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Anthony Taylor

Anthony Taylor (born 20 October 1978) is an English professional football referee from Wythenshawe, Greater Manchester.

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Going through the EIU depth chart for ISU, Shawn Mitchell has taken over at one of the top receiver spots, pushing Anthony Taylor to No. 2
Anthony Taylor with the assist for Diego Costa's goal.
First great session with Lee Betts and Anthony Taylor at conference
Congratulations to Mark Clattenburg, Simon Beck, Jake Collin, Anthony Taylor and Andre Marriner who will take charge o…
Good refereeing there for the goal. I can't get used to this. This tournament is in dire need of Anthony Taylor and Lee Mason.
Stockport Refs Present Jon Moss & Anthony Taylor on 9th Sept 16.See for more info.
That was a sub to Anthony Ragosta .. This is why your single
You don’t have to hold a position in order to be a leader. ~Anthony J. D’Angelo
praying to St. Anthony really works idc what anyone says
Pray for my friend Anthony. There's nothing wrong with him he just looks like an acorn.
Thanks everyone for a great response over the last year please - support us tomorrow by voting for. Anthony NEGUS and Miles TAYLOR
Hard work does pay off! Always follow your dream. Anthony Taylor Realty say well done!
.spoke with Towns, Cousins, Davis and Calipari about UK centers' "brotherhood":
Cove Reber was everything about Dallas Taylor did more for then Anthony Green did for Saosin.
twice the time at the breakers at Anthony's party
sous chef anthony mustve learned from the taylor street crew in the can... Lmaoo
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My Top 100, 91-100: Anthony Barr leads up-and-coming squad: The first installment of Ike Taylor's t... Via-
Get over it, dude! And GET A LIFE and... Get some lithium or lamictal Bc ur friggin UNQUESTIONABLY MANIC.
Anthony Rizzo walks up to Taylor Swift’s “Bad Blood”? Suddenly my choice of Kesha’s “Timber” doesn’t seem so wildly off base.
RE Anthony Taylor - pressure from friends, family, neighbours, gangsters threatening to throw hand grenades into his front garden...
Anthony Taylor, from Wythenshawe Manchester, will referee Man City v Arsenal on Sunday. Really? How can that be right?
Click here to support Anthony Taylor's Medical Expenses by Cathy Burnsed Taylor
Timberlake album this year... I have a feeling he might have a song with Taylor Swift...
Taylor Johnson takes on Anthony Martine today as Pacific looks for the win.
Laila Strickland, Taylor Anthony and Josey Lacourt place 1st, 2nd and 3rd in the 200 vs Green
Emily Rodriguez, macee Erickson, Taylor Anthony and Laila Strickland place 1st in the 4x100 today vs Green
Laila Strickland, Rebekah Carr, and Taylor Anthony place 1st, 2nd and 3rd in the 100 dash today vs Green
Testimony:. Well, my mother has now relocated to Peoria.. My brother Anthony Taylor, my wife Kim Cotto-Taylor, and...
Ik vind een leuk: Big Pharma, the Nazis and the Origins of the EU...[Paul Anthony Taylor] New
Paul Anthony Taylor investigates Emerging Paradigms and the Exposing of Hidden Histories... Paul Anthony Taylor...
Dreary me Anthony Taylor for the last home game of the season, haven't we been punished enough this season?
Anthony Taylor appointed referee for Manchester City game
Arsenal handed calamity ref for Manchester City showdown
Congrats to Tim Taylor, Matt Drake and Anthony Paone on being named First Team All-MAC Commonwealth!
Anthony Taylor looks like a hairless Jimmy Carr.
Rebecca Williams found the house I want, Anthony Taylor pulled the numbers on this one! ⚔🛡
Anthony Taylor broke a huge run during Wed's practice. Withers was more concered with his D's poor positioning--
READ: Anthony Taylor, criticised by Martinez recently, will officiate our semi-final
Anthony Taylor finds a way to surprise me every time he takes charge of our games. Comfortably the worst referee in the Premi…
Andre Marriner is up there with Anthony Taylor and Lee Mason as the worst refs out there.absolutely clueless
Michael Oliver will be the ref tomorrow... Can he be any worse than Anthony Taylor last week?
Anthony Taylor is the worst ref in the Prem
Anthony Taylor is possibly one of the worst Premier League officials I've ever seen. Consistently poor.
How far was the keeper off his line for Big Roms pen. Anthony Taylor is awful
Mirallas should have been off but Anthony Taylor is the worst ref in the league
Someone please tell me how Anthony Taylor is Premier League Referee? He is bad. So many decisions wrong from the highlights i saw on
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This is the 3rd time Scott Dann was yellow carded by Anthony Taylor in the 10 matches he refereed him.
any stats on referee Anthony Taylor, I'd like to be prepared for the type of performance the teams may get from him tonight?
