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Anthony Weiner

Anthony David Weiner (born September 4, 1964) is a former U.S.

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Investors with Anthony Weiner the pervert, no less.
YOURS TRULY: 'We've got our hands on all of them! - Daily Mail - Daily Mail
Is this her Anthony Weiner scheme to meet underage girls online?
I want to take this time to thank Madonna, Lady Gaga, Audrey and Anthony Weiner.
Anyone wondering where Anthony Weiner and Huma are hiding? Just wondering
Anthony Weiner's Laptop is bad news. I have seen it. NYPD. Became sick. Could not stop throwing up.
Chuck has never had job in private sector. He's been cashing gov't checks forever. He hired Anthony Weiner. Any ???
My hat is off to the NYPD. You know who you are. Anthony Weiner's Laptop. Keep the faith!.
Lets see... Comet Ping Pong shooter Edgar Maddison Welch in court today Anthony Weiner tomorrow. Hmm. Pizz…
Read between the lines of Vault 7. Anthony Weiner's Laptop. Pizzagate is real. Thanks NYPD! You have Honor!.
NYPD has everything on Anthony Weiner's Laptop. Keep the Faith!.
I'd love to find out where Anthony weiner and Huma are hiding!
Still so very sick of what I have seen on Anthony Weiner's Laptop. I can't stand. Puking.
What you are seeing is a mould. Anthony Weiner cannot testify against his wife Huma Abedin.
Anthony Weiner has a court date tomorrow morning, Wikileaks's is releasing at 9am. Coincidence???
he'll announce he found another one of Anthony Weiner's laptops
Russian hacker was indeed picked up in Prague on charges of hacking Anthony Weiner.
I'm picturing Matt Boyle creeping around Anthony Weiner's apartment and I just feel really sorry for this lady
Anthony Weiner switches to rotary phone
Also Roman Polanski, Woody Allen, Pizzagate, and the latest allegations against Anthony Weiner. Oh, and Corey Feldman's.
tell Hillary and Bill a clinton and Anthony Weiner, Chuck Schumer, Nancy P..shall I go on?!
how could Anthony Weiner know that after the first time he JOed, his new passion would lead to Jared Kushner fidgeting dur…
I hope Anthony Weiner and John Podesta are part of the halftime show too!
One Anthony Weiner sext away from this being a tie score
Republicans best weapons. Pervert Alert, Wee-Willie, Anthony Weiner walks by and your phone goes to Amber Alert!
Don't worry in the last few minutes of the 4th quarter, Comey will investigate Falcon's email accounts with Anthony…
ok someone get Anthony Weiner's computer in here
I just watched a stunning documentary on Anthony Weiner. Reminded me of this. Fillon can't possibly win now
US & Russia engaged in tug of war over hack suspect of LinkedIn & Formspring-platform used 4 sexting Anthony Weiner
Most normal people are refilling their beer, draining the Anthony Weiner and grabbing some munchies. Overrated mindless c-word
hanging out with Anthony Weiner lately?
Thanks for this. Not surprising on Anthony Weiner's laptop. Here's hoping it leads to bigger fish
Prolly the anthony weiner emails .That would be game over
Dude, really? Stephen King thinks Anthony Weiner is ‘bright but troubled’
Huma Abedin seemed like a sure thing in a Clinton White House. But is the latest FBI inquiry a scandal too far?
It's strange how little rage was directed at Anthony Weiner for precipitating the "Comey letter" -- Dems blame Comey
Democrats certainly know what perverts look like. Bill Clinton, Anthony Weiner, Elliot Spitzer, John Edwards ...
I liked a video Ed Schultz and Anthony Weiner on MSNBC Discusses Alan Grayson and the Republican
The only "politician" to stroke himself off publicly more often than is Anthony Weiner.
ICYMI: Trump used Anthony Weiner's sexting as his closing argument while his spokesman Jason Miller was cheating on his w…
The party of Ted Kennedy, Anthony Weiner and Bill Clinton have no moral high ground to stand on. Go away.
