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Anzac Day

Anzac Day is a national day of remembrance in Australia and New Zealand, originally commemorated by both countries on 25 April every year to honour the members of the Australian and New Zealand Army Corps (ANZAC) who fought at Gallipoli in the Ottoman Empire during World War I.

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Find out all the details of Anzac Day commemorations in your community at
Anzac Day: Turkey puts its existence down to victory at Gallipoli
Despite terror threat, more people expected in Sydney for Anzac Day - Sydney Morning Herald
A tribute to the cooperation between the Australian & New Zealand navies as Anzac Day approaches
Commemorate Anzac Day with the National Army Museum. We have a very special day planned for Anzac Day next...
Special brunch for city's Anzac Day service via
Anzac Day vintage trucks and military vehicles parade Pukeahu Memorial Park videos at
Anzac Day resource with rich array of ideas & resources to support students to gain insights into the First World War. ht…
Help capture your community’s Anzac Day commemorations by pinning your images to our project on Historypin:
Great news for fans in Canberra. The take on the at on Anzac Day
Harves market committee agrees to open later on Anzac Day
Thanks Daniel, we are getting the Anzac Day travel info checked. Have a good night.
Anzac Day will be the 140th anniversary of the first middle park derby between Albert park and South Melbourne.
before he announces this year's inaugural 'Drug Cheats Memorial Cup' to be played, you guessed it, on Anzac Day
Anzac Day activities at the Ophir!. Two-up game from 1 to 6pm. Sausage sizzle available from 1pm. Hotel will be open from midday to 7:30pm
My - took this on Anzac Day after the dawn service. The sunrise was magical!
5000 poppies project goes viral in time for Anzac Day showcase
So we're not getting a public holiday for the Monday following Anzac Day because of Grand Final Friday? ***
New post: Anzac Day: Peter Plumridge speaks about his uncle Victor Hunt who served in ...
Well the put lanterns up last year but they wouldn't acknowledge ANZAC Day!
going to auction tomorrow night gerrard signed jersey and pies team signed framed picture from Anzac Day look up rav auction
If Hird* can count 'Anzac Day medals' as achievements, then Stanton can count an Elim Final as a P'ship
For some people Waitangi is about as celebratory as Anzac Day. Everyone's different.
ANZAC day against our long term rivals
Hi yes, the Uni will be closed for the ANZAC Day public holiday. Find more important dates here: :-)
Dave do you go so far as to march on Anzac day with 'borrowed' medals. Be careful mate-it's illegal now
I'm going to play the Bloody Entitled War Veterans/ANZAC day card.
to further ruin your day, the Sichuan place on Anzac Ave in Auckland is closed.
Next year marks the 100th Anniversary of the ANZAC landing. This is a great article about the history of ANZAC Day.
He will be desperate to hang on until Anzac Day centenary so he can parade around like a general in Turkey.
should return to cinemas for Anzac Day week
Order Miche Bag Online!
We'll do it the night before Anzac Day and get slagged off for disrespecting the troops
Alzheimer's sufferer could lose pension when he heads to Gallipoli for Anzac Day commemorations
This year marks the 100th anniversary of the ANZAC landings at Gallipoli. How will you be commemorating this ANZAC day?
It's a beautiful day ! After discovering I was at the wrong school finally got to the right one! Art with kids
yeah actually need Anzac Day weekend to hurry up ;)
Anzac Day is a "cold one" holi here too. Even has a drinking game to remember the fallen!
Only 10 weeks 'til I go to Ypres for ANZAC Day commemorations. Getting excited. Who will represent Oz there?
100 NZ soldiers off to kill for peace – time top protest at ANZAC Day?. - See more at:
Day 20 The story of SA Attorney General - proud man, politician and decorated soldier
Thanks for being guest speaker at Rotary Club of Wendouree Breakfast today, talking about Ballarat Poppy Project for Anzac Day
- Luv Stuart O'Grady, doing it for DAY
No. But the racist anti New Zealand law 2001 does! Especially as Anzac Day approaches.
Are the dignitaries all wearing poppies? If so, why? ANZAC day is nearly 2 months away
When do Anzac Day tickets go on sale
pre ordered mine in jan Hope it comes soon.Wearing it to the Anzac day game ☺
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; Hockey will be a casualty when Turnbull (Bishop) make their moves,most likely shortly after Anzac Day
ANZAC day is meant to be family time with biscuits, don't let politics detract from that. -John Key probably
Will be exciting day on Anzac Day if Buff can get up in relocated Victory Stakes.. So happy he is back fit and well.
Get on board the Anzac Day poppy bandwagon -
A working group has met for the first time this month to start preparations for Albany’s largest ever Anzac Day...
.was also BUILT IN ONE DAY by local vols in 1916. More on :
Pull on your boots to help at the Whaddup Community Clean Up Day at the Jack Martin Centre in Anzac Ave on Saturday!
would instantly be more popular if he used his captains pick to give us back the extra day off on the Anzac weekend
I'm free Feb 28 but then not til after Anzac Day! Life be crazy.
Yet we'll have a public holiday for the footy final *** : No extra public holiday for Anzac Day 2015 - via
John Key: "Waitangi is meant to be a family fun day." Next up, ANZAC is an annual fun carnival, Easter a festival of happy bunnies.
on he did say "what WE did with dreamtime and Anzac Day"... He never left.
Hello and welcome to all our new likers. There are just 80 days remaining until Anzac Day 2015. The spirit lives.
He has to go - before Anzac Day! PM places leadership ball back in court of those plotting his demise via
Day 20 of - man that should have been on Titanic and survived Gallipoli remembered for his generosity
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The South Sydney Rabbitohs stole victory in the dying minutes of their round eight clash against the Brisbane Broncos in an ANZAC Day classic earlier this season.
For My Fellow Ausies... Just saw a post by a guy saying anyone who celebrates Australia Day or Anzac Day is a racist. Okay, so you come to MY country and you don't want to accept the Australian way of life and you speak trash about the men and women who fought for our freedom. We'll guess what? Last time I checked, Australia has LOTS of airports. And if you don't like it, you are more than free to go catch one - the sooner the better. I will never understand the mentality of people who come to live in ANY nation but are filled with a lack of respect towards or hatred for a country that has opened its doors to them. Try expressing your 'freedoms' in the land you came from. The news is filled with the 'tolerance' shown there.
My wife bought me a new shirt with palm trees on it, AND made a big pile of my favourite Anzac biccies Best day ever.
Having a great first day back on the Anzac trail with a very sociable group of Aussies. Now settled in Ypres.
