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Anthony Kiedis

Anthony Kiedis (born November 1, 1962) is an American vocalist/lyricist, and occasional actor best known as the lead vocalist of the Grammy-winning and 2012 Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame inductees, Red Hot Chili Peppers.

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In possession of a sheet of Anthony Kiedis' handwritten lyrics to the Zepher song after last night's gig & I was front row. YAASS
hello I love Anthony Kiedis a lot :,-)
I would apologise for the length of my Snapchat story but I got to see Anthony kiedis for the 3rd time in the flesh and I'm so happy rn x
Ok u may think ur a fan of a band but in workman's I noticed a guy had a piece of paper that had Anthony Kiedis' handwriting
Anthony Kiedis looks like a sexy Hitler
Spent my night with the Red Hot again! Congrats Flea & all love to Anthony Kiedis. Chad, you look like W…
I'm still waiting for the day Anthony Kiedis falls in love with me
I think Anthony Kiedis is on my roof :(
The best part of my night was watching Anthony Kiedis rip his shirt off
Amazing! Anthony Kiedis showing that the still got it! ✌🏼🌶
I wonder which 17 year old anthony kiedis is hitting on at this very moment
Anthony Kiedis was such a cutie ugh
Anthony Kiedis will forever be fine af
I had a dream I was laying down on the floor singing with Anthony Kiedis and we were reading the lyrics off a book bc we both suck
What a fool. BTW, does he think he's Anthony Kiedis? Not.
I would propose to Anthony Kiedis but deep in my heart I know he truly belongs with Flea.
I saw them live back in 07. I think they'd be tolerable if it wasn't for anthony kiedis.
I might have to read Anthony Kiedis' Scar Tissue.
But is it better than Madonna and Anthony Kiedis singing The Lady is a Tramp?
I met Anthony Kiedis on Sunday and I'm still in shock
My husband will always be Anthony Kiedis.
In 24 hours time, I will be in the same building as the Red Hot Chili Peppers, being serenaded by Anthony Kiedis 😍
actual RHCP lyric, for anyone who questions why I hate that band:. it's because of the "people's poet" Anthony Kiedis
"Fear causes hesitation, and hesitation will cause your worst fears to come true.". Anthony Kiedis in 'Point Break'…
Thought I might be high for a second but then realised that Anthony Kiedis just walked by me on Grafton Street
Anthony Kiedis ruined Mr. Both are good for me.
It's a red-hot celebration: Anthony Kiedis joins Flea for the 16th anniversary of Silverlake Conservatory of Music…
Anthony Kiedis is 54 and still lookin yummy as ever 🤤😻 forever my crush 😭
Walking towards baggage and see Anthony Kiedis from RHCP getting the rock n' roll escort to the front of the security lin…
Anthony kiedis kissing Dave navarro is so *** disgusting not that two men kissing is weird, its just those filthy two lip schmackin
It's What book are you reading? I'm reading Scar Tissue about Anthony Kiedis life from
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Any*** age Anthony Kiedis im so whipped for that man it's embarrassing
If you think about it, Anthony Kiedis and Mike Shinoda are great rappers but nobody thinks of them as rappers
Motley Crüe's The Dirt is a crazy read. Anthony Kiedis's is good too. It's called Scar Tissue.
3 of 5 stars to Scar Tissue by Anthony Kiedis
Milan was dope, Anthony Kiedis still mf beautiful & Flea still killin it on da Bass
me when I can finally afford pit seats at RHCP and Anthony Kiedis falls in love with me
Had a dream Anthony Kiedis was my dad...
I had a dream that I met Anthony Kiedis and how I confessed my love for him 😂😍😂
I only Stan for one man and that guy is Anthony Kiedis
Remember when Anthony Kiedis started going "ding ding dong dong" on the Chili Peppers' "Around The World"? Funny then, rly embarrassing now
This Anthony Kiedis hot dog is lit.
“It’s a long story, but the short version is: I’m currently catfishing Anthony Kiedis.”
Currently reading Scar Tissue by Anthony Kiedis. This dude was/is insane. How is he even alive rn. He's been wildin since he was like 4
Anthony Kiedis is the actual love of my life
He has a point. Anthony Kiedis is so quiet these days Flea has taken the frontman roll, It's wierd
I’m still a little bent, a little crooked, but all things considered, I can’t complain. - Anthony Kiedis
I would have cast Anthony Kiedis as the *** on
This sounds like something Anthony Kiedis would say tbh
Incredible book. Anthony Kiedis is a riot. Read it!
