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Antiques Roadshow

Antiques Roadshow is a British television show in which antiques appraisers travel to various regions of the United Kingdom (and occasionally abroad) to appraise antiques brought in by local people.

Audley End Fiona Bruce Hever Castle Salt Lake City Royal Hall

Antiques Roadshow is coming to West this Summer and it's looking for people to take part:
I'd love it if got reversioned to 60 mins for a run as an Antiques Roadshow replacement when it's on a break.
Antiques Roadshow is coming to film at the Black Country Living Museu - Sunday Mercury
Come see us at the Michigan Modernisn Show next weekend! Preview night we will be doing an "Antique Roadshow"...
so sad to read about Antiques Roadshow expert's death:
Antiques Roadshow expert died after suffering postpartum psychosis
Antiques Roadshow expert died after psychotic episode .
And by falling asleep reading an article on Antiques Roadshow, my journey to middle-age is now complete.
: - Antiques Roadshow expert died after psychotic episode, inquest hea…
Antiques Roadshow expert died after suffering postpartum psychosis.
He's just carved out of mahogany bet he would be worth a fortune on the Antiques Roadshow! 🤑
Have you seen the Antiques Roadshow? Does the name sound familiar to you? See Nicho live at our Gala.
Vintage thermometers on Antiques Roadshow are definitely mercury in retrograded items.
Psychotic Antiques Roadshow expert ‘thought her baby was talking to her – and needed to be…
the antiques roadshow except instead of praising antiques I'm telling men that their *** are worthless
Roadshow expert died after psychotic episode, inquest hears -
Shop The Bradford Exchange Online for Patriotic 9/
I'm in same boat, can't do NPR. I do watch PBS occasionally, mostly Antiques Roadshow. Private funding for both long overdue.
Antiques Roadshow jewellery expert died after being restrained during panic attack four weeks after having first child …
Sort of thing you get on antiques roadshow when they visit Kiev
Antiques Roadshow expert who medics restrained after panic attack 'fought like a tigress'
Antiques Roadshow expert died after psychotic episode and restraint by 999 services, inquest hears -
Antiques Roadshow expert died after panic attack weeks after having first child
'Antiques Roadshow expert died after psychotic episode, inquest hears'.
Antiques Roadshow expert who died after post-pregnancy panic attack shouted 'my baby is dead' as via
"Where'd u get that tat?. Vegas. That guy that has the tv show in Vegas. Antiques Roadshow?". *** 😒
Love that you watch Antiques Roadshow, but I hate war monger Crap
Watching antiques roadshow & one commercial break featured three straight commercials for war documentaries followed by a su…
They just had an old wrestling poster on Antiques Roadshow – with Iron Mike Sharpe in the main event. That's hilarious.
Tonight 7pm Antiques Roadshow is in Salt Lake City featuring an 1844 "Bellows Falls" LDS church hymnal on
We're in Salt Lake City, Hour 1 on tonight's all-new episode of Antiques Roadshow l PBS where Ken Sanders...
Grab that antique clock, you're running out of time to submit a ticket application for ANTIQUES ROADSHOW New...
Doth protest too much? Antiques Roadshow notepad hints Shakespeare didn't write all his plays
Antiques Roadshow uncovers a 17th C personal diary with first hand notes of Shakespeare performances.
Notebook written by unknown 17C Shakespeare scholar comes to light on Antiques Roadshow via
Alumnus Matthew Haley was on last night's Antiques Roadshow appraising a notebook by a 17th-c Shakespeare scholar:
The most amazing and expensive finds in the history of Antiques Roadshow
Fancy a roadshow without the antiques?
I'm watching Antiques Roadshow. It's a lot more fun if you pretend the people in the background are ghosts trying to get…
no but I do love Antiques Roadshow and University Challenge?
This 17th century artifact made the nerds on 'Antiques Roadshow' absolutely 'tremble.'
From Stirling Moss's car to the FA Cup: Antiques Roadshow's most valuable and interesting finds via
Shakespearean notepad stuns Antiques Roadshow expert - almost illegible? Looks like a very clear hand to me!