Any chance of the getting an Anzac day game next year?
your upset re 11am Anzac Day in Melbourne? WA has dealt with that for a couple decades. Try thinking Nationally. 9am Perth
ACT government says everyone loses if Brumbies and GWS Giants go head to head on Anzac Day (Sport)
Everyone loses if GWS Giants and ACT Brumbies both host ANZAC Day games say ACT government via
why exclude the ANZAC day games? Do they not charge admission to those games?
Enter our competition for a chance to WIN a trip to Gallipoli for Anzac Day 2015:...
Doing it for the love of the job. and I at the Cairns Anzac Day march
The GIANTS are set to play a twilight Anzac Day game in Canberra for the first time next year:
RSL unhappy with AFL over Anzac Day time clash
Latest: Brumbies left frustrated over Anzac Day scheduling
The AFL have gone to far this time planning the Anzac Day game the same time there marching respect
Still think Brumby jack was drunk on Anzac day? No way. It was just "someone get a gun!"
Hopefully the does not play an ANZAC Day game at 11am. Day should be about the diggers especially the 100th anniversary.
just about Saints wanting to play in NZ at 1pm ANZAC day. Carry on from Robbo is pathetic.
.I take it you advocate the AFL cancel all Ess v Coll ANZAC fixtures forthwith - after all, it's not ANZAC Half Day
The AFL wouldn't schedule games at 11am ANZAC Day if they didn't think the public would watch
But AFL players r world famous heros that risk their lives weekly playing the toughest game on the planet ANZAC day is 4 them
Why doesn't the NZ ANZAC day game get scheduled as a night match in NZ?
RSL is right. It's appalling AFL will play game at 11am Anzac Day in NZ while march going here. In 2015 of all years. Very disrespectful!
Victoria's RSL boss shocked at AFL’s plan to schedule 11am Anzac Day clash while war veterans are still marching:
yeah but they're all going to that Anzac Day thing
.Yeah, bloody NZers... like, where were they at Gallipoli? Now spoiling our 'Melbourne ANZAC day'.
totally agree. AFL had always done ANZAC day with respect. This undoes all their good work since ANZAC game i…
So this explains why Brumby Jack vomited on Anzac Day
Brumby Jack on Anzac Day. This is my favourite episode:
uncomfortable about anzac day game next year - St K game in NZ _ starting at 11am while diggers still marching... show…
The story of Brumby Jack on Anzac Day. Absoulute pisser:
'outraged' that NZ Anzac game starting 'early'... like NZ was ever involved in ANZAC Day!. Wait, what?
Funny decision by AFL to put in 11am Anzac Day slot on the centenary of Gallipoli landing & not even consult RSL here …
Preview: Roosters v Dragons Allianz Stadium Saturday 7.30 pm It's the question that has plagued mankind since Paul McGregor had hair. If Captain America and Iron Man traded fighting super-powered Nazi soldiers and megalomaniac invaders from outer space for the intricacies of the 13-man code – obstruction rule, halftime oranges, Tommy Raudonikis and all – who would win? Super hero bragging rights and two pretty vital competition points go on the line as Anthony Minichiello defies that strong Italian heritage to lead the Roosters – resplendent in their Captain America get-up – into battle against the iron-clad Iron Men of St George Illawarra for a Round 21 clash with a novel twist. Both sides will be donning ISC Marvel-themed jumpers come Saturday night, and a spot of Hollywood-style revenge should be on the Dragons' tip sheet given the pantsing the Roosters pulled on them back on Anzac Day – a 34-14 drubbing that started the defensive rot that worryingly had them conceding just under 26 points a ...
Holidays (Full Recognition of Waitangi Day and ANZAC Day) Amendment Act 2013 means Anzac Day will be Mondayised in 2015!
A Minister for Anzac Day,yet he removes all support for Veterans O…
Dear Members Just a quick reminder that there IS training on this weekend and Monday across ALL 4 training centres despite the local holiday in some regions. Next weekend however we will be CLOSED for the entire weekend due to the nationally gazetted "Queens Birthday Public Holiday" long weekend. Training will then resume again as of Saturday 14th June at Kawana & Kedron and then at each centre thereafter as usual. We DO NOT close centres, as a rule, for the 'local show day' holidays as this is too difficult to manage across the regions. We DO close centres, as a rule, for nationally gazetted public holidays: Christmas Day, Boxing Day, New Years Day, Australia Day, Good Friday, Easter Monday, Anzac Day, Queens Birthday & Labour Day, where it affects the weekend on which the centres operate. This year we opened centres the day after Anzac Day despite it being like a 'Long Weekend' simply due to the Easter School holiday period this year and how it fell. Of course we will always announce this in classes in ...
exactly. And Chapman on Anzac Day. Young jumped off the ground and hit him in the head..
'Lest We Forget' this is the slogan for Anzac Day. Yet the wars continue and more of our young people die for causes usually linked to certain nations taking advantage of other nations resources. Sure the elete say its all for freedom, but at a price. NUP I say phuq war and worshipping it. I LIVE FOR PEACE.
“When the wheels hit the gravel road and if feels like home”, that line resonates with me and every single time I drive over the grate into the family farm that song plays in my head. About20 klms south west from Jindabyne, NSW the bitumen turns to gravel, drive a further 7 klms along a steep winding road you will find the farm.  If you look out as you drive down the gap, you can see why the region is called the high country, as on a clear day you could almost see Melbourne, hundreds of klms away, but I don’t suggest you take the eyes off the road as you will find yourself down a 90 degree drop driving towards a great white light and a welcome from St Peter. At18 I joined the Army Reserve, and then at 21 I married a Navy man. Anzac Day tome is more special than any day of the year.  So when I hear Lee Kernaghan state that the people he respects most in our country are soldiers and farmers you can clearly see why in my head he is talking about me, to me. I am about to go to a Lee Kernaghan concert, ...
Vision: SGT Ray Vance in Afghanistan On 25 April 2014 Australian, New Zealand, Turkish and other Coalition military members currently deployed in Kabul, Afghanistan gathered together at dawn to pause and reflect on Anzac Day. A moving dawn service was conducted at the Kabul International Airport-North military base involving an Australian and New Zealand combined catafalque party and incorporating senior military representation from Australia, New Zealand, Turkey, United Kingdom, France and United States. Major General David Coghlan, AM, provided a key note address as the Senior Australian Defence Force Officer which highlighted the importance of also reflecting on those that had fallen whilst serving in the Middle East Area of Operations. Following the service, members enjoyed a combined breakfast and a friendly game of touch football between nations.
New Zealand airman from the 40th Squadron, Royal New Zealand Air Force, raise a flag in honor of Anzac Day, at Liberty Memorial, Kansas City. Mo., April 25, 2014. Anzac Day is a national day of rememberance in Australia and New Zealand for all service members who have lost their life in the line of…
Thanks again to everyone who made Anzac Day such a great one! Thanks also to White Now for all the great pics!