I wanna kick it with Anthony Kiedis.
Anthony Kiedis and he is 54 and not a comedian but you can put him on your hot list with Ryan 😂
Anthony Kiedis with Everly Bear and John C. McGinley at the 4th of July Point Dume parade
I met Anthony Kiedis a long time ago. He was with Carson Daly, the dude from MTV... he was really cool!
ok flea isn't in it, Anthony Kiedis is. see yourself out, sir!!
mere and her sugar daddy Anthony Kiedis
The way Anthony Kiedis sings is mesmerizing.
Anthony Kiedis *** but you haven't changed a bit — Lmao considering you know who Anthony Kiedis is, I ...
Fallen down the rabbit hole. People saying that Anthony Kiedis biography could have been a movie. What happened I'd go see it
June 19th: On this Day. 2008 , Red Hot Chili Peppers' Anthony Kiedis is the top male vote-getter in the Sexiest...
My love towards Anthony Kiedis is almost wrong
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I don't care if you don't like Red Hot Chili Peppers, please please please go read Scar Tissue by anthony kiedis
I love Anthony kiedis. I bought his book yesterday because he's a recovered addict and I am too, and I love to read about…
71. I've read Anthony Kiedis' autobiography "Scar Tissue" three or four times, probably my most re-read book
Since youtube is playing a smartass, and keeps blocking this vid, I'll post it here. Anthony Kiedis on tonigh…
Can we take a moment to appreciate Anthony Kiedis #
I can't watch Red Hot Chili Peppers covers because no one is as good as Anthony Kiedis sorry
It seems like the chaos of this world is accelerating, but so is the beauty in the consciousness of more and more people…
Anthony Kiedis on Chris Cornell: 'He left the world a better place' - NME via
Chris Martin and Anthony Kiedis were born for being on stage
Anthony Kiedis and Dave Mushegain at the book signing/conversation in NYC. PC:
Call these rock stars and ask them if they're ok: Eddie Vedder,. Perry Farrell, Trent Reznor, Billy Corgan, Anthony Kiedis, Courtney Love
I dreamed Anthony Kiedis hugged me, but he looked like Chad Smith, so really,. I got one big hug from two Chili Peppers.
No I'll take Petty over Anthony Kiedis or Chad Smith any day
//"Dani California does rock, though." I say, scrambling for what remains of my dignity. Somewhere in the distance, Anthony Kiedis shakes-
This horse from Barnsley looks exactly like Anthony Kiedis from Red Hot
I finished reading Anthony Kiedis' biography recently but still have Fight Like a Brave in my head cause of THPS 3.. ***
Anthony Kiedis will never hurt or disappoint me I love him so much
Hillel Slovak, Anthony Kiedis, and Flea. Original members of the Red Hot Chili Peppers, mid 70s
Hillel Slovak, Jack Irons and Anthony Kiedis of Red Hot Chili Peppers in their younger years.
Anthony Kiedis, Bo Bice, Jenny McCarthy, and that kid from Fresh Off The Boat are some of the annoying celebs i share a bday with meh
Just helped Anthony Kiedis fix his TV. He had a SCART issue.
like im so close to saying Anthony Kiedis but like!!! Just a tiny bit off
how did manage to look like Anthony Kiedis, Jack White, *** Jagger and Paul McCartney in that pshoot
I can see that! Gotta little Anthony Kiedis going on too! Nice! 👌 (plus he smokes with his eye..…
I inherited my father's insatiable desire to meet all the beautiful girls in the world.
this will be me when I meet Anthony Kiedis
I just love kurt cobain, John Frusciante and anthony kiedis so much can someone punch me in the throat
Idk if that's the standard for CPR, but good on them.
Anthony Kiedis in spaninglish interview from Spain
137 days, 23 hours, 9 minutes, & 3 seconds until i am in the presence of Anthony Kiedis 😩 featured in NBC s Science of Love
Anthony Kiedis is older than my dad :/
*Anthony Kiedis voice* . Trumpa-dumpa doo ah, he's gonna give it to ya, build a walla ding dong, gonna play some ping pong
I will always have a crush on Anthony Kiedis
I used to hate Anthony Kiedis' singing voice when I was younger but now I accept it
can you believe King Anthony Kiedis wants to work with King Harry how iconic and legendary
Anthony Kiedis introduces the LA RAMS players!!! Love this band!