Sounds like Huma and Anthony Weiner could be in for big legal troubles over mishandling of classified info.
I hear the Anthony Weiner documentary is equally amazing.
27 Clinton e-Mail chains with classified data! We feel bad for Agent who had to touch Anthony Weiner's keyboa…
I don't know if we really want to see what was on Anthony Weiner's computer. Yuck!
Newly found emails in FBI probe of Clinton were found on device used by Anthony Weiner: NY Times ***
New! 190-Calorie VitaPizza- Get Free Shipping
I bet Anthony Weiner is looking it up now.
How many people were "Golly I love them BOTH, can't decide—well NOW it looks like Hillary's slightly more crooked"…?.
"I don't know why Anthony Weiner hasn't gone on 'Dancing with the Stars' yet, but he needs to..." Good one, 😂😂😂
trump needs to be removed. All votes are invalid
Lol! I had not thought about Anthony Weiner on hey he might do well after all he is "Carlos Danger" lets see his salsa
Anthony Weiner was caught in his third alleged sexting scandal this year.
No one wants to see Anthony Weiner on DWTS! Js.
Judge unseals warrant for search of Anthony Weiner's computer:
A federal judge unseals documents shedding light on how the FBI seized Weiner's laptop
LOL..Anthony Weiner stepped and filled them problem
Machine is coming to screeching halt as “27 email chains containing classified information” were found on Anthony Weiner’s laptop
More so than Schumer, Dunham, Kanye, Yung Lil Whoever, you know who really really really needs to sit down forever? Anthony Wei…
Search warrant for Anthony Weiner’s computer in Clinton email probe released
Pitch: Forrest Gump but with Anthony Weiner perving his way through historically significant events.
Judge unseals search warrant in Anthony Weiner teen sexting case
FBI documents just released show 27 seperate chains of classified documents on Anthony Weiner laptop that originated wi…
A newly unsealed FBI search warrant sheds light on the Clinton email probe
Anthony Weiner also meant to signal a source.
A court released the warrant the FBI used to search Weiner's laptop for Clinton emails.
Calling Trump a white supremacist is like calling Anthony Weiner a victim of Russian…
Read the FBI's search warrant used to review Clinton emails found on Anthony Weiner's laptop https:…
FBI search warrant for Clinton emails on Anthony Weiner's laptop made public
Would Kanye freak if Anthony Weiner were sexting Kim?...just a thought, as I start to nod off to sleep.
In related news, Anthony Weiner announces he will be working with Ashley Madison to stop online adultery .
maybe not a CEO per se' but Ted Kennedy, John Kennedy, John Edwards, Bill Clinton, Anthony Weiner, all o…
The only way H-wood could do more than Amy Schumer as Barbie is picking Anthony Weiner 2b Ned Flan…
The New York City campaign finance board hits Anthony Weiner with fines from his 2013 mayoral bid
Rohrabacher: US should send Anthony Weiner to Castro's funeral. .
Anthony Weiner is the Steve Bartman of politics.
What are the chances that Peter Bonerz looks so much like Anthony Weiner?
Electronic Device Insurance
Neither did Chelsea Clinton, Huma Abedin, Anthony Weiner or Hillary's maid Maria Santos. But hey guess what, you have NO s…
no the dems will run Anthony Weiner and Eric Holder Weiner/Holder2020 The only thing liberals are good at anyway
Trump thanks Anthony Weiner for Hillary's new email controversy
you got fired by Anthony Weiner as an INTERN.
Bittersweet victory is that Anthony Weiner has to explain to all future sex therapists that he thinks of America's downfall when aroused
2016 Election Thank You Notes, by Ethan Coen: Anthony Weiner, thank you, sir — your act never gets old!
BREAKING: US Government says that there has been a misunderstanding. Anthony Weiner has been sending NEWT photos, n…
he kind of reminds me of that Anthony Weiner guy...
It was completely wrong & idiotic for Comey to do what he did. That being said: Anthony Weiner gave him the opportunit…
Keep an eye on Anthony Weiner. Weasels are hard to get rid of.
