Watch Series 3 w/ LTE, performance improvements, and more [Video]
When money gets right, that new Apple Watch is mine
Everyone is talking about how the iPhone X is $999 but can we talk about how the Apple Watch S3 is $1200 😵😵😵😵
Run your race with joy! Watch this powerful message from Joel: “You Have a Defender”
Apple Watch Nike+ Series 3 with cellular. Stay connected, even when you’re away from your phone. Order September 15.
Along with a new iPhone and Apple Watch, you'll need one more thing—new accessories
[ Breaking News ] Apple announces its new Series 3 Apple Watch and Apple Tv: via
Collectible Lifelike Baby Dolls, Porcelain Dolls a
At 10:10, we continue our chat w/ on what's new with Apple Watch, Apple Tv. Tune in: or 103.5 FM
Well Christmas is cancelled. I'll be spending all my money on myself getting this iPhone, Apple Watch & Apple Tv 😌
Going to see the Genius Bar at the Town Square. I'm going to blow my brains out on Apple Watch bands.
Apple is working with Stanford and American Well to test if Apple Watch can detect heart problems via
"COLUMN: Someone finally found a use for an Apple Watch - Indiana Daily Student"
Yeah...y'all look so good. Be kind, be kind...don't steal signals on your Apple Watch. Boyd Tinsley on Violin everybody
Boston Red Sox caught cheating using an Apple Watch of all useless devices. But at least they didnt destroy the watch like T…
The Red Sox cheated off the trainers Apple Watch...
How an Apple Watch helped the Red Sox cheat, say baseball investigators
BOSTON CHEAT PARTY: Red Sox reportedly caught using an Apple Watch to steal signs from htt…
Our story (with and on the Apple Watch scandal.
The Boston Red Sox finally found the ideal use case for the Apple Watch.
You too can steal signs like the Red Sox, get an Apple Watch for $179.95!.
Finally somebody found a use for the Apple Watch
Red Sox caught using Apple Watch to steal signs from Yankees: report.
Forget Apple Pay. Finally, a reason to exist for Apple Watch.
Killer app for Apple Watch? Surveillance of encoded pitching signals in Major League Baseball.
The Boston Red Sox used an Apple Watch to steal pitching signs
The Boston Red Sox reportedly used an Apple Watch to steal Yankees’ signs
The story isn't that Red Sox r accused of cheating. It's that someone finally found a biz use case for Apple Watch. https:/…
Doesn't say anything about an Apple Watch LOL
This time yes, but people still complain about it everytime a coach is caught stealing signs even when…
never knew how useful an Apple Watch was until I got one this week
REVEALED: Red Sox 'used an Apple Watch to steal catchers' hand signals from Yankees' and then alert their own playe
The Boston Red Sox used Apple Watches to cheat against the Yankees, report says -
Apple Watch is a cool gadget, but I wondered what actual use it would have. Found out: 👇🏼
Here's how to watch out for Hurricane Irma - Mashable
That's one heck of an Apple Watch that JBJ is wearing.
Join our mailing list and receive updates on the ReSound. Smart™ app for Apple Watch.
Wait what!? Someone actually found a use for an Apple Watch!? What a miracle! Not useless after all!
Laptop insurance - because accidents happen!
Boston Red Sox got called out in a high-tech sign-stealing scheme they ran on the New York Yankees.
Wonder if the Apple Watch told him to throw it like that?
Oh so the Red Sox been using an Apple Watch to peep hand signals huh ?? 🤔
Hey watch and learn. This is how you score without using Apple watches
Didn't need my Apple Watch for that play.
Mike Matheny also uses an Apple Watch but only for daily Bible verses.
According to the MLB investigators believe the Red Sox stole Yankees pitch signals using an Apple Watch. http…
bet Bradley Jr is wearing an Apple watch.
I liked a video APPLE PARK: September 2017 | From Dreams to Reality
You don’t grow in the good times, you grow in the tough times. Watch this encouraging message from Joel:
📹 John Farrell on NY Times report used an apple watch to steal signals against the Yankees
How the *** do you even steal signs using an Apple Watch? I have one and have no clue 🤔
Well, one of you use your Apple Watch and help speed up the game...
