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Antrel Rolle

Antrel Rocelious Rolle (born December 16, 1982) is an American football safety for the New York Giants of the National Football League (NFL).

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Excluding quarterbacks, name them. Can't say that about Lance Brigg…
Have a friend who is really close to antrel rolle and says he did the same while he was playing
Would you want EA to release a Career Tribute Antrel Rolle?
Duckett, AW, Antrel Rolle, Rodgers-Cromartie. Yeah it's biz, but we were on the losing side of the deal.
Jonathan Vilma, Antrel Rolle, Devin Hester too i believe. Regardless both rosters are stupid.
they signed old guys like Antrel Rolle and Jared Allen. They had opportunities for young guys and missed out miserably
Antrel Rolle and Ryan Mundy had good things to say about the Quintin Demps said. They spoke yesterday.
Demps said he talked to Antrel Rolle and Ryan Mundy. He's already cool with Sherrick McManis.
Demps on reaction of Osweiler trade: It is what it is. Talked to Antrel Rolle…
I've seen this looks like Antrel Rolle! NO!
Demps reminds me too much of Antrel Rolle. We'll see though.
Hope he's not the next Antrel Rolle.
the team was ready to win now, but they are not. We saw the 32 year-old safety when they signed Antrel Rolle a couple years back. Now they..
Just what the need. Another old safety. Quintin Demps is Antrel Rolle 2.0. Draft Jamal Adams from LSU if you want a safety!
Hopefully Quintin Demps is good. He better not be another Antrel Rolle.
Re: Quintin Demps. Don't play the sorry narrative of "Demps is 32...Just like Antrel Rolle. Derp." QD is much better at this point
I know Demps has had a couple of nice years, but this could end up being a signing like the one with Antrel Rolle.…
then we go sign Demps. a 32 year old safety. Antrel Rolle pt 2. I don't get it lol.
Is Antrel Rolle trying to sabotage the attempt at signing Demps?
Antrel Rolle worked out so well at the same age.
Quintin Demps is much better than Antrel Rolle. Make non mistake about that. The age (32 by week 1) is the confusing part.
Praying Quintin Demps works out much better than Antrel Rolle, and almost every other safety we've had in a long time.
Yes, Demps is better than what Bears have. Feels like an antrel rolle type signing and does nothing for me really.
How is he Antrel Rolle? Compare the seasons they had prior to coming to the Bears - Demps had 6 INT's LY playing for top D
Right in line with $11.25M, 3-yr deal signed Antrel Rolle to at this time two years ago.
Antrel Rolle was also 32 when the Bears signed him, but he had played in 148 career games with 139 starts. Demps getting slightly more $ too
Not quite the same as the Antrel Rolle comparisons many are giving. However, does seem curious with other younger/b…
Does the Antrel Rolle signing ring a bell?
Why? Antrel Rolle again waiting to happen.
Did we not learn from the Antrel Rolle deal???
sounds like Antrel Rolle all over again.
eh after Antrel Rolle talks to him he'll just turn around
Lmao, Antrel Rolle trying to warn Demps about that Soldier Field pasture and Halas Hall facilities before he visits…
We'll pay Allen Ball, Antrel Rolle, Eddie Royal for little production but can't think of overpaying for an O lineman UGH
Tankersley's best comp, frame wise, is Antrel Rolle. If Tankersley can run sub-4.55 tomorrow, Rolle…
"We had Antrel Rolle, Sean Taylor, Vince Wilfork, Kellen Winslow, and Willis McGahee. And they all sat the bench." . The U.
Antrel Rolle, Louis Delmas to be back up plans if Jones' holdout continues into the season
Antrel Rolle / Antrel Rolle and Louis Delmas are on quot;a listquot; of safeties
Antrel Rolle and Louis Delmas are options for the if Reshad Jones holds out:.
Antrel Rolle and Louis Delmas are on "a list" of safeties the will consider if Reshad Jones' holdout...
Ben McAdoo address the speculation about a possible return to the Giants by Antrel Rolle via
Ben McAdoo: "We do have some young guys we’d like to get a ton of reps." Yeah, Antrel Rolle highly unlikely
Ben McAdoo on when asked about bringing Antrel Rolle back, said "Never say never." ... But ...
Part of Ben McAdoo's answer when asked about Antrel Rolle is about the young safeties: "We need to get them reps."
Bears release veterans Matt Slauson and Antrel Rolle via
ICYMI, our updated story on why the Bears released LG Matt Slauson & S Antrel Rolle:
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Bears announce the release of S Antrel Rolle and G Matt Slauson.
Bears draft Miami safety Deon Bush, workout partner of Antrel Rolle: In one of those i...
Armelia Rolle, mother of Chicago Bears player Antrel Rolle, has seen every game her son has played since he was six. And he’s 33.
We all know that the Patriots are in talks to obtain Antrel Rolle in exchange for Gronk and Marcellus Bennett.
Who's bored with Mut and wants to buy me campus hero antrel rolle for my bears squad?! 😇
I liked a video The "Off Season" // feat. Phillip Dorsett, Antrel Rolle, & more
Former East star set to make NFL return: New York Giants free safety Antrel Rolle (26) celebra...
Why Antrel Rolle relies on his mom to handle his millions
Interesting Olivier Vernon spoke with JPP and Antrel Rolle, who raved about Giants. Those were the Tom Coughlin Giants. This is new era.
