Anton Chigurh & Javier Bardem

Anton Chigurh is the main antagonist of the Cormac Mccarthy novel No Country For Old Men and the film of the same name. Javier Ángel Encinas Bardem (born 1 March 1969) is a Spanish actor. 5.0/5

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Javier Bardem's Anton Chigurh is one of the most harrowing villains in the history of the medium.
76. Javier Bardem as Anton Chigurh in No Country For Old Men (2007) dir. Ethan Coen and Joel Coen
Who would win, Billy Bob Thornton's Malvo from Fargo or Javier Bardem's Anton Chigurh - No Country For Old Men?
'No Country For Old Men' is a top 10 movie. Anton Chigurh is played so well (and evil) that I want to get into a fight with Javier Bardem.
There's no better movie villain than Javier Bardem as Anton Chigurh . .
The real, real Best Picture was the image I had of Javier Bardem as Anton Chigurh enjoying the nuances of the Bridges of Madison County.
My drawing of Javier Bardem as Anton Chigurh. Pen and ink on glossy photo paper.
Meryl Streep and Javier Bardem: one of these presenters won an award playing a psychopathic murderer, and another won for Anton Chigurh
Even Meryl Streep doesn't know what accent Javier Bardem was doing when he played Anton Chigurh.
I know he’s been in a million other movies, but Javier Bardem will never not be Anton Chigurh.
Idea: Javier Bardem hosting the Oscars in character as Anton Chigurh.
Javier Bardem is a G, Anton Chigurh is one of the best villains of all time.
I will always be terrified of Javier Bardem because Anton Chigurh.
I can't see Javier Bardem in any way except for playing Anton Chigurh
Javier Bardem will never not be Anton Chigurh to me
Javier Bardem can't not be Anton Chigurh. . Pretty sure he murdered the camera man after filming this
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I don't think I ever got my fill of Javier Bardem as Anton Chigurh. They needed to come up with a spin-off for him. A game show or something
That's like if Javier Bardem did a breakfast cereal commercial as Anton Chigurh.
one day I'll be bold enough to go for the Javier Bardem as Anton Chigurh in No Country For Old Men day
Anton Chigurh, played by Javier Bardem is one of the best villain performance you'd ever see!
Javier Bardem brought to life Cormac Mccarthy's Anton Chigurh, one of the scariest villains ever imagined.
I think Javier Bardem dressed as Anton Chigurh should always flip the coin.
Who is the best movie villain? — Javier Bardem's character Anton Chigurh from No Country For Old Men.
late to the game but Javier Bardem (Silva/Skyfall and Anton Chigurh/No Country For Old Men) def instantly recognisable!
Javier Bardem surprises kids at children's hospital as Anton Chigurh.
Add in a Javier Bardem reprising as Anton Chigurh in a sequel for good measure?
Early, but if Del Bosque is run out of town because of this, who replaces him? Javier Bardem as Anton Chigurh?
I enjoyed the scene where Javier Bardem (Anton Chigurh) cleans his gun wounds in No Country For Old Men. He's so technical and precise.
There are some villains that you can't hate,,, because of many reasons :) , Arnold Schwarzenegger as Terminator - The terminator Henry Fonda as Frank - Once upon a time in the west Heath Ledger as The Joker - The Dark Knight Kevin Spacey as Verbal kint - The Usual Suspects Robert de Niro as Travis Bickle - Taxi Driver Anthony Hopkins as Dr. Hannibal Lecter - Silence of the Lambs Gary Oldman as Norman Stansfield - Leon Javier Bardem as Anton Chigurh - No Country For Old Men Jack Palance as Jack Wilson - Shane Daniel Day lewis as Bill ''the butcher'' Cutting - Gangs of New York Gary Oldman as Drexl Spivey - True Romance Al Pacino as Tony Montana - Scarface Alison Doody as Dr. Elsa Schneider - Indiana Jones and the last crusade Christoph Waltz as Colonol Hans Landa - Inglorious *** Javier Bardem as Raoul Silva - Skyfall Michael Madsen as Mr. Blonde - Reservoir Dogs etc. agree or disagree,,, :)
Javier Bardem is back doing Cormac Mccarthy, and with even crazier hair.The Spanish thesp won a Supporting Actor Academy Award for playing the strangely coiffed, stone-cold killer Anton Chigurh in “No Country For Old Men,” the Coe
Anton Chigurh vs Raoul Silva - Javier Bardem villains who is creepier? (I blogged about to find the definitive...