NEW England MP Barnaby Joyce has defended a decision to send out glossy Anzac Day pamphlets to local households, despite accusations of political grandstanding.
My top 10 tips for Byron Bay Over Easter and Anzac Day weekend my man and I went to Byron. Being a devout yogi most would be surprised to hear that I have never been before! It is a great place with an abundance of energy!. It is not often you walk along… [ 581 more words. ]
ANZACs honoured by studentsApril 30, 2014Anzac honoured: Defence students and some of their parents in uniform attended Our Lady of Dolour’s School, Mitchelton, Anzac Day liturgy.CATHOLIC schools across the archdiocese commemorated Anzac Day with ceremonies to recognise and remember Australian and N…
What an incredible couple of weeks with Bluesfest Byron Bay, school holidays and the Anzac Day long weekend. Thank you to all of you pizzaholics who came and saw us. Thanks for your patience when you saw just how busy we were and especially to those of you who were affected last Wednesday when one of our pizza ovens decided it didn't want to work any more. Right in the middle of service!! Now the queues have gone and lots of locals are popping up with a big week so far with birthdays. The Byron Bay Ocean Swim Classic is the next event and already those bookings are coming in for those who want their carbs before the event. Remember, we recommend that you book early, come early or call early to miss the rush.
Hello lovely ladies, Have you enjoyed your 2 long weekends catching up with all your friends and family? I know, I did! There is a saying in the shoe trade that after Anzac Day - it gets chillier and Jack Frost starts our poor little toes tingling! SO, I decided to do a total revamp of the displays on Monday. Winter has really arrived at Shoes on Chevron and honestly - there is so much gorgeous stock for you to choose from. Believe me when I say get in now because sizes are going very quickly. Our stunning pure wool digital print scarves have arrived - they compliment our gorgeous Lou Lou wool hats beautifully! Come on in and check us out!
Congrats to Camberwell Corps member Peter McCracken on his fine work on the bugle at the Anzac Day service in Gallipoli last Friday.
Anzac Day dawn service at Darwin Cenotaph draws thousands -
Torres Strait Islanders war service recognised on Anzac Day.
Royal tour day 19: Duke and Duchess of Cambridge attend Anzac Day ceremony
Greedy *** .. Make an example of these *** they purposely hid the fish so they knew the rules. - Snapper stash could lead to charges Three Auckland fishermen could be in deep water after fisheries officers found more than 200 snapper stashed under their boat's floorboards. A Ministry for Primary Industries (MPI) spokesman said the three men - aged 33, 38 and 39 - could face serious charges. The large stash of snapper was found during a routine inspection of fishing boats at Kawakawa Bay, southeast of Auckland, on Anzac Day. Of the 234 snapper found on board, 114 were under size. Compliance officers seized the men's boat, trailer and car. MPI North Harbour district compliance manager Michael Simmons said the fisheries officers did a great job to find the fish. "The blatant disregard for both the size and quantity of illegal fish taken by these fishermen places a huge strain on the survival of the snapper fishery." Fisheries officers also caught four shellfish gatherers with 1016 cockles at Kawakawa ...
AUD/USD Weekly Fundamental Analysis April 28 – May 2, 2014 Forecast The AUD/USD dipped this week as troubles brewing in China weighed on the currency. The Aussie ended the week at 0.9283 after touching a weekly of 0.9377 before Chinese data was released. The calendar has been kind to Aussie workers this year, with the Easter and Anzac Day long weekends falling within a 10-day period. For many, the prospect of having 10 days off for the price of three was too tempting. Many Aussie workers are taking Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday as annual leave this week and getting themselves a great holiday deal. And why wouldn’t you, with the weather so enticing? There are good things in store for those hardworking individuals who are keeping the economy going too. The roads are empty and you can get a seat on the trains. The car park at the Easter show is full though. On Friday, the Australian dollar was trading at 92.62 US cents, down from 92.95 on Thursday. On Wednesday, the Aussie initially fell half a US cen ...
What Future for Generations Y & Z Each year I have the privilege of being invited to speak at the closing ceremony of the United Nations Youth Declaration. It is an audience of around 200 secondary and tertiary students who gather for four days to discuss and debate social, economic and political issues. At the end they produce a summary of their deliberations, the Youth Declaration. Each year it is a fantastic group – committed, energised and passionate about making a difference in the world. I come away from it every time feeling I have gained more than I have given. This year, the introductory quote setting the theme for the conference was from Anne Frank: “How wonderful it is that nobody need wait a single moment before starting to improve the world”. The audience is diverse and multicultural and committed to making New Zealand a better place for all who live in it. It gives me enormous confidence that our future is in good hands! I spoke the day after Anzac Day, acknowledging our debt to th ...
This is the singing of our Papua New Guinea Porters who woke us up the night before Anzac Day last year on brigade hill. So beautiful, Connie and myself were so happy to have shared this experience with all our Kokoda friends
So Easter and Anzac Day has been and gone. You've enjoyed the break but you've FINALLY decided that you're sick of the excuses, sick of putting it off. It's time to GET FIT, GET FOCUSED and LEARN TO FIGHT! So what are you waiting for? Today is your day! Classes resume this Monday afternoon at BAYSWATER, GLEN FORREST and ROCKINGHAM. If you're new to Wing Chun and have decided that your time is now, then why not book in a free trial lesson? One of our friendly Instructors would be more than happy to show you why we are so passionate about Wing Chun Kung Fu. For more info visit our website or contact us- website - email - perthwingchun
Wow ... In an Easter bunny's whisker and Anzac Day whisper we shall return to Story School at the Potts Point Bookshop: Tuesday at 10 am with a line up of princess-inspired stories ! Wow, I mean. Proclamation puh-lease! FPxx
In separate incidents last night, police charged two men and two women with mid range PCA, all four with children in their vehicles. Operation ‘Go Slow,’ which started at 12.01am Thursday 24 April 2014 and continues until 11.59pm today (Sunday 27 April 2014), includes double demerits for speeding, seatbelt, and motorcycle-helmet offences. Officers will be a highly-visible presence on the roads as part of a two-week traffic blitz encompassing Easter, Anzac Day and the school holidays – where drivers are being urged to ‘make their trip count’ to ensure they don’t become a statistic. About 5.10pm (Saturday 26 April 2014), officers from Blacktown Traffic and Highway Patrol Command stopped a Holden Captiva for RBT on Sackville Street, Blacktown. The driver, a 33-year-old man was breath tested and returned a positive result. There were five passengers in the car a woman and four children under the age of nine. Three of the children were unrestrained. The man was arrested and taken to Blacktown Polic ...
