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Anton Yelchin

Anton Viktorovich Yelchin (born March 11, 1989) is an American film and television actor.

Star Trek Green Room Jeep Grand Cherokee Charlie Bartlett Odd Thomas Fiat Chrysler Zoe Saldana Alan Rickman Jennifer Lawrence Felicity Jones Pavel Chekov Fright Night Only Lovers Left Alive Christina Grimmie Brandon Lee Kyle Reese

I thought she looked like a young Anton Yelchin, in Stranger Things 2 w…
I was going to suggest the BAU revisiting Nathan Harris from "Sex, Birth, Death" but then I remembered Anton Yelchin died. :(
Karl Urban says a fourth “Star Trek” movie wouldn’t be the same without the late Anton Yelchin:
Anton Yelchin was the perfect young Kyle Reese.
certain celebs, I’ll just never get over the fact they aren’t here anymore. two examples being Brittany Murphy and Anton Yelchin
I'm both elated and heartbroken by this news. Anton Yelchin's passing won't be forgotten and his voice acting will be missed.
Trollhunters Part 2 trailer sees return of Anton Yelchin in one of his final performances.
This baby looks exactly like Anton yelchin in baby form and I’m going to start crying 😭😭
Very excited for more Trollhunterrs but saddened to know that Season 2 will be the last time we'll hear Anton Yelch…
It’s gonna be so sad watching this knowing it’s one of the last things Anton Yelchin did
This film 'Porto' with Anton Yelchin looks amazing via
Am I the only one that thinks that the statue of Anton Yelchin looks nothing like him ?
Watching Fright Night. Anton Yelchin would've been a great Peter Parker. The movie works as a template for how to d…
Anton Yelchin: A life celebration and statue unveiling
I’m so happy to hear they made a statue of one of my favorite actors Anton Yelchin—a great and talented young man taken…
Stars pay tribute as Anton Yelchin statue goes up at grave -
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"Green Room". Very different role for , and Anton Yelchin's last movie. Not really horr…
Anton Yelchin Honored at Emotional Celebration of Life by Jennifer Lawrence, Zoe Saldana and More Stars
I almost gave this guy my number tonight because he made me think of Anton Yelchin. And I need that kind of spirituality in my life.
Anton Yelchin Memorialized with Statue of Himself at Burial Site, Stars Pay Tribute via
Yep, it's the Anton I know and love. “The longer I live, the more I’m aware of how little I actually know.
FB reminded me that in 2011 I interviewed both Felicity Jones & Anton Yelchin.
and pay a touching tribute to Anton Yelchin.
Stars pay tribute as statue of Anton Yelchin goes up beside his grave
Jennifer Lawrence, J.J. Abrams and Zoe Saldana turned out to remember Anton Yelchin. (Photo: Invision/AP)…
Family and co-stars pay tribute to Anton Yelchin 🙏
Jennifer Lawrence attended a service honouring the life of Anton Yelchin in LA yesterday (October 8)
Family and 'Star Trek' co-stars pay tribute to Anton Yelchin - ABC News
A statue and mural were unveiled at Anton Yelchin's gravesite in a memorial attended by fellow stars and industry workers…
Family and 'Star Trek' co-stars gather for unveiling of statue honoring late actor Anton Yelchin.
Day 57: Time got away from me but I'm already watching Fright Night (2011) so I guess it's that. RIP Anton Yelchin
I can't stop crying. RIP Anton Yelchin. Our lovely Chekov, I can't image the journey to explore the space without you.💔
I heard that as well. It would be a good way to further acknowledge the TOS/TAS fans & not feel like…
Born on this day, remembered every day. The beautiful, brilliant Anton Yelchin. 🎈❤️
What with everything happening in the world right now...i think everyone deserves some Anton Yelchin happiness ❤…
Honestly I still haven't processed that Anton Yelchin is dead. It's been a year and a half and whenever he's on screen my head gets fuzzy.
Watching Anton Yelchin play THE best game of Marco Polo in Gone too soon, but a *** of a run.
Rudderless is on tv, I still really miss Anton Yelchin 😭
is well constructed thriller that shows why the director was picked for the next True Detective. . Also RIP Anton Yelchin.
