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Anthony Henday

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Should I be stunned that people on the Anthony Henday are still morons?
traffic east bound on hwy 16 backup from Anthony Henday turnoff to Devon hwy. 3 car collision. Ems on scene
SB Anthony Henday Drive at the Jct of Hwy628, MVC. Expect delays and drive with caution in the area. (6:26pm)
I do have to say that the failed on Henday Westend built
EB Anthony Henday Drive before Terwillegar exit, MVC causing delays in the area. (4:45pm)
Anthony Henday NE - Watch out approaching Manning Drive WB, sleeping coyote in the middle lane
NB Anthony Henday Dr at 87 Ave, debris in right hand lane. Crews enroute for pick up. Drive with caution. (12:35pm)
😂😭 when Anthony Henday road was completed in YEG last year. It was *** funny. The construction workers weren't hav…
Accident on the Anthony Henday South exit just outside of Sherwood Park, as you're coming off the Yellowhead westbound
Yellowhead exit SB onto Anthony Henday is crawling. ~Carlin
Sleeping Deer on Anthony Henday EB just before 97th Street.. Another one near, watch out!
SVC Northleg Anthony Henday at Campbell Road. EB stay to the centre lane.
Great to hear from at the AGM with updates on Anthony Henday Drive noise study & electoral boundary changes.
EB Yellowhead Tr at Anthony Henday off ramp, MVC affecting left hand lane. Expect delays. (8:15am) via
Stunning sunny hot Monday morning heading home from gym on The Anthony Henday Edmonton's finally completed ring roa…
ETS outside your door, close to amenities, walking paths & easy access to Anthony Henday.
Woman sexually assaulted after road stop by fake peace officer
Collision on north leg of Anthony Henday westbound before the exit to Manning Freeway. Stay right.
when describing a location like Anthony Henday & 127 Street, it would be helpful to in…
This is also the soundtrack of merging onto the Anthony Henday.
Accident westbound whitemud in middle of intersection by Anthony Henday north exit. Take 178 street or avoid.
Community Spotlight on Suder Greens! Family friendly west end neighbourhood is located just off the Anthony Henday and Whitemud for conveni…
Put this beast up by the cows on the bridges over the Anthony Henday.
Walking distance to the lake. Easy access to Anthony Henday & all amenities. Price reduced.
Why are graders or snow trucks not out? Anthony Henday is terrible
Sign celebrating new leg of Anthony Henday goes viral...
Edmonton - northbound 111 Street at Anthony Henday collision - CLEAR
Edmonton - northbound 111 Street at Anthony Henday collision
Accident on overpass at 111 st and Anthony Henday, NB
Helped nearby drivers by reporting a heavy traffic jam on Anthony Henday Dr, Edmonton on - Drive Social.
Looks like a collision SB west leg of the anthony henday at lessard road on the left shoulder. Use caution as police on scene.
Incident on the left hand shoulder of the Anthony henday WB before rabbit hill road. Expect delays.
5-vehicle pileup closes lane of Anthony Henday Drive in southwest Edmonton
Stuck in an epic tailback on the Anthony Henday Drive ringroad here in Edmonton YUCK.😡
Avoid Anthony Henday west side heading south of white mud
what is happening on EB Anthony Henday?
Something on the Anthony Henday holding up traffic.
St. Albert - westbound Anthony Henday at Campbell Road collision
If you want to really experience it's grandiose, drive on Anthony Henday between Campbell Rd exit and Fort Mc Murray Exit!
Alberta Transportation announced permanently close the on-off access at Street to Anthony Henday @ 10 pm Nov 10
Access to Anthony Henday from 127 Street closed: province: The Alberta Government said Tuesday that a south s...
Edmonton - westbound Whitemud Drive at Anthony Henday collision
Edmonton - northbound Anthony Henday at 87 Avenue collision
IN PHOTOS: Final leg of Anthony Henday Drive opens this weekend
Ouch! On 111 Street, above the Anthony Henday South at least 5 cars badly smashed. Hoping no one is hurt...
Police on scene of a multi vehicle collision on 111 St. overpass above Anthony Henday.
Hey Anthony Henday overpass, southbound, over 111St, is completely closed, DYK? Diverted to CTrail, which is now a parking lot, too.
Police are asking drivers to stay away from Anthony Henday Drive at 111 Street due to a collision.
