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Anthony Taylor

Anthony Taylor (born 20 October 1978) is an English professional football referee from Wythenshawe, Greater Manchester. 5.0/5

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2nd half of the community awards getting underway with Anthony Taylor and Steve Davies. volunteers.
Anthony Taylor will be the man in the middle at the Britannia Stadium when Stoke welcome the visit of Chris Houghton`s Norwich in front of the Sky Sports cameras on Sunday lunch time. Taylor refereed 24 Premier League games last season, handing out 63 yellow cards and six red cards. He has refereed twice this season handing out a staggering 11 yellow cards and one red card. The Cheshire man in black officiated two Stoke games last season, one being when Norwich travelled to the Britannia Stadium last season, where the Potters came out 1-0 victors. He handed out 8 yellow cards over the two matches. The 34-year-old officiated Norwich four times last season, handing out 8 yellow cards. Norwich lost both their away fixtures when Taylor was in charge
Anthony Taylor is an absolute disgrace of a referee. Like he is watching a different game. As clear a penalty as you will ever see.
Anthony Taylor has to be the worst ref in the Premier League, I wouldn't have him as ref for a Sunday League Game.
How can Anthony Taylor referee Premier League football the bloke simply doesnt have a clue.
RTnih!! "Referee of the Arsenal vs. Aston Villa game Anthony Taylor has been dropped by the FA. cc: gooners
Roberto Mancini criticised referee Anthony Taylor after Manchester City dropped two points at home to Liverpool.
Referees need to be attentive at all times in games and both Martin Atkinson and Anthony Taylor appeared to mi...
Anthony Taylor didnt protect our players. You have to do smthg. It's his faut if Gibbs and Chamberlain are out.
And yet it's all Anthony Taylor's fault!
Villa had two great players today, Benteke and Anthony Taylor. Not that we deserved a win anyway... will be forced to buy now
Anthony Taylor has no right reffing in the EPL. Lousy judgment and inconsistent!
Anthony Taylor's refereeing performance today was the worst I have ever seen. No doubt you will do nothing as usual!
You'll have to explain to me how buying players would have stopped Anthony Taylor doing what he's doing.
Please do follow-up on ref Anthony Taylor for like you did after abysmal Everton/West Ham game
Someone put Anthony Taylor out of his misery. he doesn't understand the game he is reffing, let him clean windows or something. Sack him
Anybody know Anthony Taylor's home address? Wouldn't mind paying him a visit.
I heard Anthony Taylor played a blinder for you guys... Where did Lambert sign him from?
Arsene Wenger crashed to a 1-3 defeat against Aston Villa at the Emirates as referee Anthony Taylor took centre...
Anthony Taylor is notorious for making dubious red card decisions. (Carlton Cole against Everton.) He cost us this game.
Nice one Good appointment in Anthony Taylor guys
Anthony Taylor. At least you were consistent today. Every big decision you made you got it wrong. (He played advantage on the first peno)
I agree, he should spend. BUT. Anthony Taylor played a massive part in Arsenal's loss today.
Will Anthony Taylor referee in the Premier League again? Even if he doesn't, the damage could have been done today.
anthony taylor played advantage on the first penalty and then gave the penalty. Has there been a rule change?
Anthony Taylor should be confined to refereeing conference league matches
Anthony Taylor's shocker part 2: You can't play an advantage, let the opposition have a chance, and then send a player off.
Arsenal weren't mauled by Villa, they were mauled by Anthony Taylor.
Anthony Taylor's shocker(s)- Second penalty, assistant didn't flag, he waits about 20 seconds before giving it, +koscielny got the ball.
This referee is known for bad performances Even a former referee criticises this bugger
Anthony Taylor, ref for the AFC match, is the Angel Hernandez of the BPL. terrible decisions today.
Anthony Taylor quite simply the worst refereeing performance I have ever seen
Having said that, Anthony Taylor is having a shocker.
At least we won't get Anthony Taylor again this season, Mike Riley would never allow it. He's too honest, is Riley.
Anthony Taylor makes Mike Dean seem like an angel of refs.
Do you believe Anthony Taylor's performance today was acceptable?
Well done Good starts for your new signing Anthony Taylor..
ehhh, I think Phil Down and Anthony Taylor are just bad at what they do
Mind you, Anthony Taylor (who will be embarrassed to see the 2nd penalty award) gets even louder boos.
AW: "We had a little problem finding the right quality in the window and we believe it is mainly down to the refereeing of A…
Anthony Taylor give up your day job mate scored a fantastic Hattrick for villa today should be proud of yourself 😭😡
Two people to blame for today...Arsene Wenger and Anthony Taylor (Referee aka Aston Villa's 12th man)
Aston Villa man of the match: Anthony Taylor
Hi maybe you should review Anthony Taylor position as an EPL ref.He is absolutely poor.Shows a lack of knowledge of the advantage rule.
Exclusive Pic Of Anthony Taylor refereeing the match today !!