Have you heard the one about the five Aussies, a Pole, an Irishman and a Frenchman who walk into a Royal Canadian Legion Club for an Anzac Day drink? They had a very pleasant evening
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Hello Deception Bay Families, I hope you all had a happy Easter and a nice Anzac Day. This email is being sent to keep you informed about the FREE HEALTHY ACTIVITIES PROGRAM for Deception Bay Families for Term 2 2014. We are concious that this email for FREE EVENTS may not be relevant to you anymore…
Seems to be a culture of getting completely maggoted on Anzac Day. Why is that considered the best way to commemorate our fallen soldiers?
Anzac Day message from the Commander Joint Task Force 633, Major General Craig Orme, AM, CSC. See more Anzac Day messages from across Defence at: to "Events" tab and select "Anzac Day Messages". Lest We Forget...
I went to circo loco yesterday for Anzac Day
Over the years I have been lucky enough to sing as part of the Anzac Day memorial service at Saint Mary's Cathedral in Sydney. Every year i was privileged to sing with the Navy, Army and Air Force bands. I also met some very interesting people, including soldiers past and present. The one who stands out the most is Norm, a 93 year old man who served Australia during WWII. For someone who had seen so much horror, he was one of the kindest men I've met. Every year, since I moved away from Australia, I think of Norm on Anzac Day and am glad I had the chance to thank him for his service to out country. To all those, past and present, who give up their freedom so we may have ours, thank you. "They shall grow not old, as we that are left grow old; Age shall not weary them, nor the years condemn. At the going down of the sun and in the morning We will remember them. Lest We Forget"
I trust you all had a lovely Easter break. We welcomed five new children into school this week, Izzy, Toby, Joshua, Sophia and Hugo. They seem to have settled well into their new classes. Mrs Carpenter also started work here as a Teaching Assistant, whilst Mrs Baker is on maternity leave. No news yet on the baby. On a wet Friday morning, Wylye Valley School, walked up to St Marys Church for our annual Anzac Day service. What a treat to be greeted by a real Kiwi, Bill, dressed in his military costume. The children read out the Anzac alphabet and sang ‘Make Me a Channel of Your Peace’ and ‘We Will Remember.’ Bill and his family joined us in church. Holly read out a WW1 poem before we went out to the Anzac graves, where every child observed a one minute silence and placed rosemary on the grave as a symbol of remembrance. Bill applauded the children as they walked back down the lane to school. Our topic this term is ‘Take one Village’ and on Tuesday, Laurel from Swindon and Wiltshire History Centr ...
THE 26TH OF APRIL The 26th of April, is a day remembered here in the Pa o nga Ariki, when in 1940 the heart of Te Urumanao Ratana stopped and her spirit returned to Heaven. It follows Anzac Day, when the Nation remembers the fallen soldiers. It’s the day we remember a mother ‘Te Whaea o te Kaota.’ The name she was given by the Holy Spirit. Te Urumanao came from the south Taranaki tribe of Ngarauru in the Patea region and also Pakeha decent. She belong to the Ngapaki family or Baker family, and her father was a minister in the Methodist Church, so she was familiar with the teachings of the church and had a keen interest in the Bible. As a young woman, she was to marry Tahupotiki Wiremu Ratana, and after their marriage moved to the Ratana family homestead known as Orakeinui. There at Orakeinui they intended to raise a family. While T.W.Ratana worked on the farm, she raised their children, Tokouru, Rawinia, Maata and Pikihuia. They had been staying on the farm for over 15 years, when strange happenings ...
April 25, 1916 – Anzac Day is commemorated for the first time on the first anniversary of the landing at Anzac Cove.
Anzac Day l watched four Memorial services. Canberra,Gallipoli,France and Lone pine to honour all fallen Soldiers and l came up with one conclusion. Stupid. Bloody. War. No one wins and everybody loses. May God bring peace to each and everyone of us in this world and to live together as one. AMEN. Lest We Forget
Make your remembrance this year actually result in something significant. Share this with your local member, post it on his wall. Here is what Papuans did for Australians in the second world war. Let's reciprocate: As one Australian digger has noted: "“They carried stretchers over seemingly impassable barriers, with the patient reasonably comfortable. The care they give to the patient is magnificent. If night finds the stretcher still on the track, they will find a level spot and build a shelter over the patient. They will make him as comfortable as possible fetch him water and feed him if food is available, regardless of their own needs. They sleep four each side of the stretcher and if the patient moves or requires any attention during the night, this is given instantly. These were the deeds of the ‘Fuzzy Wuzzy Angels’ – for Australian." . Message to the Australian People and Australian Prime Minister on Anzac Day. From the Alliance of Papuan Students (AMP). "To the Prime Minister, Tony Abbot, a ...
What an overwhelming and powerful experience to campout in Gallipoli on Anzac Cove on Anzac Day, to walk in their footsteps and stand in there trenches you can really get a grasp on wat they endured. Very surreal and highly recommended
COLLINGWOOD bringing home the Anzac Day game!
Today on Anzac Day we remember all those brave men and women who served and died in all wars, conflicts, and peacekeeping operations and the contribution and suffering of all those who have served. I'm also reminded of our boy RAFFLES PEGASUS (FUSAICHI PEGASUS x FANFARES) brave win of the ANZAC DAY STAKES in 2011 at Flemington Racecourse and Victoria Racing Club. He is now racing in Malaysia and was a winner for us last week at Perak Turf Club, he's such a good boy.
Wow, what a day at World Cup Downhill round 2 Cairns for the Qualifying race to determine the Top 80 Elite Male riders who will contest the ultimate race tomorrow. So stoked to post that at his second only World Cup event (first in 2011) Ben gave an Old Digger (me!) the ultimate Anzac Day present by qualifying in 65th position (from 124 riders)! The track was an absolute mess with rain continuing in bucket loads overnight and into the morning with mud resembling peanut butter, slippery rocks, roots and trees which seemed to jump onto the track! However; unlike his earlier practice runs today where he crashed multiple times Ben held it together for the all important race run. Been a *** of a time cleaning, repairing and servicing the Santa Cruz v10 this afternoon but now all is in readiness to do it again tomorrow! Now to bed for a good sleep before getting it on again tomorrow in the main race - check SBS for live TV coverage!!
Had a great Anzac Day with the extended Ausi family! Party again tomorrow! And a great phone call from my wolf pack back home enjoy Benidorm boys!
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What has Anzac Day got to do with Julia Gillard?
Ben Te'o is almost certain to leave the South Sydney Rabbitohs after the New Zealand Warriors joined the French rugby clubs chasing his services with an offer worth $650,000 a season. Te'o is officially a free agent after he declined to take up an option in his contract for a third year at the Rabbitohs next year. The Queensland Origin forward has told teammates he won't be staying and that he is likely to sign with a French rugby club. However, the Warriors' offer could be a wildcard after the Brisbane Broncos – the team Te'o faces at Suncorp Stadium on Anzac Day – all but ruled out a return. Souths have already made contingency plans, signing Manly back-rower Glenn Stewart. The Rabbitohs have also secured Penrith prop Tim Grant as a replacement for rugby-bound Sam Burgess.