ANTIQUES ROADSHOW is in Salt Lake City tonight (4/3) at 7pm.
1973 David Bowie handwritten letter on Antiques Roadshow tonight. Watch it later via catch up on BBC iPlayer...
I've a cold coming on. Time to run a hot bath and watch the new Antiques Roadshow.
You never know what's going to show up on "Antiques Roadshow"
pad stuns Antiques Roadshow on Caversham Park episode
You know how I love the Antiques Roadshow...well, this is a trip. Watch 5:02.
I'm pretty sure Dennis Farina is still alive and living as an Antiques Roadshow appraiser.
Antiques Roadshow: Woman STUNNED after her quirky shoe buckle collection is worth THIS - https:…
Leila Dunbar of "Antiques Roadshow" tells Sports Collectors Digest that she thinks the still missing SB LI Brady jersey is worth $1M.
Priceless ring reveals harrowing tale of Auschwitz victim in Antiques Roadshow special
'Antiques Roadshow' episodes filmed in Palm Springs to air via
Barney Miller is my favorite Antiques Roadshow appraiser.
you ever thought about letting Antiques Roadshow in up at Castle Greyskull? Fiona Bruce fingering your valuables.
Fiona Bruce stunned by horrifying Holocaust relic on Antiques Roadshow, Caroline Westbrook -...
Taj Mahal creator Shah Jahan died 1666 ~ this view, by Edwin Lord Weeks, turned up on 2011 US Antiques Roadshow
I never realized it until I caught a few minutes of the show, but American Pickers is basically Antiques Roadshow for dudes.
Genuinely chilling Antiques Roadshow. This all happened. Not that long ago.
'Antiques Roadshow' is my favorite show. Every Monday night I have o...
DVR Alert: Watch a preview of 'Antiques Roadshow' featuring collection of 60s rock posters from + more
Top Christian Dating Scroller 728x90
Cllr Whitehouse should get his calculator valued when BBC’s Antiques Roadshow comes to Osborne Hse
- unfortunately I never met him but remember seeing him on antiques roadshow, quite a character
I added a video to a playlist BBC - Antiques Roadshow Series 39 Highlights of 2016
Cllr Kim McGuinness welcomes the news to visit story…
You put a little Lemon Pledge on your worn out body parts, and suddenly Antiques Roadshow says you're worthless.
Next summer will roll into Albert Square. To register, 'Share Your Story' >>
I've just put The X Factor on. There seems to be a lot going on and I can't quite follow it. Switching back to the Antiques Roadshow.
And that's the end of this week's Video Game Antiques Roadshow. Tune in next week for more something something
BBC Antiques Roadshow will visit Minehead Railway Station on Wednesday 17th May .
Antiques Roadshow to visit Newcastle Civic Centre in October - alas antique road surfaces less of a priority for the council
Draw the whole worldly-wise but senior antiques up to the gold hunters roadshow: FIgMc
Antiques Roadshow to mark 40th anniversary with episode filmed on EastEnders set
BBC One's Antiques Roadshow coming to the Civic Centre in 2017 - Newcastle City Council
Antiques Roadshow to visit castles, stately homes and The Queen Vic - as it celebrates 40th anniversary:
Look who's coming to part of its 40th anniversary
Priceless treasure hidden away in the loft? Now's your chance to find out...
I'm such an old lady. I used to watch antiques roadshow all the time...on demand 👵🏾
It doesn't look like any clock on Antiques Roadshow. The USFA stands for the Enlist at…
ANTIQUES Roadshow will visit Queen Victoria’s favourite summer home and Scotland’s largest inhabited castle in 2...
Antiques Roadshow host holding a Pepsi Max: This has no value, it's a can of soda. Me: I see. Host: and I think you knew that. Me: Hmm... I see
Fiona Bruce and Antiques Roadshow expert reveal the collectibles that got them started
I've heard the Antiques Roadshow theme on so many times that I'm half expecting Fiona Bruce to turn up at my door.
Caught the last minutes of Antiques Roadshow & some guy was hosting? And was reading off a scrap of paper! Where is Fiona Bruce?!
I think the reason I love 'Antiques Roadshow' is that it is sort of ...