Police ask drivers to avoid Anthony Henday Drive at 111 St. due to collision in the area
TRAFFIC NOTE:Edmonton police are asking drivers to avoid Anthony Henday at 111 Street - Advised to use alternative routes
IMPORTANT ROAD CLOSURE INFORMATION. 127th Street at Anthony Henday. Alberta Transportation is closing the...
NB Anthony Henday Dr at Lessard Rd NW - MVC - Stay left to avoid. via (3:55pm)
Collision west leg of Anthony Henday at Lessard Road. Affecting northbound traffic. Stay left.
Edmonton - northbound 111St at Anthony Henday collision
there's a reason they finally finished the Anthony Henday Stanley cup ring road chris. Duh.
When people be whipping down the Anthony Henday: Wow, this is great! Let's just go a lil bit over that speed limit, shall we?
The Northeast section of Anthony Henday Drive is now open, and with that, Alberta's first ring road is complete…
Northeast leg of Anthony Henday Drive officially complete
you need to update your traffic map to include the new NE part of the Anthony Henday
WB Anthony Henday Dr near Terwillegar Dr NW, debris on road. Drive with caution in the area. (2:08pm)
Edmonton police charge man in deadly crash on Anthony Henday Drive.
Access more than 7.4 million parts at Parts Direct
Oversized Load: Edmonton to north of Onoway, Oct. 25 from 3am to 6am. Via SW Anthony Henday Dr.
Self driving cars won't have to be much better than people TL;DR: people suck at driving Man charged in fatal collision on Anthony Henday Drive A 44-year-old man has been charged with…
Collision: WB south Anthony Henday in the left lane just past 111 st... stay R
Maureen texts 103939 "Accident EB Baseline Road on overpass at Anthony Henday. Stay right" - Gregg
Edmonton - eastbound Baseline Road at Anthony Henday collision
Update: EB Anthony Henday Drive at Hwy14 now open after earlier MVC. (11:23pm)
Hello David, EB Anthony Henday drive at Hwy14 is still closed.
EB Anthony Henday Drive closed at Hwy14 due to MVC. Use an alternate route. (8:26pm)
Lafarge has been a major part of the Anthony Henday Ring Road, providing various precast elements
SVC off the Cameron Heights exit ramp near the Anthony Henday. Vehicle in the ditch.
get read to be an . Anthony Henday is almost complete
Edmonton - bothways Anthony Henday Drive at 91 Street collision
EB Anthony Henday Dr just past Calgary Trail exit MVC causing delays in the morning commute. (9:09am) via
There is a large piece of plywood on Anthony Henday under Campbell Road which could cause problems.
Anthony Henday Dr. SW at Terwillegar Dr. wildlife on/near the roadway. Drive with caution. (8:15am) via
Collision northbound on east leg of Anthony Henday between Baseline Rd. and Yellowhead Trail. Police on scene
Stalled semi WB Yellowhead just before East Anthony Henday, stay left.
Major delays, no access onto the Whitemud EB onto East leg of anthony henday due to construction. detour onto 17th st.
Driving Anthony Henday at rush hour in puts the entire *** population on full display. What brutal drivers!
Edmonton - westbound Stony Plain Road at Anthony Henday collision
NB Anthony Henday Dr. at the Whitemud Dr. interchange lane closure May 14, 7am-12pm. Detour signage in place.
text at 925 925 a twenty foot aluminum ladder is on the centre lane of the Anthony henday southbound by the ray gibbons drive exit.
Edmonton - westbound Anthony Henday at Cameron Heights Overpass collision
WB Anthony Henday Dr just before Cameron Heights exit - MVC - Stay right to avoid. (8:49am)
Collision on the Anthony Henday SB (Westside) just before the Whitemud stay centre or left
SB traffic delays expected on Anthony Henday S of Hwy16 due to MVC.Emergency crews on scene. (7:54am) via
Emergency crews on scene EB Yellowhead onto SB Anthony Henday (Eastside).. stay left
Shot of the lineup forming due to possible collison EB Yellowhead onto SB Anthony Henday (Eastside)
Delays Yellowhead EB onto SB Anthony Henday. Police in right hand lane.
Just picked up this souvenir on Anthony Henday
Understand your frustration. Traffic delays are in result of Anthony Henday construction. can address your concerns.
Saturday in the Park. Southwest River Valley trails and Anthony Henday Drive.