Two drunk collingwood supporter wrestling over a box of cheezles. Finally some one gets the true meaning of Anzac Day
115/365 We shall remember them Annie Irving originally shared: 115/365 We shall remember them I’m not ashamed to say I shed some tears at the Anzac Day war remembrance service at Auckland War Memorial Museum today: first, the bagpipes and, later, the trumpeter playing the Last Post – there’s something haunting about both sounds; the old soldiers marching with such dignity, the young people showing their respect, everyone singing our National Anthem with such pride. Lest We Forget.  View full size (800x581)
I only thing I can relate to Anzac Day is horses Myska is doing one of her neck exercises .. yes being a quarter horse they hold their neck different when riding ( lack of riding is the problem) fault. Photo Challange day 25
Great Britain really knows how to turn off the weather for Anzac Day.
With another Anzac Day done and dusted we would like to thank those who joined us this morning to honour our fallen soldiers and to those who volunteered their time to ensure the success of our day. Thankyou.
Omg! Kanye west is playing for Collingwood in the Anzac Day match!!! Oh my godA
Anzac Day of remembrance brings me once again to Jindabyne where the spirit of those that selflessly gave their all for their country is somehow alive in the minds of the mountain men, who proudly ride their amazing horses thru the town to the banks of the lake to gaze across the lake remembering as the bugle sounds the last post in the background. They gaze into the past in honour of those taken so young without the future they so bravely bestowed on us all, Thank you all, we do remember with respect & gratitude, Lest We Forget!
And one last thing on Anzac Day. At the going down at the sun we need also to remember those who came back with war fatigue as it used to be called and post traumatic stress. Many were labelled cowards because ignorance did not know any better. Many of them did things that brought on the stress or the fatigue as it was called and they have suffered and are suffering still now. Lest We Forget
Today we remember our fallen soldiers but there is one man who was a big part of Anzac Day for many people as he lead the march playing his bagpipes! He may not be a war veteran but for 25 years he carried on the Anzac legacy and spirit! Tonight is the Qld Title and there would have been nothing more special for dad than to have lead the march and then get to go racing! Lets gas it up for you old man!
Look at this amazing Anzac Day in Sydney . We have just dropped off visitors at the Four Seasons Hotel and this is their view
I'm known as a "war baby". Anzac Day is a rather significant day for me. When my mother was newly pregnant, my father went to the Gulf War for the second time. He was a clearance diver in the special forces, and thus his chance of survival was rendered very slim. But he came back. And I grew up with a Dad. I could say a lot of things in relation to my Dad and the war. Like how my family home was casually peppered with defused grenades and land mines, for instance. Or how my mother would look after us by herself for months on end. Or how proud I am of my father for doing something he believes in. Or how after already having a successful career with even further chances for promotion he abandoned opportunities to look after me when I was severely unwell. Or how when I took a boyfriend home for the first time the boy looked at my giant brass umbrella stand, asked me in fear if it was a huge shell casing, and then my father walked in the room and said, "Yes it is. Hi, I'm Steve!" But most of all I feel so luc ...
Just returned from Dandenong RSL Anzac Day march where my father John Guttrey marched as a proud Korean War veteran. Anzac Day is not about glorifying war as nobody wins a war but it about remembering those brave souls on both sides who fought for their beliefs and to also either improve or protect their country and their way of life. 160,000 lives lost defending our way of life is a solemn reminder of the price of the freedom we enjoy today. I know there are others that there that also are remembering their family members who defended us so valiantly, Julie Carter and Carron Newman are 2 I am aware of and am sure they will join me in thanking all who served for our freedoms today. Hopefully the Anzac spirit will live long after we are gone through our grandchildren and their children.
Playing Last post from the top of Wellington Arch at Hyde park corner for Anzac Day. Lest We Forget
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Getting excited for the ANZAC day clash in Ulverstone at the tent.
Anzac Day 2014. The Australian, New Zealand and Aboriginal flags fly at half mast over wreaths laid in…
Live AFL on Anzac Day. All the action from Collingwood v Essendon at the MCG - via
Central Australia pays Anzac Day respects: Thousands of people have turned out for Anzac Day events in central...
No more wonderful sight on ANZAC Day than the WW2 veterans marching proudly if slowly. Unbreakable men and women. Age has…
Getting ready for the Masterclass followed by a Taste of Tjungu dinner with views of Uluru in this ANZAC day. Magic! Explore Uluru.
Here are our photos of the ANZAC Day march in Warragul this morning: Drouin photos to come.
Look who's at Anzac Day game! Harry's first time at this amazing day
Old mates back together again on Anzac Day.
I'm just going to pretend we're celebrating Anzac Day.
Greetings of ANZAC day! Respect those soldiers, devoted their life for peace.
Boarders participating on Warwick ANZAC Day Service 2014. Well done everyone!
"Today we will hear lots about nationhood and heroism but too little about how war renders the living into the dead." htt…
day service in Melbourne has gone from 10,000, 20 yrs ago to 60,000 today. Tells us how awareness and appreciation
Anzac Day & the sun is shining off the black tar. Ararat Hotel Redroom tonight with Things could be worse. Lest We Forget.
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We learned about ANZAC Day in AP World History today in class. In less than 2 hours, ANZAC Day starts. OMFG, COINCIDENCE? I THINK NOT.
Anzac Day. . We will Remember them. . Photo: My Grandfather Matthew. . Unfortunately I do not have a photo of...
assistant coach Scott Burns joins us on the boundary to discuss his love of Anzac Day
I notice ms has been very QUIET this DAY.yes we REMEMBER CATHERINE
Steven Arnold wins his third-straight Day Stakes at aboard Merion for ahead of Light Up Manhattan.
A mixed bag of results at the today, but comes out with an ANZAC Day podium >>
Anzac Day is a celebration of people who just weren't tough enough.
. One for Anzac Day and Captain Australia's timely (!?!) purchases... .
hey boys, love the look of the Anzac Day silks, wondering how I can get my hands on one ?
Pole and a race win is always a good day! Remembering our mate JR and the heroes.
Great turn out for Anzac Day dawn service in London
Countdown is on! Getting ready to be on the boundary for for the huge ANZAC Day match at the
To commemorate Anzac Day, here is a special video of "The Band Played Waltzing Matilda." Please share if you wish.RKx h…
All in readiness for ANZAC day footy in Kinglake with
My views on Anzac Day are too controversial
"Dawn Service of the Anzac Day with Duke & Duchess of Cambridge" it's 7:15am there ht…
Lest We Forget Anzac Day. London 4am Hyde park corner packed with Aussies
Listed ANZAC Day Stakes has been won by Merion
I don't think, since turning of legal age, i've missed an Anzac day without playing.
