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Anthony Newley

Anthony George Newley (24 September 1931 – 14 April 1999) was an English actor, singer and songwriter.

Leslie Bricusse Feeling Good Willy Wonka Rex Harrison Gene Wilder Sammy Davis Jr Chocolate Factory David Bowie Joan Collins Doctor Dolittle Samantha Eggar Shirley Bassey John Barry Delia Derbyshire Barbra Streisand Tommy Steele

Anthony Newley scares me more n you’ll ever know
New video by eh44returns: High Flight (1957) Ray Milland, Anthony Newley 48 hours ONLY!
Hey new sheet music Anthony Newley: Cheer Up, Charlie - Partition Piano Facile at
Stop what you're doing and watch Celebrity Bowling on Amazon Prime. It's so awful, it's captivating. I'm on S2E6 —…
Bowie breaks out his Anthony Newley voice for the first time in years on Scary Monsters
Wendy Hiller, Katie Johnson, Athene Seyler, Anthony Newley and in an early minor role Michael Caine also feature.
Why by Anthony Newley Right now on to
Wearing a sleek suit and sitting on the edge of a stool, slowly clicking your fingers is the Anthony Ne…
39. - "Feeling Good" (originally by Anthony Newley and Leslie Bricusse)
I heard somewhere (Anthony Newley song version? ) that what was being pawned haf something to do with hat making bu…
Didn't Anthony Newley tell us all that in 1961?
Looking as the TV screen showing Mitch McConnell and entourage reminds me of the line "Send in the Clowns" as sung by Anthony Newley
Nursery rhyme?? Anthony Newley version in our house!
Don't know if you take suggestions but there's a film called 'The Small…
The great Anthony Newley was enamoured (and never at all bored) of explaining this phrase. See 1:03:
I ❤️ this episode. Emma sings “How’d you like to spoon with me?”, her accent roams England, Daphne from Frasier & Anthony Newley also star
For those who don't know, it's Anthony Newley, known to me bc of the original Dr. Dolittle (1967), starring Rex Harrison & Samantha Eggar
Don Black - Don's last show of the series featuring Anthony Newley, Barbra Streisand and Robert Goulet -
We have tons of great reading matter at this week on Patrick McGoohan, Anthony Newley, Abba and so much more!
Anthony Newley's May 1964 demo of Goldfinger with John Barry is spectacularly creepy.
Vintage photo of English actor Anthony Newley and Joan Collins and their daughte
"Feeling Good", Goldfinger theme, and Wily Wonka score (Gene Wilder version) were all written by Anthony Newley.
I love when Anthony Newley starts singing on Barbra's 'Encore' album.
Anthony Newley and Babs killing this one too. I'm three songs in and I can't find a bad song on the album! Jesus.
Anthony Newley is sounding great... Considering he's been dead for years...
It was written by Leslie Bricusse and Anthony Newley specifically for the movie.
Leslie Bricusse and Anthony Newley's "The Candy Man", actually. And not sung by Gene Wilder in the Willy Wonka film.
Elaine Paige has added Sunday Streisand to her R2 show. Today was the Anthony Newley duet from Babs' new album 👍🏻
For my money, this would be much better if Barbra had left Anthony Newley out of it…
The saddest thing about myself is that I never read a book. I never got the habit.
Feeling Good! (written by Anthony Newley and Leslie Bricusse, same as the Pure Imagination - Gene Wilder track)
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To the unwashed public, Joan Collins is a star. But to those who know her, she's a commod
Anthony Newley dressed and made up as a clown and floating in a swimming pool in Beverly Hills, 1968 - Terry O'Neill
I've bought the new Barbara Streisand cd it's bloody lovely, I said to my hubby is Anthony Newley still alive as he's on it, he died 1999
I added a video to a playlist Barbra Streisand with Anthony Newley - Who Can I Turn To (When Nobody
"(Do you) want to change the world?. There's nothing to it.". . - "Pure Imagination" (1971). by Leslie Bricusse and Anthony Newley
Didn't know Anthony Newley co-wrote Pure Imagination. He was a massive influence on Bowie
Anthony Newley sings Pure Imagination (For Jerome - This is the author of the music of this song)
Outch tough the duets Pure imagination and the Anthony Newley one.But all tracks are great.
9. Pure Imagination - Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory - Anthony Newley & Leslie Bricusse
"Pure Imagination" written by Leslie Bricusse and Anthony Newley & sung by Gene Wilder (Willy Wonka). RIP Gene.
It's a kind of day for Feelin' Good! Thank you Anthony Newley & Leslie Bricusse for this great song!! .
This album is perfection with the possible exception of Anthony Newley.
Have you heard cover of Pure Imagination (by Leslie Bricusse and Anthony Newley)’ on
That's in the first, like, 8 minutes of the movie. Anthony Newley sings about "strawberry lemon pie" and a knife collector warns a boy.