All I need now is Only Lovers Left Alive starring Anton Yelchin!
I'm more likely gonna watch a few Horror movies starring Anton Yelchin such Fright Night and Odd Thomas this month!
Unfortunately the funniest from the crew..Chekov ( Anton Yelchin) has past away...he was so funny neur…
I miss Anton Yelchin ... So many other people that could have been taken
Yah I decided to watch it because I love Anton Yelchin and I miss him :( He was very good here!
I'm still really sad about Anton Yelchin
This sadness was amplified months after filming wrapped when Anton Yelchin, 27, who played navigator Pavel Chekov,
We're saddened to report the passing of Anton Yelchin, best known as Chekov
I'm still not over Anton Yelchin's death 😔
Anton yelchin died because of this, are the car possessed?
Star Trek 4 will not recast Anton Yelchin's role, says JJ.
Anton Yelchin had so much to live... He is the kind of person fulfilled with dreams and everything. I wish life hadn't been so cruel to him
r.i.p anton yelchin! At least he had a threesome with amber heard n amanda seyfried.
Anton Yelchin is great as chekov tho, I'll give it that at least I guess
This young man, Anton Yelchin, deserved the world 😞
I'm watching alpha dog and now I'm remembering Anton yelchin and 😔
Yes I'm watching Anton Yelchin's last film and yes I expect to be an emotional wreck afterwards. . Y'all better prepare yourselves for that.
"No, no. It's a bad science-fiction murder-mystery and it's got Anton Yelchin for five seconds and Jesus are you BUYING TICKETS RIGHT NOW??"
i've said it once, i'll say it again, i really really goddang miss Anton Yelchin
I'm super bummed about Anton Yelchin. Green Room is a flick I hold close. Hearing his voice Jim Lake is a treat.
, the den (horror but deals with the deep web, really interesting), lizzie Borden took an ax (suspe…
It's so sad on so many levels. Anton Yelchin's last film. :(
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My heart breaks a little when I see Anton Yelchin in a film. He died way too young.
:( And I when I see Rememory, I'm still gonna try my best not to cry over Anton Yelchin ;_; *sobbing*
Watching Smurfs 2 with Archy and he's cracking up while my heart slowly breaks at the sound of Anton Yelchin's voice 😩
First film of the weekend: Rememory. Hot oil - a dark but touching sci-fi, and one of Anton Yelchin's very last mov…
Just wanna let you know that one of Anton Yelchin's final movies Rememory comes out this month.
this is basically the scene at the end of Alpha Dog where Anton Yelchin gets it
The best Anton Yelchin film. A mist see.
REMEMORY - Wish I could rememorize not watching this. I miss Anton Yelchin, though.
Justin Timberlake was in a movie with Anton Yelchin?! Why haven't I seen alpha dog before?
Just got done with Odd Thomas. Boy, i miss Anton Yelchin
Decided to watch Along Came a Spider. Didn't realise Anton Yelchin is in this film.
I meant to ask you, did you see the film Green Room (Anton Yelchin)?
Thanks Rick, for all your deals. Anton Yelchin also makes an appearance. Such a loss not having his future talents.
"Green Room" was amazing. Anton Yelchin was one of the best parts of that film. And be prepared to…
Right? Casting Patrick freakin' Stewart as a neo-Nazi leader was an incredible move that paid off in s…
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Great movie. Anton Yelchin is by far one of my favorite actors.
I was gonna say Terminator Salvation but i give it a pass cos of Anton Yelchin R.I.P Bro😭😭
Anton Yelchin, may he Rest In Peace. An amazing piece to watch
Green Room was so tense and good. RIP Anton Yelchin 😔
just finished watching the 1st Star Trek reboot & all I gotta say is 1) I miss Anton Yelchin & 2) why is literally everyone wearing lipstick
Watched “Like Crazy”. Miss Anton Yelchin😔 Chemistry between him & Felicity Jones was 🙌 Made me remember why I wanted to act a lifetime ago
I liked a video The Dead Man's Switch: How Anton Yelchin's life could have been saved
Don't miss the new trailer for starring and the late Anton Yelchin.