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True movie facts: In "No County For Old Men", Anton Chigurh is actually played by Jim Carrey in a Javier Bardem rubber suit.
Javier Bardem was uncomfortable while playing Anton Chigurh in No Country for...
Anton Chigurh may be the greatest screen villain of the past decade. Either him or Silva. Either way, it's Javier Bardem, right?
No Country For Old Men was the most critically acclaimed movie of 2007. But do I find it good? The most simple answer would be yes and I end the review right here, but i'm not going to do that. The movie is about a hunter who stumbles across a drug deal gone wrong and finds a suitcase full of money (2 million dollars) he is pursued by a ruthless hitman Anton Chigurh, and all the while an aging cop is searching for the Chigurh while trying to adapt to the modern criminal. The movie was written for the screen and directed by Ethan and Joel Coen, and like most of their other works the movie has a western fell to it despite it not being a western. What really makes this movie stand out is the performances from the actors, they all did a marvelous job. But the best is definitely Javier Bardem as Anton Chigurh, he played the character with such evil, he didn't care if he killed or who he killed, he was ruthless and terrifying. The scene that I enjoyed the best out of the whole movie is really able to show the . ...
Re-reading and re-watching “No Country For Old Men.” King Lear says, “Give me an ounce of civet, good apothecary, to sweeten my imagination.” I should think so. (Could any actor other than Javier Bardem have played Anton Chigurh, “a true and living prophet of destruction”? Don’t think so.)
My fav and one of the best spanish actor Javier Bardem, well-known as Anton Chigurh... ``Friendo``
I had a dream I was on the run from an Anton Chigurh character. Except instead of being Javier Bardem, he was Anthony Bourdain.
One of my favorite bad guys from a book and its film adaptation. I was so scared of Javier Bardem, I thought turning him into an egg would lessen
Javier Bardem is magnificent as Anton Chigurh, but he's still nowhere near as terrifying as the character in the book.
Remember when Javier Bardem shook up the film world as Anton Chigurh in No County For Old Men? Pansringarm could be on that level.
How do you describe a man who is meant to be evil but his next move can't be predicted? This man (Javier Bardem) did the impossible and how.those eyes of Anton Chigurh...RUN!!! with Ashish Wagh & Avinash Baghel.
Javier Bardem's Anton Chigurh is a much better villain than Heath Ledger's Joker
Javier Bardem guest role with his character from No Country For Old Men, Anton Chigurh, on The Simpsons
.going to start a Javier Bardem tribute band called Anton Chigurh Rós. All songs to be played with a pneumatic bolt gun.
I liked a video No Country For Old Men - Anton Chigurh / Javier Bardem kills
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Javier Bardem can be one spooky dude in character. Examples? Anton Chigurh in No Country For Old Men, Romeo Dolorosa in Perdita Durango and ex agent Silva in Skyfall. The last of which I've just finished viewing .The magic of a movie, for me, is when the knowing one is watching a film fades and the film becomes the reality. The magic manifested in all of Javier's listed performances. Wonder what's next?
Anton Chigurh is one of the most flawless antagonists in cinema, played to unsettling perfection by the very underrated Javier Bardem.
I just saw a man with a legit Anton Chigurh haircut. He wasn't attractive like Javier Bardem though.
The Tiny Men of Hollywood: | I didn't know Javier Bardem is 5'7" ... he looked huge as Anton Chigurh.
Javier Bardem's character in Skyfall only comes second to his Anton Chigurh character in No Country For Old Men.
No Country For Old Men Movie Clip - watch all clips click to subscribe Chigurh (Javier Bardem) shoots Carson (Woody Har...