I liked a video Feeling Good sung by Anthony Newley
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Acting, musicals, bringing out an album - not many people have done that. Anthony Newley, Ba
I found this awesome duet of Anthony Newley & Sammy Davis Jr if you're wondering how the writing is going.
The song was written by 2 Brits too, Anthony Newley & Leslie Bricusse. What a tune!
Anthony Newley - Hollywood Palace of 6 via Cool video of Tony Newley & Jo Anne Worley doing silly song.
Pattie Boyd & George Harrison attend a party at the Pickwick Club hosted by Joan Collins for husband Anthony Newley. https…
girl Joan Collins and then-husband Anthony Newley really did play PASSWORD w/Allen Ludden
Ronnie O'Sullivan stars as Anthony Newley in "Stop the Worlds. I want to get off"
Ronnie O'Sullivan is looking increasingly like Anthony Newley.
remember Anthony Newley in Gurney Slade, verry funny TV prog. well before its time, the man was a genius
Just discovered two icons of music and screen died on 14 April. Anthony Newley and Burl Ives.
One of my weird crushes: Anthony Newley. Love this opening to The Strange World of Gurney Slade
Anthony Newley looks bloody amazing in Breaking Bad by the way.
Sold out! And fast! They all want you to do Anthony Newley!
Anthony Newley & Leslie Bricusse - Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory
My inner monologue is Anthony Newley sitting in a bedsit bubble bath singing 'Pop! Goes The Weasel' into an empty bottle of Matey.
Anthony Newley . The first recording of "Goldfinger" was made by Newley in a May 14, 1964 recording session, with...
You got the version from Willy Wonka, you got the Sammy Davis one or Anthony Newley
"I've got songs...that jingle, jangle, jingle!" Tom Servo will sing you song in best Anthony Newley voice (or not!)
The makes a side trip to...Anthony Newley?
"...and I'm feelin' good." – Anthony Newley/Leslie Bricusse. I hope you take time today to listen to Nina Simone:
So, not a one of ya got It was...Sweet November (1968). With Sandy Dennis & Anthony Newley.
...Paul Goodhead on his friend Anthony Newley a rather underrated star of the past. Other talks by Derek Foulds and Brian Murphy etc.
Laughing Gnome by David was the ultimate tribute to Anthony Newley.Didn't sell well but always played on Children's Favourites.
Anybody else think that the late David Bowie sounds like Anthony Newley on The Laughing Gnome?
No. but I liked that one. his 'Anthony Newley' phase
bowie as the boss, marc bolan, tom waits, Lou Reed, anthony newley (?), iggy pop and NEIL YOUNG! .
Bowie doing great imitations of Bruce Springsteen, Neil Young, Iggy Pop, Lou Reed, Tom Waits, and Anthony Newley
I could listen to David Bowie impersonating anthony newley all day
going full-tilt Anthony Newley is ironic and insane.
Bowie impersonates other artists. Anthony Newley is my favorite! . via
... you forgot Anthony Newley during his golden Embassy records years!!
he was doing a lot of copping in early singing: J. Brel, Scott Walker, Anthony Newley, Dylan's cracks, Lou Reed's flat affect he does is Anthony Newley who he admired.
imitating and… Anthony Newley. Sweet and funny. htt…
I think the 'and other' is Anthony Newley.
Just heard David Bowie impersonating Anthony Newley! On most of his early records.
"Feeling Good" (also known as "Feelin' Good") is a song written by English songwriters Anthony Newley and Leslie Bricusse
'Jack Steven' said David Bowie was most influenced by Anthony Newley. (Most famous for 'Stop the World; I Want to Get Off). WAKE UP, PEOPLE.
Re David Bowie (Jack Steven). Jack as in Ripper; Steven as in Marcato. Anthony Newley's best known work? 'Stop the World, I Want to Get Off'
"It's a new dawn. It's a new day. It's a new life, for me. And I'm Feeling Good.". (Anthony Newley & Leslie Bricusse)
The Anthony Newley piece was excellent, fascinating stuff .
Conveniently forgetting that Bowie's early career was basically an Anthony Newley tribute act.
LISTEN BACK: on Anthony Newley, a key influence on early work
(I'm listening to old, old, old Bowie of the Deram Records/Anthony Newley years)
The Laughing Gnome had a touch of an Anthony Newley influence to it really.
After the 10pm news w/ on Anthony Newley and his influence on
ANTHONY NEWLEY - the best of A SCARCE 1969 RCA INT. 1494 LP EX./EX.
From the one of several semi-sleazy-looking albums by Anthony Newley. For those…
not sure Anthony Newley phase Bowie is my cup of tea if I'm being honest?
Are you skipping that 60s album where he sounds like Anthony Newley singing songs by Cat Stevens?
Anthony Newley melting 'Basin Street Blues' with Ian Fraser. Something to *love*, not just favourite!
