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Anthony Mandler

Anthony Mandler (born April 18, 1973 in Los Angeles, CA) is a music video director, who has written and directed music videos for several artists.

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Rih needs to work with Anthony mandler again
I didn't know Rih worked with Anthony mandler for so much music videos
Lana Del Rey and A$AP rocky in National Anthem. directed by anthony mandler, 2012.
directed by anthony mandler, who has an amazing résumé:
Anthony Mandler is directing Lana Del Rey's new music video! He directed her "Ride" MV & "Tropico" Film!
Drake is currently shooting the video for in Soweto South Africa with director Anthony Mandler.
Lana Del Rey in Ride. Written by Justin Parker & Rick Rubin. Directed by Anthony Mandler. New Hip ***
📷 Heath Ledger photographed by Anthony Mandler for Flaunt Magazine, Oct. 2002. htt…
"Rehab" was the 9th Rihanna music video out of 17 in total that was shot by Anthony Mandler. Rihanna's videography:
RUMOR: Jennifer Lopez's "Louboutins" music video might be directed by Anthony Mandler ("Russian Roulette," "Run This Town," "Maneater")
Idk, I feel that one would be better directed by Anthony Mandler or Declan Whitebloom
Congratulations Anthony Mandler and thank you for putting your heart into another project with me! I'm so happy, I love my video
BTS: Anthony Mandler for Cosmopolitan: Anthony photographed Justin Bieber for the September issue of Cosmopoli...
Photoset: Cosmopolitan Justin Bieber by Anthony Mandler x the September 2015 issue of Cosmopolitan Magazine...
OH 🔥 HI 🔥ABS 🔥 See the September issue for more hot AF photos of [📷: Anthony Mandler, fashion editor: …
Kendrick Lamar and Reebok join forces with acclaimed director Anthony Mandler to take you on a journey through Kendricks' hometown - Compton. The video celeb...
Download Tropico: Written by Lana Del Rey and directed by Anthony Mandler, Tropico is a tale of redemption told to the music of B...
NEWS: 'TROPICO' - Lana Del Rey is coming soon, and it's directed by Anthony Mandler. (The director of Ride & National Anthem)
David Beckham and friends in the Amazon Rainforest Anthony Mandler, David Beckham, Dave Gardner, Der
In complete shock. Anthony Mandler and VMAs! Thank you for my first moon man.
Anthony Mandler for Nike and Foot Locker: Anthony directed this awesome new ad spot for Nike and Foot Locker f...
It is actually a biopic of film and music video director Anthony Mandler.
MEET THE CREW PRODUCERS LUTI FAGBENLE/STEFANO MOSES Luti Fagbenle is best known for producing high-profile music videos and commercials for some of the world’s biggest recording artists and most recognizable brands. His unwavering ambition, extreme drive, and excellent crisis management skills coupled with a wealth of experience and resources make him one of the most sought after, young, up and coming producers in the UK. His company Luti Media, one of the UK’s leading promo production companies, has been responsible for producing work that has been viewed over a billion times worldwide. In 2013 Luti produced a mini movie/music video for One Direction breaking the all-time YouTube/Vevo record for the most views in 24 hours. Collaborating directors frequently include Director X, Colin Tilley, Anthony Mandler, Marc Klasfeld and Kanye West. Luti’s music video credits include videos for Kanye West, OneDirection, Cheryl Cole, Snoop Dogg, Craig David, Nicki Minaj, Olly Murs and many more. Luti’s film wo ...
Videos and stage Rihanna performing at Kollen Music Festival, June 2012 Rihanna has worked with music video director Anthony Mandler on more than a dozen music videos, the first being "Unfaithful" (2006).[178] "We've done 16 videos together; they're not all tough, [...] Yeah, I mean, I'm known for the 'Disturbia's and the 'Russian Roulette's and things like that, but 'Only Girl (In the World)' is certainly an ethereal kind of empowering, beauty-filled video," Mandler said.[178] Jocelyn Vena of MTV wrote, "Rihanna, like Madonna, also has a tendency to make truly thought-provoking music videos that fit the songs they represent. Smattered in between glitzier, more glamorous clips, Madge and Ri want us to think about bigger issues".[155] "Unfaithful", "Love The Way You Lie", "Man Down", and "We Found Love" were shot as Short Films exploring issues such as love triangles, abuse, and substance abuse romance.[155] Her music video for "Umbrella" shows Rihanna's transition into adulthood and her newly adopted imag ...
Watch the official visual for "Holy Grail" by JAY Z featuring Justin Timberlake. Directed by Anthony Mandler. JAY Z's new album "Magna Carta… Holy Grail" is available now on iTunes.