Coming this fall, a new Apple Watch. https:…
Exclusive: The Red Sox were caught using an Apple Watch in the dugout to steal signals from the Yankees
Save up to 45% 0ff MSRP On Motorcycle Tires
Nissan debuts redesigned Leaf with Apple CarPlay, offers Apple Watch with reservations
New England Patriots staff on their way to buy the Apple Watch
Major League Baseball has caught the Boston Red Sox using an Apple Watch to steal and relay signs
The Red Sox Used an Apple Watch to Cheat at Baseball Major League Baseball told the Times that it had corroborated…
Apple Watch at center of huge Major League Baseball scandal
From our booth raffle at congratulations to Lisa Thompson from for winning the Apple Watch!…
Feel like an amaze gf buying liv her Apple Watch in duty free in Dubai and it being £90 cheaper than England ✨
Apple Watch 3 News and Rumors: Release date, design, features and specifications
I lost my Apple Watch & credit card last night.. only to discover them in my trunk? That's enough tequila for awhile
Apple Watch got people looking like Steve Hawkins
Android answers the Apple Watch with the old Tiger Stadium site.
Weather Underground is great and has Apple Watch gizmos.
Got an Apple Watch to track my calorie and workout goals. Turns out the only goal I can meet is exceeding my calorie intake
Join me in celebrating National Parks today! Complete a 3.5 mile walk/run/roll workout with your Apple Watch and earn a new a…
This dude next to me was talking into his Apple Watch and all I could think was... Man I hope the city of Angel Grove is okay.
My 9 month old nephew triggered emergency alert on my Apple Watch the other day 😅
I need to stop sleeping with all these electronics in my bed before I burn TF Up. I Phone, Mac book, Apple Watch, Speaker & Like 3 Chargers
This hack turns an Apple Watch into a mostly working Game Boy Color
Or. drum roll... is everyone ready for this? Apple Watch. Best selfie taker. 🤓
watchOS apps continue to disappear as Whole Foods says ‘nighty nighty’ to Apple Watch support
When your iPhone and Apple Watch decide to die on the same day, thank goodness for and the Genius Bar
Here’s how to customize an Apple Watch face from your iPhone by
I am so so happy we have this now. Please watch it. You will not regret it, I promise.
Really want an Apple Watch, but really don't want to pay for one🙃
Omg I am dying to shop. I want new shoes, speakers for my car, lingerie for my photo shoot, an Apple Watch, and a new table
My phone graciously deleted ALL my messages and ALL my photos and it keeps disconnecting from my watch ☺️ don't you just love apple
Sock apple cider vinegar benefits - apple cider vinegar benefits for skin and...
now watching on Watch TCM app , where time 🕛doesn't exist 👉🏼 WATCH TCM by TCM…
Listen to new album and watch the exclusive video here: https…
I liked a video 60 New Apple Watch Features & Enhancements in watchOS 4
Little Giant Ladders
You can now watch Apple’s full WWDC 2017 keynote on YouTube [Video] | 9to5Mac
Niqqas get an Apple Watch then think they're Ben 10
I added a video to a playlist How to create a apple id without a credit card 2017(
my mom got a free Fitbit Surge from a conference, gave it to Emily..should have gotten her an Apple Watch...
I added a video to a playlist Stompology VIII - Adding Style to Classic Big Apple Steps - Thomas and
WATCH TCM by TCM , where time doesn't matter
Five-must watch videos: Comey's dramatic testimony; Sophia the robot makes her return; and Apple's big WWDC…
Watch a clip of & music video for Download the soundtrack now:
The best pro gaming to watch this weekend - PC Gamer
I have no idea where my Apple Watch is 🙄
I need an Apple Watch so I can text and not actually have my phone in my hand. It does that right? Idk
thanks! Looked like he was wearing an Apple Watch :)
[Request] Heeey, how do you look at making a tweak that will change the system clock to those in the Apple Watch……
Watch science fiction TV from COMET anywhere in the US! Over the air, online and now on & Apple Tv! Totally free. Spa…
Five-must watch videos: Comey's gripping testimony; Sophia the robot and Apple's new HomePod
That was the last day I had an Apple Watch tbt rip
- How to switch between list view and honeycomb app grid on Apple Watch with watchOS 4 -…
Check out some of our winners from our Oyster Bay Wines promotion. All winners won a brand new Apple Watch! Tag...
