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Antonio Gramsci

Antonio Gramsci (22 January 1891 – 27 April 1937) was an Italian writer, politician, political theorist, sociologist, and linguist.

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Apr 27 1937 - Antonio Gramsci dies. An Italian Marxist, he helped found the Communist Party & was imprisoned by Mussolini…
It pays to be cognizant on what Antonio Gramsci wrote. Just saying.
17th-century palazzo: early 1900s, home of Antonio Gramsci, the politician co-founded the Communist Party of Italy.
Got the final album mix back + one great accident. I was not expecting beef with Antonio Gramsci:
this is the marxist Critical theory of Antonio Gramsci, will decimate community more than is now.
A new introductory volume on Antonio Gramsci's life, thought and legacy
Signs of apocalypse: "The NH Collection Torino Piazza Carlina opened last winter in...the home of Antonio Gramsci"
Antonio gramsci and Stuart Hall in their media critiques. Heavily rely on Marxist theory.
Yeah but what Antonio Gramsci? There are European Marxists beside Germans and Russians!
. By any chance, ma'am, would your name be Antonio Gramsci? I ask because over me your hegemony is complete.
I'm a pessimist because of intelligence, but an optimist because of will. ~ Antonio Gramsci
Antonio Gramsci is definitely my this year. The only other Marxist besides China Mieville who can capture my heart.
I agree with this goal I suggest you read Antonio Gramsci
Must read article on Gramsci and how his philosophy is behind dem. strategy "Marxize the inner man" via
Happy birthday, Antonio Gramsci, Marxist theoretician of hegemony, leader of the Communist Party of Italy!
Book Review: An Introduction to Antonio Gramsci: His Life, Thought and Legacy by George Hoare and Nathan Sperber
Antonio "I Hate Dates become obstacles that stop us seeing history unfolding constantly.
Gransci on the subject of New Year's Day - via
My favorite Marxian philosopher Antonio Gramsci did not like New Year's Day. If he were still alive today, given...
"The challenge is to live without illusions and without becoming disillusioned." - Antonio Gramsci
Antonio Gramsci on 'New Years Day' - he's not keen ...
"I want every morning to be a new year’s for me. Every day I want to reckon with myself..." (Antonio Gramsci)
Antonio Gramsci. " That’s why I hate these New Year’s that fall like fixed maturities, which turn life and human...
Why is Antonio Gramsci so important? Central focus of the monument.
Their parents probably make Antonio Gramsci look like a conservative. . ;-)
"Pessimism of the intellect, optimism of the will." Antonio Gramsci
Try 1903. Alkinsky was a rank beginner compared to Antonio Gramsci BUT nobody gives a Chit, not fashion
“All men are intellectuals, but not all men have in society the function of intellectuals”. ― Antonio Gramsci,
'An Introduction to Antonio Gramsci' available for preorder now from 20% off with code GLR GB6.
yes it's wonderful. Turned me on to Antonio Gramsci!
Apparently it was an Italian philosopher called Antonio Gramsci.
Amadeo Bordiga and the myth of Antonio Gramsci - John Chiaradia
The old is dead but the new is to be born; in the interregnum there arise a great many morbid symptoms" -Antonio Gramsci
My practicality consists in this, in the knowledge that if you beat your head against the... Antonio Gramsci
To tell the truth is revolutionary. — Antonio Gramsci
Do a little research into Antonio Gramsci's tactics.
Dear How much of the "Politically Correctness" movement is due the teachings of Antonio Gramsci and the Frankfurt School?
Who is Antonio Gramsci? Right-wingers have a truly amazing knowledge of old-time Marxists.
I can only bet you have the Che Guevara shirt on and sipping from your Antonio Gramsci mug. Congrats.
Race is a leverage point, about power and money. Antonio Gramsci playbook.
you sound like you'd be a big fan of anarchism. Have a read of some Antonio Gramsci.
Has Antonio Gramsci anything to teach us now?
thanks to some Antonio Gramsci and Stuart Hall theories I did well on my first assignment!
Antonio Gramsci, in a balanced way, helps us understand how science can become entangled in ideology in the worst of ways. Prison Notebooks
I have in fairness walked along the Via Antonio Gramsci in Sardinia, so I'll give you that one.
Indeed. And Gramsci built a whole theory around it
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Islam is just the latest, Take a look at Antonio Gramsci in the link & his plan from 30's
.quotes Antonio Gramsci: “The crisis consists precisely in the fact that the old is dying and the new cannot be born..."
First of all, can't nobody drag me. I can cite Patricia Hill Collins and Antonio Gramsci like a southern baptist preacher quotes scripture
If you beat your head against the wall,it is your head that breaks,not the wall. -Antonio Gramsci
Italian Marxist Antonio Gramsci theorised that all political systems consist of coercion as well as consent.
I highly recommend everyone to check out Antonio Gramsci's work on hegemony. Applies Marxist theory to social structures today, eyeopening.
Which is all to say people should stay reading their Antonio Gramsci. As relevant as ever.
“Destruction is difficult. It is as difficult as creation” - Antonio and politician
Antonio Gramsci would describe this time as interregnum. It's up to us what comes next, will we go left or move further to the right.
"7:30 called up it's favourite, John Buchanan .. who praised .. Gramsci"
Old world dying, new world struggling to be born. Now is the time of Monster- Antonio Gramsci
Have we reached the point Antonio Gramsci would describe as interregnum. We are awaiting the spark to dismiss neo-liberalism from dominance
Friday night. Thinkin' about Antonio Gramsci and feelin' vaguely melancholy and ambivalent. Like a baller. A "bizz-all-er," one imagines.
Architectural oximoron justified by a professor that for a conference room is ready to gentrify Gramsci's thought. http:…
Antonio Gramsci quote: The old world is dying, and the new world struggles...
All purpose parts banner
‘when it is at war the state needs to have the highest degree of moral as well as civil peace and unity’ — Antonio Gramsci Q5§64
The Political Philosophies of Antonio Gramsci and B. R. Ambedkar: Itineraries of Dalits and...