I came downstairs to watch tv with my parents and I chose to watch Antiques Roadshow just for and they've left the room how rude
Its like a cross between antiques roadshow and just eat
watching Antiques roadshow with the fabulous Jennifer Saunders.
You could show them your Antiques Roadshow betamax?
HenryDuck had just watched Antiques Roadshow and seen a piece of his favourite warship.
Vintage Antiques Roadshow crid:23v2yn ... again, you wouldn't find in Maori carving. No. And of course, in those days ...
See never-before-aired appraisals from season 20 of ANTIQUES ROADSHOW, TONIGHT at 8!
Antiques Roadshow but it's just me in a suit making outlandish claims about random objects at garage sales
Back-to-back episodes of ANTIQUES ROADSHOW tonight (11/14): "Junk in the Trunk 6" at 7pm, followed by New York...
10/10 Excellent selection and proper long-serving biscuit tin. It'll appear on Antiques Roadshow worth a fortune some day.
Antiques Roadshow:Junk in the Trunk 6; Monday at 7pm. Fantastic items include a Ty Cobb game-used baseball bat and...
I shall give it a pop. Trouble is, I like the really FANCY stuff on antiques roadshow, is it all old tat?
[antiques roadshow]. Me: this was my grandmother's wedding ring. Expert [examines article closely]: wow, your grandpa was b…
Check out this video from PBS: Antiques Roadshow, Special: Celebrating Asian-Pacific Heritage (2016)
Imagine it on Antiques Roadshow: "Ooh, you have done so well to keep this. Shame it has been so well used..."
Tales from the Antiques Roadshow is coming to Perth Concert Hall on 1 February 2017! Info & tickets:
I'm home on a Saturday night watching Antiques Roadshow with my husband so now I know I'm mostly dead
Priceless Antiques Roadshow Fiona Bruce looks back at some of the most memorable moments from th...
some things never change; getting enraged at Antiques Roadshow on a Sunday evening still good
I've learned from Antiques Roadshow to not clean anything.
Yeah, OUAT tonight, then Antiques Roadshow tomorrow. Then I'm done again. I get news & weather via my iPad.
I'd love to be one of the experts on the "Antiques Roadshow" and say to some greedy old biddy "do you know what your items worth? F**k All!
Blimey! Get those flowers out of that vase and get it down to the Antiques Roadshow double quick.
Not with even MORE if possible Antiques Roadshow, every hour on the hour as fill in and now in Foyle's spot???
Most commonly seen items at Antiques Roadshow...
Up against Antiques Roadshow Jeremy Deller: We're here because we're here
I'm so glad I'm in a band that plays the theme to the Antiques Roadshow. It always goes down surprisingly well.
hey Sunday Evening, I'm about to get all up in you, don't try tempting me with that sofa, mugs of tea and Antiques Roadshow.
What a great way to spend the evening. Hope you enjoyed last night's Antiques Roadshow, Jeni.
Sold at Wes Cowan's auction house (you may know him from Antiques Roadshow & History Detectives).
So today I've eaten pizza and Chinese, and watched the football, Songs of Praise and Antiques Roadshow. Solid hangover Sunday. 😎
highlight of this evening's Antiques Roadshow was definitely the antique sweat stains.
they're currently airing a program where viewers come along as Steve Doocy watches Antiques Roadshow on a different channel
Antiques Roadshow | How to Shop for Antique Furniture - Antique Furniture Shops Review -
Tadema’s lost Victorian portrait rediscovered on Antiques Roadshow.
Antiques Roadshow experts mistake a high school art project for an antique jug.
Ugliest piece of Royal Doulton I have ever seen is now on Antiques Roadshow
Antiques Roadshow visited painting by Sir Lawrence Alma-Tadema is revealed tonight !.
Shocking that the artefacts had to be collected through a nationwide antiques roadshow. Time to honour black history
Everyday surrealism I currently have a bird's eye view of the BBC Antiques Roadshow film crew...
antiques roadshow? You might have blocked that one out though...
A lost Victorian portrait, which has been rediscovered on the BBC's Antiques Roadshow, has "stunned the art world".