They knew Anthony Weiner was bad news yet she stuck by Huma and in the end was her downfall. Was her
Netflix Originals allegedly options "Terminal horn dog who crashed a campaign with no survivors: The Anthony Weiner story"
look at what Anthony Weiner said about Russia basically being his only source of loans. US banks won't work with him.
trust him. Trump predicted 911 a year before the attack & Anthony Weiner. He has great instinct
Despite "integrity" of FBI, GOP committee chair still pushing Clinton email probe
Laptop insurance - because accidents happen!
So, who's Anthony Weiner gonna take down next?
what do you think of Anthony Weiner's 'package'?
The FBI found some Clinton emails on Anthony Weiner's device. Leave it to this election to somehow involve both *** an…
So Comey will implicate Hillary for crap that's not hers on Anthony Weiner's laptop but won't say anything about what he knows…
There’s a very strong argument that Trump won because of Anthony Weiner’s sexting. A butterfly flaps its wings in Brazil...
if I remember right Trump called for a special prosecutor before all the Anthony Weiner crap went down! He might not need one now!
That would be fantastic. Unless they can get Anthony Weiner. He'd be really good too . . .
I think we have to nominate Anthony David Weiner for president 2020 is the only way we can win again
that is my point. , I said his parents gave him a name, Anthony Weiner. Carlos is what is called an alias..look up the word
If you enjoy cringe, I highly recommend the Anthony Weiner documentary.
Headline of history books in 25 years:. Anthony's Weiner helped save Western Civilization.
BREAKING: Anthony Weiner flies to Tokyo so he can indulge in disturbing habit of asking Japanese people to say "Election Year…
Does that make Anthony Weiner's wiener the Franz Ferdinand of the 21st century?
Ethan Coen thanks Anthony Weiner, Jill Stein, and Jimmy Fallon for Trump election. Also takes dig at Les Moonves
Not making this up. Very very sick ppl. .
Even if this is true, technically Anthony Weiner caused her to lose by the laws of cause/effect
Thankful for Anthony Weiner, and the American people for keeping Crooked Hilla…
They made Comey ignore the law. Maybe he was getting even lmao Anthony Weiner omg Hillary screwed by Anthony weiner so grea…
Anthony Weiner Rides a Horse as Part of His Sex-Addiction Rehab via
I think having calling Cowboys games is like having Anthony Weiner running an all girls school. It's just not right
An investigation into Anthony Weiner's explicit messages with a 15-year-old girl sparked the reopening of the ...
.has some nerve ridiculing Trump especially when she was an intern for Anthony Weiner! 🤣🤣🤣
While in NY, Anthony Weiner formed a new partnership with Steve Bannon. It's called Flash and Trash.
The perversion of Bill Clinton and Anthony Weiner come in part from Hillary and Huma's homosexuality
Dem: "There's a chance Anthony Weiner causes the demise of the world's longest running democracy."
Even if this isn't actually Anthony Weiner / Carlos Danger, it's still weird that he's such a good match, along wit…
Dear Hillary, couldn't help but notice Anthony Weiner wasn't with Huma at your speech today. Is he okay?. Sincerely, Jame…
*** 1 anyone who didn't vote. 2 Democrats who didn't vote. 3 women who voted for Trump. 4 minorities who voted for Trump. 5 Anthony Weiner
Huma will be her G. Gordon Liddy, but Anthony Weiner will be her John Dean.
breaking: turns out... the 650k emails weren't on Anthony Weiner's laptop after all. he was storing them in his brain, Johnny Mnemonic-style
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Pretty obvious that Ray Donovan is Anthony Weiner's fixer and he leaked the Clinton/Huma emails.
Anthony Weiner's body double just gave me his HIV load
Anthony Weiner was spotted riding a horse at a rehab facility that offers equine therapy for sex addiction
Anthony Weiner's sexting and Jay Z's salty language are on Donald Tru...