Dreaming of a Democrat candidate to the right of Antonio Gramsci. .
"Act like a lady, think like a boss." -Antonio Gramsci, Prison Letters
In history, in social life, nothing is fixed, rigid or definitive. And nothing ever will be.--Antonio Gramsci
The Dems have anybody to the right of Antonio Gramsci running?
4 of 5 stars to Lettere dal carcere by Antonio Gramsci
For many, a crisis of conscience is nothing but an expired bank draft or the desire of opening a bank account. - Antonio Gramsci
Special journal issue brings new approaches to Antonio Gramsci:
...and of course it's part of the dumbing down of society courtesy of John Dewey, Antonio Gramsci... an others.
The Labour Party could be led by the ghost of Antonio Gramsci and there would still be people claiming it was too right wing.
81% done with Lettere dal carcere, by Antonio Gramsci
Marxist Antonio Gramsci - whose works Saul Alinsky based most of his writings on:.
To tell the truth is revolutionary. ~Antonio Gramsci -
Time for some lessons in Antonio Gramsci - cultural hegemony and slavery of institutions of beauty
What Libertarians can learn from Antonio Gramsci and Why they Should Join the Tories.
Antonio Gramsci's march has finally made it into the coffee business.
Antonio Gramsci has arrived at the coffee shop.
.Guardian tactics piece. Where he references Antonio Gramsci (what?), Sean Ingle and.. me?!
To tell the truth is revolutionary. – Antonio Gramsci. save innocent india family
Lectures on Antonio Gramsci by Bob Jessop. Audio and slides
"Communism cannot take hold until the cross is removed from society" - Antonio Gramsci
Men can be conditioned to "Love their servitude"! - Antonio Gramsci ( early 20th century Italian communist & activist ).
"This second volume of Antonio Gramsci's Letters from Prison covers the years 1931 to 1937..."
The uses and abuses of Antonio Gramsci - Megan Trudell:
To tell the truth is revolutionary. Antonio Gramsci. I am revolution, IDS, Osborne, Cameron, May and all other Tories are evil.
William Wall has translated a letter Antonio Gramsci wrote to his sister-in-law: A New Year’s Letter:
"In culture moral values are manipulated by interest groups" Alister McGrath referencing Antonio Gramsci in debate v Hitchens
Antonio Gramsci - Steven Jones: An introduction to the work, key ideas and influence of…
Neither Karl Marx nor Antonio Gramsci would agree with you.
I made my thesis on Antonio Gramsci. Cultural hegemony/marxism exists. Dismiss denialists.
You're, like, the Antonio Gramsci of speech-pathological teenage girls?
Marxism in America through Gradualism and Dialectic Process Ideology of Antonio Gramsci (Ital… via
"Ironically, Zemmour's inspiration is not some right-winger but Italian Marxist thinker Antonio Gramsci."
Security laws and the Antonio Gramsci moment in Kenya must read
We're witnessing an Antonio Gramsci moment,the interregnum of morbid symptoms when the old order is dying and the new cannot be born.-Ndii
I'm thinking of spending the holidays either reading Antonio Gramsci for theory or J. Arch Getty for history but idk :v
If someone comes in to deny Cultural Marxism redirect them to me. I made my thesis on Antonio Gramsci, its creator.
Antonio Gramsci, never heard? Italian Communist theorist N 30's who laid out how to achieve a revolution without firing a shot .How?
"The ideas of Antonio Gramsci and Herbert Marcuse, to name just two prominent Cultural Marxists..
To tell the truth is revolutionary - Antonio Gramsci.
I turn and turn in my cell like a fly that doesn't know where to die - Antonio Gramsci.
Does he embrace any theories to the right of Antonio Gramsci?
Antonio Gramsci: "It must be first shown that all men (and women) are philosophers..."
Antonio Gramsci: " is not possible to separate what is known as scientific philosophy from the common and popular philosophy”
Discussions on hegemony are twisting my melon, deeply interesting ideological belief. Antonio Gramsci, your time in prison was well spent!
Somebody in my dream "if you aren't in paradise with Antonio Gramsci you owe me $3 worth of ***
Hegemony, a term attributed to Italian Marxist Antonio Gramsci, is a way to articulate how modern power functions...
.Antonio Gramsci was by far the most influential, to my chain of sociological thoughts. So I agree with you.
“To tell the truth is revolutionary. ~Antonio Gramsci” That's why politicians spin/imagine if they DID tell the truth! End of...
"To tell the truth is revolutionary. ~Antonio Gramsci"
Antonio Gramsci`s study of hegemony & Foucault`s was more subtle organic & evolving than what traditionally envisioned Özer
For those of you unfamiliar with Saul Alinsky, he was a communist community organizer that lived from 1909 to 1972. He was influenced by Antonio Gramsci, an ...
The Quiet Revolution By Lynn Stuter November 30, 2005 - Articles have surfaced recently concerning the writings of Antonio Gramsci; writings that figure predominately in what is happening in America today. One such article is Gramsci and the U.S. Body Politic. This article is a must read for anyone wishing to understand what they are seeing happen in America today. Antonio Gramsci was a transformational Marxist. As laid out in the above linked article, what Gramsci advocated was the transformation of a society to the communist state via gradualism — the gradual erosion of old ideals, replacing them with the new. As opposed to Hitler, Lenin, Stalin, and Mussolini, Gramsci advocated the quiet revolution. The Hegelian Dialectic of thesis (and idea), antithesis (the opposite), and synthesis (the bringing together of opposites) to form a new thesis, ever evolving, plays a heavy role in the gradualism Gramsci proposed. Today, in America, the Hegelian Dialectic is played out in meetings at every level, all acr ...
"For 20 years we must stop this from functioning"-From the Trial of the Author of 'Notebooks',Antonio
4 "organic intellectual" Check out Antonio Gramsci as original source.U can then go to late great Stuart Hall.