I have so much hate for Anthony Taylor right now
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Missing my boy Anthony Taylor Minzie today... Love you
Anthony Taylor has been appointed referee for Arsenal's opening Premier League fixture v Aston Villa.
Toyota 1000 Desert Race Botswana Great weekend for Toyota at the Desert Race, Team Castrol Toyota taking the win in the SP Class with drivers Anthony Taylor and Dennis Murphy who were the provisional overall and class SP winners in the Production Vehicle category of the three-day 32nd Toyota Kalahari Botswana 1000 Desert Race, which ended in the village of Kumakwane on the outskirts of Gaborone. It was Toyota’s second successive victory in the longest and toughest motor race in Southern Africa and Castrol Team Toyota’s second win in a row in the Donaldson South African Cross Country Championship,Second overall and in class SP were Toyota privateers Hugo de Bruyn and Henri Hugo in another Hilux, who finished 8 min 29 sec behind Taylor and Murphy. Third were Chris Visser and Japie Badenhorst (Ford Ranger), a further 1 min 4 sec in arrears. Taylor and Murphy’s popular and hard-earned win, achieved in hot, dry and extremely dusty conditions, lifted the Castrol Toyota pair into joint first place in the c ...
West Torrens Birkalla heads into Round 18 of the NPL knowing the next few games could determine their finals fate. The boys are in a good position at the moment sitting 4th on the table but won't be taking any team lightly should they want to climb the ladder. Para Hills have hit some form and goals of late an currently sniffing around the Top 6. Best of luck to all 3 teams so get on down to Jack Smith Park to cheers the boys on. COYB!! West Torrens Birkalla v Para Hills 3pm – Jack Smith Park, Saratoga Drive & Morphett Road, NOVAR GARDENS Referee: Christian Verdicchio Assistants: Daniel Cook, Donald Lomogun Reserves – 1pm U18 – 11am West Torrens Birkalla: Ryan Veitch (GK) (C), Scott Nagel, Adam LeCornu, John Fusco, Justin Bralic, Daniel Guastella, Michael DeBono, Anthony Taylor, Ryan Kitto, David Scalamera, Jake Monaco, John-Paul Cirillo, David Thornton, Tom Briscoe, Tom Dittmar, Julian Torresan (RGK) Para Hills: Ben Moore (GK) (c), Brett Selga, Matthew Marchioro, David Wadey, Tom Blackett, Michea . ...
Can people please keep there eyes open for a barn owl as my mates has getting out thanks if anyone see it can u please either let me know or inbox Anthony Taylor thanks :)
Had such an awesome farewell of my nephew Martin Taylor today, was a primo catchup with all the nieces and nephews aunties uncles and the new aunties and uncles. It was mean to hear how Marty lived such a full on yet brief life and in the thick of it all turned out to be an awesome and adventurous young man whom I'm proud to call my nephew. Yet some of the stories were too far fetched to believe but was kinda hard not to believe them when you've got more the half the people there saying the same thing lol oh well painted quite the different picture of how I remembered him to who he become now. He made an impression on anyone and every one who crossed his path and left everlasting memories for all who knew him to cherish for evermore. To Alray Huriwaka, Melody Taylor Eddie Bartle and Toni and not to mention Anthony Taylor and Sharlene Taylor and the rest of you all who took part in shaping such a well rounded young fulla, all of you be proud of your efforts he will be ever known as the man. Rest easy for . ...
"Dylan Hartley had already been warned by Wayne Barnes for speaking out of turn, before the dismissal late in the first half". Well done Wayne Barnes!!! Take some tips Martin Atkinson, Mark Clattenburg, Mike Dean, Andre Marriner, Michael Oliver, Lee Probert, Anthony Taylor & Howard Webb!
Your ref is Andre Marriner with Stephen Child and Simon Long on the touchlines. Anthony Taylor is your fourth.
Charles N'Zogbia is tripped up by Patrice Evra and referee Anthony Taylor books the United skipper.
that'll be Anthony Taylor the United fan, who officially claims to be an Altrincham fan so he can referee everyone in the Prem?
Anthony walks in to Amelia's room, "umm? Why do you have a picture of Taylor Lautner in your room?" Amelia " because he's hot!!"... She's 9
Lmfao, that was all Riya and Taylor
be glad you are not at work crazy swingers are sitting at the bar with poor Forrest
I want Ktay Taylor on the hook! , Bryant Retro Kidd Fisher on a verse, Lil 'Ace with the 2nd, and Anthony Winters on the 3rd one.
Taylor is cute with done boobs but she ain't all fine . Not being rude
Bishop Porter Praying after the message!! Oh the Glory fell!! by J. Anthony Taylor -
doesn't stop Anthony Taylor from wythenshawe Manchester reffing us v man utd!!
Human body is programmed for 2 four hour sleep cyclethat is why we often wake up in the middle of night and unable to sleep"
Anthony, that's Kates best friend from home. Taylor, this is Kate's ex from college. There ya go
Anthony Taylor has been appointed referee for Manchester City v Wigan Athletic on 17/04/13.