Feeling lucky? Play two-up and learn the rules and history of the game
"Kate places red poppies at Roll of Honour for (Splash)
Royals dedicate final day of tour to Anzac
Was on television for the Anzac Day March in the city today...
THE streets were lined with onlookers keen to see Bunbury's Anzac Day Parade:
A special this ANZAC Day. You'll meet three impressive members of today's ADF. Set ur IQ: 9pm
Our v own will join Ulverstone against Penguin in the beyondblue-headspace Anzac Day game for mental health
Thank you Melbourne. Huge crowd at Shrine of Remembrance for today's ANZAC Day March. Lest We Forget.
vs on Anzac Day. Going to be an epic encounter!
Anzac day March's just like SAF soldiers' route march from Changi to Marina Bay lor. I wish people woke up that early to spectate!
On ANZAC Day we remember Australia & New Zealand’s veterans who have made the ultimate sacrifice on behalf of their country. Lest We Forget
Have a safe and proud ANZAC Day Aus/NZ. We will remember them.
Today is ANZAC Day, in which we remember the people who fought for us and our country. Lest We Forget.
Aust market closed for Anzac Day :Auto pickup by wikyou
FUN FACT: Dustin Fletcher is the only player to have played every ANZAC Day match and fought in the Boer War.
Jae might be from Jamaica but the significance of Anzac Day certainly isn't lost on her, reflected in the poppy...
For lovers of crazy badass sports: A special ANZAC Day edition of Aussie Rules'll be on Fox Soccer Plus @ 12:30 AM ET (Collingwood/Essendon)
Thousands commemorate Anzac Day across SA: Young and old are remembering fallen Australian soldiers at Anzac D...
Essendon and Collingwood both want it bad but there's more than symbolism in the Anzac trophy; http:…
Rain fails to dampen Anzac spirit at Sydney march
This Anzac Day, we’re also thinking of those still serving abroad and awaiting their return home. Kia kaha.
"And the ANZAC legends didn't mention mud and blood and tears" (John Schumann) ANZAC Day Anzackery
Anzac Day march Port Macquarie: GALLERY: Port Macquarie lined the streets for the Anzac Day march.
ANZAC day, lets keep the ANZAC spirit alive. Reflect and enjoy this time with your families and thank the diggers...
Australian Tradition on ANZAC DAY playing 2up & watching AFL, Essendon vs. Collingwood.
A great memorial service in Pooncarie today for Anzac Day a great turn out to show out respects A big well done to all the people involved and that helped make it happen you did a awesome job Lest We Forget
Dear Tony Abbott. Thanks for signing up for the F-35s, a one-for-one replacement of our existing fighter force is exactly what Australia needs. Only next time, could you do it at some time other than Anzac Day? Because all the leftist loonies are spewing their anti-defence slogans at the very worst possible time of year. Our veterans deserve better than to be told their successors are contributing to the strife and hunger of the world, as that waste of oxygen Adam Bandt has posted.
Prince William and Duchess Catherine are attending a number of ANZAC Day commemorations today, on their last day in Australia.
Hoping my dad is having a great Anzac Day and that the rain hasn't dampened it for him, he fought in the Korean War and I am very proud of him every day.
Rumba opening hours for Anzac Day are 1-7pm, with the twilight markets also on today 😊
One Indian *** is asking if there is a martyrs day in India after watching Anzac Day celebrations.there are many martyr days in India
So thrilled that my little poem 'I Am A Mighty Kiwi' has taken flight and that I get to share it with you again, collectively with The Expats, on such a global day of significance - our ANZAC Day. We spent the morning at our local ANZAC event, with my youngest son proudly marching with his school. I captured a beautiful rendition of our New Zealand National Anthem sung by local Kiwi Laurence Richardson and his daughter Jodie which I'll share today as well. Lest We Forget, wherever you are in the world today!!!
Essendon has reached a crisis point in its season on Anzac Day.
Every Australian should aspire to pay a visit to Anzac Cove on the Gallipoli Peninsula and see for themselves the almost impossible task the Anzacs were faced with in 1915. It does not need to be on Anzac Day itself, but it is well worth it.
Watch a live stream of the Anzac Day dawn service from Anzac Cove.
A MUCH lower-than-expected crowd of just four-thousand 400 pilgrims has gathered for the 99th anniversary Anzac Day dawn service in Gallipoli.
Friday 25th Anzac Day .Our office is open today ,so are most shops in Hasting Street. Drop in & see us in Bay Village Shopping Centre . We still have seats available for Everglades Half & full day trips. Limited seats available for Fraser Day Tours SPECIAL $20 off Sat or Sunday Call on 54749166 or drop in and see us.
Who will soldier on, and claim victory in the ANZAC day clash between the Dragons and the Roosters?
Anzac Day commemorations at Osborne Park. Large crowd. Pres and Vietnam vet wants more people to join RSL.
Prepare yourself for tonights ultimate Anzac Day event as Australia's Number 1 Urban DJ Nino Brown, takes on New Zealand's Number 1 Urban DJSirvere. Supported by DJ Dezastar & DJ Mister P. This is one Crème Friday you don't want to miss!
Enter the gates of *** pay with your life, it is the ultimate sacrifice for your country. A daunting thought being greeted with death skulls but that is what the Australian and New Zealand forces encountered for eight months while trying to capture the capital of the Ottoman Empire, Constantinople, an ally of Germany. Anzac Day is not only a day of remembrance for those who died in Gallipoli during WW1 but honours all those Australian service men and women who fought so gallantly to give us the freedoms we enjoy today, Lest We Forget. See you at the Twilight Markets at Bulcock Beach Caloundra 4pm to 9 pm.
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Tens of thousands have gathered at ANZAC Day Services across the country and around the world to pay their respects and remember the sacrifice of the nation's war dead.
it's just you asked if it was symbolic. I was wondering what empty seating on Anzac Day was symbolic of. All good
Proud of you and all of your mates Alex Hill, would be such a moving experience to spend Anzac Day in Gallipoli! Would love to bring dad down next year if your marching in Canberra. xo
And we are away and racing on Anzac Day - 35 laps coming up
I told Erik, today is a special day I said it’s Anzac Day, do you know what that is? Erik- it’s a day we say thank you to the soldiers :) brought a tear to my eye... Teach your children about these special days and they will love what this country truly stands for.
HEROES MARCH: Darwin has paid a warm tribute to war heroes past and present at the Anzac Day march.