At least two new Clinton emails never seen by law enforcement found on Anthony Weiner's laptop: report
Paul Begala, Erick Erickson would like you to introduce him to Anthony Weiner so he can con…
Teen who Anthony Weiner had online relationship with 'upset' over Clinton investigation | Daily Mail Online
Update: According to officials, the new emails connected to Clinton case came from Anthony Weiner, not Clinton. https:/…
Clinton team has been tracking Anthony Weiner's sexting since 2011, WikiLeaks dump reveals https…
Anthony Weiner's underage sexting victim penned a letter to James Comey adding him to the list of her victimizers
Didn't he do this when he first resigned from Congress?
"Intentional walk" sounds like Anthony Weiner's entire career.
Anthony Weiner has checked into a cybersex addiction rehab center
& campaign was aware of the actions of PREDATOR Anthony Weiner & buried the report to protect her own interests, SICKENING!!
This isn't hard. Letting classified info fall into the hands of Anthony Weiner is the DEFINITION of mishandling classifi…
Huma Abedin supposedly has more than 650,000 emails on the computer she shared with her estranged husband Anthony Weiner.
FBI Director James Comey DID know of Anthony Weiner's emails [VIDEO] via
Anthony Weiner Checks into Rehab for Sex Addiction in Midst of Investigation - Breitbart
Remember: The people who are screaming about James Comey once wanted to blame Andrew Breitbart for what Anthony Weiner did. . Th…
Anthony Weiner checks into cybersex addiction rehab center
I wonder if Anthony Weiner is watching the game.
."While the review of Anthony Weiner's computer is not complete...strong belief among agents that classified m…
Anthony Weiner's emails! What an injustice by the FBI! I have zero respect for FBI or Republicans for unleashing th…
. Underage girls are the least of Anthony's problems. I think his new roommate has taken a real shine to Weiner Dog.
Anthony Weiner checks into inevitable rehab
Anthony Weiner has checked into a sex addiction rehab clinic. Now, if we could get Republican voters to check into Enabl…
May I respectfully suggest a minor tweak to the editors of TIME Magazine? "Anthony Weiner, *** of the Year"
A man with insight tells us about what is about to happen before it happens. Anthony Weiner Huma
takes advice from a woman whose judgement led her to marry Anthony Weiner? .
EXCLUSIVE: Anthony Weiner has checked into a SEX ADDICTION treatment center.
Anthony weiner has sex addiction. 2016 this isn't funny anymore
FBI sources have confirmed the emails found on Anthony Weiner's laptop from Hillary's illegal server are NEW, not duplicates.
I never envisioned myself defending Eliot Spitzer, but compared to Anthony Weiner, he was normal -- at least Spitzer had actual sex.
Anthony Weiner checks into sex addiction clinic: report
Teen who had an online sexual relationship with Anthony Weiner is 'upset' with FBI dire... - Daily Mail
Will Doug Stamper kill Anthony Weiner on his own or do the Clintons have to tell him to do it?
If you watch the Anthony Weiner documentary during 2013, it makes you just laugh at him and hate him the entire time. The dude is 🚮
ICYMI: John Oliver completely slammed Anthony Weiner for putting America in danger of a Donald Trump presidency
Must read article by “Anthony Weiner is a twit who treats women like dirt”
Trump: "Thank you, Anthony Weiner! I've never liked you, but thank you!" (He donated to his campaigns multiple times.)
John Oliver’s Anthony Weiner rant perfectly sums up this election mess
Officials: Emails prompting new review of Clinton server were on device examined in Anthony Weiner investigation.
John Oliver rips Anthony Weiner for putting the US at risk of President ... via
See John Oliver blame Anthony Weiner over the new Hillary Clinton email controversy on
John Oliver slams Anthony Weiner for his involvement in the Hillary Clinton email controversy htt…
"We never thought we were going to say 'thank you' to Anthony Weiner.". - on the email investi…
hey Jim do you think Anthony Weiner made a deal or they really just found those emails. This seems so weird if they already knew
Former Democratic congressman Anthony Weiner is cooperating with authorities in the FBI investigation of his...
but vice president Joe Biden is right. How the *** the lewd former congressman Anthony Weiner got his name part of
10-29-2016 I hope they haven't given Huma Abedin immunity. Donald Trump had said in July that Anthony Weiner was dangero…
I watched Weiner this morning and Solitary Man tonight. Young Michael Douglas would be a great choice to play Anthony Weiner
Vice President Joe Biden is "not a big fan" of disgraced former Rep. Anthony Weiner the moment he realized it was a uncleaned…
Anthony Weiner claimed to me a year ago that Huma Abedin had turned over all her emails to the State Dept in 2014.