Gucci and Versace Versace Versace the masses love me like my name was Antonio Gramsci
* In homage to the abstentionists: "I hate the indifferent. I believe that living means taking sides. Those who really live cannot help being a citizen and a partisan. Indifference and apathy are parasitism, perversion, not life. That is why I hate the indifferent. Indifference is the deadweight of history, but indifference operates with great power on history. Indifference operates passively, but it operates. It is fate, that which cannot be counted on. It twists programs and ruins the best-conceived plans. It is the raw material that ruins intelligence. That what happens, the evil that weighs upon all, happens because the human mass abdicates to their will; allows laws to be promulgated that only the revolt could nullify, and leaves people that only a mutiny will be able to overthrow to achieve the power. The mass ignores because it is careless and then it seems like it is the product of fate that runs over everything and everyone: the one who consents as well as the one who dissents; the one who knew a ...
Cultural Hegemony:- Capitalism maintained control not just through violence & political & economic coercion,but also ideologically, through a hegemonic culture in which the values of the bourgeoisie become the common sense values of all. Thus a consensus culture developed in which people in the working class identified their own good with the good of bourgeoisie,and helped to maintain the status quo rather than revolting. Antonio Gramsci. (Italian Philosopher) ( 1891 - 1937)
My sister replaced my face in all our family photos with Antonio Gramsci's.
"This unity between 'spontaneity' and 'conscious leadership' or 'discipline' is precisely the real political action of the subaltern classes, in so far as this is mass politics and not merely an adventure by groups claiming to represent the masses." -Antonio Gramsci
Yesterday my copy of Subject Object Cognition (1980) by soviet philosopher V A Lektorsky came in the mail! And last weekend I found an excellent copy of Selections from the Prison Notebooks of Antonio Gramsci and a good copy of Karl Marx: Early Writings! I own much of the material contained in the latter, but there were a few piece I still didn't have. I need more bookshelves!
Cultural Marxism is a term referring to a group of Marxists who have sought to apply critical theory to matters of family composition, gender, race, and cultural identity within Western society. Explanation of the "Cultural Marxism" theory According to UCLA professor and critical theorist Douglas Kellner, "Many 20th century Marxian theorists ranging from Georg Lukács, Antonio Gramsci, Ernst Bloch, Walter Benjamin, and T.W. Adorno to Fredric Jameson and Terry Eagleton employed the Marxian theory to analyze cultural forms in relation to their production, their imbrications with society and history, and their impact and influences on audiences and social life." Although scholars around the globe have employed various types of Marxist social criticism to analyze cultural artifacts, the two most influential academic institutions upon Western Cultural Marxism have been the Institute for Social Research at the University of Frankfurt am Main in Germany (the Frankfurt School), and the Centre for Contemporary Cul ...
‘Separated from the theory of history and politics, philosophy cannot be other than metaphysics, whereas the great conquest in the history of modern thought, represented by the philosophy of praxis, is precisely the concrete historicisation of philosophy.' Antonio Gramsci
"To tell the truth is revolutionary." ~Antonio Gramsci
This day in Subversive History - Show trial of Italian Communist intellectual Antonio begins (1928)
as well they should.Italian intellectuals up in arms over hotel named after Antonio Gramsci via
The Republic of Fentonia presents: *** AGENDA (punk from Leeds) ""When I first heard the new S.A record I was struck by the strong Italian theme running through it. I was aware Johnny was half-Italian, but still intrigued. I did some research to discover the facts. I read of an an Italian port called Livorno, the birthplace of the Italian Communist Party, and a young man Cristiano Lucarelli who played soccer for his home town team, AS Livorno. It was a beautiful tale. Now it all made sense. Al too had read about it, it turns out he had been so inspired both by the left wing politics and the tale of a sportsman who played for passion and not for the cash, he had made a pilgrimage to the town. There he talked to the locals about the good, the bad and the ugly, or to be more precise, Antonio Gramsci, Thatcher and Berlusconi. On his return home he penned a song about it - You Can Keep Your Billions. Having worked this out, I had another listen to the record and found it had other strong themes - anti-police . ...
Andy, please spare us a dissertation on Antonio Gramsci! Hegemony is marxism.
'It is important to be pessimistic with our intellect, but essential to be optimistic with our will' Antonio Gramsci
"Study Antonio Gramsci for your test" Test day: no Gramsci. My lecturer is a LIAR
Antonio Gramsci first redefined the definition subaltern.
and I should credit Antonio Gramsci.. bring on a gender revolution!!
Selections from the Prison Notebooks. Selections from the Prison NotebooksAntonio Gr...
Rumor news buzz and true. Glenn Beck DID try and get Hannity and Mark Levin to move to Texas... he believes THEY the powers that BE .. are trying to FLIP Texas same as they did COLORADO. IF they flip Texas .. we are done for. New York .. most of the Midwest . .and huge hunks of the WEST are gone for all intents and purposes... all that is left are a few southern states. and even FLORIDA is not safe. This is how things work.. you take over a place not by invading with tanks but over time by invading with lots of money, people, and progressive ideas. Antonio Gramsci was a flaming communist and he said communism would win through Cultural Marxism . take over the INSTITUTIONS, the schools, the media, Hollywood, and everything would fall into place. and it's happened.
To tell the truth is revolutionary. Antonio Gramsci . Only is telling the truth to nation at the juncture -
I exchanged it with Selections from the Prison Notebooks of Antonio Gramsci
Evidently I can't read a syllabus . . . read an 40 extra pages of the Antimonies of Antonio Gramsci . . . which is probably better than reading Gramsci himself . . . but still . . . that was 40 pages too many!
Understand that the Communist Antonio Gramsci said homosexuality was the best means to destroy western civ
".and yet that is the way it is: everyone is a bit of a Marxist, without knowing it." - Antonio Gramsci, 1918
Want to watch Antonio Gramsci: The Days of Prison? Keep track the films you want to see - on IMDb.