Michael Oliver, Mark Clattenburg, and Anthony Taylor are the top 3 refs imo
That's a help. Suspected it was going to be Mike Dean/Martin Atkinson/Anthony Taylor.
Mike Dean to referee game against West Ham and Anthony Taylor to referee game at home to Crystal Palace
Congrats to seniors Jhalen Thomas and Anthony Taylor of Varina on winning the conference 12 Tournament championship
Last wk Martin Atkinson.YesXday Anthony Taylor.2day Mike Dean.2morow Jonathan Moss.Next wk Michael Oliver.Arsenal fans will not kill me. lol
Anthony Taylor will be in charge of FA Cup tie with West Brom on Saturday.
Who was Taylor Swift talking about exactly in her speech?
Taylor Swift accepts the 2016 Grammy for Album of the Year and has some choice words for Kanye.
I want to live in a world where Taylor swifts music doesn't exist.
When I heard that Taylor Swift won Album of the Year
So before you go & troll Taylor for what MEDIA says, talk to me when you pull a Susan B. Anthony. Until then let's all support each other.
I really want to know how a committee was able to compare Taylor's album, Kendrick's album, and the Bama Shakes album together. Enlighten me
I still don't see the hype in the Kendrick Lamar album. I'm cool with Taylor Swift winning album of the year.
Update your maps at Navteq
No disrespect Taylor but Kendrick had the best album
Kendrick Lamar makes an inspirational album about racial inequalities. Taylor swift makes an album about white girls and boys with leather
Taylor swift won album of the year.
Taylor Swift's '1989' wins Grammy Award for album of the year - AP
No one understands my hatred for Taylor swift
How did Taylor swift win over Kendrick Lamar?
coming back with something after Taylor swifts little jab
I will always associate Taylor Swift's "Bad Blood" with Anthony Rizzo.
Taylor Swift needs to respect artistry and give her award to Kendrick
Steve Harvey in disguise guys, no way Taylor swift won album of the year over Kendrick
"Watch Taylor win a Grammy as I try to crack a smile"
Is Anthony Rizzo on stage with Taylor Swift right now?
(tori was talking to Anthony. He's just messin cause we love Taylor. All is well)
Now is when we need the Taylor Swift cam more than ever
annual thoughts on the Grammys: Taylor swift just doesn't do it for me folks
Michael Anthony Taylor! Dancing on the ceiling:) brother I know you were dancing like me Holmes! The real
If Taylor is here, Kanye is near...
Anthony de la Cruz, Jamie Henkin, Casey Freundt, and Taylor Bassett on set today shooting a commercial spot in LA.
Wish Anthony and Taylor would hurry up and come home 😭
I agree with you on that Sammy by the way my name is Anthony Taylor
Actor Taylor Anthony Miller has passed on. Rest in peace.
Yes. Taylor had work and I'm about to get ready to go to my training lol
Mike Dean, Martin Atkinson and Anthony Taylor are 3 refs I hate the most
And we play the worst team in the league at home on final day. Anthony Taylor/Mike Dean/anyone other than Michael Oliver masterclass pending
"He gave me his heart on Valentine's Day, and I said YES!" - Lady Gaga & Taylor Kinney got engaged 1 year ago today! http…
Was just the one year anniversary of my video. Still my favorite Taylor song!! 💋💄
Y'all saw Chris Paul tryna pull Anthony Davis to the side 😂😂
Anthony slowly taking taylor away from me 😑
Listening to Friday Night by Touch of Soul Anthony Maurice Meriwether Courtney Taylor like my favorite song
Anthony called me Taylor-bear and my insides turned to mush.
joke. I heard Anthony Taylor or Lee Mason will be in Europe next year 😷😷😷
agreed why are referred so poor this season. Anthony Taylor the worst and Atkinson had a shocker today
WATCH: Meet Charles Martin... the man between Anthony Joshua and a world title. More here: https:/…
Clattenburg is a top ref. It's the likes of Mike Dean & Anthony Taylor you can justifiably have a moan about..!! In my opinion 😊👀
Anthony Taylor. Says supports Altrincham to show he's impartial but from a family of reds. Fast tracked through because young & easy
It still amazes me that Anthony Taylor is a Premier League referee
Anthony Taylor is the referee for City vs. Leicester on Saturday. His recent City games:. City 4-1 Sunderland (Dec). Everto…
'you haven't seen me yet' Hiddink will find out what referee Jon Moss is like today after complaining to him about Anthony Taylor in Prem
The fact that RM is blaming the referee for why we got beat today, ok so I'm guessing it's Anthony Taylor who has a negative approach at EFC
Anthony Taylor awards the away team a throw-in.
Evans will make it all about Anthony Taylor, and probably end up saying something outlandish. This performance will be ignored.
On 4th episode of . Fuming. It's like Brendan got Anthony Taylor for a judge
28' - Awful challenge by Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain on Ayoze Perez. He amazingly escapes with just a talking to by Anthony Taylor.