Javier Bardem sobre Anton Chigurh "I don't drive, I speak bad English, and I hate violence" "That's why we called you"
Saw Skyfall tonight. Seems a bit hard to believe that the same scriptwriting teams who did such a disservice to Pierce Brosnan are writing the excellent stuff Daniel Craig has been appearing in. Also a bit hard to look at Javier Bardem without seeing Anton Chigurh, but well done nonetheless.
i like to think the Coens named Javier Bardem's character in No Country "Anton Chigurh" just so they could call him "Tony Sugar" for fun.
Watching this new and excellent Stones doc Crossfire Hurricane on HBO! Looking at old footage of drummer Charlie Watts, of whom Javier Bardem is a dead ringer for(the young Charlie, of course) I am now convinced that young Watts was the chief inspiration for Javier's hair as Anton Chigurh in the Coen Best Pic Winner No Country For Old Men! Check it out. I'm serious. ; )
How many bad guys has Javier Bardem played? I rank this number 2 behind the only other bad guy I've seen him play, Anton Chigurh
I just made the connection that Raoul Silva (Skyfall) was Javier Bardem aka Anton Chigurh.
Javier Bardem really is TOO GOOD at playing deranged killers. Anton Chigurh was almost too real, and his bond villain is downright creepy
Finally got round to watching Skyfall last night. What a brilliant bad guy Javier Bardem makes! Still not as good as Anton Chigurh though!
Saw the new Bond film, not impressed. Javier Bardem was good, not nearly as good a when he was "Anton Chigurh"
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Visuals were awesome in the new Bond film. Overall, this one was very entertaining and continued the introduction of characters in the historic Bond universe. That said, I thought the usage of Javier Bardem was a little weak as they could have had a villain that resembled Anton Chigurh a little bit more. In fact, the master plan of the main villain could have been a little more ambitious in my opinion. For my full review, click my link below...
About to see this guy's movie. This is as about as enthusiastic as I am about it. Sorry kids, I am not into James Bond at all. Feels too calculated and cold to me. Give me an angst ridden neuroses any day. However, I am slightly intrigued by this movie because it is directed by Sam Mendes (Which makes me believe we'll get Thora Birch as a surprise Bond Girl) and has Javier Bardem in what will hopefully be a very poor man's Anton Chigurh. Also, why is this only the third movie this year to enter the IMDB Top 250? This year has not been that terrible.
Skyfall was a vast improvement over Quantum Of Solace (in their defense, the script was unfinished due to the writers' strike). With this being the 50th anniversary of the Bond films, there were some subtle and not-so-subtle hints to the franchise's past. I thought the cast was excellent; Daniel Craig appears to be comfortable in his role as Bond, and Javier Bardem brought an excellent creepy quality to Raul Silva (shades of Anton Chigurh from 'No Country For Old Men'). We also see the return/introductions of Miss Moneypenny and Q. The new Q reminds me of one who works at Apple or is one of Best Buy's Geek Squad, and the banter between him and 007 is reminiscent of Classic Bond/Q. Adele's title track also sets the mood for the movie; the title sequence is also an improvement from QoS; if the images look a little weird, here's a mini-spoiler: it'll all make sense. Judi Dench's M is also very good, and I've admired how the Craig films focus on Bond the character, and not necessarily the standard Bond formul ...
Oh people, stop saying Javier Bardem looks like Komeng... I will send Anton Chigurh to blow your brains out!
I like Skyfall more than Quantum Of Solace. Gorgeous cinematography (the night photography!). MVP: Anton Chigurh to Silva, Javier Bardem!
Also will be good to see Javier Bardem aka Anton Chigurh as a Bond villain, very menacing!
The new Bond film should've had Javier Bardem reprise his role as Anton Chigurh. C'mon! you think you have a better villain?!
Honestly, being cast as Anton Chigurh AND the new Bond villain? I hereby name Javier Bardem the scariest man currently acting.
I'm wishing Javier Bardem was playing Anton Chigurh in Skyfall. Now THAT is how to play a nut job
I get disappointed every time Javier Bardem isn't Anton Chigurh in a movie
Javier Bardem has created another classic villain with his character in “Skyfall,” Raoul Silva, who’s as unique as Anton Chigurh, but in...