LAKE FOREST, Ill. - Chicago Bears safety Antrel Rolle will miss the remainder of the season because of a sprained
safety Antrel Rolle is finally back practicing on a limited basis. OLB Pernell McPhee and WR Marquess Wilson remain out.
Pernell McPhee and Marquess Wilson did not practice Thursday. Eddie Royal, Zach Miller, Tracy Porter and Antrel Rolle were limited.
WR Eddie Royal (limited) back at practice today for the WR Marquess Wilson, S Antrel Rolle & OLB Pernell McPhee did not participate.
Marquess Wilson, Pernell McPhee & Antrel Rolle did not practice on Wed.
Marquess Wilson (foot), Pernell McPhee (knee), Antrel Rolle (knee) did not participate in practice. Eddie Royal (knee) was limited.
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OLB Pernell McPhee was held out of practice with a knee injury today. S Antrel Rolle also missed.
Bears WR Eddie Royal (knee) and safety Antrel Rolle (knee) did not practice at all this week but they are being listed as questionable.
Bears HC John Fox: Eddie Royal (left knee) and Antrel Rolle (right knee) were the only two players who did not practice Wednesday.
Only three Bears not present at the open portion of today's practice: Eddie Royal, Antrel Rolle, Ka'Deem Carey.
on mut get Sherman, keep. Antrel Rolle and upgrade the FS
I wonder if Antrel Rolle would come back for cheap? Cheaper than Weddle I bet
Can some do a gameplay with antrel rolle please
Is Antrel Rolle gonna talk about how he blew this week's Bears game on this week's "Antrel Rolle Show"?
The Antrel Rolle Show should be entertaining tomorrow. Will he talk about his massive goof up??
So far the Eddie Royal and Antrel Rolle signings have been a failure.
Antrel Rolle was LOST on that play.
S Antrel Rolle has a solid 4 tackle afternoon in his first game back from injury vs
'I got to do my job. That was on me.' Sherrick McManis, Antrel Rolle burned late as find a way to lose:
If Antrel Rolle tackled as many players as he hugged.
Why late blunders by Sherrick McManis, Jeremy Langford, Antrel Rolle left the Bears dazed and confused Sun.:
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Shane Larkin, Antrel Rolle, and A-Rod must be dying laughing seeing this ending
I watched the end of the Vikings game with Antrel Rolle pretty much gifting them a win by standing still on a bad pass.
Bears falter late in loss to Vikings: CHICAGO | It was right there for Antrel Rolle, and it turned into a big ...
Quite the photo by our on the Charles Johnson catch that Antrel Rolle thought would be his INT
Antrel Rolle: "There was nothing I could have done differently. I was baiting the QB. Got exactly what I wanted. It was just a great catch."
Antrel Rolle must be blind cause he was right in front of him
Antrel Rolle cost his team the game. Cutler played great again and raised his QBR on the season to 90.8
Antrel Rolle thought he had a pick on the jump ball to Charles Johnson. "I thought it was a for-sure layup ... He made a *** of a catch."
Antrel Rolle said he never saw Charles Johnson on the jump ball. Thought the INT was “a for-sure layup.”
Thank yous may be sent to Antrel Rolle.
safety Antrel Rolle: "We got to stand up to the challenges. That's what it boils down to."
Bears fans blame Jeremy Langford and Antrel Rolle for last second loss
Fox believes S Antrel Rolle didn't see WR Johnson on the late-game jump ball that put the Vikings in FG range.
That's not a high percentage defensive play! . Antrel Rolle is better than this man... He the reason…
My hatred for Kyle Fuller, Antrel Rolle, and Jeremy Langford is at an all time high. I wonder why I even watch football anymore.
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First the Temple guy and now Antrel Rolle, safeties deciding games by flat out refusing to make a play on the ball.
I see why the Giants opted not to sign Antrel Rolle dude *** couldn't cover his face if he was asked too.
I bet Antrel Rolle was to busy congratulating the Vikings to intercept that last catch.
I'm sure Cutler will get the blame somehow. Antrel Rolle *** badly and they just gave that clown a big contract.
Sherrick McManus, Tyler Langford and Antrel Rolle just really care about the Bears draft position.
Antrel Rolle *** and Langford had an opportunity and dropped the ball
That's one way to lose a game. Great game to watch..Antrel Rolle. Step up and make a play.
Antrel Rolle was more worried about getting the interception for some reason.
What did Jay do wrong? Langford drops wide open 3rd down catch. Antrel Rolle blows coverage. Why's the blame on Jay?
And Antrel Rolle is the Vikings player of the game
wait since when is antrel rolle on the Bears
please ask antrel rolle if he's gonna post on Instagram about how much he loves football. Cause he sure didn't look it
Well Jeremy Langford and Antrel Rolle blew that game..
Antrel Rolle, Kyle Fuller and the re-built secondary has a long way to go and a lot to prove:
The awkward moment when Jerry Reese let Antrel Rolle walk for under $4mil/yr and your team now has no healthy safeties.
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Antrel Rolle, Stevie Brown, Quintin Demps, Ryan Mundy, Will Hill all healthy for their respective teams, for whatever it may be worth.
Antrel Rolle, Kyle Fuller, Tim Jennings, Ryan Mundy/Brock Vereen, and Alan Ball make up that secondary. Decide for yourself.
Q&A with Is Adrian Amos more of a threat to Ryan Mundy or Antrel Rolle?
