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Anthony Rizzo

Anthony Vincent Rizzo (born August 8, 1989) is an American professional baseball first baseman with the Chicago Cubs of Major League Baseball (MLB).

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The are 7-0 this season when Anthony Rizzo has 3 hits. They're 21-5 in games where he homers.
I know Rizzo is just the owner's mouthpiece, but LeBron has built a pretty decent case for deserving a big say in how the…
Cubs 7, Reds 6: A little bit of everything
Anthony Rizzo is now 2B eligible in Fantasy Baseball, after his 10th time in bunt shift formation.
Rizzo pounds grand slam in win over Reds
Anthony Rizzo and Elvis Andrus delivered in a big way last night! Who has a big night tonight?
Anthony Rizzo: Drives in four runs against Reds -
Ain't nothing finer than a first inning grand by Anthony Rizzo
Anthony Rizzo grand slam makes it 28 HR of the year. Rizzo now has 4 HR and 13 RBI, .310 BA through August
Earlier: Kyle Schwarber and Anthony Rizzo EACH Threw Out a Runner at Home in the First Two Innings
Earlier: GRAND BOOM: Cubs Load the Bases in the First, and Anthony Rizzo Unloads Them (VIDEO)
One swing. 4 runs. Grand slam. Anthony Rizzo just sent it!
They should've just let Anthony Rizzo hit that slam right the end of the game and beat the cc reds .…
The last time faced Homer Bailey, Anthony Rizzo became the face of the franchise - .
Anthony Rizzo is the first cleanup hitter in baseball to hit a grand slam in the first inning this year as he...
That was a 95-mph fastball from Homer Bailey that Anthony Rizzo hit into the left-field seats for his third career grand s…
At age 18 Anthony Rizzo was diagnosed with cancer. He beat cancer, and at age 27, he became a World Champion ⚾️❤ https:/…
Good stuff - Watch: Anthony Rizzo Rips a Grand Slam in the First Inning Insider
Rizzo pounds grand slam in win over Reds - Anthony Rizzo | CHC
Joey Votto had a very Joey Votto night against the Cubs at Wrigley Field,Kris Bryant and Anthony Rizzo lead Cubs to route over reds 15-5.
What a bummer, start your career off by striking out Anthony Rizzo then give up a homer to Schwarber.
Anthony Rizzo just struck out on a terrible pitch. (Aaron) BUMMER!
Bummer what happened to Anthony Rizzo there. I'll see myself out.
There was no joy in Chicago. Anthony Rizzo had struck out. . It was a real Bummer.
Aaron Bummer's first big-league out is a strikeout of Anthony Rizzo.
first major league appearance and you gotta face Anthony Rizzo... and then you strike him out. not bad
Aaron Bummer starts his career with a strikeout of Anthony Rizzo.
Aaron Bummer just struck out Anthony Rizzo in his MLB debut.
Aaron Bummer striking out Anthony Rizzo to begin his major league career is definitely not a bummer. Really cool moment for the kid.
Bummer strikes out his first batter, Anthony Rizzo. He’ll remember that one
Aaron Bummer just made Anthony Rizzo looking silly on his first major league batter.
Bummer struck out Anthony Rizzo to begin his big league career.
Bummer strikes out Anthony Rizzo. Nice way to start.
Aaron Bummer facing Anthony Rizzo in his MLB debut.
I never knew Anthony Rizzo had cancer when he was younger. Respect to that man regardless of the uniform he wears!
and Anthony Rizzo...could do this all day
Rizzo goes yard, lead, what a perfect time to pick up a lovely on card auto of his!
Talkin' Food with ... Anthony Rizzo: Cubs Star Dishes on Chicago Pizza and His Weakness for ...
Rizzo's advice to Sox: stay the course.
Jon Lester with the perfect bounce pass to Anthony Rizzo.