3 yrs ago.Tommy Steele was really good,so was Anthony Newley though back in 95
Leslie Bricusse with a thousand anecdotes about working with Anthony Newley, Sammy Davis Jr, Henry Mancini...
I'm tempted say Mike & Bernie Winters but him on't right looks like Anthony Newley
Do you sometimes wonder what would have happened to David Bowie if there had been no Anthony Newley to help live his dream
No no no no...David Bowie had an Anthony Newley voice
Caught 'Dr. Dolittle' starring Rex Harrison this evening on RETRO. Songs included this ditty by Anthony Newley:
Anthony Newley was an old friend of mine. Would LOVE to see this.
.Anthony Newley thanks you for remembering his finest imitator… ;-)
This is.pretty amazing. Why have I not investigated Anthony Newley until now?
Anthony Newley, Carly Simon, Bronski Beat & Annie Lennox have all had hits with different songs titled 'Why'.
8 1/2: I now see what Anthony Newley was trying to do with HHEIRONYMOUS MERKIN and failed so completely.
so then, watching and expecting them to start singing 'the laughing gnome' or some Anthony Newley tunes
Stuart Broad went to my school too (as well as Bill O'Chee and Sacha Newley son of Anthony and Joan Collins) albeit yrs later!
All about Anthony Newley ... : Height Weight Birthday Zodiac Filmography Biography - see at
Q4 Answer - another slightly tricky one there - it was Anthony Newley and ‘Johnny Marr of Wythenshawe’.
did you ever see the original Sweet November with Sandy Dennis and Anthony Newley?
Which UK pop star was offered the role of Bert in Mary Poppins but declined? . A) Tommy Steele. B) Joe Brown. C) Anthony Newley. D) Marty Wilde
Right, both sides of Johnny Nash played. Should I play Anthony Newley, Glenn Campbell or Hall + Oates? Or go to bed?
Tomorrow is Newley Night we celebrate the music of Anthony Newley and Leslie Bricusse .Are you Feeling Good; I am X
My cover version of an Anthony Newley classic.
Cologne striker Anthony Ujah (apologies after roughing up goat mascot in goal celebration.
Cheers mate, now I'm singing the chorus in an Anthony Newley voice
Anthony Newley dashing through the streets of Soho in 'The Small World of Sammy Lee'
Anthony Newley speaks in 1981 on marriage to Joan Collins: via
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Video: Anthony Newley, “Goldfinger” A version by the song’s composer that swaps slinky, jazzy menace for...
Yes, here it is and it won't go away. I think that's Anthony Newley singing. He needs shooting for such a terible version of that song!
Anthony Newley Who Can I Turn To THE ROAR OF THE GREASEPAINT YOU could play him in a movie!!!
Sometimes only whisky & Anthony Newley records can help. Fortunately, I have a copious supply of both. Cheers... ;-)
Idle On Parade by Anthony Newley is in The Woodman Inn. Download it now at
Heard in Kingston WHY by Anthony Newley. Of course I sang and danced;. I had to. Right ? Xxx
Yup, hence why I'm reading an Anthony Newley biography in hardback on the train instead of watching iPlayer.
"I told you 'Flounder' was a terrible name for a boat!" - Matthew Mugg (Anthony Newley) in Doctor Dolittle (1967)
No, without VU there's no Bowie was my point or at least only his version of Anthony Newley :-)
Sing off high school champ Cole Foster belting out "Feelin' Good" by Anthony Newley and Leslie Bricusse
“My Last Song” by Anthony Newley is my new jam. Listen:
A bit of Anthony Newley on the wireless never did anyone any harm (means nothing to 90% of my followers I am sure - at least ;-)
it was originally the theme to an Anthony Newley TV show called 'the world of Gurney Slade', but I remember it from 'Vision on'
I'm in the mood for some Anthony Newley. A Bee Bom-bomb.
Season of Love, Goodwill, Laughter,. And a new Anthony Newley CD, oh yes the Good Things in Life ! X
and the boys in the band before his Tribute to Anthony Newley at the JW3
Mention that Scrooge composer Leslie Bricusse also wrote Wiily Wonka Music and was Anthony Newley's writing partner.
Rehearsals for tonights Tribute to Anthony Newley sounding fabulous 7.30
Do You Mind by Anthony Newley is in Ramada Encore. Download it now at
Skating rink open! Combine this & show tonight for winter warmer fun!
Goldfinger by Anthony Newley is in RWCMD Students Union. Download it now at
Prompted by I'm now playing this from Cheltenham's answer to Anthony Newley.
The older Ronnie O'Sullivan gets the more he looks like Anthony Newley -
My tribute to Anthony Newley is on Sunday at JW3 on Finchley Road. Details tix etc : .
Tomorrow is a peaceful place ,Tomorrow a friendly face. Not Tomorrow but soon. Anthony Newley's new CD !! Happy New Year to me x
This weekend the brilliant will be at with his tribute to Anthony Newley. Sunday 7:30 pm
Anthony Newley and Leslie Bricusse pictured in 1972 and a clue as to the identity of our next CD release!