Anton Yelchin. Because of his role as Chekov in the 2009 Star Trek movie. And when I heard he died, it broke my heart. ;_;
i'm as far season 4 on my Curb re-watch and up pops the late great Anton Yelchin fooling Larry with a card trick
Not had a chance but want to see it for Anton Yelchin
2/2 I think I may have cried hardest for Anton Yelchin - so young, so needless, so horrific
Life update: Currently crying over Anton Yelchin's death
Anton Yelchin would of been Wally West, Barry would of sacrificed himself, Wally would of jo…
Armie Hammer as Batman and Anton Yelchin as Kid Flash would have been great to watch. . But I doubt the truth in...
YouTube likes to play the broken bells holding on to life video with Anton Yelchin just to ruin my mf day
I decided I'm gonna spend this period crying about Anton Yelchin
I still get bummed about Anton Yelchin.
Simon Pegg as Scotty is just awesome, but so was James Doohan. And Walter Koenig, my favourite, is as amazing as Anton Yelchin as Chekov.
I loved Salvation. It had Anton Yelchin, Moon Bloodgood and Michael Ironside. Also the fin…
Anton Yelchin stars in Dean Koontz adaptation Odd Thomas at 11.10pm, as a chef compelled to avenge the dead.
Anton Yelchin. He was perhaps best known for his role as Pavel Chekov in the new Star Trek movies.
Rewatching Star Trek Into Darkness for the bazillionth time. Still can't believe Anton Yelchin is gone.
Alice Eve ( & John Cho) had the pleasure to work with the talented actor Anton Yelchin. Just remember and. Thank you, An…
I'm watching Star Trek into darkness, and I just felt this huge pang of sadness seeing Chekov. I really miss Anton Yelchin.
, been on an Anton Yelchin kick. Your opinion of "5-7"? I adored him as Kyle Reese & as Chekov, of course. Gone too soon. 😢
Anton Yelchin had such a bigger role in
Anton Yelchin, who played Pavel Chekov in the rebooted Star Trek movies, was killed when his Jeep crushed him against a fenc…
Anton Yelchin is amazing as Chekov tbh specially in this movie
It would have been Anton Yelchin's 28th birthday today. Gone but not forgotten.
The In Memoriam is so sad. Anton Yelchin, John Hurt, Carrie Fisher... . You are missed. 😭
Anton Yelchin and John Hurt were both in Only Lovers Left Alive. I can't even watch that movie anymore 😩
'Thoroughbred' was Anton Yelchin's last movie: "He had the most incredible energy ... and had a real lust for life"…
My piece remembering Anton Yelchin for the current w/beautiful thoughts by Read here: https:/…
Malo atmosfere za NG. Wheels on the bus - Anton Yelchin and Billy Crudup - Rudderless (2014) - YouTube
couldnt stop at that. It needed more. It took Prince, Ali, Anton Yelchin, Gene Wilder, and more.
Alan Rickman, George Kennedy, Doris Roberts, Ali, Kimbo Slice, Christina Grimmie, Anton Yelchin...and before depression sets in, I'll stop
Mitch Hedberg. I think the 2nd was Robin Williams. Only 2 from 2016: Alan Rickman & Anton Yelchin.
New/Old pic of Sofia Boutella and Anton Yelchin on set of STB :")
When that car commercial with Sing Out comes on I tear up a bit because Charlie Bartlett and Anton Yelchin and FEELS
So sad to hear about Anton Yelchin's death, he was a great actor. Charlie Bartlett is still one of my favorite films.
Charlie Bartlett with the late great Anton Yelchin in the starring role
The late actor Anton Yelchin, who died over the summer in LA, was also a prolific and talented photographer.
Kristen Stewart as Maya and Anton Yelchin as Finn Earl in Fierce People (2005)
THR Cover: Felicity Jones on reshoots, 'Inferno' reluctance and Anton Yelchin's "devastating" death
I got to see STB (Star Trek:Beyond) awesome movie. And R.I.P. Leonard Nimoy and Anton Yelchin, LLAP.🖖🏾.
Here's one more pic of the Anton Yelchin tribute wall at the Star Trek Las Vegas Convention.
Dude don't forget that Anton Yelchin, Alan Rickman, Prince, Muhammad Ali, and Kenny Baker all died this year. F*** 2016.