Is that a picture of Anthony Kiedis?
Why does Anthony Kiedis look like that kid in middle school who had a roller back pack and ran down the hall anime style
Loving the new but seriously, Anthony Kiedis never ages!
Anthony Kiedis, meet Kiedis Trent Brindley! Your surname makes a great forename here in the UK, thanks to…
I think there is always going to be inspired music and there are always going to be inspired
How many shirts do Anthony Kiedis and Iggy Pop own between them?
Anthony Kiedis' voice always puts me in a better mood
I don't think anyone knows, including Anthony Kiedis
the only person I can see in Point Break is ANTHONY KIEDIS
Breaking: Anthony Kiedis to wear shirt with sleeves for first time since 1983
All I want in this life is to marry Anthony Kiedis and have 193 cats
The only book I regret reading is Anthony Kiedis's autobiography
Anthony Kiedis and his vocals are incredible to me.
"Forgot to mention I'm the newest member of Red Hot Chili Peppers. Me and Anthony Kiedis for -Hailey via…
I'm just gonna go ahead and say what no one else is willing to say... Anthony Kiedis and Daniel Day Louis are the same…
I think Anthony kiedis might be the funniest person ever
anthony kiedis, lead singer of RHCP, has a great one called Scar Tissue. if you enjoy RHCP. 😋
When Anthony Kiedis sneaks up on you from behind
Anthony Kiedis raps about the ocean pollution
Chuck Berry is “a musical scientist who discovered a cure for the blues.”. – singer Anthony Kiedis of the Red Hot...
but you see Anthony Kiedis is my number one priority. You don't understand. 😂
Aly Raisman is kinda cute, but with her hair down all I see is Anthony Kiedis
Scar Tissue next. About drugs & Anthony Kiedis getting high at the age of 4. More next -
Nothing is impossible to a willing heart. I want to see…. Anthony Kiedis♪
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Anthony Kiedis would still be hot if he didn't have that weird moustache going on.
Remember when everyone in the DIY hxc scene had Anthony Kiedis' phone number?
So perfect... a young Anthony Kiedis and Flea.
What I've realized over the years is that I have some pretty good friends.
So Flea, how is Anthony Kiedis feeling? Is Bonnaroo on this year or not?
I was thinking more like anthony kiedis' illigitimate child from his Under the Bridge days, but Cobain works too
*Anthony Kiedis voice* . I don't ever wanna feel,. Like on the 28th of May,. Take me to the place I love, . With Harambe
A young Anthony Kiedis and Flea of the Red Hot Chili Peppers, 1986.
In a few years y'all gonna be shocked when you see me dating Anthony kiedis
Anthony Kiedis is literally the best thing to ever happen to music
Anthony Kiedis will appear on tonights episode of Jay Leno
I'm going to be this week. . Drop me a line if you're kicking around. . (Yes, even you, Anthony Kiedis).
Just saw a man who looked strangely like Anthony Kiedis
[while reading liner notes on a vampire weekend album]. “So this guy is, like, prep school Anthony Kiedis?"
Can't deny that I definitely dig the long hair and a young Anthony Kiedis😍
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What doesn't kill you only makes your book longer.
Wise words from Anthony Kiedis of The Red Hot Chili Peppers. Defy the limits of your age!
just saw Anthony Kiedis from Red Hot Chili Peppers omg
What if the 'gang' is just Anthony Kiedis reliving Point Break.
Anthony Kiedis of The Red Hot Chili Peppers with his dad Blackie Dammet 1970's.
I feel like Anthony Kiedis has given every woman some but me lol.
My days are whatever I want them to be.
I think Anthony Kiedis is from Birmingham, Alabama and has lived there his whole life.
why do I find Anthony Kiedis attractive why do I have a crush on a 53 year old man why do I complicate my life so much
1997, Anthony Kiedis underwent five hours of hospital surgery after being involved in a motorbike accident in Los Angeles
Upon waking today, the first thing that came to mind - Anthony Kiedis 😕🌶
I don't remember changing my avi to a screenshot of Anthony Kiedis from the most recent Red Hot Chili Peppers music video
Rock Calendar 7-13-97: Anthony Kiedis (Red Hot Chili Peppers) has five hours of surgery after he's involved in a motorbike accident in L.A.
