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Antwan Jamison

Antawn Cortez Jamison (born June 12, 1976) is an American professional basketball player in the National Basketball Association (NBA).

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My momma said I looked like Richard Sherman and Antwan Jamison and I almost called child services
because his 2nd best player was washed Antwan Jamison, JJ Hickson and Mo Williams, elite talent.
I don't hate all UNC players. I still have a thing for Antwan Jamison and Brendan Haywood (you may not ask).
I hate seeing Antwan Jamison on the Jumbotron just as much as I did when he was at UNC in '98
Meeks is a combo of Sean May and Antwan Jamison right now.
ACC Legend Antwan Jamison waits for UNC to take the floor. Thanks for the interview today Antwan! Tip off moments a…
I'll be posting my full interviews with ACC Legends Antwan Jamison, Josh Howard and Sheldon Williams on Carolina Blitz.
He was playing with Anthony Parker, Big Z, Jamario Moon, Antwan Jamison, Boobie Gibson, etc that's what happened.
I didn't think it possible to have a word debut than Antwan Jamison did but I think Andrew Bogut accomplished it.
I guess I was now that I think of it. I loved Antwan Jamison, too. And Rasheed Wallace. And Stackhouse.
*** they said bogut got hurt moments into his debut. Thats highkey like Antwan Jamison hurt himself walking to the free throw line smh
So Antwan Jamison was at the UNC game recently. Huge memories as the first athlete that I was totally invested in & team (96-97 UNC)
From 1970 on, Huber Davis' 35 points in '92 in Durham and Antwan Jamison's 35 points in '98 are the most by a UNC player vs. Duke.
Cavs 2009-2010. Mo Williams. Anthony Parker . LeBron James. Antwan Jamison. Shaquille O'Neal. How did this team get eliminated in the 2nd round?
So glad the Tarheels Won! Antwan Jamison was there. He was my favorite baller in 2nd grade.
As soon as I say that they show Rasheed Wallace and Antwan Jamison. 2 Carolina legends.
Props to Antwan Jamison for wearing a UNC t shirt! Nice of Rasheed to show up in red and black. Seriously, he has nothing in Carolina blue?
Rasheed Wallace and Antwan Jamison at the game
just said Antwan Jamison has the quickest release he's seen...he didn't watch JJ? He goes so out of his way to not sound bias
As just shown on Rasheed Wallace and Antwan Jamison among the greats in attendance for tonight's game vs
Great seeing former alumni HOF Rick Berry and Antwan Jamison at Warriors watch party! Thanks Express
Haven't been this excited for a Wizards team since Gil was the habatchi, Antwan jamison was a dog
give me the retired numbers front row hanging in the rafters. . Phil Ford. Michael Jordan. Antwan Jamison. James Worthy. Tyler Hansbrough
Michael Olowokandi was picked before Antwan Jamison, Dirk, Vince Carter and Paul Pierce.WOW
Vince is the only one left. KG, Pierce, Marbury, Chauncey, Shareef, Antwan Jamison, Ron Mercer, Tractor (RIP), e…
Let me try- Antawn Jamison scored 50+ in two straight games, Lebron never did that. Antwan Jamison >> Lebron.
PJ Buckets Washington just look at the year Brice Johnson had and watch film on Antwan Jamison. You're next
Antwan Jamison, Mickael Pietrus, Kelenna Azubuike, Corey Magette and don't know the last dude
I was there when Cavs tickets were 5 dollars and cheered on the likes of Antwan Jamison, CJ miles and Luke harongody
Antwan Jamison isn't walking through that door.
exactly what I'm talking about. Mo Prime Zydrinus, Antwan Jamison trump Plumlee and Harkless
When u get a pic with Antwan Jamison
lol yea just late to be a warriors fan , I wasn't around watching Antwan Jamison losing 50 games a year
that's not the Mavs fault tho. Not much more you could do. They had Antwan Jamison as well
*** remind me of Antwan Jamison a lil bit
those are all bums compared to Vince, worthy, Antwan Jamison Rasheed the list goes on.don't even have to mention the big guns
reminded me today 3 years ago, I met Antwan Jamison at my job lol that was dope
all Bron had before Miami (Bosh, Wade, Kyrie, K. Love) was Antwan Jamison, Ben Wallace, Larry Hughes, Eric Snow, ZL
That was that game against Vince Carter and antwan jamison when they were heels..whew
I might've gotten the second guy wrong. That could be Sprewell, Joe Smith or Antwan Jamison
do the GSW need to bring back Antwan Jamison as identified in the Project Wyze song "nothings what it seems"?