孫 悟空 Son Gokū: Trying to figure out if I want an Apple Watch or not
Lisa Hernandez, MBA: I just called 911 from my Apple Watch
Hollie Marsh: Does one splurge on a new Tory Burch bag or an Apple Watch..
Hot Nike’s new Apple Watch bands match counterparts |
Christopher Avalos: If you guys live in Tartin Hill Avenue Las Vegas I will be selling a Apple Watch on Friday
if the Apple Watch with glucose monitor is true, should check out
Tim Cook IS TESTING a glucose tracker for the Apple Watch $AAPL - THE VERGE
Tim Cook is testing a glucose tracker for the Apple Watch - The Verge
Tim Cook has started testing a new Apple Watch
Apple Watch is learning to track your blood sugar, report says - CNET
Out of time? Fitbit, Fossil can't keep up with Apple Watch - Florida Weekly
Anybody going through T2? Pls see if they have Apple Watch 2 Nike+ in Dixons duty free for me. Thanks.
Order Miche Bag Online!
Product idea: energy harvesting device in the Apple Watch similar to self-winding watches, powered by the natural motion of the wearer.
Andrew Cohen: Aside from tech geeks, 95% of people I know who have an Apple Watch got it as a gift. Nobody is buying it for themselves.
Aaron Patterson: Listen, Apple Watch. Breathing is the one thing you don't need to remind me to do
The Censor Board asked the internet rip him a new Apple Watch.
Tim Cook will take his Apple Watch secret to the grave.. Related Articles:
Tim Cook drops 30 pounds using the Apple Watch, but still won't tell us how many have sold
Advertisers eye up premium Apple Watch enters production, the jailbreaking continues...
Apple watch's SOS feature calls 911 after crash -
IM SELLING THIS SILVER 38mm APPLE WATCH! brand new condition with wrapping and everything. dm me for more details!…
A very false narrative: Apple Watch and the future of wearables.
Need to spend some bread on a Apple Watch ⌚️
I think I am going to get the Apple Watch in 2015.
Apple Watch users⌚️: How well do you like your watch & would you advise others to invest in one?! 🙈
Browse & make beautiful Apple Watch faces Give your Watch a facelift :) ht…
Ryan Serene's "Nightmares" is FINALLY on YouTube! Check out now on iTunes, Google Play, Apple Music & Spotify!! htt…
Meet Black Singles 300x250
BKRND are giving away an Apple Watch to one person just for entering their competition.
Apple watch's SOS feature calls 911 after crash
Watch LIVE on on May 1, 2017. . Download GoldMyneTV app from Apple and…
Chasing the apple again next week just watch
Apple adds one more year of warranty to first-gen Watches
I liked a video how much for sunthing? apple and stuffing porkloin
Blood and paint still didn't stop my Apple Watch from breathing 😂👌
Reckon won a Apple Watch cuz she's their best customer
Let me ask you a question... Knowing what you know today about Fitbit or Apple Watch and how BIG they've...
It's like a rom-com commercial but also an Apple Watch commercial.
Apple Watch needs a Netflix and chill option. If this thing tells me to stand up one more time 🙄
Anyone looking to buy an Apple Watch?
Sold my Apple Watch today. Now do I go back to the Fitbit game or get the new Apple Watch?
I won 5 credits for free phone calls. Super cool! Chance to win an Apple Watch, Gift Cards, etc. Get Dingtone at
AppleSupport: YoGoerz If you're just wishing to log steps the Apple Watch will be able to do that without being a workout.
Can we ask less of the planet and more of ourselves? That tough question led to many more.