Anton Yelchin would've been a great Reed Richards :(. I could see Taron Egerton, or give Miles Teller another shot.
so sad to hear that Anton Yelchin died . he was known as playing chekov in the Star Trek movies . known as the voice for clumsy smurf RIP..
Parents of 'Star Trek' actor Anton Yelchin sue the makers of the Jeep Grand Cherokee over his death on June 19.
Anton Yelchin's family suing FCA over the actor's death
The latest in via Anton Yelchin's family suing FCA over the a…
Literally just found out about the death of Anton yelchin. Dude was a great actor 😔 sending positive vibes to his family ❤️
Anton Yelchin's parents will sue car company
Star Trek Beyond is just what I needed. Lots of action, energy, character, and wit. Very fun movie. RIP Anton Yelchin
Parents of 'Star Trek' actor Anton Yelchin plan to file lawsuit against automaker
Star Trek's Anton Yelchin died without leaving a will to distribute his near $1.4 million estate
Parents of "Star Trek" actor killed by own car to sue automaker
I just found out about Anton Yelchin 😭   10% Off
Anton Yelchin's parents to sue several companies over car accident
Anton Yelchin's parents will sue car company: The actor's parents say they'll file a w.
Anton Yelchin's parents have decided to file a lawsuit against Fiat Chrysler.
Anton Yelchin's parents plan to sue Fiat Chrysler for the wrongful death of their son:
Anton Yelchin's parents to sue over freak accident that killed him
'Star Trek' actor Anton Yelchin died without a will: Anton Yelchin's parents have filed court documents indic...
Anton Yelchin died without a will, has nearly $1.4 million estate
Lennon, Shelley, Brandon Lee, Anton Yelchin... We'd blow up the time vortex. :-(
watching Fright Night & forever in love with Anton Yelchin. rip 😕💕
And after being reminded of Leonard Nimoy and Anton Yelchin tonight I then find out about Jerry Doyle. Tough times for S…
Anton Yelchin was this generation's Brandon Lee. A really talented man taken from us too soon before they're careers even started.
J.J. Abrams, cast and crew remember Anton Yelchin at Premiere
.cast pay tribute to the late Anton Yelchin at
Star Trek Beyond cast pay tribute to Anton Yelchin at Comic Con premiere.
J.J. Abrams paid tribute to Anton Yelchin at the premiere
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Star Trek Beyond IS AN ART. 🔥🔥🔥 Everyone is awesome. Anton Yelchin, Chekov, you will be missed. 💜
Star Trek 4 will not recast Anton Yelchin, says JJ Abrams
Watch "Like Crazy" and you'll fall in love with Anton Yelchin (also starring Felicity Jones & Jennifer Lawrence)
Just read of plans for I wish they would just let it go out of respect for Anton Yelchin and let the new TV series take it over.
"There’s no replacing him. No recasting. I can’t possibly imagine that. Anton deserves better." Bravo JJ!
I also wanna say, Anton Yelchin was one of the coolest most sweetest people I've ever met. A real artist and an even realer du…
Star Trek Beyond review – a watchable adventure still heavy on the bromance -
SFD Anton Yelchin memorial celebration will be on Thursday, July 21st, at 7:30 pm EDT on Bajor. We welcome all expressions of mourning.
This actor's parents just released a heartbreaking statement about their son's death.
Anton Yelchin’s parents thank fans for support following the a ... -
okay, that makes sense.. I must have IMDB'd Anton Yelchin when he passed and that's where I noticed it.
Karl Urban reflects on Anton Yelchin's death: I'll never forget his laugh
"I've actually watched a couple of his (Anton Yelchin) movies in the last month to feel connected to him." . VIDEO:
Parents of 'Star Trek' Actor Who Died Express Thanks for Condolences: Anton Yelchin starred in three movies, ...
Thank you for mentioning Anton Yelchin - RIP
if he was still alive I would say Anton Yelchin
Anton yelchin may you rest in peace
Thank you for this little gesture that means the world to fans of Star Trek and Anton Yelchin...
So, who was Anton Yelchin besides Chekov in the new Star Trek films? Watch the video and be surprised.
Anton Yelchin died well after post production.
Anton Yelchin's Parents Write Touching Letter to Fans in Full-Page Ad: Anton Yelchin's parents are overwhelme...