Check out what I found. Anthony Newley-Remembering The Music, The Life The Legend CD via
MOTT THE HOOPLE - [ via Bowie composition..he's beautiful.Like the *** son of Anthony Newley/ Marc Bolan
If Anthony Newley looked at me that way I'd melt into nothing. .
The idea of Sandy Dennis and Anthony Newley together in a film is a bit too much to absorb.
Anthony Newley and Leo McKern star in X: The Unknown, now on
I watched that X the Unknown last night with a rather charmingly young Anthony Newley in it
this was written by Anthony Newley .. . amazeballs
New post: Exciting new and upcoming releases to check out from Delia Derbyshire & Anthony Newley, Braen...
PS to today's Musings: In character, the great Anthony Newley singing Who Can I Turn To:
Agreed. I'll start the underrated stream with Anthony Newley. There's one for the teenagers.
Anthony Newley is an interesting choice - almost went for him myself ...
Delia Derbyshire & Anthony Newley made a record together and now it's being released via
Hannah by Ray Lamontagne is in Shrewsbury Arms (131-8729), Chester. Download it now at
Q7: Name the film from which Anthony Newley's speech is sampled on 'Maladjusted'.
Almost 50 years after it was recorded, this single Anthony Newley made with Delia Derbyshire is being released:
Tony Bourdain's opening a "world market" in NY. Concept: Singaporean hawker center. cc:
Re: Anthony Newley's birthday, a podcast by me and
Today would have been Anthony Newley's 83rd birthday. Our 3rd anthology of unreleased gems from the Newley vault will …
.“The Man Who Makes You Laugh — Anthony Newley: So you Want to be a Comic.
Happy Birthday Anthony Newley, you handsome devil. Should be related to
Anthony Newley, born this day in 1931. Eternal thanks...
On this day in music history: June 10, 1972 - “The Candy Man” by Sammy Davis, Jr. hits on the Billboard Hot 100 for 3 weeks, also topping the Adult Contemporary chart for 2 weeks on May 20, 1972. Written by Anthony Newley and Leslie Bricusse, it is the biggest hit for the Harlem, NY born singer, actor and entertainer. The song is originally written for the film “Willy Wonka And The Chocolate Factory” in 1971. The original version of the song is sung by actor Aubrey Woods in the film. Entertainer Sammy Davis, Jr. will record “The Candy Man” shortly after the release of “Willy Wonka” and is included on his album “Sammy Davis Jr. Now!”. The track is produced by MGM Records president Mike Curb, legendary producer and arranger Don Costa, and Michael Viner (Incredible Bongo Band). It also features background vocals by The Mike Curb Congregation who had previously recorded it before Davis, but will fail to chart. Entering the Hot 100 at on March 11, 1972, it will climb to the top of the chart ...
Peter Simon has appeared with Liberace, seen Elton John, worked with Anthony Newley and met Princess Diane. WHAT A LIFE!
Lenny Beige’s Tribute to Anthony Newley | St James Theatre via Just got tix, should be a scream cant wait!
Tonight at the Glema Mahr! Roald Dahl's Willy Wonka presented by the Madisonville North Hopkins Music Department. Music and Lyrics by LeslieBricusse& Anthony Newley, Adapted for the Stage by Timothy Allen McDonald & Leslie Bricusse Roald Dahl’s timeless story of the world-famous candy man and his quest to find an heir comes to life in this stage adaptation of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, which features the songs from the classic family film Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory. Produced by arrangement with Music Theatre International. Where: Glema Mahr Center for the Arts Time: Fri Mar 14 7p Sat Mar 15 2p & 7p Price: Tickets $12 (Students 1/2 price)
Heard a producer singing the praises of a current rather bland Broadway star recently. And there I am nodding politely with a glazed look in my eye. Did you ever notice that the true Broadway musical superstars of yester year were all glorious freaks- wildly unusual and SPECIAL? Carol Channing., Barbra Streisand, Ray Bolger, Carol Burnett, Ethel Merman, Anthony Newley, Mary Martin, Yul Bryner, Gwen Verdon, Bert Lahr, Chita Rivera, Angela Lansbury, Tommy Tune and yes, Lauren Bacall. BLAND the new black?
“Once in a Lifetime/Gonna Build a Mountain/What Kind Of Fool Am I?” by Anthony Newley is my new jam. Listen:
Soap Dish History: The miniseries “Malibu” premiered on January 23, 1983. A miswestern couple (William Atherton and Susan Dey) rents a home in the fabled southern California encalve of the title, and become involved with their wealthy neighbors. Scandalous affairs, dirty business deals, and shocking secrets are par for the course in the miniseries, based on the William Murray bestseller. Also starring Kim Novak, Valerie Perrine, Steve Forrest, Chad Everett, James Coburn, Troy Donahue, Ann Jillian, George Hamilton, Jenilee Harrison, Richard Mulligan, Anthony Newley, Eva Marie Saint, Bridget Hanley, Brad Maule, Richard McKenzie, and Rod McCary.