“I hate when my mom comes in my room wakes me up and asks me a million questions ..”
Do you know, my Son Anthony Taylor was so ugly when he was born, the nurse looked at the afterbirth and said "Its twins"!
Left wing Taylor Leier and goaltender Anthony Stolarz are the remaining prospects still in the playoffs.
ohh . One time anthony was falling. He fell on me and hit my stomach i had diareah!
exceot anthony didn't bring money. I had to pay and ended up with no spending money since he blew it on video games
for a second i though that was anthony taylor ... Lol
Anthony Davis out for the rest of the year.
How does taylor still wanna be with anthony
I'd actually get Anthony's name on my arm . Jk!!! No tattoo's for me EVER 😝
Taylor Swift's 22 song is annoying she goes TWEENIE TEEEW
“The more I meet people the more I like my dog...” More like the more boys I meet the more I like my dog.
Anthony and Taylor's first dance as Mr. & Mrs. Anthony Skaggs. Love you both soo much and I wish you…
Any where... Any weather... Start your adventure with Bullē. (Picture by Anthony Taylor)
Anthony do you need some water CUZ U THIRSTY 💦💦💦
Anthony Taylor 2016 Pace High Freshman State Trooper 5th in 100/200 in toughest district booker t and jackson! Watch our back next year!
lol yo when anthony taylor roasts someone he has no limits, he says whatevers on his mind I rate him for that
Tactical Sekt is an elektro-industrial act consisting of Anthony Mather, Jay Taylor and Robert Schott. They are...
I want some in and out. Oh wait, yeah I live in Detroit/Taylor,Mi. They don't have that to eat here.
WOTG: New Video: J. Dilla ft. 5ela & Pierre Anthony "Center of the Movement"
exactly how I feel lately, I'll take one to the arm
In my perfect world I'd live door to door to Anthony & Taylor until my end of time, wishful thinking 😔
Mark Clattenburg i/c Reading game on Saturday. Anything must be an improvement on last week. (Anthony Taylor)
Anthony Taylor podcasts on the late great Gerry Anderson
Hope say na Deeper Life member? "Anthony Taylor has been appointed referee for v West Ham United on Sunday April 7th.
Today's referee Anthony Taylor has shown the joint most red cards in the Premier League this season (6) alongside Mark Clattenburg
I'm in the mood to chill with Quincy Taylor Anthony Darryl and all who ever else. I need some laughs
So I guess that means today is a good day
Lol so fun, can't wait for the next trip! Love ya!
I was born on Good Friday and its been 22 years since its been Good Friday for my birthday again!!
But on the real, it's a 3 way connection of love with me Taylor and Anthony
I'm hyped thinking about this shoot!!! Anthony MrDirector Taylor...
We have the hottest music video in the works right now- shot by Anthony MrDirector Taylor the track "Life prod.
“Anthony Davis is one of the few players who can bring people out of their seats on a missed dunk” barely slipped off
IH not happy at referee Anthony Taylor over Zaha booking. His phone rings..."that's probably Arsene Wenger now."
Curtis two-sport standout Anthony Taylor signs with Tulane for track and field with plan to play football in one...
At Taylor watching Mizzou play alma mater. Disappointed LSU's SP isn't long hair don't care like he was back in the day..
Glad I found 300 pics of Taylor, Craig and Anthony on my phone... Real classy in the men's bathroom boys..
“Zayn got a new tattoo this week with his friends, Alex and Anthony. Not sure what it is yet!” Oh boy
zayn has been spending most of his week off with his friend Anthony in his house in London. via
alright are you gunna come with me Taylor Anthony and jaylon
domain names
happy birthday so glad I got to see you for a few minutes ☺
is put on by Butch Anthony. Here's a profile did on him in 2010 about the festival and himself:
alright bro Anthony me Taylor Noah and someone else may be going
that is a sweet pic of Anthony and Taylor!!
yeah today, and idk whenever. I think Anthony is getting his car
Marc Anthony's voice is just perfection
Curtis shot putter Anthony Taylor signs track scholarship with Tulane with plan to switch to football in 2014
John Curtis Christian OL Anthony Taylor signing with Tulane today for track/football. I'll have the details in a couple hours.
Taylor Swift's guest starring in the season finale of New Girl! TRES FLIPPIN' EXCITING
Paedophile from Bury worked as a DJ at children’s disco: Scott Anthony Taylor, 30, had been ordered not to wor...
What famous person would you like to meet? — Taylor Swift
Taylor what is your goal in life for you and Anthony
to when Taylor, Dominic, Anthony,quinten, and Connor were my best friends
Can't get over Burnell Taylor's rendition of My Cherie Amour
Anthony Taylor has been appointed referee for Swansea City v Tottenham Hotspur on Saturday March 30th.
A family date ? Heck nawl... I swear Anthony act just like Taylor Dad
Taylor saw my new tat she's like Anthony what did you do?!