Finished watching Tropica incredible job by Anthony Mandler🎬 is ingenius!!
Believe Media's Anthony Mandler explains everything you wanted to know about Lana Del Rey's "Tropico" on Co.Create!
This Lana Del Rey Short Film is unreal. Best piece of art since Kanye's Runaway. Secures my thoughts on Anthony Mandler being the best.
Anthony Mandler, one of the best directors
Large Themes and Striking Imagery at Play in Lana Del Rey Short Film: Director Anthony Mandler describes the m...
Lana Del Rey and director Anthony Mandler continue their successful collaboration with the release of the 27-minute modern biblical epic Tropico, set to three tracks from Lana's album Born To
All purpose parts banner
Check out the latest video offering from artist, Lana Del Rey and Director, Anthony Mandler - "Tropico". I provided created the sound package, provided sync playback and production sound services on this production by Black Hand Cinema.
interviewed Anthony Mandler, director of , and talked about the shooting process and working with (cont)
can't sleep. have downloaded Tropico directed and produced by Anthony Mandler and starring Lana Del Rey +++ Am so in Love
Shut up and Drive movie poster! Directed by Anthony Mandler Starring Rihanna
Photo: Gods & Monsters, directed by Anthony Mandler as featured in the Short Film TROPICO starring Lana Del...
llowed Picasso Baby by going Justin Timberlake and representative Anthony Mandler to get h...
"I don’t know about the new project, but I assume it’ll be the next chapter" - Anthony Mandler on Ultraviolence
Can't wait to see what Anthony Mandler will do visually with Tokyo Vice. Loved the colour scape in Tropico !
After directing shorts for pop stars, such as Rihanna and Lana Del Rey, Anthony Mandler tries his hand at meatier fare.
Anthony Mandler says TROPICO is "the bookend to the character she's playing since she stepped into the spotlight"
Look out for this guy, Anthony Mandler, he's pretty awesome.
Anthony Mandler The top 5 most watched Youtube videos ever, are music videos. It’s safe to say that– while they may not have the kind of cable air time they once did when MTV was in its prime – music videos still resonate with viewers on a different level than your [...]
Thursday Lana Del Rey’s Short Film “Tropico” launched online, after the official première the night before in Hollywood. Written by Lana herself and directed by Anthony Mandler, it encompasses topics like good versus evil and losing innocence.
Lana Del Rey - Tropico 2013 HDRip 1080p x264 AAC - BFAB [P2PDL] “Tropico” is the mini-film created by American singer-songwriter Lana Del Rey. Alongside the release of her latest album “Paradise“, Del Rey planned to launch this Short Film featuring the songs “Bel Air“, “Body Electric“, and “Gods and Monsters” taken from the album. The mini-film was filmed in late June 2013; it was directed by Anthony Mandler, who also directed Del Reyâ™s previous music videos for “National Anthem” and “Ride“.
Can you imagine Goodfella's Ray Liotta entering apub while you are enjoying a cute cocktail...? This is what probably would have happened! Red Creek Porductions brings this Tequila 1800 advertising, produced by Believe Media (L.A.), and directed by Anthony Mandler. Watch the video here: can find out about Creek Productions in our latest Film & Commercial, production & post production Spotlight: Argentina
PerfectMatch - Fall In Love Today
Lana Del Rey gets biblical with a modern twist in new Short Film 'TROPICO' by Anthony Mandler
GUESS WHO HINTS; * She has wrkt wth director Anthony Mandler *She used 2 sell clotheses wth her dad on da street *She was once an army cadet in a sub miltary prgm *She has a tatoo on her right index finger dat says ;"Sh"
Lana Del Rey is known for her raw and gritty music. Keeping in that theme, she has brought us a new video directed by our very own Advisory Council member Anthony Mandler. The Short Film takes you on a nearly 30 minute ride through three different tracks off her Born To Die -- Paradise Edition…
The new 'Tropico' Short Film by Lana Del Rey is fantastic. Quality still exists. Well done Anthony Mandler, another epic creation.
Lana Del Rey’s new 27-minute Short Film Tropico works, more or less, as a glossy but bugged-out extended-length music video, a pretentious but sensationalistic dive into her center-free aesthetic. As directed by music-video veteran fantasist Anthony Mandler, LDR and male model Shaun Ross appear...
Lana Del Rey and Anthony Mandler collaborate on this 27 mins Short Film!
Anthony Mandler's wild short for Lana Del Rey, Tropico just dropped. Watch it before the internet breaks.
