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Anton Chigurh

Anton Chigurh is the main antagonist of the Cormac McCarthy novel No Country For Old Men and the film of the same name.

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Right and somehow we are besties with KSA and treat Russia like she…
I talked to Javier Bardem TODAY about Anton Chigurh and I was all 😍😍😍. Super professional!
Still an affecting song/video, despite Jim's Anton Chigurh haircut.
People are talking about Robert Mueller like he's Anton Chigurh
Anton Chigurh has his first run for us at tomorrow in the 4.15, 9 runners and Dave Crosse rides
Coincidentally, I was just drawing my Actual Boyfriend, Anton Chigurh, this morning.
The level to which Carla Jean psychologically ruins Anton Chigurh by forcing him to face culpability of his actions is the best.
Anton Chigurh's frightening question in No Country For Old Men is just as frightening right now.
Please don't tell me the guest is Anton Chigurh.
Who would win, Billy Bob Thornton's Malvo from Fargo or Javier Bardem's Anton Chigurh - No Country For Old Men?
No trial, no judge or jury, straight to see Anton Chigurh!
I just saw the cutest baby Anton Chigurh.
Anton chigurh one of the best antagonists in any film
My vote for best unwritten blog goes to the one that eventually proves Anton Chigurh is Lord Farquaad ht…
I want a super creepy costume this Halloween but idk if I'll be able to pull off just being 'The Hair' of character…
'No Country For Old Men' is a top 10 movie. Anton Chigurh is played so well (and evil) that I want to get into a fight with Javier Bardem.
Anton Chigurh is easily one of, if not the best cinematic villain of the 21st century
Fair enough, but appreciate the GOAT that is Anton Chigurh
Of course. More importantly, however, that makes you their villain. You're their Joker. You're their Ant…
After watching Black Swan again, I think Niezgoda may actually have ground with his Anton Chigurh theory. Maybe.
I don't think Anton Chigurh is representative of your study sample.
I wish they had a recurring antagonist as formidable and sinister as both Professor Moriarty and Anton Chigurh.
It's so great! Also Perry is so so scary. Every time he's on screen it's Anton Chigurh-level anxiety
y am I so attracted to Anton Chigurh
his performance as Anton Chigurh is remarkable. On of my fav movies ever 'cause of him
I'm Online. I posted this from my PlayStation . Bongo looks Like Anton Chigurh + Meatloaf 😭
It's called a hand salad. [Hissing noise, as ANTON CHIGURH appears to prepare some sort of pneumatic device] . But let's not focus on that.
is this purely comic book villains because Anton Chigurh from No Country For Old Men would probably be at the top of mine.
Anton Chigurh is how you spell it as well
The man will kill anything for a buck. He's the Anton Chigurh of historical fiction.
I'm getting Anton Chigurh tatted on me
Jack Brisco in his prime was a Anton Chigurh lookin MFer if ever there was one.
Goodnight guys, have good dreams that don't include Anton Chigurh sneaking through your house with a creme brulee torch :D
Watching No Country For Old Men again. A film that truly makes me think, that I look a lot like Anton Chigurh when my hair is straightened
Anton Chigurh stares at the ceiling, waiting for the dentist's assistant to call his name.
I stuck No Country For Old Men on cause no one in my apartment has seen it, Anton Chigurh might be the best antagonist ever put on screen.
topic. Preferably with the assassin being Anton Chigurh from No Country For Old Men
3. Hans Landa . 2. Anton Chigurh. 1. ? . We're ranking the 15 best movie villains of the 21st century (so far):
looks like Anton Chigurh's senior yearbook picture
He's basically Anton Chigurh but with better hair
For Paul Ryan today, amid the wreckage, wisdom from Anton Chigurh "If the rule you followed brought you to this, of what use was the rule?"
Anton Chigurh coming to your house later with the silencer on the shotgun
Just watched No Country For Old Men for the first time. Gotta say, loved Fred Armison ( ) as Anton Chigurh.
The pain in my brain currently is what I imagine surviving Anton Chigurh's death machine must feel like.
Anton Chigurh now working at accounts receivable in one of the offices in my building. Life comes at you fast.
Anton Chigurh returns to where he won the same race last year. Hopefully he can do it again today at 2.20
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Just finished it again. Anton Chigurh trips me out.