Easily accessible from Whytemudd and Anthony Henday. part time/ fulltime /B&A school available
Collision west leg Anthony Henday southbound between Yellowhead and Stony Plain Rd. Vehicles on left shoulder. Stay right.
3 car pileup - Terwillegar SB right before the Anthony Henday. Stay left. SONiC Boy Brian says it’s backed up to the Whitemud.
Stall: Terwillegar SB right before the Anthony Henday. Expect delays
Why are the lights not synchronized on 111th St. south of Southgate mall to Anthony Henday?
dangerous driving is pretty common, The Anthony Henday in Edmonton is a playground for ***
You know what's funny? I got a thumbs up from another Ford Escort ZX-2 today on Anthony Henday.
EB Anthony Henday Drive at 127 Street - reported MVC. Stay to the right. (5:32pm) via
Collision: Anthony Henday EB before 50th street. Emerg crews on scene. keep right.
Collision: Anthony Henday EB before 50th street. Emergency crews on scene, Stay right
Collision south leg of Anthony Henday before 50th Street overpass. Emergency crews on scene. Stay right.
website won't co-operate for the intersections I choose! 91st NB between Ellerslie and Anthony Henday has several. Thanks!
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There is a whole bunch of glass spread across the Anthony henday in between 137th Ave.&170th St. going east bound
Anthony Henday eastbound clogged up not sure what's going on
EB Anthony Henday Drive (North Leg) at Campbell Road MVC. Stay to the left. (5:41pm) via
Crash –Anthony Henday clockwise at the 11:00 position – stay left. (North leg, eastbound)
Anthony Henday just east of Campbell Road is clogged like a dirty drain.
please Watch out for a Speeding Silver Audi On the anthony henday heading south from north Edmonton . Call police
when there's a short cut called Anthony henday no one was even on it lol
"All lights on 17 St from Anthony Henday to Whitemud are out. Use as four way stops peeps!!"- Jennings.
"QE2 south backed up just after Anthony Henday interchange." Lornell
Yellowhead tr WB backing up near the Anthony Henday. Congested because winterburn road is closed.
Crash – Anthony Henday counter-clockwise at the 8:00 position. Stay in the outside lanes
Three vehicle collision west leg of Anthony Henday southbound at 87th Ave. overpass. Backing up past 16A. NB slow as well.
Collision on the West leg of the Anthony Henday going SB @ 87 ave. 3 vehicles, stay left or right.
Girl in my Chem class makes me want to lie on the Anthony Henday 🖕🏼
Hey girl, you must be Anthony Henday because I want wait in line for 45 mins to get on you.
Do you know someone looking for a 2 storey, 3 bed, 3 bath walk out only minutes from the Anthony Henday in...
Large Chair fell out of pick up truck just before 127th street exit on Anthony Henday eastbound. Stay right.
Photo buggy handing out Christmas tickets at Yellowhead and Anthony Henday northbound
Photo Radar on Anthony Henday Dr sitting on the 184 St overpass.
2 collisions.. one SB 170 Street at 118 Ave and SE Anthony Henday near Hwy 14 exit
Edmonton - eastbound Anthony Henday at 17 Street collision
Edmonton - southbound Qeii at Anthony Henday collision
NB QEII on the entrance to Anthony Henday Drive - Reports of MVC, expect delays. (3:59pm) via
Slow moving down to one lane Anthony henday east bound between 91st & 50st
our bus is down with engine problems, waiting for new bus, Anthony Henday east /97 St. East bound.
West side Anthony Henday between 16 & 16a and absolute mess. Vehicles in the ditch, tow truck on site.
West leg of the Anthony Henday, (west end) between yellowhead and Hwy 16a is a mess. Collisions and vehicles in the ditch!
Multiple collisions and cars in the ditch on the west leg of the Anthony Henday between the Yellowhead and Hwy 16A.
Anthony Henday from Yellowhead to Stony Plain Road on the west end is a skating rink. Vehicle sliding everywhere. PLEASE avoid.
yeah a few people are going 120-140. are out on the Anthony Henday with photo radar
Update your maps at Navteq
Anthony Henday of the Hudson's Bay Company (HBC) met a large Blackfoot group in in what is now Alberta.
Council approves Anthony Henday Business Park: The first warehouses may soon go up in South Riel, no...