I say this as a die hard Cubs fan...Yoan Moncada is better looking than Kris Bryant and Anthony Rizzo
For those asking, the one-hop bounce pass from Jon Lester to Anthony Rizzo was intentional.
hit me a homerun! Well, Anthony Rizzo hit me WITH a homerun.. I'll take it, Let's Go
At 18 Anthony Rizzo was diagnosed with cancer, he beat it, and at 27 became a World Series Champion ⚾️❤
Anthony Rizzo's advice to White Sox on rebuild: 'Stick to your guns' via
Anthony Rizzo evens the score at 1 in the top of the 4th as he jumps on a 2-2 pitch and drives it into the stands i…
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I have a huge beef with that spec of pepper on Anthony Rizzo's teeth in the Buona commercials.
The Main Slate MH are Evan Longoria(TB) and Anthony Rizzo (CHC). Get us to 500 followers before the slate starts and w…
Anthony Rizzo's solo shot ties the game at 1, T4.
Anthony Rizzo is the best hitter in baseball. Period.
Anthony Rizzo: 6th different player to have a game with a HR & SB this season, joining Russell, Báez, Bryant, Happ & Almo…
Did John Lackey and Anthony Rizzo confront eachother in dugout?
Just another Cubs-Sox game as Anthony Rizzo, John Lackey jaw in dugout via
Kris Bryant and Anthony Rizzo definitely deserved it, and some of their qualifications are not from…
Kyle Korver will make more than Anthony Rizzo and NHLers Erik Karlsson and Phil Kessel
Kris Bryant, Anthony Rizzo not named to MLB All-Star Game roster
Anthony Rizzo and the look to get back on track against the Reds TODAY on CSN!. 💻📱:
Wishing I lived close to Chicago to get the Anthony Rizzo and Kris Bryant bobblehead 😫
Aaron Judge is the 3rd player to get intentionally walked with the bases empty this season (Anthony Rizzo & Andrew McCut…
LMFAO!!! I'm dead bro. 😂😂😂 Oh my god this made my day. Just picture Anthony Rizzo as Tony Soprano in this scene it's priceless.
Anthony Rizzo fires back at Miguel Montero: 'You're a selfish player' -
Anthony Rizzo fires back at Miguel Montero: "You're a selfish player.".
Mason Williams is statistically a better leadoff hitter than Anthony Rizzo
Anthony Rizzo's rookie struggles serve as learning tool for Kyle Schwarber
Jhoulys Chacin on Anthony Rizzo: "I had a meeting with Andy, and he asked me to give my word I won’t hit him on purpose."
Lost the Chargers, might not get MLS, SDSU football's future is 🤷, and Jhoulys Chacin didn't hit Anthony Rizzo with a baseball. Woe. Is. Us.
Maybe Jhoulys Chacin should have thrown at Anthony Rizzo for retribution regarding last night's "dirty" home plate collision.
Anthony Rizzo just hit a HOME RUN off Jhoulys Chacin!.
Jhoulys Chacin threw Anthony Rizzo a pitch. It did not hit Rizzo. Rizzo hit it out of the park.
Kris Bryant and or Anthony Rizzo?? I do agree that the majority of MLB Stars wouldn't be recognized in a public setting
The genius of Joe Maddon strikes again as Anthony Rizzo has been a force hitting leadoff (by
Anthony Rizzo's 150th career was a pretty swing. up 6-1!
Cancer is all around us. Including the Cubs & Mets. On survivors from Abby Wood to Sandy Alderson to Anthony Rizzo:
Anthony Rizzo fumes after losing his shot at leadoff home run history: "I 100 percent disagree." . via http…
Vote for Anthony Rizzo for the 2017 Allstar! He deserves to be in it!
Anthony Rizzo is making Joe Maddon look like a genius by homering in the leadoff spot in his firs... - via App
Anthony Rizzo isn't your typical leadoff hitter
MLB/lists/beatwriters,SOCCER Joe Maddon ejected after Anthony Rizzo's lea… see more
Anthony Rizzo is kind of messing up your point lol. Hopefully we found a lineup that works now.
Anthony Rizzo. shutup, the ball was foul. right call was made.
Anthony Rizzo fumes after losing shot at leadoff home run history: Cubs first baseman…
Dude, Anthony Rizzo just hit another leadoff homerun.