Zoe Saldana, Zachary Quinto, J. J. Abrams, Chris Pine & Anton Yelchin on the set of Star Trek
rest in peace Anton Yelchin, Charlie Bartlett is a classic movie.
Me right now: realizing Anton Yelchin is Charlie Bartlett. So I just want to curl up into a ball and cry
Just watched Odd Thomas. It's beautiful, different, and utterly charming, Anton Yelchin is so sweet in it, too!
IW Anton Yelchin in the hugely entertaining Odd Thomas. The tale of a cook with special powers - at times very funny & heartbreaking. The
Y'all should watch Charlie Bartlett. It was Anton Yelchin's breakout movie and it has RDJ in it
I just watched Charlie Bartlett and oh my god it's so, so lovely. The world won't be the same without Anton Yelchin. http…
Awww. Anton Yelchin. 😞 He was so sweet in this. Hey, Film4 -have you shown Charlie Bartlett? Even better!😊
Today in Pop Rehabilitation, looks back at Charlie Bartlett and Anton Yelchin's breakout performance
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RIP Anton Yelchin. He was great in everything! Especially love Charlie Bartlett. Such a shame. Condolences to his frien…
Celeb deaths that messed me up more than normal: Michael Jackson, Stuart Scott, Paul Walker, Anton Yelchin, Lor Scoota
Zachary Quinto paid tribute to costar Anton Yelchin -- watch:
watching Charlie Bartlett and crying almost every 5 minutes because Anton Yelchin is simply amazing in this movie
Anton Yelchin. . Genius actor. Amazing human being. Gone WAY too soon. May he rest in peace.
We lost Prince, Sir Terry Wogan, Anton Yelchin, Christina Grimmie, Alan Rickman and David Bowie. And today we are out of EU. *** 2016?
2 people I idolize, Anton Yelchin and Thuy Trang, both died in car accidents at the age of 27! :(
Steven Spielberg praises the late Anton Yelchin as ‘so good’
"The 2015 Jeep Grand Cherokee that rolled backward down a driveway and killed the actor Anton Yelchin early...
Confusing Jeep Grand Cherokee shifter blamed for death of Star Trek actor Anton Yelchin
Anton Yelchin was killed by bad design. . Jeep Grand Cherokee: After gear is selected, shift knob pops back to central position? Shameful.
Anton Yelchin: Jeep that killed Star Trek actor was recalled for rollaway risk
Fiat: 'premature' to blame Anton Yelchin death on jeep -->
Anton Yelchin's SUV may have been part of 'rollaway' recall -->
A poorly designed, confusing shifter in Anton Yelchin's Jeep Grand Cherokee which was part of a recall could be at fault for his death.
Anton Yelchin's Jeep Grand Cherokee might have been recalled
Was Star Trek's Anton Yelchin killed by a dangerous flaw in his Jeep? Grand Cherokees had been recalled to fix... https:/…
2015 Jeep Grand Cherokee that rolled, killed Anton Yelchin was under recall
Anton Yelchin's car may have had a gear defect: The 2015 Jeep Grand Cherokee that killed 'Star Tre...
The vehicle that tragically killed Anton Yelchin was recalled for gear shifting problems:
pray for Robin Williams, Paul Walker, Muhammad Ali, Anton Yelchin. I will not repeat history and shun God's being in judgement.
Just returned from an amazing cruise only to be crushed by the news of Anton Yelchin 😢 Incredible human being.
Anton Yelchin was an absolute gem, a joker and one of my few close mates in U.S. My love to his family/friends. Rest i…
Anton Yelchin. pray for strength to his family. I never met him but I can tell he was a good man. thanks for Charlie B…
Fiat Chrysler will investigate Anton Yelchin crash: report
Fiat Chrysler Automobiles NV said on Monday it would investigate a crash that killed Star Trek actor Anton Yelchin in his recalled 20...
Fiat Chrysler is the last org that shld be investigating Anton Yelchin's accident. Need someone impartial. They will protect their brand
Fiat Chrysler to probe fatal crash that left Star Trek's Anton Yelchin pinned by recalled SUV
Zoe Saldana reacts to the death of her co-star Anton Yelchin:
Zoe Saldana is "devastated" over costar Anton Yelchin's death:
RIP Anton Yelchin, really enjoyed your role in the new Star Trek series, you will be missed
'Star Trek' actor Anton Yelchin dies in car accident: Actor Anton Yelchin, 27, who played Chekov in recent "S...