My Lyft driver reminds me of a very kind and gentlemanly Anton Chigurh.
"Anton Chigurh is more than just a man. He's some kinda elemental force. A symbol of somethin."
Nervous Accountant: Are you going to shoot me?. Anton Chigurh: That depends. Do you see me?…
Top 30 Best Movie characters Anton Chigurh. One of the greatest screen villains of all…
😹 Okay, I'll say it had (maybe) a sprinkling of Burn. But I KNOW this person didn't just compare Mad Dog Max to Ant…
San Antonio is the kinda city where if you make a late-night Whataburger run it feels like Anton Chigurh is staking you
There's no better movie villain than Javier Bardem as Anton Chigurh . .
The Netflix pic for No Country makes it look like an Anton Chigurh comedy special. THAT explains why it's sandwiched betwee…
But that's nothing when compared to Anton Chigurh of No Country For Old Men.
So according to this website called Twinlets, Anton Chigurh from "No Country For Old Men" has been my twin brother…
Nothing like getting told you look like Anton Chigurh
The best part of the new is the Anton Chigurh vs. Edward Scissorhands fanfic I wrote for a college paper.
Kiera Knightley is my celebrity crush. But at least the actor Anton Chigurh from "no Country For Old Men" is in it!
I'm picturing the coin flip scene in No Country For Old Men. Can you Anton Chigurh your hair?
Anton Chigurh will forever be the best movie villain I've ever seen. Tough act to beat.
Walking like Anton Chigurh because my my leg fell asleep.
Sheep follow the leader right off a cliff. "Would you hold still please, sir?"- Anton Chigurh, No Country For Old Men
Brilliant! I went with Anton Chigurh's All-Stars. We still have spots open if you want to play!
He also played Anton Chigurh, a prime antagonist if there ever was one.
*Anton Chigurh Voice* What's the most you ever lost on a class balancing patch?
Dear Mr. Trump As Anton Chigurh would say "you don't know what you're talking about"
Javier Bardem is in No Country For Old Men as Anton chigurh
woke up at 5am and read an entire Wiki on Anton Chigurh then fell back to sleep what is wrong with me
Is there a more terrifying actual human in any movie ever than Anton Chigurh?
The real, real Best Picture was the image I had of Javier Bardem as Anton Chigurh enjoying the nuances of the Bridges of Madison County.
My drawing of Javier Bardem as Anton Chigurh. Pen and ink on glossy photo paper.
Walking with a limp feeling like Anton chigurh
my hair is starting to look like Anton Chigurh from No Country For Old Men. I'd post a picture, but I don't need that archived forever
When you enter the theater to see Kong: Skull Island you are killed by an Anton Chigurh bolt thing & pushed into a vat of sulfuric acid
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you were the best villain since Anton Chigurh- with even better hair.
Anton Chigurh (Javier Bardem) in No Country For Old Men. Dude was frightening.
Meryl Streep and Javier Bardem: one of these presenters won an award playing a psychopathic murderer, and another won for Anton Chigurh
It’s Anton Chigurh or Darth Vader for me.
Even Meryl Streep doesn't know what accent Javier Bardem was doing when he played Anton Chigurh.
brb imagining Anton Chigurh watching it and LOVING it now
I know he’s been in a million other movies, but Javier Bardem will never not be Anton Chigurh.
Idea: Javier Bardem hosting the Oscars in character as Anton Chigurh.
Anton Chigurh crying at The Bridges of Madison County sounds like a pitch for the new Coen Brothers movie.
I will never again be able to watch Bridges of Madison County w/o hearing Anton Chigurh's voice giving commentary in my head.
Anton Chigurh would have made Bridges of Madison County a vastly better movie
Javier Bardem is a G, Anton Chigurh is one of the best villains of all time.
I will always be terrified of Javier Bardem because Anton Chigurh.
Maybe Anton Chigurh will flip a coin and make Meryl Streep call it.
That´s not Javier, that´s Anton Chigurh talking about Bridges of Madison County wich happens to be his favorite film.
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Anton Chigurh loving is like loving Wait….
Anton Chigurh loves Bridges of Madison County...explains the haircut.
And this is Anton Chigurh talking, so you better listen.
I can't see Javier Bardem in any way except for playing Anton Chigurh
I'm pretending this is Anton Chigurh talking about his love of Bridges of Madison County.