Are better for extended run with Anthony Rizzo as their GLHOAT? by
I think Anthony Rizzo likes hitting leadoff. 😂🤣 (sound on)
Anthony Rizzo clearly not happy with the throwback jerseys tonight
If Anthony Rizzo and I had played ball together in HS, I would have loved him in lineup but probably wouldn't have sat near h…
ANTHONY RIZZO! Best lead off hitter? Knocks in two with a single. Cubs lead 7-4.
Watch Anthony Rizzo explain why he's upset over the overturned HR call on him in...
Video: Anthony Rizzo and Joe Maddon go crazy on the umps after home run is ruled foul
Anthony Rizzo was most upset that under the same set of circumstances as his HR/Foul ball the umpires did not...
Anthony Rizzo: "100 percent disagree" with overturned leadoff home run call video via
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Video: Joe Maddon on his ejection after Anthony Rizzo's overturned leadoff home run, via
Anthony Rizzo punches one to left, which scores two more. up 7-4.
Joe Maddon was upset at the process the umpires used in overturning an Anthony Rizzo lead off home run on...
Anthony Rizzo is REALLY angry. Wow. Listen to this.
How long are Cubs better off with Rizzo as their "greatest leadoff hitter of all-time"? via
Then Wheeler walks no. 9 hitter Almora to load the bases for leadoff superpower Anthony Rizzo, who brought his shoes. CC:
Anthony Rizzo (clearly misses David Ross (Rizzo has a framed picture of the two of them sitting in his…
Jason Heyward sac-fly, Anthony Rizzo scores and the lead 3-2!
Kinda funny looking at how many single girls' lives have been crushed by the news of Anthony Rizzo's engagement.
That was a slick move by Tyler Smith to immediately pocket the ball used for the final out. Shades of Anthony Rizzo... 😬
The celebrated Anthony Rizzo's engagement with a cake. Not all of it was eaten.
well, anthony rizzo is getting married so I basically have no purpose in life anymore 💔
okay so my friend just went to the same concert as Anthony Rizzo? What is life?
Anthony Rizzo proposed to his girlfriend & im literally so upset rn my heart feels broken
Well.. Anthony Rizzo is engaged, so if you need me, I'll be in bed crying watching highlights and interviews
Shouldn't start over Anthony Rizzo who is batting .227/362/448 okay
Anthony Rizzo's engagement cake tasted extra sweet after the Cubs knocked off St. Louis on Friday
The amount of people that texted me to make sure i was okay after Anthony Rizzo announced his engagement is adorable
Congrats to Anthony Rizzo on the engagement!
I'll never forget the day Anthony Rizzo asked me if I had any friends.
Meanwhile, Bryce Harper leads all NL players in All-Star votes. Daniel Murphy leads at 2B, Ryan Zimmerman is second to A…
The second half of Bryzzo is officially off the market as Anthony Rizzo annou.. https…
Anthony Rizzo is at this Jack Johnson concert aka you better believe I'm currently on the hunt for him
Kris Bryant and Anthony Rizzo are both taken now but i'm available
Since Anthony Rizzo got engaged:. 1. Rizzo has reached base in every PA. 2. Strop has K'd every batter he's faced. 3. Cubs are…
You can pick some up while you're stocking up on RizzO's and Zorilla Crunch.
Anthony Rizzo on his engagement: 'The best' via
Anthony Rizzo creates fireworks for his engagement
Anthony Rizzo hitting a 416 foot HR off of Clayton Kershaw and putting his head down will never get old.
Get someone who looks at you like Anthony Rizzo looks at Kris Bryant.
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Could just be me but Anthony Rizzo's engagement photo seems a lot more violent when you can only see the bottom hal…
Just read that Anthony Rizzo got engaged yesterday! congrats to the Cubs superstar!
She said YES!. Anthony Rizzo announces his engagement
Anthony Rizzo reached four times and scored the winning run on Jason Heyward's sacrifice fly in the eighth...