Lost Victorian portrait rediscovered on Antiques Roadshow has 'stunned the art world'
This could be the most valuable painting EVER to appear on the Antiques Roadshow
Sir Lawrence Alma-Tadema one of his paintings will be making an appearance on The Antiques Roadshow.Great viewing !!
Painting worth £20MILLION smashes record for priciest item ever on Antiques Roadshow
◦ Google: Antiques Roadshow has new priciest item after discovery of long-lost painting worth £20million - The Sun:…
Is Victorian portrait the most valuable find on the Antiques Roadshow?. via Aa
Lost painting described as one of the 'best pictures ever seen on Antiques Roadshow' via
I just applied for tickets to Antiques Roadshow's 2015 Summer Tour Event in Tucson, AZ - May 30
Antiques Roadshow shock as man arrives with masterpiece worth millions
PerfectMatch - Fall In Love Today
Foke Victorian portrait is billed as 'one of the best ever seen' on Antiques Roadshow
Every time I watch Antiques Roadshow, I tell myself to go to yard sales more
Antiques Roadshow opens on New Orleans. Hus: How many of these people have you slept with?. Me: I really hate this game. No one wins
I wrote about a road trip to Nelson, a chihuahua, and the never-ending Antiques Roadshow for the
Antiques Roadshow returns to Indy: For the first time in 15 years, PBS series "Antiques Road... …
Dust off your antiques - Fiona Bruce is coming to town and bringing the Antiques Roadshow!
Arts News: New gallery for Dollar, MSPs to receive ceramics, Antiques Roadshow at New Lanark; Common Guild show
The BBC's Antiques Roadshow, with presenter Fiona Bruce, is coming to Ightham Mote near Borough Green - Kent Online
BBC backs Top Gear despite ratings eclipse by Antiques Roadshow and Soccer Aid - fire Alan Tyler, and TG hosts
Our gets in touch w/her inner-Antiques Roadshow, solves cherub mystery
Antiques Roadshow at Audley End attracts thousands of visitors - Dunmow Broadcast
Thousands flock to Audley End for the BBC&Antiques Roadshow - Dunmow Broadcast
BBC One's Antiques Roadshow rolls into Audley End to discover...
BBC's Antiques Roadshow arrives at Audley End in first visit for five years.
Wait finally over as BBC’s Antiques Roadshow rolls into Audley End
Antiques Roadshow crowds had great time in Essex sunshine
Visitors flood Audley End as the Antiques Roadshow crew rolls in for filming:
Visitors flood to Audley End for Antiques Roadshow filming - Cambridge News
BBC Antiques Roadshow today filming at Audley End. I had a brilliant day seeing some fabulous…
Port Talbot welcomed 500 members of the WI and one Antiques Roadshow presenter to the Princess Royal Theatre...
Chester: Antiques Roadshow rolls into Cheshire next week: . Popular BBC show will film at Arley Hall – and en...
Chester: Antiques Roadshow rolls into Cheshire next week
We are on our own road trip. BBC Antiques Roadshow, Audley End
BoingBoing: Weird mug from '70s high school art class valued at $50K by Antiques Roadshow (roadshowpbs). It *is* p…
Somehow, a high school art project from the 1970s was valued at $50K on 'Antiques Roadshow'
Antiques Roadshow gets fooled, appraises high school art project at $50: A nightmarish jug that an Antique...
Starring role for Antiques Roadshow personality in Dorset society - Dorset Echo
Guy on the Antiques Roadshow looks like Sgt Slaughter dressed as The Mountie
got confused with the Antiques Roadshow presenter 😄😶 no, Owen Paterson. Voted against it. Anti same-sex marriage was prevalent
Antiques Roadshow are at the Royal Hall in Harrogate on iPlayer. I saw Stuart Lee there a couple of years back. Just a stunning theatre.