Anthony Taylor should go for a drink with Lee Probert and Keith Stroud.and choke on it.
For those who didn't see the game, Anthony Taylor made Lee Probert look like a world class ref.
FIFA and Premier League Referee, Anthony Taylor, takes to the stage at Referee Development Evening
RECAP: Here's our RDT & Staff with referee Anthony Taylor at our launch event htt…
Brooklyn is so sweet when Taylor isn't around. 😱
Tackle Anthony Munoz of Cincinnati and linebacker Lawrence Taylor of the gambling were unanimous choices on th...
Also Caroline, Taylor, Enzo, Anthony, Val I'm thankful for all of you I just couldnt find pics at the moment 😂❤️
I'm 5th wheeling with my parents, Taylor and Anthony 😭
It use to take Taylor and I both to give Brooklyn medicine and now she takes it with ease ✊🏼
Taylor had to work and left me with Brooklyn by myself 😳
Vicky's jaw swings harder than an Anthony Joshua hook
Happy Thanksgiving everyone! I'm thankful for people like Taylor Anthony Reed who are overseas protecting our...
Phil, can u tell who is Anthony and who is Taylor swift?
My dad was switching through radio stations and Bad Blood came on for 2.5 seconds and Anthony goes "Es Taylor Swift!"
On behalf of Bishop Anthony D’Onofrio and the Pastotal staff, we would like to wish you a very Happy Thanksgiving! https:/…
I would like to say Happy Thanksgiving to all my FB family and friends. We all have a lot to be thankful for.
When doesn't recognize you because your hair is way longer and you have facial hair🙃🙃
My mom texted Taylor and asked if we made it to her memes and didn't even say a *** word to me. ***
Anthony Collins has absolutely outplayed Isaiah Taylor tonight.
Caveman Fact of the Day - voice actors Wayne Anthony Allwine & Russi Taylor, the cartoon voices of Mickey & Minnie were married in real life
Monk has players' backing - Taylor: Neil Taylor says Swansea boss Garry Monk has the backing of the players, w...
Follows such Ravens backups as Anthony Wright, Todd Bouman and Tyrod Taylor wearing that number
with a slice of Anthony Taylor as 4th official.
I met Aaron Taylor Johnson, Cobie smulders, Anthony mackie and Mark Ruffalo at the age of Ultron premiere in LA
I walked into Tays room to get my keys and saw Anthony and her cuddling and asleep. Meanwhile, I was getting my keys to go g…
If this were the PL, Anthony Taylor probably stops play and books the guy in blue for time wasting and diving
Posted with a wink and much love to folks like Ruth Boo Taylor,Anthony Natoli,Jennifer McCabe,and everyone who...
chris Taylor and Elias is what it sounds like. With his front office issues I'd go tai/taylor/Elias for ozuna/Fernandez
The referee for Chelsea ladies' match against Wolfsburg is making Anthony Taylor look like Pierluigi Collina
Allen CB and commit Anthony Taylor gets a PBU to end Byron Nelson drive:
Anthony Taylor is far too smug for my liking
Hanging with a couple of the most genuine equity bike leaders in America! Brian Drayton and Anthony Taylor @ the...
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oh same as Anthony Taylor with us then. Feel like Mark Clattenburg is the only error free referee in BPL I like him
This is the 2nd time Alexander Tettey was yellow carded by the Anthony Taylor in the 9 matches he refereed him.
Anthony Taylor books Milner for holding back Cameron Jerome. two mins in!
Whitlow tries a shovel pass to Anthony Taylor, but it is intercepted by Matthew Harris and returned for a touchdown. trails 41-0.
Anthony faces up to five years in prison for bringing a protective vest to
I think even Anthony knows that Taylor Swift is the biggest pop star right now lol.
My name is Anthony Taylor and I approve this message.
Taylor LaMont reaches Cadet World Greco-Roman bronze match in Bosnia-Herzogovina:
Anthony Taylor repping the bullet finger in the Championship this weekend. (via https…
Anthony's show wa s last Monday it is currently this Monday his show was a week ago Taylor is coming on maybe feel so close came on
me when Anthony and Taylor come back from college
does anybody know a Anthony Taylor 👀😂
Taylor Featherston joins the Bees today bringing the number of rehabbing on the team to 4 (Freese, Cowgill, Joyce)
Anthony Rizzo's walk up song is Taylor Swift😂❤️
Anthony Rizzo uses a Taylor Swift song as his walk up music just to reiterate how badass he is.
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"You can have all the Taylor Swift you want but you also need to meet the people where they are" (paraphrasing Clarence Anthony)
thanks for sharing Paul Anthony Taylor, have a great Monday :) (insight by
Magnificent! Exquisite! I have never heard such a complex piece for this dance. Terri Taylor what do u think? or...
glad to see Anthony Taylor still demoted to 4th official. If ever there's a candidate for spec savers ad, it's him!