NOSTRADAMUS TRUMP. said this about Anthony Weiner over a year ago. James Comey
10,000 new emails found on Huma Abedin and Anthony Weiner's computer and phones. They were in a file marked "Life Insu…
Anthony Weiner forced Hillary to install a private server in her basement. He also made Huma use his laptop for sending classi…
US official: Emails related to Clinton investigation came from sexting probe of Anthony Weiner.
FYI: . Anthony Weiner and Hillary Clinton are two different people. . Jack The Groper and Donald Trump are the same person.
Joe Biden finds out the emails come from Anthony Weiner. This is priceless.
please tell us that Anthony Weiner's *** pic's are not going to be what puts Trump's orange *** in the White House.
OH: "Anthony Weiner is proof that the Clintons don't have people murdered."
New emails tied to the FBI's Clinton inquiry were discovered during the investigation into Anthony Weiner's sexting
I lived across the street from Anthony and huma in DC. Weiner's parking habits were atrocious. Ignored the law. Car had co…
Trump will be President. Hillary Clinton will join Anthony Weiner in Prison. And it shall be Glorious.
Im not saying the new emails are nothing. They may be a problem for her aide. But they are nothing for HRC.
⚡️Hillary's latest email woes stem from the Anthony Weiner sexting investigation. Oh, the irony!🤔.
President Obama doesnt seem to want to address with anthony weiner scandal. Its like the house of cards sho…
I swear... If Anthony Weiner becomes the reason HRC is forced to step down, and Bernie Becomes president. Humanity's time t…
New batch of Clinton emails found during investigation of disgraced former congressman Anthony Weiner
BTW: While the James Comey/Anthony Weiner/email party has been going on. Loretta Lynch pled the 5th on Iran h…
Trumps insight proves Right again, he expressed concern over Weiner months ago, now FBI investigation http…
Carlos Danger is correct about being dangerous: "The thought that Anthony Weiner may have had classified...
How many careers will be destroyed by Anthony Weiner's right hand?
her traveling room mate was married to Anthony Weiner AKA Carlos Danger.
BREAKING: Anthony Weiner has been placed into the Witness Protection Program by James Comey. Join http…
.who would've thought Andrew Breitbart would be vindicated by Anthony Weiner? https:/…
The Democrats got rid of Anthony Weiner; Republicans ran theirs for president. And that sums 2016 up in a nutshell, so…
FBI agents after inspecting Anthony Weiner's phone:
Email story looks overblown but if HRC loses her lead in any state or if any senate race flips after this, Anthony Weiner best hide from me
Anthony Weiner is the character in a zombie movie who doesn't admit that he's been bitten & then gets everyone killed
Let's hope politically ambitious women are learning the "stand by your sexual predator" routine is a perilous path to powe…
When nobody listened to your warnings about Anthony Weiner and now they're going down because of him
◘ Anthony Weiner ◘ Huma AbedinBill Clinton. Today is a preview of what every day of a Hillary presidenc…
Anthony Weiner is a poor excuse for a diversion from the Orange Rat's taxes...and it keeps us from concentrating on wh…
The discovery of an Anthony Weiner connection to Hillary Clinton's e-mail case turned a frenzy into pandemonium.
Hey Anthony Weiner, for right price, Castro still offering U.S. fugitives safe-harbor in Cuba. You may want to look into it…
Folks: Best info from and If u wanna know whats up w/ email case, check there. ht…
If Anthony Weiner is the downfall of Hillary Clinton, I will never stop laughing!
Anthony Weiner is like political herpes. It's not always there, but every once in a while you get a nasty outbreak.