Just found out Antrel Rolle moved to the Bears... FML
When can't find Antrel Rolle on the auction house.could it be...
24 HR Antrel Rolle is out of packs. 50% off contracts and Double Milestone Seasons are over.
Not gonna lie. Safety Antrel Rolle rooting for stings a little. But I couldn't care less if he helps the beloved Bears win.
Antrel Rolle void puts Giants in draft day dilemma | New York Post -
Landon Collins is leading formations in camp and got beat by a walk-on tight end. He really IS Antrel Rolle's replacement.
easports can you protect my accout. I have antrel rolle & people are going crazy.
NFL Movers: Antrel Rolle: News NFL Movers: Antrel Rolle. ... A new group of NFL Movers was released this ...
Apparently you just don't know anything about how well antrel rolle played 4 your goofy team...
Landon Collins ain't really great with deep coverage...Antrel Rolle wasn't great in any coverage
we want to see the back of the card. Not just the front. Antrel Rolle. 24 Hr
Gotta wonder if Landon Collins will wear Previously worn by Antrel Rolle.
BTW, if anyone is interested, JT Thomas has taken up residence in Antrel Rolle's old locker.
No wonder former NY Giant Antrel Rolle signed with the Chicago Bears after a sign from above like this
Jerry Reese- "I see a lot of Antrel Rolle in Landon Collins."
I added a video to a playlist Antrel Rolle Highlights - Welcome to Chicago ᴴᴰ
To I've seen that. And I've seen Sean Taylor and Antrel Rolle do it too. Back then the Canes safeties were unique.
Find out why GM Jerry Reese loves Ereck Flowers & why he compared Landon Collins to Antrel Rolle. AUDIO:
Jerry Reese: See a lot of Antrel Rolle & that versatility in Landon Collins. He was like that at Bama. Great skill set. Ca…
New York Giants' Prince Amukamara not Completely Sold on Team's Situation at Safety: The loss of Antrel Rolle ...
Antrel Rolle still having an impact on Giants...Giants drafted a lot of players with a lot of "dawg" in them. I like it.
They recently signed Antrel Rolle, who I read missed more tackles last year than Major Wright or hapless Chris Conte. Great
VIDEO: What can Antrel Rolle bring to & explain:
ICYMI, my takes on the Bears signing Eddie Royal and Antrel Rolle
Hub Arkush: Safety Antrel Rolle is an instant upgrade for Chicago Bears
Antrel Rolle is wrapping up a visit with Bears. Ron Parker is coming to Chicago tonight. Bears want to sign BOTH tier 1 safe…
Nothing official but Bears have hosted & are finalists for Ron Parker, Eddie Royal, Antrel Rolle & Mason Foster... Would b…
Antrel Rolle agrees to three year, $11.25M contract with Bears, per agent Drew Rosenhaus. $5M guaranteed.
Frank Gore to the Colts. Andre Johnson, Vince Wilfork, Antrel Rolle all free agents. It's all about the U, Part 3?
RUMOR: Chicago Bears are front runners to sign S Antrel Rolle.
Ed Reed could have been had for cheap. Wilfork likely would come cheap. Andre Johnson is waiting for a call. Antrel Rolle is too
Lmao Dolphins really want Antrel Rolle? It's gotta be the Miami connection and that's it. No way Yall have seen him play.
Antrel Rolle is 32, but he's also an elite athlete and durability. Probably 2nd best athlete I ever covered, behind Sean Tay…
Reese said they're still evaluating where they are with Antrel Rolle and all the personnel. Called Antrel a terrific player for them.
Antrel Rolle :'I'd ride or die with Coach Perry Fewell all day' -
Demps, Stevie Brown, Antrel Rolle, Walter Thurmond and JPP are all free agents from the Giants defense.
"The 2001 team at the University of Miami, hands down, greatest team ever." -Antrel Rolle . on ESPN
Antrel Rolle said on the big Andre Roberts reception, he was supposed to have CB help behind him.
Antrel Rolle says he was playing within his assignment on the long pass to Andre Roberts. Insists he was supposed to have CB backing him up.
Tomorrow on the show we talk to Muhammed Wilkerson, Antrel Rolle, Terry Bradshaw and Kyle Okposo
Eli Manning, Antrel Rolle, Odell Beckham Jr and more New York Giants share their comments on today's loss to the 49ers.
Well the Texans lost to Eli Manning, Victor Cruz, Antrel Rolle, Jason Pierre-Paul (JPP), Rashad Jennings, Stevie Brown and the New York Giants 30-17. The Texans are now 2-1 on the season. The reason why the Texans lost was it was too much Rashad Jennings. Jennings had 176 rushing yards and a TD. JJ Watt (JJ Swatt, MegaWatt) sacked Eli early in the 1st quarter. Ryan Fitzpatrick threw a TD and 3 interceptions. Arian Foster didn't play today because of a hamstring injury. The Texans will bounce back against EJ Manuel, CJ Spiller, rookie Sammy Watkins, former Texan Mario Williams, Kyle Williams and the Buffalo Bills next Sunday at NRG Stadium.
Following practice on Wednesday evening, New York Giants safety Antrel Rolle went and got a megaphone to ensure all Giants fans could hear the following message: "We know last year wasn't the best season for us, but one thing I can promise you is that we're never going to have a season like that again."
Antrel Rolle believes the biggest offseason addition for the Giants was resigning Jon Beason.