Happy 22nd birthday to our sweetheart Hope you have a wonderful birthday!
Janisha Davine Lotus Treble-Clef Dodson Yasim Taylor Anthony Pierre Symfyny Robinson-Brown I'm so proud of you...
I still can't believe Anthony met Taylor
Rendon and Taylor homer as Nationals beat Brewers 6-1: Anthony Rendon homered and doubled to drive in two runs...
AP Wire Breaking News: Taylor Swift has already broken up with two of the railway heroes and Anthony Weiner has sexted all three.
Anthony is the most annoying backseat driver to ever exist 😒
Spencer Stone, Alek Skarlatos, Anthony Sadler and Chris Norman are the kind of men the rest of us want to be like. Hat…
Nik-Anthony Taylor is stupid and LOVES hot dogs
S/O to Anthony Rizzo for having Taylor Swift as his batting song
Taylor & Anthony broke up. relationship goals are over
Way to be responsible 💁 , well don't be such a stranger anymore , was that your bf with you last night?! Lol
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As usual, Anthony Taylor lets his club allegiances get in the way of his job.
that would've been a red card if Anthony Taylor was in charge
he's got an awful record. The bloke can't be trusted imo. Lee Mason, Mike Jones, Anthony Taylor all really poor refs.
FACT: West Ham have now lost the last 10 matches that Anthony Taylor has refereed. Millwall fan.
12 men playing for Leicester today Gary. When did Anthony Taylor sign for you?
NZ Weightlifters in the medals again - Anthony Taylor has won bronze in the Oceania Champs Junior division
Congrats to Mat Mumby '17, Nick Carson '17, Anthony Taylor '15 & Thomas Wooten '15 on qualify for the State Track Meet in the 3…
We've managed by to win this game with Anthony Taylor as ref. Quite an achievement.
Yann Kermorgant has scored a penalty awarded by referee Anthony Taylor after Foul by Tomas Kalas. ...
😹"BBCSport: Referee Chris Foy goes off injured at the Emirates, to be replaced by Anthony Taylor w
The pair clashed just after the half-hour mark at St James' Park but referee Anthony Taylor,...
Interesting how Mark Clattenberg isn't allowed to ref or games yet Anthony Taylor (from Manchester) in charge v tomorrow
“"What are: things Carmelo Anthony has 0 of?" 😂
We were suppose to be having a nice breakfast in humble 2 hrs ago, & somehow end up making nasty pancakes at Anthony's…
Anthony Taylor has been appointed referee for Hull v QPR in the Premier League on Saturday 21st February.(TB)...
REFEREE: Anthony Taylor has been appointed as the referee for our fixture against on Saturday
It was fun getting lost in the boondocks of Athens with this weekend
Glenn Whelan confirmed fourth official (Andre Marriner) was telling Anthony Taylor to send him off for two bookings (he …
"SHERWOOD RETREATS from the touchline as Anthony Taylor send him to the stands"
My *** city: Anthony Duran parties with Elizabeth Taylor and Lady Gaga in LA:
Married Pc Anthony Taylor sacked for having sex with man while on duty after they met via *** social media app .
Anthony referred to gabby as 'it' goodbye
Anthony Taylor will referee the between and >> ht…
Seeing my bouncer Anthony from Jmax was equivalent to meeting Taylor Swift
I just won a game against Anthony Taylor in Trivia Crack! -
Give Carmelo Anthony 15 seconds to set his feet on a wide open shot and he'll give you a brick all day long
Carmelo Anthony. No words with how fine that man is.
on today til Feb 18 - Mother Teresa by Anthony Taylor. Download here
Unbiased take: If Anthony Davis were in this game, he'd have 65 and 30 right now.
Anthony Taylor will referee the Capital One Cup final between Tottenham and Chelsea at Wembley.
Update your maps at Navteq
Anthony Taylor - that eagle-eyed ref who from the Arsenal match - misses Shane Duffy punching the ball in his own area.
Why is Clattenberg being overlooked for cup final? Him and Mike Dean probably the best out of a bad bunch. Anthony Taylor particularly poor.
Congratulations to Anthony Taylor, Lee Betts, Dave Bryan, Craig Pawson and Andy Halliday who take charge of the 2015 Capital One Cup Final.
Anthony Taylor. Solid in the middle. Offered more to the game than Gerrard
Anthony Taylor wanting that wanker Gerrard to score a free kick. *** sucker!
The referee for the match between Everton and Liverpool at Goodison Park is; Anthony Taylor (KO: 17:30 GMT)
Like to see Lee Dixon and Anthony Taylor is a *** death match.