Once again tho, Lebron took a team with Antwan Jamison, Mo Williams and Boobie Gibson starting to the finals
Surprised I didn't get Antwan Jamison questions at that last wiz kids game I went to
need Antwan Jamison and Delonte West and we set
Great to hear and Phil with Antwan Jamison! Great to have him back in DC!
Had no idea Antwan Jamison was a 20,000 point scorer in the NBA. Genuinely shocked right now.
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How the *** is Antwan Jamison top 50 on the all time scoring list
Bobby Sura, Eric Dampier, Antwan Jamison, Larry Hughes, the last guy I'm not sure. Chris Mills?
Erik dampier, Antwan Jamison, Larry Hughes, Bobby sura, Chris mills... That was too easy...
People prolly have no idea of their history. No idea who Antwan Jamison, Larry Hughes , Jason Richardson are. Smdh
It was dope talking to about playing for my favorite college basketball team (UNC)&playing w/ Vince Carter&Antwan Jamison .
I put them cause they both did it at one point. Volume shooting. Shoot Antwan Jamison had over 40 back to back onve
Antwan Jamison asked why now? U know what you have, & continues to call out Byron on Kobe's minutes
Why is Antwan Jamison doing the studio analysis for the Lakers? No one else wanted the job?
Still trying to figure out why Antwan Jamison is on the Lakers pregame show... He was a Lakers for 10 mins
Bro I'm not sure if the twit is actually trying to get fired or not? Even Antwan Jamison & Robert Horry called him out
I take it personal that Antwan Jamison is Lakers reporter
James Worthy hasn't gone after Byron Scott yet, but I'll tell you this, James was not challenging Antwan Jamison who was destroying Byron.
Wow well gotta give respect to Antwan Jamison he's the only person willing to speak objectively on
*** wasn't Warrior fans when Antwan Jamison was playing for them tho πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
do u think you can a Donell Marshall and Antwan Jamison and put their respective leagends team?
Antwan Jamison is easily the best out of the TWCS crew.
Lmaooo *** really let Antwan Jamison score fiddy
15 years ago today, Kobe & Antwan Jamison dropped 51 each as the beat the
15 years ago today in the sane game Antwan Jamison and Kobe Bryant against each other each scored 51 points
Gary Neal looks like Antwan Jamison in the face
Kinda like Antawn Jamison pronounces it "Antwan" bc someone messed up his birth certificate.
Troy Murphy, Antwan Jamison, and Don Nelson. I am not a fan but I like Steph
15 years ago today, Antwan Jamison scored 51 in a losing effort for the
Someone tell Antwan Jamison the Big Ten just beat the ACC again in the challenge. 7 straight years.
Antwan Jamison and Kobe Bryant after the game.
Former Wizards F Antwan Jamison and Kobe Bryant discuss "getting the young boys right"
Antwan Jamison speaking truth right now on this post game show
It's good to see Antwan Jamison back in DC on the sidelines commentating.
Antwan Jamison sound like my neighbor..i cant take him serious πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
not only do I see my usual man Chris Miller but Antwan Jamison and Kobe Bryant? Should be a great night!
Antwan Jamison, Jeff Capel & Glen "Big Baby" Davis highlight list of new additions to ESPN's CBB coverage!
Real Warriors fan. Chris Mullin, Latrell Sprewell, thunder the mascot, Antwan Jamison, Donyell Marshall, Earl Boykins. I can go on for days
Antwan Jamison on radio said he had no idea until his days w/ LAC that both teams legit hate each other
you looking like midget version of Antwan Jamison if he stayed out of the sun and lost his comb before the baldy
I wonder what happened to the Antwan Jamison jerseys of the world?