RULES FOR RADICALS Notes on Saul Alinsky and Neo-Marxism: Alinsky's tactics were based, not on Stalin's revolutionary violence, but on the Neo-Marxist strategies of Antonio Gramsci, an Italian Communist. Relying on gradualism, infiltration and the dialectic process rather than a bloody revolution, Gramsci's transformational Marxism was so subtle that few even noticed the deliberate changes. Like Alinsky, Mikhail Gorbachev followed Gramsci, not Lenin. In fact, Gramsci aroused Stalins's wrath by suggesting that Lenin's revolutionary plan wouldn't work in the West. Instead the primary assault would be on Biblical absolutes and Christian values, which must be crushed as a social force before the new face of Communism could rise and flourish. Malachi Martin gave us a progress report: "By 1985, the influence of traditional Christian philosophy in the West was weak and negligible. Gramsci's master strategy was now feasible. Humanly speaking, it was no longer too tall an order to strip large majorities of men an ...
Finished my journal on Antonio Gramsci, now its time to enjoy Futbol — Atletico Nacional v. Gremio
"Antonio Gramsci!" exclaimed the professor. . The class rejoiced.
Cultural hegemony by Antonio Gramsci: domination of culturally diverse society by ruling class,
ANTONIO GRAMSCI Advocated the spread of Marxism by means of a “long march through the institutions”
How to break the stranglehold of academics on critical thinking New social movements such as Occupy need institutions to help elaborate their ideas. Where will a modern collective intellectuality spring from? By: Razmig Keucheyan The recent Occupy and Indignados movements around the world have shown the extent of the backlash against the injustice generated by the ongoing crisis of capitalism and the difficulty in articulating a co-ordinated alternative, and as such have been a source of abundant political commentary. One rarely commented-upon aspect is the way intellectuals have responded to them. During the Zucotti Park occupation in New York in autumn 2011, acclaimed critical intellectuals – among them Slavoj Žižek, Judith Butler and Cornel West – came to support the occupiers, and to give speeches in front of them, aired through the "human microphone". A weird law in New York forbids the use of electric microphones in public space so the only way for the speaker's voices to get through was for t ...
You can also take night classes at the Antonio Gramsci Institute of Technology, Politics, Revolutionary Organizing, and Power (AGITPROP).
pleasure. The other day someone in my timeline attributed an Antonio Gramsci quote to children's author Gianni Rodari.
Why is it Democrats are always parroting Antonio Gramsci and Saul Alinsky, but the GOP reads from the U.S. Constitution? Hmmm
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Antonio Gramsci refers to it as "invincible power or the manufacture of influence..."
'democracy ... cannot mean merely that an unskilled worker can become skilled. It must mean that every "citizen" can govern' Antonio Gramsci
"Until Christianity is seared out of the soul of Western man communism can never take root." Antonio Gramsci, communist (1891-1937)
Sad to see Italy's main 'left' party (once led by Antonio Gramsci) degenerate into what it has become today:
"Gramsci argued that this “network of institutions” (this phrase implies either tacit or explicit cooperation...
I would say thay you are a rock n roll example of what Antonio Gramsci referred to as an "organic intellectual"
If I get pets I'm going to name them after philosophers. Like, Aristotle, Fredrich Engels, Karl Marx, Antonio Gramsci, Hegel et al.
my favourite quote for the last long while has been from Antonio Gramsci: "i believe that living means taking sides. i hate indifferent people. indifference is a powerful force in history. it operates passively but effectively. events mature in the shadows, a few hands accountable to no one weave the web of collective living. i am partisan, i do mind. i feel beating within me the awareness of my own side - the life of that city of the future which my side has already begun to build. i am alive, i take sides. hence i detest whoever does not, i hate indifference." indifference, apathy, fear, despair, helplessness, do these sweep through our communities and ourselves? and how can we help each other (not hate on each other, antonio!) to shed what's preventing us from expressing our politics; from centring ourselves in that awareness of a collective spirit of resistance? and building, making, fighting, and struggling for an alternative future? two people who really inspire me in making their ...
“When the old refused to die, and the new is struggling to be born, then monster will appear.”-Antonio Gramsci
" must be made clear that laissez-faire too is a form of state 'regulation', introduced and maintained by legislative and coercive means. It is a deliberate policy, conscious of its own ends, and not the spontaneous, automatic expression of economic facts. Consequently, laissez-faire liberalism is a political programme..." - Antonio Gramsci
President Obama has been extremely successful, just not by any standards you or I would use - jobs, the economy, foreign or domestic policy, etc. Those are issues. President Obama doesn't care about issues. He's playing by a different set of rules - the Alinsky rules. "The issue is never the issue. The issue is always the revolution." -Saul Alinsky In other words, healthcare is never the issue. Education is never the issue. Racial & social justice are never the issues. Poverty is not the issue. Abortion, women, & unborn children are never the issues. The revolution, aka the "fundamental transformation," is always the issue. A few days before he was elected in 2008, Obama said he would fundamentally transform America. His vision for America is only shared by a very small percentage of Democrats, the Communist Party USA & their labor unions, Marxist college professors, and the liberal media. This vision is so bad that they knew he had to lie, cover up the truth, and make huge promises to get elected & re-el ...
Interesting read sounds like 2013 Paul Harvey Aurandt (1918–2009), better known as Paul Harvey, was America’s National Commentator. His listening audience was estimated, at its highest, to be around 24 million people a week. “Paul Harvey News was carried on 1,200 radio stations, 400 Armed Forces Network stations and 300 newspapers. His broadcasts and newspaper columns have been reprinted in the Congressional Record more than those of any other commentator.” One of Paul Harvey’s most popular messages was the Christian classic “The Man and the Birds” based on a verse from the book of Job: “Ask the birds of the sky, and they will tell you” (12:7b). Paul Harvey didn’t just report the news with his distinctive voice; he would always make the point that the news was reflective of society. You could take the pulse of America’s moral health by reading the daily newspaper. In 1964, Paul Harvey wrote “If I Were the Devil.” Various versions of the article have appeared over time. I first he ...