PL refs Mike Jones, Anthony Taylor, Andre Mariner and Kevin Friend are, at the very best, of League 1 standard
following Kevin Friend's comments to Chelsea, any news from Anthony Taylor regarding Rob Greens non red card …
Chelsea boss Jose Mourinho slams referees again after Eden Hazard penalty is denied Jose Mourinho launched another attack on referees on Thursday night after Chelsea were beaten 5-3 at White Hart Lane. The Chelsea manager, who claimed Anthony Taylor should be ‘ashamed’ after failing to awarded a penalty in the 1-1 draw at Southampton, told Phil Dowd he was ‘too slow’. Chelsea’s poor Christmas run means they are now level on points with defending champions Manchester City after they beat Sunderland 3-2. This incredible defeat is only the second time in Mourinho’s history as top class manager that one of his teams has conceded five times in a game. Mourinho’s side took the lead at Tottenham through Diego Costa and the Chelsea chief claims his side should have been given a penalty when Jan Vertonghen appeared to handle. He said: ‘I can go in another direction and say what we all know, which is, with the result 1-0, one clear action could make it 2-0. ‘Normally, at 2-0, the result would be c ...
Jose Mourinho is a master manipulator whose criticism of referee Anthony Taylor was a calculated move to swing Premier League title race in Chelsea's favour With a manager as combustible and as clever as Jose Mourinho, you always know that he is going to blow at some stage of the season. By highlighting Anthony Taylor’s performance at Southampton, where the referee gave Cesc Fabregas a yellow card for diving, Mourinho created some hysteria. That was a carefully orchestrated move by Mourinho, delivering the same message in each of his post-match press conferences with equal conviction. At face value it looked like he was trying to attack pundits, experts and analysts. By turning his fire on them, and away from the referee, he avoided an FA charge. But his real target was referees. The title race could be decided by a referee’s decision and Mourinho wants to influence them. At White Hart Lane on New Year's Day, Phil Dowd is on notice and will be well aware that Chelsea have not been awarded a penalty aw ...
Jose Mourinho slams 'campaign' to deny Chelsea penalties and blasts Cesc Fabregas booking for simulation as a 'scandal' Jose Mourinho launched a furious attack on referee Anthony Taylor and claimed there is a campaign to brand his Chelsea team ‘cheats’ after their 1-1 draw at Southampton. The Chelsea boss told Taylor he should be ‘ashamed’ of his performance after he failed to award Cesc Fabregas a penalty when he appeared to be fouled by Saints left back Matt Targett. Mourinho said: ‘The reality is that there are penalties and there are penalties - this was one was big, like Big Ben. ‘Referees are not here to guess, they are there to see. He assumed dishonest with Cesc and he is wrong. ‘Match after match coaches are saying Chelsea players are diving. Out of nothing Sam Allardyce starts talking about my players. ‘I will go to the referee, wish him a good year and tell him he will be ashamed. There is a campaign against Chelsea. ‘In other countries where I worked before, tomorrow in the s ...
Refs like Roger East, Mike Jones, Jonathan Moss, Robert Madley, Craig Pawson, Anthony Taylor and Neil Swarbrick are good enough for League 1
Jose Mourinho has "planted a seed" and put pressure on referees after claiming there is a clear campaign against Chelsea, says Gary Neville. Mourinho was left incensed when referee Anthony Taylor failed to award a penalty for a 55th-minute trip by Matt Targett on Cesc Fabregas and instead booked the Spain international for diving. Mourinho blamed the Fabregas booking on recent accusations of diving made against Gary Cahill and Branislav Ivanovic, who was named by Sam Allardyce in the wake of West Ham's Boxing Day defeat at Stamford Bridge. Neville told Sky Sports he believes Mourinho knows there is no campaign against Chelsea from referees, but insists he is planting a seed to put referees under pressure in the future. "He has planted a seed for the rest of the season," Neville said. "He'll probably take a fine for that. "What Mourinho has done today has said he's drawing a line in the sand and said 'I'm not accepting this any more', letting the referees know this is unacceptable for the rest of the seaso ...
Cesc Fabregas has hit out at referee Anthony Taylor after he was booked for diving during Chelsea’s 1-1 draw with Southampton on Sunday...
Chelsea missed the chance to tighten their grip on the Premier League title race as they were held to a draw by Southampton at St Mary's. Sadio Mane gave Saints a deserved early lead but a superb equaliser seconds before half-time set up Jose Mourinho's title pacesetters for a second-half siege. Chelsea's pressure duly arrived as they dominated possession and attacked constantly - but Southampton showed magnificent organisation and determination to ensure goalkeeper Fraser Forster was not seriously troubled. Mourinho will have just cause for complaint, however, after referee Anthony Taylor waved away what looked a clear penalty when Cesc Fabregas went down under Matt Targett's challenge, only to receive a caution for diving. Southampton even survived Morgan Schneiderlin's late sending off, after a second yellow card for a reckless challenge on Fabregas.
Every ref seems to strive to be Anthony Taylor or Lee Mason when reffing Arsenal somehow...won FA Cup despite not getting 4 penalty shouts
Had no idea that Lee Mason and Anthony Taylor were different people.