Dexter Fowler announced his return to Wrigley Field by rekindling his bromance with Anthony Rizzo
Every day there is something new you are working on. It is a challenge every day and that is what makes this game so g…
Anthony Rizzo has struck out just once since May 19 and has 32 BBs compared to only 27 Ks on the season.
Anthony Rizzo had a 24 hours that will be impossible to top via
Jake Lamb, Chris Young, Eric Hosmer, Anthony Rizzo, Robinson Cano. could still go on
Anthony Rizzo painting the Willis Tower with that home run.
Wire: Rizzo stays hot with 2 homers
Rizzo stays hot with 2 homers: Cubs first baseman Anthony Rizzo tallied two home runs in a 5-4 win over……
Anthony Rizzo&power surge could be start of something special
Daily reminder that I love Anthony Rizzo more than life
Anthony Rizzo's power surge could be start of something special
Anthony Rizzo after seeing David Ross finished in second place on DWTS:
Anthony Rizzo is an angel sent from above
May Anthony Rizzo enjoy many more seasons of survival & winning I was treated for i…
Anthony Rizzo has clever response after getting hit by Aroldis Chapman
Check out dialing it up to 101mph to fan Anthony Rizzo. Wow.
*** I love the and Rizzo. An enterprise's true character is expressed by its people
Anthony Rizzo has a clever response after being drilled by Aroldis Chapman
I don't believe a player is ever a finished product. There is always something to work on, something to improve. -Anth…
Anthony Rizzo is donating $3.5 million to help kids fighting cancer and their families to "stay strong, dream big"
I just walked past Anthony Rizzo and Kris Bryant in Denver...
How can anyone not like Anthony Rizzo
Anthony Rizzo. You are hands down my favorite Cub.
Anthony Rizzo has savage response after getting hit by Aroldis Chapman
Anthony Rizzo - what a great guy! He visits kids at Lurie ALL THE TIME!! .
- Even a fan has to cheers u. Cubs star Anthony Rizzo gives $3.5 million to children's hospital…
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p impressive that Anthony Rizzo has played the last nine innings with an Aroldis-Chapman-shattered forearm
Aroldis Chapman blows the lead. Chapman just hit Anthony Rizzo with the bases loaded in the 9th. Chapman was... https:/…
Aroldis Chapman blowing a save by beaning Anthony Rizzo is poetic justice personified
Anthony Rizzo isn't an easy guy to pitch to
Anthony Rizzo flies out to center fielder Jackie Bradley Jr.
Jackie Bradley Jr. grounds out, first baseman Anthony Rizzo to pitcher John Lackey.
MLB: From cancer to 2 trades to World Championship, Anthony Rizzo's path to being 3-time All-Star began in Boston - Jesse Rogers (ESPN) …
Cubs (12-9) see their rally fall short. Jon Lester is hit around for five runs, but Anthony Rizzo homers, and Kris Bryant gets three hits.
Anthony Rizzo calls for more testing after Starling Marte's suspension
We were talking to star Anthony Rizzo when the Starling Marte news broke. This is what he had to say about it. htt…
Anthony Rizzo couldn't help but cry when talking about David Ross at the Cubs victory parade…
Anthony Rizzo made an appearance during David Ross' Dancing with the Stars practice & there was twerking involved!
Jake Arrieta and Anthony Rizzo to be honored before Friday's game with Silver Slugger Awards.
Anthony Rizzo killed the Dodgers today. Anthony Rizzo used to play for the Padres but they traded him to the Cubs.
Cubs fan uses beer to help catch an Anthony Rizzo home run
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Anthony Rizzo, Addison Russell power Cubs to 4-0 win over Dodgers by
: Maddon 'enamored' with Cubs' flashy defense - Anthony Rizzo and Addison Russell hit home runs on Thu...
A beef commercial featuring Anthony Rizzo and Frank Thomas is... odd. I dunno why
Think Judge would benefit from watching tapes on Anthony Rizzo.. Guy needs to crowd the plate and take advantage
Anthony Rizzo hits 1st HR of the season, splashes beer and a fan makes a great catch too.