Took a pic and got the autographs of Geno Smith and Antrel Rolle. as players. All in all A pretty good day for me.
Ha dope event! Photo Op with Geno Smith and Antrel Rolle plus they Hooked me up with some autographed…
Antrel Rolle critical of Hill and Hosley, backs Giants
Antrel Rolle, Tom Coughlin have strong words on Will Hill, Jayron Hosley
Antrel Rolle upset NY Giants' Jayron Hosley and Will Hill could not stay out ... - New York Daily News
CB Jayron Hosley apologizes publicly: New York Giants safety and team captain Antrel Rolle...
Antrel Rolle, Tom Coughlin with strong words on Will Hill, Jayron Hosley - Newsday via
FS Antrel Rolle claims he has four "great" seasons left in him.
Antrel Rolle told DRC of Tom Coughlin: "He's one of the best guys -- people -- you'll ever be around in your lifetime. Just…
New York Giants safety Antrel Rolle hit the airwaves on Monday to discuss the addition of CB Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie, the re-signing of LB Jon Beason and his admiration for head coach Tom Coughlin.
btw Antrel Rolle is listed as a strong safety. Lol
Bears got Eddie Lacey and Antrel Rolle. 1-year deal with Tillman
It'll be weird not to see Tuck in NYG uniform. On defense, Antrel Rolle & Jon Beason will lead. And NYG need JPP to ret…
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There is one thing that you can essentially lock up for 2014. If Justin Tuck leaves via Free Agency, Jon Beason will be getting a C on his jersey, joining Antrel Rolle running the Defense.
Antrel Rolle wants free-agent-to-be Jermichael Finley to join the New York Giants.
Dave Johnson You're absolutely RIGHT!! 1. Miami (Fla.) Hurricanes Total Pro Bowl Appearances: 58 The undisputed champion of producing NFL stars is no surprise. Miami has continually churned out Pro Bowl players over the last decade, from Ray Lewis to Jon Beason; at linebacker, running back and almost every position in between, no program has made a stamp on the NFL like The U. The Hurricanes have had three or more Pro Bowlers every season in the last 10 years. Ed Reed, Frank Gore, Antrel Rolle, Willis McGahee, Jeremy Shockey, Sean Taylor, Andre Johnson and Reggie Wayne are just some of the many 'Canes to be called recognized among the NFL's best.
I don't know who my favorite player is. Probably either Antrel Rolle or Victor Cruz. I also love Russell Wilson and Peyton.
Man I wish we drafted Aaron Rodgers instead of Antrel Rolle. No offense Antrel but you're not even on the team anymore.
no. Antrel rolle and Adrian Wilson aren't traders
NYRA Jockeys Luzzi and Studart to participate in MDA Gala & Benefit Auction OZONE PARK, N.Y. - Jockeys Mike Luzzi and Maylan Studart will represent The New York Racing Association, Inc. (NYRA) on this year's Muscle Team for the Muscular Dystrophy Association's 2014 Muscle Team Gala & Benefit Auction, with doors opening to the public at 6 p.m. on Tuesday, January 7 at Pier 60 at Chelsea Piers. The duo will join a collection of professional athletes from across the Metro-New York area on the 2014 Muscle Team. Antrel Rolle of the New York Giants and Quinton Coples of the New York Jets are among those that will be alongside Luzzi and Studart in putting their muscle behind finding a cure for neuromuscular diseases.
Mr. Grimes, we need help in our secondary here in Philly. You are already my favorite DB. I really want you and Antrel Rolle here
"This is home for me": Antrel Rolle talks contract status, future with |
Have to do my Eagles rant. I would like to start this off by saying the Eagles could make absolutely no changes to this team and win the division next year. The Redskins are going to have a new coach next year that will almost certainly be a bad fit because Dan Snyder is picking him. They also have a some glaring holes as they allowed the 2nd most points per game last year. AND, they don't even have what would be a 2nd overall pick because of their terrible year. That goes to the Rams because of the RG3 trade. The Giants will need to make some major changes to be relevant, Eli threw 6 more INTs than Dallas and Philly combined (27 to 21), as well as 25 more INTs and 9 less TDs than Foles. Dallas will be mediocre again and is just getting older. For the Eagles, they had a great year that I don't think many people expected that to happen. I called a 10-6 record, go ahead and ask people, it's true. For the first time in a couple years, we are going in the right direction, but the time is now, we have ...
Oh I don't even know where to start with the Giants... O-line, RB, the entire defense except for JPP and Antrel Rolle...
Honestly, biggest snub of Pro Bowl was antrel ROLLE. Had a *** of a season
Antrel Rolle is a second-team safety on the AP All-Pro team. No other Giants on either first or second team.
How is dexter mccluster a pot bowler and antrel rolle isn't boggling
Goldson and others show that a guy will go get paid on a team that's desperate for talent. Antrel Rolle, etc.
Lo and behold, the lone bright spot to the New York Giants ' 2013 NFL season happened on Friday afternoon when safety Antrel Rolle was selected to the All-Pro Second Team , and deservedly so.. [...]
I do appreciate Palomalu, but, how does Antrel Rolle not make the Pro Bowl?!