We are saddened by the loss of Anton Yelchin, Star Trek's Pavel Andreievich Chekov and many more characters with heart.…
Did Jeep that killed Anton Yelchin in freak accident have a design flaw? Cars 'were previousl...
Wow. I'm just reading that Anton Yelchin died today. He was an incredible actor. Charlie Bartlett, Green Room, Rudderless ...
Super bummed about Anton Yelchin. Dude was great in 'Like Crazy' and 'Green Room' and everything else he did :(
Mixed emotion today. Emotional parade. Learned of Anton Yelchin's bizarre death. He was so great in Green Room. & Dad time.
Sad as I just found out about Anton Yelchin. Very underrated actor who just starred in a movie called "Green Room" which was excellent. RIP
Green Room. Fright Night. Charlie Bartlett. Like Crazy. These are just a few of Anton Yelchin's great performances. Please wa…
Anton Yelchin stole Only Lovers Left Alive, and is the soul of Green Room. I'm not yet able to grasp that he isn't alive.
Anton Yelchin was one of my favorite actors. I loved him in Charlie Bartlett, Rudderless, and most recently Green Room. Such a loss.
"Green Room", "Fright Night" actor Anton Yelchin has sadly, unexpectedly passed away at the age of 27. RIP.
Anton Yelchin's passing breaks my heart and makes me want to revisit Green Room immediately. He's revelatory in it. https…
I regularly think about the look on Anton Yelchin's face after "that thing" happens to his arm in Green Room. It's so rea…
V sad to hear of the death of Anton Yelchin – who played Chekov in the Star Trek reboots & was brill in (the v creepy)…
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Green Room director on Anton Yelchin: 'There's nothing more valuable than good people'
Anton Yelchin: actor of cherubic charm who inspired huge affection | Peter Bradshaw
I'm really sad about Anton Yelchin dude. Green Room is hands down my favourite film of the year, and Anton really shone as a talent. RIP
Star Trek's Anton Yelchin dead at 27 after being run over by his car via So, sad
"Star Trek" actor Anton Yelchin dies at age 27
I just knew of Anton Yelchin passing. He was one of my favourite character in the new Star Trek movie tho. 😢
Star Trek's "I loved Anton Yelchin so much ... He was a great pal and a great son. I'm in ruins"
Anton Yelchin, actor best known for playing Chekov in the new 'Star Trek' films, dies at 27 in a traffic crash.
Star Trek's Anton Yelchin has passed away in a freak car accident. .
Absolutely shocked to hear of the sudden death of Anton Yelchin, from Star Trek. What a terrible accident
Anton Yelchin, Star Trek's Chekov, killed by his own car - BBC News
'Star Trek' actor Anton Yelchin dies in car crash at age 27. Read:
'Star Trek' actor Anton Yelchin dead in freak accident - Singer who performed on Mexican…
'Star Trek' actor Anton Yelchin killed when his car hits him
Anton Yelchin, star of ‘Star Trek’ and ‘Green Room,’ has tragically died at the age of 27:
[Guardian-UK] Star Trek star Anton Yelchin killed in car accident at home – video: Actor Anton Yelchin, who i...
Stars react to the tragic death of Anton Yelchin:
Anton Yelchin, who played Chekov in "Star Trek" movies, killed in accident.
Star Trek’ actor Anton Yelchin has died. He was 27. .
'Star Trek' star Anton Yelchin dies at 27 in freak car collision via
Such a bummer. 'Star Trek' star Anton Yelchin dies at 27 via I liked him in Odd Thomas, too.
Star Trek cast and crew paid tribute to Anton Yelchin:
Anton Yelchin you were a great Chekov. Sad to see someone so young go.
Such sad news about Anton Yelchin. I only admired from afar, but a true artist and a real star in my eyes. Such a loss. Suc…
Actor Anton Yelchin who played Chekov in 'Star Trek' has died in a tragic accident.