Wife Dork & Disco chat with the director of check it!
iPhone 7+ , MacBook Air, iPad. All I need is an Apple Watch. Keep in mind I bought all of these with my money
Some exciting new updates on the way soon for those of you with an Apple Watch. Watch this space!
Apple adds Earth Day fitness badge to Apple Watch
I liked a video Catalyst water proof drop proof watch case 42mm Apple Watch accessories review
Check out Magnetic Clasp for Apple Watch 38mm Gold Stainless Steel US Ship Get in 2 Days via
A future Apple Watch could be essential for diabetics
Should I get the rose gold or black Apple Watch!??
Honestly why is it taking a gazillion years to sync a few (25) songs from iPhone to Apple Watch?
Apple Watch 3 latest rumours - release date/specifications: Third-gen Apple Watch should have the best screen yet
Heyo JBazan! We apologize, but we stopped selling the Apple Watch as of 2/15/17. The best way to obtain one is thru Apple now! :)
Why are people so amazed that you can run a nearly 20 year old game on an Apple Watch?
"GO TO-> (. One lucky winner will be winning a new Apple Watch & FRENDS…
Top story: John Lewis ticked off over Apple Watch | News | The Times & The Sund… see more
Get your iPhone insurance today!
Resident Evil 7 is actually just one long advertisement for the Apple Watch
my club leaderboard stats aren't updating from my activity, I did the run using my Apple Watch. Any ideas?
Why do I think I'm some sporty spice who needs an Apple Watch?
other than the iPhone 8. First it was the Apple Watch, what's next?
How to track your sleep using Apple Watch or iPhone with these third-party apps
I don't know who Bėė's cat think he is trying to chew on my Apple Watch
There's an overlapping venn diagram out there of ppl who buy cases for their Apple Watch and ppl who shouldn't cross th…
Jerry Dipoto makes trades and claims though his Apple Watch... lawl
"Omg my mum got me an Apple Watch, fiat 500, Michael Kors watch, new shoes, make up and loads of money"
when are you getting the XL version of the black or v blue Apple Watch band. I ordered the M/L & it didn't fit.
Know how to improve with the Apple Watch? Then Stanford has 1000 watches plus $10k for you.
Sallie Mae is now enabling you to pay your student loan via the Apple Watch. Yay, debt on your wrist.
Apple Watch store-in-a-store in London’s Selfridges closes as Galeries Lafayette expected to follow suit
Apple shutters Apple Watch gallery in London's Selfridges ... - AppleInsider (press release) (blog)
I got a rose gold band for my Apple Watch to match the necklace Dan got me and I am stoked to get it.
Holding out hope that someone buys me an Apple Watch 42mm with a white band
(2017): Leave house with only cellular Apple Watch + Airpods for basic things. Apple is betting big on wearables. We'll see if it pays off.
Lmao you know you're up when you get ur girl an Apple Watch and ur mom an HP touchscreen laptop and ur not even done🤒🤒🤑
I hear ya. have an Apple Watch. Will be tough to give that up, Android Wear still has a ways to go.
Apple Watch's sales to consumers set record in holiday week, says Cook
Tim Cook claims record demand for Apple Watch after research shows 71pc decline
Find Friends on the Apple Watch should show heart rate so I can watch my family die like Cindel did in Battle for Endor.
Tim Cook says the Apple Watch is a success — just take his word for it - VICE News
Fake news? Tim Cook pushes back on Apple Watch sales estimate. – Christian Science Monitor
Tim Cook insists the Apple Watch is doing just fine
Tim Cook's Apple Watch sales coyness does Apple no favors - via slashgear
Tim Cook says Apple Watch sales are doing just fine by
Tim Cook’s Apple Watch sales coyness does Apple no favors
Visit booth 112, enter to win an Apple Watch & see how much time our automation solutions can save you!
Tim Cook says the Apple Watch just had its best sales week ever
Sorry, Tim Cook, but No One Likes the Apple Watch and Here's Why. By at
Why it's time for Tim Cook to release Apple Watch sales numbers via
If you're headed to the Food Safety Consortium this week, make sure to swing by our booth (218) to enter to win an Apple Watch!
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