Anton Chigurh loves Bridges of Madison County? that explains everything.
Now all I see is Anton Chigurh watching THE BRIDGES OF MADISON COUNTY...
Thank you for the mental image of Anton Chigurh watching Bridges of Madison County
Javier Bardem will never not be Anton Chigurh to me
All I can think about is Anton Chigurh watching Bridges of Madison County.
Javier Bardem can't not be Anton Chigurh. . Pretty sure he murdered the camera man after filming this
Anton Chigurh means someone is going to die
All I see is Anton Chigurh about to flip his murder coin
will hunt them down like Anton Chigurh in "No Country For Old Men." 😳😳😳
Tip of a very big iceberg lol. Xehanort/Xemnas/Ansem. Sailor Galaxia. Giovanni +Team Rocket . Anton Chigurh. The Riddler
This isn't a problem for us: Recall Technician Anton Chigurh has a library-issued cattle gun and is happy to use it.
I don't think I ever got my fill of Javier Bardem as Anton Chigurh. They needed to come up with a spin-off for him. A game show or something
*Anton Chigurh voice* "What's the most you ever saved on a Boots meal deal?"
He-Man and his Anton Chigurh haircut can go.
Especially if you run into Anton Chigurh.
Like there isn't an Anton Chigurh willing to turn London upside down for this.
Random thought of the day: what if Hannibal Lecter and Anton Chigurh met, and became pals?
I would quit drinking but I would likely turn into Anton Chigurh
do an analysis of Anton Chigurh from No Country For Old Men?
“What is the sound of one dude abiding?” . “Does a Dapper Dan man have Buddha nature?” . “If you meet Anton Chigurh, kill him.” .
Going through my wife's old school photos I realized she was in second grade with Anton Chigurh.…
Anton Chugirh is probably the scariest movie villain of all time - So I made a toy of him! Read about it here:…
Joel Coen and Ethan Coen used a photo of a brothel patron taken in 1979 as a model for Anton Chigurh's hair
KGBeast in All Star keeps giving me Anton Chigurh vibes
Also Anton Chigurh is one of the greatest villains of all time
I get that alliteration is a thing & fear sells, but come on Snow doesn't 'stalk' like some meteor…
if you took Anton Chigurh's face and subtracted my face off with them, im over the shoulder of a Cephalic Carnage hoodie
That's like if Javier Bardem did a breakfast cereal commercial as Anton Chigurh.
And Anton Chigurh works on his novel there (frame right).
All the friendos are telling me to give Anton Chigurh a chance.
Now, after demonetization, we finally know why Anton Chigurh from ‘No Country For Old Men’ was so dismissive of ATMs
now we know where the Cohen brothers got the inspiration for Anton Chigurh
theory: Lorne Malvo is in some way the same evil/death as Anton Chigurh (No Country) & The Judge from Blood Meridian
After car crash, two boys on bikes. Anton Chigurh pays 100 for shirt. He got $$ at the El Paso motel. Dime screwdriver seen.
The “Gotta see both sides!” credo will do for us all in the end. As demonstrated by Anton Chigurh, one can't be afr…
This was a really good episode. Check it out. Anton Chigurh is a total bad *** in the Darth Vader type of way.…
Trump chooses Anton Chigurh to be Secretary of Education
At this point, the DC cinematic universe is like No Country For Old Men. Zack Snyder is Anton Chigurh and Geoff Johns is Sheriff Bell.
got my license renewed yesterday and did my best to look like Anton Chigurh with a big beard
Anton Chigurh is being arrested because he broke a guys neck after he called him *** under his "breath".
Every wonder why Anton Chigurh is being arrested in the first place?
From Peter Jackson to James Cameron to the Coen Bros - Anton Chigurh makes a surprise appearance at the deanz16 great debate
Is it normal to watch a film alone in the Prince Charles while eating a banana, or am I in Anton Chigurh territory
Thinking of changing my look again. Considering Anton Chigurh haircut and unibrow tattoo.
light colored pearl snaps and jeans. He was in insider. Anton Chigurh wore dark clothing unfamiliar to the region
Whoa. Thought that was Anton Chigurh for a minute there.
Confusing, I know. Anton Chigurh could definitely be the name of a kids' character. Sounds so sweet!
Lorne Malvo is not human. And not like Anton Chigurh is not human, Malvo is a random collection of unrealistic intensities.