Antrel Rolle felt he got "screwed" out of the Pro Bowl this year, but he did earn a different honor. He was named a second team "All Pro." The Giants’ 31-year-old safety was one of six safeties named to the second team of the Associated Press All-Pro team, which is voted on by a panel of 50 members…
New York Giants Antrel Rolle named to AP All-Pro second team via
Check out all the Niners that were selected! - Roger The Pro Bowl is for the best players in the NFL. The annual All-Pro team is for the best of the best. The Associated Press announced their starters and second team for the All-Pro team Friday, as determined by 50 AP voters. These are the designations that are given extra weight when Hall of Fame voting comes up. It's the best historical indication of what players truly dominated their positions. We'll have analysis on the teams soon, but first let's take a look at the rosters. Quarterback: Peyton Manning, Denver. No second team quarterback. Running backs: LeSean McCoy, Philadelphia; Jamaal Charles, Kansas City Second team: Adrian Peterson, Minnesota; Eddie Lacy, Green Bay Fullback: Mike Tolbert, Carolina. Second team: Marcel Reese, Oakland. Tight End: Jimmy Graham, New Orleans. Second team: Vernon Davis, San Francisco. Wide receivers: Calvin Johnson, Detroit; Josh Gordon, Cleveland. Second team: A.J. Green, Cincinnati; Demaryius Thomas, Denver and Anton ...
Mo Wilkerson and Antrel Rolle are second team ALL-PRO for 2013
New York Giants safety Antrel Rolle tells The Morning Show what happened to the Giants this season and gives his thoughts on the playoffs.
The Pro Bowl is a joke. But the All-Pro honor is meaningful. Antrel Rolle, who has become one of the great NY sports characters was named to the second team and that is great to see.
The Pro Bowl is a popularity contest, the real honor is to be named and All-Pro . Good to see Antrel Rolle and Muhammad Wilkerson get their due as 2nd team NFL All-Pros. Well deserved
Congrats to Antrel Rolle for making the second All-Pro team!!! -Gmen07
Justin Tuck and Antrel Rolle have defiantly proved to be a staple for next years defense.. 6 interceptions (Rolle) and 11.5 sacks (Tuck) both lead the team in those categories. They NEED to be resigned!
13 Practices Of Successful Leaders In 2014 By Brian K. Dodd Do you want to be a successful leader in 2014? It is a rhetorical question isn’t it? Of course you do. A better question may be do you have a strategy or system for success? If not, I want to point you to the December 30th edition of Sports Illustrated. The incomparable Detroit Lions wide receiver Calvin Johnson was profiled along with additional mentions of some the greatest receivers of all-time. As I read the article, I gleaned the following 13 Practices Of Successful Leaders In 2014: Successful Leaders Decide Early To Pay The Price Needed For Success – As a freshman wideout at Georgia Tech, Johnson was outplayed by then-Miami Hurricane All-American Antrel Rolle. Johnson confessed, “It made me understand that I was going to have to work harder, get stronger, and improve my technique a lot if I wanted to play with the big boys.” Successful Leaders Are Recognized Publicly For What They Do Privately - Johnson does much of his trainin ...
Shouts out to all my day one *** .. Eli Manning, Antrel Rolle, Corey Webster, Tom Coughlin.. Chris Snee
Antrel Rolle got robbed big time, he should've recieved an invite to the NFL probowl. Oh well God willing with a Healthier Safety Stevie Brown, a focused Safety Will Hill, 'Trel will beast out next yr in the back field.
NY Giant update... Tom Coughlin has decide to stay on for another year. In a radical move, he has announced that Antrel Rolle and Prince Amukamara will be moved to Wide Receiver. Tom stated, "Eli has felt so comfortable throwing the ball to Defensive Backs the last few years and this can only help on both ends of the game".
Giants safety Antrel Rolle was a bright spot in a dismal Giants season, finishing the year with 98 tackles and six interceptions. That’s likely why Rolle balked at the notion that the team would want to talk to him about his contract before next season. “I don’t think there is anything to talk...
I found a rare Antrel Rolle in Madden NFL 25! Do you wish you found him?
On Monday, starting safety Antrel Rolle expressed his desire to get a contract extension with the New York Giants and would also like to retire with the team as well.
Antrel Rolle Open to a Contract Extension with New York Giants; Wants to Retire a Giant
Antrel Rolle has taken on quite the leadership roll with the New York Giants, and is far and away the teams vocal leader at this point. Rolle has one year left on his contract and is currently scheduled to cost the Giants $9.25 …… [ 123 more words. ]
And I only named the backups! What about Andre Johnson, Jeremy Shockey, Ed Reed, Jon Vilma. The young guys like Sean Taylor, Antrel Rolle...
Giants FS Antrel Rolle told reports on Monday that he’s open to discussing a contract extension this offseason. “If that’s what they want to do, I’ll do it,” Rolle said, via ESPN New York. “I would like to retire as a Giant. The ultimate goal is an extension and add more years to my deal …
Antrel Rolle said he'd be interested in signing contract extension w/the Giants. That would be a good way to help the Giants' cap situation.
Tom Coughlin guided the New York Giants to two Super Bowl Championships in five years, but after an 0-6 start, a 7-9 finish and placing third in the NFC East in 2013, his name has come up in the rumor mill of coaches that may be fired. Coughlin was in no mood to speculate about his future following the team's 20-6 victory over the Washington Redskins to close out the season Sunday. "Don't ask me that," Coughlin told reporters asking about whether or not he believes he'll be back in 2014, according to ESPN. "I'm not answering that type of question right now. There'll be an evaluation of everything, I'm sure, and we'll go from there." The Giants fell below .500 for just the second time under Coughlin, the first coming in his debut season in 2004 when the team went 6-10 and finished second in the division. The team missed the playoffs this season for the first time since 2010. ESPN reports that Coughlin is likely to meet with ownership and management about his future, his coaching staff's future and the Gian ...