I got called Antwan Jamison when I get a super low cut and I had to drop kick this *** from the top rope
except it was Antwan Jamison who threw it πŸ˜‚
he asked for help they got him Larry Hughes an old Shaquille Antwan Jamison lol I'm not mad he left just at how he did
True. Very true. At least he didn't have to cover those Addonis Foyle, Antwan Jamison teams. Man, they've come miles.
The year before he came to Miami...he begged them to make a trade-deadline splash. They got him half-broke-down Antwan Jamison.
I love how people call me a bandwagon fan until I tell them that Antwan Jamison and J-Rich were my favorite players growing up as a kid lol
Dirk had Antwan Jamison and they went to the WCF lol
but when he did he was passing it to Antwan Jamison!! He had no guard help πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
antwan Jamison and Mitch Richmond and Baron Davis and Chris Mullin Idk the rest but I'm a Lebron fan
if that's the case Lebron would have won when they gave him Shaq, Moe Williams and Antwan Jamison before he left for Miami
he left Cleveland bc they got him Mo Williams and Antwan Jamison
From Antwan Jamison and Mookie Blaylock to We Believe Baron Davis J-rich to Monta and Biedrins, to the Splash Bro's today
1 season of Chris webber, drafting Vince Carter but trading him for Antwan Jamison, drafting joe smith, and Todd fuller...
Mo Williams, Antwan Jamison, Gibson lol and a ton of other no names, they had the best record but the playoffs are a diff animal
you better! J-Rich and Antwan Jamison were the two back then lol
I like the old warriors better with Baron Davis, Monta Ellis, Jason Richardson, Antwan Jamison
I remember when the Cavs had Boobie Gibson..Mo Williams..and Antwan Jamison
much appreciated. It nearly makes up for trading Vince Carter for Antwan Jamison. Nearly.
REAL warriors remember the Antwan Jamison, Gilbert Arenas and Latrell spreewell era lol.
exactly oml I been peeping warrior since Baron Davis and Antwan jamison
boy ion Even know you and I ain't know lebron fan but shidd Daniel Gibson no Williams Leon powe Anderson varejio Antwan Jamison
Still can't believe the Dubz won the seems like just yesterday Troy Murphy JRich & Antwan Jamison led GS to a solid 38 win season
Antwan Jamison. Matt Barnes, Baron Davis and of course Stephen Jackson boy.
You aren't a warriors fan if you don't know Baron Davis, Jason Richardson or Antwan Jamison is
Antwan Jamison ain't walkin through that door.
Lmao half of "warriors fans" don't even know og GS dudes like J Rich, Antwan Jamison, Monta Ellis, and Baron Davis played in Ur lifetime
Antwan Jamison pumped fake'd when nobody was around so Steph could prosper
Crowd shot of cav fans watch party & one guy is wearing an Antwan Jamison jersey. Keepin' it real or too cheap to get a current jersey?
Antwan Jamison is not having a great game. This problem needs to be resolved.
Bull had a Antwan Jamison shirt on πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ he still Alive
The cavs missing piece is clearly Antwan Jamison
nvm but I know its Antwan Jamison , Stephen Jackson , Monta & Baron Davis. I don't remember who the other dude was.
Antwan Jamison was garbage when he played for us!! His first game he shot 0-14 against the Bobcats πŸ˜’
lot of em weren't heard from when the Cavs had like 19 wins and Antwan Jamison was their best player lol
Antwan Jamison not suiting up tonight
yea I guess Mo or Antwan Jamison but Mo wasn't on that Finals team
Back 2 back 50 pt games by Antwan Jamison. Yep we still sucked
also: Mike Bibby, Vince Carter, Dirk, and Antwan Jamison but they all turned out alright
top picture from left to right Daniel Gibson, Antwan Jamison, Ramon Sessions, Anthony Parker, and JJ Hickson.
he was rewarded with antwan jamison and Mo Williams.