No idea how Lee Mason and Anthony Taylor have jobs
The best thing about today: no Lee Mason, no Phil Dowd, no Anthony Taylor.
Sebastian Larsson seems to be the first player over to ref Anthony Taylor after every foul.
Lee Mason gets 2 or 3 big decisions wrong in every game. 2nd worst ref in PL. Anthony Taylor has no peer
Lee Mason is a awful ref ... Same quality as your Anthony Taylor's and Neil Swarbrick's
Meant more in terms of national accreditation etc. Would like to a new style of refs if it meant no Lee Mason/Anthony Taylor
Lee Mason is just appalling! Anthony Taylor and him the two worst in the league!
So the BBC, pundits, journos and even some Utd fans don't think it's a red card. . Lee Mason is almost as useless as Anthony Taylor.
I look at Anthony Taylor and I understand why people become murderers.
Here we have Anthony Taylor, a "professional" referee, he gave this as a foul AGAINST Alexis and awarded Stoke a FK.
Anthony Taylor was dropped from this weekends EPL games, so at least my complaining wasn't your usual fan whining. League took issue too.
Ref didn't cost us Stoke game but poor performances of Anthony Taylor, Andre Mariner, etc regularly spoil games. Taylor a disgrace again.
Damien Martinez is upset because Stoke had an offside player blocking the keeper's view. Another bad call by Anthony Taylor.
Martinez needs to be protected on set plays but I have no confidence in Anthony Taylor
an article on poor BPL officiatibg especially Lee Mason in. L'pool Leicesrer clash & Anthony Taylor in L'pool vrs Chelsea clash
Anthony Taylor... Only second in incompetency behind Lee Mason IMO, is refereeing the Arsenal game Vs. Stoke on Saturday.
What's with the refs from Manchester Lee Mason and Anthony Taylor? Won't give any penalties. Conspirators ?
I'm confusing Lee Mason with Anthony Taylor. Mason is from Bolton Taylor is from Wythenshawe.
Manchester United beat struggling Hull City 3-0 at Old Trafford on Saturday afternoon thanks to goals from Chris Smalling, Wayne Rooney and Robin van Persie. The home side surprised many by switching to a flat back four from the three-man defence they utilised in their 2-1 win at Arsenal last weekend. But that change had no impact on United's fluency as they dominated proceedings right from the kick-off, and it was no real surprise when centre-back Smalling gave them a 16th-minute lead following a Juan Mata corner on the left. The England international reacted quickest after seeing his initial header at the back post palmed away by Allan McGregor in the Tigers goal, before poking the ball over a crowded goal-line. However, it still needed referee Anthony Taylor to consult his watch before being given the go-ahead to award the goal, with TV replays subsequently confirming that the whole of the ball had indeed just crossed the goal-line. And despite United losing influential playmaker Angel di Maria early o ...
Date night! Kyle Sandilands takes a latex wearing Imogen Anthony to watch himself on the big screen in the Hou...
Steve Taylor, Sam Thompson, KBD, Anthony Beane, Jahlil Okafor, Larry Austin...all I see is Illinois HS players when I flip these channels!
Who's my MOTM? It has to be Anthony Taylor for his outstanding performance. What an absolute joke.
Anthony told me he knows something I don't know.. I made him tell me, it was that you guys moved. 😑😂
What would you name your first child? — Ricardo Anthony Taylor III, having a daughter is not an option.
NBA scoring leaders entering tonight. Anthony Davis is currently top-3 scorer in the league
Anthony Davis has blocked one more shot than the Memphis Grizzlies have
Crackin them sounds at the gym today boys. Travis Druce Nick Small Jake Taylor Brad Collins
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Early next month we will have further works including by Mary Fedden, Alistair Grant, Anthony Fry, Walter Taylor and Harry John Pearson.
Anthony brown starter pack . Credits to 😂😂
Brown should struggle against Nelson-Ododa, Taylor, and Allen. Also, I don't know who can guard Kendall Anthony.
Well my house is ready for Christmas thanx to my bro Anthony Taylor thanx bro my kids r happy now get on with...
Last night Anthony Davis blocked two shots in two seconds because Anthony Davis is not of this world. VIDEO: htt…
Why did I come into the weight room this morning and coach Anthony is working out to Taylor swift 😂👀
Katie Taylor through to last 16 of World Championship:
Anthony and I were BFFS once upon a time 😂😂😂
Taylor Lewan is a great offensive linemen
but a weak journalist at complex magazine wants to write about Taylor swift outselling me. how does he still have a job? w…
Anthony Taylor talks about the origin of Fat *** via
I hear Taylor Swift playing quite a bit often in my house...and I don't have any sisters..