Doesn't this sound like today's liberals? The civilized world had been thoroughly saturated with Christianity for 2,000 years and Christianity remains the dominant philosophical and moral system in Europe and North America. Practically speaking, civilization and Christianity were inextricably bound together. Christianity had become so thoroughly integrated into the daily lives of nearly everyone, including non-Christians living in Christian lands, it was so pervasive, that it formed an almost impenetrable barrier to the new, revolutionary civilization Marxists wish to create. Attempting to batter down that barrier proved unproductive, since it only generated powerful counter-revolutionary forces, consolidating them and making them potentially deadly. Therefore, in place of the frontal attack, how much more advantageous and less hazardous it would be to attack the enemy's society subtly, with the aim of transforming the society's collective mind gradually, over a period of a few generations, from its forme ...
Reading Frank B Wildersons Vengeance of Vertigo. This week I am finishing Franz Fanons Wretched of the Earth and and then im starting Antonio Gramsci's Prison Notebooks. I got two of Franks books and I got most of his notes. Blacks are intelligent.
"We're getting stupider, crueler, and more depressed by the minute. Oliver James calls the values of the corporate media "Affluenza," likening it to a virus that spreads across societies. He points out that anxiety, depression, and addiction rise in direct proportion to the inequity of a country. the values required to institutionalize inequality are values that are destructive to human happiness and human community. Injustice requires reducing living beings - including ourselves - to "manipulable commodities.: James writes, "Intimacy is destroyed if you regard another person as an object to be manipulated to serve your ends, whether at work or at play... This leaves you feeling lonely and craving emotional contact, vulnerable to depression." How did this happen? When did people stop caring? One insight of radical cultural theorists like Antonio Gramsci (1891-1937) who generated the term "cultural hegemony," is that in order for oppression to function smoothly, ideology must be transferred from the ...
Re-reading Antonio Gramsci's Notebooks. And considering his words regarding the importance of critical social awareness, the importance of the intellectual being part of everyday life, and of the part played by so-called ‘common sense’ in maintaining the status quo and the transformational possibilities of education. More than any other discourse it is the discourse of the 'common sense' - undisciplined and devoid of theoretical depth - that should be addressed as the adversary to fight. For instance the idea - common sense - that good education depends on more financial resources (Diane Ravitch shows how resources do matter, but only to a certain level). The idea that politicians - and therefore Habermas' public sphere - are corrupted and that the free market is the one answer to political corruption (when in fact it is its main cause). The idea that merit is a value per se as well as a factor of social equalization, while there is no merit without a solid previously established equality. We need to ...
Whats being created in our public school s now is the perfect government automaton. Unable to think for themselves and come to conclusions based on logic and common sense they automatically look to government to solve their problems. It’s the perfect culmination of the plan set in motion by people like Antonio Gramsci and John Dewey. The implementation of an education system that creates a subservient and compliant citizenry whose loyalty is to the state and whose only action is obedience. The application of psychological techniques (otherwise known as propaganda) perfected at the Frankfort School of Social Research for the explicit purpose of teaching people how to ask for tyranny. While this may sound a bit conspiratorial, it is, in my opinion the only logical explanation for adult human beings who believe raising our debt limit will solve our problems. It is the only explanation for a nation of “free” people that now seem to be begging the government to assume total power. At this point it is an ...
Some people behave and interpret things as if events or things just drop from the skies with no connection or that our previous leaders like Marcus Garvey, Kwame Nkrumah and co just emerge by themselves as magicians. This strange and weird thinking, no matter how widespread, is not reality. Antonio Gramsci is his thoughts questions this ahistorical approach to things. Events are always part of a process and various things are also the products of processes. Our leaders were products of a movement and events. And most importantly, NONE of these great leaders did things just by themselves. They thought together with people and acted together with people. Handbook of Revolutionary Warfare didn't dropped out of the blues and just began a life without any back ground. Those propagating that self serving lie should hide and let the pot holes of history which their craters are creating to be filled. How can you want to do Kwame Nkrumah legacy politics in the colonially created micro sate of Nigeria and ignore th ...
Pasolini was born in Bolgona, Rome provided him with material for the novel that made him famous. The Ragazzi, published in Italy in 1955, is a series of fast-moving cinematic vignettes from the Roman underworld, and recounts the adventures of a group of street-wise teenagers. The street violence found fuller expression in Pasolini's films of the Greek myths Oedipus Rex (1967) and Medea (1970), which starred Maria Callas. His solidarity with the Roman poor was at heart romantic, and in his great verse epic The Ashes of Gramsci (1952) he compares it to the youthful idealism of the poet Shelley, who is buried in the same cemetery in Rome as Antonio Gramsci, the grand theoretician of Italian Marxism. Perhaps it was inevitable that the 27-year-old "Rimbaud lacking in genius" (as Pasolini archly dubbed himself) should begin his Roman days among the despised and persecuted in a run-down flat in the Jewish ghetto. Hemmed in by the Tiber on one side, and the Largo Argentina on the other, the ghetto was (and still ...
Polska wersja troche pozniej. This is personal statement from Rene Buller (me) First of all, I don't feel that there is any split in PDL. Some people left creating their own organization (renamed) out of their own free will. Why? read at the very bottom. Very unfortunate that PDL members with only few months of seniority could have such huge influence on our spokesperson-self declared leader- not that I blame him. I was in hospital and he didn't know what is going on, he did what i would do in his place, to lead. So I'm okay with this. Having said that. I am the lone creator of the PDL since 2010 Many Admins came and left for one or another reason. I did all the heavy work by myself. and i don't do this to be popular. Our agreement with Darek was to make him rzecznik/spokesperson and cooperate, make a deadly team. In other words each of us had a role to play. Most if not all ideas came from me, Darek did a heavy work on the ground and I respect him for that. On the subject of philosophy how we should go a ...