I grew up listening to lots of musicals and soundtracks, some which I owned and many that I would get from the library. We had "Scrooge" and it's my favorite Christmas movie. I used to listen to that soundtrack over and over, and I have most of the songs memorized. I put it in storage this summer, but if you go to Youtube someone has uploaded every song from the album. Someone else has put the entire movie up there to watch. There are also clips from some other stage versions. I bought the Blu-ray movie on Amazon. I found some other stage versions as well on Amazon and iTunes. I had no idea that Anthony Newley had starred in a stage version back in the 70's. Also, Robert Picardo (the doctor from Voyager) and some others sang the songs on an album. And they have a UK revival starring Tommy Steele. The songs are by Anthony Newley and Leslie Bricusse. I love their songs not only on this but also in Doctor Dolittle and other musicals. And although the Scrooge songs are not on karaoke, there is a site calle .. ...
The first record my mum ever bought was "Strawberry Fair" by Anthony Newley in 1960. Tony Blackburn played it on Radio 2 today. Fantastic.
1961 (Shirley Bassey appears on the Anthony Newley show back in 1961) The song, 'With These Hands' was first released by Shirley as a Columia single back in ...
This might be taken as a bit of 'sour grapes' by some, and, admittedly, I am not in the best of moods this season. So.with this in mind. Tonight's movie was Doctor Dolittle (1967) with Rex Harrison ,Samantha Eggar and Anthony Newley. Directed by Richard Fleischer. As I grow old, I'm trying to watch some movies, which I either missed or deliberately avoided, just to say I've finally seen them. I often wind up kicking myself for waiting so long to catch up with something wonderful. But tonight was not one of those times. In 1967, I was going to see films like BONNIE AND CLYDE, THE GRADUATE and the Oscar winner IN THE HEAT OF THE NIGHT. I was aware of Doctor Dolittle, mainly because of my college roomies talking about it. They were all nice guys, but they couldn't recognize a decent fantasy film if they tripped over one. They liked this one so I vowed to give it a pass. Then came tonight, when I finally took it in. This is one of the longest and most leaden fantasies I've ever sat through. The song ...
Doctor Dolittle on now- the 'proper' version with Rex Harrison, Samantha Eggar, Anthony Newley, Richard Attenborough. As a young boy I collected and read many of the books by Hugh John Lofting. I am sure I had over a doen at one point- and think there may be around twenty all told. Anthony Newley is pure class in this movie, and Rex Harrison, is, well, Rex Harrison. That talking singing style is so darn charming. And Samantha Eggar, need I say more?
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I miss "The Merv Griffin Show" ! He would always have on Zsa Zsa , Orson Welles , and Anthony Newley ! Merv was a good guy !
I like '"Beatles Medley" with Paul Williams, Tony Randall, Anthony Newley, etc.''
Watching Chocolate Factory – Pure Imagination by Anthony Newley / Leslie Bricusse, from
A gene splicing of Tony Blair and Anthony Newley. An-Tony Blair-Newley.
Judge For 30+ years our Fourth Professional Judge was honored to work with some incredible performers including: Donald O'Connor and Patricia Routledge, Anthony Newley, Debby Boone , Roberta Peters and Marni Nixon, Jack Carter and Shani Wallis, and Joe Namath. On January 26, 1988, she opened on Broadway as an original cast member in Andrew Lloyd Weber's "The Phantom of the Opera" and remained with show for 18 years as 0it became the longest running show on Broadway ( a record which it continues to hold). She has the distinction of holding the record for the longest continuing performance on Broadway in the same role. During her run with "Phantom" she also served, for 15 years, as a Counsellor in Actors' Equity Association, the Union of Professional Actors and Stage Managers in the United States. In August 2006, she retired from the stage and returned to Alabama.
Tag team wrestling: Scott Walker & Anthony Newley v Chas & Dave, refereed by Donald Fagen. That's what "Jackie & Norm..." sounds like.
I have just had my mind read!..I love this weird world. Please find Anthony Newley pop goes the weasel on YouTube.u may vomit.
Anthony Newley, why are you such a *** making me go over word-limits and such.
his really early DavyJones-era material when he was basically impersonating Anthony Newley
This is weird.. I've had a few drinks and suddenly I can sing like Anthony Newley
And I was so hoping you'd suggest Anthony Newley
Current fave track from new Bowie album is Valentine's day - wistful and nostalgic with a great melody and Anthony Newley vocals. Et toi?
& my personal favourite Anthony Newley's That Noise! Hilarious! I can recite word for word!
Has anyone got a digital copy of Anthony Newley's That Noise? Driving me nuts that I can't find it
Our Stage Door is Anthony Newley's 'I'm All I Need', his epic soliloquy from (wait for it...) 'Can Heironymus Merkin Ever...