Anthony and Taylor always start fighting everytime they have the bowl so it takes us like an hour to finish a bowl pack
Mariah, gio,Taylor,Derek,cydnee, Gios cousins, Kyler, and Anthony. Get Griffen and chad and them and come !
are u calling me a rat lmao,im not always at parties😩RT I always see Taylor, Morgan, Isaiah, Dominic, Anthony, Juju, and Nathan
Nothing like having Anthony sing taylor swift yo me at work!
“Anthony and Taylor started fist fighting”
Anthony's pumping up music before getting in a fight is apparently Taylor swift I knew you were trouble ? 😂😂😂
Anthony and Taylor started fist fighting
Anthony loves Taylor Swift!RT I knew you were trouble when you walked in
Wana wish my little big brother krishaun anthony taylor a happy bday! Love u little brother see u soon!
I sold mine to Sprint. It was selling for $150 all day on Craigslist. Mine was just crap and I didn't wanna hassle.
GameStop sells my phone used for like $80 or $90, so I can probably get a good 20 or 30, but that's not really worth it.
I might could sell my iPhone for a little extra cash, but it's so old, I'm probably better off using it as an iPod.
I'm pretty sure the S3 is more powerful than the next iPhone will be, so I can settle if I can't get the S4.
Save up to 45% 0ff MSRP On Motorcycle Tires
I thought about doing that, but mine's pretty scratched up.
Ed Sheeran has the most painful looking fall EVER during a show with Taylor Swift. Not one for the squeamish:
I'll probably have to get the S3 because we're about to switch. I'm just hoping it'll be worth enough to justify buying an S4.
I want the S4, but I've only had this a year. And I don't wanna pay full price for one.
The S4 is going to be so far ahead of the next iPhone, it's sad. I think Apple is just going to update the 5 and call it 5S.
That's what I was hoping. I bought this before the iPhone even came out.
I have an iPad now, so I'm not concerned about apps. The S3 is the better phone, by far. iPhone just has the Apple name.
I've gone from 46% to 39% in just 5 minutes on low brightness. I hate this phone.
I really wish it was Tennessee vs. Florida today. Instead of Bama.
Guess I'll have to settle for the S3. Maybe I will be able to sell it and buy the S4 when it comes out.
I wish the Galaxy S4 was already available. We'll probably get new phones before it comes out...
But at least my battery life doesn't seem to be getting much worse, although dying after just a couple of hours of use on 3G is pretty bad.
Dave and Buster's with Luke, Anthony, Taylor, Isabell, Toni, and Toni number 2! :D
How would u like to baptize anthony when u come home !? :)
I think the funniest thing I've ever said was "Caylee Anthony should've chosen Taylor Gang"
There was a time not that long ago that I was considering becoming a doctor. Obamacare ruined any chance of that happening.
Wow ale doesn't follow me!? 👎 I guess I'll have to tell Taylor what you said yesterday
Hurricane (feat. David Anthony & Taylor Jones) by Mastiksoul (with Jeffri, Marco Antonio, and Fidelius) —
likely target should the 18th be a high is mid April low.
1 of 2 cycles is in play. If we dip go long into 27th. If we spike, short it. Harmonic resistance and support will tell.
Depends on price action on Monday outlined in the video.
“Videos up guys: Haven't watched video yet, but R you shorting the rally on the 18th? Swing trade?
Tonight with Brent, Jordan, Taylor, Tina, and Anthony was literally perfection.
Every song in my library was purchased by me with the exception of a few. Piracy is stealing, and stealing is a sin.
I can't stand people who pirate music. BUY THE SONG OR DON'T LISTEN TO IT.
1:30, Taylor sports complex, tomorrow, be there or be square
My nephew was born at 11:10 PM weighing 3lbs 7oz and 16 inches in length. His name is Anthony Taylor. Please pray for him.
Anthony and I look like our mom. Taylor and Amber look like our dad.
I look like my older brother Anthony. Amber looks like Taylor.
Wow! lol. I interviewed Taylor a few weeks ago.
Oh Tay LOL Taylor Hicks for some reason I thought you were a friend of his not sure why though
I'm actually kind of excited to see Jake's 1st minor league practice of the year tomorrow. Don't know why. Guess cause I'm ready for Spring.
No, I got off at like nine. Angel, Anthony & Blake are there.
Kentucky didn't play their best ball tonight and Vandy played like this was the championship. I'll give them credit.
True, but we won by a larger margin. Depends on how you look at it. But I will say that Kentucky didn't even try when we played them.
I respect the other teams, I just strongly dislike them. If Vandy is going against a non-conference team, Anchor Down all the way!
Alabama fans hate Auburn. Vandy fans hate Tennessee. Our hatred for each other is what makes the SEC the greatest conference EVER!
By the way, Vandy fans, what Tennessee did to Kentucky was WAY MORE than your team could ever do. And we have a tournament chance. You don't
The only thing I hate about Vandy winning tonight is hearing their annoying fans gloat about it. But if it helped the Vols any, I'll manage.