Random Musing of the Day: Voice of Anton Chigurh + Voice of Bane = Voice of Kylo Ren.
Paddy might be the Anton Chigurh of MMA. The worse the hair, the more dangerous he is
Just look at the meaty hands on this blond Anton Chigurh looking MFer
Anton Chigurh is wonderful and he needed to get away to shore up the theme. I think.
How about having your seat kicked repeatedly during a film? I could Anton Chigurh those people.
If anyone could Photoshop Anton chigurh from no Country For Old Men bowl cut into Tupac's head for me that's be sweet
Desperately trying to think of an example, but find the right one. Frank and Robot? Anton Chigurh? Has to be a better one...
domain names
I hope so. Batman villains aren't exactly Anton Chigurh levels of compelling, so they kinda need to be charming.
AC in this office room is colder than Anton Chigurh's heart.
Anton Chigurh from No Country For Old Men!
Because this dude is Anton Chigurh from No Country For Old Men
You set a deposition of my expert 4 hours away today (daycare closed), and I'm gonna show up looking like Anton Chigurh. Thems the rules.
Anton Chigurh with his bolt pistol (I knew I shouldn't have stolen that money)
Without losing some respect, the silhouette is like Anton Chigurh.
Anton Chigurh to Republican lawmakers: "You don't know what you're talking about.".
Anton Chigurh wins the 2:50 at Wolverhampton at odds of 5.50
Anton Chigurh who won the seller here has just been sold to Tom Dascombe for 6,000gns
No stopping Silvestre De Sousa at the moment as ANTON CHIGURH is lifted home. Lands a bit of a gamble in the process too SP 9/4
2:50 >> ANTON CHIGURH E/W 5/1*. SDS been smashed up ... he is on for a double or even a treble today !!!
3/4 of Silvestre De Sousa's rides today: . ANTON CHIGURH. SKYLARK LADY. FLINTY FELL. Got to be worth a good bet at the patent
Anton Chigurh because of his lack of emotion and willingness to lean on fate instead of morality.
Anton Chigurh, NO Country For Old Men. Not showy, just principled (in his own way).
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Wow the Anton Chigurh-Llwellyn meeting happened sooner than expected
That was what Anton Chigurh called people in No Country For Old Men.
I got: 'Anton Chigurh' on 'What Movie Psycho Is Your Evil Twin?' via
Heath Ledger's Joker, Darth Vader & Anton Chigurh has to be right up there on that list. They are my Top 3 villains of all time! :)
DAREDEVIL's Punisher kind of reminds me of Anton Chigurh
Leorard Smalls in Raising Arizona, Satan in Barton Fink, Anton Chigurh in No Country For Old Men...
8. Perhaps most ominous Coen door sequence is in No Country: Llewelyn Moss holed up waiting for Anton Chigurh,
& has one of the greatest movie villains ever, Anton Chigurh
60-65% chance my Uber driver is Anton Chigurh.
Anton Chigurh, played by Javier Bardem is one of the best villain performance you'd ever see!
"Let's watch No Country For Old Men and take a shot for every person Anton Chigurh kills in the first 45 minutes."
To one he is Woody, to another he is Anton Chigurh. See for yourself.
i'm crying, i love Anton Chigurh so much
😝 boys who need haircuts 👄 (my hair is now worthy of comparison with Anton Chigurh's hair)
.FACT. Wthout the moustache, Lee Hazelwood was revealed to be the real life Anton Chigurh.
Apparently today is World Book Day. This week’s book cosplay has been, for the most part, Anton Chigurh.
Let's not forget Heath Ledger (The Dark Knight) and the one and only Anton Chigurh
5 most intimidating characters in movie history, Anton Chigurh and Hannibal Lecter have to be on that list, right?
Ever notice how much Anton Chigurh (2007) looks like David Warner as Jack the Ripper (1979, Time After Time)?
*anton chigurh flips a coin in front of an uncomprehending Tom Delay*
Javier Bardem brought to life Cormac McCarthy's Anton Chigurh, one of the scariest villains ever imagined.
Then I imagined a conversation between Wolverine and Anton Chigurh. "Lookin' at somethin', bub?". "What business is it of yours, friendo?"
Happy birthday, dear Javier! Seen here as Anton Chigurh, the enigmatic killer of No Countr…
Anton Chigurh never felt the need to run.