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Megan Hilty Makes Her Carnegie Hall Debut With NY Pops; Ryan Silverman Swings By Kenneth Jones 09 Mar 2013 Ryan Silverman, currently starring as Giorgio in the acclaimed Classic Stage Company revival of Stephen Sondheim and James Lapine's Passion (which you need to see), brought a hip-swiveling, slouchy, finger-snapping swagger to period songs, including Leslie Bricusse and Anthony Newley's "What Kind of Fool Am I?," Cole Porter's "Night and Day" (loosey-goosey with the lyrics, as Sinatra often was) and the sensual Latin-kissed song "Sway." If there's a smoother, more assured bari-tenor, leading-man theatre voice at the moment, we don't know it. Silverman would seem to be poised to be more than just a pop-opera theatre star (he was a Raoul in The Phantom of the Opera and was cast as Maxim De Winter in the stalled Rebecca – The Musical). He can truly swing, charm and flirt. Is anyone writing a musical about Dean Martin? Here's your star.
"I love people like Jackie Gleason, Red Skelton, I'm crazy about the 3 Stooges, uh, anything Walt Disney... And far as performers, uh, I love Anthony Newley, you know, like I said, Jackie Wilson, James Brown." - Michael Jackson 〜Gina〜
What is going on with this series of The Upper Hand on ITV2 - guest starring Kevin Keegan, Anthony Newley & a Woody Allen impersonator!
As Julian Bates will tell you, I used to do a passable Anthony Newley impersonation but today when I sang " the candyman " I sounded like Bruce Forsyth on helium *** ?? What things can't YOU do anymore ??
guess what i have in common with:Kevin Sorbo,Phil Hartman,Jim Henson,Anthony Newley,F. Scott Fitzgerald,Linda McCartney,joe greene?
1959, 22 year old Buddy Holly, The Big Bopper and Ritchie Valens, aged 17, died in a crash shortly after take-off from Clear Lake, Iowa, the pilot of the single-engined Beechcraft Bonanza plane was also killed. Holly hired the plane after heating problems developed on his tour bus. All three were travelling to Fargo, North Dakota, for the next show on their Winter Dance Party Tour which Holly had set - covering 24 cities in three weeks, to make money after the break-up of his band, The Crickets, last year. 1960, Anthony Newley was at No.1 on the UK singles chart with 'Why', the singers first of two UK No.1 hits. 1966, During a UK tour Stevie Wonder played at the Scotch Of St James night-club in London. 1967, Otis Redding, The Marvelettes, Aaron Neville, James and Bobby Purify and The Drifters all appeared at The Civic Coliseum, Knoxville, Tennessee. Tickets cost $2.50 -3.50 (£1.47 - 2.06). 1967, Producer Joe Meek shot his landlady Violet Shenton and then shot himself at his flat in London, Meek produced ...
It's also the birthday of Dame Shirley Bassey today. Here she is with Anthony Newley. Any excuse!
Watching a very young Anthony Newley as the Artful Dodger in David Lean's 1948 film Oliver Twist. Sir Alec Guinness is Fagin.
Short clip of Morrissey accepting his Ivor Novello award, thanking Anthony Newley and one other person...
In 1997, Anthony Newley wrote and recorded this novelty track which was intended for release as a Christmas single. The track remained unreleased u...
Just watching Oliver Twist. Directed by David Lean with Anthony Newley. Masterpiece theatre of the day!
The things you learn doing research for ... Anthony Newley did voice work in 1987's The Garbage Pail Kids Movie.
thanks to Danny Baker am now you tubing Anthony Newley's finest moments. Bliss
Trivia for our upcoming Dahl musicals episode: Leslie Bricusse and Anthony Newley wrote Willy Wonka's six songs in three weeks!
2010: Accompanist Maurice Kelly ponders What Kind Of Fool he is... but worry not, he's just singing Anthony Newley!
am 45 spoke to colleague 19 about Voodoo Ray; it is equivalent of someone telling me about Anthony Newley when I was 19
Anthony Newley sings "When You Gotta Go" that he composed for his film CAN HIERONYMUS MERKIN EVER FORGET MERCY HUMPPE AND FIND TRUE HAPPINESS? as the closing...
Absolutely. It's *very* left of centre, but it's a must for Anthony Newley's performance alone.
Written by Anthony Newley. This clip has almost 4 million hits alone
"Goldfinger" Composed by John Barry, with lyrics by Leslie Bricusse & Anthony Newley, Produced by George Martin Goldfinger © 1964 by Danjaq, LLC, United Arti...