We are off to the races! That's Home Run for and $2500 for the HR Challenge. Join the fun today at https…
Anthony Rizzo looks like the purest saint of a human being I can't handle him
RBI single by Steven Rizzo and St. Anthony's opens up a 2-0 lead in the second
Cubs strike first on a solo home run by Anthony Rizzo. trail 1-0, heading to the top of the second.
Cancer survivor to WS Champion. Anthony Rizzo has come a long way but there's one thing he never lost & that's hope. Great r…
Clean up on aisle bleachers. . I repeat, clean up on aisle bleachers:
On Friday, Jake Arrieta and Anthony Rizzo will receive their Silver Slugger awards before the game
reveals Anthony Rizzo learned the Magic Mike dance with David Ross!
Anthony Rizzo being traded for Adrian Gonzalez will never stop being weird to think about
David Ross goes full Magic the horror of Anthony Rizzo
Baseball > Mlb>Anthony Rizzo was 'horrified' by David Ross' 'Magic M--
Remember when the Padres traded Anthony Rizzo for Andrew Cashner?
Anthony Rizzo. The guy the San Diego Padres traded for Andrew Cashner.
Since overcoming cancer at the age of 18, Anthony Rizzo has risen to the top of the baseball world.
Fun fact: Anthony Rizzo was acquired by the from the in exchange for Andrew Cashner.
Marlon Byrd sure does look a lot like Anthony Rizzo in that picture...
Anthony Rizzo did what to motivate the Cubs?...
Danny Valencia out at 2nd on the throw, right fielder Jason Heyward to first baseman Anthony Rizzo. (2/2)
Some of the Italian/Italian-Americans playing today: Alberto Mineo, John Andreoli, and Anthony Rizzo
.explained to us his daily batting practice approach, along with Kris Bryant and Anthony Rizzo's approach. Aweso…
When asked if Kyle Schwarber would be a candidate to back up Anthony Rizzo at first base, Cubs manager Joe…
In the brightest timeline, that is a photo of the President with VP Anthony Rizzo
Anthony Rizzo: Removed from lineup with back issues
Anthony Rizzo: Removed from lineup with back issues [Fantasy News]
Nick did dedicate his book to Anthony Rizzo in the first episode of the new season.
domain names
Watch Joe Maddon discuss Anthony Rizzo's back tightness which kept him out of Thursday's...
Just not right. Anthony Rizzo's stock goes even higher:
Anthony Rizzo's hair is a thing of beauty
Josh Donaldson and Anthony Rizzo from the spot to kick off my latest NFBC DC
you should say, "I dk is my name Anthony rizzo?" .. get it? Bc of the player and your name. It's the same
Kinesiology Student, Anthony Rizzo, landed an internship with 24 Hours of Booty. Congratulations Anthony!!!
Rizzo scratched due to tightness in back. Sent with At Bat.
Game Time Decision: Anthony Rizzo: Removed from lineup with back issues
New Photos of Anthony Rizzo Reveal His Hair is Now Insane via He's prolly getting it cut for charity soon
I got my Anthony Rizzo jersey ont today with my cubs world series hat. WE ARE A MONTH AWAY FROM OPENING DAY PEOPLE GO CUBS GO
Cubs' Rizzo out Thursday with back tightness
Anthony Rizzo has been scratched from the game Thursday due to back tightness and is considered day-to-day.
vía ESPN: Cubs: Anthony Rizzo (back tightness) scratched from Thursday's spring game vs. Reds; team says "it's no…
The only man who has NEVER dissapointed me is anthony vincent rizzo
Anthony Rizzo back tightness . Scratched from today's lineup. Nothing serious. ( lower back )
Anthony Rizzo pulled from Cubs lineup against Cincinnati because of back tightness
Anthony Rizzo has been scratched from today's spring game with back tightness. The Cubs say it's nothing...
I remember when the Cubs traded this bum for Anthony Rizzo straight up
Anthony Rizzo scratched from Cubs lineup due to back tightness
Rizzo scratched due to tightness in back
Anthony Rizzo offers his support and advice for David Ross, who will take part in Season 24 of "D... - via App
Matt Szczur immortalizes Anthony Rizzo and Kris Bryant with painting via
I really did bring Anthony Rizzo to earth from Mount Olympus.