Whilst this time next year marks the 100th Anzac Day, April 24th next year will mark 100 years since the beginning of the Armenian Genocide. Between 1 and 1.5 million Armenians, as well as some Assyrians, Greeks and other ethnicities were systematically killed, starved and marched to death during the demise of the Ottoman Empire. So on this day next year, have the lives of 8709 Australians and their families in your thoughts who died at Gallipoli, on April 24th think about a million+ Armenians exterminated and the fact that the Turkish government STILL does not acknowledge this atrocity.
We live in the greatest country in the world, thanks to all that have served, Anzac Day in cooroy Queensland the greatest town in Australia
After attending Ethan's Anzac Day chapel service yesterday, I get the third degree from my 5yr old about not knowing the national Australian anthem. I told him I know the English one to which he answers. What's the point in that though, you don't even live there! Might be time to do my residency?!
Even better they can have a intra club on Anzac Eve & another intra club on Anzac Day.
At every dawn service on ANZAC Day, my thoughts turn to this amazing group of women.
Growing up in an Army town has really made me respect the service and sacrifice so many people have made and still make today to keep us free. I've seen young men come home with post traumatic stress syndrome, broken relationships and parents who miss huge pieces of their children's lives due to overseas postings. Today is one day of the year we use to respect that and sadly those who never made it home over the years. Anzac Day isn't the day to post gym selfies or complain about a cold breakfast, it's a day to respect those who were brave enough to die for our country so you have the freedom to go to the gym and go out for breakfast.
ANZAC DAY CANCELLATIONS: The Nelson Bay Bowling Club will now host the 11am ANZAC Day service. Still waiting on a decision on the march. The 10am Civic Park service in Newcastle has been moved into City Hall. Maitland march cancelled due to lightning risk. Service in Maitland park RSL 10:45am.
LPTI Lou Thyne -- the Navy's current Sailor of the Year for her outstanding work onboard HMNZS TE MANA -- was an Anzac Day guest this morning on Radio New Zealand National. Listen to her interview with host Richard Langston:
Today at some point just try take some time to really think about what ANZAC day is about. imagine, instead of worrying about what fast food we're going to eat or what gig we're going to this weekend We were literally fighting for our lives and our country, worrying if us or our friends are going to make it back alive. Try really close your eyes and picture it for a couple of mins, it's pretty mind blowing, and they deserve it a lot more than once a year, we owe them everything. Take a sec to remember there are men and women right now doing the same thing for us, by choice, if you know anyone who serves, buy em a beer from us! Lest We Forget.
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US Secretary of State John Kerry has given Australia and New Zealand an Anzac Day message of support. Mr Kerry said the US stood with Australia and N ...
This advertisement encourages Australians to commemorate Anzac Day. The Gallipoli campaign was fought from 25 April 1915 and first commemorated in 1916. (Video excerpt 1.13 minutes This clip chosen to be PG)
On the eve of Anzac Day, Morwell-based Afghanistan veteran Glenn Fenton has opened up about his struggle with post traumatic stress disorder.
So everyone complaining about the religious aspect of Anzac Day services. Ok you lot can work during Easter and Christmas Day.
I wish Anzac Day could one day be the date we declare ourselves a republic.
COLLINGWOOD and Essendon is the biggest sporting show in town on Anzac Day, but Melbourne Storm insists its annual fixture is also here to stay.
SINCE 1915, Anzac Day has been a call to every Australian to remember with gratitude and national pride, the bravery of Aussie Diggers.
Yesterday, we asked you what ANZAC day means to our loyal readers. And your responses were so eloquent and heartfelt, we wanted to share them with you.
Ronan Parke Australia remembers... Anzac Day 25th April is a remembrance and celebration of the sacrifice people...
To all our Australian and New Zealand service men and women - simply, thank you. My Father marches today in Brisbane today as a Vietnam Vet, and my father-in-law (Wing Commander, Pilot) commentates for the ABC telecast - head commentator, Lt Colonel John Moore was our marriage celebrant. We made the trip to Long Tan in Vietnam for last year's Anzac Day but personally, with the military as such as integral part of our lives, we appreciate the sacrifices made for our country not just today, but everyday. Lest We Forget. Rae x
Temora Aviation Museum's Mk XVI Spitfire starts up for its first of three Anzac Day flypasts. Doug Hamilton pilots the Spitfire for this morning's 900AM service at Springdale. He will also fly over the Temora and Cootamundra 1100AM services. The Museum's Mk XVI served with RAAF 453 Squadron over Europe during WWII.
The team at Holiday Inn Potts Point-Sydney wish everyone a safe Anzac Day today and a happy long weekend. Lest we...
April 25, 2014: Anzac Day commemorations are underway in cities across Australia.
Steve Ellis and Larry Bedggood are former RAAF warrant officers who bring their families together for every Anzac Day
Can't get to the Anzac Day Commemorative service in Wellington? Watch it here
We're pumped to be back in NZ for Anzac Day, having a chilled out morning before the show tonight. Doors open at 8pm, first band on at 9pm. Come down and throw your goats in the air for Treeby's last show.
Thousands of Australians have gathered across the country for Anzac Day to solemnly pay tribute to the sacrifice of men and woman in war.
I love Anzac Day for many reasons but especially as it brings back memories of my childhood growing up in Lake Boga, Victoria Every Anzac Day my grandfather, Arthur Smith Codling would lead the march as he was a returned serviceman and a lieutenant commander in the navy. In those days if your father or grandfather had served in the war you could be chosen to lay the wreath at primary school services. Then after the march we would all go the RSL Hall and eat, drink (the fathers anyway) and be merry. In later years, I have taken groups of students to the Shrine and of course the big games Collingwood v Essendon over the years.
Off to play at the 'G' today. With my fellow Good Times tour artists, we're gonna sing together before kick off of the big Anzac Day AFL match at Melbourne's huge MCG stadium. Should be big fun! Catch us live on TV just after 2pm folks.
Temora Aviation Museum's CAC Wirraway starting up for a Anzac Day Flypast at Uranquinty. The Wirraway is being flown today by Museum Chief Engineer Andrew Bishop who's Grandfather flew Wirraways at RAAF No 5SFTS Uranquinty during WWII. The Wirraway will also fly over Ardlethan, Ariah Park and Coolamon NSW.
How do you commemorate Anzac Day? Share your stories and your pictures with PerthNow - email: readerpics
Corner Store Forrest will be opening at 10.30! See you there for some Anzac Day goodies - egg and bacon rolls,...
Coming up this hour we're joined by Brendan Nelson, Director of the Australian War Memorial, for his Anzac Day reflections.
As we approach Anzac Day, ABC TV News reporter Bob Plasto asked former servicemen Mr Wignall, Mr Coall and Mr Williams attending the 1975 Anzac Day March in Melbourne, "What does Anzac mean to you?"