Yall understand the best player LBJ played with his 1st Cleveland run was antwan jamison?
2001 warriors will always be my favorite. J Rich, Larry Hughes, Gilbert Arenas & Antwan Jamison
he waited 7 years they didn't bring anyone but Larry Hughes and Antwan Jamison.
If we had Mo Williams, Raymon Sessions, and Antwan Jamison, we would've won in 4
Random thought: You know who be a great fit on this wizards team? An in his prime Antwan Jamison.
Is it a coincidence that Lebron has literally had no help in both stints in CLE, in 09 we had all star Mo Williams and Antwan Jamison
Ahhh this for Latrell sprewell, Baron Davis, captain jack, run TMC, Antwan Jamison, Jason Richardson and Monta Ellis
Lamar odom was better than Antwan Jamison?
nah those Dirk teams had talent... Steve Nash and Finley were all stars... Nick Van Exel, Antwan Jamison etc.
Caron Butler, Gilbert Arenas & Antwan Jamison not coming to the rescue
Caron Butler and Antwan Jamison not walking thru them doors either
how you name DeShawn Stevenson over Antwan Jamison or Caron Butler tho??
I miss when Gilbert Arenas, nick young john wall, Caron Butler and Antwan Jamison was wit the wizards wit Brendan Haywood
Storied franchise and we got Antwan Jamison speaking during halftime. Where is Van Excel. *** give me Chucky Atkins at the least.
Aaron Parker, Daniel Gibson, j j hickson, Ramon sessions and Antwan Jamison so y'all can if you say I'm not a real fan 😘
Guys, I watched Luke Harangody, old Antwan Jamison, Samardo Samuels, and Manny Harris the year after LeBron left… I'm just in shock.
I remember back when we had Brady Quinn as quarterback and our best player was Antwan Jamison
could of just requested for a better coach *** had Antwan Jamison while he was still in his prime and shaq
Vince! Really? Is Antwan Jamison in the playoffs, too?
Antwan Jamison with the wizards but toine was a solid comparison
Antwan Jamison always been cool tho
B.o.B is the Antwan Jamison of hip hop
That's the loudest I've seen the verizon center since the Gilbert Arenas/Antwan Jamison days.
I just don't want to be stuck with another antwan jamison lol
Sitting here watching hawks pacers game thinking one thing where is antwan jamison Clips traded him to the hawks
lol chill.. its cuz Antwan Jamison would be givin up all points lol
Went to mad wizards game as a kid...remember Antwan Jamison hit game winner
you forgot Antwan Jamison the trade that made them a true contender..
The og wizards are Caron Butler, Gilbert Arenas, and Antwan Jamison
Where were y'all wizards fans when they had Gilbert Areans, Caron Butler,Antwan Jamison, DeShawn Stevenson,Andray Blatche, Brendan Haywood ?
Caron Butler Gilbert Arenas antwan jamison y'all don't know
Them Gilbert Arenas,Caron Butler,antwan jamison wizards would kill this wizards team
β€œβ€œY'all not Caron Butler , Antwan Jamison & Gilbert πŸ˜ŽπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚β€ look out he has a gun
β€œY'all not wizards fans if y'all don't know the squadπŸ˜‚ Caron Butler , Antwan Jamison & Gilbert πŸ˜ŽπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
Wizards shoulda gave it to Antwan Jamison or Larry Hughes πŸ‘€πŸ‘€πŸ‘€ ooppp πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
i haven't seen the Wizards this good since Antwan Jamison and em
I just feel like somehow Antwan Jamison should be on this hawks team
Antwan Jamison has the 39th most career NBA points in history...let that sink in for a minute.
Antwan Jamison underrated lol *** like top 20 on the all time scoring list
Shaq, Delonte West, Antwan Jamison, Boobie, Delonte West, Parker, Varejao, and LeBron. all played their roles great.