Heidi Klum used to date Anthony Kiedis: ‘We had a very special time together’
When your ipod says 'Parallez Universe' because it can't read Anthony Kiedis's writing... 😂
“By the way”... s “Gimme The Love“ sounds like a crazy session with Anthony Kiedis and the Nothing wrong with that!
I know whatever my father did, in his own way, he still loved me.
it's always been 3 excellent musicians playing and Anthony Kiedis trying to ruin it.
Anthony Kiedis is not a singer, just the worst free-style rapper of all time
Check out the new official Anthony Kiedis website now !
Anthony Kiedis talks about these shows in his book and they sound ridiculous
.Anthony Kiedis talks about his special bond with John Frusciante:
Anthony Kiedis: John Frusciante was one of the easiest people to make music with :
Anthony Kiedis tried hard to keep cool working with Elton John: Anthony Kiedis couldn't keep his cool around ...
Wow. I believed the rumor that Anthony Kiedis, the lead singer of RHCP, has AIDs for about 8 years now. Just found out he never did. *** .
Why does 1980's Anthony Kiedis sound like Will Smith
Anthony Kiedis will learn lessons from health scare
Blackie and Anthony Kiedis at the Tropicana motel, LA, by Chris Stein.
Red Hot Chili Peppers got scare over Anthony Kiedis illness :
Anthony Kiedis of on the mend according to Drummer Chad Smith.
Anthony Kiedis set to recover from health alert, say Red Hot Chili Peppers :
Just heard about Anthony Kiedis, really hope he's okay
Anthony Kiedis has been hospitalised: NME News Feed Anthony Kiedis, frontman of the Red Hot Chili Peppers ha...
Red Hot Chili Peppers cancelled their concert after lead singer Anthony Kiedis was hospitalized
Like, of you switched Anthony Kiedis out with Al Jerreau and I wouldn't be able to tell the difference. I mean, besides Flea on bass.
Anthony Kiedis interviewed by Jo Whiley (full transcript too):.
I feel like Anthony Kiedis would be the type to wear JNCO jeans
I didn't know Anthony Kiedis from the Red Hot Chili Peppers & Christian were a tag team.
Anthony Kiedis > Dave Grohl in the man crush stakes. Also, got bored of Foo Fighters nowadays.
.turns 10! Anthony Kiedis remembers the fun of recording it:
"New song will sound like a blast for over a year on tour!" - Anthony Kiedis.
I discovered surfing, which I absolutely fell in love with. That feels good...
I want to hangout with Anthony Kiedis before I die
You should only be allowed to write music about California if you can beat Anthony Kiedis or Bethany Consentino in a fight to the death.
New interview with Anthony Kiedis about "Dark Necessities" and "The Getaway"!
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We'll have these people hang out with us while we're doing our touring, and...
Anthony Kiedis is keeping my life together this morning.
"I visited my mom yesterday. She put on and told me I should date Anthony Kiedis." -
Get him Uncharted 4 or something. Easy peasy. Or do an Anthony Kiedis' dad and set him up with a hooker.
who should i ask out?. 1. scorpio south african/lowkey anthony kiedis. 2. sagittarius entp/GREAT bone structure
Even after 30+ years Anthony Kiedis' voice is still extraordinary
Now I can look back and say I actually like the upbringing I had and my fat...
Anthony Kiedis of the Red Hot Chili Peppers was hooked to cocaine by sixteen. Count your blessings
Should bman and robin go get sex, money, and drugs like anthony kiedis?
I have a few friends that I think would go to bat for me no matter what. Fl...
“When you start putting pen to paper..." - Anthony Kiedis
I want to put on a pair of goggles and ride in the sidecar of Anthony Kiedis's mustache's motorcycle.
If you don't know who Anthony Kiedis or Warren G. Harding are then we probably don't have much to talk about.
Scar Tissue, autobiography of Anthony Kiedis
I say that in addition to them was even Gordon Ramsey, Josh Brolin, Anthony Kiedis of the "Red Hot Chili Peppers"
spent all afternoon watching Anthony Kiedis interviews from the 90's 😍 so much passion for music. Red Hots fo life.