Let's all remember the best picture of Anton Yelchin.
Wait I actually watched so many movies BC Anton Yelchin starred in them goodness this is so sad
Anton Yelchin was too pure for the world
Wow RIP Anton Yelchin. A really talented actor, that's some sad news.
Charlie Bartlett was one of the first movies that made me love movies. RIP Anton Yelchin. So sad at this news.
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R.I.P Anton Yelchin. So much talent in this one scene. sang the greatest version of "Sweet Melissa.".
I think the 2016 award show in memoriam will sadly be one of the longest we've seen in awhile. RIP Anton Yelchin
I will remember Anton Yelchin like this.
So very sad to hear the awful news about Anton Yelchin. Such a fine actor with his whole career ahead of him. He will be…
Anton Yelchin's friends and co-stars react to news of his untimely death.
Shocked & saddened to read about Anton Yelchin. Way too soon. Thoughts and prayers are with his family & friends.
Anton Yelchin was a bright, brilliant talent, and a truly kind person. I was so taken by him, and won't ever forget his sw…
“I prefer when movies target my heart instead of my mind.” – Anton Yelchin, Rest in Peace. 👼
I've been a fan of Anton Yelchin since I saw Along Came A Spider. He was fantastic in everything I saw him in. Tragic loss.
Anton Yelchin was 1 of the brightest, most inquisitive, loving, special & unique person I've ever met, I loved him so much. I…
I'm so heartbroken over the loss of Anton Yelchin. What a beautiful talent, soul, and person. One of my absolute favorites.
Crestfallen to hear the news of Anton Yelchin. He was a superb actor and I always looked forward to the work he did. He wi…
Anton Yelchin was too pure for this world
This is unreal. Anton Yelchin is such a talent. Such a huge loss.
And now Anton Yelchin...can 2016 just stop it, already?
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Jesus, just saw the news about Anton Yelchin. That's absolutely heartbreaking. Such a talented guy.
Walter Koenig, the original Chekov, has outlived Anton Yelchin, new Chekov
Wow. Anton *** tragic. My thoughts are with his family and friends.
I was happy to see Anton Yelchin in anything. From Charlie Bartett to Green Room. A terrible loss
Desperately sad to hear about Anton Yelchin. So young and so talented. What an utter tragedy. My thoughts are with his fa…
Anton Yelchin's friends and colleagues react to his sudden passing
Devastated to hear about the brilliant Anton Yelchin. He was thoughtful, kind, and gifted. My thoughts and prayers are with…
RIP Anton Yelchin, one of my best Star Trek characters
The best I could do through the snot and tears: via
I am utterly heartbroken about this terrible news. Anton Yelchin was a gift to this world. My thoughts and prayers are wit…
Today we mourn the passing of Anton Yelchin. He was beloved by so many and he will missed by all.
Anton Yelchin has sadly passed away in a tragic car accident at the age of 27. RIP.
Anton Yelchin as Finn Earl :( :( Fierce People is 1 of my favorite movies in the whole world :((
Absolutely devastated to hear about Anton Yelchin. He was such a gifted, natural actor & a deeply kind man. My thoughts a…
Our heartfelt condolences to the family and friends of Anton Yelchin, a talented actor who honored us as Shun in From Up o…
Hamilton Collection
I didn't know him at all but Anton yelchin was a true talent. RIP.
I really enjoyed Anton Yelchin's work. His death reminds me of how I felt when I heard River Phoenix died: a bright talent cut short.
Anton Yelchin died at the age of 27? He was so talented!Odd Thomas,that Stephen King movie that I forget the name of,Star Trek.Unbelievable.
My heart goes out to the friends, family, and fans of Anton Yelchin. 😢😢😢 so young, so heartbreaking 😞
Just as a longtime fan of Anton Yelchin's work, this is so horrendously sad. Can't imagine what it's like for those who kne…
Anton Yelchin has died?? What absolutely tragic news. I was hoping to see him as Chekov for decades Sir https…
Anna Kendrick, LeVar Burton and more remember "Star Trek" actor Anton Yelchin
Anton Yelchin was so young. Why must bad things happen to good people?!?!
Any young actor who wants to see someone doing it for real watch anything Anton Yelchin ever did. Fabulous actor w…
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