Javier Bardem's Silva is a bleach-bond, computer-savvy Anton Chigurh with a tragic back story
Javier Bardem playing the bad guy in Skyfall. Doubt he'll be anywhere near as scary as Anton Chigurh.
Javier Bardem is the villain in the new Bond movie - I'm hoping he just shows up as Anton Chigurh again
I'm so looking forward to Javier Bardem as a Bond villian. He seems so perfect for the role as he was so brilliantly creepy as Anton Chigurh
Anton Chigurh is the main antagonist of Cormac Mccarthy's novel No Country For Old Men and its film adaptation. He is portrayed by Javier Bardem in the film.
If the can get Javier Bardem to reprise the role of Anton Chigurh, they may be able to effectively counter Eastwood's bizarreness.
No Country For Old Men - I'm still not quite sure how I feel about this one after a week. This is a very good movie. Despite its reputation, I don't think it's a great movie. It is undoubtedly entertaining in the thriller sense. But while it has effective moments dealing with deeper themes like money and the nature of chance and evil, I don't think it entirely connected on the deeper level. I may be biased here because I don't find psychopaths particularly interesting, and this movie is very reliant on one. While I thought Javier Bardem was indisputably brilliant as Anton Chigurh, the character doesn't interest me all that much. People like him shoot almost anybody they come in contact with. That isn't changeable. So even when he deigns to spare someone, I don't care all that much. This movie reminds me, and how could it not, of another Coen Brothers film, Fargo. I think Fargo is a better film, perhaps because while that movie also features an unrepentant psychopath in Gaere "Stop At Pancakes Hou ...
Better villain: Javier Bardem as Anton Chigurh or Heath Ledger as The Joker?
Best Villain Character i ever see in a non-superhero movie is Anton Chigurh of "No Country For Old Man." Potrayed by Javier Bardem.
Javier Bardem reprising his role as Anton Chigurh would be a good co host for Kelly Ripa.
working for movie JOHN DAY @ mumbai ! Actor Randeep Hooda is all set to play a cold blooded murderer, a character modelled around Javier Bardem's famous role in 'No Country For Old Men', in his next film 'John Day'. Randeep plays a violent, cold and menacing character with a dark sense of humor much like Anton Chigurh in 'John Day', an edge of the seat revenge drama also starring Naseeruddin Shah with whom Randeep began his career in 'Monsoon Wedding'. "Randeep's character is modeled around Javier Bardem's character in 'No Country For Old Men' but the similarity ends here. In fact my character is much more complex, just think of Anton Chigurh with an intense love story. Randeep's character is extremely violent, heartless and very aggressive. I was extremely excited while writing the script, and the character and Javier was on my mind," said debutante director Solomon. Produced by Anjum Rizvi of 'A Wednesday' fame and K Asif, the film has an ensemble cast with Randeep, Naseeruddin Shah, Shernaz Patel, Sali ...
Anton Chigurh: What’s the most you ever lost on a coin toss? - No Country For Old Men
I liked Jack's better myself but it was still great. Javier Bardem's Anton Chigurh gotta be up there too.
Well, in other news, I just read that the 23rd James Bond movie, Skyfall, premieres in October 2012. Daniel Craig once again plays Bond, with Javier Bardem playing the main villain. Bardem won a Best Supporting Actor Award in 2007 for is portrayal of Anton Chigurh, the sociopathic assassin in No Country For Old Men. Shaping up to be a "don't miss this one" for 9-ECHO-1.
Excellent villainous presentation I ever seen. Javier Bardem as Anton Chigurh from the movie NO Country For Old Men. I love this coin-toss scene.. ""What's t...
"When he first saw his new haircut, Javier Bardem said 'Oh no, now I won't get laid for the next two months'. The Coens responded by happily high-fiving." -on Anton Chigurh's actor in No Country For Old Men
Javier Bardem is insane! Might get my hair cut like Anton Chigurh - good look?
No Country For Old Men - One of the greatest films ever ,Anton Chigurh [Javier Bardem] is pretty much the greatest character EVER!
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