THEN, Tennessee MIGHT make the tournament. But it's a long shot.
Alright. Alabama and Ole Miss need to get killed. And then Vanderbilt needs to lose against Florida in the championship.
Taylor told Anthony that she will break his scrawny little *** 😂😂😂😂
As long as Vandy doesn't win the SEC tournament, I'm happy. And as long as their hopeful win against Kentucky puts Tennessee in.
I take it back. Come on Vandy, take Kentucky out of the NCAA tournament so Tennessee will make it in!
I hate Kentucky with a passion, but I hope they kill Vandy tonight. featured in NBC s Science of Love
One week away from show w Taylor gang! Wilmington DE club 3! We go on at 715! $10 tix very limited! Contact or
Bathroom pictures of yourself are unclassy enough, but a picture taken of yourself in a restroom at school? Seriously?
" your smile looks so good with your big face Taylor" . Thanks Anthony?
me and Taylor just ordered Anthony's
it's the universe's revenge for how Anthony and Ceaser drove Cleopatra to her untimely death... see, men brought great women down 2
FA CUP : Manchester City 5 - 0 Barnsley (10',31',49' Tevez, 27' Kolarov, 65' Silva) ***Man City: Pantilimon, Zabaleta, Toure, Lescott, Kolarov, Nasri, Toure, Barry, Silva, Dzeko, Tevez. Subs: Hart, Milner, Sinclair, Javi Garcia, Clichy, Nastasic, Razak. ***Barnsley: Steele, Wiseman, Cranie, Kennedy, Foster, Etuhu, Tunnicliffe, Perkins, Cywka, Dagnall, Harewood. Subs: Lidakevicius, Hassell, Delap, O'Brien, Scotland, Mellis, Rose. Referee: Anthony Taylor (Cheshire) ***Match*** 1 min: Manchester City kick off, with Tevez playing alongside rather than behind Edin Dzeko up front and, in an unusual turn of events, Samir Nasri on the left of midfield and David Silva on the right. 2 min: Manchester City probe down the right flank, with Pablo Zabaleta picking out Edin Dzeko with a speculative long diagonal pass. Martin Cranie clatters into the City striker and concedes the first free-kick of the match. The ball's swung into the mixer and Barnsley goalkeeper Luke Steele punches clear. 4 min: From the left flank, Al ...
The ref is Anthony Taylor in disguise
ARMED INTRUDER DIES The resident, Kurt Anderson, exchanged gunfire with Anthony Taylor, a 20-year-old man who...
Having lunch with Anthony Taylor today. Who wants to join?
Was that Anthony Taylor? I kept thinking it was Steve Bennett, but it turns out he retired long ago.
Taylor in charge of United visit: Anthony Taylor is back at Loftus Road for the first time in 2013 as QPR h...
Anthony Taylor has been appointed referee for Queens Park Rangers v Manchester United on Saturday February 23rd.
Film Crew- Gabe Smith, Tattoo, Michael Baxter, Kyo Jones, Anthony Taylor, and Rayshan Seals   Location-    Time- 3:00 pm to 6:00 pm once every other week   Cast- Gabe Smith as John, Tony Hudson as Brian, Asia Lockheart as Hana, Mierra Nelson as Valkyrie, Jasmine Phillips as Alcina, as Vanir, Adrian Manigault as Ryuu, Sommer as Avira, Kasha as Kachina, Deja as Nirvanna, Mathew as Vince, Cecilia as Alma, and Rayshan as Damian
THE GERM FILM PROJECT RETURNS FOR ITS FIRST SCREENING OF THE NEW YEAR The Germ, a local film project that aims to inspire filmmakers of all skill levels, will return for its first screening of the year on Thursday, February 21. The Germ encourages filmmakers to take the inspiration and film limitations featured on its website and create a short film based on them. In October 2012, the inspiration of food was shared with the community to serve as the catalyst for participants to create their own film or video. The upcoming screening will feature films that are inspired by this Germ. Each submission must also feature at least four characters and a line of dialogue that was given by the project’s creators. “I think the best films are about relationships,” said Anthony Taylor, co-creator of The Germ. “Requiring people to create films with four characters and the theme of food, something that naturally brings people together, is bound to create some interesting interactions. As a lover of food and dia ...
Manchester City manager Roberto Mancini tonight hit out at Liverpool and the match officials for failing to stop play after a Daniel Agger foul in the potentially pivotal incident of the game which saw his club drop a further two points behind Manchester United at the top of the Premier League. Mancini was incandescent after an awkward challenge on Edin Dzeko by Agger, half an hour into the match, went undetected by fourth official Andy Halliday, meaning that referee Anthony Taylor allowed Liverpool to advance up the field in the counter-attacking move which saw Sturridge score his fourth goal in six games since arriving at Liverpool. Mancini has felt for some time that City are not getting the decisions from referees that other clubs enjoy and before flying out of Manchester to Italy last night he repeated that allegation. "Sometimes it can be normal, people make mistakes, but referee makes mistakes every game," he said. "Liverpool should probably have stopped. Dzeko was on the floor. We didn't know what ...