Anthony Kiedis picking up Everly from school
Flea, Chad Smith & Anthony Kiedis at the Amway Center in Orlando, Florida, 2012.
I appreciate young, long-haired Anthony Kiedis very much. A gift from the Gods.
I want a friend or a lover like Anthony Kiedis. I'll be ya young TN girl in a push up bra😻
"Sometimes it makes sense to thank the universe for all the pain it gives you, because that's where growth comes from." - Ant…
"finally u hav found smthg perfect and/finally u hav found urself" - Anthony Kiedis but talking about my new burgundy pants
Anthony Kiedis and I have the same birthday js.
I had a dream I met Anthony Kiedis last night and I was like interviewing him or sum it was so cool
In Vegas. Reminded of the time ('94?) it was just Anthony Kiedis and me on the sidewalk in front of Brownie's. Bro nod. 'Sup, drunk?
"I'm Anthony Kiedis and I'm an addict.". "Hi Anthony. Please share with us.". "Can't stop. Addicted to the shindig! Droptop he-". "Anthony!"
low key jealous of Anthony Kiedis's hair
Not entirely sure if Anthony Kiedis has ever worn a shirt in his life
When I was 18 I decided to model my life in a mid 90s Anthony Kiedis-esque manner and it was probably my best decision
I don't wish pain on anyone, but for the love of everything that is good, please let Anthony Kiedis's voice get destroyed this year?
Breast Cancer Awareness
"Me, Yoda, Anthony Kiedis, Will Ferrell and Chris Farley are secretly Jedi and we write songs together using the force." Coley-Ren
I forget that I read Anthony Kiedis' autobiography and then something comes up and I know all these useless rhcp facts
I would marry Anthony Kiedis, no questions asked 😍😍😍
Looking at old Anthony kiedis photos makes me feel all kinds of feelings
Anthony kiedis was one of the first rappers
Scar Tissue by Anthony Kiedis is blowing me away. Brilliant book.
I love this song. But. I spent the length of the video staring at shirtless Anthony Kiedis in the background. Sorry 😅
Obviously Anthony Kiedis was a ghost writer on this pop hit.
something about Anthony Kiedis makes me all 😍👅💦
i forgot how much i loved Anthony Kiedis
Anthony Kiedis Talks New Red Hot Chili Peppers Album "New Music is just as good"
I'll just look at pictures of Anthony kiedis and shed one single tear while listening to Dani California
Anthony Kiedis in the 90's is giving me chest pains
Don't keep people in your life if they don't know who Kurt Corbin, Eddie Vedder, or Anthony Kiedis is.
I would be so insulted if I was at a show and a guy started doing what anthony kiedis does
Meet Black Singles 300x250
The first few '90s Leias bear more than a passing resemblance to Anthony Kiedis.
And you know you are jealous of Anthony Kiedis' hair...
will someone appreciate young Anthony Kiedis with me :)
There are times when Iggy Pop and Anthony Kiedis look like the same guy years apart.
I Love this weather it's a perfect storm. ~ Anthony Kiedis. ❤️
Like the tears of Anthony Kiedis on the bikini waxings of a Kardashian fall the rains of L.A.
Can we talk about what a DREAM Anthony Kiedis was in the 90's 😍
Speaking of altruism and icky demands for gratitude reminds me of Nina Hagen. She had a coat that Anthony Kiedis loved so she...
The song "Grand Pappy Du Plenty" was written by Andy Gill, Jack Sherman, Cliff Martinez, Anthony Kiedis and Flea
Lol why does Justin Bieber look like Anthony Kiedis circa 1999
Bono has hired Douglas Alexander as an adviser, it can't be long till Anthony Kiedis takes on Margaret Curran as a trusted member of staff.
no girl they're all famous:) Dave Grohl, Jim Morrison, Jared Leto, Anthony Kiedis!!!
Today Anthony Kiedis is exactly as old as Jerry Garcia was the day he died: 19,367 days
I would 100% be the driver in the by the way video if Anthony Kiedis got in my taxi
See that dark blob? That's fat Anthony Kiedis on her hut just chillin', keeping watch
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Dark Places by Gillian Flynn, Scar Tissue by Anthony Kiedis, 19 minutes by Jodi Picoult
just realized how much looks like Anthony Kiedis
How dare you bring Anthony Kiedis into this!