Today:. Loretta Lynch pled the 5th on Iran. Anthony Weiner had Hillary's emails. FBI reopened email case. Obama & Hillary r…   10% Off
"Anthony Weiner", "Carlos Danger". Trump predicted this months ago. He's got great instincts.
I wouldn't be surprised if Anthony Weiner turned up dead in the morning.
Who knew Huma's Weiner, not Bills, would be the downfall of Anthony Weiner shared email acct with Huma A…
Anthony Weiner back in the news cycle like:
Anthony Weiner's continued existence seems like proof that the Clintons don't actually go around killing people who pose…
Everyone thought the Anthony Weiner subplot was irrelevant, but the writers found a clever way to tie it to the main stor…
This is why I Trust He called out Anthony Weiner and Huma Abedin months ago!
Because at minimum we can ALL agree that Anthony Weiner has the loosest Internet Security protocol of any human,rig…
Anthony Weiner is the gift that keeps on giving.
🚨BREAKING: Mainstream media now saying the election is rigged after James Comey released Anthony Weiner bombshell
Anthony Weiner not only exposed himself - he exposed Hillary Clinton!
I mean, Larry Craig and John Edwards are watching this whole Anthony Weiner thing like "wouldn't wanna be that guy"
can we banish Anthony Weiner to the Phantom Zone please
The FBI discovered new Hillary emails while investigating Anthony Weiner. This is not the first Weiner to ruin Hillar…
BREAKING: Anthony Weiner sexting probe led FBI to reopen Hillary Clinton case: report
All this final run-up to the election needed was a little more Anthony Weiner
Anthony Weiner vaults even closer to the top of the list of most embarrassing husbands ever.
COMMON SENSE: Anthony Weiner, a.k.a. Carlos Danger, has finally stuck it to Hillary. Apparently, Huma Abedin's...
All I know of him is Shirley Sherrod and Anthony Weiner. Looked great on one, like current Breitbart on Sherrod
you mean that chick that's married to Anthony Weiner, the pedophile :)
That's funny. I would have sworn this was Anthony Weiner.
hey Anthony weiner the second up next
Anthony Weiner could soon be indicted in sexting scandal - New York Post
many odd jobs.A wealthy man paid me for a 5/7 painting of disgraced senator Anth…
EXCLUSIVE: Federal GRAND JURY is about to convene to investigate criminal conduct by…
via Huma Abedin is Hillary Clinton's *** partner & she even did 3 way w/ her & Anthony Weiner that ***
NY Post reports a grand jury is expected to begin hearing evidence against Anthony Weiner by the end of October.
Federal grand jury is being convened to investigate criminal conduct by Anthony Weiner |
Anthony Weiner cld face grand jury for Sexting but Hillary didn't face a GJ for putting classified info on unsecured email.…
EXCLUSIVE: Federal GRAND JURY is being convened to investigate Anthony Weiner
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Feds interview girl, 15, involved in sext scandal
ANTHONY WEINER could soon be indicted in sexting scandal - NY POST
Sex trysts with men & women! No way! That is totally unimportant, as long as no sexts involving underage children l…
What does the upcoming Anthony Weiner documentary mean for Hillary Clinton?
Grand jury to convene in Anthony Weiner sexting case
I was the young bride of Anthony Weiner when Says Huma
.Josh Earnest why is Obama acting like Anthony Weiner in front of female reporters on his 2008 campaign p…
is that same Anthony Weiner who's married to top aide??
Democrat sexual perverts - Bill Clinton, Al Gore, John Edwards, Anthony Weiner and on and on.
Oh Clintons, Alicia Machado is the female version of Anthony Weiner, Nucky Thompson and a sprinkle of Bill all wrapped in o…
Did Sick Hillary's top aid Huma help find underage girls for her husband, Anthony Weiner? .
This fall on ABC: Anthony Weiner, Sean Salisbury and Harold Reynolds star as 3 hard, crooked cops, in: DONG PATROL.
Anthony Weiner has the goods on his wife, and the I'm surprised he hasn't been wacked yet or come up missing.