“The point of modernity is to live a life without illusions while not becoming disillusioned” ― Antonio Gramsci
APPENDIX 1 THE TRILATERAL OVERTHROW OF MARCOS FOR GOLD The following Q & A are extracted from "The Marcos Legacy Revisted - Raiders of the Lost Gold, by Erick A. San Juan, published in 1998 in Makati City, Philippines. This Q & A is with Erick A. San Juan a prominent civic leader, political activist (anti-Communist advocate), author, journalist & weekly contributor to newspapers & Philippine radio. Q. From your direct knowledge, what events or conversations with certain personalities indicated foreign complicity in the EDSA Revolution and its connection to the Marcos gold? Who were the gainers and why? A. During the latter stages of the Marcos regime, I came to be friends with James Brandon Foley* [Note: I am constrained to break my pledge to preserve the anonymity of my sources because without any attribution to an authoritative source, this revelation will be nothing but hearsay. My apologies. I sincerely hope he will understand, given the situation I am in and the position I have taken.] a political o ...
Antonio Gramsci is just too awesome.
"It is a revolutionary duty to tell the truth.". ~ Antonio Gramsci
Antonio Gramsci, Louis Althusser, Slavoj Zizek (sometimes!). I like Engels a lot, too
To tell the truth is revolutionary, Antonio Gramsci but was thinking should I overwhelm him with another meeting lol
(Wikipedia: "The name Scritti Politti was chosen as a homage to the Italian Marxist writer and political theorist Antonio Gramsci.")
Republicans only like the active soldiers; as soon as they become Vets thean optimist because of will, Antonio Gramsci
I just sing-talked about Antonio Gramsci and cultural hegemony.
Who is Antonio Gramsci and what is his connection to the American Left? An Italian Communist philosopher,...
.Gramsci Communism through "gradualism". Embraced by Saul Alinsky and Mikhail Gorbachev. .
Pessimism of the spirit; of the will, ~ Antonio Gramsci program and how to contribute here
Ziggy was this mythological priest figure, Only say that in retroan optimist because of will, Antonio Gramsci
"Some people are not intellectual in social functionally." - Antonio Gramsci
I have not read him Antonio Gramsci. I will endeavour to look him up. Good to see a Student of (
Omg, Edward Said is sooo much more understandable than Antonio Gramsci.
Marxism A sociological approach to literature that viewed works of literature or art as the products of historical forces that can be analyzed by looking at the material conditions in which they were formed. In Marxist ideology, what we often classify as a world view (such as the Victorian age) is actually the articulations of the dominant class. Marxism generally focuses on the clash between the dominant and repressed classes in any given age and also may encourage art to imitate what is often termed an "objective" reality. Contemporary Marxism is much broader in its focus, and views art as simultaneously reflective and autonomous to the age in which it was produced. The Frankfurt School is also associated with Marxism (Abrams, p. 178, Childers and Hentzi, pp. 175-179). Major figures include Karl Marx, Terry Eagleton, Fredric Jameson, Raymond Williams, Louis Althusser (ALT-whos-sair), Walter Benjamin (ben-yeh-MEEN), Antonio Gramsci (GRAWM-shee), Georg Lukacs (lou-KOTCH), and Friedrich Engels, Theordor Ad ...
The bells toll for thee, Legalizing same-sex sexual activity and marriage is but one of numerous attacks against America from within, Immigration, Antonio Gramsci, Marxism, Destroy traditional and sacred moral values based on Judeo-Christian principle, tolerance ^ | 06/10/2013 | Don Feder Posted on Monday, June 10, 2013 1:13:59 PM by massmike Obama has been concentrating on destroying the conservative movement. In his war on conservatives,Obama has been tutored by the Marx Brothers – not Chico, Harpo and Groucho, but Saul, Herbert and Antonio.Saul Alinsky instructed him to maintain "constant pressure on the opposition" and "look for ways to increase insecurity, anxiety and uncertainty" among target groups. Herbert Marcuse advocated the "withdrawal of toleration of speech and assembly from groups which promote aggressive policies, armament (and) chauvinism," as well as those which oppose extension of the welfare state. The impact of his thinking is the main reason it’s nearly impossible for prominent conservatives to speak on college campuses today. Antonio Gramsci, a Marxist theorist of the early 20th century, urged the left to seek "cultural hegemony," which it’s largely achieved in the early 21st century. He also said the "revolution" wou ...
Why don’t we know Antonio Gramsci? As we; Americans find our daily lives a confusing conundrum, is it not strange that those who designed this nihilism of our…
I've also got a 1/4 sized tattoo of Benito Mussolini in full military uniform force-feeding Antonio Gramsci to death with Fascist doctrine
"They say Paul Gottfried was influenced by Antonio Gramsci, but what about Gilbert Gottfried???" - me
"To tell the Truth is Revolutionary.'' Antonio Gramsci. well said
Now Michael Gove has claimed revolutionary Antonio Gramsci as his inspiration, I'm worried Jeremy Hunt's going to remember my name soon.
Coddy reckons Antonio gramsci 1.55 at Southwell. And I've done "un atout" in the first at chelts. That tips from john doddimead
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The Left is winning politically because it has won culturally. The brilliant Antonio Gramsci, who co-founded the...
Antonio Gramsci is surely rolling in his grave now, saying i told u so! The way the arab spring is playing out seem more staged than organic
Writing a paper on Marx and Antonio Gramsci because I'm a thug
"The old world is dying away, and the new world struggles to come forth: now is the time of monsters." Antonio Gramsci
This is called "Cultural Hegemony" as developed by Antonio Gramsci (1920-30's) to defeat capitalism via peaceful change
"Revolutionaries see history as a creation of their own spirit." / "To tell the truth is revolutionary." ~ Antonio Gramsci ~
Antonio Gramsci was a handsome man I must admit.