Is john terry now shagging Anthony Taylor looks like his type cheap ***
A small team owned by a rich thieving Russian stole all 3 points from the home of Scousers. With the usual help from inept English referees, Chelsea once again were given all maximum points by referee Anthony Taylor who had a nightmarish of a game. The clowning Maureen who has instilled a culture of thuggery at this unfashionable team was witnessed cheering his players roughing up Liverpool players, a total disgrace. The Russian eating sausages believe they can match Arsenal invincible team of 2004. They should realise that they are just not good enough, its insulting to football fans around the world to talk about and compare that great Gunners team to anti-football Chelsea cloggers, not in our generation, keep dreaming Chelsea. Back to the game, the mediocre Liverpool side with a clueless manager had one good season where they were carried on top of the league by the phenomenal form of one player, the biting Saurez, now its back to normal service. Today the Ref was again the worst performer on the park, ...
Angry Rodgers slams officials: Brendan Rodgers was left distinctly unimpressed after referee Anthony Taylor fa...
Brendan Rodgers slammed referee Anthony Taylor's decision not to give Liverpool a late penalty in their 2-1 defeat to Chelsea on Saturday.
. Anthony Taylor. Brendan Rogers. Balorini . Dej Lov. Glen J. .is it ok for today?
And to top it all off, Anthony Taylor running around with a Chelsea kit under his own like he's John Terry
Anthony Taylor wasn't going to give that even if Cahill and Terry played basketball today.
Anthony Taylor is blowing more than John Terry's Ma
Anthony Taylor has been appointed as referee for Saturday's English Premier League match between Liverpool and Chelsea at Anfield.
Congrats to Ashland University running back Anthony Taylor on breaking the school record in career rushing yards! http…
They will ref a Liverpool game at some point this season. Anthony Taylor and Michael Oliver both served suspensions for poor play last year.
LAWD my is blessed at this here CASEY JONES RESTAURANT!!! by J. Anthony Taylor -
Download this book today til July 15 - Sir Winston Churchill by Anthony Taylor. Grab it here tomorrow I'd like to show this bar owner who is letting us BBQ in his beer garden how positive upwardly mobile Black people get down. The drinks are reasonable with great specials, free BBQ grills, charcoal, utensils...Think about being able to BBQ your own food on the patio at your neighborhood bar. Come kick it with us Friday night. Stop at the store, grab a pack of whatever you like to eat, throw it on the grill, and chill. We're taking the Kari Steele Birthday BBQ to a different level. So let's kick it like THEY do. Levorn Black...come jump on this grill. IOTA PHI SIGMA "THE DARKSIDE" CHAPTER OF PHI BETA SIGMA...where you at? Ph.D Pub. Anthony Taylor, Michael Aaron Saunders, Michelle Geddes, Tranese C LuLu Walker, Jesse Butler, Shari Newman, Tiffany C. Gholson, Heather Matteson Smith, Deanne Schmitz, Demetris Smith, Opio Latham, Everett Myrick, Angie Fleming, Nikkida Hart Kida, Dawn Hendricks-Milhouse, Candace Mack, Kenny Johnson, Vince Bass, Marshall Mg Grant, Jerrell Reid, Marlon Ra ...
Reigning production vehicle champions Anthony Taylor and Dennis Murphy got back to winning ways when they scored...
Castrol Toyota pair take control of Nkomazi 400 Malalane, Saturday – Reigning South African champions Anthony Taylor and Dennis Murphy were in control of the Production Vehicle category at the Nkomazi 450, round three of the Donaldson Cross Country Championship, at the halfway stage of the race here today. At the end of the first of two 175 kilometre loops that make up the race, Taylor and Murphy were around 90 seconds clear of local favourites Johan and Werner Horn in the Malalane Toyota Hilux. Taylor and Murphy moved into the lead when team-mate Leeroy Poulter and Rob Howie, who won the qualifying race to determine start positions, went out early when they lost a front wheel. Third were Johan van Staden and Mike Lawrenson (Atlas Copco Nissan Navara) who were seven minutes behind Taylor/Murphy. Christian du Plooy/Henk Janse van Vuuren were a solid fourth in the RFS Ford Ranger, with Michael Whitehouse and George Myburgh completing the top five in the Regent Racing Nissan Navara. On the Special Vehicle ...
Now if Anthony Taylor officiates any LFC match and gives penalty for us then the opponents will complain he is a Scouser.. ha :)
Ref Chris Foy took a ball to the face early on at St James' Park and Anthony Taylor has replaced him. Newcastle 1-0 Swan…
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Winner of the Selfie Olympics is Mrs. Taylor's 6th period class with Jake-Anthony Taylor
Anthony Taylor is also let the goal stand after Cardiff keeper bounced it then Eto nicked it
I actually like Anthony Taylor (Yday's ref) and Phil Dowd out of the bunch because they let players play & don't stop the game every 2secs.
Liverpool overcame a huge error from. referee Anthony Taylor who failed to. spot Andy Carroll's slap on Simon...