This AM, 100+ employees at ATW Northeast Anthony Henday site watch our CEO’s Toolbox Talk
EB Anthony Henday Drive just past Terwillegar Drive MVC. Stay to the right. (8:46am) via
Collision EB on the westleg Anthony Henday... just past Terwillegar.. Stay right
Collision on Anthony henday southbound on the west end just north on rabbit hill road. Very slow.
Look at how big the Anthony Henday Drive corridor is.
Cash cow speed trap on Anthony Henday causes rush hour slow down of traffic in opposite direction.
Height of the morning commute.. SW Anthony Henday slow moving
{EB Anthony henday, traffic is backed up to Callingwood from Terwillegar
This is what the Anthony Henday construction looks like. 1 year away. .
Watch out for deer by Anthony Henday and 66 Street this morning
Join the YPs and CSCE YPs for their upcoming NE Anthony Henday Tour on Oct 3 (noon-3pm)!
We have a 4 Bedroom, 3 Bath rent to own house just south of the Whitemud and West of the Anthony Henday.
Collision: Anthony Henday NB between Cameron heights and Terwillegar exit. Stay left
SB Anthony Henday Dr. MVC at Terwillegar Dr. Expect delays in the area. (8:59am) via
Edmonton - collision in the right hand lane southbound Hwy-216 Anthony Henday Dr Nw at Rabbit - CLEAR
Collision south leg of Anthony Henday eastbound at North Saskatchewan River Bridge. Stay right.
Edmonton - closed after collision bothways 66 St at Anthony Henday
Red van sitting on the top of Anthony Henday taking pictures of you headed northbound on gateway Boulevard
They have the horse on 16 just a lot of traffic but clear when you get to Anthony henday over pass
Honk, honk! BTW - drove the Anthony Henday yesterday. Edmontonians seem like much more courteous drivers...
Collision on the south leg of the Anthony Henday eastbound before 50th Street. Centre lane affected. Stay left or right.
Edmonton - collision eastbound Anthony Henday Dr at 50 St
“Anthony Henday is such a mess yes it is! Avoid between 111 st WB to way pass Terwillegar.
Braking news: The Anthony Henday is a joke. 🚧
pickup rollover in median Anthony henday sw leg. Westbound just before terwillegar drive overpass, stay right to get by
Amazing riding my motorcycle on the Anthony Henday I observed no less than 4 drivers on their cell phones.
Making for a fun drive on the Anthony Henday. (Had to record with phone down as he would stop if he saw phone)
Person in front of me entering Anthony henday HIGHWAY, with no signal light and doing 80 km/h.
A Long Shot - Looking for Witnesses to an Accident that Occurred on the Anthony ... -
Traffic backed up on exit ramp to Calgary Trail off of Anthony henday heading westbound
Edmonton - collision southbound Calgary Trl Nw at Anthony Henday
Collision: Calgary Trail just South of Anthony Henday exit - Stay right
2 vehicle collision: SW leg of Anthony Henday WB just before 111St. Stay right
"Rollover accident on Anthony Henday at 111th St. bridge." ~ Ali
Bus Serious *** driver. 9:05 am driving west on Anthony Henday in Edmonton. Extreme wind and rain conditions.
Road flooding reported at intersection of Anthony Henday & Baseline Rd. and at Cloverbar Rd. & Yellowhead underpass
Anthony henday and 111 street bumper to bumper slow moving
it's pretty sad when a 1982 VW Rabbit with only 4 gears has to pass you on Anthony Henday.
Collision on Anthony Henday at Terwillegar Drive NW - expect delays
SB Anthony Henday Drive at Terwillegar Drive NW MVC, expect delays in the area. (7:12am) via
Laser radar eastbound exit Anthony Henday and Manning Drive.
So when in the Anthony Henday renamed the Matt Hendy?
SB Anthony Henday from Sherwood Park completely backed up. Expect major delays.
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June 20, 1755 – Anthony Henday arrived at Fort Nelson after a trip to the Rockies.
Pretty clear on the SW Anthony Henday near Cameron Heights
Collision Southbound on Anthony Henday just south of Wye Road overpass. Majorly backed up.
Speed trap Manning Dr southbound in the construction zone at Anthony Henday.
They do it everywhere. But, do you think Edmonton would have level crossings on the Yellowhead or Anthony Henday??