Anthony Taylor is horrible ref... only lee mason is worse I rwckon...
David Silva gets caught hard by Glen Johnson. Only a warning by Anthony Taylor
I just want to say THANK YOU to all of the wonderful friends and family that showed up to our show at Reflections Nightclub last night!!! It really meant A LOT to Anthony Taylor & me both!! Jerry Gillespie , Bob Dellaposta , Tish Johnson , Carrie B Johnson , Megan Duff , Ryan Duff , Rick Van Ostrand , Donald Rugg , (It will only allow me to tag 10 people at a time so I have to add to this because we were lucky enough to have so many very cool people show!!
Anthony is mean to me. So does that count? And so is taylor.
well deary I'm Anthony or Ohio as most call me
I'm young and I'm gettin it wit ma daughter we doin betta then a lot of people older then us wit kids ma daughter stay fresh I graduated a year early from high school, college soon and Ima have this good ole cosmetology license in May baby! Shout out to ma moms who put they kids first and doin things wit they lives I'm proud of yall don't let no body stop yall from achieving yall goals hmu soon for a reunion :)
Coming out of retirement this week! WITH NO DRUMS!!! Straight old school. Lol by J. Anthony Taylor -
I'm seriously starting to get annoyed with this game. But it's so dang addictive...
“Papa is doing better. I'm so proud of him.”
Is it even worth updating anymore? There's 3 generations of iPhone newer than mine.
RFT""My life isn't perfect, but I'm thankful for everything I have.""
yea man bubba Jenkins who pinned David Taylor and Anthony Robles guy with one leg
Ladies and Gentlemen, Manti Te'O's girlfriend has been spotted!
Papa isn't in the greatest shape right now, but it does look like he's going to be okay. I can't stand the waiting, though...
Lol anthony has her heart . Already ?? Okay taylor :)
One time when I picked Ashton an Anthony up from school I told Taylor's mom she looked like a fierce cat in cheetah print😍😂
Super hottie Anthony showin' off his guns to Snooki on @ 627 Taylor Apartments
If you haven't heard anthony's idea for a lyrical dance to that taylor swift song you're really missing out
Terrell is conversating with Anthony about how he finds me attractive and I'm standing right in front of him..
People wouldn't think it, but anthony is a huge nerd.
Anthony are you seriously watching battle star galatica right now...
wait do u record the Casey Anthony one?
Anthony Taylor will ref the Man City game next Sunday.
Sean Taylor lit up that kicker 1 year, that was pretty funny.
[Confirmed] Anthony Taylor has been appointed referee for Mancs. City v on 03/02/13.
I'm a boss when it comes to triangles. Thanks Mr. Gross!
Sines, cosines and tangents. I missed talking about these.
If anybody wanted to bring me food I'd love you forever
I should have taken his last semester instead of College Algebra. I could be taking Calculus I now...
I hate this class. The professor is awesome, but I'm already an expert at this subject.
Just one more hour, and then I can head to Hermitage. Hope they got that breathing tube out of Papa... Can't wait to see him.
This is my fly big brother Anthony Burrise! Me n him are the men behind the designs for TML... So now, ppl c
Who joins Bradford City at Wembley for the Capital One Cup final on 24th February, 2013? Is it going to be Swansea City or Chelsea? This evening at the Liberty Stadium, at exactly 7:45pm, Swansea City play host to Chelsea in the second leg of the FA League Cup, christened CAPITAL ONE CUP. Referee for the match is the 20th November, 1962 born Chris Foy. FLASH-BACK: On 9th January, 2013, Swansea City trekked all the way to the dreaded Stamford Bridge to register a very important win over Chelsea, thanks to two unanswered goals from mercurial and flamboyant, Miguel Perez Cuesta Michu and in-form and back-to-fitness striker, Danny Graham, in both situations, ably and ironically assisted by Chelsea's Branislav Ivanovic with Anthony Taylor as the knight of the whistle on that occasion. What would the situation look like tonight at the Liberty Stadium? I sportingly tip Michael Laudrup's Swansea City to sail through and meet Phil Parkinson's Bradford City in the finals. Fire right away.!
Hello all. Hope everyone is having a good week and staying warm in the cold weather. Please be in prayer over the next week for the following young people who will be traveling to the Resurrection youth conference this weekend: Emily Abbott, Mary Faye Robertson, Janette Toomire, Tamney Gum, DeShayra Taylor, Celisa Elder, Maicaiela Ash, Lexi Wright, Journei Trentham, Bre'DEaisha Walden, Amber Barnett, Timesha Bryd, Dreama Coats, Adam Diggs, Nate Fisher, Steve Taylor, Anthony Taylor, De'Ontay Tate, Arshon Jeter, Josh Isner, Lee Daugherty, Ethan Williams, Gage Seymour, Steven Waterson, Terrell Patrick We lift them and the event up so that all may come to a greater knowledge of Christ's love and grace.
