Anton Chigurh & Cormac McCarthy

Anton Chigurh is the main antagonist of the Cormac Mccarthy novel No Country for Old Men and the film of the same name. Cormac Mccarthy (born Charles McCarthy; July 20, 1933) is an American novelist and playwright. He has written ten novels, spanning the Southern Gothic, Western, and Post-apocalyptic genres. 1.3/5

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Javier Bardem brought to life Cormac Mccarthy's Anton Chigurh, one of the scariest villains ever imagined.
"I just thought it was a cool name." - Cormac Mccarthy to the Coen brothers on the character Anton Chigurh from No Country for Old Men
Javier Bardem is back doing Cormac Mccarthy, and with even crazier hair.The Spanish thesp won a Supporting Actor Academy Award for playing the strangely coiffed, stone-cold killer Anton Chigurh in “No Country for Old Men,” the Coe
I see a lot of similarities between Stephen King's John Rainbird and Cormac Mccarthy's Anton Chigurh.
THE GREATEST 200 FILMS EVER MADE continues with 129, NO COUNTRY FOR Old Men. The movie opens with the flat, confiding voice of Tommy Lee Jones. He describes a teenage killer he once sent to the chair. The boy had killed his 14-year-old girlfriend. The papers described it as a crime of passion, "but he tolt me there weren't nothin' passionate about it. Said he'd been fixin' to kill someone for as long as he could remember. Said if I let him out of there, he'd kill somebody again. Said he was goin' to *** Reckoned he'd be there in about 15 minutes." These words sounded verbatim to me from No Country for Old Men, the novel by Cormac Mccarthy, but I find they are not quite. And their impact has been improved upon in the delivery. When I get the DVD of this film, I will listen to that stretch of narration several times; Jones delivers it with a vocal precision and contained emotion that is extraordinary, and it sets up the entire film, which regards a completely evil man with wonderment, as if astonished tha . ...
If you guys are wondering where I came up with the idea of the Taker, he was actually inspired by Anton Chigurh, a character from Cormac Mccarthy's novel, "No Country for Old Men." Good read, and I'm fairly sure the Taker is just as ruthless as Chigurh (well, that's my plan, anyway.)
No Country For Old Men is rightly regarded as an all-time classic, and yet another triumph for the Coen brothers - Joel and Ethan. The 2007 movie won four Oscars and two Golden Globes along with a host of other awards, cementing the directors' place in movie history. Adapted from the Cormac Mccarthy...
LAPT Panama: A coinflip for your life on the bubble: Cormac Mccarthy's Anton Chigurh was nowhere in the room, bu...
Anton Chigurh is the main antagonist of Cormac Mccarthy's novel No Country for Old Men and its film adaptation. He is portrayed by Javier Bardem in the film.
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