I'm opening my dayhome July 3rd. I'm located in the NE with easy access to the Anthony Henday, Yellowhead Trail, Downtown and Sherwood Park. I currently have my 2 children (4.5 years old and 13 months old). I have 2 part time children under 2. I am looking to fill 2 or 3 full time or part time spots for ages 2+. I am working towards being accredited with an agency.
Accident 97 St at the Anthony Henday overpass. Affecting all directions.
Edmonton - collision northbound 97 Street at Anthony Henday
The nice thing about living in Edmonton is that as I drive on the Anthony Henday this late, not a soul is driving in sight. Feels amazing.
There is a silver Nissan Titan "ghost car" police man pulling over speeders on the Anthony Henday.
Accident northbound 111th Street just before the Anthony Henday overpass. Stay right to get around.
Can't wait to do a hot lap around the city when the Anthony Henday is done.
Bagged clouds this morning, seen from the Anthony Henday and 66 Street
Speed trap 50th street north of Anthony Henday South
Edmonton - collision westbound Anthony Henday Drive at Gateway Boulevard
Collision between semi&SUV QEII NB coming into Edmonton on the Anthony Henday off ramp. Emergency crews have 2 lanes closed off
MVA at WB Anthony Henday Drive at Gateway Blvd overpass. Police on scene.
Work on Anthony Henday is being done by the GOA; the COE does not have jurisdiction re: their construction activities.
Big traffic snag on Millwoods road south traffic lights out. Coming off the Anthony Henday onto 50th st slow moving.
Apparently on the Anthony Henday merge means change lanes at a Chaotic speed..brake and continue to Annoy/Ignore everyone.
Everything in life feels futile the moment you have to touch the Anthony Henday. Oh wait! Another missed exit. Fun!
Walked all the way to the other side if the river under the Anthony Henday :) really nice walk.…
Tomorrow from 5 am-3pm, the WB Yellowhead Trail ramp to NE Anthony Henday Drive SB lanes CLOSED...Detour in place
Well, we did everything else and oops seems we removed the race directions off the website. From Edmonton: go east on 82 Avenue and it changes to Wye Road in Sherwood Park. Continue straight until Range Road 200 where you will see the large blue Provincial Recreation |Area sign. Turn left (north). Go straight on the gravel road for about 4 km and that will bring you directly to Islet Lake Staging area of Blackfoot Cooking Lake Provincial Recreation Area. NOTE: DO NOT GO BY YELLOWHEAD OR YOU WILL BE GOING VERY LONG. To get to Wye Road from Yellowhead, turn south on RR 210 and follow all the way to Wye and make a left and follow directions above. From Calgary, take Hwy 2 until you get to Anthony Henday and head EAST. Follow until you get to Wye Road (first major construction) and then turn right and follow directions above.
This overhead high voltage power line would run along Highway 14 from Anthony Henday to just south of South...
"Accident on the Anthony Henday after Campbell Road exit heading east towards 127th Street exit" thanks to the NOWfamily …
Cameras along Anthony Henday. Esp, near St.Albert no more "gotta get home!" driving nights kiddos, unless you want a ticket!
NE Edmonton, Hermitage-Claireview Area. Fully Registered and Accredited! Subsidy is Available. My name is Jessika and I am a mother of 2 kids, ages 2.5 and 1 year. I currently have full time and part time spots available in my DayHome. Currently have following spots available: 1 under 3 years old 3 over 3 years old Drop in service is also available and weekends can be discussed. My hours are very flexible. Priority will be given to a full time spot. I am close to Anthony Henday and Yellowhead, so a good choice for commuters from or to Sherwood Park, or Downtown. Also not far from the LRT for transit commuters. I offer morning snack, lunch and afternoon snack. All meals are healthy and homemade following the Canada food guide. We also enjoy field trips to the local library, crafts, free play and learning through play. Your child will take part in indoor/outdoor play, games, walks to Homesteader Park, music, manipulative play such as playdough and finger-painting and kinder-cooking. I have my police cleara ...
New or used goods can be dropped off at Hope Mission Centre (9908 106ave) between 9am & 5pm, Monday-Friday, or at our distribution centre/thrift-store Hope Bargain Shoppe (2403 Ellwood Drive, in Crossroads Business Centre, at the south end of 91st street, between the Anthony Henday and Ellerslie Roa...
Anthony Henday is bone dry and has light traffic from Sherwood Park to 111th St.