"To tell the truth is revolutionary. - Antonio Gramsci"
To tell the truth is revolutionary. - Antonio Gramsci
Has anyone ever heard of Antonio Gramsci? Gramsci advocated ‘Cultural Marxism’. It was based on the...
MT It's like Antonio Gramsci all over again... Berlusconi 1 year sentence in wiretap case, othr cases pending
FLASHBACK: The education machine that keeps churning out newbies conditioned in mind-blunting nonjudgmentalism has laid the groundwork for a left-wing takeover. What reduced American education to its current state? In part, the answer lies in Cultural Marxism, a societal disease spawned by an Italian, Antonio Gramsci, in the 1920s. Gramsci preached that in order to free "oppressed" social groups, the oppressors' beliefs must be marginalized. Because Gramsci saw one particular group -- that is, traditional Christians -- as oppressive, he prescribed attacking tradition in general and Christianity specifically as the solution to oppression. Gramsci denounced moral certainty and elevated moral mushiness.
I love it when people are inspired by the Federalist Papers and not Antonio Gramsci or L. Ron Hubbard.
Title: Are Video Games Part of Popular culture’s Capitalist Hegemony? Student: Brian Carlisle St. # 107079643 Subject: Art History 210 Since the early days of video games like Fogger, Donkey Kong and Pac Man, Video games popular culture has grown and contributed to Capitalist Hegemony. Upon hearing such a statement upon first glance, might bring indignation or disdain too todays artists, critics whom are already entrenched in what is perceived as high popular culture. But the fact of the matter is and this paper will argue that this statement is inevitably true. The usage of the term hegemony in capitalist culture first appeared in the writings of Vladimir Lenin and Mao Tse Tung. But it is usually associated with Italian Marxist thought from theorists like Antonio Gramsci and Mykola Lukash. In Gramsci’s “Notebooks” he argued that modern power is not limited to direct political rule but operates through an indirect system of social institutions and cultural discourses that promotes the ruling clas ...
Paulo Freire is like a combination of Frantz Fanon and Antonio Gramsci.
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Jade Goody, I can believe. But Michael Gove has been influenced by Antonio Gramsci? -
Peter Thompson: Marxist theorist Antonio Gramsci's views on education can only be appreciated in the context of his desire for revolution
Antonio Gramsci, Jade Goody, Prunella Scales, *** Jagger, Gary Lineker: they're all in Michael Gove's amazing speech
I'm writing a 5 page paper about Louis Altheusser, Antonio Gramsci, The Frankfurt School, and Post-Marxists. Jealous? Didn't think so...
In philosophy, the term critical theory describes the neo-Marxist philosophy of the Frankfurt School, developed in Europe in the 1930s, that engaged the works of intellectuals such as Friedrich Nietzsche and Sigmund Freud.[2] Modern critical theory arose from the anti-positivist sociology of Max Weber and Georg Simmel, the Marxist theories of György Lukács and of Antonio Gramsci, towards that of the Institute for Social Research in Frankfurt. Critical theory was established as a school of thought primarily by five Frankfurt School theoreticians: Herbert Marcuse, Theodor Adorno, Max Horkheimer, Walter Benjamin, and Jürgen Habermas. In Habermas's work, critical theory transcended its theoretic roots in German idealism, and progressed closer to American pragmatism. The concern for a social "base and superstructure" is one of the remaining Marxist philosophic concepts in much contemporary critical theory.[3]
Culture hegemony is ideology in drag as common sense- Antonio Gramsci
"The laws of history were dictated by the proprietorial class organized in the state." ~Antonio Gramsci
The war we face is not just about guns but It is about our survival as a nation and the fate of our children and grandchildren. Which side of history will you be on? It’s about more than guns Author - Doug Hagmann (Bio and Archives) Friday, January 11, 2013 The warning signs of a tyrannical takeover of our Constitutional Republic have been flashing red for some time now and are now reaching a fever pitch. Despite the flashing signs, the clamor of the alarms and the cries of the watchmen, most Americans of this era remain in denial or have been rendered intellectually catatonic by busily chasing immediate gratification in the form of the newest version of the iPhone, iPad, or whatever “i” device will satisfy their ADHD addled intellect. Others have simply chosen to adhere to a normalcy bias that is continuously fed by the familiar faces and voices of political pundits who remain dedicated to the lie of the right-left, Republican-Democrat paradigm of American politics, unwilling or unable to look at t ...
ALEX JONES MAY BE CRAZY, BUT PIERS MORGAN IS A LIAR! January 11, 2013 Over the past few weeks the argument over gun control has raged. The gun control debate is highly-emotional, with both sides throwing out statistics in an effort to sway Americans to either side of the aisle. Since the Sandy Hook shooting last month, CNN’s Piers Morgan has emerged as a vocal proponent for increased gun control laws. This week, after Morgan’s very public, on-air spat with radio host Alex Jones of, the watching world has been hit by the extremes of both sides of the argument. I thought I would take a look at the statistics themselves and be as objective as possible because I know that there are answers "out there" which neither "extreme side" is providing us. During his exchange with Jones, the CNN host Morgan alleged that Great Britain only had 35 gun-related murders in 2011 compared to 11,000 that unfolded in the U.S. during that same timeframe. Let's begin debunking there. The stat that Piers Morgan co ...
Training workshop on the works of Antonio Gramsci, organized by the Communist Youth Federation of Palermo.
If we are to combat sexual violence in our cities, it is time to begin discussing the dysfunctions of young urban men
Cristiano Lucarelli made a goal and dedicated it to the fans and the city of Livorno by showing a Che Guevara Shirt.
Interesting. Fascism arose in a society "where mother educate their infant children by hitting them on the head with clogs" :-Antonio Gramsci
The relevance of Antonio Gramsci explained by Francesco Giasi. By - News
"Prison *** but at least it gives me some time to lift." - Antonio Gramsci (…)
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abbiam più dialetti in romagna che in tutta italia e comunque quelli della bassa ravennate in sa scorar.