Antrel Rolle says he would welcome talk of contract extension with Giants. "I would definitely like to retire as a Giant" - from Art Stapleton
if the Pro Bowl rosters where assembled in a way so that the truly best players in the league got to represent there teams, then the game would be better and we wouldn't have to use gimmicks like rice and sanders drafting!! the Pro Bowl IS and always will be a joke and embarrassment until they take the voting out of the hands of BANDWAGON fans that vote based on players popularity or reputation and NOT on what they actually contributed to the teams season!! if the coaches, players and team media accounted for the majority of the votes, then you would have a more interest in the game and you would be showcasing the true talent that the NFL has to offer!! you would also be opening peoples eyes to the next great group of players! IF YOU ARE LETTING FANS VOTES THEN YOU SHOULD ALSO LIMIT IT TO ONE VOTE PER IP ADDRESS. THE GAME IS A POPULARITY CONTEST AND IT HAS RUINED WHAT ME AND MY FRIENDS ENJOYED ABOUT THE GAME WHEN WE WHERE YOUNGER . we would look forward to the Pro Bowl to see guys from the teams that we d ...
"I just really want to thank the family, fans & friends for sticking this season out with us thru the good times and the bad times. Sorry the season didn't go as plan but just know that we never stopped fighting.I thank u once again. I love u all." - Antrel Rolle
End of the year notes on the Giants’ 2013 season. 1)      Kevin Gilbride needs to be fired. 2)      Kevin Gilbride Jr. most certainly needs to be fired. 3)      Tom Quinn needs to be fired. 4)      Percy Fewell has made a strong case to return. 5)      Eli is not elite. Can we win with him? Sure. Can he carry a team? No. 6)      Eli’s contract continues to haunt us. Imagine we had a game manager surrounded with high price talent? 7)      Time to cut Webster. Bye to Nicks, most other free agents. 8)      Tuck made a case to stay with the team… after we were out of contention. Giants will have to reach the right deal to justify keeping him on. 9)      Beason can lead this team as ILB for 3-4 years while an heir is drafted/trained. 10)   Antrel Rolle is one of the best players in football, and should be in the probowl. 11)   Peyton Hillis should return as a part of the Giants’ backfield. In fact, their running game should feature a 2-3 back rotation ne ...
Antrel Rolle says he doesn't want to play for any other head coach other than Tom Coughlin. Rolle explains "I want him back. I wouldn’t want to play for anyone else. He’s an outstanding coach, he’s even more of a phenomenal person. This is exactly what we need here in this locker room, I think it’s been proven. We just got out to a real slow start. It had nothing at all to do with coach Coughlin, we got off to a slow start and started picking it up as time went on.'' - from Paul Schwartz
I just added Antrel Rolle to the Madden NFL 25 Auction House! You know you need him.
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You know. The Giants started 0-6 and that doomed us. With this being said they finished off the season 7-3 and that shows hope for next season. Also why is Antrel Rolle NOT on the Pro Bowl roster?!??
If I am not mistaken the current active backup QB for the Giants is none other than Antrel Rolle
Antrel Rolle not selected to the Pro Bowl ??
Antrel Rolle: "Leave it all in the field today. Everything I've got! My last go round for the 2013 season & we as Giants must make this special. All in & All on deck. Who is ridin wit me?"
Antrel Rolle ... A real NY Giant ! Spider Lockhart would have been proud of you.
Steve Weatherford: "We all know Antrel Rolle is the best safety in the game today. He has been an incredible leader in a difficult season."
Giants safety Antrel Rolle must have really been counting on the free trip to Hawaii for the Pro Bowl. The NFL announced its Pro Bowl selections Friday night, and Rolle was voted a second alternate at strong safety.
Safety didn't make Pro Bowl Aaron Wilson New York Giants safety Antrel Rolle is angry about not being named to the Pro Bowl.
Who was ranked the best out of this group: Eric Berry, Antrel Rolle, Kam Chancellor, and Earl Thomas. Thanks.
So not a single New York Giant made the Pro Bowl...pretty much sums up the season. Antrel Rolle deserved to go tho
Antrel Rolle isn't happy about being snubbed from the Pro Bowl, saying: "Tell me which safety has better numbers and made more game changing plays than me this year? I'll wait! This Pro Bowl sh-- is a joke. That's why I play for myself, teammates, organization, family & fans. Nothing else matters. All this has done is add more fuel to my fire!" I've never been a fan of Antrel Rolle's outspoken nature, but at the same time he has a point. I think he and Will Hill both got snubbed after being among the best safety tandems in the league. Rolle also has six interceptions and two fumble recoveries but he and Hill were beat by Eric Weddle, Earl Thomas, Jairus Byrd, Eric Berry, Jan Chancellor, and Troy Polamalu. I'm also shocked that Nick Foles was beat by Tom Brady, who has really struggled this year. -Geoffrey
No New York Giant was selected for the Pro Bowl. With the exception of Antrel Rolle, I agree with that.