Coming Dec 5th A Tale of Redemption Told to the Music of 'Body Electric', 'Gods and Monsters' and 'Bel Air' Written By Lana Del Rey Directed by Anthony Mandler
Most thrilling music videos The artists have employed the images of mummies, bogles, vampires, Japanese dummies in their music clips to make their clips special and thrilling. Let's enjoy the most thrilling music videos of the world's music industry. Disturbia (2008) - Rihanna The music video "Disturbia" co-directed by Anthony Mandler and Rihanna begins in a surrealistic chamber. At the beginning of the song, Rihanna wearing lenses covering her eyes is encaged. Rihanna in a feathered headdress and in a chair struggling appeared in interspersed scenes. Rihanna used "Disturbia" as the first performance of the 2008 MTV Video Music Award Bones (2006) - The Killers The Las Vegas-based rock band The Killers released an amazing clip ‘Bones". The band's clips which were shot August 17-18, 2006 were edited in line with CGI backgrounds and characters. The video "Bones" directed by Oscar Tim Burton followed the tendency of his famous films like The Nightmare Before Christmas, Corpse Bride hay Sweeney Todd: The Dem ...
is auctioning my signed photo in support of The Prince's Trust. Take a look:
its gonna be hard for me to find a music video I like more than this. Anthony Mandler + Lana Del Rey= perfection
Behind the Scenes:Taylor Lautner for Bench Directed by:Anthony Mandler . Styled by:Samantha McMi…
Ben Winston may be a better director than Anthony mandler or director X
Come see me tomorrow at the AERO THEATER in Santa Monica- Anthony Mandler and I are showing our Short Film for 'RIDE' from…
the greatest ever photos from are being auctioned for including one of you pls RT
Anthony Mandler aka best director in the world
A new campaign advertisement shot by the renowned director Anthony Mandler, music director of Rihanna's "Diamonds", and the director of such acclaimed music ...
Anthony Mandler directs SKYY Vodka's "Be part of the Art".
That's why I will always rate Anthony Mandler over Colin Tilley. Mandler is a filmmaker and tells a story...
EXCLUSIVE: Daniel Radcliffe is set to star in Tokyo Vice, a thriller that music video and commercials director Anthony Mandler will direct from a script by
Lana and Anthony Mandler need to continue making music videos together forever
I study directors like Diane Martel, Anthony Mandler, Hype Williams (the old Hype) and Melina on a daily basis...
Hope Selena works with Anthony Mandler on her new music video
Dave Franco (brother of James Franco) connects with photographer Anthony Mandler to capture this splendid story for the latest edition of British GQ.
Fun.: 'Carry On' Directed by Anthony Mandler and featuring an original score by Andrew Dost (Video)
Working with artists who want to push the envelope is nothing new for Anthony Mandler: just this year alone he's directed videos like Lana Del Rey's "National Anthem" (in which she and A$AP Rocky portray Jackie O and JFK), Fun.'s "Some Nights" (where Nate Reuss's internal struggles are fought on a Civil War battlefield) and Rihanna's "Diamonds" (which deconstructed her life into a series of dreamlike vignettes). Taylor Swift Is Moving Toward A 'New Chapter,' 'Trouble' Director Says But when he heard Taylor Swift wanted to get dark on her new "I Knew You Were Trouble" video, well, even he was a bit surprised. "To be frank, she came to me with the intention of doing something completely different, and that was the mantra from the beginning: 'I want to do something that is radically different, I want to play a character, I want to be somebody else, and I want to tell a really intense story that people can relate to,'" Mandler told MTV News. "So, that's how we started, and then the process was 'Okay, what's t ...
Leave it to Taylor Swift to do something as perfectly planned out as releasing her latest music video, "I Knew You Were Trouble," on her birthday. What makes it even sweeter is the fact that it happens to be the release of her 23rd music video dropping on her 23rd birthday. Except she kind of didn't realize it all worked out like that until now. "It's like a golden video birthday. I realized that like five minutes ago when someone told me and now I'm all excited about it," she told MTV News during the latest episode of "MTV First." "I can't believe it lined up like that." Taylor Swift Releases Her 23rd Music Video On Her 23rd Birthday Taylor Gets A Golden Globe Nod For Her Birthday! And, among all her videos she's dropped so far over the course of her career, this latest video is her favorite. And, her explanation for she loves it so much, also acts as a sort of Cliffs Notes as to what goes down in the Anthony Mandler-directed clip. "I think that this video is my favorite right now just because I've never ...
they have the same director, Anthony Mandler. (
Anthony Mandler is making these videos for popstars with internal monologue types! First with Lana Del Rey now TSwizzle, lol.