NHL Stanley Cup Memorabilia from The Bradford Exchange Online
MFI assassinated Justin Fashanu when he took an old watch to be valued at Antiques Roadshow by Jill Dando
Thank God youre still alive Kay! I was confusing you with Jill Dando. Great job on the Antiques Roadshow by the way
The next Indiana Jones film: He gathers his artefacts up, takes them on Antiques Roadshow and tries not to look sad whe…
bramblepatch: I’m watching British Antiques Roadshow and the expert is explaining about how to tell high...
police prob removed stuff when Archives going to b destroyed whole place could b on Antiques roadshow
You could reach out to express concern. We campaigned Antiques Roadshow to stop appraising ivory and it worked...
SIGN UP for our drawing for a chance to win tickets to their tour on June 18.
Per sources, Von Miller will be on Antiques Roadshow.
"You guys don't watch Antiques Roadshow? C'mon guys, get a life!" -Ms. Pente in fourth hour yesterday
I may be spending my Friday evening studying, but I can hear one of my neighbours is watching Antiques Roadshow. Consider my morale boosted.
In 30 years' time, do watch out for old, mad me on Antiques Roadshow queuing to get my VAST collection of bags for life valued...
Antiques Roadshow Series 37 Ep 4 Scone Palace 2: At Scone Palace in Perthshire, Scotland, the team discover an ornate wooden box said...
Stage every one discontinued otherwise durable antiques to the keep in mind hunters roadshow: SPWSeUO
Friday night watching antiques roadshow. I know, slow down right. Way too crazy right now.
Well, I'm off to watch Antiques Roadshow. Apparently, somebody's brought in an antique Bernardi in it's original box.
Working in an antiques shop for over a year has aged me, I now enjoy watching antiques roadshow / bargain hunt etc
need someone who will appreciate antiques roadshow just as much as I do or at the very least humor my enjoyment of it
Fascinating Antiques Roadshow from 2002 – likely the first known Chinese woodwork in the US*, c. 1720 via the Dutch:
Antiques Roadshow in 100 years: . "This is my great aunt's Beanie Kids collection". "Well, as we both know these are now worth at least £5m"
I'm done with This is horrible ... absolutely horrible. Is antiques roadshow on?
Antiques Roadshow in 100 years: "This was my great great grandmother's Gameboy Color. Here's a selfie of her getting hella crunk"
Block away from Wrigley, eating fajitas, watching antiques roadshow. What's more American than this? 🇺🇸
like if your very white parents enjoy watching shows like Antiques Roadshow and How It's Made cause same
My true soulmate will always be down for doing the Antiques Roadshow drinking game with me.
A rare 1940s recently discovered could be worth up to $80,000:
Me and Chloe: Rock up to Antiques Roadshow with Chloe's 6 month old vodka
Have you entered the drawing for tickets in Orlando? LEARN MORE:
Great Antiques Roadshow. Well done to all the production team. Brilliant show guys.
I've just farted the antiques roadshow theme for no apparent reason 👍
Belinda's too busy doing a RSL tour of Australia for Antiques Roadshow though.
How does an exclusive preview of the with advice from experts from the Antiques Roadshow sound...
Riveting! I turned mine on. Swedish Antiques Roadshow. This is worth £2500.
and could face the AXE under government reforms, warns the BBC
🎶ooh baby do you know what that's worth?🎶. 'Probably £400 to £500 at auction'. - Belinda Carlisle as an expert on The Antiques Roadshow
Perhaps the Antiques Roadshow either as a Presenter or an Exhibit 🐸
Oof. Jug appraised on US Antiques Roadshow as early 20thC folk art ($30-50,000) turns out to be 1970s school project
Fiona Bruce to step down as Mark E Smith announced as new Antiques Roadshow presenter
Antique furniture is fast declining in demand and value because of TV shows such as Antiques Roadshow and the rise of flat-pack furniture,
Saw Shorty Holloway ' double neck mando guitar today on Antiques Roadshow! A cool instrument.
he was doing punditry not too long ago no?! Madness. Next will be Henning Berg on the Antiques Roadshow.
What was The Actor Kevin Eldon on where he was a slightly lecherous weirdo Antiques Roadshow expert? "And this is worth... A billion pounds"
17:15 Antiques Roadshow: Fiona Bruce and the experts pay a return visit to Hever Castle.
Pointless, or Antiques Roadshow from Hever Castle? Went with the latter yesterday, but not actually much about the castle after the intro.