“Anthony Taylor is easily the worst referee in the entire world” You wanted to see Howard Webb
Anthony Taylor has been appointed referee for Wigan Athletic v Sunderland on 19/01/2013
Lastly, contrats to Anthony Taylor, Malachi Dupre and Richard Allen for being selected the 2nd Team Max Preps Small School All American team
lee mason wasn't ref it was Anthony Taylor
Worst ref along side Lee Mason in the prem is this Anthony Taylor, he sent both Cole and Gibson off, both overturned.
Coach Peveto from Kentucky met with 2013 John Curtis OL Anthony Taylor (6-7, 335) today. Taylor's a good one that is under the radar.
Transfer News Paper Talk: Daily Express: - Referee Mike Dean has come under fire from his former colleagues for failing to stop Sir Alex Ferguson's tirade. -Harry Redknapp is plotting a move for Fulham linchpin Brede Hangeland when the transfer window opens on New Year's Day. Joey Barton could extend his stay at Marseille beyond the end of the season. -Yossi Benayoun is set to return to Chelsea next week after being told his loan spell at West Ham will not be extended. DailyStar: -Roberto Mancini is plotting a shock bid to beat Chelsea to the signing of Barcelona striker David Villa. -Furious Sam Allardyce accused referee Anthony Taylor of costing his side vital points after Carlton Cole's red card was overturned. -Blackburn wants Mark Hughes to make a shock return to Ewood Park to replace Henning Berg. THESUN: -Leighton Baines has emerged as a shock £15million target for moneybags Paris St Germain. -Robert Lewandowski is set to complete an £18million move to Manchester United in the summer. Daily Mirro ...
Everton to Appeal to F.A Everton announced on Monday that they will appeal against Darron Gibson's sending off in Saturday's 2-1 win at West Ham. Former Manchester United midfielder Gibson was dismissed by referee Anthony Taylor for a high challenge on West Ham's Mark Noble in the closing stages at Upton Park. Hammers striker Carlton Cole had earlier been sent off for a similar challenge on Everton defender Leighton Baines. Everton's appeal means Republic of Ireland international Gibson will be able to play in the Boxing Day match against Wigan on Wednesday, with the case due to be heard the following day. David Moyes' men are currently fifth in the Premier League and could climb back into the top four with a victory over Wigan. The Football Association (FA) revealed later on Monday that West Ham had appealed against Cole's red card. Like Gibson, Cole will have his appeal heard by the FA on December 27. With West Ham's Boxing Day London derby at Arsenal postponed due to a tube strike, the Hammers are next ...
The former Manchester United midfielder was dismissed by Anthony Taylor for a high chall...
Sam Allardyce has called for technology allowing managers to appeal decisions instantly during matches to be introduced and blasted senior figures in football for their ‘antiquated’ approach to the game. West Ham and Everton will on Monday appeal against the straight red cards given to Carlton Cole and Darron Gibson by referee Anthony Taylor for similar challenges on Saturday. Both players were sent off for raised feet but neither Allardyce nor David Moyes agreed with the decisions. The referee’s actions were considered so poor even the home fans booed when Gibson was shown the second red card in injury time. But it had a much greater impact on West Ham who went ahead through Cole’s early strike but lost him in the 67th minute. Three minutes previously Victor Anichebe had headed Everton level and the numerical advantage helped the away side nick the game through Steven Pienaar’s scrappy winner. When asked if he would like a system similar to cricket or tennis where they can appeal decisions inst ...
West Ham striker Carlton Cole insists that referee Anthony Taylor was wrong to send him off during yesterday's 2-1 home defeat against Everton. The United number nine was as shocked as everyone else in the 3...
"Paul Lambert has certainly been the livelier of the two manager on the touchline in the first quarter of the game, constantly on the edge of his technical area either berating his players or in the ear of fourth official Anthony Taylor. The atmosphere so far has been above par for a game at Stamford Bridge, but it’s gone rather flat on the pitch after that flying start from the hosts." 21′ - Penalty shout! Torres looks at the referee quizzically, as Baker climbs all over the Spaniard as he tried to meet Cole's cross into the box. Nothing given. 19′ - Now the Villa fans show their support for Stilian Petrov, the Villans' skipper still recovering from acute leukemia.
Chris Kamara has said 'Anthony Taylor must rescind both red cards today'
Chris Kamara on the sending offs 'Anthony Taylor must rescind both red cards today' - Rob
More poor refereeing decisions today. Anthony Taylor, Jon Moss, Mark Clattenburg. Maybe more. All need a boot up the a**e
I'd like to congratulate Anthony Taylor on his match winning performance for Everton today.
Also should Anthony Taylor get a ban after his awful refereeing performance today with 2 very poor red card decisions.