Antrel Rolle and Jon Beason BEASTING for today - have combined for 10 tackles in the first half, including six from Rolle
sports fans know you are not defined by how good you can play on a great team, but how you would play for ANY team. that's why the likes of Alvin harper, john taylor, dieon branch and even maybe marvin Harrison..will never be hall of famers. The reason is that there productivity is directly linked to possibly the greatest performers of all time.. ( Irvin/smith/aikman, Rice/montana, brady and manning) I bring this up because I try to see the positives in every season that I have watched football and this year as a TRUE BLUE GIANTS fan I have the unfortunate pleasure of watching a team so banged up by injuries that we just cant field a strong team, BUT the play of a few players has been something special to watch. Antrel Rolle is possibly the best DB the giants have had in my 30+ years watching!! the way he attacks a game is really great to watch, I started to become aware of this potential in the first game against Vick a few years back.. he completely shut Vick down and this was in a year that he complete ...
K.getting rid of the rest of my footballs.all are official NFL footballs and each comes with a PSA/DNA certificate.If you want one, message me and make an offer.(and remember, Christmas is coming up!!!).. Barry Sanders, Kurt Warner, Michael Strahan, Joseph Addai, Jackie Smith, Antrel Rolle, "Mean" Joe Greene, Randy Moss, and Mike Munchak
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Jon Beason & Antrel Rolle force the Skins to a 3 and out...
New York Giants coach Tom Coughlin called his team's upcoming game against the Dallas Cowboys "an opportunity" Wednesday. Some of his best defensive players took it to another level. "Personally, I feel like this game is going to determine the outcome of the season," said safety Antrel Rolle. "We can't walk away with a loss." "Instead of us digging ourselves out of a hole, if we lose this football game, it's more like them putting dirt on us," said defensive end Justin Tuck. "Mathematically no, [losing] doesn't mean we're out of it. But we're kinda looking at it as a must-win." "It's like a Super Bowl to us," said fellow defensive end Jason Pierre-Paul. "We need it badly, and we gotta get it." After an 0-6 start, the Giants have won four in a row to put themselves back in the NFC East race. The first-place Philadelphia Eagles are just a game and a half in front at 6-5. The Cowboys are 5-5. The Cowboys are also the team that handed the Giants their first of six consecutive losses, on the first Sunday of th ...
The 49ers held the first overall pick for the 2005 Draft and narrowed their selections down to QBs Alex Smith and Californias Aaron Rodgers Michigan wide receiver Braylon Edwards and Miami cornerback Antrel Rolle. Smith was selected and for the …… [ 9 more words. ]
NYG Newsday T-Rock: Antrel Rolle's misplay turns into a big play
NYG Newsday: Antrel Rolle's misplay turns into a big play
Antrel Rolle picks up 10 Solo Tackles and a Sack as the New York Giants defeat the Oakland Raiders 24-20.
The Giants "haven't done anything yet," Antrel Rolle said, but the win on Sunday against the Raiders "means ...
I've been riveted to the Jonathan Martin story. So many opinions by Tom Jackson, Mike Golic, Brandon Marshall, Antrel Rolle, etc. What is "soft"? How should we settle disputes? The goal of the "hazing/bullying" was to apparently "toughen him up". Nobody seems to have mentioned though that there are DIFFERENT ways to motivate people. From Drill Sergeants to Football Coaches to even Spin Class Instructors, they all scream, shout, and sometimes insult. But people are different. Jonathan Martin certainly was, a Stanford grad with both parents Harvard grads. An insightful person (which Richie Ingognito certainly was not) would have recognized that he was dealing with a thoughtful individual. And calling him names and treating him like an underclass (which is probably standard in the NFL) was doomed to fail.
As reported today on ESPN, Miami Dolphin coaches went to Richie Incognito and asked him to "toughen up" Jonathan Martin. I'm sure Incognito will come out and say he was just kidding when he sent text messages to Martin saying he (Incognito) was going to kill him. But as player Antrel Rolle and ex player Mike Golic said, eventually as a grown man you have to stand up for yourself. If Martin, about the same size as Incognito (310 pound lineman!) went over and punched the crap out of Incognito, would that stop the bullying? We'll never know. Figure Incognito and Martin will both be released by the Dolphins, but Incognito will find another team in the NFL, while Martin will have to find another line of work while hoping he wins his lawsuit, as no one will touch him with a 10 foot pole in the NFL.
Boy does ESPN do a great typical job of turning everyone on people before entire facts are released... Big ups to Mike Golic & Antrel Rolle among others who were man enough to chime in from a to Man" point of view!!
Antrel Rolle on WFAN: "I like to earn everything I get." Not sure he knows yet he could catch a huge break vs. Green Ba…
It came his way plenty Thursday night. Brandon Marshall desperately needed a Bears victory. He helped provide it. With a pair of glowing green cleats and two crowd-pleasing touchdown catches, Marshall lit the wick for Week 6 in the NFL, catalyzing a 27-21 defeat of the Giants at Soldier Field. After several days of Marshall mood checks and nonstop debate around Chicago about the mercurial receiver's true intentions and vacillating feelings, Thursday became a showcase of Marshall's elite skills. His athleticism was obvious on his first catch, a leaping 20-yard grab over Antrel Rolle. His first touchdown was an all-too-easy 10-yarder, Marshall gliding past Rolle and finding plenty of room in the middle of the end zone. "You don't get those layups like that very often," quarterback Jay Cutler said. "That was one of the easier ones he'll have all year." Added Marshall: "Versus that coverage, that's a play we like." Later in the first half, Marshall showed strength and awareness, separating from cornerback Ter ...