Trump attacks Anthony Weiner for giving $550 to Clinton campaign. Trump has donated $4750 to Weiner's campaigns
she should have done this LONG TIME ago Anthony Weiner and Huma Abedin to Separate After His Latest Sexting Scandal https:/…
Anthony Weiner husband of Huma Abedin, had an online sexual relationship with a troubled 15-year-old girl.
It came out that Huma Abedin knows all about Hillary’s private illegal emails. Huma’s PR husband, Anthony Weiner, will…
So Anthony Weiner isn't just an exhibitionist, he's a full-on sexual predator. Good God.
Saw Anthony Weiner trending again... Clicked to see why...
If only Anthony Weiner had a wife who was protecting him no matter what..
Does Anthony Weiner actually have supporters? (I mean, Trump does, so anything goes...)
I feel sorry for the girl. This is awful
'Beyond help': Pervert accused of months-long sexting relationship with 15-y/o girl .
Vote for Hillary Clinton to have both Bill the rapist and this sick freak in the White House.👇
Report: Anthony Weiner is a Sick man who allegedly sexted with high schooler.
"Even if the minor refuses to press charges, the state can go forward"
Know who you're hiring before you hire them.
I haven’t watched Law & Order in a decade, but I’d tune in for an Anthony Weiner episode.
how often do you text Anthony Weiner? About 13 times so far?
At what point does Anthony Weiner become a crime story? via
Perv exposed for sending minor explicit messages where he asked her to participate in rape fantasies
Oh, Anthony Weiner. If only you'd had a mistress, tortured some guy or taken a diaper fetish to the DC Madam you'd stil…
.you both need to comment on this. As bad as it gets. https:/…
Anthony Weiner and similarities are uncanny. Minus the whole pedophile thing.
With ANTHONY WEINER being caught SEXTING 15yo girl👇it's time ONCE AGAIN to post FAVE Trump riff😂on Hil/Huma/Weiner
NEWS TODAY Anthony Weiner ripped by ex-online mistress for teen sex chat
In the wake of his latest scandal, Anthony Weiner (sits down with his lawyer to review all his sexts.
Anthony Weiner has sunk so low that we can no longer report on him during the family hour.
Anthony Weiner sent sexually explicit messages to 15-year-old // one of these days, an angry parent will kill him
*Anthony Weiner, 51 sexting a 15 yr old=sexual predator . *Mohammad, 51 marrying a 6 yr old & raping her when she was 9…
Bill Clinton was furious after learning Anthony Weiner was sexting his 15 year old girlfriend.
Anthony ‘T Dog’ Weiner now attracting the attention of NYPD’s Special Victims Unit
CUOMO: Anthony Weiner could face jail time for sexting with teen
That *** name " Anthony weiner " and he got caught sexting a 15 year old girl
Huma Abedin, who functions as Hillary's judgment center, stayed w Anthony Weiner for 16 yrs & 3 rounds of dic pics. https:/…
Anthony Weiner could face charges for teen sex chat: Anthony Weiner may have exposed himself to criminal charges and more child custo...
Former Weiner sext partner says his alleged relationship with 15 year old girl was "obviously" wrong
Sounds like husband has been very bad. NYPD Investigating Anthony Weiner's Alleged Sexting with Minor. https…
How long before Anthony Weiner flees to Israel for safe haven?
Anthony Weiner is the real life version of Councilman Dexhart from Parks and Rec
If only Anthony Weiner was a Clinton he could continue with a bright future in the Democrat party & could possibly run for…
too late! Trump needs Cruz as much as Hillary needs Anthony Weiner.
Trump warned America about sick Hillary's friend Anthony Weiner. Today it was revealed Weiner/Huma's husband, was sexting 15…
Anthony Weiner can't stop getting caught playing with his weiner
Oh, Anthony Weiner, can you please go away now?
Let's put Anthony Weiner, Brock Turner and Hillary Clinton on a deserted island and see what happens
Hillary enables and is always surrounded by sketchy perverts like her husband and Anthony Weiner.
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