My is the inspiring and beautiful, talented human that is Anthony Kiedis
don't play w me I'm so in love with anthony kiedis I'll stick w my "what up its kiedisluvr2006" intro
you are the best Anthony Kiedis from Red Hot Chili Peppers talks about Ron Anderson vía
if young Anthony Kiedis doesn't get u wet, you're LYING
Happy Birthday to Anthony Kiedis, singer of the Red Hot Chili Peppers, who was born on this day in 1962!
Anthony Kiedis circa 1990 just confirms my suspicion that I should've been born 20 yrs sooner
"I figured out a way to break into Buckingham Palace. I don't wanna get anybody in trouble, but I figured it out" - Anthon…
Pretty sure Anthony Kiedis could make anyone fall in love with Cali just from his lyrics
The long haired guy looks like Anthony Kiedis
Anthony Kiedis could stab me and I would thank him as long as he was singing while he did it
my brain had completely deleted Anthony Kiedis from all memories of the film, as you do. I got to experience it all over again.
I wish Anthony Kiedis would answer my texts again
Point Break is automatically a cooler movie now that I know Anthony Kiedis was in it. He was only in one 3 minute scene, but still though.
Anthony Kiedis looks like a mix between Iggy Pop and Hitler
One from my partner Alan: Anthony Kiedis was in Point Break, so requesting RHCP's Snow (Hey oh)
Gold Power by anthony rock heart kiedis
I wish Anthony Kiedis voice was a person so I could hug it
Sound Life.m4a by anthony rock heart kiedis
20 couples more random than Gwen Stefani and Blake Shelton
Is it just me, or has morphed into Anthony Kiedis' character in Point Break?
Happy birthday Anthony Kiedis of Red Hot Chili Peppers - 53 today. # rhcp
has anyone ever told you that Anthony Kiedis and Dermot Mulroney resemble you, i always mixed you guys up as a kid..all sexy!
I'd be Anthony Kiedis from RHCP, or Chris Martin from Cold Play.
"Drinking alone with Bradley Nowell and Anthony Kiedis". Could I sound any more like a brooding teenager?
lets get a drink! I've been drinking alone with Bradley Nowell and Anthony Kiedis
Hold the phone! That's not your wife...that's Anthony Kiedis from Red Hot Chili Peppers. I once had respect for you
Have you heard Anthony Kiedis singing lately?
N canso do Anthony Kiedis no clipe da the adventures of rain dance maggie aff ♥
I'm in complete shock that Anthony Kiedis from the RHCP is soon to be 53 years old!! WhOa! Makes me feel even older. lol.
The best thing Anthony Kiedis has ever done. Just that face.
Fun fact: if you un-blur the cover of Franzen's Purity, it's Anthony Kiedis
Especially Anthony Kiedis, she loves being hidden away🐰
And now they're remaking ROAD HOUSE.sigh. Anthony Kiedis, please articulate my feelings on the matter:
Anthony Kiedis and Flea bring you an enthralling biopic about a jazz pianist:
Anthony Kiedis rolled into my work today that man doesn't age.
It's a shame when rockstars get old cause you just end up with paedophiles like Anthony Kiedis and Pete Townshend
On page 202 of 465 of Scar Tissue, by Anthony Kiedis
Anthony kiedis could be standing in my room and it would be the equivalent to how happy I am
If Jesus came back and saw what Anthony Kiedis was doing in his name, he'd never stop throwing up.
Can we all jusy take a moment to admire this hot babe? 😍👅 Anthony Kiedis is bae af always & foreva ❤️
I had a dream Anthony Kiedis was singing to me and Flea was teaching me how to play bass and my boyfriend woke me up an now I'm upset
Dave Grohl, Anthony Kiedis, John Frusciante, Rob Thomas, James Mercer, Rivers Cuomo, no new artists today come even close
Anthony Kiedis. *** Jagger . Al Pacino . Some guys that are not dead yet that j love
mom says I look like anthony kiedis. alright
idk why people think it's weird that I find Jack White, Billie Joe Armstrong, and Anthony Kiedis beautiful. 😍❤️
Anthony Kiedis is one of the best musicians there is
Anthony Kiedis always looks like he's about to fall over on stage... But then he never does!
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