Ref Anthony Taylor was the villain in West Ham and final match before Christmas as two red cards spoilt the 2-1 win at Upton Park
Can't quite believe Mr Anthony Taylor is going to get paid for that performance today. On a par with one Mr Keith Hackett.
Pretty outraged by the desicions made at Upton Park by Anthony Taylor today
excellent Anthony Taylor's ears will be burning
I'm hoping Anthony Taylor got a slap with a one pound fish
Sam Allardyce on ref Anthony Taylor (today's ref) in 2010: "He made both managers, both sets of players and both sets of fans angry."”
Furious Sam Allardyce lays into referee Anthony Taylor for sending off Carlton Cole in West Ham's...
“Anthony Taylor - the ref at West Ham - was the ref who in 09 gave Sunderland beach ball goal v Lpool" it was Mike Jones
I think that owes Anthony Taylor an apology for that false claim
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Allardyce lays into referee: Sam Allardyce accused referee Anthony Taylor of being trigger-...
is it true that it was Anthony Taylor's first EPL game, he was absolutely awful
I wanna see Anthony , his father needs to bring him home so I can spend time with him too !! 😫
Sam Allardyce and David Moyes were united in their condemnation of referee Anthony Taylor after he…
I hope Anthony Taylor is demoted for his next game...
"Anthony Taylor, the worst ref to ever grace a football pitch." Agree from both sides! He was a disgrace!
Allardyce, Moyes critical of referee: Sam Allardyce and David Moyes condemned referee Anthony Taylor after he co...
See what David Moyes says about it. Anthony Taylor was disgraceful. End of.
Can you you ask Anthony Taylor whether he would mind refunding the price of my match ticket after completely ruining the match today.
West Ham manager Sam Allardyce and Everton's David Moyes were both critical of referee Anthony Taylor for dismissing two players today
Toffees take points from Hammers: Referee Anthony Taylor was the pantomime villain in West Ham and Everton's fin...
West Ham United 1 Everton 2: match report: Referee Anthony Taylor is the pantomime villain as two needless red c...
Saw West Ham- Everton highlights, Anthony Taylor won't referee many more games this season...
Taylor is an absolutely laughable excuse for a referee. Cole's red card today was ridiculus and total incompetence by Taylor!
All in all, I think that all and fans have come to the conclusion that Anthony Taylor is a disgrace to football!
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if you could meet THREE wresttlers and just those three, who would they be? I say Benoit, Jericho and El Generico! -DVM
Anthony Taylor is nothing compared to David Phillips (League 2), he has the "worst referee" title. -Tom
Want to see how shocking refereeing in england can be? just watch anthony taylor sending off Carlton Cole and Darron Gibson. its hilarious!!!
full time - westham 1 v 2 Everton / Ref - what a joke! we were in total control of the game and the ref spoils a perfectly good game by sending cole off for nothing?? then makes another bad decision by sending gibson off for Everton...shocking refereeing!! deserved atleast a draw but should of got the win here...the crowed booing the ref off the pitch shouting your not fit to referee!! too right too...
Anthony Taylor is a poor excuse for a referee his sending off of Carlton Cole was an utter disgrace as was the injury time dismissal of Darren Gibson, it spoiled a good game and yes he cost West Ham a deserved point final score West Ham 1-2 Everton.
West Ham 1-2 Everton FT The ref has been awrful 2 red cards should of never been and an Osman disallowed goal.
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The footballing gods back on our side? Come on you Irons!
West Ham 1 - 2 Everton: Goal - Steven Pienaar puts it in for Everton in the 73' minute
RED CARD FOR West Ham - Carlton Cole Carlton Cole is off. He stretches to control a high ball, Leighton Baines nip sin to win the header and Cole rakes him down his side with his studs. It looks nasty, but Cole's eyes were on the ball. However, referee Anthony Taylor decides to dismiss the striker.
Today in History: 12/22 1858 - Opera composer Giacomo Puccini was born in Lucca, Italy. 1864 - During the Civil War, Union Gen. William T. Sherman sent a message to President Abraham Lincoln from Georgia, saying, "I beg to present you as a Christmas gift the city of Savannah." 1894 - French army officer Alfred Dreyfus was convicted of treason in a court-martial that triggered worldwide charges of anti-Semitism. (He was eventually vindicated.) 1910 - U.S. Postal savings stamps were issued for the first time. They were discontinued in 1914. 1912 - Lady Bird Johnson, the wife of President Lyndon B. Johnson, was born Claudio Alta Taylor in Karnack, Texas. 1937 - The Lincoln (named for the U.S. president of the same name) Tunnel in New York opened to traffic. Originally called the Midtown Hudson Tunnel, the tube between Weehawken, New Jersey and midtown Manhattan allowed only one lane of traffic in each direction. (A new northbound-only tube opened to traffic Feb 4, 1945 and a southbound tube opened May 25, 19 ...
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the Referee for tomorrow's game is Anthony Taylor C.O.Y.I
Thanks Anthony Duca and Robert Taylor for liking the page
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