Christmas season begins today as I'm off to Scrooge at the Palladium. I'm hoping to see the ghost of Anthony Newley!
love it when he goes into Anthony Newley mode
Anthony Newley & Julia McKenzie, perhaps unlikely duet partners but a perfect reminder of how both artists are British musical theatre icons
They say there's nothing new under the sun, and maybe that holds true for rainy skies, too, as we look at the newest production of the stage incarnation of that 60-year-old movie, Singin' in the Rain (whose songs weren't new even then). Or, let a Smile be your umbrella with Andrea Marcovicci's songs...
Huge Anthony Newley fan! Met him at the Cafe Royal on one of his very last cabaret dates - he was brilliant, a true masterclass
Stripping down Anthony Newley the sofa, (they all have names), several layers of orange varnish gone, he definitely overdid the sun beds! P
Saw Oliver Twist this morning with the young genius Anthony Newley. This man puts the letter "C" in class. I wonder why we forgot him? xx
Listen again to Barbara Windsor on playing a track from Anthony Newley's final studio album 'The Last Song'
Written by Lionel Bart and recorded March 1960 (No 1 in UK Charts April 1960)
Recently I viewed an episode of The Benny Hill Show in which Benny Hill impersonated British singer Anthony Newley. Hill was good, but he has nothing on my friend Christopher Manso. I witnessed Mr. Manso's hidden talent a few years ago and have yet to recover. If Mr. Manso ever retires from the cigar business, he could start a tribute act in Vegas or Branson.
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If you’re lucky, earn a very good living at it. But there are also so incredible setbacks and sacrifices that an actor makes as they pursue the Silver Screen, the Small Screen, or the Great White Way.
Just taken delivery of a 60s sofa bed still wearing its original orange & black lounge lizard fabric. I shall call him Anthony Newley. R
Just been watching the original Dr Dolittle with Rex Harrison Samantha Edgar, & Anthony Newley. fabulous film first watched by me in Edinburgh Odeon in 1969 with an old ship mate Merv Shenton we were both stationed at H.M.S. Cochrane Rosyth. great times. sadly gone now but never forgotten.
"Feeling Good" sung by its composer, Anthony Newley. Lyrics are by Leslie Bricusse. The song is from the 1964 musical, "The Roar of the Greasepaint — The Sme...
A clip from the 1977 ABC TV-special entitled BEATLES FOREVER! Featuring the unlikely combination of Ray Charles, Tony Randall, Paul Williams, Anthony Newley,...
This is the song "My Friend The Doctor " sung by Anthony Newley in the 1967 Musical Film Dr Dolittle.
Mitt Romney, he's the man, the man with the foot in mouth It's goin' south Quite a fit, Romney. Beckons us to enter his web of lies, But we're too wise. Plated words he pour in your ear But his lies can't disguise what your fear For the forty seven know when he's dissed them On November 6th he'll have missed them Mitt Romney -- Middle Class, beware of his heart of gold His heart is cold He loves only gold. With apologies to Leslie Bricusse and Anthony Newley, and of course the great John Barry.
What a day! Jim Henson, Blind Lemon Jefferson, F. Scott Fitzgerald (and a couple of friends - Dan Petrie and Jamie McBride). Also, Anthony Newley and Pedro Almodovar. From the Writer's Digest by Garrison Keillor today: Today is the birthday of puppeteer Jim Henson, born James Maury Henson in Greenville, Mississippi (1936). As a freshman, Henson was asked to create a short puppet show, Sam and Friends, for a local TV station. He brought along fellow classmate Jane Nebel, to work with him, and the two were soon married. With a total payout of $5 per show, Henson had to improvise with design and materials. One of his earliest characters was Kermit, fashioned from his mother's pale green coat and a bisected ping-pong ball. The show was quite popular and had a six-year run. During this time, Henson began pioneering new methods and materials that would let puppets express more emotion, fully embracing the television medium. His working group coined the term "Muppets," a combination of marionette and puppet. Fo ...
Another of the many songs Anthony Newley recorded. The warm tone of his voice comes out beautifully here
Anthony Newley sings at the Ed Sullivan show where he exposes his soul through his eyes. . . Who Can I Turn To ?
Anthony Newley & Sammy Davis Jr sing some Bricuse and Newley's greatest hits
from Willy Wonka. Music by Anthony Newley, lyrics by Leslie Bricusse. This beautiful version of the song is from an out-of-print album of the same title.
1963: Peter Sellers, Anthony Newley 'composing' a popular song on Profumo scandal. Prophetic about present day decline
Also because that creepy Anthony Newley number from Ghost Stories keeps popping up, all echoey and haunted-doll-like.
I'm sure they're saving the Anthony Newley until the very end.   10% Off
Anthony Newley, Actor: Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory. Born in London's East End, Anthony was attracted to acting after seeing an ad for a child actor in a Fleet Street window. He attended the Italia Conti Stage School from the age of 14 and two years later played the Artful Dodger in David Lea...
I was hoping Anthony Newley was going to get out of one of the cabs.
with his partner Anthony Newley, Pure Imagination one of my favourite songs
At last an Anthony Newley song (Pure Imagination)- a few bars at least. Couldn't they find someone better than \Russell Brand to sing it?