Quick flick over to BBC2 to look around Hever Castle on Antiques Roadshow, whilst all the nonsense chatter is on on BBC1.
Last night I got room service and got drunk while listening to Drake and watching Antiques Roadshow in Reno. And then ordered a pizza. So...
Ah. Ironing a shirt, eating Haribo and laughing at The Simpsons, all in a Holiday Inn. Must be an Antiques Roadshow tomorrow!
Everything on antiques roadshow was
I was up at 2AM watching Antiques Roadshow. This is what unemployment does to you.
PBS is so pure there's antiques roadshow and shows abt painting and sewing and a dude on a farm and nick stellino... i LOVE nick stellino
Oh dear I'm starting to turn old I suddenly like the antiques roadshow and beige clothes.
I'm like a real-life transformer. I can transform into my grandmother when I see Antiques Roadshow is on PBS.
Discovering A Treasure Trove Of Paintings In The Farmhouse Attic: . “What had been languishing in Ro’s attic for th… ht…
BBC Antiques Roadshow at Harrogate Royal Hall tomorrow. Free entry from 9.30am
If Antiques Roadshow has taught me anything, refinishing the Alamo will TOTALLY reduce it's resale value!
The Antiques Roadshow is in Harrogate tomorrow. We ask host Fiona Bruce what hidden gems the experts hope to find. Look North 1830.
The funeral is held for the former Antiques Roadshow host Hugh Scully who died at the age of 72.
'Antiques Roadshow' appraiser stops by local antiques festival
Hugh Scully, who presented the BBC's Antiques Roadshow for 19 years, and before that Nationwide, dies at the age of 72.
Put over tout ensemble practiced conjunction vital antiques toward the collectanea hunters roadshow: cvDZWYT
Wanted to watch but Himself wanted Antiques Roadshow instead. Thought previews looked good - sense of humor.
imagine how happy I'd be if it was, none of that Antiques Roadshow "never sell it, family heirloom" nonsense.
My professor's monologue this morning is about his experience being on the Antiques Roadshow...
Who's going to the Antiques Roadshow at the Royal Hall in Harrogate tomorrow? What are you taking with you??
Dion Dublin is presenting Homes Under The Hammer? What next? Tony Morley does Antiques Roadshow? Denis Irwin as compere of HIGNFY?
Just sent that pic to my grandson, told him to remember it when it pops up on antiques roadshow
What gets me is the arrogance to assume the show should be moved. Just switch over and watch Antiques Roadsh…
Antiques Roadshow Series 33 Ep 9 Tatton 1: Fiona Bruce and the team of experts welcome thousands of visitors to the gardens of Tatton...
Tributes have poured in for Antiques Roadshow presenter Hugh Scully, 72, (pictured) and newsreader Gordon Honeycombe, 79…
James Bond is the only thing that makes me proud to be British, well that and Antiques Roadshow and the RNLI.
I'm taping an Antiques Roadshow. Yea, I said it.
Have you always wondered about the prized family heirloom in the attic? Now you can find out- BBC Antiques Roadshow in H…
Oh kween, this is what you wore to Antiques Roadshow in 2015?
Waited 3 days in line for Antiques Roadshow only to learn my vintage European folk fiddle is an old muskmelon with a rule…
If I was a thief I'd hang out around Antiques Roadshow locations and jump old ladies for their uninsured treasures.
Antiques Roadshow is talking about a letter Walt Whitman wrote about his diarrhea. It is valued at $8k.
incorrect. "Antiques Roadshow" on PBS has a nail-biting and thrilling season underway.
Vacation: workout, games, tv, shopping, antiques roadshow, wine. Day 1 was a success
Watching antiques roadshow with my mother...turn up on a Monday.
Antiques Roadshow is the best. Especially when people ruin their stuff by restoring it thereby making it worthless. Sorry Rick from Fresno.
Is there really nothing else on??? Flipping a coin between supergirl and antiques roadshow
*** I'm not even paying attention and it's only a matter of time before Antiques Roadshow takes over my life.
I can't be bothered with it anymore. I already have too much Monday TV with Raw, Antiques Roadshow and now maybe Supergirl.