The character Anton Chigurh didn't leave my head for many days when I first saw that movie. His performance was just amazing
that's why Anton Chigurh got away at the end of No Country For Old Men.
Spaghetti Western cowboy mercenary Take is a character development I could get into. Like pro wrestling Anton Chigurh.
well, when the anton chigurh of comix tells you to become the suge knight of youtube... I guess you gotta give it a shot.
Who wore it better, Jack Chambers or Anton Chigurh?.
What's the most you ever lost on a coin toss? - Anton Chigurh
Anton Chigurh is that type of villain you'd root for.
About as bad as Anton Chigurh's hair in No Country For Old Men.
True but The Joker, Anton Chigurh, Agent Smith, Hannibal Lecter, Roy Batty, Johnny Lawrence. They all had one movie
Anton Chigurh is hands down, my favorite bad guy...he had principles..
or Anton Chigurh's bolt gun emerges from the screen like Videodrome
Southerll 15:05 - ANTON CHIGURH (6/1 e/w) came back from a long layoff well a couple of weeks ago and has handled this surface
Sicario. Watched it this afternoon and I was very impressed. Del Toro is like Anton Chigurh with a motive.
I hate realizing how even people like Hitler, Stalin, Pol Pot, Anton Chigurh, Darth Vader, the Queen Alien, and had positives.
Girl gets a dragon tattoo, gets a movie. I get a tattoo of Anton Chigurh on my neck, they won't let me into Check E Chees…
Dear how did you guys put together a list of top 40 villains and omit Anton Chigurh???. HOW???
They might send Anton Chigurh after you. LOLOLOLOL
Anton Chigurh doesn't kill Brolin, cartel gets him. He and Tommy Lee show up late for the party...
.Friend? Are you trying to channel Anton Chigurh?
...Anton Chigurh is the best bad guy though...
Is there an Anton Chigurh that's listed as a former owner of this fine vehickle?
Anton Chigurh still gives me nightmares
LOL. What if there was an Anton Chigurh of
Ha! Yeah. Anton Chigurh. Javier Bardem was great. Another one of my favorites.
A beat made by the sound of Anton Chigurh's coin spinning in the air
smart that you're adopting the Anton Chigurh look to get interviewees to open up
I don't know where the money is. I know something better. I know where it's going to be. -Anton Chigurh
I wonder if ppl would get it, if I dressed as for Halloween? We sorta look a like. Another option is Anton Chigurh
I think Javier Bardem dressed as Anton Chigurh should always flip the coin.
Anton Chigurh. Norman Bates. Take your pick from The Godfather I and II: Solozzo the Turk, Hyman Roth, Frankie Pentangeli
Whoa there's Anton-Chigurh-esque on last night Too bad no coin-toss this time.
why oh why didn't I ask my prof if I could turn in 15 pages of anton chigurh/the judge fanfic instead of 15 pages of terrible lit analysis
Loved the Anton Chigurh vibe in last night's Very nicely done.
Coworker keeps slowly drifting closer and closer to my desk like a really irritating Anton Chigurh.
. sure, but Hans Gruber in drag, too. Thing I'm writing now: modern spin on No Country For Old Men, with female Anton Chigurh
Hanzee channeled Anton Chigurh in that scene with the store owner. All that was missing was the coin. Bravo,
This gas station guy seems to have the exact same outfit as the one Anton Chigurh threatens in No Country which can't be coincidental
Gas station scene gave so many No Country For Old Men vibes. Hanzee is the new Anton Chigurh
Hanzee is the new Anton Chigurh. I see an Emmy in Zahn McClarnon's future. Chilling performance in
Hanzee doing his best Anton Chigurh at the gas station
it's fun seeing Billy Bob pretty much playing Anton Chigurh, although some of the dialogue is over done
A buddy comedy* featuring Hanzee and Anton Chigurh on a road trip. *scary murder movie that I will not watch no thank you.
Um can we get a Hanzee and Anton Chigurh movie asap. Someone make that happen.
I think is right: Hanzee from is Anton Chigurh. And tonight's final scene is eerily reminiscent of No Country.
Shades of Anton Chigurh and the gas station owner...
Hanzee giving off serious Anton Chigurh vibes.