This why Anthony Rizzo is one of my biggest role models. Not just an amazing player but stellar person
Cubs' Anthony Rizzo reaches out to boy attacked at school - ESPN
On August 8, 1989, Anthony Rizzo was born. The next day, Jason Heyward was born.
If only I was older and already a nurse at Lurie Children's Hospital because I could have met Anthony Rizzo 😭💔
*** of an ovation for Anthony Rizzo at the United Center. Those Cubs will be rock stars in Chicago for years and years to co…
Find someone that will look at you how Anthony Rizzo looks at Kris Bryant
Who's the better long term keeper Kyle Seager or Anthony Rizzo? Freeman or Daniel Murphy? Do u like Ian Desmond to keep it up?
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Lucas Duda is Good but not Great. Anthony Rizzo's a star.
The Chris Sale deal comes on the six-year anniversary of the day the Red Sox traded Anthony Rizzo and 3 other prospects for Adrian Gonzalez.
6 years ago today, the Red Sox got Adrian Gonzalez from the Padres for Anthony Rizzo, Casey Kelly, Reymond Fuentes, & Eric Patterson.
"""I'm in a glass case of emotion!"--Ron Burgundy"--Anthony Rizzo"--Daniel Harris while watching this game.
[USA Today: For The Win] - Anthony Rizzo plays nice rendition of Coldplay’s ‘The Scientist’ on the piano
'Emotional wreck' Anthony Rizzo spoke for TV viewers as Fox rose to occasion in Game 7 -
Anthony Rizzo's phone is still broken because he didn't want to get it fixed during the World Series out of superstitio…
Anthony Rizzo and Jason Heyward will get Gold Gloves after Cubs defense wins championship -
Congrats to Anthony Rizzo and Jason Heyward on winning Gold Gloves today!!!
Anthony Rizzo, David Ross and Dexter Fowler also appear as strippers alongside Benedict Cumberbatch in ... -…
Anthony Rizzo, David Ross, & Dexter Fowler stole the show on SNL this weekend. Oh, Bill Murray was there too!
Dexter Fowler, David Ross and Anthony Rizzo were just on SNL
Bill Murray joined Anthony Rizzo, David Ross, and Dexter Fowler on SNL to sing ‘Go Cubs, Go’.
Amazing to think that Padres traded away Corey Kluber, Anthony Rizzo, Trea Turner, Joe Ross, Yasmani Grandal, Brad Brach, and Logan Forsythe
Bill Murray, Anthony Rizzo, David Ross, and Dexter Fowler in barbershop outfits signing "Go Cubs Go" - the best thing SNL…
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Dexter Fowler, David Ross and Anthony Rizzo making an appearance as... male strippers on Saturday Night Live. Ross is enj…
I liked a video Beer Money with Anthony Rizzo & David Ross
Chicago Cubs's Anthony Rizzo, David Ross and Dexter Fowler do cameo on SNL with Benedict Cumberbatch. .
David Ross, Dexter Fowler and Anthony Rizzo make appearance on The celebration tour continues and it shouldn't…
WATCH: David Ross, Anthony Rizzo and Dexter Fowler made an appearance on SNL
On Flag Day, Anthony Rizzo and Kris Bryant sang the national anthem during an interview via
Anthony Rizzo gets choked up describing his friendship with David Ross
Anthony Rizzo's speech introducing Gpa Ross really shows the bond that is built through baseball. It's not just a game it's…
Holy cow Ben Zobrist, Anthony Rizzo, and David Ross's speeches today were simply amazing in front of a crowd of 5 million people.
On Monday, Anthony Rizzo, Dexter Fowler, and Ben Zobrist will be on "The Tonight Show" with Jimmy Fallon at 10:35 p.m. on NBC.
Here is the incredible moment where Anthony Rizzo gets emotional thanking David Ross for teaching him to be a winner. h…
"He's like a brother to me." -Anthony Rizzo on the impact that David Ross had on him on & off the field.