That Gilbert Arenas, Antwan Jamison and Caron Butler wizard squad was raw
last time I saw the wizards on TNT and in the playoffs was when Antwan Jamison was on their squad lol
Wizards in the playoffs is a throwback to the Gilbert Arenas and Antwan Jamison days
I'm gonna have to pull out my Antwan Jamison jersey for tonight lol
The wizards back when Antwan Jamison Caron Butler and Gilbert Arenas was all on the squad >>>
I miss the old big three Caron Butler, Gilbert Arenas, and Antwan Jamison
The real Wizard fans remember this Era! Caron Butler, Gilbert Arenas, and Antwan Jamison!
Pretty sure Vince Carter got drafted by GSW and rights were traded for rights to Antwan Jamison.
I've been a Clippers fan since '85... i've been rooting for them since they played in Anaheim with Danny Manning and in thru the 90s with Elton "Double-Double" Brand, Corey Maggette, DMiles, QRich, Lamar Odom (before the Kardashian's), Drafting Kandiman over Vince Carter and Antwan Jamison, Alvin Gentry, Marko Jaric - The 1st Ricky Rubio lol, Larry Brown coaching, Keyon Dooling running point, Baron & Ricky Davis, before Blake Griffin was jumping over Kia's, CP3 and Doc Rivers. All I'm saying is, I love my team. It's Championship or bust, I don't care nothing bout the Heat, Thunder, Pacers or Spurs. No bandwagon allowed!
Remember the wizards teams with Caron Butler, Antwan Jamison, and Gilbert Arenas? Those were the days. But this team can be just as good
Gotta give it up to Coach/GM of clips Doc Rivers at the trade deadline he gives away Antwan Jamison and Byron Mullens for picks n cash and ur like *** did he just do ... Then boom week later he's picking up Big Baby and Danny Granger . Instead of trading for Shumpert and Raymond Felony lololol
There have always been *** athletes. ..whether they acknowledge it or not.Carl Lewis.The Falcons last fullback.maybe even Chris Bosh.If they are good it is relevant. ...If they are washed up scrubs.and they want to be treated equally. ...then it deserves coverage equal to there abilities. .do we talk about Antwan Jamison? Marcus Camby? Aaron Brooks?.nope.So give Jason Collins his 5 minutes and let him score his 1 point. ...get his 1 rebound.and block out and set screens in peace.
A little late but.. Here's some trades at the Deadline: Miami traded Rodger Mason Jr. to the Kings for a 2015 draft pick.. The Hawks got Antwan Jamison from the Clippers for the rights to Cenk Akyol~ Celts9
The will release Antwan Jamison, whom they acquired from the for the rights to Cenk Akyol (2005 2nd Rd Pick in Turkey).
Via the trade Antwan Jamison to for the rights to Cenk Akyol of
**Trade Alert** The Los Angeles Clippers deal Antwan Jamison to the Atlanta Hawks.& recieve the rights to Foward Cenk Akyol (Turkey) saving $2 mill in luxury tax. The Hawks are looking to buy Jamison out.
I cannot believe all these trades smdh...Cavs got Spencer Hawes, Nets go Marcus Thornton, Lakers got a good shooter in Marshon Brooks, Bobcats got more shooters, Aaron Brooks is now a denver nugget, Antwan Jamison is now with the Hawks, n most of all the Pacers have Evan Turner ***
i guess there aren't any really big name NBA players that got traded. only danny granger.Steve Blake I guess because it's a LA team...Clippers got rid of Byron Mullens and Antwan Jamison
Middle school I looked like Dave chappell last year I looked like Antwan Jamison but now I look like trey songz.
*** shut up you look like Antwan Jamison
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β€œAnthony Bennett is the next Antwan Jamison” I hope so
Lil B said Harper look like antwan jamison lmao
"U out here lookin like Antwan Jamison"
Why isn't Antwan Jamison getting minutes he brings more to the team then most of the starters
DUH. When we had Nash Finley dirk Antwan Jamison josh Howard devin Harris is back. Since Day 1 😏
prince Antwan Jamison Crawford gasol just got traded to the Minnesota trailblazers
Antwan Jamison a bench warmer for clippers now? Hmmm interesting... Lol
Antwan Jamison has still yet to touch the staple center floor this year lol
Antwan Jamison ain't gettin no burn
Antwan Jamison get no playing time should sigh with the lakers lol
Antwan Jamison started 0-12 in Cleveland. Didn't have a field goal in his 1st game. Next thing ya know he's scoring 25 a game
Antwan Jamison be on every team bench tryna get a ring
Lmao Antwan Jamison is on the bench praying he gets to play tonight
How does Antwan Jamison still have a job???