I love the serious cello as the horse is placed in the box, followed by the Antiques Roadshow twinkle noise. .
"Now to get it appraised on Antiques Roadshow...ahh it's loose again!"
Antiques Roadshow from Chicago is awesome. I miss Marshall Field's so much
Katie Hopkins, whose TV show gets 1.25% the viewers of Antiques Roadshow, claims to be Jesus.
Antiques Roadshow episode filmed at Plymouth's Royal William Yard to air on Sunday | Plymouth Herald
Nice to see a David Wynne piece on Antiques Roadshow tonight
Deborah Gerstler Spanierman is a fine arts consultant, appraiser of paintings and drawings, Antiques Roadshow.
Pawn Stars guys swapped with Antiques Roadshow experts.
Monets in your attic? Antiques expert David Battie from Antiques Roadshow will check them out at Buxted Park. Sussex Express
Antiques Roadshow is history viewed through consumerism and insurance levies. Have you considered Simon Schama instead?
I want Michael Johnson to present all bbc shows: antiques roadshow, gardeners' world, gbbo, question time, match of the day, newsnight...
Catwoman submits some of her stolen items to Antiques Roadshow for valuation
Antiques Roadshow 2013 Cincinnati episode replays tonight on CET.
We'll be encoring the final hour of 2013 Cincinnati program at 8pm on CET!
.Why did the host of Antiques Roadshow send his steak back to the kitchen?. Because it wasn’t rare enough!
That episode of Antiques Roadshow with wearing an tshirt is on again.
On holiday in Have eaten ice cream from and now watching the Antiques Roadshow from
ANTIQUES ROADSHOW is in Cincinnati tonight at 8pm.
17:15 Antiques Roadshow: Featuring three valuable locomotive signs and the most exciting doll seen on the show.
Recording with Antiques Roadshow on the TV - just seen one of Derek's jokes on there
What in earth does the red button do to Antiques Roadshow?!
Will have to watch antiques roadshow soon and get excited about ancient history
S1s had their own 'Antiques Roadshow' today. Pupils brought in old/interesting items from home and told their story.
Electronic Device Insurance
hot raves to the Antiques Roadshow theme take place in Greggs up and down the country.
The only thing left is the Antiques Roadshow theme.
This was on Antiques Roadshow a little while back, no?
Have u seen antiques roadshow. If that's acting it's BAD!
Funny, on Antiques Roadshow they all seem so much more intelligent than Aussies!
We'd be more than gobsmacked if one of those turned up on Antiques Roadshow Detectives. ;-)
Antiques roadshow on the treadmill .. Yep , new routine 😝😝
Antiques Roadshow is coming to on Thurs 10th September! Dust off your treasures
Another great local event for your diary - BBC Antiques Roadshow at Hanbury Hall
I watched TWO episodes of antiques roadshow today. See you in the nursing home.
I hear you. I stopped watching the teev news a few months back. Makes for more peaceful eve. Esp if you watch Antiques Roadshow.
Pretty sure this lady on Antiques Roadshow said she has Yogi Bear's autograph. Unsure if she has a weird accent or incorrect memory of youth
Out of Hospital :) Antiques Roadshow assisted recovery come to Mamma!
Free idea for economics students: I'd love to see an assessment of how Antiques Roadshow distorts prices.
After a bad day all you need is a good episode of Antiques Roadshow where a guy's painting is worth $400,000 to make things better.
Harry Potter and the Prisoner(s) of Azkanan. Harry and his friends have to survive five hours of Antiques Roadshow with Nan
Don't bring those unopened canisters of Zyclon B to the Antiques Roadshow,I begged Clive, but would he listen?
I'm getting ou my plate I took on antiques roadshow
Imagine a dragon at Antiques Roadshow, appraising its hoard
Wow, that sure is a collar that dude is wearing on antiques roadshow
Antiques Roadshow will be valuing VHS tapes before we know it
Brian kept singing Antiques Roadshow theme and now I cannot stop singing it, that'll be me for weeks.
If I hadn't done that I would have missed it and have had to sit there while mum and dad watched antiques roadshow
Fancy going to the Antiques Roadshow at - h…
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