Strathcona County Travel Advisory Sherwood Park, Alberta - Strathcona County RCMP wish to advise motorists that area highways are in poor winter driving condition. Today's snowfall has caused extreme slippery sections on both urban and rural highways resulting in approximately 15 collisions throughout the county, particularly on Highway 216 (Anthony Henday). Motorists are advised to allow extra time for travel and use caution as conditions are not expected to improve with additional snow forecasted this evening. Constable Wally Henry Media Relations Strathcona County RCMP
Have you seen how much taller the new 500 kilovolt Heartland lattice towers are than the older 240 kilovolt towers along Anthony Henday east of 91st Street? If anyone is wondering what SNC Lavalin is doing in the Sherwood Park Greenbelt between Colchester School and Baseline Road, they're boring and pouring concrete foundations for the monopoles. If you can believe it, some of these foundations are 30 metres deep. The monopoles will be closer to one another than is the case for the lattice towers.
Good Morning Global FB Friends: as you may expect, with the recent thawing and freezing along with snow fall, Road Conditions are fair to poor with icy sections, snow covered passing lanes, with drifting and blowing snow. This is especially affecting Northern and Central AB Hwys. Stall SB Wayne Gretzky Drive at 106 Ave.. Signal light malfunction on Roper Road & 50 Street.. also delays as expected on the commuter hwys for Anthony Henday, Whitemud Drive, and Yellowhead Trail.. -DC
IMPAIRED DRIVER ARRESTED AFTER COLLIDING WITH VEHICLES Sherwood Park, Alberta - Yesterday at approximately 3:40 p.m. Strathcona County RCMP responded to a report of a hit and run collision that occurred on Highway 216 (Anthony Henday) eastbound near the interchange with Highway 14. While RCMP were responding to this incident, a subsequent call of a multi vehicle collision involving the same suspect vehicle was reported at Highway 216 and Wye Road. As a result of the investigation, RCMP determined that a 2008 Silver Jeep Compass had been travelling eastbound on the Anthony Henday when the operator attempted to drive between, and pass, two vehicles that were travelling side by side in the same direction. The operator struck both vehicles, causing one to lose control , before continuing east towards Sherwood Park. Approximately 5 kilometers later, the operator of the vehicle struck two additional vehicles at the exit from Highway 216 northbound to Wye Road. On this occasion the suspect vehicle lost control . ...
One person dead, 2 others injured (incl one taken to hospital by STARS) in crash on eastern stretch of Anthony Henday.
UPDATE: Crash on the eastern leg of the Anthony Henday is a fatal one:
RCMP and emergency crews are on scene at a serious crash on the eastern leg of the Anthony Henday
The arena deal fell through for sure this time? Good, we don't really need a proffessional sports team here did we? I mean what with the fabulous downtown we have to hang out in and all. And I'm sure city council will spend the money on important things like bonuses and repaving the Anthony Henday again right? Right??? Also, I know Katz has bee dying to get the Fisker Karmer like Bieber, so it's a win win right?
Anthony Henday (fl. 1750–1762) was one of the first white men to explore the interior of the Canadian northwest. His explorations were authorized and funded by the Hudson's Bay Company because of their concern with La Vérendrye and the other western commanders who were funnelling fur trade from the northwest to their forts. Henday volunteered to undertake an expedition into this territory. He was a native of the Isle of Wight who was a convicted smuggler[
Just wondering of anyone here in Alberta here saw the new signs along yellowhead highway , Anthony Henday and 82 street? The ones that say " slower traffic please stay right but even slower traffic please stay left" ah wonder why there is so much road rage! Hope those people see this! The speed limit is not 80 on yellowhead west of city, the Anthony henday on north side is not 60, and 82 st is 60 not 40! All in left lanes with lots of room in right!!! I need a beer!!!
Update: the accident on Yellowhead Trail by the Anthony Henday is all clear and the highway is open again.
• Property has the Convenience of Anthony Henday and Yellowhead … yet it is far enough Away, that there is No Traffic Noise
Ready to downsize? Don't want an aparment? Got a small pet? Welcome to the community of Knottwood Village 45+. With quick access to the Anthony Henday you can get everywhere. When first you drive in to this well maintained complex, you see the amenit
The incident occurred at 3:30 p.m., May 1, when officers in an unmarked police car were passed by the speeding motorcycle. The bike was travelling east on Anthony Henday near Campbell Road.
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Edmonton - collision northbound Anthony Henday at 184Th St Overpass
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