Why didn't he get along with Kobe? Tell him it's no secret so he can't dodge the question. Antwan Jamison already confirmed it
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they wouldn't build around my boy !!! Who tf is antwan Jamison , Mo Williams ?
exactly! So that's why I want to be clips fan and Antwan Jamison
And Antwan Jamison is exactly right Dwight and Kobe didn't get along
This bench is better than last years bench just missing my *** Antwan Jamison (lol
Tough watching Antwan Jamison I mean Donyell Marshall...I mean Anthony Bennett stand at the 3 pt line
Anthony Bennett reminds me off a younger Antwan Jamison
Anthony Bennett be out there doing his best Antwan Jamison impersonation
Antwan Jamison sitting on tha bench thinkin bout what kinda pizza he gone order after tha game.
Did I just see an Antwan Jamison sighting?
Dang I forgot they had Antwan Jamison. Lol no burn
I didn't even realize Antwan Jamison is on the clippers now lol
Antwan Jamison ain't getting no play
Antwan Jamison still ain't seen the floor
Never gonna question doc but why play Mullens over Antwan Jamison as a backup to BG. Hurt?
Antwan Jamison plays for the clippers *** when did that happen??
Antwan Jamison buried on the clippers bench
Antwan Jamison is just embarrassing himself... Just coasting team to team, going from bench to bench. Just stop it ***
That *** Antwan Jamison ain't touched the court yet he in the bench lookin sick
The clippers have Antwan Jamison...i wasnt een hipp
Greg Monroe Antwan Jamison and JJ hickson is all more skilled then them to
Got into it with a Duke Fan & how good that there basketball team was,I was like really? Are you serious? So I told him just imagine if every player that played for UNC would have stayed all 4 years? Imagine that Rasheed Wallace , Vince Carter, Antwan Jamison,Jerry Stackhouse,George Lynch,Tyler Hansborough etc. Would have stayed 4 years. Then I said the two words that no Duke fan can stomach; MICHAEL JORDAN! Conversation Over!
Antwan Jamison now plays for the Clippers? Well, we know how that season will end.
So is a hall of fame worthy player because he scored a lot of points? So did Antwan Jamison and Robert Parish, but yall got it
Jodie Meeks out there looking like Baby Antwan Jamison lol
Antwan Jamison just walked into best buy lookin lost. Whoops
The Heat are the Cavs South this season. Dwade = Mo Williams, Chris Bosh = Antwan Jamison lol
Goodluck tonight to Antwan Jamison and the LA Clippers, as the NBA season opens up in LA. with the Clippers vs. the Lakers. We wish you the best this year buddy.
So I just talk to Chris Paul, Antwan Jamison, Matt Barnes and Random as *** Justin Bieber lol Antawn Jamison was the only cool one tho, everybody else was too cocky smh
Elton Brand from Jason Lloyd, but Elton Brand is 6'9 and is a BACK TO BASKET player, AB is playing like Antwan Jamison.
Antwan Jamison .. They got jj reddick Darren collinson Jared Dudley and a Reggie bullocks from North Carolina
Antwan Jamison will sign with the spurs 1 year deal source confirmed
also Dexter Strickland Wayne Ellington, Antwan Jamison. Ok love most of them since 1984!!
AND Antwan Jamison is stil available he would be great off the bench
According to Antwan Jamison will be meeting w/ Doc Rivers tomorrow. Could be a soon
Report: Doc Rivers & Antwan Jamison will dine in LA together Saturday
Sources: Antwan Jamison is meeting with Clippers' coach Doc Rivers Saturday night.