Not that I'm defending Taylor Swift or something, but Taylor, Lana Del Rey, and Rihanna's music videos are directed by Anthony Mandler so..?
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I just saw TS video...pause it and proceed to watch WFL vid again! I'm sorta sad at Anthony Mandler
eszti...anthony mandler shot the video. there CAN'T be more things that remind me of lana. reeve AND anthony omfg
Nah I was kidding. Both videos have Anthony Mandler as the director. But the new one did look like a ripoff.
How could Anthony Mandler directed a a music video for two different artist, but their videos almost are the same?
U sang beautifully on Sunday night. It’s not my favourite song. Can u ask Anthony Mandler to follow me back? He uses my ideas well.
Anthony Mandler must be stopped!!! He always takes ideas from artists and use it for other artists
Anthony Mandler is one amazing director.
didn't Anthony Mandler do it though? He did the Lana videos too so that's not surprising from him (he's usually one noted)
The director of the "I Knew You Were Trouble" music video is Anthony Mandler, who also directed Rihanna's "Diamonds".
Anthony Mandler knows how to put his personal stamp on music videos.
I Knew You Were Trouble is a song by American singer-songwriter Taylor...
Anthony Mandler, the director of IKYWT music video is the director of Rihanna's Diamonds music video
As a newcomer in 2012, it's hard to believe that Lana Del Rey already has six official clips in her videography. The music videos that the songstress has
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International production company Believe Media has announced the signing of Anthony Mandler to its global roster of directors for commercials.
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HoMedics, a marketer of health and wellness products, is introducing its HMDX wireless speakers with an ad shot in Brooklyn that features a food fight of sorts.
One of the world's most successful sportsmen and style icons, David Beckham stars in the Breitling advertisement featuring a highly evocative visual shot by renowned American photographer Anthony Mandler. On the runway of the Mojave Air & Space Port in California, this striking image shows Beckha...
The official video for the first single from The 2nd Law, directed by Anthony Mandler. Buy The 2nd Law here:
Hype Williams, Dave myers, Chris Robinson, Wolf Haley, some Anthony Mandler...some of my favorite directors..for music videos
Hence begins my rant about Lana Del Rey and her most offensive video to date, the almost unbelievably idiotic Ride.
Anthony Mandler, you talented talented man.
It's been finally confirmed that "Ride" Short Film, directed by Anthony Mandler, drops tomorrow! (via
Lana Del Rey – Ride (videoclip nou) Lana Del Rey a lansat videoclipul piesei Ride, de a cărui regie s-a ocupat Anthony Mandler cu care Lana a mai colaborat și pentru National Anthem. Filmările au avut loc în apropiere de Las Vegas, iar în primele minute din clip putem asculta un monolog foarte interesant, care ar putea deveni “imnul” tutoror fetelor rebele, dornice de libertate și pregătite să trăiască viața la intensitate maximă fără a ține cont de regulile morale ale societății. “I was in the winter of my life- and the men I met along the road were my only summer. At night I fell sleep with vision of myself dancing and laughing and crying with them. Three year down the line of being on an endless world tour and memories of them were the only things that sustained me, and my only real happy times. I was a singer, not very popular one, who once has dreams of becoming a beautiful poet- but upon an unfortunate series of events saw those dreams dashed and divided like million stars i ...
Anthony Mandler did a great job on Lana's new video.
The clip, which once again pairs Lana with her partner in music video epicness, Anthony Mandler, spans a whoppin...
Lana Del Rey's "Ride" video is everything. She and Anthony Mandler are the perfect duo.
hausofbhd: Lana Del Rey in Ride directed by Anthony Mandler
An incredible film for Lana Del Rey 'Ride' by one of my favourite directors Anthony Mandler - its beautiful to watch
The new video 'Ride' directed by Anthony Mandler. Such an exciting moment...
Anthony mandler directed the Ride video ((He's also the director of ALAYLM)) I'm just IN love with it. Lana's speech at the end was A+ omfg
The Ride video has been on replay since a couple of hours ago. Obsessed! and Anthony Mandler need to do more work together!
Colored this for Anthony Mandler. Very happy with how it came out. We went through some crazy process to get the look.
Video: Lana Del Rey - Ride This is simply amazing, the director Anthony Mandler just did a masterpiece right...
"Ride" ...Creativity with substance.been on repeat...gota love Lana De Rey ..ask yourself does it speak to you?
anthony mandler is one of the DOPEST in game...long time friend
Lana Del Rey - Ride: wow Anthony Mandler .. a king at this
Anthony mandler directed the Lana Del Rey ride video I love him!