STEVEN GERRARD RESERVES SPECIAL PRAISE FOR LUCAS LEIVA: “Lucas deserves a special mention.” “I think there was a lot of pressure on him - the Brazil coach was here to watch him. He hasn't played much of late, but he's come back and worked his socks off to get fit. “The ball he played for the second goal - people have been raving about Coutinho all year and the passes he has made - but for me, that was right up there with Brazil's best. I think that helped us go on and get the win. "So it's great credit to Lucas and I think it shows that in this squad now we have a bit of everything - a bit of class, a bit of skill in Luis Suarez, Daniel Sturridge and Coutinho. “But we've also got some steel. We have lads here who want to roll their sleeves up and dig in." Gerrard saluted the manner in which the Reds overcame conceding a controversial equaliser just before the break. Andy Carroll clearly fouled Simon Mignolet before Guy Demel fired home but referee Anthony Taylor allowed the goal to stand. “I t ...
GRAHAM POLL: Referee was wrong to let Andy Carroll's blatant foul on Simon Mignolet ride but Anthony Taylor di...
Liverpool held their nerve to grind out their ninth consecutive Premier League victory, returning to the top of the table and keeping their title ambitions alive. Two Steven Gerrard penalties gave Brendan Rodgers' side the victory over West Ham United despite referee Anthony Taylor having wrongly...
Premier League, Upton Park - West Ham United 1 (Demel 45+2) Liverpool 2 (Gerrard 44 pen, 71 pen) Steven Gerrard scored two penalties to fire Liverpool back to the top of the Premier League table with a controversial 2-1 win at West Ham United that was marred by a dreadful performance from referee Anthony Taylor. Brendan Rodgers' side were worthy winners on their way to a ninth straight Premier League victory - their best sequence of results in eight years - but the game was overshadowed by a match official making some awful decisions. Liverpool moved ahead when Gerrard sent home goalkeeper Adrian the wrong way from the penalty spot after James Tomkins had clearly handled from a Suarez ball on 44 minutes. They looked set to lead at half-time only for referee Taylor's failure to spot a clear foul on Liverpool goalkeeper Simon Mignolet by former Anfield forward Andy Carroll from Mark Noble's corner in stoppage time in the first half. Guy Demel clipped the loose ball into the net and the goal stood despite th ...
Anthony Taylor is to refereeing what Michael Owen is to punditry.
Nice to see Anthony Taylor evening things up. He's having a shocking day
Anthony Taylor is having an absolute mare
Note to Anthony Taylor. This is called 'a foul'
That's a shocking decision by referee Anthony Taylor.
dominated the RFS 450, the opening round of the series, a little further up the N3 in Harrismith. Toyota scored a one/two on the RFS event, with Atlas Copco Ford Racing having to be content with the final podium place for Schroder and Badenhorst. It was the perfect weekend for Schroder, standing in for the second time for injured regular driver Chris Visser, and Badenhorst. They won the qualifying race, to determine the start order, by a minute and 38 seconds ahead of RFS winners Anthony Taylor and Dennis Murphy, and were never under threat during the race. “We never had a problem throughout the weekend, and Japie did a magnificent job on an event that was tough for co-drivers,” said Schroder who, prior to stepping into the breach after Visser underwent neck surgery, last raced at national level six years ago. Schroder’s win takes on added significance in that his national career, in Ford machinery, centred around Class D and Class E where he won national championships. He managed around 150 kilomet ...
Anthony Taylor appointed to be referee for match West Ham United vs Liverpool at April 6th.
Softball Rampage Has A Wide Selection of Products.
Anthony Taylor has been appointed referee for West Ham United v Liverpool on Sunday 6 April
Mourinho confirms the 4th official (Anthony Taylor) used video evidence to make penalty decision. Have the rules been c…
Billy clearly in the wrong but given Anthony Taylor's performance you can understand why he was so angry.
Anthony Taylor has been appointed referee for the Aston Villa v. Norwich City match on Sunday.
I keep giggling when I think of how much fun I had last night. Got to spend some much needed time with my handsome son Tyler Snipe Grams!! David Rick House You are so freakin funny :) Roy Edward Cecil Moore Thank you for the dance! Carrie Jones Herbst you Always bring a smile to my face & Samantha Lawver & Dan Lawver I love singin with you two!! Anthony Taylor you were Rockin it! Thanks for the guitar lesson:) I think it really paid off lol. I really am a happy camper today!!! Just wanted to say thanks you guys!
How come Anthony Taylor and Jon Moss have been referee and 4th official at last two games? One penalty in each too for
(1/3) Jon Moss gave fake penalty to and Luis Suarez v yesterday in 4th Official was Anthony Taylor.
Anthony Taylor, Mike Dean chris foy, Phil Dowd the list is endless for shocking refs
Thanks to Anthony Taylor & Christine Mester for the beautiful additions to our worship space!
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