Lmaooo Antwan Jamison bout to sign wit the Clippers.. They gon b so *** tough
Im curious if we leave that final spot vacant or do we pursue depth at SF. Antwan Jamison would be a fairly good addition.
say Antwan Jamison is being treated to an all-you-can-eat dinner at Golden Corral courtesy of Clippers coach Doc Rivers
I like Antwan Jamison he should come back
We got one available spot on the roster. We could sign either Seth Curry, Mo Williams, or Antwan Jamison
LMFAO you can't compare Noah to Oden lmfao plus we got Antwan Jamison
*** a 3 is a forward. Antwan Jamison can't dribble
da last game was a fluke if Antwan Jamison never hit that 3 it would have been MY GAME
Antwan Jamison to the bulls lets go
Al Harrington or Antwan Jamison? Who would you rather have at this stage of their careers?
Antwan Jamison, all 37 years old of him, is in talks or meeting with the bulls brass lol
No reason for mike James ,Antwan Jamison and Al Harrigton to be on any roster
Report: The Bulls are interested in the 37-year-old veteran free agent Antwan Jamison.
Just name one name one I think I'm Antwan Jamison I'm ballin ballin !!!
Hmmm the bulls may sign Antwan Jamison. I like that move...
The Bulls, Clippers, Grizzlies, and Bobcats are all reported to be interested in Power Forward Antwan Jamison.
Its interesting how Antwan Jamison has a lot to say bad about the Lakers now that hes not there anymore.
There once was a time that Antwan Jamison was my favorite player. Must've been a UNC thing. But now I don't really want him on the Bulls.
Antwan Jamison is a scrub, and old one at that. Lakers fans agree. Leuer is young & possible role player at least.
Looks like Seth Curry could be in a Bobcats uniform next season, as well as Antwan Jamison. I'm telling you, 8 seed is possible.
I'm jealous my dad just met Antwan Jamison
have you heard anything regarding Antwan Jamison? Think he would be a good fit?
Bulls might be looking at Antwan Jamison? *** yes! *checks year* Oh it isn't 2003. *** Another ECF and out! Go Swirsk!
Bulls, Clippers, Grizzlies, and Bobcats are all rumored to be interested in Antwan Jamison.
any word on Mo? also saw we entered Antwan Jamison sweeps would be a nice catch.
Memphis Making Plays if they get Antwan Jamison & Mo Williams πŸ€ Coming Deep
should make moves for Antwan Jamison!
Bulls, Clippers, Bobcats and Grizzles are all interested in forward Antwan Jamison
ill take Marcus landry over jamison all day screw antwan jamison dude shudnt even b in nba anymore he cant contribute dude is truly washed
Ex-Laker Antwan Jamison spoke with about his cautious approach to free agency
Hey if it's true that the Grizzlies have interested in Antwan Jamison, you see him being a good fit for this team?
NEW: reportedly among teams interested in scoring forward.
Antwan jamison only good on 2k what a shame
Lol he out here lookin like antwan jamison
Antwan Jamison, Cole Aldrich, and McGrady/Mo.Will or De.West all vet min. contracts!!! I'll roll with that...
Walk in the gym at work and see Steph Curry and Antwan Jamison working out
Antwan Jamison has received inquiries from Dallas, Charlotte, ATL, Washington, Brooklyn, Spurs, Memphis & Utah. Utah's interest could grow stronger if they lose Millsap in free agency.
Here are some of the latest rumors going around: -Los Angeles Lakers are interested in signing SG Nick Young and SG Wayne Ellington. -The Chicago Bulls are interested in PG/SG Mo Williams. -Portland Trailblazers are interested in SG Tony Allen, SF Matt Barnes, and SG/SF Francisco Garcia. -The Houston Rockets will meet with SF Corey Brewer -The Washington Wizards have contacted PF Antwan Jamison. -The Oklahoma City Thunder is pursuing SF Dorell Wright. ---NBA DRAFT THUG
The NBA draft is almost here and I can't wait to see how the Bobcats will screw up their pick. Here are the three most likely scenarios that I see: 1) they will bypass all logic and pick someone with the 4th pick from the Congo/non-basketball country who is destined to average 2.7ppg. 2) they will trade the 4th pick for some washed up UNC player (Antwan Jamison) in order to boost attendance. 3) they will trade the 4th pick straight up for a second round pick because in their minds, that makes sense.