Absolutely stunning - Anthony Mandler is an incredible director.
The new video by Anthony Mandler is a thing of beauty:
Ok wow new Lana Del Rey video is beautiful. Didn't expect that from Anthony mandler.
Anthony Mandler X Lana Ride is the music video of the year. Its a masterpiece. Im beyond inspired.
Lana is so, but i love it. and Anthony mandler did an amazing job. the lighting was perfect.
Anthony Mandler directs Lana Del Rey's new music video RIDE
Lana Del Rey released the video for her song Ride today and it is beautiful. An extended emotional journey into the dark corners of one woman's mind. From
Anthony Mandler shoots Lana Del Rey's new music video "Ride"
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Artist: drake featuring lil wayne song: miss me director: anthony mandler this song go hard
Denise Vasi is an epitome of beauty in recent fotoshoot n at 40/40 grand opening. Anthony Mandler is lucky!
who would've thought raquel from singles went with anthony mandler O_o
Anthony Mandler has to be one of the best music video directors. Call My Name, National Anthem, Only Girl (In The World), Russain Roulette
Rihanna: ‘Te Amo’ music video to be shot in Paris this week with Anthony Mandler… - Rihanna Black Lipstick - Zimbio
Studying music videos. Im never getting over Lana Del Rey in National Anthem. Anthony Mandler is so brilliant
Literally shooting 8mm film for the video- Anthony Mandler is a genius
Anthony Mandler will direct survival thriller Dead Of Winter. Hailee Steinfeld has signed on to star.
this is such a powerful get off you butt rocking song. almost a theme song. really rocking it right now."SOME NIGHTS" by Fueled by Ramen, Anthony Mandler
Director of Justin's newest music video (As Long As You Love Me) is Anthony Mandler
Actress Denise Vasi and her longtime BF Anthony Mandler got engaged last week. Anthony is a music vi...
The starlet got engaged to Anthony Mandler on a vacation in Greece.
Still can't believe Anthony Mandler and Denise Vasi are engaged.
Denise Vasi is officially off the market! Her man, famous video director Anthony Mandler, put a ring on it while on vacation in Greece, reports Global Grind. Vasi, the star of VH1′s Single Ladies couldn’t contain her excitement. She Instagramed a photo of the two of them hugging with the capti...
Aww. Denise Vasi (Racquel on is engaged to Anthony Mandler (Rihanna's video director). . That's what's up 😍
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With director Anthony Mandler behind the lens, Drizzy shoots his second half of the two-day shoot.
What's in the water over at FX's biker-drama "Sons Of Anarchy"? First, star Charlie Hunnam sells a spec script based on Vlad The Impaler -- which, last we heard, was being rewritten by James Gray for Anthony Mandler to direct -- and now former co-star Taylor Sheridan (who played anatagonist Deputy C...
Lana Del Rey as Marilyn Monroe and Jackie O in 'National Anthem' directed by Anthony Mandler (best of the week on…
Seriously? Colin Tilley or Anthony Mandler couldn't get a Best Director nomination
How much do I love thee, Lana Del Rey? Let me count the ways... The nearly 8-minute Anthony Mandler-directed video for National Anthem has
"Even with an African-American president [today], it's still ... taboo, even if it shouldn't be," - Anthony Mandler "For time and the world do not stand still. Change is the law of life. And those who look only to the past or the present are certain to miss the future." - President John F. Kennedy Here is the very controversial video for Lana Del Rey's 'National Anthem' that stars A$AP Rocky as President John F. Kennedy and Rey as both Marilyn Monroe and Jackie Kennedy. This Anthony Mandler directed video explores a love story with a very tragic (and public) end. It's a story line he knew would stir up controversy, as was his decision to re-cast Jackie and JFK as an interracial couple. Mandler put a lot of effort into getting the fashions of the 1960s just right to shooting on multiple formats to ensure an authentic look. So as is the case with most controversial works, you might not agree with the video's message, but you can definitely appreciate the effort that went into its creation. Tony Clef, Deon K ...
Photos from Anthony Mandler-directed clip also tease Lana looking like Marilyn Monroe, but leave A$AP Rocky as J...
Anthony Mandler is known for editing delays. I bet 'National Anthem' is in a draw, whilst he watches his Windows Movie Maker made 'Starships
Ima be the next Colin Tilley and Anthony Mandler
The Some Nights video by fun. comes out tomorrow! :D It's directed Anthony Mandler who has done 3 Killers videos and it needs to get here.
Directed by Anthony Mandler. Pink Friday: Roman Reloaded is in stores now.
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