Is it True, Antonio Gramsci is alive and well? Reportedly living in Lansing, using some snidely name as an alias?
A statement we made one year ago in the course of the January 2012 Harmmattan Uprising against fuel price hike... Our ‘revolutionary apple’ is getting almost overripe in Nigeria right now, how do we make it fall? Say whatever you like about organized labour, it cannot be solely held responsible for the task of reconstructing a new Nigeria, for this is clearly beyond it. It is time that all genuine patriots, factions and fractions that desire that the present revolutionary ferment transforms into enduring revolutionary changes to begin to think, act and embark on the onerous task of organizing, organizing and organizing so a new change organ may evolve in Nigeria. Like Antonio Gramsci once remarked about his native Italy, ‘the old is dying, the new cannot be born’. A new regime of genuine transformational leadership may yet be born in our clime, it only requires working on it right now…organizing, political organizing! Mass rallies now hold in almost every other neighbourhood in Lagos today. I ad ...
Cuddling up with some reading tonight before I sleep: Antonio Gramsci's (mafia affiliate) Prison Notebooks. Lol gnight yall.
Learn the ideology of Gramsci Communism through "gradualism" Obama follows it step by step. Alinsky embraced it.
I Hate the by Antonio indifference = parasitism. few see their indifference as a fault
"It's in this regard that I take up Antonio Gramsci's forms of organization. He was very concerned with factory councils." (1)
"To tell the truth is revolutionary." Antonio
Is it just me or is Antonio Gramsci kind of hot... Or is that just delusion from lack of sleep talking?
EVERY left org in the US can be traced to one of 4 communist orgs: Frankfurt School,Antonio Gramsci,Fabian Society,and Communist Party USA
I am a because of imtelligence.but an because of will - Antonio Gramsci
hey, i have a limited understanding of the human society but i think Antonio Gramsci's concept of Hegemony is interesting
ok my Antonio Gramsci sim is sitting in jail & writing - now on to Emma Goldman yelling to a crowd. this time the revolution is gonna happen
The Cultural Marxist revolution that is taking place has all but destroyed Western civilisation and is in its final stages in every aspect of Western society and culture, though explicitly planned and initiated by avowed Marxists, it was contributions of other individuals, movements, and institutions that made it possible for the revolution to be so spectacularly pulled off. The inter relationships between these various contributors to the revolution is very complex. There are six major threads of influence which have been identified and in terms of which all the complexity of that revolution can be explained. Six Anti-Western Anti-civilising Threads The six threads are: 1. Cultural Marxism; 2. Post Modernism; 3. Psychology; 4. Sociology; 5. Education; and 6. Humanism. 1, Cultural Marxism is the movement initiated by the avowed Marxists, Antonio Gramsci, Georg Lukacs, Wilhelm Reich, Erich Fromm, Herbert Marcuse, Theodor Adorno, and Max Horkheimer and others of the Frankfurt School. These men made it clear ...
A list of Eric Hobsbawm's publications on Antonio Gramsci, compiled by Joseph Buttigieg:
Antonio Gramsci - Newspapers and the Workers (1916): Boycott them, boycott them, boycott them!
" The intellectuals as a distinct social category, independent of Class - is myth ." Antonio Gramsci
America chooses sex over the Constitution. Antonio Gramsci would be so proud.
He was a founding member and onetime leader of the Communist Party of Italy and was imprisoned by Benito Mussolini's Fascist regime. Antonio Gramsci (1891-1937) is seen by many as one of the most important Marxist thinkers of the twentieth century, in particular as a key thinker in the development of Western Marxism. He is said by some American minds to be the prevailing author behind the cultural and political erosion of the United States; bringing communism through corrupting moral values and discrediting Judeo-Christian society norms.
Is Gramsci’s Theory for Overthrowing America Being Realized? Written on Tuesday, November 20, 2012 by David L. Goetsch AN URGENT READ. In view of Barack Obama’s re-election, consider the following quote from Stanislav Mishin, writing in PRAVDA—the state newspaper of Russia: “It must be said that, like the breaking of a great dam, the American descent into Marxism is happening with breathtaking speed, against the backdrop of a passive, hapless sheeple—excuse me dear reader—I meant people.” Is it possible that outsiders who are steeped in what Marxism really looks like can see what Americans cannot? Most Americans have heard of Karl Marx and his plan for overthrowing democratic governments through armed revolts of the workers. But few Americans have heard of Antonio Gramsci. This is too bad because Gramsci is the communist philosopher who developed a theory specifically for overthrowing America. Gramsci thought that overthrowing the United States through an armed revolt of indigenous workers w ...
"Fascism is the excrement of a dysfunctional polity" - Antonio Gramsci For once, I agree with a red-blooded Marxist. Imagine that!
Hii kwenye sociology tunaita HEGEMONY! Antonio Gramsci developed the philosophy and the sociology of geopolitical hegemony into the theory of cultural hegemony, whereby one social class can manipulate the system of values and mores of a society, in order to create and establish a ruling-class Weltanschauung, a worldview that justifies the status quo of bourgeois domination of the other social classes of the society.
“Fascism”, wrote the great Marxist intellectual Antonio Gramsci, has presented itself as the anti-party; has opened its gates to all applicants; has with its promise of impunity enabled a formless multitude to cover over the savage outpourings of passions, hatreds and desires with a varnish of vague and nebulous political ideals. Fascism has thus become a question of social mores: it has become identified with the barbaric and anti-social psychology of certain strata of the Italian people which have not yet been modified by a new tradition, by education, by living together in a well-ordered and well-administered state”.
Just like I thought. Publication communist mastermind Antonio Gramsci wrote for "Avanti" means in Italian.
Antonio Gramsci, btw do you guys have it printed lang? no digital copies?
I wanna get this portrait of Antonio Gramsci tattooed to my neck. - Only in red/white&blue like that Obama Hope poster
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