Michael olowakandi went before mike bibby, Paul pierce, rashad Lewis, Vince Carter, Antwan Jamison , and dirk nowitski lol
let me guess *** like Gary Neal and Antwan Jamison are raw to you?
oh, and cavs had illgaulkas, Boobie Gibson, Antwan Jamison, Mo Williams at his prime.. that's not good?
lebron asked for help. Dan Gilbert gave him Antwan Jamison. He could of had Amere in his prime.
You don't go out and surround one of the best players in NBA history with players like Larry Hughes and Antwan Jamison. My god Dan Gilbert
I've been a fan since we had Larry Hughes, Antwan Jamison, Troy Murphy, Mike Dunleavy, etc
Caron Butler and Antwan Jamison will forever slum to me 😞
A team with a core of Dwight Howard , Pau Gasol , and Steve Nash with MWP, Antwan Jamison, Steve Blake, Jodie Meeks, and Earl Clark is good
Tim Hardaway Jr. looks like a young Antwan Jamison
Earl Clark n Antwan Jamison combine for 51 minutes and only got 7 points
God bless Antwan Jamison and Steve Blake! I almost cried this morning when i saw the box score!
As a sports fan, the worse retirement to see will be Vince Carter and Antwan Jamison if neither have a ring by that time... To much dedication to never even be to a NBA finals.
Breaking news: KD and Damian Lillard to the lakers for Steve Blake and Antwan Jamison...
Antwan Jamison mite want to think about hangin em up or quit wit them Vlade Divac shots
aww man what a heartbreaking loss by the lakers... I don't get why Mike Danton'i took Antwan Jamison out and wasn't in to finish the game clearly MWP was struggling and Jamison was shooting the ball better.
Most boring 1 on 1 game of all time would be older Antwan Jamison vs older Elton Brand
IMO: This may sound crazy but I think the LA Lakers need to fire D'Antoni. His scheme doesnt fit the players he got. Realistically the LAL should be winning a lot of games with the players they got. Kobe Bryant, Dwight Howard, Pau Gasol, Steve Nash, Metta World Peace, Antwan Jamison ...
Caron Butler Antwan Jamison ... *** do u think I'm talking about ? And especially the old head coach Eddie Jordan
The Los Angeles Lakers got of the snide by beating the Cleveland Cavaliers 113-93 but gave up 22 turnovers, 18 of them were by the starters. On a more positive note we did get Dwight Howard back for the Laker Nation!! Hey starters protect the ball better, and good games by Earl Clark and Antwan Jamison, Let's keep it rollin-Na Mean!!
I think I remember Lebron carrying Antwan Jamison and some scrubs to the finals, but looks like Kobe along with hall of gamer PG won't even make the playoffs with Antwan Jamison hehe, Oh yea it was with the same coach y'all fired. Hm Starting to look like Kobe has to have superstars to win it all also.
would see a lineup consisting of Darius Morris, Chris Duhon, Antwan Jamison, Earl Clark, and Robert Sacre
Lakers can win if? They fire Mike D'Antoni who doesnt coach at all. Trade Dwight Howard who has no heart for the game. And cut Antwan Jamison and Jody Meeks who are terrible all around. STOP WASTING MILLIONS ON PPL WHO ONLY CARE ABOUT MONEY LA!
Antwan Jamison is absolutely garbage. I didn't think Chapel Hill turned out such bums.
Antwan Jamison and Jodie Meeks balled out yesterday
how can he when *** like Antwan Jamison shooting 6-57 behind the ark and Jodie Meeks shooting 23% from 3
is there anyway Antwan Jamison could be the Lamar odom of this team?
If the Knicks could get Antwan Jamison that would be nice instead of Kurt Thomas smh
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