And Sean Taylor, Jonathan Vilma, Antrel Rolle, Bryant McKinnie, Chris Myers, DJ Williams and five more first rounders
Antrel Rolle is fast becoming the Giants' best leader since Michael Strahan
Busy show today…Mo Wilkerson at 1040, Antrel Rolle at Noon…Terry Bradshaw will join us tomorrow
Keeping the faith...I hope they can get off the slide with a nice W against the Eagles
Antrel Rolle thinks the can win out to finish season 12-4.Oct 10 @ Bears, Nov 17 vs Packers, Dec 16 vs Seahawks
Antrel Rolle says the Giants can go 12-0 and win out the season
so cute: Rolle thinks winless Giants can run the table
eighth overall player drawn in the very first round from the 2005 National football league Draft, Rolle lately
Oye. First Justin Tuck, now this. 0-4 and and not an ounce of humility. being NYGiants folks
Rolle thinks winless Giants can run the table
thinks winless Giants can run the table 53 of him maybe other wise fantasy island
Antrel Rolle still talking. His schtick got old 5 years ago. Why did ESPN put this nonsense on their front page?
Rolle thinks team can run the table
"Rolle thinks winless Giants can run the table" Aww, isn't that cute of Antrel Rolle
Former and current safety Antrel Rolle says "I believe we can go 12-0 from this point"
Antrel Rolle say Giants can win out and go 12-0 the rest of the way. Tomorrow he will be suspended 4 games for failed drug test.
I need that 1-3 record though...or I'm gonna have to pull off that 12-0 like my dude Antrel Rolle said earlier lol.
Rolle thinks winless Giants can run the table.. More like 0-16
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New approach for Antrel Rolle and Giants after 0-4 start. "This is a 12-game season for us at this point."
NBC Sports - ProFootballTalk: Antrel Rolle believes Giants can run the table
Antrel Rolle says New York Giants will win final 12 games - FanSided
Giants Safety Antrel Rolle thinks Giants will win out the season
Antrel Rolle thinks the giants could go 12-4.Yea, I could be a mature adult. I could stop sagging my pants.I could currently be getting head
Antrel Rolle said he thinks the giants can go 12-0 to finish the season. *** *** you got some high expectations at this rate
Antrel Rolle: 'I believe we can go 12-0 from this point on.' No, this isn't a joke:
Antrel Rolle said the Giants are going 12-0 the rest of the season. I like the confidence lol
Antrel Rolle has confused the *** out of Dovid Dobin. More importantly, the Giants, Jets and Eagles have all...
Antrel Rolle thinks winless New York Giants can go 12-0 for remainder of season
no worries Antrel Rolle thinks the Giants will go 12-0 from here on out
Antrel Rolle said we're gonna go 12-0 the rest of the year ...
Have the Giants simply forgotten how to win? Said Antrel Rolle: "I really do think so. I think that's ...
Rolle thinks winless Giants can run the table: The New York Giants are 0-4, but Antrel...
On Jerry Jones accusing the Giants of faking injuries: :I could care less what Jerry says,'' Antrel Rolle says.
Antrel Rolle got that ol Rocky Dennis nose!!
Only people the giants got on defense is Antrel Rolle, Aaron Ross, & Justin Tuck
My boy getting Antrel Rolle's autograph at
Antrel Rolle's ankle heavily taped but he's standing watching practice. He's itching to get out there.
Antrel Rolle is on the sidelines with his teammates. He has his right ankle taped up. Still sans boot.
Antrel Rolle is out here, but obviously not practicing.
Antrel Rolle makes an appearance on the sideline. Ankle wrapped like Wednesday, no discernible limp
Antrel Rolle is in the house. Not practicing, but on the sideline.
Stevie Brown trying to be more vocal with Antrel Rolle sidelined
S Antrel Rolle talks his ankle injury
Health is the Key for Giants…and Others: This from Ralph Vacchiano this morning: Antrel Rolle w...
Giants' Rolle carted off with injury -
New York Giants' news, 8/16: Rolle reiterates he will play Week 1
Idk what Giants jersey I'm rocking this year. Probably the away Antrel Rolle jersey or Kenny Phillips.
S Antrel Rolle is not a fan of protective gear, saying: “Boots are for wimps.”
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Main thing I took from Giants camp yesterday. Big expectations for David Wilson and Antrel Rolle is the REAL captain of
Hilite of my day getting to see Antrel Rolle Gmen love my restaurant
NY Giants safety Antrel Rolle wearing the Össur at preseason practice.
take your pick, Hakeem nicks or antrel rolle!
Antrel Rolle of New York Giants has sprained ankle, hopes to play in regular-season opener
On the Ground in NY: Antrel Rolle: "I'm playing" for in Week 1. |
And some classic Antrel with reporters: “Boots are for the wimps, man. I’m not a wimp.” |
Question marks about the season opener for Antrel Rolle? What?
Starting secondary in Ncaa 14 Ultimate Team good or No? Cbs : Casey Hayward, Pacman Jones. Safeties : Eric Weddle and Antrel Rolle.
Vacchiano: For aging Giants, health is key to title run: Antrel Rolle was walking without a limp and without a...
Antrel Rolle out of a boot and walking without a limp.
Antrel Rolle makes progress, hopes to play in another preseason game: Newsday » Two days after he...
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