Hanzee definitely has a little Anton Chigurh in him
*Anton Chigurh walks up to a Salvation Army bell ringer and flips a coin*. "Call it.". "Happy holidays sir.". "Just call it."
'What's the most you've ever lost on a coin toss?' Anton Chigurh inked. . …
Acquaintances described Anton Chigurh was a gentle loner who occassionally unleashed a captive bolt pistol towards those he knew
Billy Bob Thornton as Lorne Malvo in is truly an evil Ray Velcoro mixed with Anton Chigurh.
Anton Chigurh is one psychotic badass! — watching No Country For Old Men
Anton chigurh is one of the most evil men in the world
Everyone is afraid of Keyser Soze, but Keyser Soze is afraid Anton Chigurh.
"You don't know what you're talking about do you?" - Anton Chigurh
Anton Chigurh, but instead of a relentless killer, he's a meticulous sous chef.
Fillet What if Anton Chigurh had lineage that lasted until the events of The Road? my fan fiction response
well yeah, Malvo was just Anton Chigurh palette swap with a personality.
Pretty sure Anton Chigurh just bagged my groceries.
Anton Chigurh and Carson Wells seem a lot more grounded in reality after reading
this guy who talks and looks JUST like anton chigurh from no Country For Old Men has been coming into my work lately :--( :-(((terrifying! !
would've also supported some Anton Chigurh memes
Also I kind of hate that Billy Bob Thornton's character in FARGO is basically Anton Chigurh
"That's foolish. You pick the one right tool." - Anton Chigurh
I guess you can say that I "fell in love". Get it? I landed on my patellae. Now I'm limping like Anton Chigurh. 💔
Wanna be my friendo and come over to drink milk and talk about Anton Chigurh?
Anton Chigurh? Police: Suspect said he drank 10 to 11 beers before hitting Missoula officer with car
Does anyone else feel like Anton Chigurh when they peel off wet socks?
late to the game but Javier Bardem (Silva/Skyfall and Anton Chigurh/No Country For Old Men) def instantly recognisable!
is the Anton Chigurh of the Middle East. Which is no country for dreamers, thinkers, or innovators.
greatness in these characters; Atticus finch;Hannibal Lector Anton Chigurh:Using the ideology of these charactrs#
One day I'd like Anton Chigurh to go out for the coin toss at a football game and just say "You have to call it."
New item: Hooded sweatshirt Anton Chigurh is my Friendo No Country For Old Men Printed hoodie jumper by MajesticGif…
Re: BB17 Discussion of the show & live feeds: Quote from: Anton Chigurh on Today at 11:09:01 PMQuote from:…
Night Fare: cabbie built like Terminator & w/ sense of Old Testament justice like Anton Chigurh cleans up Paris streets.…
One guy in here does look like Anton Chigurh though.
Within two seconds, my dad went from quoting Bane to quoting Anton Chigurh.
who can I pay to murder me with a bolt gun besides Anton Chigurh
Top 10 Movie Villains of All Time - Amazing list. Great to see Lil' Zé, Hannibal Lecter and Anton Chigurh included
Surprised Anton Chigurh wasn't picked for any of your families!
Morgan Freeman there, trying to take my revenge, dream ends w meeting Anton Chigurh limping down busy road in a commercial strip
Save up to 45% 0ff MSRP On Harley Tires
Where does Anton Chigurh rank on the "creepiest villain" list? He's got to be near the top.
Alex in A Clockwork Orange, Hans Landa in Inglorious Basterds and Anton Chigurh in No Country For Old Men
Javier Bardem surprises kids at children's hospital as Anton Chigurh.
o! Doom for sure. Anton Chigurh. Hearst in Deadwood s.3.
When Anton Chigurh gives up on his money
and Billy Bob Thornton?! ay marrone, there's a reason he won the Emmy, what a performance. an Anton Chigurh-like villain.
The judge is war incarnate. Anton Chigurh is something else.
Anton Chigurh is in the Top 10 greatest movie villain ever
Anton Chigurh. Truly a villain if there ever was a villain.
I'm here in Bunny Adjacent Ephrata, WA!!! My motel looks like a place Anton Chigurh would murder me but the owners are so nice!
the eternal battle between the noble Russian motherland and anton chigurh
[Anton Chigurh holds Aroldis Chapman up to the hotel room door knob]
When it comes to homicidal lunatics, I'll take Anton Chigurh over Joker any day.
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