Anthony Rizzo chokes up introducing David Ross. That'll get you.
Anthony Rizzo, the nicest young man in baseball, thanks the Cubs' traveling secretary. George Costanza is smiling somewhere.
Had a dream last night that George Clooney and Anthony Rizzo surprised me at my house and they were going to air it on Ellen lmao
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Cancer survivor Anthony Rizzo. Cancer survivor Jon Lester. John Lackey, who divorced his wife while she battled cancer.
Here's a fun fact for y'all:. Anthony Rizzo was a kid when John Lester was in the World Series
Alfonso Soriano, Anthony Rizzo, Jeff Samarja, Mike Olt but I only know because I played the show a lot three years ago
Congrats to Jon Lester, Anthony Rizzo, David Ross, & John Lackey on winning the with the
Anthony Rizzo looks like the world's biggest little leaguer. Gotta love it
Anthony rizzo has the most punchable face I've ever seen
Anthony Rizzo, like all of America, is in a glass case of emotion right now
Anthony Rizzo told David Ross he’s in a 'glass case of emotion' watching Game 7
I love David Ross, but he's not really doing a lot to calm Anthony Rizzo's nerves.
Anthony Rizzo just quoted Anchorman in of the World Series, and then ripped a RBI double.
Now, when David Ross told Anthony Rizzo "it's only gonna get worse", did he foresee that happening?
ANOTHER ONE. Anthony Rizzo knocks in Kris Bryant giving the the 5-1 lead in the 5th.
Anthony Rizzo looks like he stepped directly out of a Minecraft game.
Anthony Rizzo has been ejected from the for targeting.
Anthony Rizzo's smile makes me genuinely happy 😍
Much like Anthony Rizzo, I am currently in a glass case of emotion.
Anthony Rizzo speaks for all of us watching this game.
Anthony Rizzo is on an emotional Game 7 roller coaster.
Another one!. Kris Bryant scores all the way from first on Anthony Rizzo's single. Cubs lead Game 7, 5-1.
Cubs jump out to a 3-run lead!. Anthony Rizzo & Ben Zobrist score on double by Addison Russell to give Chicago an early l…
.the big news I hear is that Andrew Miller fellow is going back to same with Jon Lester and that Anthony Rizzo guy 😃
find someone who looks at you the way Anthony Rizzo looks at Kris Bryant
In case you didn't know, both Anthony Rizzo & Jon Lester are cancer survivors themselves:
Javier Baez saved Anthony Rizzo an error with some hustle and a flip to a get a head-first sliding Jason Kipnis. Stretch time w/Bill Murray.
Anthony Rizzo, Ben Zobrist and Kyle Schwarber have already seen 34 pitches against Trevor Bauer. Incredible to watch them gri…
Anthony Rizzo looks like fat ryan Reynolds in just friends the way Russell brand looks like weird al yankovic.
Best of luck to our three alums in the World Series! . Cubs: Anthony Rizzo, Jon Lester. Indians: Andrew Miller…
or David Freese for washed up Jim Edmonds or Anthony Rizzo for never was Andrew Cashner.
Anthony Rizzo got an NLCS final out baseball, and the Padres got Kyung-Min Na, Jarred Cosart, Josh Naylor, Luis Castillo and Carter Capps. 🤔
LOS ANGELES (AP) -- Anthony Rizzo, Addison Russell and the rest of the Chicago Cubs' bats broke out in a big way.
Rizzo, Russell talk about big night in Cubs win over Dodgers: Anthony Rizzo and Addison Russell talk ab...
Cubs answer back! . Anthony Rizzo singles with the bases loaded to make it 8-2 in the 6th
The Cubs need someone like Gil, Anthony get the kind of hit Puig just got to get them going...
Anthony Rizzo is in danger of becoming 14th player w/30+ HR, 100+ RBIs to hit under .100 in postseason. Worst ever: Gil Hodges, 0-21 in '52.
Anthony Rizzo hit a home run foul last night. Probably would have been difficult to hit it fair.This is baseball. 1-0 is so, so close.
With the tied up learn about journey from battling cancer to the MLB
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