Russell Brand is not allowed to sing Anthony Newley's great Willy Wonka tune. Just not allowed.
Bit of Anthony Newley is always welcome but why ruin it with that chimp Brand?
The Laughing Gnome for me, every time. Anthony Newley lives!
Don't worry. They're finishing up with Millicent Martin and Anthony Newley
Mom it is 7 years this week you left us. I hope you are having a nice time with daddy aunt Miriam uncle Abe and other friends and relatives. I hope you are watching Gregory peck films and listening to Sinatra and Anthony Newley. I know you can see Amelia. She is a perfectionist like you. She puts carrots on a plate just like you would. Well not exactly. But you know what I mean. She loves strawberry ice cream just like other gals in our family. She starts pre school soon! College is right around the corner. She is majoring in Barbies. As know as a grandma you could not relate to the world of playboy but it looks like I will be going In a few Months on a tour of the playboy mansion. If Itmakes me happy it would make you happy. I certainly Know that. You and daddy raised your children to be tolerant proud people in the face of an intolerant world. I carry that with me.
D-Darling was written by Newley/Bricusse for their very surrealistic "The Johnny Darling Show" (TV), released on disc 1962. This is one of my alltime favorit...
Also as is on the show expect music frm Anthony Newley and splashes of 80's marine girls -1-3pm Today join us
Anthony George Newley (24 September 1931 – 14 April 1999) was an English actor, singer and songwriter. He enjoyed success as a performer in such diverse fields as rock and roll and stage and screen acting.
The worlds of Anthony Newley and Federico Fellini are very similar - represented by their favorite metaphor - The CIRCUS. The Circus, symbol for the never en...
Composed By Leslie Bricusse and Anthony Newley. Vocal - Gene Wilder ~ Pure Imagination ...This is one of my favorite songs from a motion picture music score.
not to mention the superb songs by Anthony Newley & Lesley Bricusse
I still miss Anthony Newley, and I say that with nary a shred of irony.
Stage Door presents the original concept recording of the classic PURE IMAGINATION by Anthony Newley. The song was recorded as part of the original demo sess...
Just watched 'Red Peppers' on Youtube with Anthony Newley and Joan Collins. Such great chemistry between them. :)
When the go out on tour is Anthony Newley going to sing the Davy Jones songs?
1961 Pop Goes The Weasel/ Bee Bom (Decca F11362, reached in UK) - interpretation of the nursery rhyme Mentioned in the video (and, which is perhaps more ...
Anthony Newley and Leslie Bricusse composed the musical- Stop the world, I want to get off. Yes. Salil made it from here, without any acknowledgement. - Somabho.
"Goldfinger" (John Barry/Leslie Bricusse/Anthony Newley), the title song of the 1964 film performed by Shirley Bassey.
"Separate the sorry and collect up all the cream !" The Candy Man Can!.(Sammy Davis/Anthony Newley)
Ronan Parke auditioning on Britain's Got Talent 2011 with the song Feeling Good, originally written by Anthony Newley and Leslie Bricusse. Commenting disabled because I'm getting tired of removing so many hateful comments. Some people seriously ne...
"There is no place I know to compare with pure imagination." ~ Leslie Bricusse/Anthony Newley.
Everyone should come see Willy Wonka tonight at SUNY Ulster! Presented by Golden Stone Productions, this tale comes alive in all new ways! It features songs from the 1971 movie as well as new songs by the original composers, Leslie Bricusse and Anthony Newley. And of course if you want to see me as a ridiculous and obese fat kid stuffing his face, you'll love it!
"Pure Imagination (Mundo Ng Panaginip)" that was sung by Hajji Alejandro was written by Leslie Bricusse & Anthony Newley and Willy Cruz for Filipino (Tagalog...
In 1969, Anthony Newley hosted this show called The Hollywood Palace. It featured songs all written by him and Leslie Bricusse, all sung on the show by Newle...
Directed by Rod Amateau. With Anthony Newley, Mackenzie Astin, Phil Fondacaro, Katie Barberi. Seven disgusting kids but nevertheless of interesting personality are being made of the green mud coming out of garbage can...
This is from the 1985 Alice in Wonderland, I love this song and I HAD to post it. Anthony Newley is one of favorite versions of the Mad Hatter. ^_^ Gotta lov...
Doctor Dolittle [VHS]: So, they let both Rex Harrison and Anthony Newley sing. This 1968 family musical is class...
Song: Goldfinger. Performed by: Shirley Bassey. Song written by: Leslie Bricusse and Anthony Newley. Music composed & conducted by: John Barry Song Record La...
Tim Minchin was born and raised on a diet of Neighbours TV, Subway wraps and Anthony Newley records in Milton Keynes
There is nothing more affected than Anthony Newley singing a Leslie Bricusse song. 100% pure Broadway cheese!
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