Can we handle the truth? JAMIE WALKER THE AUSTRALIAN APRIL 25, 2014 MAX Hastings wonders just how much Australians really want to know about Gallipoli and the carnage that followed on the Western Front. Australia bled white for the mother country in World War I, and we’re going to learn much more about it over the coming four years, the rolling centenary of that terrible struggle. Recently, the British war ­historian was talking to a prominent Australian organiser of next year’s super-Anzac Day commemoration of the 1915 Gallipoli landings. “He said to me, ‘I’ve got a real problem. The Australian people think they know a huge amount about the First World War and about the history of Gallipoli, but almost everything they think they know is wrong’,’’ Hastings explains, his voice booming down the line from his home in Berkshire in Britain. “He said, ‘I’m not sure how much truth they can afford to take next year’.’’ Hastings points out that more Frenchmen died in the ill-fated Dard ...
The joint Anzac Day service between the OUSA - Otago University Students' Association and the University of Otago will be held on the Clock Tower lawn and run from 1.30pm until 2.30pm.
A TIGHT band of Tasmanian personnel serving in Afghanistan will today mark Anzac Day with a dawn service and gunfire breakfast – their first chance to enjoy a nip of alcohol since they arrived in Kabul.
Anchoring up for Anzac Day memorial service right in close... And I can stay in my jarmies... Lest We Forget... Thank you
Anzac Day here In Australia,and I'd like to say a big thank you ,first of all,to my dad and my father in law, who both fought all the way through in the Second World War,my dad in Germany,Jims dad in Africa,a dessert rat,to our sons who both served as Australian soldiers,to all the men and boys that fought and died in both the first and second wars and all the wars in between,we owe so much to all and should give a big thank to all these,and let's not forget the women,who also gave and still give,and today is a day to do just that,so thanks to all where ever you are,keep up the good work,freedom is a human right,
Happy Anzac Day! I'm off to the city to pay my respects to the old boys x
Anzac Day is always a day of remembering those that have gone. But now more so then ever for us. Our hearts are not heavy with sadness for old soldiers. Instead mine aches for gorgeous little Gracie. Every time I hear Hawaiian Izzy sing "somewhere over the rainbow" I am reminded of the saddest day of my life. We miss you. I can't believe a year has passed already.
Heading out to observe my son participate in a memorial service for Anzac Day... My bed is heartbroken and wants me to hurry back Lol
Anzac Day! Many ppl join Dawn Service program since 4:30 AM and wow it is only 6°C outside
Watching the dawn service for Anzac Day. Never shall we forget those who have fallen & served for our great...
A very special Anzac Day dawn service on Stockade Hill in Howick this morning, a big turnout as usual
Queensland Governor Penelope Wensley addresses the 20,000 strong crowd at the Anzac Day dawn service…
Anzac Day in Australis-remembering service men and women past and present.
Anzac Day memorial service for the 19th Battalion
Anzac Day dawn service has started at home.I'm a long way away , only in miles though, not in my heart.
Anzac Day being celebrated in Copenhagen with service led by Ambassador Damien Miller and wreath laying in Kast…
We’d like to wish everyone a safe and happy ANZAC DAY long weekend. Lest We Forget. ^ME
Search for an Anzac Day service in your community. Honour, remember, commemorate & celebrate.
The quiet mumbles of Canberrans can just be heard as the crunch of gravel echoes across the Australian War Memorial and it begins to fill for the 2014 Anzac Day Dawn Service - 99th anniversary of the ANZAC landing. For the first time in its history, the intimate and poignant journal entries of our soldiers are shared as we wait for the service to commence... - Jessica
Up and out by 5 am to watch the Anzac Day service! my only chance to see it here so don't mind the early start ☺️
Today is my favourite day of the year...Anzac Day...better than my birthday...better than is even more special as this year we discovered two great uncles Archie (mum's Uncle) and Harry (Dad's Uncle) both served in the First World War...Archie in Gallipoli and Poziers where he sadly lost his life 29/8/1916 age 22 and Harry at the battle of Fromelle where he was badly injured but returned home...if they and thousands others didn't do this we wouldn't be free as we are today...I only yesterday found out Mum's father Ernest Bell served in Greece and Indonesia where he was also did we discover this...because my nephew Brendan had a school project 'how far can you trace your family'...that is how it started. I want to thank on many fronts a beautiful friend Mel Hourigan for without her help this information would not of been found so easily...I'm now off to the dawn service in Kiama...why because Mel is marching you see she too is one of our brave soldiers who served in Afghanistan and ...
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Photos from around Australia on Anzac Day 2014. Photos added to this group may be featured on ABC services, including TV and social media.
Coming up: Live coverage of Anzac Day Dawn Services across Australia. We're on air from 4:25am. Watch geoblock free:
Lest We Forget this Anzac Day. Check out the Gold Coast service times here: View:
Find information on ANZAC Day in Brisbane - Friday 25 April 2014.
Lest We Forget 🙌 off to currumbin to support our fallen soldiers 💀 happy Anzac Day hope to celebrate some two up with some of you *** later today ✌️
Anzac Day to me 2014... As a fifth generation Aussie I am proud in the fact my Great Grandfather, Charles M Clift OAM defended our country in the First and Second World Wars. Him, alongside others fought the battles that made our country great. I am forever grateful to them all. Sadly no man will ever have the mate ship or comeradery these Hero's shared and cherished so much. I wonder what these great men would think of today's mate ship when your friend is down on their luck and you suffer and go without to lend them that helping hand they desperately need, you defend them and forgoing other mates your solidarity does not budge only to have them steal from you and your family and the home you opened so freely to them. I'm ashamed of myself for letting the Hero's down for allowing anyone to make me feel bad for being "their mate".I will remember them.
Sitting here in the dark with my teething baby and realised this time twelve years ago we were just arriving at the memorial at Anzac Cove. Watching dawn break over the beach, hearing the lone bag piper coming towards us, twenty thousand people and you could have heard a pin drop. Was one of the most beautiful, touching, inspiring and humbling moments of my life, and I had never felt so proud to be an Australian. Thank you to all those kind people who continue to serve our country and may we never again have to experience such senseless loss. What followed was also, hands down, one of the best trips of my life with some truly great friends Erin, Gill, Janelle, Brett and Peter - for some reason having trouble tagging Rochelle??? Also, happy fifth wedding anniversary to my brother Matt and his gorgeous wife Kellie. Love you both, see you in a few weeks. So, to all my friends, happy Anzac Day, and GO BOMBERS!✌️
Waking up at 4am for the Anzac Day service at kings park in Perth 😊
Good night peoples! It's nearly time for the dawn Anzac Day service! Does 4:30 am exist on a public holiday? Except as a kid at Christmas waking your brother up at 4 am because Santa in all his wisdom gave you the operation board game, it's a cruel world
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